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In this issue:

  • It's Member Favorites Month at the Co-op!
  • Community Update -- Affiliate Program and New Contest for January

  • Homeschool Planet FREE Trial -- "We love it and can't imagine using anything else."

  • Deals of the Day-- Brainware Safari, PLATO Science - Middle School, and PLATO Science - High School

  • Deals of the Week -- LAST CALL - Learning A-Z Week!

  • GroupBuy Roundup:

    • TODAY ONLY! - AOP - One Day 20% Sale, ShillerMath - 15% off Sale

    • New - MathCloud, Jacob's Geometry, Piano Wizard Academy, and Time4Learning

    • Member Favorites - EducationCity, Readorium,, and MathHelp

    • Member Meter - Membean Vocabulary

  • Free Curriculum Discoveries and their ClickSchooling Reviews
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews
  • Just for Fun

What's Happening at the Co-op...

Please join us in giving a hearty Co-op "Welcome!" to 341 new homeschool families in the last week!

Make money through the Co-op with our Affiliate Program! Do you have a homeschooling website or blog? If so, you can join the Co-op's Affiliate Program and earn cash and/or award-winning products! Help your visitors and followers with access to the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET, and in the process earn affiliate credits that can be redeemed for cash. To become a Co-op affiliate, click here and fill out an application!

How's it Going?

How's it Going?

It's Member Favorites Month at the Co-op, and, we have a new contest for you! Tell us how your homeschool year is going and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

We're looking for great ideas on how you ensure that your homeschooling is meeting yours and your students' expectations. All this month, we'll be highlighting Member Favorite curriculum and supplements so you might just find something to add to your day-to-day!

P.S. We understand that many homeschoolers have a relaxed educational philosophy with regards to testing or assessment so if that's not part of your homeschool -- no worries -- each to her or his own!

Click here to submit your post!

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Homeschool Planet - Online Planner

Homeschool Planet - FREE 30-Day Trial

Homeschool Planet - FREE 30-Day Trial

Are you thinking about a new planner? Or, do you need to change what you're currently doing?

If so, organize your world with a subscription to Homeschool Planet - everything you need to organize your home and your home school in one easy-to-use online planner!

But, don't take our word for it - here's what Co-op Member Allycia has to say:

"We started using homeschool planet a few months ago and we love it. We had tried it before when my kids were just starting school and it was good but not as great as it is now. My kids (4th, 2nd, and K) can take responsibility for their own work. I can add links for them to click on and even add notes with their password. The interface is great. Rescheduling is a breeze. We even had a hiccup when we first started and the tech people were quick to resolve the issue and generous. We used to use a computer based planning program but it was light years behind this program. We love it and can't imagine using anything else. I look forward to learning more and using all the updates that they make." Click here for more testimonials!

Homeschool Planet now offers NEW time saving lesson plans featuring professionally-designed lesson plans for popular curriculum such as Saxon Math, Human Body Detectives, Mystery of History, Wordly Wise 3000 Online, Institute for Excellence in Writing, and many more, so you can spend more time teaching and less time planning.

Plus, if you want to see how lesson plans can help your homeschool, sign up for our FREE Virtual Field Trips lesson plan here -- with fun, educational virtual field trips, teacher's guides, activities and more!

Click here to start your FREE Homeschool Planet trial!
Deals of the Day - Today Only!

Last Call for Deals of the Day

TODAY ONLY (January 19, 2017), purchase any of these Deals of the Day and receive Bonus SmartPoints. Don't miss these BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET!

NOTE: The Deals of the Day SmartPoints listed above will be awarded based on purchases made TODAY ONLY and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after today, we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.
Deals of the Week - LAST CALL!

Last Call for Deals of the Week

Last Call for Deals of the Week

Our Deals of the Week are the BEST DEALS ANYWHERE, but for a limited time only, so don't delay:

NOTE: The Deals of the Week SmartPoints listed below will be awarded based on purchases from 1/15 - 1/21 and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after this Saturday (unless otherwise noted), we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.
GroupBuy Roundup
Today Only! 1/19

Alpha Omega Publications - Save 20% + Free Shipping + Bonus SmartPoints - Today Only, Thurs., 1/19!

