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All three of my kids ages 10, 6, and 5 love using myON. They spend at least an hour each night reading and listening to books. As a mom that makes me so excited to see my kids excited about reading.
Amanda D., Co-op Member
This site has been wonderful for my daughter. Not only is she learning a great deal from the books, her reading and comprehension abilities continue to improve, and she is enjoying herself. I would highly recommend this program!
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
So far we have loved myon- my son is gaining a love for reading :) He loves being able to choose the story. I love that the sentence and words are highlighted as they are being read.
KC, Co-op Member
My oldest daughter fell in love with this in public school, so I was very happy to find it offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. She has a slew of diagnoses, but her Dyslexia really hinders her reading. This has been so beneficial for her. The option to have the books read to her, with her following along, has helped her tremendously. She is now almost on Grade level with reading, and her fluency has been much improved using this program. That being said, I know most kids love it, even without having special needs. I love that it has a...(more)
HAHoward, Co-op Member
My children have enjoyed listening to the stories and taking the short quizzes at the end and keep asking for more. There are quite a few good quality non-fiction books for older and younger children. In fact, the whole family has enjoyed listening and learning together.

For younger children, there are also quite a few fiction stories that my younger child enjoyed.
On the downside, I was very saddened to see the large quantity of upper level fiction stories/science fiction to which I would never want to expose my children.
Jo, Co-op Member
My son is a reluctant reader and will do just about anything but open a book. myON puts my son in charge of his own reading journey. He is able to pick books on topics that he is interested in. So, what we have done is set up a system that for every book that he reads on his own on myOn, he can then chose a book to have read to him. The other big incentive is that he gets to use the iPad which is a big in his world. This reading program has made my son look forward to reading time.
Cherie T, Co-op Member
This is an outstanding reading program that makes reading comprehension simple and exciting for kids. In two months of using the program 2-3 times per week for 10-15 minutes each time my kindergartner increased his Lexile score a grade and a half from mid-kindergarten to early 2nd grade. The ability to read along made it easy for him to choose harder books without feeling nervous and the short 5-question tests made it quick and easy to test comprehension.

My second grader, who was loathe to do reading comprehension tests, went from 60% ac...(more)
Gina Reynen, Co-op Member
My boys have learning disabilities and MyOn allows them to listen to books that interest them even though they do not have they ability to physiucally read them. MyOn Library is a great resource and saves me time and money by allowing instant access to books without a trip to the library or purchasing books.
C, Clayton, Co-op Member
MyON captivates my 8 yr. old's interest. She enjoys reading with MyOn because she can choose from a large selection of books that are at her reading level. This was a great investment in my child.
Terri A., Co-op Member
We love myON. There are so many interesting books at our fingertips! My kids can read about the things that interest them.
Tiffani, Co-op Member
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