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The FREE Summer Subscription to is no longer available. If you would like to purchase MathHelp.comat savings of 40%, you can find it here.

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MathHelp has been a great aid to our family, especially for the high school levels. My older kids are able to work independently and at their own pace using the pre-test feature of each lesson. The shorter lessons allow them to move quickly with skills they have mastered and focus without frustration when they are learning new skills. We highly recommend MathHelp!
Colleen Mitchell, Co-op Member
My son can take the lessons any time he needs . Every unit has very clear explanation which makes user easy to understand. By using this site allow me to have the time I need to do my house chores.
Rita R., Co-op Member
My granddaughter has used this site both as a primary math instructional source during elementary years and as a resource during high school. She responded well to the program and is an exceptional good math student scoring well beyond her years. I highly recommend this for any home schooled student.
L. Burns, Co-op Member
I subscribed to (formerly known as YourTeacher) for the summer so that my 5th, 7th and 8th grade children would have math practice over the summer. They LOVE this program!!!! I love it as well because my children are able to work independently. The lessons provide information in a clear and concise manner. This allows the children to make quick reference notes for each subject. By summers end they will have a binder with formulas and explanations that they will be able to quickly refer to if they are ever stuck on a problem. I w...(more)
S. Aderin, Co-op Member
The free trial period is what got us to look at I have paid for programs and curriculum in the past to only find out we do not like them and have to fight with my daughter the whole time to do her assignments. This is the first time she has enjoyed a computer math program or curriculum in two years. We do not fight anymore. She actually is happy and voluntarily does her math work.
The lessons are broken down into bite size bits so you move along one piece at a time and build on your knowledge from the previous lesson. ...(more)
Margaret O'Dell, Co-op Member
Algebra is my daughter's favorite subject. She was doing well with the online program I was using. However, with the videos from she is able to complete the lessons in less than half the time.
AP, Co-op Member is a great tool for our family. It offers my son extra help and extra practice in Algebra 1. The tutorial teaches him another method to solving the problems. We will sign up for it next year. I have been sharing information about with other parents who have expressed concerns about their children learning upper level math in public and private schools. Thanks so much for offering this to home schoolers!!
Sheryl, Co-op Member
Fabulous! The teachers are appropriately slow in speaking and thorough, There is endless opportunity to practice, both on-line and available to be printed. Covers pre-algebra thru college algebra, geometry, ACT and SAT and Clep practice tests. The student can switch between subjects at no additional cost. Email help is available if needed.
Susan, Co-op Member
I have been very happy with our decision to have the kids use for their math this year. YouTeacher offers math instruction all the way through Calculus. One of the other online math programs I had considered didn't offer geometry, so we would have had to switch to some other program right in the middle. YourTeacher lessons are very clear and offered in small bites with practice in each "bite" before moving on to the next step. Each day has a small test to show if the kids got the lesson. Also, you can print out ex...(more)
Terri Williams, Co-op Member
My daughters, who were struggling with Algebra and Geometry, have found (formerly known as YourTeacher) to be very helpful. The video explanations have helped them to succeed in math.
Carol I., Co-op Member
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