Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
Is there information available to me to help me use this program?

Yes! Please Read the "BEFORE YOU BEGIN" guide and also, the "WELCOME INSTRUCTIONS", which will answer many of your questions for product use. You can access these guides by logging in at the Co-op with your member email address & password. Then locate your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page. Scroll until you see MEET THE MASTERS. Voila! There are convenient links provided for you to have this information at your fingertips.

We have also provided a convenient link to the Meet The Masters FAQ page in your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS, as well. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO YOU before submitting inquiries to the Co-op. Please also refrain from contacting MEET THE MASTERS directly, as it may negate our special pricing available for ALL Co-op members!

I am interested in purchasing MTM curriculum through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I would love to see an example of the 5-7 yr old level curriculum. Is there something available that I could see? Especially an example of one of the art projects.

MTM does have some samples on their website of the various art projects, if you visit the "gallery".

CLICK HERE for an Age Level Comparison slide-show that shows examples of one art project in all three age levels.

When I click on my login links in My Subscriptions page, I receive an error message.

If you receive an error code or security certificate message, it is likely that your computer is trying to access a previous version of the program. To resolve this issue:

1) Close your browser window
2) Clear your computer "cookies"
3) Open a new browser window and try again.

When I log on I see links to the downloads but do not see the Online Media Presentation.

The Big Green Banner titled "Launch Track _ Artist Units" is actually a link to click that will lead you to the Artist Units. Click the button that looks like this:


Is there supposed to be sound with the program?

Please check to be sure that you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. There will not be sound if you are using another browser. The sound is available when there is a "music" or "audio" button to click. Not ALL slides for ALL lessons have sound.

The audio and or video portions of the Online Media Presentation are not visible. What do I do?

Please be aware that not all lessons have audio. To have full access to the audio portion of the Online Media Presentation, be sure you are viewing through INTERNET EXPLORER as your browser. To download internet explorer:

For PC click here
For MAC users, click here

NOTE: MAC users, please also see below.

When I click on the "audio" or "music" button, nothing happens.

If you are a PC user, make sure to use Internet Explorer as your browser. If you are a Mac user, make sure to use Safari as your browser.

Please be aware that not all lessons have audio. Those that do have a slide or two with audio will have an “audio” or “music” button. Click the audio button ONCE. A slow internet connection will sometimes cause a delay in the audio. You may need to wait a minute for it to load if you have a dial-up or slow connection. If you continue to click the button, the audio will continue to try to restart and will not play. Although unlikely, there may be an issue with some systems. Occasionally, some Vista customers have audio issues, although most do not.

While the audio is a small added element to some lessons, it is not essential. If you cannot get your computer to play the audio, you can teach the lesson without the audio. Your slideshow guides have all of the audio written for the teacher to read if your computer will not play the audio or if you choose to teach without audio.

I am a MAC user and I am having difficulty with Internet Explorer. Help?

If you are using a newer MAC system that does not support IE, Meet-the-Masters has advised us that Safari is an alternate option for browser use for MAC users. Additionally, the Co-op advises to try Firefox or Chrome only AFTER trying Safari. With today's technology and compatibility issues, trial and error may resolve your loading issue.

I am a MAC user and the Meet-the-Masters program will not launch using the links in my PDF file. Help?

The PDF files available in the Meet-the-Masters program and the online interactive portions of the program are two separate entities. You will need to open your PDF separately from your browser. Using your browser, login to your Co-op account and you will be able to launch the MTM program using your login links. Once you're into the MTM program using your browser, you will be able to launch the interactive portions. Do not try to launch the MTM program using the links inside the PDF files.

Will I receive a CD Rom with my purchase?

No. There are no longer CD ROMs necessary to implement the Meet The Masters @ Home art program. Everything you need is delivered via downloadable PDF and through the Interactive Online Media Presentation. All of your access links are provided for you in your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page at the Co-op.

Should I download and print curriculum pages?

Yes. While it is possible to move back and forth between the Online Media Presentation and the curriculum download pages on your computer, for an uninterrupted learning experience, the best way to teach the program is to print the downloaded curriculum pages and read from the printed pages so you do not have to leave the Online Interactive Media.

Regarding the lesson for the artist Piet Mondrian, there are no instructions on how to make the Mondrian Balance. It only says "See the Implementation Manual page xxxi". Is there something missing?

Yes. There is a page missing within your guide. We have uploaded this page for you. You can access it here:


Additionally, in the supply list on the art activity page it says: "Eight _" x 12" strips of black construction paper". This should actually read: "Eight 1/4" x 12" strips of black construction paper."

Regarding the lesson for the artist Cassatt, I can't see it clearly. Is there an error in the file?

Yes. There is a corrupted page. Meet-the-Masters is currently updating the file at their website. In the meantime, we have uploaded the corrected page(s) for you. You can access them here:


Why don't the links on the curriculum pages work when I am viewing them on my computer?

The "Click Next", "Click Music" or "Click Audio" type on the curriculum pages ARE NOT LINKS. They are instructions to click the "Next" or "Music" or "Audio" for the Online Media Presentation portion of the program. Being that scripts are provided in the .pdf portions of your program, these are highlighted so the teacher knows not to read "Click Next" out loud.

While using my Meet The Masters program, I tried clicking through to purchase the art supplies that go along with the program, but wasn't able to find them on the site page the link takes you to. Help?

Meet The Masters no longer offers art supply bundles. You were provided a "Before You Begin" guide that lists the supplies you need. It is not necessary to purchase the exact brand listed, however, try to stick to the same medium. For instance, if the guide says "Oil Pastels", then use oil pastels, even if it is a different brand. Do not substitute, for instance, with crayons or paint. Should the art bundles become available in the future, Meet The Masters will notify the Co-op.

What do I do if I don't find the answer to my question here?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. Click here to contact us about our Meet The Masters art curriculum offer. We will answer your question individually and update this page as well.