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This math program has worked wonderfully for both my children. We are very pleased with the program, it is easy to follow and the explanations are concise.
Brooke M., Co-op Member
I love Math Mammoth! The lessons are so descriptive that the children can teach themselves. I've tried a few curriculums with my son but this is one I prefer.
Keshia C, Co-op Member
I absolutely LOVE Mammoth Math! This series lays thing out in a very straight forward manner that makes it easy for a student to understand. I love the worksheets from the yellow and green series to help solidify my kid's understanding of specific topics. I especially love the decimal and fractions packets. This is my top go-to series for my children.
Teial S, Co-op Member
We use Math Mammoth (meets the standards) in a home school setting.This is great for those who enjoy a text book style learning, rather you complete it on a pdf copy or print it off as we do. This can definitely be used as a self learning, self paced text book, thanks to the built in, easy to follow, instructions from the author, Maria Miller.(Further, she offers instructional videos, should the need arise.)

However, for those students/learners who loathe text book style, as one family member does, perhaps an online math solution would be a...(more)
TeamS, Co-op Member
Math-Mammoth has been a total blessing! I have two boys aged eight and seven. Before Math Mammoth, my eight year old did well in math, but found math boring and my second grader flat out had trouble with math. The curriculum I was using last year wasn't a good fit for my artistic, right brain critter. He really enjoys the pictures on the worksheets and it really has enabled him to grasp what he is learning. I also purchased the lesson plans (to use with homeschool planet). These are awesome! It provides instructional videos and/or links to math...(more)
Rachel F., Co-op Member
We are really enjoying this curriculum. We started Math Mammoth a couple of weeks ago so haven't done a lot yet. We have the whole program and are currently working on grade one and two. It is easy for both the kids and for their grownups to follow. The work texts are very simple to understand and explain how to do each type of problem. It's almost a self-taught program. There is a ton of other materials if your child needs more practice but we haven't needed any of it yet. The kids happily sit down and go through a few pages alone and ask que...(more)
B. Sikes, Co-op Member
Math Mammoth took my son from "I hate math" to math as his favorite subject. The progression of concepts is logical and really helps the child to make the connections as he memorizes the facts. Our previous curriculum stressed memorization without clearly showing these connections.
I also love all of the game suggestions and online resources provided with each concept. Thank you, Maria Miller, for a product that is an answer to prayer!
Tracy G., Co-op Member
I purchased Math Mammoth grades 2-4. I decided to buy it because the math curriculum I had been using with my daughter had worked well with my sons, but was not a good match for her. I decided to make the change mid-year but we live overseas so purchasing a curriculum with physical textbooks and having them sent to us would have been expensive. The fact that Math Mammoth was an instant download was a huge plus for us. I could start using it immediately and it was very reasonably priced.

The curriculum is very thorough with lots of pr...(more)
Renee G., Co-op Member
Math Mammoth is a solid resource. It provides good worksheets for all math topics. My daughter is gifted in many subjects--but not math. After using another well-regarded math program for most of second grade she had gaps in her proficiency. She successfully used MM for extra practice in select areas (clock/time, shapes/geometry, measurement, fractions). MM will play a more prominent role next year. For supplemental math practice, we like CTC and XL on-line subscriptions.
LHS, Co-op Member
We have been floundering the past couple of years, trying to find math curriculum that works for my son. Math Mammoth is solid and will work. It's obvious where his shortcomings are and they have product targeting them. My biggest regret is that we didn't start with it. It's much more advanced than others we've tried, so my 6th grader might be 4th grade on one topic, 5th grade at another, 6th on some. It's messy this year but we're trying to find level ground.
Donna, Co-op Member
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