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My husband and daughter have used this program to help reinforce her Algebra skills. He is a mechanical engineer so he uses math ALL the time, but trying to help her with homework, he's founding out how approaches to Algebra have changed. has helped tremendously! We plan to use it all summer.
T. Fladstol, Co-op Member
I love this program and wish that I had found it sooner! My daughter had struggled in school with math for many years. Not only were the concepts difficult for her to grasp, her processing is slow, so teachers would move on before she had a chance to understand fully. Once she began this program she understands much more and is gaining confidence. The teachers speak slowly and clearly. She can go at her own pace and repeat lessons she doesn't quite grasp. Even though she is an older teen, she still loves hearing the positive feedback when she a...(more)
Barbara C., Co-op Member
It is great to have the ability to focus on their weaknesses and improve them without wasting time on things they already know! Thank you!
TDM, Co-op Member
This math program was a great addition to our high school curriculum. My son was starting to become more advanced in math than my husband and I and he was impatient waiting on us to figure it out and then teach him how to do it. (formerly known as YourTeacher) has an active teacher teaching the concepts and provides very useful tips and tricks. I am even learning some new things to make advanced math easier. My son used to hate word problems, but now that this program has taught him how to approach them, he doesn't fight them a...(more)
Heather W., Co-op Member
I subscribed to (formerly known as YourTeacher) for the summer so that my 5th, 7th and 8th grade children would have math practice over the summer. They LOVE this program!!!! I love it as well because my children are able to work independently. The lessons provide information in a clear and concise manner. This allows the children to make quick reference notes for each subject. By summers end they will have a binder with formulas and explanations that they will be able to quickly refer to if they are ever stuck on a problem. I w...(more)
S. Aderin, Co-op Member
My 12-year old son has been using for one month now. Math was not a strong subject for me, so I was thrilled to find such a comprehensive curriculum that my son could do independently. My son says that the lessons are laid out in an easy-to-understand format. He also said that the instructors do not ramble on like his previous math teachers in school! We have told other homeschool families about the program and I look forward to signing up again next year as well. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making it affordable, ...(more)
L. Faris, Co-op Member
We have found video/class very helpful. My children and I highly recommend it, the quick reply to quizes, video on new topics and wide range of skills to be learn make yt a big plus in learning math.
Myrlande, Co-op Member
Both of my high schoolers struggle with algebra and is such a godsend! They are finally understanding what they're doing and they're learning math vocabulary where it just stumped them before. They enjoy the challenge of taking the tests and they take each test until they score 100%. I was just going to use it for summer, but it's has proven itself to be something I could use a subscription to all year long. If I hear of anyone's students struggling with math, I will send them to in a heartbeat.
Wendi W, Co-op Member
Using (formerly known as YourTeacher) has been amazing for my high school student! Being able to watch the math problems step by step makes it so much easier! It is amazing seeing the reactions when the children realize how to do each step. The teacher is Wonderful at explaining all the processes. I really really enjoy this product and will continue to use it in the future.
Becky W., Co-op Member has been worked extremely well with my son. He has ADHD so it's difficut to keep his focus. The program allows us to hone in on more lecture and problem help when needed and the pretests give him immediate feedback on how he is doing. It's an easy to use program and well organized. I will definitely continue to use this product in the future!
N. Ross, Co-op Member
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