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”This is our second time subscribing to myON. I have always preferred living books over textbooks, but with a dyslexic/dysgraphic teen with vision problems, all reading and writing is laborious and takes the fun out of learning. myON has been a great resource. It has hundreds of books appropriate for high school level learning, most books have audio support, and all books have a quiz to document understanding. I am pairing the myON with IXL for the core of my son's science and social studies curriculum. I do wish myON included more classic literature.”
Janet K., Co-op Member
”My son definitely looooooooves myON, especially the brand-new news. I also like myON, especially the voice actors who read the books. I would strongly recommend this program!”
Harriet P, Co-op Member
”My son loves the stories in myON. Because of this unique situation regarding corona virus, my son should stay at home. Numerous books in myON became a best friend for my kid! I will continue the myON program in the future. Moreover, the price, the number of books, and the quality of books are pretty attractive compare to other sites. I will talk about many these pros to my friends.”
GJ Choi, Co-op Member
”I'm so grateful to have had it for my son Daniel. Daniel is eight years old and in 3rd grade. He came to America when he was four. Nobody speaks English in our family. He had a problem with reading at the beginning, but now after about two years reading and practicing on myON, he loves reading. myON tested his level first ,then suggested books of his level to him. He reads and finishes the comprehension practice after every book. After some days he could get another test to get a higher reading level. Step by step,month by month. Now his reading level is in the top five of his class and this year he passed the gifted class entrance test. We highly recommend it.”
Jessica Hong, Co-op Member
”My children got to enjoy reading on myON and also myON offers well-qualified questionnaries after reading so it is available for parents to check whether my children fully understand the text or not. I am satisfied with that service and the reasonable price that Homeschool Buyers Co-op has offered for the customers! :)”
Jinny J., Co-op Member
”My son started using myON two years ago. His Lexile level on the Benchmarks was 3rd grade. Two years later, his Lexile level is on grade level--7th Grade. He loves starting his day on MyON, and he gets to match books to his interests!”
G. Villarreal, Co-op Member
”My daughter benefited a lot from myON--It expanded her knowledge and improved her reading comprehension, and more importantly, she came to love reading.”
Jiawen Xi, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My child's school couldn't fundraise enough money to continue myON for next year. My daughter really loves to read on myON! When I saw it was available on this website, I was so happy and relieved. Now my daughter has access to many different types of books. It really is worth every penny.”
Cathy, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing. This online reading software is very interactive and educational. My son loves it!”
Von, Co-op Member
”My son began using myON in his public school and loved it. When we decided to try an alternative to brick and mortar school, we were saddened to realize that we were not able to purchase a subscription to myON. Thankfully we found the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and thru them were able to purchase a subscription at a great rate. myOn is fun, interactive, and has an amazing library of reading material for all grades. I love the fact that it quizes students at the end of each book. My son loves that he can choose to have the book read out loud to him or read it himself. Great product. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to purchase this program outside of school.”
Marisa Thompson, Co-op Member
”My homeschool student had used in the public school and really liked it, but when I began homeschooling her she lost access to it. She was not a good reader, and still prefers e-books with someone reading to her, and her reading along, to those she has to read herself. She was SO happy to find out that she could access it again through the HSBC! She loves the variety of stories, and I love that I can pick out books to add to her reading list, and that the system keeps track of lexile level and reading activity. Great product!”
Barbara Simmons, Co-op Member
”MyON have been helping my son, improve his reading skills.My son likes the books on myON. I told my friends about myON and how good it is for kids.In general myON is very help full, specially for family who needs to improve their kids reading skills. Thank you.”
Meriyema, Co-op Member
”My kids really enjoy the graphic novels.

