Testimonials for Math Mammoth

The Club welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Math Mammoth instruction to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Math Mammoth and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”A letter to Math Mammoth from a Co-op Member: "Hello Maria, I want to thank you for creating this wonderful, multi-layered, teachable, hands on, interactive, and thorough math curriculum. I have been homeschooling my 7 year old daughter from day one. We started with Saxon 1st grade at the age of 5. Then last Oct. we started 2nd grade with K-12. I am amazed to tell you that after she took the MathMammoth 1st grade, end of the year test, she scored 105. However, after she took the 2nd grade, end of the year test, she scored 56. There were 6 topics that were not covered in either of the previous programs; that I spent thousands of dollars on; of which I now find very valuable.
My daughter is now excited about our first day of math class tomorrow. Unbelievable!

At first, I did not think I would need the first and second grade curriculum until now. Thank you for thinking for us.
In closing, today, we played the 10 out card game, and she was very excited playing the game so we played two games; and Maria, I saw the light bulb go off. (Tears of joy are flowing!) Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I am truly very grateful for the partnership between Homeschool Buyers Co-op and MathMammoth for putting this great math curriculum into our hands to provide the best math education we want for our children. We now have another tool to help our children compete globally."
Iris E., Club Member
”I have used Math Mammoth for the last year and my son is finally understanding math! It's very easy for the parent to use. The author really did a great job of explaining how to use the program. It's also very inexpensive. Unlike other programs we tried, this one doesn't have "cutesy" pictures for which I am very grateful because they distracted my son. The author's website also has a ton of math information and her newsletter if invaluable for math ideas and help.”
Kimberly S., Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been such a blessing to our family. I had searched and tried so many other math curricula trying to find the balance of engaging, kid-friendly but rigorous, and the right amount of challenge. Math Mammoth provides that. The extra online games have provided fun ways for my kids to practice what they are learning. The videos have really been helpful for my first grader! It's her favorite subject!”
Alyssa Wakefield, Co-op Member
”Math Mammoth has helped my daughter immensely! She struggles in math yet Math Mammoth teaches her several different ways to work through a problem. It also gives her enough problems that she really starts to understand. In some of her other math curriculums, she didn't have enough problems to work out and it wouldn't stick.

My daughter says she likes Math Mammoth more than previous curriculum because she understands it more and likes the games and puzzles. Math Mammoth gives you a lot of optional games at the beginning of each chapter that you can choose from. Yet it's at the introduction to the chapter so the list doesn't have to be seen (if this is an issue in your classroom) and then the games become overwhelming. Games always have a place with us, since they can learn in a different and enjoyable way yet it never takes over the curriculum where I feel stressed about it.

Over the years and with children of different learning styles, I have tried many different math curriculums. I have most often used Math Mammoth. When I tried something else (for a different year or different child) and found it not working for some reason, I've always come back to Math Mammoth and was happy and relieved after I did.

Another major benefit of Math Mammoth I really love is how they set up their courses. Maria (Math Mammoth) offers a yearly course, which I use most, and teaches everything they need to learn for that level. This year, I bought her other course which is by subject, but several levels together. I felt my daughter really needed to catch up a little and just focus on two operations. I feel she is now close to mastering this and feels much more confident and next, we'll probably go to the next level of a year course. You could also use the subject courses for review if needed also.

