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”I have used a similar program while working as an art docent at a local school. I purchased Meet The Masters to provide an art history and hands-on art program for my children at home. I love that we have a guided lesson which allows us to learn about the individual artist and many examples of his or her most famous or important works. The program shares information about the artist's life and influence, and discusses the art style used by the artist. Very informative. I also really like the hands-on art projects that go with each artist chapter. Everything from types of lines, how to draw a face, perspective, distance, light, etc. I also like that with each hands-on art project different mediums are used to give the student some experience using oil paint, water colors, acrylic paint, oil pastels, charcoal, pencils, etc., in addition to using different types of paper. This is an all around great product that may be used by students of all ages, including adults. My kids enjoy the stories and hands-on projects. I would highly recommend Meet The Masters for your art class.”
Patty S., Co-op Member
”This is a phenomenal program! Our kids recognize references to famous art/artists all around them now, in books or public spaces. Easily adapted for a range of ages, and everyone feels accomplished. You do not need a background in art to teach or appreciate this program.”
Carah T., Co-op Member
”Our family absolutely loved Meet the Masters. My kids are enthusiastic about discovering the meaning behind famous paintings and eager to learn the artists' different techniques. Even the kids who are still too young for the drawing hands-on activity enjoy the lessons about the artists life and style. I am very satisfied with this product, as I see that the kids are learning a lot while having fun. I will definitely continue to use Meet the Masters in the future.”
Giulia, Co-op Member
”Meet the Masters made it possible to have joyful learning in art. The way it is prepared is so convenient, easy and fun to teach. My daughter gets excited every time she learns a new artist and now she is passionate to try painting the way the artists paint. It engages the child easily. So far it is the best art curriculum I've tried.”
Betul, Co-op Member
”I was so excited to find this curriculum for homeschoolers. Growing up and going to a private school we did a Meet the Masters program for art at school. I wanted a way to incorporate this into my children's day to day art learning. It has been great and definitely a walk down memory lane.”
Heather, Co-op Member
”My daughter really enjoyed the Meet the Masters program. It was exciting for me to hear her using the terms from a lesson to describe the world around her.”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”I tried the summer free trial and loved it! It's way more than just art, it's art history. More importantly, my kids really enjoyed every lesson.”
Caty, Co-op Member
”This program is put together in a very thoughtful way. It includes teaching many techniques step by step. I love that my child will have many works of art of his own to display. It has been helpful in getting him to use his hands more, which is something that's very hard for him.”
Esther, Co-op Member
”We loved Meet the Masters. The lessons are great clear, easy to follow and interesting. I loved the age division option, it allowed me to teach the same lesson to my 7 year old and my 10 year old.”
Mary Francis, Co-op Member
”We tried this out over the summer and we LOVE it. Makes teaching art enjoyable for Mom and the kids!!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I was apprehensive to try an art program that I had to teach at home, as I struggle to draw stick men! BUT my dear didn't want to "go out" for an art class, so I decided to give it a go. We both LOVE the program. It is easy to teach (completely scripted) for anyone like me without any knowledge at all. The projects are such fun, using a variety of media and techniques. It has truly become our favorite class (I love it too!).”
J. Holmwood, Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic program for anyone who wants to learn fine art techniques. We have multiple age levels (ages 4-10) learning on the same program (10-adult); they all love to watch the slide show and learn about the artist. I am amazed at how much even the littlest ones have picked up! Great exposure to the work of famous artists, and a chance to copy the Masters is definitely worth it!”
Carah T., Co-op Member
”So far I am loving this curriculum! My kids are at varied ages to we went with the Ages 8-9.

It is very easy to use and fun. They have done a wonderful job laying out what and how to teach. I have even enjoyed doing art, which I haven't had time for for years. Kids enjoy it and are able to follow it. It's difference than what I did last year, but they're catching on.

