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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Mystery of History to their home school curriculum. If you have used Mystery of History and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”My degree is in history and so finding a Christian history curriculum was vital for me. I LOVE MOH so much. My only downside is that I do wish they offered an option to have student handbooks, rather than printing the sheets off. It's not the end of the world, but for our style of homeschool, that would be my preference. Otherwise, it's great. The content is fantastic!”
A. Welsand, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying Mystery of Hostory Vol 1. I love that history is told through the lens of a Christian world view and that the events of the Bible are placed in historical context. The text is conversational and easy to understand. I like the pretest and review questions to determine what the children are retaining. The activities after each lesson are fun and engaging for the kids. We had tried Story of the World Vol 1 and enjoy Mystery of Histoy far more.”
Caryn B, Co-op Member
”I love using Mystery of History as a supplemental resource. My kids are young but I can glean from the material and present it in a way they can understand. I also love the biblical perspective that it brings, which also helps me discuss history in a knowledgeable manner with a Christian worldview.”
Carla Clauson, Co-op Member
”MoH has been a wonderful resource for our family over many years. The lessons are so well written and interesting. The structure of memory cards, timelines and activities reinforces the lessons so real learning happens. We have great discussions after reading the lesson. The key to success with this program is NOT trying to do all of it; the author makes it clear she is giving mulitple options to suit different learning styles. Choose what is best for your students. I love that it is adaptable for elementary thru high school.”
Kristin R., Co-op Member
”MOH has changed the atmosphere of our homeschool. We went from boring to my children asking to do History first! I love that we can incorporate our Bible lessons into this subject, as well. We have chosen to do a Book of Centuries instead of the suggested time-line, and it is working beautifully. My kids LOVE the activities! MOH for life!”
R. Larson, Co-op Member
”I like the flexibility of Mystery of History. My 7th grader enjoys the lessons and the activities. I think she even enjoys doing the map activities. I purchased a couple of extra books (Famous Men of the Middle Ages & Heroes and Saints to the Middle Ages) and her interest has been sparked enough by MoH that she read these on her own. Loving to learn is what it's all about!”
M Wheeler, Co-op Member
”We love the chronological approach to history and literally walking through time as a family. We (me and the kids) love the way the curriculum is laid-out - easy to follow and stay on track - easy to do deep dives into history and learn more. I wish I had this course when I was in school! The cool thing is seeing the application of what the kids are learning in other areas and it's wonderful how much they are learning, retaining, applying.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”We love Mystery of History! It reads like a is the only history curriculum my kids didn't complain about using! Excellent resource that can be used for all grades!”
Beth P., Co-op Member
”This is our 3rd volume of Mystery of History. My son who before thought history was boring, looks forward to his history class with this curriculum. The lessons are interesting and the tests, quizzes, and worksheets cumulatively reinforce the material learned. The whole family loves when I read the lessons in the car. Even I have heard so much through these books.”
Monica B., Co-op Member
”I love the layout, lessons are short and keep the student s attention. There are also multiple activities for various ages at the end of each lesson to reinforce what was just taught.”
Laurie S, Co-op Member
”My 12 and 13 year old girls are really enjoying this curriculum. They have alot of additional assignments which can be downloaded and printed. Which I personally would prefer in a book. I was printing the pages and not really using them as I am trying to take a more Charlotte Mason approach using it as a living book. What I am doing now is having them narrate what they read, putting important dates on their timeline and occasional projects on historical figures or events. I personally hated history yet am enjoying this the way it is written. We are on book 4 and will start with 1 next year. My youngest was hating to read but has actually been initiating this on her own. Very happy with this.”
Stacy Pasquarella, Co-op Member
”MOH is incredible! My dd loves History and I give partial credit to this source due to its' thoroughness and activities to keep children of all ages engaged. What drew up to use this was the fact that Bible History is intertwined w/traditional History. This is so important for youth to understand the two are NOT separate and all a part of our roots. I will also note that we are Catholic, and even though this is Protestant-based, it has been of no concern.
We are actually on Vol. 4 and are using it as a supplement w/i a very popular Core curriculum. We feel this is most suited for the upper middle school levels and early high school.
My dd has completed 2 volumes per year, including many activities and homemade tests to coincide w/their 'Pull It Together' reviews at the end of each quarter. Yes, that sounds like a lot of History, however, she chose to go this route.
Truly a terrific program, well organized, and if you can splurge in funds, do get the accommodating audio and folder books, well worth the money. I look forward to sharing these studies again w/my other children. Highly recommend.”
Jamie S., Co-op Member
”We love Mystery of History. We used it in a traditional school setting in the past and now use it as part of our full time home school curriculum. It is very thorough and easy to follow. You can do all of the suggested activities or only read and discuss each chapter. Either way your child will learn so much about history from a Christian point of view.”
StacyG, Co-op Member
”This is our first year using Mystery of History and we are loving it! I love how it explains what was going on in the rest of the world along with the events recorded in the Bible. History is really His story! I appreciate the audio recordings also since we do a lot of read alouds.”
Krista C., Co-op Member
”We are now in year 4. I love this series and highly recommend it. I love that the focus is on people in history, not just dates and facts. Furthermore, I really appreciate that geography is worked into the lessons.”
Catherine, Co-op Member
”My 16 year old daughter has gone through every volume. She loves it. As a mom, I find it super duper user friendly. It is designed for all ages as you pick and choose what activities to do. It has made my daughter who hates history to actually love doing history! Story of the World is similar in approach! But I actually find MOH to work better in older children. I highly recommend this curriculum! Use as much or little as you like but the more you do the more our children learn! Two thumbs up!!”
Karen Smith, Co-op Member
”Mystery of History has been a fun way for me and my 3 students to learn more about His Story! I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone. My 4th & 5th grader enjoyed it - and remember many of the stories. Even my kindergartner caught some "crumbs" of history just by being around when I read the lessons out loud. I plan to go through all 4 volumes - then start over again and do more of the exercises and writing prompts with them when they are older.”
R. Rutherford, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful history curriculum! Linda does and excellent job of making the history come alive. My daughter has several learning disabilities, and MOH is perfect for her. I can choose what level of activities will work best for her learning style. We also use the book on CD. My daughter follows along, in the book, while Linda reads the lesson. Linda's voice is so pleasant. My daughter also loves MOH! I love it so much I am volunteering at the MOH booth at a homeschool conference!”
Lori, Co-op Member
”I love Mystery of History. My kids and I have learned so much and had fun while doing it. The lessons are short enough to keep us interested, but long enough to get plenty of information. The assignments help us dive deeper into the subject. It is all around fantastic! I will be using this for many years to come.”
Morgan F., Co-op Member
”I have wanted to use this product for years and now I am so glad we are able to use it.