Math Mammoth already has really great options and prices for their curriculum but when buying through the co-op, I'd say it s pretty amazing for how much you get! Thanks, Maria (Math Mammoth), for offering such a wonderful curriculum! My children have benefited greatly and come so far, thanks to your hard work and well-thought-out curriculum and I have less stress and more peace (at least in this subject)!”
Becca Soto, Club Member
”Last school year I started noticing my oldest child (end of 2nd grade) had some math skills gaps that were making her hate math. I decided to find a mastery curriculum with spiral to start back from the beginning with her to overcome this problem. I bought level 1 on my own and we worked through it fairly quickly as a review. I was so happy with it that I had decided to buy level 2, so when I stumbled on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op deal for all the levels I was THRILLED. I plan to continue using our hands-on math approach (Gattegno) for a different type of understanding; however, this open and go has become our daily math that I will use not only with my oldest child but plan to print again for my younger two. I love that it is a worktext so that she can learn and practice all at the same time without distractions of multiple books/moving parts. It is an affordable and super high-quality curriculum that I researched thoroughly before purchasing. Not only is the curriculum itself wonderful, but there are so many other resources included I haven't even fully explored yet. I also love that ideas for engaging games with cards etc are included to practice new skills in each chapter. It s just a really thorough curriculum with a ton of thought put into meeting a child and helping them succeed and overcome math stumbling blocks. My daughter especially feels proud of herself when she s able to successfully complete the Puzzle Corner challenges using new skills.”
Sarah F., Club Member
”We love Math Mammoth! So easy to teach. Math the way it used to be.”
Erin Turner, Club Member
”I bought the Math Mammoth Everything Bundle to give my 6th-grade son extra practice and reinforce his learning. With his ADHD, I didn't feel he was getting enough homework/reinforcement of math fundamentals from online learning. The lessons are easy for my son to understand with lots of practice and reinforcement. Using Math Mammoth, I found out he didn't fully understand the order of operations as it showed me his gaps in learning. One thing to know is that the topics covered for each grade level might be different than what you are used to seeing. Some topics in Math Mammoth are covered earlier than what might be the norm. Since I have all grade levels this is not an issue for me, but if you are wanting to buy a specific grade level, I would have your child take the free assessment test and look at the topics being covered to ensure it's what you need. I wish Math Mammoth covered high school math but Maria does list some recommendations and resources in her blog.”
Stephanie B., Club Member
”Originally I purchased theBlue Series and had all of the separate workbooks but they required a lot of planning. I purchased the full grade level Light Blue Series because it took away the planning aspect and included reviews and tests. I'm currently using the curriculum for 2 first graders and a 5th grader. It is open and go and makes life easy. There is a lot of practice and repetition (sometimes too much repetition) and review of math facts throughout. I love that there are four or five different ways that math concepts are approached so that my kids can learn from different angles. Another aspect that I really like is that there are a lot of word problems and challenging puzzle type problems. Gives some real world application and reinforces the concepts. The instructions are clear and detailed. It is like a textbook/workbook combined. It teaches the concept, shows examples, and then has practice all together. Makes it so easy to teach! If I feel like I'm not explaining clearly or my kids aren't getting something, I have had them watch a couple of her videos on the website. There are videos for most of the chapters and that has helped as well. I use the reviews as test instead of the chapter test because it includes all previous chapters. It shows if they are retaining the information, and they have all done well. I wish it went past 7th grade but I will continue to use it through then! I recommend it to anyone homeschooling or even needing extra practice. It's easy to use, effective, and one of the least expensive options for everything that you get.”
W. Davis, Club Member
”Great resource for jumping mid-flow into my 6th grader's math learning. Having begun to homeschool her all of a sudden, the Blue Series has been a wonderful way to work on whatever math and whatever level/version of each topic she is most ready for and needing to work through. Through access to the entire second half of the Blue Series, I am confident that I have everything necessary to prepare her to begin Algebra in two to three years. She likes it because we can skip around by topic and level as needed without a pre-determined order to it.”
Christie P., Club Member
”This curriculum is the dream for my special education students whose math skills are well below grade level! It is working beautifully because it allows me to give the assessment and immediately identify the areas of weakness. I can then use the Kami application to split and merge so that I can select and assign the appropriate worksheets to address the individual areas that require improvement one skill at a time. I also love the way they teach the skills--Best methods I have ever seen! I bought the entire program for just under $200. One of the best investments of a lifetime! This would be perfect for a homeschool teacher as well. They have workbooks if you prefer the pencil and paper mode. There are a ton of videos that can be used as well if you are not a math person. All in all, Math Mammoth is simply the best alternative curriculum in my opinion!”
Doug S., Special Education Teacher
”Our children have been enjoying the Math Mammoth program. It includes a wide variety of material and is appropriately challenging. It is also a great value for the cost.”
Lynne, Club Member
”I purchased Math Mammoth to start for our first grade year and up. We haven't started using it but I can say from looking through what we have that I love how it is laid out and how user friendly it will be. I am thankful I purchased the whole bundle when it was discounted so that I don't have to worry about finding Math each year. I also like that I can purchase lesson plans additional or with the curriculum so that I don't have to do the planning. All the extra website links with that is a great bonus to reinforce the topics learned.”
Jamie, Club Member
”We began homeschooling this year. Kids are 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. I love Math Mammoth because it is challenging for them, but still uses clear small steps to teach new concepts. They can mostly do the work independently (not the 1st grader). If they are struggling with a concept that they haven t seen before in their previous education, I can go back to a previous Math Mammoth grade level (since I purchased levels 1-6) and pull that section for them to work through. They definitely struggled for the first few weeks with a different way of learning math (more challenging and more independent than public schools), but at around a month into the curriculum they are doing well and not needing as much help from me.”
Missy B., Club Member
”Just finishing Chapter 2 of Math Mammoth 4th grade. Love the open and go format. So many extras are included in the bundle--reviews, additional problems to work, websites for fun practice on each topic. Really well-designed curriculum.
Also, prior to buying we had our kids do placement tests with Math Mammoth and an online curriculum with a comic book-based text. They were in tears and very resistant, but they love Math Mammoth!”
Nicole H, Club Member
”This has been a great program for our family. I love that it is complete and ready to go. I print about 10 pages at a time for my 11 year old and let him work through it at his own pace, giving help as needed (but he can mostly work independently).”
Jennifer Hunter, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been a life saver! I have tried so many math curriculums for my three school-aged kids and none have worked out. Math used to bore two of them to tears. And my other child just couldn't grasp the concepts. With Math Mammoth all three have enjoyed the short lessons that are to the point but still fun and the easy to understand concepts. They really love the puzzle activities at the bottom of the lessons. I bought grades 1-7 as a PDF bundle, and will continue to use it each year! Whenever someone asks about math curriculum suggestions, I always recommend Math Mammoth. It is now a staple in our homeschooling journey.”
A. Rollerson, Club Member
”I grew up on Saxon and wanted to retain the rigor and thoroughness, while losing the drudgery. My kids enjoy it much more as well and they are finally retaining the math. The level of teaching to understanding is phenomenal. It definitely fulfills all of my goals for a math curriculum and then some! Thank you, Maria!”
Elizabeth W., Club Member
”This is an awesome curriculum! My first grader is loving it and is able to work independently. With five kids 7 and under that is a huge help! To me this curriculum is a combination of everything I liked from multiple math sources. Definitely going to be continuing and using with younger kids as they grow!”
S. Kennedy, Club Member
”Our school closed in March as a result of COVID-19. I decided to start homeschooling my two sons (2nd and 4th grade). This program is easy to follow and the repetition is the key. I started on page one of the workbooks for both grades and decided I would just work through the school year and make sure they knew all they need to know before next school year starts. My second grader is basically doing a review but I have noticed that he is reinforcing the fundamentals, learning mental math and not counting on his fingers. I quickly recognized that my 4th grader has some gaps in his math education. Based on the lessons I was doing with my 2nd grader I was able to pull the lessons he was missing and then circle back to the 4th grade lessons. I am confident that by the time school is back in session, the gaps will be filled and he will be on grade level. I really like that I received all the workbooks and extra material for grades 1-7. The school sent home the math workbooks the county is using and they are just not good. This curriculum has great explanations and MANY examples. I also like that there are periodic reviews that go back a few lessons to confirm the information has not been lost. When the kids do return to school I think I will continue to use this curriculum to make sure they don't fall behind.”
Tania Koles, Club Member
”I wish we had found Math Mammoth sooner. The price point was great. It's easy to use. My kids have found the explanations easy to understand.”
Caty H., Club Member
”I am so glad we switched from Singapore to Math Mammoth! My daughter struggled through Singapore 1a and 1b and was often frustrated and confused and I didn't know how to help her. We switched to Math Mammoth at level 2a and she is working harder and more independently with less frustration! I can see her confidence and math abilities growing immensely! We are almost through 2a and her attitude towards math has changed as well. Instead of hating it and feeling dumb, she says that she's actually starting to like math. She loves Maria's videos and wishes she could meet her in person! Thank you, Maria!”
Carol, Club Member
”We love this math program! My son was really struggling in math. We have tried two other programs but he would get frustrated. I am able to do a quick minilesson with lots of practice, reinforced by videos and additional teaching resources. No extra manipulatives needed, but they are very helpful. So far (in level 2) we have used 1's, 10's and 100's cubes as well as a clock. I love that we could buy the whole series and print out what we need. I can use this material for my different children and save money. I can push my son to complete multiple pages if he is understanding the concept or I can give further instruction and slow down our pace. I highly recommend this program.”
Liz P., Club Member
”Math without tears! We have tried so many different math options. Each one ended in tears for my 2 boys. At my wits' end, I decided to try just one more before admitting defeat. Math Mammoth had been highly suggested by several different homeschool moms that I know, so I gave it a go. My kids are thriving! This has been our saving grace. Thank you, Math Mammoth!!”
B. Larson, Club Member
”This is a wonderful straightforward math curriculum that can be used as a stand alone or as a supplement. After finding some holes in my gifted student's math learning, we were easily able to find the appropriate topics in Math Mammoth to use. What I like most is that it focuses on number sense, mental math and learning that there is often more than one way to approach a math problem. The table of contents and layout makes it very easy to skip around or find what topics that you want to teach. There are plenty of problems and while we only do about 1/3 of them until mastery is demonstrated, you could easily spiral back for review or do more problems when it was a difficult concept. My learner prefers a multimedia approach and there are videos available on the website to supplement learning. We are currently in 6th grade math and use this in conjunction with another math program. It is written directly to the student and is open and go for those who want one subject that does not require a great deal of teacher prep.”
Jennifer S., Club Member