We'll see how the rest of the year goes, but I anticipate more of the same.”
M. Asento, Co-op Member
”My school-aged children love the Meet-the-Masters lessons and art projects. They are engaged and excited during the lesson portion and the art they create is beautiful!”
Julie, Co-op Member
”Fantastic curriculum.
I have a degree in Art History and have struggled for years to incorporate art and art history into our schooling. Each time I attempted my children were bored and uninterested...until I tried Meet the Masters.
Meet the Masters is a great curriculum that engages the student! The lessons have an art history lesson which is immediately followed with an art project. It is also incredibly easy to add a few extra facts in if you want. This curriculum is so wonderful that I now teach a weekly homeschool co-op class of 26 students between the ages 6-12. The parents have come to me telling me how much their child loves the lessons and the projects!
Don't hesitate with Meet the Masters. It's worth every penny.”
Morgan, Co-op Member
”My children ages 9,10, and 12 enjoyed the free preview lessons that were offered. We enjoyed the projects or activities and information about each artist. Unfortunately, we were not financially in a place to purchase the whole curriculum.”
L. Wagner, Co-op Member
”My son is 13 We really like this art curriculum We have tried several over the years and we both tend to lose interest in them after a few lessons Meet the Masters is different It has a variety of activities in each lesson and that hold our attention My son loves the accompanying musical selections A little historical background personal history of the artist interactive questions for discussion embedded in the lesson a short quiz explanations of artistic techniques exercises to practice the techniques in isolation and then a project at the end for each artist lesson that pulls it all together Every two to three weeks we go to the art museum and look at the artists we ve studied or another artist from the same time period or of the same style or who used similar techniques Great curriculum”
L. S. Deuel, Co-op Member
”Wonderful program.”
R, Clark,
”My kids love this art program and I love how easy it is to teach. They give you the dialogue for teaching the class and all the projects can be created with basic art supplies, which you probably have at home. I highly recommend this program!”
R. Jones, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this program. Have a 7 year old and 10 year old. I was able to teach the lesson to both, then download teaching tools at different levels. This was easy and fun. My kids have loved it. I have tried other art products that have left us all feeling frustrated. I absolutely love this program and have shared my experience with other mothers1”
Nicole, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed Meet the Masters very much. I appreciate how well laid out the lessons are. My children are 5 and 7, so we used the youngest of the three lesson plans for each artist. The lessons were engaging and informative. We enjoyed these lesson so much that we decided to focus only on Fine Arts for the Summer. My 5 year old son has continued making different versions of Starry Starry Night almost every time he sits down with paper and various mediums. Thank you very much for a great introduction to Fine Arts and Artists.”
Laura Mordaunt, co-op member
”I really like this program. I have a budding artist on my hands, but she needed direction and structure. This program gives her the background on the artist, which is what I desire her to have, and the hands on activities to reinforce her learning, which is what she likes. It is a win-win! Seriously considering purchasing for the new year.”
Belinda, Co-op Member
”LOVE this program! The presentation of Van Gogh was well done integrating song lyrics with his different paintings. The lessons on using texture was thoughtful and fun. My kids, ages 7 and 10, have a strong understanding of Van Gogh and his sad life. Now I want to take them to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam! We're looking forward to completing the entire A Series. I would definitely pay for this program.”
Mom of 2, Co-op Member
”My children are loving this program! I love it as well because I am learning with them and the lessons are interesting and so easy to carry out. Each lesson also has a supply list which makes it easy to plan ahead for any needed supplies.”
K.Arnold, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent program. My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am considering continuing it through the school year.”
L. Love, Co-op Member
”Over the summer we had the opportunity to learn about a few of the Greatest Artists who ever lived though the Meet the Master's program. I enjoyed the short, concise lesson that I could target to both my PreK art interested daughter and my 3rd grade hates art son. My son actually enjoyed learning about the elements of art while my daughter had fun doing the art.”
Robyn W., Co-op Member
”We love, love, love, the Meet the Masters program. We have tried different ways to approach our art education (I am a classically trained artist), and my son always comes back to this program. From the bio about the artist with interesting facts suitable for kids (mine is now a teenager); to the hands on practice of specific traits developed by the artist; to making of a final product in the method of the artist has been a great way to introduce my child to art history and making. I do not hesitate in recommending this program.”
LisaN, Co-op Member
”Meet the Masters is a wonderful art curriculum to follow. We have used it as homeschoolers for years and my son looks forward to seeing the artwork as I read the lesson. The practice is easy and enjoyable and the activity is always well laid out and the directions clear. We have used the elementary age lessons and now we are using the 10 and up lessons. I would highly recommend them for your homeschool art program!”
Cindy Baublitz, Home Educator
”We just began Meet the Masters this year. My 9 yr old, initially reluctant, immediately fell in love. Learning about Vincent Van Gogh's life elicited so many emotions in her: empathy, compassion, and tremendous respect and appreciation of his work. Together we completed the Starry Night project, and she remained excited from start to finish. When her project was complete, she wanted it laminated immediately saying, "I'm really proud of this one, grammy! I want this one to go right in front of the refrigerator for a long time before we hang it on the wall. I don't want anyone to miss it!". She's now very excited to go to the Philadelphia Art Museum to see Van Gogh's work. I've planned the trip for November so we'll have the chance to complete Mary Cassatt and Picasso before venturing out. The curriculum lasts a full 3 years and I'm certain I'll use this program exclusively to squeeze everything I can out of it. I was also able to find the art kit at another sight which came with every single item you'll need to complete every project for the full 3 years.What a relief to not have a shopping trip to fulfill every time I need to begin a project :-) .