They love all the interesting sounds of every page.”
JW Kim, Co-op Member
”My kid like myON very much!!! It provides oceans of reading material for my kid and has greatly raised her reading ability and has expanded her view as well. Thank you very much!”
Bailey Xi, Co-op Member
”My son reads Myon s large selection of books every day. We choose books based on his Lexile score and his interest. He gets 5 questions after each book to validate reading and comprehension. Thank you Myon for developing a great product and thank you Home school Buyers Co-op for bringing your members an outstanding product.”
Phillip Cofield, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter with special needs LOVES reading on myON! The selection of books for different reading levels is wonderful and the application is very easy to use. It is much simpler than Kindle eReader to navigate. A great way to spend time and money!”
Sheila Y., Co-op Member
”My 10 & 12 dislike reading UNTIL we found MyOn!!! They like the variety of options from having it read to them to the variety of books. Lots of color and big print makes it more inviting. As a homeschool mom, I love the 5 questions at the end of the book! It does the work for me! They can read on the go on their iPads or the computer. 100 stars from our family!!!”
Bessie Woodie, Co-op Member
”With in the fist week of using myOn my daughter couldn't stop talking about everything she had learned on myOn. It turly amazed me. She continues to use it almost everyday. I highly recommend using myOn.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”It is good to find common interest between my son and myself to read and talk. My son's interest changes every day:a variety of kinds of animals, nations, history, plants, space and so on. With myOn, any material could be on hand so that my son does not lose his interest by wasting time to find material he needed.
Another good thing is that my son, grade2, could not try long pages's book, but with the help of reading voice, he is having fun time in reading (?watching) zeke series, which is making him have a capability of reading long contexts of story.”
Ted Cho, Co-op Member
”So far we have loved myon- my son is gaining a love for reading :) He loves being able to choose the story. I love that the sentence and words are highlighted as they are being read.”
KC, Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son is a struggling reader. He can read very well but because he has Dyslexia and reading is very tiring he has a huge aversion to it. Because I know he enjoys stories but just doesn't like books I searched for an online resource and found MyON at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My goal is for him to read 15 minutes a day and we are reaching that goal on most days. We really enjoy the large selection of books and that he can follow along while the book is read to him. It also gives us time together and I enjoy the books as well. The quality is amazing and whoever is reading the book is professional. The price is a bargain for what we get. The program is super easy to use. I also like the information center that shows us how much he's read and compares that time to the previous week. We tried Learning Ally for a couple of years and it didn't work well for my son and I didn't like the way you had to choose your books. (It didn't seem to work well with my Mac.) I tell all my friends about how successful this program has been for us and we will continue to subscribe.”
Theresa T., Co-op Member
”As a teacher and a new homeschooling parent of a Dyslexic son, I have been looking for programs that will assist my son in increasing his interest in reading. I purchased MyON as a resource and he absolutely LOVES it!!! He now reads without me even having to tell him to and he will continue reading for an hour or more at a time!! This is a wonderful resource for any homeschooling family!!”
Carrie S., Co-op Member
”I have a daughter who has autism and is likely dyslexic as well. Reading is SUCH a struggle for her - always has been. She's 12 years old and several years below grade level in reading. myON has helped her to enjoy reading since she doesn't have to struggle with the words. The voice which reads to her is not like the usual text-to-speech bland computer voices, but like someone would actually read to you. I have another daughter who uses myON as well, but she turns off the voice since she doesn't like it reading to her. I've already shared it on my personal Facebook account since I know other friends of mine with children who struggle this way. myON has truly been a blessing!”
Charlene D., Co-op Member
”This subscription has positively impacted my family. I have three children who are on myON. One is a reluctant reader and this service has really helped him. He told me the first time he used myON, "Mommy, I can see it in my head!" He loves being read to but I don't always have the time. He has read chapter books on football, bugs, dinosaurs, everything he's interested in. His Lexile number has grown already. It's only been a month! He comes home every day from school and asks to get on myON. I love that!