”Prior to using Math Mammoth, we had been using Teaching Textbooks for 2 years. Sad to say that those two years left my ten year old pretty behind. I looked at several different programs, but ultimately chose Math Mammoth (MM). The cost was the final tie breaker between this and Singapore. It's been wonderful! I really like the mastery approach as opposed to the spiral approach of Teaching Textbooks (TT). We came from grade 4 from TT but decided to start at grade 3 in MM to relay the foundation for my son and I'm glad we did. It ' easily understood(for me), the concepts are easy to teach, and I appreciate the links at the beginning of each chapter for further practice. There were a few sites with games to learn the Roman numerals that really helped us both! Math is not my strong area but we both enjoy this curriculum and there is zero fight to do math every day. I'm honestly feeling more confident in my teaching abilities after using this curriculum for a few months, because it's helping me to better understand certain math concepts as well. I recommend it in any homeschool Facebook group I'm in, whereas I used to recommend TT, because hey, who doesn t love being able to say, "Go do your math!" and let the computer do the work for you? Definitely learned that one the hard way.”
A Gonzalez, Club Member
”I have twin boys who are advanced learners. They go to a public school and I found that the school was not meeting their math needs. We have been doing Math Mammoth at home for 15-20 minutes a day year round for the last 3 years. Their deep understanding of math is amazing and they are consistently testing above grade level. The work they do in school enhances and builds upon what they are doing at home. I recently purchased the full pack with all the years so that I can start moving them ahead on topics that they know well.”
A Patterson, Afterschooling Parent
”This was a complete no-brainer. The cost for SIX full years of math was less than for one year of our old program. I knew that it would at least be useful as a supplement and I could cherry-pick the lessons we needed extra help with. But I think it will be best used as our full curriculum on its own. It's the perfect blend of creative problem-solving math, pictorial outside the box math, and the basic straightforward practice I was needing for the kids. We used Beast Academy but that was too much puzzle-based. My son is a quick math learner but not very fond of puzzles. He is so bright at math but he got discouraged and bogged down and there wasn't enough basic practice. We entered the spring with a bunch of gaps and forgotten skills. We were much more successful using Math Mammoth to fill in the gaps and now after only about six weeks using it, he's back on track with math and feeling more confident. I plan to use Beast Academy as a no-stress comic book once in a while instead. It's already paid off: my first grader developed a passionate desire to learn some multiplication so I printed up some of the 3rd grade stuff, and she was so happy and proud to do it. It was great to have it already. I m confident that we can now keep going at her pace, and maybe that will be faster than a typical first grader? I don t know, but I like knowing I won't have to buy a new curriculum if she goes too fast.”
Emily L, Club Member
”We are enjoying this math curriculum! Very thorough and easy to teach. I love that there's not a separate teacher manual. The teaching is built right in to the workbook. My child enjoys doing math now!”
Katie B, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been very inviting for my son - it provides a lot of guidance on how to do a problem using mental math methods. It provides grids that he can use, which help him know when he should/could write the problem down and show his regrouping work. It eventually weans the kids off of these grids. My son now feels comfortable with the methods, and will tackle a problem mentally if possible, but will readily write it down if necessary. Another advantage is that all of the instruction and worksheets are included in the text. I appreciate that all of the grade levels are included for a very economical price. I ordered this program at the end of our 3rd quarter of 3rd grade, and I have been having my son move quickly through the 3rd grade work to touch on areas where he was weak or cover material he has missed. This leaves us in a good position to start off 4th grade next year. I'll be having my 2nd grader use this program next year as well, and we are looking forward to it!”
Jen L., Club Member
”We love Math Mammoth! As a mom to 4 kids, I needed something that was open-and-go and didn't break the budget. I love how the lessons are broken down and the material is presented in such a simple and understandable way. There is plenty of practice for each topic so there isn't a need to supplement with other product. Much of the time, I actually cross out a few of the problems on each page when I see that my kids have a good understanding of it. We will continue using Math Mammoth for years to come!”
A. Cartwright, Club Member
”We are a new homeschooling family and I wasn't sure what type of math program to use with my fourth grader. I'm not a math scholar and was nervous about purchasing a curriculum that would leave me just as confused. So far, my son enjoys it, I can understand it to explain it according to current standards, and the convenience of reaching out to the author is helpful. We will continue to use Math Mammoth (Blue, download) in the future.”
Tanya G, Club Member
”I had just started to homeschool my son when I realized he had a lot of "holes" when it came to math. I came across Math Mammoth and decided to purchase the entire series. I will be using it for my 13 year old and I will use it for my three year old when the time comes. This product is well worth it and my son loves it. I would recommend Math Mammoth.”
Teresa D., Club Member
”I am a fifteen year homeschool veteran, and had only heard about the HBCo-Op but had never actually bought anything from the site. Having become desperate for a new math curriculum for my fifth child, I knew I needed to leave behind the one-and-only curriculum that we had been using for all fifteen years and go out on a limb with a new purchase. It became clear that my fifth child had different learning styles and challenges and needed something new. The price of Math Mammoth on the co-op site caught my attention, and after thoroughly checking out their website, I thought this may actually work for us. I am pleased to say that we are absolutely elated with the switch!! Not only did we get a FABULOUS deal and savings through the co-op, but Math Mammoth has been EXACTLY what my daughter has needed. No more tears. No more agony during math time. We are a happy mother-daughter duo, and I'm so pleased with all that she's learning. I just wished I had been bold enough to step out on the limb earlier. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and thank you Math Mammoth!!”
LVH, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been transformational for our homeschooling! After struggling through 6 years with Math in Focus, it was time for us to try something new. My daughter has always been good at math, but she's never enjoyed it. Math Mammoth's format is less overwhelming, logical, and well-explained. Each concept is explained in such a conversational way that I feel like I'm learning how to teach math in a completely different way! I love that instead of being hit at the end of each chapter with a whole lesson of word problems, each lesson includes relevant word problems that enrich the lessons. And there are fun puzzles thrown in to keep it interesting. Most importantly, though, MY KIDS ARE UNDERSTANDING MATH BETTER THAN THEY EVER HAVE! I look forward to continuing with Math Mammoth, especially to starting my youngest strictly with it next year, and I've already told our homeschool coordinator about it so she can look into it more.”
Jamie Gates, Club Member
”I got the complete international set 1-7 during the sale offered in Aug. We have been using it now for 2 months. I really like it. It's not the greatest fit for my 8 yr old but that is more about how he learns/grasps math rather than about the curriculum itself. If I was still homeshooling my middle school kids I wouldn't hesitate to have them use math mammoth.”
jelly, Club Member
”My daughter has been struggling with math and is really loving math mammoth. We tried an online math program last year that I believed to be sufficient but after investigating further, it ended up falling short. There are many things that need to be written on paper and Math Mammoth fit the bill. The explanations and videos are very helpful! She loves doing math now!”
Jami F., Club Member
”I have used MM for both of my kids from 2-7th grade. The curriculum does a great job of explaining new concepts and offering enough problems to practice. I was a strong math student through high school and have learned new tricks that I hadn't previously learned. It's a solid program, more challenging than most but manageable with diligence. I recommend the MM lesson plan too for pacing for the year and related videos/games. It's about 2-4 pages/ day on average to finish in a school year. I print part A and B as well as the answer key, and have them bound (my kids like that over a binder) and I 'm good for the whole year. Extremely economical on top of being an excellent program.”
Amy Tracy, Club Member
”My reluctant learner is now excited to do her math work! The layout of Math Mammoth works really well for her and it's not overwhelming to look at, from a student's perspective. I'm glad we made the switch!”
Kim F, Club Member
”We love Math Mammoth! I switched my girls to MM from another program and we haven't looked back. Very thorough, well-explained and they love that they have control over their learning as it is basically self-teaching. I pull out the manipulatives when they want them.”
Jaime B, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been a huge blessing to our family. I purchased the complete set, years ago, it included EVERYTHING that had been published at that time. My kids thrived on it and I was thankful I only needed to purchase one Math Curriculum up to high school. My older kids are now in High School and I have a new Kindergartner.”
Kim, Club Member
”This is a super comprehensive curriculum. My daughter was way behind due to being "taught the test" in public school. This program has allowed her to speed thru 2 lower grades and strengthen her skills as well as fill knowledge gaps. Now, she will be caught up to her actual grade level by fall and I won't worry about her being behind her peers. The curriculum is easy to use, self teaching (with the option of guiding thru lessons), and, most of all, challenging, without frustration.”
Jan A., Club Member
”We love Mammoth Math! I use it as our core curriculum to teach from. I love that I can print it off, have it spiral bound, and take it with us wherever we go. I have told several other homeschoolers about it who were looking for a solid math curriculum.”
Malaika M., Club Member
”This product is all worksheet based and I believe would be great for practicing.
For younger kids, they might lose interest quickly as the questions are repetitive.
My 5 year old daughter prefers to do it orally rather than write.
We are focusing more on using Right start and life of Fred for now and when I feel she needs to master a concept we will return to using the worksheets.”
Ally T, Club Member
”My Son was struggling with Math and this curriculum has helped him finally really understand and get the concepts. It's also very affordable.”
Joanne J, Club Member
”I'm a working mom who supplements math for my two children who are advanced in math. The Mammoth Math curriculum has been my go to for many years now. It s laid out in a very easy to understand format with great examples to help teach new concepts. My children are definitely doing well in math and I know a great deal of that is from the Mammoth math which we do at home. I like that I can purchase single topics to help further mastery or certain topics. It's also very affordable which I really love. Awesome product!”
Teial S, Club Member
”Math Mammoth is a very clean, easy to understand curriculum. My 2nd grader responds very well to the teaching style. After our first successful year using Math Mammoth, we are hooked.”
Shannon, Club Member
”We've been using Math Mammoth for about a month and half so far. It is working for everyone!! Two very different boys, 10 and 12 and a 6 yr old girl and me, the mom. I like that the teaching is built into the pages so we learn as we go and I don't have to get out separate material to explain each new thing. The kids enjoy the variety of problems and seem to be grasping some concepts I thought they'd not fully understood with other curriculum.”
Angie, Club Member
”Math Mammoth is working out great for my kids, and me. It isn't as complicated to teach/prep as some other curricula we've tried (Singapore and Saxon), but I really feel it covers everything really well. Kids don't mind doing the worksheets...they mix it up so it doesn't get too boring and tedious. We did the 3rd grade program this year for my at level daughter and 1st grade advanced son. I don't make him do quite as many problems (my 3rd grader does them all) since he has the ability, but not really the patience to do as many. We plan on using the 4th grade program next school year. Buying it through the co-op is an amazing value for such a great program.”
Janet, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has changed math in our family! We went from tears and whining when it was time for math to my student now telling me that math is her favorite subject!”
Libby Pritchett, Club Member
”This is hands down my favorite option for Math for my 6-year-old son. We have used both the light blue and blue series. My son is able to work through the assignments independently by reading the directions and examples for each lesson. If he needs clarification I am there to assist him but he is able to do most of the assignments independently.