I wouldn't have known about this wonderful program much less been able to afford it had it not been for the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op who deserves a huge shout out. I've purchased the bulk of my curriculum there, all at huge savings.

I HIGHLY recommend Meet the Masters an the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op!”
L. Smith, Co-op Member
”Very Thorough program! We have used it before (A level) and loved it. It is super easy to use and gives you all the information and help you need. My daughter enjoys doing it.”
Jennifer S, Co-op Member
”Overall we like this program. It's a great combination of some history, feeling a connection to the artist, learning about artistic techniques and actual art projects. I know nothing about art and I can teach this program! I do recommend it.

But there is one thing to know about this to manage your expectations:

The pdf teacher instructions are in need of an update. Some of this program is cut and paste from a classroom program and there is some duplication, mis-information (the materials list can be incorrect and you wouldn't know this unless you went through the instructions beforehand and saw what those missing items were) and instructions could be improved on to be clearer. I have submitted updates for EVERY artist we have worked on to the company.

If you purchase this program, just be prepared to go through it in advance so you're not hit with unfortunate surprises and having to stop and start, stop and start to get organized in front of your kids...which can put the kids off right then and there.”
G. Thomas, Co-op Member
”I truly enjoy the program. My family uses the older level, 10-adult. My children range from 4 years to 13 years. It is not hard for the younger ones AT ALL.

I highly recommend this for home school groups, Co-ops, and of course, a single family. My children were not too thrilled at first but have found it to be engaging and enjoyable to follow. They have extended the art projects by creating their own piece using the style studied. We will continue to use it and probably review some of their favorite ones later since we have access to the program for an extended period.

I've recommended it to several parents in our association. I've even had two families come over to see us use the program in our home.”
Praying Panthers, Co-op Member
”I have used Meet the Masters in a co-op setting for over two years. Generally it is laid out well but I have found that for the Level 3 artists that I have had to re-think the art project because it either doesn't correlate to the art style being highlighted or is too elementary. Overall, I really like MTM and find it a good stepping off point to teach both Art History and art techniques.”
A. Awrey, Co-op Member
”This program is a nice introduction to some of the great artists. My child (7) likes to linger a bit on each step and this program lets him do just that. We've incorporated museum websites, cards and books on each artist when available. He loves doing the projects. This is an easy, well laid out path for success with art.”
Karen G., Co-op Member
”Easy to follow program that can be spread out over several days or weeks. I'm a crafty arts person, not an art history person and the lessons are fun for me to do with my sons.”
N. Tschacher, Co-op Member
”This is a fun curriculum. My kids 5, 7, and 9) love this (even my oldest who really is reluctant with art). They have started blossoming and talking about artist and what they prefer in art outside of "class time". This is a hands on, interactive learning experience with artists and art that they really enjoy! I wish they had this available for music and other forms of art, because we would subscribe to that as well :)”
Heidi C, Co-op Member
”3 years ago we embarked on a wonderful journey to "Meet the Masters". And that we did! My children couldn't wait for art time. They talked about Starry Night for weeks! Thank you for this program and its ease. I am looking forward to this new year with our new Artists on our list.”
Ateba C., Co-op Member
”I have been using Meet the Masters on and off for years. I love the format. First you learn about the artist then you learn a technique the same artist used and then you make your artist inspired piece of art. It's so flexible for all ages and it is designed so that you don't need to know anything about art. It's a great value. I have had many other art programs but this is the one I actually use.”
Ada H, Co-op Member
”We've now had a chance to go through 3 different artists with Meet the Masters and my daughter and I are thoroughly enjoying it.