My kids and I love it they ask if they can do it each day.

If you are thinking about doing Mystery-of-history do it is great.”
Marissa C., Co-op Member
”Mystery of History books have been a great addition to our curriculum. My son really enjoys history now and finds it interesting thanks to these books and activities.”
Kris B, Co-op Member
”What a discovery! The Mystery of History series is packed with historical events from creation on. These historical events are presented chronologically, including biblical events. This gives a clear understanding on what was happening in the world when biblical events were occuring. Well written and created to meet the needs of young learner through high school/adult. Never thought that I would learn so much as the parent!”
Dawn Rice, Co-op Member
”The Mystery of History has been a wonderful resource for our family. I used volume 1 this year mostly with our 2 oldest children (ages 12 & 15) and a little with the youngest 2 (ages 2 & 4) and we have all learned new things. I love the supplements and hope to use more of them this coming year with Volume 2 which we have already purchased. It has made history a fun learning experience by being multi-sensory and engaging. The activity options for each age range are great. It allows me to focus on what I want each child to learn/do based on their own abilities. I've definitely recommended this wonderful resource to other homeschooling families.”
Heather G., Co-op Member
”My whole family loves MOH. I am homeschooling age ranges from pre-k through 6th grades. It is designed that we study the bible and world history in chronological order. The first book covers the beginning up until Jesus. Each week is broken down into three day formats but it can be done in shorter or longer increments. Each day has comprehension activities broken down into younger, middle, and older age ranges. So I give my you gets one assignment while I give my 6th grader a different assignment. There is additional references in the back of the back in case you want to read more or do further research. They also do mapping, pre and post tests. MOH also provides very detailed instructions for memory boards, grade sheets, notebooks, and quarter/semester tests. We will be doing the second year next school year. We are all looking forward to it. MOH actually gives me some structure to my school week without being demanding or overwhelming. I also met the author and she is very pro-Israel. I have yet to find anything she has written that I have disagreed with.”
Elissa W., Co-op Member
”I love the reproducible CD. It helps out so much.I print out all quizzes, pretests, and maps rather than trying to copy it off the page. This is such a helpful tool. I will purchase the reproducible CD for each Mystery of History book we use.”
Julie Shrake, Co-op Member
”I have used Mystery of History volumes 1-4 with my first child. I am now going through volume 1 with my second child. I like the series because each lesson is tied in with what is going on in the time period. Linda Hobar, the author does a wonderful job showing the story of history from the beginning to current time. Both of my children are learning a lot from her style, which is why I continued it with my second child.