I also had a question about an assignment that I sent to Math Mammoth. I got a personal detailed response from the owner.

This is an easy to use, open and go curriculum.”
Erika H., Club Member
”This is the math curriculum we were looking for! Short lessons, thoroughly explained. We've tried lots of different programs both online and in workbook form, and nothing seemed to 'click' for math instruction. When we started Math Mammoth, I noticed my children's math confidence building. Topics are thoroughly covered, and the online enrichment games are great too! Highly recommend! We're officially a Math Mammoth family!”
Dianne, Club Member
”I m using this with two children (5 & 7). This curriculum is exactly what we were looking for. The pace is nice, the explanations are thorough and it allows for some independent work (my older child). Overall we are very pleased. The digital format will allow us to download as needed for either child and for review. I highly recommend!”
J. Vickers, Club Member
”We are really enjoying Math Mammoth. The printable sheets are easy to read and not cluttered. The Kids can work any level (no more trying to guess what level to buy to find out you guessed wrong). If you don't like one style you pick another one.”
N. Katan, Club Member
”So far we are loving this curriculum. My daughter has been a little behind on her math but is now picking it up quickly. We are so grateful for the co-op making this affordable for our family.”
Felicia Y., Club Member
”We have used a variety of math programs and Maria Miller's Math-Mammoth has exceeded our expectations. The concepts are presented in a variety of ways, leading to accessibility for all types of learners. The colorful presentation of each work text promotes engagement with appealing puzzles. Concepts are broken down into manageable chunks and presented with many opportunities for practice. With the inclusion of website links for additional practice and fun games for extended application of skills, math has become a favored activity instead of a chore. The systematic approach for new learning as well as review learning provides more than enough variety for students. I anticipate using this program for many years.”
Denise T., Club Member
”This is an awesome text! My kids are able to move through very smoothly. They have even gotten the confidence to work on the material (1st and 2nd grade) without my assistance. I have used another mastery type math program previously, but my kids became bored. Math Mammoth has kept their attention from day one, even when they have come across something they don't understand they have a motivation to keep trying. I have been so happy about this program that I purchased the Light Blue bundle CD from grade 1 to 7, and I have also made mention of it on Homemakingwithgrace.com on the post about the 2017-2018 curricula. I feel that this program is great for many learning styles, and is wonderful if you are trying to develop students that are self-motivated.”
Kym Ely, Club Member
”We purchased the entire Math Mammoth program on Homeschool Buyers Co-op and in 2 months have already found it useful to have all the books. We are using it for 4 children, one doing remediation.
The placement testing and help from Maria Miller makes it easy to pinpoint where you need to start, allows you to see exactly which topics you need to go back and work on, and the books teach the topics in a clear way that my daughter is enjoying. It s very easy to correlate the topics from the placement test with the table of contents of the individual books, or choose to use the topic books.
For remediation, it's helpful to have all the books and just use what's needed. It also works well for switching from another program and needing to fill in gaps.
We use both the grade-level books, and the topic books. The topic books helped my daughter to really see the topic from start to finish and how all the parts go together, and I haven t seen that offered by other programs.
We purchased the pdf's so that the children could zoom in on the tablet, which really helps with their visual processing issues. The other thing that is helpful for them is that the problems are often grouped in boxes, which helps them to visually separate the material.
Purchasing the Homeschool Planet lesson plans to use with the online planner also gives us access to simply click on links for teaching videos and extra games that are already planned and correspond to the topics. It was worth it to me to purchase the planner and lesson plans to keep us on track with the schedule.
My children can do the work on their own, which helps them gain independence. The kids love not having to wait for me to get their math done, and are doing very well. My daughter doing remediation work has been excited to learn new ways of doing things that have made things easier for her. We plan on using all of the books through 7th grade”
Y. Dieken, Club Member
”We have been floundering the past couple of years, trying to find math curriculum that works for my son. Math Mammoth is solid and will work. It's obvious where his shortcomings are and they have product targeting them. My biggest regret is that we didn't start with it. It's much more advanced than others we've tried, so my 6th grader might be 4th grade on one topic, 5th grade at another, 6th on some. It's messy this year but we're trying to find level ground.”
Donna, Club Member
”My family loves Math Mammoth. I bought the PDF version offered at a ridiculously reasonable price so both of my children will be able to benefit from this fabulous program.”
R. Beddingfield, Club Member
”This is my second year using Math Mammoth. By the end of this year my kids will have completed grades 1-4. MM is comprehensive in scope, very thorough in explanation to the student, and gives lots of opportunities to use manipulatives or online games etc to reinforce concepts. The pages aren't fancy, but they are in color and word problems are relevant to modern life, which may not seem like a big deal but it keeps the curriculum from feeling as tedious as others. . My older son has been able to "open and go" with most topics in the curriculum, but my younger son is just now reading fluently, so almost every section has to be read aloud to him and explained. That said, he's six and doing 2nd grade math because he was well prepared for math concepts in te K4 preschool he attended so we dove right into 1st grade math when he stared kindergarten with very few problems.
I appreciate that the curriculum teaches my kids to look at problems differently than I was taught. I am expecting a very smooth transition to algebra when we get there.
I highly recommend giving MM a look! It was an amazingly worthwhile investment!”
Laura C, Club Member
”We are really enjoying math mammoth. I love the way it is broken down making it easy for me to teach and for my kids to learn. I will definitely continue using this curriculum!”
Meg, Club Member
”Math-Mammoth has been a total blessing! I have two boys aged eight and seven. Before Math Mammoth, my eight year old did well in math, but found math boring and my second grader flat out had trouble with math. The curriculum I was using last year wasn't a good fit for my artistic, right brain critter. He really enjoys the pictures on the worksheets and it really has enabled him to grasp what he is learning. I also purchased the lesson plans (to use with homeschool planet). These are awesome! It provides instructional videos and/or links to math games. My kids love them! I went ahead and purchased the seven year bundle hoping it would be a good match. Money well spent! The total cost of seven years of Math Mammoth cost the same as one year of some of the other curriculums I was thinking of getting. I really couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.”
Rachel F., Club Member
”We bought this program as I felt that the math program that accompanied our curriculum was lacking. I'm very pleased to share that not only is this curriculum comprehensive, but my kids love it! For the great discount provided here, it was well worth the investment. We will get many years of use from this excellent program.”
Jenna P., Club Member
”We started using Math Mammoth during this school year and we love it. My children and I love it so much better than the last math curriculum we had been using. We purchased the full set which also has the Gold & Green and I am so glad I did. The extra worksheets available are fabulous. I love that we have the next level already so when we finish one, we move directly on! The value is wonderful and the product has proven to be above our expectations.”
D. Ray, Club Member
”I taught both elementary and high school before becoming a homeschooling mom and I was seriously impressed when I first started looking into this program. I liked how straightforward it is and the logical progression of the lessons. But because I'm not a math teacher, I asked my math teacher brother for a second opinion. I showed him some free samples and he said, "This is good, get the program!" So we got it and we have been very pleased. My kids have used it now for 2 years and they love it. We especially like the mental math exercises and the specific teaching of mental math strategies. I am a little embarrassed to admit that my mental math skills have improved!