She loves art but I know very little about it. An artist friend suggested I simply encourage her to copy great art, much like the concept of copying great literature. Well, she is 10 and Meet the Masters is working great for her. I put her in the highest level for 10 and above. We've done Van Gogh, Cassatt and last night it was Piet Mondrian.

I am finally learning about great artists myself! We do all the exercises together and then do the big final project on that artist. We are both learning so much. I see her trying some of the techniques now in her own drawings, too.

We bought the entire 3 year program and I am glad we did. This is a fantastic way to work with art. We love the days when we spend some time with the Masters.

Great purchase.”
W. MacNeill, Co-op Member
”Meet The Masters is a program that is quick and easy to use. We have enjoyed learning about various artists and then doing the hands-on projects. This program is great because we are learning 'art' without paying for expensive art classes. I love that we can do this at our kitchen table at anytime. I have been telling home schoolers and non-home schoolers all about it.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”We love Meet the Masters. The art projects are easy to set up and use. My 6 year old has seen works from the artists we've studied and recognizes the artist.”
Tracy H., Co-op Member
”This is our 2nd year of using this program. I really like it. It teaches kids some art history and then they get to create their own piece in a way that I may not have presented it. It also takes the guess work out of it for me with the printable script and read along format. I cannot imagine using another art program.”
Keri, Co-op Member
”We've been using Meet the Masters for over a year now and are thrilled with the program. I am NOT an art person and have ZERO art education so I really needed something I can teach without doing my own research. Not much prep time needed (just review the info beforehand and set up the art area before we start). We do this as a co-op with one other family with a range of ages (7 years to 11 years). It's been a huge blessing to our families. So glad we found Meet the Masters.”
Lena U, Co-op Member
”I have always felt that art appreciation was an important thing in life and I hoped desperately that Meet the Masters would be a great fit for our homeschool. We chose to work with the Level 2 program with our boys ages 7, 9, and 14. They all LOVE the program! Even my 7yr old ADHD son sat and watched the video about Van Gogh on Day 1 AND was later able to recall details about what he learned. This is the most amazing program and I highly recommend it to everyone. You don't have to be "artsy" or have any knowledge of the masters to use this program. It's fun and easy and is one of the best things I have purchased from homeschoolbuyersco-op.”
Tiffany B., Co-op Member
”We are enjoying the Meet the Masters program immensely.”
Paula, Co-op Member
”We just started using Meet the Masters this year and I have been happy with it. I have a 6th grader and 2 high schoolers using the program. It is appropriate for both ages. I think the description and background or the artists and their works is just enough. Enough facts to teach them (and me!) about the artist but not to much that it bores them. I will be able to add a couple reports or something for my high school students and use this class as art appreciation for their fine arts credit.

The activities are appropriate for many levels and so far materials have been basic items.