There are several reading options: they can read quietly or have it read to them. The sentence and/or the word being read can be highlighted. When they choose to have it read to them it adds an element of music and sound effects bringing the story to life even more. Some of the books are comic book-like. The selection is amazing! I am so pleased with this, I want a subscription of my own!”
M. Parnell, Co-op Member
”My children , 9 & 11, hate to read. It is like pulling teeth to read ... Until we found MyOn!!! Yippie they are enjoying reading!!! It tracks everything and gives them the quiz ! Great selection of books! With every penny!!”
Bessie W., Co-op Member
”This program is wonderful! Such a great selection of non-fiction books and stories. My 6 year old is not quite motivated to read all on her own so following along with these books has been a great benefit to her. This program is definitely worth it and we will continue to use it.”
Jen K., Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son is not a reader - never has been. myON has been a great resource for making sure he's reading, at least a little bit, every day. The book selections are awesome and he found a multitude of non-fiction books that interested him. The quizzes let me know that he's retaining information and I can tell him he has to read 30 minutes a day and myON keeps track of it. He still doesn't read for fun, but now it isn't like pulling teeth to get him to choose and finish a book.

All in all, it was a great buy!”
Denise K., Co-op Member
”myOn has helped my struggling reader find books that he is able to read in lots of different subjects, He loves to get on myOn and read, it's no longer a fight to get him to do his reading. I would highly recommend myOn to any family homeschooling or not , it's a great program,”
Kristie G, Co-op Member
”My oldest daughter fell in love with this in public school, so I was very happy to find it offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. She has a slew of diagnoses, but her Dyslexia really hinders her reading. This has been so beneficial for her. The option to have the books read to her, with her following along, has helped her tremendously. She is now almost on Grade level with reading, and her fluency has been much improved using this program. That being said, I know most kids love it, even without having special needs. I love that it has a quiz after each story and it keeps all the results. Another feature I love is that I can pick books for her to read and put them on her list, as well as her being able to pick tons of the 'fun' books. It also gives mommy a chance to help her younger sisters, as I am not having to read to her. ;-)”
HAHoward, Co-op Member
”Two of my children have Dyslexia and therefore they both find reading to be an assignment that is pure torture. However, the first day that my son tried myON he asked how long he had to do this new program for and he set the timer for that amount of time so he would know when he could be done. However, the timer sounded and he shut it off and continued to use myON for over an hour. I was excited to see this but even more thrilled when he continued to use the program longer than assigned each day. He is so excited to tell me what he has learned in the books that he is reading. He has done Learning Ally but didn't get as excited or driven to use the program because it lacks color and pictures that are inviting to a child. I couldn't be more grateful for this program being bright and inviting and helping both of my kids gain the love of reading and learning that a new adventure awaits them in each book.”
Theresia S., Co-op Member
”MyON captivates my 8 yr. old's interest. She enjoys reading with MyOn because she can choose from a large selection of books that are at her reading level. This was a great investment in my child.”
Terri A., Co-op Member
”Like the flexibility of having books and questions without having to go to the library or return to the library especially in the winter. Hope they continue to add new and more books. Would like to see them add an iPhone app they only have iPad app.”
A, Co-op Member
”I'm a home-school father of 2 kids, (14 and 11). My oldest kid didn't like to read at all. I had tried everything, starting with comic books, taking him to book stores etc etc. It was very frustrating for me as I'm a avid reader something that my youngest child has developed into. Since I started myOn subscription there has been appositive change in his reading habits, his vocabulary has increased incredibly. The test the subscription gives at the beginning helps the system offer him reading material specifically of his interests. Also the service lets me track how much time he spends reading instead of just playing games. I have refered this system to my fellow homeschool parents. Looking forward to many years of more reading from them.”
John Calder n, Co-op Member
”This is an outstanding reading program that makes reading comprehension simple and exciting for kids. In two months of using the program 2-3 times per week for 10-15 minutes each time my kindergartner increased his Lexile score a grade and a half from mid-kindergarten to early 2nd grade. The ability to read along made it easy for him to choose harder books without feeling nervous and the short 5-question tests made it quick and easy to test comprehension.

My second grader, who was loathe to do reading comprehension tests, went from 60% accuracy on the reading comprehension quizzes to 100% and no longer feels frightened about answering a few questions after reading.