This program is set up to teach math concepts in a logical, methodical way. All math builds on previous concepts so resist the urge to race ahead. Make sure you get that firm foundation... but if you do later find there are gaps in your child's understanding, the Blue Series materials are organized by topic, rather than grade level and are really great for focusing on a particular topic (i.e. fractions.

There are great suggestions for math games and further resources. Included in each booklet.

The icing on the cake is that Maria Miller actually answers her email so if you have questions, ask. She has been remarkably helpful.”
Anne, Club Member
”We use Math Mammoth (meets the standards) in a home school setting.This is great for those who enjoy a text book style learning, rather you complete it on a pdf copy or print it off as we do. This can definitely be used as a self learning, self paced text book, thanks to the built in, easy to follow, instructions from the author, Maria Miller.(Further, she offers instructional videos, should the need arise.)

However, for those students/learners who loathe text book style, as one family member does, perhaps an online math solution would be a better, less stressful match for all involved, as is in our case.

We will continue to use Math Mammoth for those who like paper and pencils and yes, sometimes erasers. One recommendation, check the work daily and give immediate feed back to build correct, strong math skills .”
TeamS, Club Member
”I love Math Mammoth! It has made it so much easier for my grandson to learn math. I love how she shows more than one way to learn concepts! My grandson learns his math much more easily now due to Maria's program! I have tried other programs but this is the one we will stay with! IT took me a while to find her, but I have purchased levels 1-7 so I will have them ready for my grandson!”
Kathleen H., Club Member
”I like how each concept in broken into separate "chapters" so It's easy to take that concept and do other hands on learning instead of the worksheet if we wanted to! It just makes it straight forward and easy to follow!”
Danielle I, Club Member
”We're playing catch-up on basic math skills and this package is awesome! The content is clear, easy to follow for both the student and the parent/teacher. The flow and presentation of the concepts are encouraging for all ages-literally and without feeling as though the subject was written only for elementary kids. From a technical perspective, the files are well organized and easy to find and print. I truly wish I had discovered this product earlier. This is THE BEST self-contained math package. I bought the entire package and I highly recommend it. It is a great value.”
Susan, Club Member
”Math mammoth is an excellent math program! We tried Singapore and it was not challenging enough to hold my son's interest. MM moves along at a pace that keeps attention but not fast enough to keep the student from mastering skills needed to be successful when moving forward. I personally love the teaching style. Eventually it could be a self taught subject because of how well the instruction is laid out. (My son is six and not reading well enough for it to be self taught at this point.) Overall a five star program!!”
B. Bernard, Club Member
”We absolutely love Math Mammoth and so do both of my girls, in different grades. The method is easy to understand for them (and for me to help them) and yet thorough and comprehensive. My daughter is doing so much better since she started this program and I feel like my youngest daughter is starting off on the right foot too!”
A Demientieff, Club Member
”I absolutely LOVE Mammoth Math! This series lays thing out in a very straight forward manner that makes it easy for a student to understand. I love the worksheets from the yellow and green series to help solidify my kid's understanding of specific topics. I especially love the decimal and fractions packets. This is my top go-to series for my children.”
Teial S, Club Member
”We have tried just about every math curriculum through the years but are back with Math Mammoth because we find it to be the most thorough and comprehensive. The customer service is wonderful and quick as well. Maria has always responded to any question or helped fix any issue I've had.”
Jodi M, Club Member
”This is our first year homeschooling because we wanted to travel. We started doing Singapore Standard Edition because that is what she was doing at her former school. I immediately realize that despite an MBA and a pretty good math background, I had no idea what I should be doing to teach the lessons. So we stated looking for something else, challenging, but that I could understand and teach. We selected MM and also are using CTC Math because of the videos, a perfect combination. I like that MM is a printable since we do not always have internet connection on the road and they give us all the grades. Because Singapore skips some basics in the early grades, I am combining both the 4th and 5th grade MM lessons as I determine what my child needs. Excellent program, plenty of practice and the examples, unlike Singapore really make the lesson objective clear. I would highly recommend.”
MaryLu C, Club Member
”I purchased Math Mammoth grades 2-4. I decided to buy it because the math curriculum I had been using with my daughter had worked well with my sons, but was not a good match for her. I decided to make the change mid-year but we live overseas so purchasing a curriculum with physical textbooks and having them sent to us would have been expensive. The fact that Math Mammoth was an instant download was a huge plus for us. I could start using it immediately and it was very reasonably priced.

The curriculum is very thorough with lots of practice problems and lots of variety within the problems. The layout is simple, but also colorful and my daughter likes it when puzzle-type problems are included in each section. I also think it has a good amount of word problems included.

This is the first math curriculum that my daughter has responded to positively and we have been making steady progress.

Thank you, Math Mammoth!”
Renee G., Club Member
”My boys are enjoying Math Mammoth. We were using another math program last year, so before we started, I gave them the end of the year test over a period of several days. I have used the results to target areas of weakness and reduce work required in areas of strength.

Since I purchased the entire series, we can move on to the next level, or review lower level topics as needed. Each child can have a math experience tailored to his learning level without a lot of prep on my part; I just print out the pages we need, a few days in advance.

I especially like the mental math practice and algebraic thinking puzzles. I can already see more fluency in using numbers after only a few weeks.

Thank you for offering this program!”
Sue B., Club Member
”I choose Math Mammoth for it's rigor and mental math. There are many math programs out there but I wanted one that taught my child how to think and approach a problem. Math Mammoth does this in that it teaches children strategies for problem solving in an easy to understand, sequential way.

