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The FREE Summer Subscription to is no longer available. If you would like to purchase at savings of 50%, you can find it here.

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What a find! For homeschooling Algebra I this year, we attempted to use a traditional text (which was written for a full-time math teacher in front of a classroom) and a video-based program (which focused more on Cartesian coordinates and graphing than equations and problem-solving), and then we found What a relief for me and no more frustration for her!

My 9th grader is zooming through the parts with which she was already familiar, and the new information is so thoroughly explained that she is even able to navigate th...(more)
C. Harrison, Charlotte, NC, Co-op Member
We love (formerly known as YourTeacher) program. Our son enjoys the interaction and option to work on the computer. As a parent, the lesson plan are easy to follow and understand. This is a great tool for summer work!
Mrs. Borrero, Co-op Member
We have found video/class very helpful. My children and I highly recommend it, the quick reply to quizes, video on new topics and wide range of skills to be learn make yt a big plus in learning math.
Myrlande, Co-op Member
I am so pleased with this program and very happy that we had the opportunity to try it out through the summer. My son has been behind in math for a while and I was frustrated with trying to figure out what program would truly teach him and would also be easy for me to navigate. He has been doing great so far and we are now confident that by using this program, he will complete pre algebra and actually retain what he has learned...and be confident and prepared for the next level. YourTeacher has been the best math program/resource for my son yet...(more)
Callie Johnson, Co-op Member
I just started homeschooling officially this past week but I had subscribed to (formerly known as YourTeacher) before the end of public school. I was terrified that I would hinder my gifted child once I started homeschooling so this was my opportunity to see just where she's at in learning. I love that she's been able to move freely from what is boring to what actually challenges her. She loves it. We sat for a couple days and blew through lessons till we found right where she needs to be and she loves that she's in control of her ...(more)
Cyndie Creasman, Co-op Member got it free for the summer. We are doing prealgebra. I wish this existed when I was a teenager. My son breezed through first pretests but then it got a little bit more challenging and now sometimes we have
Miriam, Co-op Member
I purchased your for our children.Our oldest son used it more than the younger. He was very pleased with the idea of going to the page with problem which allowed him to hear someone else explain the concept. When the free trail period ended he stated it would benefit him therefore commited to pay for the subscription. He's really enjoying it. It also saves us money, by enrolling in this program, because we don't have to pay for additional tutoring. This product is wonderful in that it has updated text books used, with real teachers...(more)
J. Curtiss, Co-op Member
I signed up my 7th grader for, I have no regrets. She loves it. I like the short and to the point videos, the short lessons and written explanations etc. I myself learned a few things I have forgotten. Loving the 50% off right now. If I goes cheaper, even better. But I am looking into keeping it for next school year. Thanks
Calditer Saunders, Co-op Member
My son has been using (formerly known as YourTeacher) for almost a year. His advances in math are astounding. The video lessons are so easy to understand. He can do math on his own now without struggling. He even likes math now!
Ami L., Co-op Member
As a teacher and mother, I must admit that math is not my forte, but, I have come to the place where I must accept that math is a part of our world and if we're going to gain any mastery we must approach it like learning a foreign language. So in order to help my son move through the curriculum in a positive light, we are working together, and loving it! We really like the direct method of instruction in the videos, the ability to apply the lessons in the practice problems/extra problems, and move on to the self tests. The onl...(more)
Chris F., Co-op Member
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