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The FREE Summer Subscription to is no longer available. If you would like to purchase MathHelp.comat savings of 40%, you can find it here.

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Very helpful to my kids for learning math. I have told many others about it and they use it for their kids too.
Edward Jackson, Co-op Member
I am so pleased with this program and very happy that we had the opportunity to try it out through the summer. My son has been behind in math for a while and I was frustrated with trying to figure out what program would truly teach him and would also be easy for me to navigate. He has been doing great so far and we are now confident that by using this program, he will complete pre algebra and actually retain what he has learned...and be confident and prepared for the next level. YourTeacher has been the best math program/resource for my son yet...(more)
Callie Johnson, Co-op Member
This is a great program. Online lectures, exercises, test and quizzes. My daughter needs a textbook for math and we loved the fact that (formerly known as YourTeacher) allows you to track to the chapter and page number of a large list of great textbook choices. We will be using them again.
Nita, Co-op Member
My daughter loves the live explanations. Just what I needed. Thanks!
K. Hill, Co-op Member
Both my daughter and I are math phobic- The mention of the word math usually gives her this wildeyed look of exasperation. (formerly known as YourTeacher)is the third math program we have tried in three years. The other two are also well known and excellent programs. Since starting (formerly known as YourTeacher) in September my daughter has come to me several times and stated that she really likes the program and doesn't even hate math this year! Thank you!:)
Rachael C, Co-op Member
My 9th grader has been using for 3 years. She started with Pre-Alg. and now is in Geometry. It is a great program and since Im not much of a math mom. I love the way the program teaches the subject.You listen to the videos, print off the extra problems and notes and take the quiz after. Do the extra problems if help is needed. Since the quiz is online, I have her write the problems the backside of the notes and keep everything in a 3ring binder. If your student is advanced, you can move on to the next level without buying a new ...(more)
Kathy R., Co-op Member & Homeschool Mom
I jumped on board with this free trial for the summer. My son has Loved it!! This is the first time we have used the computer for Math, now we are changing to a Math computer program. We are comparing this program with others on the market. We are leaning to keeping this one :) I told the moms at our year end meeting about this special, and about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! Thank you for serving us so well!
T. Lavy, Co-op Member is wonderful! The lessons are clear and concise. Having done well in Geometry and Algebra II in high school, I thought I would have no trouble teaching my son these subjects. However, we were both extremely frustrated. I could not have taught my son Geometry or Algebra II without I only wish it continued for even higher math courses! I have told many of my homeschooling friends how great the program is.
Mary W., Co-op Member
We have been using MathHelp Algebra I for our 8th grade son for about a month. He is able to use it independently, which is extremely helpful for our large and busy family. I really like the format, video lectures, examples, self-tests, etc. He works problems in a notebook, then enters answers into the program, with immediate feedback and explanation. He finds it challenging but not overwhelming. He has needed to do some of the suggested review lessons to fill in gaps in his knowledge. We used Singapore Math for his younger grades, and although...(more)
JAK, Co-op Member
So far so geat with Geometry and my 10th grader. Thank you, Math Help!
Tracie H, Co-op Member
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