In each lesson, there are note cards to be done, an activity of our choosing, a map activity, and an exercise or a quiz. My kids easily adapted to the structure and since it does not change from one volume to the other it is really independently used by my kids.

I really love Mystery of History. I think the curriculum is fabulous. When my first child began to use this history curriculum she came from the public school where they largely focus on American History. This left gaps in her understanding of why the USA was formed so she did not really understand what the importance was of being independent. Since this was a chronological ordered history program, she was able to see the reasons why the USA founded our constitution the way it was. She was able to see what happened when kings oppressed the people and why many countries declared independence from the oppressive governments. I highly recommend this history curriculum. I am glad I have one more child to experience history with. We are off to a good start and I think we will enjoy it together for the next 4 years.”
Erika Bruce, Co-op Member
”This is our second year using Mystery-of-History. We absolutely love it. It makes History fun and we can use it for all three of my kids at the same time. My older two many times get into good discussions on the topics we are learning about. We love how its all in chronological order which puts a into perspective for us as we enjoy learning things from beginning to end. We also use it as our main text and our science and English encompass much of what we are learning. It really has helped my kids to remember history so much easier. I have recommended it to all of my friends. We started Volume 1 last year and are in Volume 2 this year and we are looking forward to Volume's 3 and 4. This is definitely worth it.”
Dianna Auton, Co-op Member
”This is our first year using MOH and I love it! I am homeschooling a senior and a sophomore, both of whom have dyslexia and some attention challenges. This product is great for them. The lessons are written in a very interesting way and are just long enough...not so long that they tune out or are overwhelmed but long enough that they are getting good information. They are really enjoying doing the timeline together as well. I really appreciate the author's hard work in making the lessons easy for a mom to follow, and for writing in an entertaining and Christ-centered way.”
Denise Scott, Co-op Member
”We truly love the whole series of Mystery of History! We are on the third volume now. My favorite part is the combination of traditional world history mixed with biblical history. I never learned those together when I was in school; therefore, I never realized events were happening at the same time. My kids really enjoy the lessons. I work part-time, so I don't have much time to be creative. All the extras are really helpful to me for reinforcing the lessons. We will definitely continue using it, and I tell other homeschoolers about it all the time! I have used a few other history curricula, and MOH is by far my favorite!”
Mary Ann, Co-op Member
”This is the second year that we have been using Mystery-of-History. I love the way it is taught and we learn about history in a God honoring way.”
S Wagner, Co-op Member
”We love "The Mystery of History"! My 6-year-old daughter doesn't catch the details (which means she doesn't get overwhelmed,) but I'm glad they're there, because she will enjoy them when we go through the curriculum again as she gets older. She enjoys the projects for younger students, map-making, and the artwork for the timeline. I love the chronological order. I have definitely told others about it!”
Katie Scherer, Co-op Member
”We are starting our 2nd year using The Mystery of History. I love the linear approach to history that gives a global context to each topic. My children love listening to the CDs over and over. Since it is age integrated we can all learn together though the same material. Wonderful! The lessons are very interesting and memorable. I have never been so excited about history!”
Angela F, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed Mystery of History this year. The audio part has been especially helpful. We have already ordered book 2 for next year, and plan to go through all 4 parts.”
Mary L., Co-op Member
”My kids love Mystery of History. I homeschool my 6th grader and my 9th grader. My 3rd grader goes to public school and he begs us to wait until after school so he can learn Mystery of History.”
Marisa, Co-op Member
”We love Mystery of History. It is nice to use one curriculum with all my kids ages 7-14. We enjoy having a Christian history program that blends Bible history with world history. The activities and readings are engaging to us all. It is a wonderful curriculum and would recommend it to all.”
Teena T., Co-op Member
”I'm really enjoying this so far. My kids are only 4 and 5 years old, so I've mostly just been reading the stories to them and not doing anything else extra. We'll enjoy going back through it and doing the different activities for the younger and older age groups. I like the conversational tone and the chronological order of the information. It's not just bland textbook stuff.”
Tara Faul, Co-op Member
”This program is very easy to use-and very thorough! The tone is friendly and engaging while delving into fascinating subjects and really giving the student a great well-rounded view of the events of history. We'll continue to use the program and look forwards to the next volume!”
C Chapel, Co-op Member
”I love the Mystery of History series. It ties Biblical history and secular history together so you can understand where everything fits in. I can't say enough good things about these books-wonderful, excellent! I have learned as much as my children. I would highly recommend this series to anyone! Appropriate for multiple ages, with suggested activities for each age group.”
Becky O., Co-op Member
”My kids and I find this makes history much more fun and enjoyable. It also helps us to put time frames into better perspective. We have enjoyed Volume 1 thus far and look forward to using the other volumes as well.”
Dianna Auton, Co-op Member
”We have been using Mystery of History beginning last year. My daughter really enjoys it and we feel that we are getting a good history education. We are so happy to be studying history in a chronological order, it makes more sense! I have definitely talked to others about it. I plan on continuing with it for several years.”
Bonnie C., Co-op Member
”Mystery of History was a total fit for my family!! On our fourth year of homeschooling, (and having always bought mega-expensive curriculum) I am so unbelievably happy with MOH! My daughter loves history now - and it used to be the most dreaded subject of all. I love how we learn Bible and ancient history, side by side, and put it all in one time line. I can finally see where the Bible history I learned growing up fits in to world history! One of my favorite features is that it can be cycled back through for any aged child. There are activities for young, middle, and older aged children. We love it and can't wait to continue on through all the volumes!”
Eryn Whitman, Co-op Member
”Love this history -- activities for all ages, Christ centered and accurate. The best option for our family!”
Candyce DeKruyff, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE this curriculum...I have been using it for many years across many grades and it really gives my kids a godly perspective of history. I now play the audio CD's in the car on the way home from picking up my son from a school he attends so that he gets his Christ-centered history! I use the reproducibles also to reinforce learning. I HIGHLY recommend. (Also their customer service is the best.)”
Babs H, Co-op Member
”I bought Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for a spine in our history program. I am impressed with the book. I really like that it is 3-hole punched in case I would want to cut off the binding and store it in a binder. I look forward to using this resource as it is getting harder to find materials on biblical figures. I will have my middle schoolers and high schoolers use this book.”
Diane R., Co-op Member
”I purchased this to add to our summer curriculum. We do three days a week in the summer. However, after reading through the richness of the content, I didn't think it would be fair to ask my kids to try to absorb it all with just a few days a week. I "liked" MOH on facebook so I get information and encouragement that way also. I continue to read wonderful reviews about this and am planning on buying all the supplemental docs to reinforce learning. I am very excited to do this next year, and I am even thinking about buying the audiobook for level one so my kids hear a different voice than mine:). HS Buyers Co-op is always my first go-to for homeschool products!”
Hali Laricey, Co-op Member
”I love the way biblical history is connected to other world history topics. I love the choices of activities for younger and middle and older children. It really helps us learn as a family where everyone can be engaged.