Although the curriculum is a worktext and is easy to read for many students, I would discourage you from simply handing it over to your child for completion. In my opinion, no math program should be used in this way.

In our homeschool, I read and work through the examples with my boys, ages 11 and 8. Since the worktext is written to the student, doing the previously mentioned is easily done by the teacher and only heightens student understanding. Then, I assign some problems to be done independently. Sometimes, we work through a problem or even an entire lesson together. I do a problem, with a lot of input from my boys, and then they do a problem. They like this format most, as do I because I can pose questions along the way, and Math Mammoth lends itself nicely to this kind of teamwork.

I have used this program for a number of years and have found that my boys perform very well on standardized tests as a result. But more importantly, they have the strategies to tackle real-life problems. In fact, my boys prefer these type of story problems to any simple mathematical calculation. As a child, I on the other hand preferred the later to the former. I know, now, it was because I wasn't taught how to think mathematically. This curriculum has surpassed my expectations. It has taught my children to think mathematically. It is challenging but it is also doable and rewarding. We are so pleased with Math Mammoth, that we will continue to use it through pre-algebra.”
Kathy, Club Member
”My family has used Math Mammoth for years, and I recommend it to my friends who homeschool, or who are looking for math help for their children. I had to re-purchase it because I lost the DVD in our last move. It does a great job of explaining concepts in concrete ways, and has worked for all three of my very different learners.”
Stacee U., Club Member
”New to home schooling I felt overwhelmed trying to pick out a suitable curriculum to suit a 1st and 4th grader (in particular), having come through regular school up to 3rd grade. Both kids are enjoying math mammoth so far. The hints and tips for mental math throughout are great. The program provides flexibility if a student is struggling on something because I can hop back and print out some 3rd grade reminders of key concepts. I love that I can generate extra worksheets of different problems online anytime - brilliant. We haven't got far enough yet to use the chapter reviews but glad that they are there for us when we're ready. The pricing through homebuyers is amazing to cover both students through 8th grade if we so choose. I chose to do the download option and print as we go. I would recommend this product (and a good printer!).”
Claire L, Orlando, Club Member
”I LOVE this program. As a former math teacher with my masters also in math education I would highly recommend this program at least based on what we have experienced so far in 1st grade. My daughter is enjoying and is improving every day with her math facts. This is definitely a mastery based curriculum which I support.”
Jess B., Club Member
”I am so glad I found Math Mammoth. I chose the Blue Series, which is organized by concept instead of grade level. Being able to easily find and focus in on specific concepts when my children are ready for them, without feeling constrained by grade level, is important to me. Math Mammoth Blue Series provides this flexibility.

I find the way Math Mammoth teaches each concept to be easily accessible. There is enough visual support for my visual learner without the use of wild or distracting graphics such as I've seen in some other programs. The balance of new teaching and review practice seems right on. Math Mammoth Blue Series has made me better able to successfully teach math to my children, and in the process improves my own mathematical thinking. I'm simply thrilled with this program.”
Carly S.,
”We absolutely love this curriculum. The working-text is easy to navigate. The content is truly written to the child, so it requires little effort on my end, as the teacher, to get our math lesson done. My daughter did not enjoy anything about math, but she is able to comprehend her assignments. It progressively increases in skill level, so you have the opportunity to master difficult concepts before moving forward. There are also review questions that serve as a refresher for previous content. All around, I couldn't imagine using anything other than Math Mammoth.”
Amber R., Club Member
”I love Math Mammoth! The lessons are so descriptive that the children can teach themselves. I've tried a few curriculums with my son but this is one I prefer.”
Keshia C, Club Member
”My kids love this program. The way it's laid out makes a lot of sense. Easy to teach for all learners, even struggling ones.”
Lisa Spence, Club Member
”I would highly recommend Math Mammoth! My daughter is only 7, so we have only tried Singapore (Primary Mathematics 1A and 1B) and Math Mammoth. Personally, I enjoyed the simplicity of the Singapore workbooks, but after we were done I felt frustrated that Singapore seemed to skip lots of initial steps, which would make learning the concept easier and more in-depth. Especially when learning to count money and reading a clock. Thankfully, Math Mammoth (MM) approaches EVERY topic in small easy chunks and it gives the needed and beneficial information to help children build their understanding so that they can actually master the topic! While, MM is not self-teaching in my opinion, I love the small parent teaching box. At this age, I am not interested in lengthy manuals to follow or guided words to say out-loud to my children. I also love how MM shows the children many ways to re-work math problems to enhance both understanding and math memorization plus mental math. This adds variety so that the children have lots of practice with number computation without becoming bored! I also love that it has many math game recommendations and other websites, etc. to utilize. We fell in love with the math card games recommended. I can easily see how much more my daughter has improved her math skills since using this program! We will be using it again next year!”
Michelle P., Club Member
”Math Mammoth is the perfect math solution for our family. With a math whiz Kindergartner and a math averse 2nd grader, it is easy to pick and choose how many worksheets we do each day. This is the one subject that forces me to teach the kids separately and Math Mammoth makes it very easy to do so. I can start, stop, and pause any skill anytime. The bundle I purchased allows me to find new worksheets that are more or less challenging according to our needs. It fills every gap and helps us cross every bridge. A complete package! It did take a while to sort through all of the files (we purchased the CD) but once we figured it out, it became very easy to access what we need. I printed out the year ahead of time and go back to specific files as needed. We love it! Math Mammoth is unlimited access to worksheets. If worksheets work for you, Math Mammoth will work for you.”
Erika F., Club Member
”We've tried several different math programs in the past. None of them ever seemed to work for all of our kids. Some of our kids deal with issues like Asperger's and Discalcula, so we're always on the lookout for ways to help them.

Before purchasing Math Mammoth, we contacted the company to ask questions. Maria, the author of the program, responded immediately and answered all of our questions in detail. She then offered to help place our kids within the program.

We had our children take the placement tests and then sent the results to Maria. She went over each test, section by section, and told us what we should do to get our kids started in the program.

We decided to try out the program. We have been very happy with it, and our kids, who previously disliked math, now no longer complain.

They love sitting down with their math lessons and working through the problems. Honestly, there was some complaining at first, especially with the somewhat difficult Puzzle Corner problems, but within a week they were enjoying it.

Math Mammoth forces your kids to think differently about math. This is what caused our children to complain at first. It felt too difficult for them to think this way. But now that they have made the adjustment, it's great to see how they approach math and the way they think mathematically now.

We are very pleased with Math Mammoth and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great math program.”
E. Erickson, Club Member
”My sons and I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. It's colorful and fun worksheets have helped us a lot.”
Andrea, Club Member
”I am very satisfied with Math Mammoth. I bought the full package at a very much discounted price thanks to the co-op, and now I can choose what to reinforce for my 9 year old child. The texts, exercises and example are so clear that my child, who does not read english (we are Italians), can work by himself on most of the topics. This has also helped his self-confidence. I like that I can chose from books by grade, or from topics that I want to reinforce. Exercises go from simple to hard very gradually, which also helps my child. With his school book, that was a spiral program, he was very confused, but now we can focus on each topic for as much time as he need. He is no more afraid of math! and sorry for the english, it is not my mother tongue :)”
Yona B., Club Member
”We purchased the entire Math Mammoth curriculum and are very satisfied. It is straight forward math! It is presented by grade OR by subject which has been helpful in filling the gaps public schools left my children with.

My children have shown a positive response to Math Mammoth -especially my 4th grader who struggled with the confusion that common core in our public schools created. Maria, the creator of Math Mammoth has many helpful videos and tips for teaching math on her website that we have utilized as well.

