Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
What are the technical requirements for myON Reader?

  • Minimum recommended Internet download speeds of 768 kbps or more (4 mbps download preferred using DSL or Cable). (Test your download speed now.)
  • On PC or Mac, a web browser with JavaScript enabled, including Chrome (preferred), IE 7.0 (or higher), Firefox 10.0.X (or higher), Safari 5.0 (or higher).
  • 1024x768 minimum screen resolution
  • Flash Player 10 (or higher)
  • You can view the detailed technical requirements in PDF format here.

How many titles and which publishers are included in myON?

The Co-op license for myON comes loaded with 4,000 Capstone books with enhanced audio. The specific publishers are:

  • Capstone Press specializes in accessible nonfiction for all ages;
  • Compass Point is smart non-fiction for middle schoolers;
  • Stone Arch Books is inspiring reading with safe but relevant contemporary fiction;
  • Picture Window Books delight imaginations with illustrated fictions and non-fiction;
  • Heinemann-Raintree excels at curriculum-driven non-fiction titles.
Click here to review the complete Capstone booklist.

Note: The publishers that are listed in the myON Content area "Add More Titles to myON" are not included in our school license.

How can I use myON on a mobile device?

myON is available for offline reading using free apps (iPad, Android, Kindle Fire HD, and Google Chrome) but you need to first obtain a subscription to myON. Your child can download up to 20 books at a time for an offline reading experience wherever they may be. Click here for the complete list and links to various app stores.

I see a Teacher's List icon in the product when we sign in. Can we use that feature?

With the homeschool license that has been set up to support our members, we are not able to make use of the Teacher List as this is reserved for a classroom setting.

How is the Recommended Reading List generated?

The Recommended Reading List is generated based on the initial interest inventory that your child completes upon logging in as well as their Lexile reading level. You can change what is included in this list by updating the interest inventory by going into the "Account" tab in the upper right hand corner and clicking on the "Reading Interests" section of "Your Profile".

For example, perhaps you want to use myON for Social Studies, Language Arts and Math Fun but not Science, then you can select "No Interest" for Science. You can also select between "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction" as part of "My Interests" as well as topics like "Hobbies & How to", "Sports & Vehicles", "About Me", and more. You also have the option to show Spanish and Bilingual books, too.

If you want to specifically select the books that your child should read to better fit your lesson plans, you can review the "Recommended" Reading List and add specific books to your childs "My List" tab. The child can then use his or her "My List" (and not the "Recommended" Reading List) from which to select their books if that works better for you and your child.

How can I set up a specific list of books that I would like my child to read?

You can create a reading list for your child by adding books to your childs "My List" tab. If you want to know the Lexile® of the book to determine if it is your childs range, you can look at the Info tab when you click on the book. Then, simply click the button that says "Add to my list". You can add and remove books from the list at any time. You can also use the Advanced search functionality to find books at your childs Lexile range and select from there.

You can also use the "Recommended" Reading List as a starting point to add to your childs "My List" tab. (The "Recommended" Reading List is described above.)

Can I change my child’s Lexile® ranking?

Students in grades 2-12 receive the initial Lexile Placement Exam. Students in grades PK-1 are placed at a beginning reading level.

However, all students receive additional benchmark tests after reading 5 books or 3 hours spent reading, and after a 2-week time span.

Once your child has completed the initial Lexile® reading assessment, you will not be able to change it. As your child continues to read on myON, the additional benchmark tests presented will measure and even predict reading growth. When your childs interests and /or Lexile® reading level changes, the list of Recommended books is automatically updated to reflect those changes, too.

Why aren't the benchmark tests being displayed as described?

The benchmark tests in myON will show up after every 5 books read or 3 hours spent reading within a two-week window. You will want to make sure that your child is pressing the "End" button displayed on the last page after reading each book as this allows myON to keep a record of number of books read.

If your child is pressing the "End" button but you are using the offline reading apps to read on mobile devices such as iPad, Android, Kindle Fire HD, or Google Chrome, you will need to sign into once you are connected back to an Internet connection in order for your student to take the benchmark test. Once your mobile device is connected to an Internet connection, your student's reading activity from the offline reading app will automatically be updated in his or her account.

If you are still not seeing the benchmark tests after following the steps above, you can submit the description of what you are experiencing at our Contact Us page. Please describe what you are experiencing so we can better respond to your message.

How do I turn off the natural audio?

A mute button will appear in the bookplayer options once you are past the title page of the book (look in the controls on the right for the button with a person's face and "Shh"). If the mute button is activated, the book audio (and the word and sentence highlighting) will stay off for the remainder of the book until the mute button is "unmuted" or a different book is selected.

This option should be available in any web browser. There are a select number of books in myON that do not have audio and so would not have this option available but most books in myON do have audio.

You also have individual controls to turn off the word or sentence highlighting if the audio is not muted.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.