Melissa S., Co-op Member
”I bought MOH with my son, a visual learner, in mind. I appreciate the engaging way it narrated events, which in every other textbook, seem just cut and dry facts, and which he struggled to finish. My other son who has used it, says it was the only subject that he enjoyed!”
Tricia Santos, Co-op Member
”After much (MUCH!) research, we settled on Mystery of History. I'm glad we did! The lessons are a good length, and the organization is such that I can spread out the lessons for my kindergartner.”
Darla O., Co-op Member
”We are just finishing our first year with Mystery of History and bought the book for year two. I thought the ancient history would be a little much for young kids but they have enjoyed it, absorbed it and can relate much of it back. I love the solid Christian perspective and I love connecting the Scriptures with the rest of world history. It has been a great education for me too as I teach the material!”
T. Tadros, Co-op Member
”Mystery-of-History is a blessing to our family. I am homeschooling three middle school students and they absolutely love the book. They learn about the bible as well as the history of the bible. Usually during different lessons in the book we get side-tracked because they start asking questions about the different events. I love teaching from the book as well as allowing my children to learn the bible.”
Varris Arnold, Co-op Member
”We've really enjoyed reading these books as a family. There is a conversational tone to these books, and we can't wait until the 4th one comes out. As a parent, I love that it has something for every age group. We have young children, so I'm hoping to use this all the way up to high school. Hobar truly has made history memorable and come alive for our family.”
Rachel B., Co-op Member
”We just started using Mystery of History this year, and so far we love it. The author has a way of making history so interesting. My kids are very engaged and interested. It's almost like we are reading a really good book, and can't wait for the next chapter.”
Michelle Frank, Co-op Member
”I love how everything is laid out in one place! I don't have to go from book to book searching for different worksheets! Thank you for making teaching history so much easier!”
M. Otteman, Co-op Member
”I have been excited to use Mystery of History for quite a few years! I had heard about it but wanted to wait till my daughter was in 5th grade before we started the series. We have been using it now for about 3 weeks and we love it!! My daughter is excited to do her lessons and enjoys the activites as they are different every day!! My husband and I are really pleased with the way it incorporates the Bible lessons in with the order of other historical events. We feel it will help her to see that the Bible is not just a story!! We give this a 5 out of 5!! Thanks!”
J. Soukup, Co-op Member
”I am homeschooling a 4th grader and a 12th grader I am so thankful for Mystery of History which allows us to do our History together. There are activities for the younger one and the older one!!! It is an excellent History resource with a Christian perspective!!!Love it!”
Carla Wilson, Co-op Member
”I have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son that my husband and I plan to homeschool classically through high school. This past summer we noticed they were ready to move beyond the ABC's and 123's, so we decided to move forward with our first curriculum purchases. The Co-op had the most amazing offer on Mystery of History that we just couldn't pass it up! We bought all three volumes with the reproducibles CDs. Presently we are using the textbooks as another living book, simply reading them the lessons each instruction day. This helps them increase their attention span and having them repeat the bold words in each story gives them exposure to varying vocabulary and pronunciation of names (definitely a tongue workout for them on some days!). I probably enjoy it more than they do at this point, but I think that this set will be an increasingly more exciting part of our homeschool journey as we continue on the learning path. Thank you, HSBC!!!”
Dawn R., Co-op Member
”I would recommend MOH a hundred times over to anyone looking for a History curriculum! I love this book just as much as my children. My kids know more biblical and world history than I did graduating High School. I will continue to use MOH and compared to the other History programs I have used, it is not even in the same league! I can't rave enough about it. I love it!”
Beverly, Co-op Member
”My children and I seriously enjoy Mystery of History, having used it now as our sole history curriculum for the past several years! It's volumes contain a wealth of information and interesting facts...from a Christian perspective. It is clear, easy to use, and complete in giving instructions and ideas for further study on each lesson. Excellent program! I would certainly recommend Mystery of History to others searching for a fun, interactive tool for studying history.”