We feel Math Mammoth is a very thorough curriculum for elementary level and hope to see it expand up through calculus in the future, but regardless we feel it offers a sound foundation of general math skills that will benefit our children when they transfer to another curriculum for algebra-and-above math.”
J.Z.- mom of 2, Club Member
”We are loving Math Mammoth! It's great because the lessons aren't super long so the kids don't get frustrated. It's perfect because it goes all the way through 7th grade so both of my kids can use the program. Finally, it is priced very reasonably for all that is included!”
Samantha J, Club Member
”We LOVE Math-Mammoth! We had used one of the popular, big name math curriculum for 5 years, and did plan on switching, although I did not enjoy using it. My kids seemed to be learning fine with it, but the layout was frustrating for me to work with, and I felt that even with the home instructor's guide, some things were not explained well at all. A friend introduced me to Math-Mammoth and based on what she told me, I decided it was worth switching. I am so glad I did! I now enjoy teaching math, because it is laid out so clearly and explained so thoroughly. I feel that it is even more rigorous than our previous math program, but not frustrating for my kids because her explanations are so good and many clear examples are given. It is so nice to have everything in one book, too, and with the explanations and examples readily accessible for my kids to review on their own. The price is also amazing! With the buyers co-op, I purchased 7 yrs worth of curriculum, easily printable for all my kids, for a fraction of the cost of one year of our previous curriculum. I really can't say enough good things!”
Kristen S., Club Member
”My daughter who is 7 just started with Math Mammoth this year, and is doing very well with it. Straight forward design, with good support. Very happy so far!”
Mark Struble, Club Member
”My son has finally stopped complaining about doing math when we switched to Math Mammoth. He really prefers workbooks and I love that instruction is included right there with the exercises so he can work through it by himself and if he needs my help, I don't have to dig through a teacher's manual. It's open and go and that is a great relief to me. The books are of excellent quality. Each lesson includes a clear explanation, examples, and exercises. Having the PDFs means that I can print off what we need, when we need it, and I can use this over and over. I wish we would have just started with this program. It would have saved us a lot of time!”
Melissa M, Club Member
”We purchased Math Mammoth after using a different "mental math" program for the previous 2 years. While I LOVED the previous program, it was VERY teacher-intensive. That was okay when I had 3 boys age 5 and older, but when I had a baby I was struggling to get lessons in with the other program. After talking to some other moms & reading reviews, I decided to give Math Mammoth a try. It has the "mental math" component that I love, but it is more independent (for children who can read). I am available to answer questions when needed but I no longer need to teach entire lessons (3 at that). My children can each be at their own unique levels and just ask for help as needed. It has really been a blessing. I am extremely picky about the materials that I use and I find this program put together very well. I thought I wouldn't like that it is a computer file and I have to print, but that hasn't been a problem. In fact, if a child ruins or loses a page, or completely doesn't understand a page, it is super easy to toss that page in the trash and just start again fresh. This has been a great fit for our homeschool!”
Angela D., Club Member
”We are loving this curriculm. It is easy to understand so my son doesn`t need me to sit with him during his work time and when he is having a hard time with a concept it provides extra small booklets to ephasize the knowledge needed, allowing him and me time to really make sure he understands the concept before moving to a new one.”
Tomara, Club Member
”We've only just begun using Math Mammoth, and have been pleased thus far! The cost itself is enough to give it a try! Plus the fact that it's a digital download allows me to use it for all FOUR of my children, for one small fee! Thank you!”
Heather F., Club Member
”This is a great program. I have found it very helpful using it as a supplement and giving extra practice with different math skills.”
Christine B, Club Member
”This year we decided to change our math curriculum due to poor recall when reviewing previous lessons. This semester we started using Math Mammoth for my 2nd grader and out of default tried the first grade lessons for my kindergartener. It is working great for both my sons. I've seen an improved interest in math as well as better independence. I am very pleased with the lessons. Instead of overwhelming my kids with manipulatives which caused too much distraction for them. I now just add them as they need them for further explaination and practice. I am so glad we found Math Mammoth. It is truly blessing our homeschool year.”
Karen F, Club Member
”I spent quite a bit of time researching which Math curriculum to use when I started homeschooling my 3rd and 5th grade kids. This was exactly what I hoped to find when I went looking. The placement test helped confirm which level to use. The material is easy to understand, yet challenging. We all love it and will continue to use it!”
E. Allen, Club Member
”My search for that elusive, perfect math curriculum is over. I have tried many different curriculums to help my child succeed in math, and I always felt that there was something missing. It either went to quickly, too slowly, spiraled too much, or had too Mich focus on mastery. I wanted a program that allowed my child to approach math not as just a boring series of problems on the page, but a new way of looking at the world. The Creator instituted math, and I wanted her to enjoy it, to find beauty in it, to understand it. Math Mammoth is a challenging course, but challenging in the way that leads to excitement, not years. I am so excited that through the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, I was able to purchase SEVEN levels of math for the price I have paid for just one year of math for one student. The program is self-contained, and the student can work independently. I am a huge fan!”
L. Hill, Club Member
”My (gifted) kids have really loved using MM. I usually have them read the instructions, and if they think they understand it, they can skip to the last question to prove their mastery, or choose to do several problems if it seems tricky. They love that they can just do some of the problems, as many or few as they need.

I have taken myself off the Math Mammoth email list, because the author sends proselytizing emails, but the curriculum is secular (so far, I've got kids doing 3rd grade and 5th grade), and really really solid. We'll keep using it until we run out, it's really wonderful.”
R. Burke, Club Member
”I don't know what it is about Math Mammoth that makes it work, all I know is that it works. After just a few weeks starting from the first book of first grade, I went from having a 2nd grader who couldn't add or subtract, to a 2nd grader who loves making up math problems and solving them for fun.”
Kimberly, Club Member
”We purchased Math Mammoth before we started school this year and have LOVEd it so far. Its easy to use and visually stimulating. I love the pdf version because I can print just what we need.”
Vicki Williams, Club Member
”We are really enjoying this curriculum. We started Math Mammoth a couple of weeks ago so haven't done a lot yet. We have the whole program and are currently working on grade one and two. It is easy for both the kids and for their grownups to follow. The work texts are very simple to understand and explain how to do each type of problem. It's almost a self-taught program. There is a ton of other materials if your child needs more practice but we haven't needed any of it yet. The kids happily sit down and go through a few pages alone and ask questions every once in a while. We really like it and will continue to use it.”
B. Sikes, Club Member
”Math Mammoth is a solid resource. It provides good worksheets for all math topics. My daughter is gifted in many subjects--but not math. After using another well-regarded math program for most of second grade she had gaps in her proficiency. She successfully used MM for extra practice in select areas (clock/time, shapes/geometry, measurement, fractions). MM will play a more prominent role next year. For supplemental math practice, we like CTC and XL on-line subscriptions.”
LHS, Club Member
”My children (first and fifth graders) have both enjoyed Math Mammoth very much. I like that I only print what I need and they like not being bombarded with too many problems per concept. Once they get it, we move on. I love the unit studies like "Money" which I can use with both kids. Highly recommend Math Mammoth!”
Karrie W., Club Member
”Math Mammoth has many examples to work through and the students learn as they go. Although the program does not supply manipulatives, it does encourage use of household items to provide kinesthetic learning. It is very organized, structured, and easy to follow. I especially appreciate the reviews provided before each test.”
Amanda Bermudez, Club Member
”Great program! Great price!”
Amy, Club Member
”After trying many different math programs Math Mammoth is a life saver. I have 3 of my children using it and we all couldn't be happier. They are fully understanding concepts that they had trouble with before because of the clear descriptions in Math Mammoth.”
Vasuki, Club Member
”We love Math Mammoth and especially the fantastic deal we got through the Co-op to download everything! I love that we have topics as well as grades, so if my DD is struggling with something we can go back and cover it by topic to review, or use the reviews from previous grades. I love how the material is presented and it really makes sense. The mastery system is great because I feel my daughter can work to 'get it', rather than the old system we used which was spiral and often I found she didn't understand a lot of what we'd covered. Finally, I like that it is not overly difficult for grade level, but about right. It gives my daughter confidence and there is still challenge in the puzzle corners, which we do together and she really enjoys. Other curriculum we have used has had a lot of extra stuff, which often my DD has not been ready for, so we've ended up going down a grade level, but then some of it was too easy. She's in fourth grade and sometimes she works independently, and other times I need to work through the explanations with her. My daughter in first grade also uses some of the lessons, but at that age I tend to do more real life maths, aka Ruth Beechick. What we have used I really like, as it's all concrete - with pictures etc for the numbers.

