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In this issue:

  • It's Learning Fun Month at the Co-op!
  • Community Update -- Archived Webinars, Give Thanks Contest, and more

  • Homeschool Planet FREE Trial -- "I'm absolutely blown away by this planner!"

  • Deals of the Day -- Typing Pal, Type to Learn, and

  • Deals of the Week -- LAST CALL! - IXL, Adaptive Curriculum, Fascinating Education, and DreamBox Learning

  • GroupBuy Roundup:

    • LAST CALL - Ends Today, 11/16! - Always Icecream & Clever Dragons and Math Mammoth

    • NEW - God's World News

    • Learning Fun with History - Chester Comix and Mystery of History

    • In the Pipeline - Miacademy, Thinkwell, Magic School Bus Science Club, TYSC Super Collections, and more

    • Member Meter - DoodleMaths

  • Free Curriculum Discoveries and their ClickSchooling Reviews
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews
  • Just for Fun

What's Happening at the Co-op...

Please join us in giving a hearty Co-op "Welcome!" to 283 new homeschool families in the last week!

Archived Webinars: Did you know that you can view archived webinars from the Co-op such as How to Build an Amazing Homeschool Transcript, Teaching Tips for Math, Rescuing Reluctant Readers, and much more! To see all available archived webinars, click here.

Give Thanks Contest!

Give Thanks Contest!

This Thanksgiving season, we would like to honor the spirit of the holiday by giving you a chance to win a $150 cash gift for your family and another $150 cash gift for the charity or needy family of your choice! What are you thankful for this year?

We are thankful for our families and friends. We're also thankful for all our wonderful members who have taken the courageous step to give their children a homeschool education!

Tell us what you are thankful for, and, then, at the beginning of next month, we'll select a post at random, and the author will win a win a $150 cash gift for your family and another $150 cash gift for the charity or needy family of your choice!

Click here to tell us what you're thankful for this year!

Join other members who follow us for freebies, specials, and more on social media.

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Homeschool Planet - Online Planner

Homeschool Planet - Sign up for a FREE Trial

Homeschool Planet - Sign up for a FREE Trial

Did you know you can have separate logins for each student in Homeschool Planet?

We know kids like to have things to call their own, that's why we made it easy for each student have their own login in order to view their assignments and check them off when completed. No more arguing over who's turn it is on the computer!

But, don't take our word for it - here's what Co-op Member J. Salice has to say about this feature:

"I'm absolutely blown away by this planner! The biggest struggle for me with homeschooling was maintaining a plan, because I need more flexibility than structure. Keeping a written calendar was ridiculous, because our days were not predictable from one to the next. With this, I could easily schedule out a year, and shift tasks when things didn't happen as expected! plus, I love that each of my sons can log into their own calendar and check off tasks as they went along. It gives them a real sense of accomplishment!" Click here for more testimonials!

Take Homeschool Planet for a test run with a FREE 30-Day Trial -- just enter your Co-op member email address and you can get started in minutes!

Then, if you decide to purchase (only $69.95 for a one year subscription OR $7.95/month), all of the data you enter during the trial will be preserved in your paid-for subscription so that you can continue using Homeschool Planet without interruption.

Click here to start your FREE trial!

Homeschool Planet now offers time saving lesson plans featuring professionally-designed lesson plans for popular curriculum such as:

  • Memoria Press Latin NEW!
  • Brave Writer
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Online
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Math Mammoth
  • Life of Fred Complete Elementary Series

And many more!
Deals of the Day - Today Only!

Last Call for Deals of the Day

TODAY ONLY (November 16, 2017), purchase any of these Deals of the Day and receive Bonus SmartPoints. Don't miss these BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET!

NOTE: The Deals of the Day SmartPoints listed above will be awarded based on purchases made TODAY ONLY and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after today, we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.
Deals of the Week - LAST CALL!

Last Call for Deals of the Week

Last Call for Deals of the Week

Our Deals of the Week are the BEST DEALS ANYWHERE, but for a limited time only, so don't delay:

NOTE: The Deals of the Week SmartPoints listed below will be awarded based on purchases from 11/12 - 11/18 and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after this Saturday (unless otherwise noted), we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.
GroupBuy Roundup
This month, we're shining the spotlight on the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for our "KIDS LIKE IT" products that Make Learning Fun such as Reading Eggs, Math Whizz, Chester Comix, Middlebury Interactive, and much more!
LAST CALL - Ends Today, 11/16!

Always Icecream & Clever Dragons - Save up to 55%

Always Icecream & Clever Dragons - Save up to 55%

Always Icecream and Clever Dragons strive to offer fun and relevant drills for girls and boys in grades K-8th! plus new specially made teaching videos in core academic subjects embedded in a safe, engaging and rewarding environment. Subjects include: Basic to Advanced Math, Geography, Language Arts, Science, Arts & Music, Keyboard Typing, and Foreign Languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and Latin.

Members save up to 55% on a flexible selection of lifetime subscriptions. When you order, you receive your access within one business day. Plus, these memberships can be applied to upgrade your existing trial or paid account, too!

Math Mammoth - Save 40%

Math Mammoth - Save 40%

It's LAST CALL for the 40% Math Mammoth Sale at the Co-op!