I highly recommend this program to get your kids reading and fully understanding what they are reading as they go. Your child has the ability to choose books they are interested in and the quizzes are short so it doesn't feel like a burden.”
Gina Reynen, Co-op Member
”Although my 11 year old daughter is not a huge fan of reading in general, once or twice a week during her free time she will read for an hour or more on myON. I am happy to see her choose to read, and like the selection available on myON. She particularly likes the animal stories and that's all she read the first several months, but she has now branched out to other types of stories also.”
LG, Co-op Member
”I'm in fifth grade. My mom signed up for the free summer trial of myON. I'm glad she did. MyON has great books. Its easy to use. It makes reading more fun. I love myON.”
Bonnie, Co-op Member
”My son loves myon. He really enjoys all of the choices of books. I will continue to purchase this product many years to come.”
Barb K., Co-op Member
”We love myON in our house. My son is 9 years old and is always ready to read with myON. We love the read aloud feature, so that he's not limited to reading at his level. When he does read books on his own, he reads confidently and enthusiastically, and is not deterred by unfamiliar or challenging words. He even picks out books to share with his little sister. The quick quizzes at the end help to reinforce accountability for the material read, and independence in that I'm not looking over his shoulder asking questions about every book he reads. It's a user friendly service, sign-up and you're ready to go. I love that it adds to our lives without complicating it.”
Sandra, Co-op Member
”We just started using MyOn about a month ago and my daughter loves it!! I love it too! She is dyslexic so we really love the fact that MyOn will read to her, and the quizzes at the end of the book let me know that she is comprehending what is being read. It really has been great and has increased the number of books she is reading a great deal!”
Carla W., Co-op Member
”We had the opportunity to try this program this summer. MyOn is an amazing, affordable resource available to homeschoolers. It is quick and easy to get set up and going. It is effortless to monitor and modify each students' accounts. It continuously assesses each students abilities and interests and provides so many selections based on each students' responses. The selections are high quality, meaningful, and engaging. It's like having a whole library of quality books at the reading level and interest of each of your students right at your fingertips.”
Amy C., Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoyed the selection of stories. I enjoyed that she got quizzes to check her comprehension and placement exams. I liked that it included the age level and exiles also. I recommend this site.”
M. L. Garcia, Co-op Member
”Our daughter adores this program! She can easily tailor it to her reading level and her interests! With plenty of books to choice from how can one go wrong? She asks to go on it daily!”
Doreen M, Co-op Member
”My boys have learning disabilities and MyOn allows them to listen to books that interest them even though they do not have they ability to physiucally read them. MyOn Library is a great resource and saves me time and money by allowing instant access to books without a trip to the library or purchasing books.”
C, Clayton, Co-op Member
”We love myON. There are so many interesting books at our fingertips! My kids can read about the things that interest them.”
Tiffani, Co-op Member
”This product had allowed my son to read an amazing variety of books on topics that he might not have thought of. I just love it!”
Suzanne, Co-op Member
”The kids enjoy having different books to read than just what they find in our library. The youngest also likes being able to be read to.”
Jeanette N, Co-op Member
”My kids and I are very impressed with myON. All of my kids love reading. My younger learner readers especially enjoyed the read-it-to me feature with the highlighted words. It gives them a sense of independence and they can choose whichever book they would like to read. I like the feature of being able to tailor the books to your child's interests. I have told my family members about the program.If finances allow I would definitely like to continue to use the product.”