Rochelle Kissack, Co-op Member
”Mystery of History is amazing! As I'm teaching the kids history I am actually learning a lot too. I didn't even realize that I was keeping biblical history on a second mental timeline then the rest of the world. Integrating it in all of our minds has brought a depth to our study that I never anticipated. We will continue to use the Mystery of History curriculum all the way through.”
Marianne S, Co-op Member
”My family and I have used Vol. ONE this past school year. I found the history lessons to be just the right size for my two children (G11yr & B10yr). The Hall of Fame projects help keep my kids focused on where we are on the timeline. Next year we will be using Vol. TWO. We will be continuing with the Hall of Fame timeline, but won't be using the coloring pages that are available. My children found them to be too detailed for them to enjoy coloring them (could be because they like to use markers as their favorite coloring medium). The pages would be better suited for colored pencils and for children who LOVE to color. We also chose to not use the Challenge cards. Between the lessons, lesson projects, Hall of Fame projects, and the coloring pages, my children were well supplied with enough activities to do. Overall...I am really impressed with this curriculum and am looking forward to using Vol. TWO.”
Deborah H., Co-op Member
”I am using Volume 1 with an eight and an 11 year old and they are enjoying the short daily readings and the activities and research projects. I often bump the kids up a level in terms of the suggested activities, and sometimes I find myself assigning alternate projects, but overall I like having the sequence and assignments mapped out for me and appreciate having one curriculum for both children. My biggest reservation in recommending this curriculum would be that unless you are a young earth creationist, you will not get much benefit out of the first lessons on the dinosaurs, ice age, early man, etc., and you will not be able to use the dates provided by the book for those eras.”
C Myers, Co-op Member
”I've been using Mystery of History for about 1.5 years after using a variety of other history options for our first few years of homeschooling, and I've never been more pleased with a history curriculum. I love that it presents history chronologically starting with Creation (as defined in the Bible - c. 4004 BC) going (eventually, once Vol. 4 is complete) all the way to very modern times. I love that the readings are engaging - they do not read like a textbook at all - and that there are a variety of hands-on follow-up activities for every lesson. I love that it provides my children with a solid overview of all of history from an unapologetic Judeo-Christian worldview. Other history curricula may correctly claim to be "Christian friendly," but MOH is Christ-centered, and that is of primary importance to me. My children really enjoy it and are learning a lot.”
Tina H., Co-op Member
”This book is very interesting and we have fun reading it together. I have learned so much by reading this to my daughter. My daughter was amazed at some of the historical events especially King Tut. I am thinking about putting my daughter in a private homeschooling type of school and even if I do I will for sure continue doing this with her. Recently my dad came to visit from out of state and he just happened to pick it up and started looking at it. Before I knew it he couldn't put it down. Excellent high interest material and written very well. Thank you for creating this!”
C. Lomas, Co-op Member
”MOH is such a fantastic history curriculum! We have used it for many years and this year I thought maybe I needed to switch things up and try a different one. It lasted less than a week, and we were back to MOH! I like it because it gives thorough information, is interesting, easy to use, and is very flexible. I can use it with multiple levels, pick and choose my activities, go deeper into certain topics, and cover geography and include timeline activities. I really appreciate the Christian worldview presented in the text, and the lessons are not boring facts, but written like someone is telling you a story. Thanks so much for this valuable resource for our homeschool- my children are certainly getting a much better history education than I did!”
Shay Kemp, Co-op Member
”We have purchased quite a few of the Mystery of History products. I really cannot say enough good things about this group of products. I have a child in first grade and one in fourth grade. I love being able to teach them together. With this program, there are so many wonderful options additional activities for the younger as well as the older.