Math Mammoth is a hugely popular math curriculum created by Maria Miller, a math teacher and passionate homeschool math advocate. In this offer, you will find a comprehensive library of PDF math worktexts, workbooks, and complete math curriculum for grades 1-8 available as a digital download or in CD format.

Members can save 40% on this popular homeschool math program. Be sure to spread the news to your friends so they can save BIG on Math Mammoth, too!


God's World News - Save up to 58%

God's World News - Save up to 58%

Give the gift that keeps on giving with God's World News Print Edition magazines!

These monthly magazines are a great curriculum supplement for a variety of subjects, including Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Geography, Science, History, and Bible. God's World News offers magazines for PreK thru High School students with a Biblical Worldview to help you bring current events into your homeschool classroom.

Members save up 58% on a full year subscription to God's World News, plus have access to worldkids online. God's World News is only here for a limited time so be sure to check it out soon!

Learning Fun with History

Chester Comix - Save up to 54% + Get 600 SmartPoints

Chester Comix - Save up to 54% + Get 600 SmartPoints

Looking for a history product to delight children of all ages? Check out Chester Comix!

Author/illustrator Bentley Boyd turns traditional history teaching on its head with his blue, hatted crustacean, Chester Crab, your child's guide on a colorful and witty romp through U.S. history. Bentley uses Chester, other cartoon characters, and large type to draw reluctant readers--typical of visual learners--into the study of history. You can also use his extensive Teacher Guides to amplify your student's learning.

Perfect for learning and fun, see for yourself why our members report that the entire family loves Chester Comix! Plus, don't forget if you purchase "The League of Homeschool All-Stars" as part of this GroupBuy, it will be personally signed by the author, Bentley Boyd.

Members save up to 54%, and if you purchase Chester Comix as a Deal of the Month this month, you'll also receive 600 SmartPoints!

Mystery of History - Save 32% + Get 300 SmartPoints

Mystery of History - Save 32% + Get 300 SmartPoints

Mystery of History is one of Cathy Duffy's "102 Top Picks" and takes a Classical approach of teaching History in chronological order, beginning with Creation. This Christian Worldview History has been a best seller in the homeschool community for many years, as it offers the ability to teach multiple grade levels with one program.

Visit this GroupBuy page today to access a FREE download of the first four chapters of Volume III and a FREE sample lesson to help you decide if this is curriculum is right for your student(s)!

Members save 32% on any of the Mystery of History titles --- Volume I, II, III, or IV. Buy one or all, its your choice! Plus, purchase this month, and you'll receive 300 Bonus SmartPoints!

In the Pipeline

In the Pipeline Intro

These Special Offers and GroupBuy savings are "in the bag". See What's Coming!

For some, there are a few more details to be worked out before we can go live. We hope to take these Group Buys live in the few weeks. Stay tuned!

Member Meter

Member Meter Intro

Negotiating and sponsoring GroupBuy savings is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, but we love doing it, especially when there is strong member interest.

This section of the newsletter is your opportunity to see -- and influence -- what programs and products we bring to our membership.

Please take a look, then let us know: What do you think?

Does your child learn by doing? Are you looking for a math program to help your child build daily confidence with their math skills? If so, we’ve been talking to DoodleMaths, a UK company which has developed an easy-to-use and engaging math app for children ages 4-14.

With every question answered DoodleMaths learns more about your child’s math understanding and builds a personalized work program to develop your child’s math skills from beginning concepts to pre-algebra. The DoodleMaths app runs Apple/iOS or Android devices, online or offline - so use anytime anywhere. It also works on PCs and Macs, too.

Take DoodleMaths for a free trial and use the program for a few daily questions to see if it is right for your child here. Calibrating the program to your child’s level is free - you’ll see the results on the online parent dashboard. To unlock unlimited use of the app, full access to the personalized work programs and online parent dashboard, including strength and weakness analysis, email reports, and more, an Annual or Lifetime subscription is offered.

DoodleMaths currently offers their Annual Subscription for one child for $69.99, and with sufficient participation through the Co-op, we would be able to offer members at savings up to 50% for a price of $34.99. They also offer a Lifetime Subscription for one child for $169.99, and with sufficient participation through the Co-op, we would be able to offer members up to 41% savings for a price of $99.99. So, please:
Take a look and let us know:  What do you think?
Free Curriculum

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

Does it seem like you spend countless hours searching the internet for resources, games, worksheets, and more for your children? Well, look no further!

The Co-op is pleased to offer our members a database of free curriculum and other educational resources from our ClickSchooling partner. This week, we offer these free curriculum discoveries and their ClickSchooling reviews.

Please let us know if YOU find any great educational websites!
Cathy Duffy Reviews
By special arrangement with Cathy Duffy (author of the new "102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"), Co-op members hear about Cathy's latest reviews.

Don't forget that the Co-op has BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for many of
Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks!

Get the Best Deal Anywhere for Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

And, if you're not sure which curriculum might be right for your child, take a look at Cathy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum -- and save 50% on the various eBook editions, if you purchase through the Co-op!
Just for Fun

Do you have any videos, games, jokes, quotes or other light-hearted or inspirational Internet discoveries that you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Brett Walter
Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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