I also appreciate the customer service I received from Meet the Masters and Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I forgot my password when I first got the program and both places were diligent in helping me get that taken care of. I also had a question about the curriculum recently and M the M responded quickly to my email question.”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”We have used this program for 1.5 years and are only halfway through the program. The kids and I have enjoyed it immensely, especially with its varieties of art techniques and resulting masterpieces. I have also enjoyed the relatively low supply cost required to complete each unit. The directions are clear and easy to follow with great scripting that makes it easy on me the teacher!”
Nicole M., Co-op Member
”Not being a naturally "artsy" Mom, I was thrilled to find "Meet the Masters". I have enjoyed doing the projects with my two children(14 and 11). They enjoy displaying their weekly work until time for the next project. I knew I had hit the jackpot when walking through a craft store, my youngest pointed to a print and said, "Mom, that's a Mondrian!" That's art appreciation-thank you "Meet the Masters!"”
Nicole M., Co-op Member
”We are using this together as a family. My 13 year old son, my 86 year old mom and myself. We are really enjoying it. We are love learning about the artists lives, their techniques and then practicing on our own. FUN and educational in one package. I always love that! The only thing I would change is if they would read the information to you as they show the slide show. I don't mind doing the reading, but sometimes it gets a little long with my Mom's hearing being so bad that I have to speak VERY LOUD. It would be great to put headphones on her and let it play on its own. :)”
Becky Anderson, Co-op Member
”This is our second year using Meet the Masters for our Art/Art History classes. We really enjoy this unique program. First, it gives you an art history lesson on a famous artist, then you learn special techniques and terms related to that artist, and finally, you create an art project based on the techniques you learned. All of the instructions are laid out for you. Our family usually does the lesson and technique one class day and the art activity the next class day. I enjoy doing the projects with my children. We have purchased 4 modules so far and we plan to do them all!”
Michelle A., Co-op Member
”We have been using Meet the Masters for a couple of years and I've enjoyed all the art work that my children have created. We actually have a whole wall covered! It is amazing how much information is right there on their website. I love the added audio component. We haven't tried any other program. I actually quit looking after finding MTM. I plan on using MTM as long as new tracks are created. (We are on track E). Anytime someone is looking for a home art program, I recommend MTM. We usually do art once a week. Week1, we do just the Internet lesson. Week2, we work on the art project sometimes taking an additional week to finish.”
Nicole N., Co-op Member
”I have been wanting to try this out with my kids for ages. When I saw it on sale I couldn't wait to get it. My kids are 6 and 8 and they love it. We just finished learning about Picasso and now we'll take a trip to the museum to see his paintings up close. The worksheet activities and projects from the same level were enjoyable for both my kids. We have all learned so much about techniques and history of the artists.

My kids both attend school but they are not learning about artists and how to create art inspired by these artists. This is a great family activity that benefits everyone. This program is absolutely worth it. It is complete, easy to implement, doable for the kids, and most of all fun.”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”What I like most about Meet-The-Masters art program is that it offers art history and background information on each artist along with the art lesson. What my 10 yr old son appreciates most is that he has fun! Each lesson is unique, with explicit instructions, and my son learns art techniques and creates real art that he is pleased with. We both like the clearly presentable online instruction, because my son can complete lessons independently.”
Grace M., Co-op Member
”I had no interest in art while I was in school as a student. Meet the Masters has acquainted my family and me with the works of the Masters in a way that we can appreciate them. I have visited museums in Europe and actually known whose work I was viewing before reading the plaques describing the work. Beyond that, the techniques and mediums have been a lot of fun to use. I will continue to use this curriculum.”
CStrom, Co-op Member
”I am currently using MTM Module A for my two children ages 6 and 8. Despite the MTM guidelines for age, after watching the sample modules online, I thought the level of detail in the Intermediate level presentations was a little much to keep their attention. I chose the module for ages 5-7. They enjoy it very much, I love the printable worksheets to practice techniques, and they are proud of their work. It's been very easy for me to implement compared to my previous program. I have recommended it to my friends.”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
”I am very impressed with Meet the Masters. The instruction about the various artists is interesting, engaging, and memorable for children. The art lessons and projects are fun and doable in a home setting. The directions for the parent are simple and straight forward. I am glad I bought this program, and I have been recommending it to my friends!”
RM, Co-op Member
”I know nothing about art, and this program, even the 5-7 age level, lets me learn right along with my kids. We are all picking up so much. The new techniques it teaches aren't particularly hard, but they let us explore different media that we might not otherwise. We like this program very much!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We just started using MTM and I am amazed at how easy it is to use. The kids were engaged in all parts of the lesson and retained much of what they learned. They were able to tell dad all about it when he got home.”
Kim L., Co-op Member
”We are alternative schoolers. Meet The Masters fits beautifully into our Charlotte Mason approach to schooling. A very helpful and well built curriculum! My children and I are really enjoying the information and absolutely love the format, the reason I even bought the program. I especially love seeing that it is being used in some public schools...hoping more schools will follow suit...all students should have the privilege to study all subjects this way!”
Mamabergy, Georgia, Co-op Member
”We love this product! It is very do-able for non artists and we have fantastic results. I purchased it a few years ago and never implemented it since our time was always taken up by core subjects. This past year, I decided to declare Fridays as project days to get some of those electives on our schedule that I never seem to have time for. We do one artist a week and it has been fabulous. My kids range from 5-13 and all enjoy the program. Even mom has to partcipate in creating her own project! Rather than teach 2 or 3 different levels, I bought the package for the middle age and use it for all the kids. I have recommended this program to all of my friends that were looking for an art curriculum. I recently purchased my 2nd, 3 year membership and am looking forward to purchasing the new artist tracks as well.”
Cindy G., Co-op Member
”This is exactly the way I want to teach art through the eyes of the artist. It simplifies and combines art appreciation and art. Thanks.”
Ada H, Co-op Member
”Great program! My twins love it and are 'bragging' to their friends who go to a private school how interesting the progarm is, and how much it offers!”
Chris Najjar, Co-op Member
”As an artist, I am always looking for fun interesting ways to add art to our home school line up but from another perspective than my own.

