Testimonials for MY Access!

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add MY Access! writing instruction to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used MY Access! and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I am amazed by the success of this program with my 3 kids. I homeschool a 15 yr old and two 14 yr olds and it is a great timesaver for reviewing their many writing assignments. In addition to the ease of setup and use, the program encourages my 3 kids to the point that they have become almost addicted to writing...I now have to make them stop. They love the ease of use and the instant feedback from their scores. They appreciate the way My Access recommends changes & improvements to their writing assignments. I especially like the way I can set up assignments in addition to what is offered in My Access; we have used that function for writing projects and term papers. We will definitely be renewing our subscription...my kids wouldn't have it any other way! Keep up the great work with this program.”
Diane Willett, Co-op Member
”MyAccess has been a great tool in our writing curriculum. My 8 year old daughter loves the "editor" and I love the tips and guided skills along the way. It makes my job easier and gives my daughter a little more independence in her writing. I highly reccomend this program for struggling, advanced or on track writers. Simple and easy.”
Nina C., Co-op Member
”My son enjoys the activities and I am seeing an appreciable improvement in his writing skills. Money well spent.”
Darlene Silver, Co-op Member
”Just letting you know that My Access Writing has encouraged and improved my son's writing skills immensely. He struggles with disgraphia and being able to type instead of write is great. I also like that there is no "mommy grade". So I can not influence the scores. Drew has enjoyed being able to share his stories with his grandfather too. We have discoved that my son has a very comical voice. I recomend this program to anyone that is looking to improve and focus their childs writing. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for helping us find great deals on great teaching aids.”
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
”MY Access! Home Edition really helped me tie my whole curriculum together. By adding my own writing assignments based on what I was teaching in other areas, my students were able to better understand each lesson, work on their writing skills, and have fun all at once. MY Access! Home Edition truly improved my students' writing and my ability to teach.”
Debbie, Christian Academy Teacher
”We love MY Access! - it takes the stress out of "Mom" correcting their creative writing. Plus some of the topics can be incorporated into other subjects like history, readers & science.”
Anonymous, Homeschool Parent
”My son likes the bar graphs that break out his strengths and weaknesses. It gives him a clear idea of what is acceptable and what exceeds the standard. MY Access! is a good, consistent training tool helping him meet and exceed benchmarks and standards in the subject he considers the most challenging. Another plus...I am frustration FREE while he is learning!
Mari, Homeschool Parent
”It is so easy for children to overlook errors in their writing but, with the MY Access! Home program they can see what they are doing wrong and go back and correct their errors and understand what they did wrong. I think it is the greatest tool to help the kids with their writing and some of the best money I have spent to help further their education. It is a big help to me because, I am a grandmother raising two little girls and it has been over 45 years since I was in school and there is a lot more expected from the children than I ever dreamed of learning. MY Access! Home is like having the teacher right here in my home.”
Betty, Homeschooling Grandparent
”I was fortunate to buy this curriculum last year. While I can teach math, writing was more difficult. There are many features but the two most relevant is the ability of the software to evaluate the essay and make recommendations. The other is a "writer's model essay" for each topic and rubric. This allows the child to see how they can improve their own essay. I will renew my subscription again if possible. If Co-op members are not subscribing to this, they're missing out on a great writing program.”
Roy C., Co-op Member