Alpha Omega Publications - Save 20% + Free Shipping + Bonus SmartPoints

Every year, Alpha Omega lets resellers do a 20% off sale for 1 DAY ONLY in January. This year, the Co-op's 1 DAY ONLY Sale is Today, Thursday, 1/19. Of course, we'll make it even sweeter by throwing in FREE shipping on orders over $25 and BONUS SmartPoints.

This is the DEEPEST DISCOUNT you can get --ever! -- for popular Alpha Omega products such as Monarch, Switched-On Schoolhouse, Horizons, Weaver and LIFEPAC.

If you're missing that one title or you're looking for your entire curriculum, you don't want to miss this sale!


ShillerMath - Save 15% + Free Shipping - Math & Language Arts Kits - Ends Today, 1/19!

ShillerMath - Save 15% + Free Shipping - <i>Math & Language Arts Kits</i>

It's LAST CALL for members to save 15% and receive Free Shipping on award-winning ShillerMath.

ShillerMath offers kits that contain everything you will need for multiple years of no lesson prep teaching math and language arts (including lots of manipulatives and music) for your entire family which is unlike other book-based math or language arts curriculum on the market.

The math curriculum is for PreK to pre-Algebra, usually 7th or 8th grade, and the language arts curriculum is for beginners/PreK-1st. ShillerMath’s free downloads of replacement consumables mean one kit works for everyone in the house without having to purchase extra books.

Plus, you can get help with your lesson planning with the new professionally-designed ShillerMath Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet!

New This Week But Ending 1/31!

MathCloud - Save 34% - Ends Tues., 1/31!

MathCloud - Save 34% - Ends Tues., 1/31!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present GroupBuy savings for MathCloud, an online, adaptive learning platform that recognizes each student's individual weakness and delivers a customized lesson to strengthen their math skills.

For grades 6-12, MathCloud can help students gain a deeper understanding of math concepts, and appreciate the overall beauty of mathematics.

Members can save 34% on this special GroupBuy offer until Tuesday, 1/31!

Jacob's Geometry - Only $39.95 + Free Shipping + 100 SmartPoints

Jacob's Geometry - Only $39.95 + Free Shipping + 100 SmartPoints

Save 80% plus receive Free Shipping plus get 100 SmartPoints on this exclusive, limited inventory offer for Jacob's Geometry from My Father's World. With 40+ years of experience in the classroom, Jacob's Geometry has been labeled "one of the great geometry books of all time".

Where many geometry textbooks focus on memorization and examples, this text presents engaging, carefully sequenced, and structured concepts that lead the student to discover ideas for themselves.

Order now as this offer is only available at the Co-op through the end of the month. If you're interested, it's best not to delay as inventory is limited!

Piano Wizard Academy - Save up to 47% + Free Shipping - Extended Savings until 1/31!

Piano Wizard Academy - Save up to 47% + Free Shipping

Award-winning Piano Wizard Academy has agreed to extend their GroupBuy offer at the Co-op but only until the end of the month. Your child can learn to play piano by playing the amazingly simple video game, Piano Wizard!

Designed with a patented 4-step method, Piano Wizard uses color coded technology and simplicity to learn by doing, kinesthetically, aurally and visually, in your homeschool classroom -- even with no previous music experience.

Start a lifetime of musical joy with this piano learning video game program that also teaches your child to read music. With this exclusive offer, Co-op members save up to 47% (off retail) on the Piano Wizard Ultimate Home Studio Edition.

Time4Learning - Get 200 SmartPoints

Time4Learning - Get 200 SmartPoints

Time4Learning has returned to the Co-op with a special offer of 200 Bonus SmartPoints with a new membership!

With Time4Learning, you'll have 24/7 access to a whole year's worth of materials, which means you can start and stop at any time and use the program however you see fit. This curriculum is provided within a secure, ad free, automated learning system that teaches the lessons, reinforces concepts, tracks progress, and much more.

This offer is only available through Tuesday, 1/31 so be sure to take a look today!


EducationCity - Save 93% + Get 500 SmartPoints

EducationCity - Save 93% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Discover EducationCity, an award-winning online program with colorful animation and interactive resources that brings learning to life!

EducationCity connects teaching and learning for PreK through 6th grade students across six different subjects including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and much more.

Exclusively for Co-op members, EducationCity is available for ONLY $49.95! Your subscription includes access to not just ONE grade level, but *all* grade levels PreK to 6th Grade -- for a full year access.