Meet the Masters gives a wonderful well rounded presentation of art history as well as techniques instead of just object-oriented drawing or painting. I love that it focuses on technique and textures instead of trying to capture THINGS. My daughter loves this course and it is easy to use together with me too.

Meet the Masters is internet dependent so you have to have dependable internet speeds. We got a three ring binder and print out all of the sheets ahead of time per chapter and have a folder for putting portfolios in as well. We already had a good supply of the art materials needed for the course, and it is great to make use of them!

This is one of the best art courses I have ever used and I have been homeschooling for well over 20 years.

If you are not artistic, it does not matter- this course is designed to reach a wide audience and make you feel like you have accomplished a lot no matter what your previous experience! Our daughter can not wait to do art every week. And to be honest, neither can I!”
CapriG, Co-op Member
”We have completed the Introduction and First lesson of Track A for Ages 10-Adult. My son and I LOVE this program. This program is easy to "teach" and I'm learning about the Master's and Art Technique right alongside my son.”
Jenny F., Co-op Member
”My two teens couldn't wait to show off their first project to their grandparents who were very impressed.”
Teresa, Co-op Member
”I like the fact that the presentations of each artist require no prior preparation. To do the art activities does need planning to get the materials, but the instructions are clear and there is a list of supplies needed.”
D. Sanderson, Co-op Member
”As a homeschooler, I was afraid that my daughter wouldn't be getting the correct type of art lessons (more arts and crafts than learning about art techniques), but Meet the Masters has helped me see she can get the "right" kind of lessons at home from me.

My daughter LOVES this program and it really teaches her about the artist and the artists technique. I had taken her to art lessons at a near by studio, and honestly, this curriculum is better!