As a family, we are enjoying making the time line as well as keeping our notebooks. My children are note takers and love to write things down.

My children love the lessons and all of the additional activities and exercises that are suggested.

We have done "traditional" history lessons before and they were fine, but we like how this one is taking us through history in chronological order. We are not skipping all over the time line.

We will definitely continue to use this product and the other products they offer.

When you purchase the supplemental DVDs, there are so many activities you can choose from. No matter how your child learns, there is something in this curriculum set to engage them to the fullest.”
Patricia Weitzel, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES Mystery of History. In fact, he read 138 pages the first evening after I gave him the book...and retained it! I love that it gives suggested assignments based on grade level...we will be starting the "formal" assignments this week, and will be counting this as a secondary school credit.”
9kids, Co-op Member
”MOH is an answer to prayer! I wish every subject could be so perfectly organized for me! My kids love it! I have a son 13, twin girls 9, and son 5. It just works great! And so fun and informative!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! We have recommended it to all the families in our co-op because it is so phenomenal!!! When does Mystery of Math or Mystery of Grammar come out??!!:)”
Annie, Co-op Member
”We are just finishing volume 1 of The Mystery of History, and getting ready for volume 2. I can't wait. I have so enjoyed learning right along with my 7th grade son, as we've walked through the ages together, using the Bible as our timeline structure. Seeing how events around the world coordinate with what God was doing with His people has been so interesting. I have recommended this series to many friends looking for curriculum options.”
Lisa Seward, Co-op Member
”Mystery of History Volume I. I use this curriculum for my two daughters, ages 4.5 and 7. The lessons are nice and short to keep their attention, and I often read them aloud in the car. We don't do the activities due to the children's ages, but I like that when we go through this material in later years, the activities will be there, and the text will still serve as a springboard to further study.

I also like that the author notes when there is controversy (who was the Pharoah from Exodus, for example). I use places where I don't share the author's viewpoint as opportunities to teach my children that not everyone believes the same things, and to develop their reasoning skills.

The kids never ask to do history, yet they pay attention and ask questions as I read to them. We will continue to use this text, and I believe I'll be watching for a sale on Vol. II and III in the future.”
Melanie H., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased The Mystery of History through the co-op, and I must share how much we've enjoyed it! Not only did we get an excellent deal with the co-op, but we were able to purchase MOH volume 2 for next year as well. The chronological time frame that Linda Hobar, the author, uses to coincide with Biblical history is amazing. We had begun our school year using another curriculum, but are so glad that we made the jump and switched to Mystery of History. Thank you, co-op!!!”
Jackie B. in TN, Co-op Member
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