Noleen Arrendse, Co-op Member
”My son is a reluctant reader and will do just about anything but open a book. myON puts my son in charge of his own reading journey. He is able to pick books on topics that he is interested in. So, what we have done is set up a system that for every book that he reads on his own on myOn, he can then chose a book to have read to him. The other big incentive is that he gets to use the iPad which is a big in his world. This reading program has made my son look forward to reading time.”
Cherie T, Co-op Member
”I decided to take advantage of the free summer offer, thinking that really they would struggle to find engaging books... boy was I wrong. My 13 year old has been ploughing through the classics and my youngest 10 made a discovery on her own that her comprehension was greatly improved by listening to the books as she read as it forced her to slow down and loved watching her lexicon level increase. It has been brilliant. I am not sure that we will continue with it though as my kids reading level is quite high but I would highly recommend it for younger kids!”
Jenn, Co-op Member
”All three of my kids ages 10, 6, and 5 love using myON. They spend at least an hour each night reading and listening to books. As a mom that makes me so excited to see my kids excited about reading.”
Amanda D., Co-op Member
”My daughter has been a reluctant reader. She is a bit of a perfectionist and has some anxiety when reading. MyOn has made reading more fun with books at her level. There are a wide variety of interesting books with full color pictures. The feature that I like most is the read aloud button. This allows my daughter to listen to the book, turn the sound off, then read it herself. This increases her confidence while reading.”
Tonja, Co-op Member
”My son loves myON - not only has it helped him practice his reading but he's learned a lot about things he is interested in! The only downside is he's decided he wants a pet corn snake - which he learned about on myON!”
Katrina F, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old son enjoyed the read-out-loud feature and the variety of books available.”
Allison R., Co-op Member
”I love this site for my kids!! Helps find books in their interest level that they actually want to read. Also helps me know if they really understood what they read with the questions after each book.”
Sabrina, Co-op Member
”Have been searching for similar program for some time and would say this is simply amazing! I am very busy and not able to read to them everyday but I know it is important to have them read everyday as they could only gain knowledge through reading. This program has greatly improved my child reading capacity and most importantly interest in reading too.”
Emily L., Co-op Member
”I never knew of this program till my oldest came home from school and was assigned to it by his school. My 9 yr old ASD& ADHD child peeked over him and wanted in on it, so when given the chance to...I HAD to and he LOVES it! He loves that he can listen to the stories he chooses and than answer questions at the end. I've heard him laugh as he had his headphones on so he must be enjoying it! I like that he is getting some reading and comprehension and isnenjoying it. I would definitely recommend this and use it more for future use.”
A. De Jesus, Co-op Member
”We love this program! I utilize this program for my advanced reader and my dyslexic child. The books are educational and fun all at the same time! My children look not only look forward to their "assigned reading time" but log into independently throughout the day.”
C. Lovato, Co-op Member
”I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about myON. I like the feel of books in my hands. I like new books. And I like finding new books at the library. But, the price was low enough that I was willing to give it a try.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program. Our time schooling can be spent more efficiently when I don't lose 3 hours driving to the library and back each week. And the cost of the program is much less than I spent on late fees for those library books! Not to mention all of the new books I bought that were only read a couple of times.