It has actually been fun for me too, since I'm learning right along with her. I can't recommend it enough!!!”
Julie T., Co-op Member
”I was more than pleasantly surprised with Meet the Masters. It's a high quality product, with up-to-date information, and is easy to use. My daughter has already implemented techniques from what she's learned from this program and identifies artists better than before. This program is very structured, thorough and detailed, but can be easily adjusted according to the personality of your student. I have and will continue to recommend Meet the Masters!”
Natilie Moore, Co-op Member
”I have found Meet-the-Masters easy to follow and implement and have been impressed with the quality of instruction. My family looks forward to learning different aspects of each studied artists' life, technique, and style.”
Julie Lutz, Co-op Member
”I am using MTM for ages 10+ with my children who are 7, 10 and 11. I use the curriculum weekly for fine arts. I like that we gain knowledge and also have some hands-on reinforcement. We started with Vincent VanGogh and my kids really like the curriculum so far. We are looking forward to learning about the other artists.”
Diana S., Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful program that my 6th grader, 12th grader and myself are enjoying. I highly recommend it!”
Christel M., Co-op Member
”I like that this program has a written script (you print) to go along with their visuals. The art projects are clearly explained and we can't wait to work through the rest of the program. My seven year old son is enjoying his art program.”
M. McKerley, Co-op Member
”So, I love it and so do my three boys. Everyday, since we started school this month, they ask if they can do it every day. We all were so emotionally caught up in the life of Van Gogh, and had a great discussion on women rights with Mary Cassat. Today, we worked on our pastel drawing of "Starry, Starry Night". My boys, ages 6, 10, and 12, and myself thoroughly enjoyed creating such different drawings. The directions were clear and easy to follow. As a parent, and an art teacher (yes, I'm also a teacher of art!), I think this program is wonderful.”
Melynda Schudrich, Co-op Member
”Meet-The-Masters is an enjoyable art experience. I am impressed with all the pictures we get to study and the easy directions to follow in order to create our own masterpiece. This program requires some minimal preparation.”
Pama, Co-op Member
”We've done only Lesson 1 so far, but the program seems engaging and informative. We are supplementing the lessons with some other materials we have on hand to enhance the study of each artist. Doing this also makes for less time in front the computer and more time sitting on the sofa poring through books.
The materials needed are very basic, almost surely to be found already on most homeschooling shelves.
Although I consider myself artistic and with plenty of materials lying about, we never seemed to get to any real "art class," so Meet the Masters gave me something concrete to work with.
I have told several families about the program and highly recommend it. Anyone can do it!”
Denice B., Co-op Member
”Meet the Masters has been a wonderful addition to our homeschooling.

Each lessons starts with an Online slide show presentation of the featured artist, where we learn about the artist's place in history, their art and their life. My four children sit around the computer screen to listen and watch, while I read aloud from the accompaning notes.

The second half of the lesson is a hands on art time--using art supplies found at the local store. Using inspiration from the artist's style, we create our own masterpieces! The instructions are easy to follow, and adapt to all age groups.

I would recommend this art curriculum for any homelearning family who wants to learn about Great Artists in a fun and easy way.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed the content variety and the way that the product is divided into age appropriate segments. We have a son with autism that can enjoy it at his exact level or interest. That was valuable for me.

The video/slide show portion was nice to put on a laptop in the center of the table and view like a presentation from an actual art teacher.

We liked to print out the pages ahead of time to coinside with the lectures. Thank for securing our family a discount on this product!”
Mrs. Olson, Co-op Member
”My daughter has benefited greatly from Meet The Masters. She has always thrived at art ad was beyond the simple drawing stage. I, unfortunately, am not past that stage. This has allowed her to progress in art knowledge and skill without my needing to have the skills as her teacher.”
Denise N., Co-op Member
”We used Meet The Masters with our co-op when my daughter was 6. She liked the curriculum so much that she asked to do the adult track now that she is 11! The artist biographies are well presented. The art instruction is easy to follow and inspires great results. We love Meet The Masters.”
M. Hull, Co-op Member
”FABULOUS PROGRAM! My kids are learning the great masters while having a lot of fun. It's academic and artistic all rolled into one. What I love best about it is how they study one master and then actually do a project using that master's technique. It really builds an appreciation for art. My 9 year-old actually looked at a Monet and said, "Wow, look at how amazing it is when you step back the picture is clearer"”
Renee Pollino, Co-op Member
”Thank you for inspiring me to teach ART. My son age 8 and daughter age 4 love it! They are so eager to use it that they try to figure out how to do it themselves. They are visual learners so the enhanced lessons have added the spark their brains need”
Tammy E, Co-op Member
”My son enjoys the online section but was reluctant to create the art work until after the first project. He now finds the work fun.”
Robin G, Co-op Member
”We are doing the 5-7 age group. We have finished only the first 3 sections which include the intro and two artists, Van Gogh and Cassatt. So far we are very pleased. The children love doing the online part as well as the projects. If they continue to enjoy it, we will definitely keep using the program.”
Mindy, Co-op Member
”We very much enjoyed Meet The Masters. The information about the artist was easy to follow and very interesting. The activities were fun and non threatening for my 13 year old son.”
Catherine B., Co-op Member
”We love this multi-sensory program! Not only do our boys really learn to appreciate art but they get to create their own pieces. It really is amazing how much kids learn and retain using this method!”
Eileen G, Co-op Member
”We have been doing 1 MTM lesson each month and have done 5 lessons so far. I do not have any artistic ability whatsoever, so I really didn't know how well it would go to have me leading my daughter in the art projects. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow that she is coming up with some truly quality work. I'm surprised and very pleased. I also love the art history portion of the lessons AND the low cost of the necessary art supplies. It's obvious that the creators of this program did everything they could to keep the cost of the supplies as low as possible. I have already purchased most of the supplies needed for all 3 Tracks (ages 10 to adult) and the total cost for one child for all 21 lessons will probably end up costing about $75. (It could easily be even less if you happen to have some basic supplies such as oil pastels, chalk, watercolor pencils, etc. I didn't have many of the basics that most families probably have already. Also, most of the materials needed are not totally consumed by one child in one lesson. Given that, each additional child would probably only cost a few extra dollars for the full program unless you have so many kids that you get to the point where you would need more than one box of oil pastels, chalk, etc.) My daughter is enjoying this so much that we are supplementing with some books & DVDs from the library. With those add ons, the once a month pace is very comfortable and allows us to take the time to really get to know each artist.”
Dawn R., Co-op Member
”We have been using this weekly, and the kids are enjoying it greatly. I like that you see many different pieces of artwork by an artist, and that each segment focuses on one main term or technique. The kids enjoy the projects; we have a whole wall full of their work. They can easily pick out artwork done by the artists they've studied when they see it in a book or museum.

