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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.

Can more than one student in a household use the same subscription?

This is what has to say: "A membership allows all members of a household to use However, if you want to track individual student progress and performance, you will have to sign up for multiple accounts."

Is this a complete, stand-alone math course? is designed as a complete stand-alone course although it can be used as a supplement to any curriculum.

Is my membership restricted to practicing one grade level?

No. A membership provides access to all lessons and courses listed on the offer page!

Can the problems in the lessons be printed or is the program more multi-choice computer questions/answers?

The extra problems worksheet and notes page in every lesson can be printed out. Answer keys are provided. There is a second way to access the lesson printables as well. Access is still by lesson, however, the member won't have to open each individual lesson resource. From the left-hand navigation menu, select a course from the drop-down box labeled "Xtra Prob Solutions / Tests". A course lesson listing will be generated containing links for the Notes, Xtra Problems, and Solutions printable worksheets.

Do the video lessons cover 1 singular topic/concept at a time?

Each video covers a specific problem type. Additionally each lesson cover a single concept with videos and practice of varying difficulty within that topic.

Does the program automatically go to the next lesson when a child logs in?

No. When the student logs in they will be presented with a start-up page. At the top of the start-up page, there will be a summary of the course that they worked on during the last session, so it's quick to get to the lesson listing. The lessons can be chosen in any order. However, once you have completed a lesson and taken the quiz there is a check mark indicator that the lesson is complete. Lessons are outlined in order also so it's easy to follow from Chapter 1 to the end.

Are there tests at the end of each chapter?

There is a printable test at the end of each chapter. In the longer chapters, there's a test in the middle of the chapter and a test at the end of the chapter, and answer keys are provided. These printable chapter test are not scored in the system.

The only tests that are scored in the system are the Pre-Tests and the Self Tests. A student can take the graded Self Tests and Pre-Tests as manly times as they like. The highest grade from any given test is used in determining the final course grade average.

Does the program keep track of quiz scores and test scores?

The Self Tests (quizzes) are scored and stored in the student's grade book. Depending on the course there are Chapter Tests that the program does not track, but those can be printed for the student to work on their own paper. Solutions for all tests and worksheets are included as separate documents.

Is there a textbook needed to go with this program?

No. is a complete home school course. No text book required!

What is the difference between the App and the One Year subscription offered through the Co-op?

The apps do not provide access to the full course your student will receive through the One Year subscription. The apps are good for quick help (is a slimmed down version). In addition, with the One Year subscription your student can access all listed courses on the offer page, whereas with the apps, you will have to purchase one app per math level. Most importantly, app users do not have access to the following features included in the One Year subscription:

  1. grade
  2. recording / tracking
  3. chapter tests and solutions
  4. diagnostic pre-tests
  5. textbooks and keyword search
  6. adaptive recommendations

I am currently subscribed to MathHelp on a month to month subscription. Can I still participate in this offer?

If you are currently subscribed to on a month to month subscription, you will need to contact directly to cancel your month to month subscription so you are not double charged. Please note that by participating in this offer you will receive a brand new subscription and a new username and password. Unfortunately, you will not be able to gain access to your previous subscription.

Once a student has taken a test, are they able to go back and retake the test to try for a higher grade?

A student can take the graded Self Test and Pre-Test as many times as they like. The highest grade from any given test is used in determining the final course grade average.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.

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