My daughter likes being able to choose which books that she reads. The comprehension questions are just enough to make sure she understood the book without being too cumbersome. And she likes being able to see her progression on the graph.

I've already told several moms in my co-op about Homeschool Buyers Co-op and myON.And I'm planning on buying additional licenses for my younger daughters.

Thanks HSBC for making this available to us.”
Lisa H, Co-op Member
”This site has been wonderful for my daughter. Not only is she learning a great deal from the books, her reading and comprehension abilities continue to improve, and she is enjoying herself. I would highly recommend this program!”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”I love this because my grade 1 daughter loves it. She can easily choose just right books that meet her interests, so she spends more time reading than before MyOn. She also chooses above reading level books; we just turn on the word highlighting and sound and she happily reads along to stories she couldn't decode on her own. This activity in particular has helped her visual tracking and fluency when reading aloud.”
Brandi W., Co-op Member
”My children, 7 an 13, are quite happy to have this subscription and really enjoy the books, especially the nonfiction books. We have learned a lot!

The selection for younger children is very good. I would like to see a greater variety of nonfiction books for older readers, and I didn't see any fiction books for older readers that I could recommend.”
Joyce, Co-op Member
”My son does not care to read but looks forward to reading in myON. It has been a remarkable tool for getting good reading and comprehension into our curriculum. It was a great price and a great product. I wish I had this last year.”
Sheri K., Co-op Member
”I can't even express how glad I am that we found myON. My daughter is a voracious reader and I just can't keep up with her reading rate. Now, she loves to sit down with myON and read through several books. And these aren't junky books. I have seen many books in the myON library that I had in my classroom as a public school teacher. She loves it! I love how it keeps track of the books she's read, the amount of time she's spent reading, and gives her a short little comprehension quiz after every book. It is honestly one of my favorite things. I tell everyone about it.”
K. Martinez, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves doing her ON reading everyday as part of her course work. She has learned many great facts that she enjoys sharing, talks about the many stories she has read, and is having a good time. A great example of what learning should be like for all children, fun, educational, and informative.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”My 6 years old son loves MyON. He can spend hours reading books by himself and going through the quiz at the end.”
Ana Willis, Co-op Member
”While my daughter tests about a year above grade level in comprehension she does not have the deep love of reading that I have always enjoyed. Finding books that attract and hold her attention is a challenge. The myON program has been a huge help! They offer a huge selection of books and she has no problem finding something she enjoys. It turns out she loves fact based books based in science. It offers those to her in a format that does not make her feel like she is choosing "boy" books.”
Liz P., Co-op Member
”We live in a very remote area and it is not easy to get access to books! No libraries or bookshops for miles... so when I presented my 5 year old with Myon she was so happy! We have used it for a month now. She loves how we can read several books about the same subject. I can check what she has read and what her interests. She is learning to read so it is nice that "someone" else can read as well. She reads at least double the books she used to. it is truly a hit in our house and is used every day.”
Julie Ma, Co-op Member
”My son is in 5th grade and LOVES that all the books have high quality audio that he can read along with! He is an auditory learner and can't get enough of myON.”
Christy Schmidt, Co-op Member
”First off let me say that my kids actually LIKED reading using the myON program. My 8yr old son, who typically moans when I bring up reading, would actually ask to sign onto his myON account. My 10yr old would read using myON, but was less enthusiastic. That being said, I feel it is only right to say that once our free subscription ended, I chose not to pay to continue using the myON program.

First, Let me say that the books were interesting with tons of extras that kept my boys engaged. The LOVED having the freedom to choose their own books. They liked the artwork and the fact that the words were stretched out or thickened or put into different colors as they read, which kept them more engaged. For instance, if the book was talking about a red brick the words might be in red, or if someone was scared the words themselves would reflect this state and would be more jagged. For my boys this made the experience more interesting then just a bunch of words on a page, in nice straight lines, that they are certain are just put their to bore them to death. As a parent it was also nice that I could see how much time the boys were spending on their accounts, what they were reading, and how they did on the questions after they read a book.

So why did we choose not to continue on with myON? It was simple. For my 8yr old the fact that he was reading, and also enjoying reading, would have been enough. The real problem lay with my 10yr old son. The books that the myON program gave him after testing, which were at level for him, were really short! The books were short, written with small easy to read words, and posed no real challenge. I just couldn't see how using myON would improve their reading ability or lengthen the time they are able to sit down and read.

If you have a struggling reader, then myON might be for you! If you have children who are reading at level, or at an advanced level, you might find myON to be too easy. Either way, by all means take advantage of the free trial.”
Tiffany B., Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely love myON, especially the voice actors who read the books. The books are really entertaining, and there are a lot of educational books on space, different cultures, learning disabilities, science, math and more. All three of them (ages 11, 7 & 6) LOVE the Mighty, Mighty Monsters series. My six year old boy loves the Buzz Beaker series, and my 11 year old daughter really enjoys the Princess Candy Series. My 7 year old basically loves to read anything myON.

I let them choose whatever story they want, and have them listen to the story being read to them while they read along. Then I have them read it twice by themselves, and take the question comprehension quiz at the end.

I just love myON. There's a limitless amount of great books available at any time, and the kids ASK to get on after school. You can't beat that!”
Tiffani W., Co-op Member
”My children have enjoyed listening to the stories and taking the short quizzes at the end and keep asking for more. There are quite a few good quality non-fiction books for older and younger children. In fact, the whole family has enjoyed listening and learning together.

For younger children, there are also quite a few fiction stories that my younger child enjoyed.
On the downside, I was very saddened to see the large quantity of upper level fiction stories/science fiction to which I would never want to expose my children.”
Jo, Co-op Member