I don't usually buy 'scripted' programs, but in this case it's helpful because it gives me a breather on the teaching end.

A caution: We are using the age 10+ curriculum, and there's nothing in it that's too hard for my 7yo. If you're planning to use it with children older than about age 10, or with kids who know a lot about art, or with a gifted child, you'd probably want to add more in-depth art history and/or projects.”
Julia A, Co-op Member
”This art program has been a wonderful inspiration to both myself and my 8-year-old daughter. We view the information about the artist online, then she wants to go to the library and get a book of their paintings. Last week we went to Washington DC and the only place she wanted to see was the National Art Gallery so she could see real van Gogh and Cassatt paintings! The art projects help to connect the terms, concepts and artist's style.”
Kim H., Co-op Member
”This program is wonderful! I love that it includes art history as well as the hands-on art projects. Everything is well-laid out and makes it easy for this busy mom to have a productive art time with my two boys. I have told others about it and they love it as well! Thank you!!!”
Jennifer W., Co-op Member
”Love this program. We recently purchased it and I can honestly say I have the interest of all 3 of my children (ages 9, 14 and 16). We purchased the 10 to adult version. To compare with other programs, there is a local art class teaching a similar program over 6 weeks and they are charging $60.00, it includes the materials. Meet the Masters is a great deal! I liked the program so much I wrote a review about it. You can read it here.
Lynda A., Co-op Member
”I am using this program with my 11 and 13 year old sons. They are enjoying learning about the artists. But they especially enjoy doing the artwork. They were having so much fun with the last project that I had to get out some supplies for myself and join them. I find the online lessons attractive. Because it is something different from our usual school work, my kids look forward to it. I also like the three year subscription. I feel like we can take our time and enjoy the lessons, without having to rush through them.”
Kathy Petty, Co-op Member
”This is such a good program. Not only are we learning about the artists life, we enjoy their works and then go on to complete a project in their style! It is educational, interesting and fun. We will continue to use it, and I have recomended it to a friend who's family is also loving it!”
Melanie S., Co-op Member
”Meet the Masters is a wonderful program at a great price! We've learned some great history about the world's most famous artists as well as being able to recreate their masterpieces using the same techniques they used. These techniques are broken down step-by-step for easy learning. My son now paints his own paintings using these techniques!”
Tina Layne, Co-op Member
”A friend told me about Meet the Masters art program. We have enjoyed learning about the artist and doing the projects. They made it very fun and easy to do.”
M. Edwards, Co-op Member
”As soon as we received the materials (very fast!) my kids wanted to dive right in. They are 7 and 4. We went to to Hobby Lobby to get some of the needed art supplies and off we went. They insisted we do the first three artists right in a row. They love it! It's the best art program for kids I have found. We highly recommend it.”
Christine D, Co-op Member