Readorium - Save 20% +Get 2,000 SmartPoints

Readorium - Save 20%  +Get 2,000 SmartPoints

We are pleased to have Readorium, a Codie award-winning online program that teaches kids (grades 3-8) the skills they need to closely read and comprehend non-fiction in general, and science in particular, at the Co-op!

Readorium assesses readability levels and automatically adjusts as children read, so all children experience success as they learn at their own pace. It is enhanced with games, videos, a reward system, and a Hall of Fame to help keep kids engaged.

Members save 20% on this GroupBuy offer and, as a Deal of the Month, we will throw in 2,000 SmartPoints to make this deal even better. - Save up to 70% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints - Save up to 70% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints

Never stop learning with, an extensive library of video lessons for middle school, high school, and college students!

Your students can get the help they need to improve their grades and earn college credits with over 8,500 self-paced, bite-sized lessons taught by experience teachers. With a subscription to the Premium Edition your student can get unlimited access to the video library, explore difficult subjects, use practice tests, tools, and coaching, and much more.

And,'s test prep courses will help your students earn a top score on the ACT, SAT, AP, and other standardized tests.

Members save 70% on a 1-year subscription to that can help you round out your students' education and help you save a bundle on college tuition!

Purchase now as a Deal of the Month and also receive 1,000 SmartPoints! - Save 50% - Pricing Ends 1/31! - Save 50%

It's LAST CALL for the special $99.50 price for new subscriptions to for grades 6 to 12.

A Cathy Duffy "Top 102 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum", this popular online video math curriculum covers: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and more!

If you're still looking for the right math curriculum in order to help prepare for the SATs or ACTs, take a look at

This curriculum comes with built-in Bonus SAT and ACT preparation plus video tutorials, audio, video, text and Flash animations, practice exercises, step-by-step audio explanations, self-tests, reports, and correlations with standard math texts.

Order before Tuesday, January 31st, and members save 50% on an annual subscription to Plus when you place your order, you'll receive access to get started right away within minutes of placing your order!

Member Meter

Member Meter Intro

Negotiating and sponsoring GroupBuy savings is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, but we love doing it, especially when there is strong member interest.

This section of the newsletter is your opportunity to see -- and influence -- what programs and products we bring to our membership.

Please take a look, then let us know: What do you think?

Have you been looking for a new way for your grade 5 to high school students to learn vocabulary? We’ve been in discussions with Membean, a new online vocabulary program which can help your student build a persuasive vocabulary using content that engages the brain, and adaptive reinforcement technology that ensures the student doesn’t forget the words he or she learns.

Knowing the meanings of words, and being able to use them, is an essential skill for both reading comprehension and effective writing. Membean’s 3-step multimodal vocabulary instruction includes:

  • Personalization: Tailors a word set for your student that sufficiently challenges them.

  • Mastery: Uses video, images, audio, context examples and several other ways to engage the brain and really learn the word. You can see some samples by clicking here.

  • Reinforcement: Automatically provides optimal practice to boost memory and recall.

Membean’s homeschool pricing is $79 for the first student and $39 for each additional student. With enough member participation, the Co-op will be able to offer savings up to 38%: $49 for the first student and $37 for each additional student.

Sign up for a free 3-day trial to see if Membean is right for your child. Note: If you sign up for the free trial, please keep in mind that if Membean comes to the Co-op, we will not be able to convert your free trial into a paid account. Please use your parent email for the trial. Also note that the above link is for High School students. For children in grades 5-8, please sign up using the above link and send an email to requesting for a change to Middle School plan.
Take a look and let us know:  What do you think?
Free Curriculum

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

Does it seem like you spend countless hours searching the internet for resources, games, worksheets, and more for your children? Well, look no further!

The Co-op is pleased to offer our members a database of free curriculum and other educational resources from our ClickSchooling partner. This week, we offer these free curriculum discoveries and their ClickSchooling reviews.

Please let us know if YOU find any great educational websites!
Cathy Duffy Reviews
By special arrangement with Cathy Duffy (author of the new "102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"), Co-op members hear about Cathy's latest reviews.

Don't forget that the Co-op has BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for many of
Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks!

Get the Best Deal Anywhere for Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

And, if you're not sure which curriculum might be right for your child, take a look at Cathy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum -- and save 50% on the various eBook editions, if you purchase through the Co-op!
Just for Fun

Do you have any videos, games, jokes, quotes or other light-hearted or inspirational Internet discoveries that you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Brett Walter
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