We will continue to use this, definitely, it's the first programme I've been totally happy with.

My younger daughter loves it. My elder, really, really doesn't lke math, but she does really quite like Math Mammoth, so that's a pretty impressive accolade!

I have recommended Math Mammoth to all my home ed friends, because our family think it's great! I also recommended the Co-op deal.”
Mic T, Club Member
”I purchased this program for use by all three of my children ranging from 1st to 6th grade. Each of my children have been able to proceed through the program independently with minimal help from me. I highly recommend this for those schooling multiple levels. The spiral curriculum lets each grade dive deeper into the math concepts while reviewing previous levels, thus allowing a child at any level to begin and progress easily.”
Meredith M., Club Member
”I am very happy with this purchase. I love the amount of resources my disc offers. The worksheets are excellent, tests are comprehensive of the material covered within a chapter, and there are many supplemental resources to help build on the skills being learned. Another bonus is all the information is there for each grade level. I have one child working at grade level and another who is a year ahead. The program is a win-win for our family.”
J. Chavez, Club Member
”Good sampling of problems for the kids to solve without being overwhelming. Instructions are easy to follow. My third grader can read the instructions by herself and work most of the problems with little help from me. We really like the program and for the first time in years both my children (1st & 3rd) beg to continue their math lessons. The only change I would like to see is a little more detail on the instructions and addition of new material.”
archer11101, Club Member
”Math Mammoth has given me and my family more freedom with math. She advises that we do not become slaves to any math curriculum not even Math Mammoth. It is a tool. Unfortunately, I had fallen prey to the "slave" mindset in that was seeking to have my children do every page and every problem. I was forgetting the goal was to learn and not finish. I am grateful not only for the curriculum but the advice that came along with it.

I appreciate that the math problems are explained in the student material without having to pull out a separate teacher's manual. I also appreciate that when I had a question earlier in the school year I was given an immediate response. I think that is awesome.”
Joanne H., Club Member
”We love the Math Mammoth books and I am very picky about our math curriculum. I prefer the Math Mammoth Light Blue program to any other program we have tried for instructor ease, student comprehension, strong emphasis on mental math and comprehensiveness...as well as the simple, uncluttered, presentation and interesting word problems. For the 2nd grade level an abacus (we use the Right Start Math abacus) and base ten blocks have been useful since we are "catching up." I work one-on-one with the children in this series at grades 2 & 3.”
H.B., Club Member
”I purchased Math Mammoth after researching several math curriculums. The curriculum that was wonderful for my two older children just didn't work for my 2 younger children, who are both dyslexic. Math Mammoth allows them to work on one skill at a time and master that skill before moving on to something new. That is so important for my younger children. I can also choose the skills that my children need to work on. It is just what I was looking for.”
Rachel S., Club Member
”As my oldest was getting ready for pre-algebra from our previous math program (TT), I felt she wasn't ready. After using MM test, I realized how big her gaps were and ended up with the whole program. I wish we had been doing this for years! It is easy to use and very complete. I know this will bring her and her little bro back on track. The cost of this program is low compared to most others and that it is easily used for more than one child is even better. I've used many math programs over the last 20 yrs with my 4 kids, and I wish that I had got this one first!

The pages are clear, simple and easy to understand. Minimal colors are used to avoid distractions for some kids. The program is clearly laid out for both using year by year or if you need to go back and do remedial work. It has simplified my life by helping me pinpoint what areas my kids needed to work on and directing exactly to where I needed to go to get them that work. Love it and highly recommend it!”
Valerie B., Club Member
”My two children that are using Math Mammoth are total different learners. Yet, they both enjoy this math program. As the parent & teacher, I love that there is the ability to work at the pace of choice and for the length of time needed on any specific subject area. If you are confused with anything, Maria Miller's website and videos are super helpful. Her response to emails are quick and insightful. Overall, we love Math Mammoth!”
Brandy A., Club Member
”This math program has worked wonderfully for both my children. We are very pleased with the program, it is easy to follow and the explanations are concise.”
Brooke M., Club Member
”While I believe math mammoth is an accelerated program, if you don't get hung up on the grade level I find it superior to Saxon and Math u See. It is more comprehensive and teaches the why behind the concept. We love it!”
Stephanie, Club Member
”We used MUS for kindergarten and 1st grade, but as we started gearing up for 2nd grade, I just felt like my son wasn't "getting it". I bought Math Mammoth and we started with the 1st grade material, because it was clear that MUS had many holes and I felt strongly that it was better to develop a solid foundation in the beginning than to push through the 2nd grade curriculum. We have LOVED Math Mammoth. I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that we switched. My son has developed confidence and a love for math that I hadn't seen until we switched. The workbooks are organized in a way that really guides the instructor...this was helpful to me as the teacher because math is not necessarily my strongest point. There is plenty of additional material and lots of support online as well as in the instructor portion of the text. Supplemental games, on and offline are readily listed at the beginning of each chapter. I could not be any more satisfied with this program and highly recommend it. I bought it through the Homeschool Buyers Coop and have felt that it was worth every penny. I printed our workbooks in black and white ink at Staples and they ran about $25 each. Color printing would have added considerable cost, but black and white has been fine for us.”
Sarah Cook, Club Member
”My daughter (and I) really enjoy Math Mammoth. What drew me to the curriculum was the integration of real-life application. I like the logical sequence of learning concepts and multiple ways the problems are explained (appealing to a variety of learning styles). I also find that I regularly use the Blue Series as a brush up on "gaps" in her learning from public school. I highly recommend it to all my homeschooling friends.”
Angela B, Club Member
”I bought the entire series. I have seen or had trials of many other math products and I really like the unique teaching approach this product uses. I would definitely recommend.”
Joyce, Club Member
”Love this program! The details of how to find the mathematical answers are clear, the pages are uncluttered, and their customer service is not only very friendly but quick too. What else do you need from an educational tool?!”
Mimi, Club Member
”I purchased the Blue series, and my son really loves it! It's a perfect fit for him, because he is inquisitive, and intuitive in his approach to math. I personally feel this series is a better fit for a gifted student than for a struggling student. It was great to be able to purchase the series from the Co-op for a significant discount!”
Anne P., Club Member
”I am so glad we purchased Math Mammoth. It has made such a difference in our home school math experience. My second grader does not like to use flashcards and it was boring for her to try to memorize numbers. I am amazed at how quickly she picked up on adding, even larger numbers with Math Mammoth! Its methods of teaching math is refreshing and so easy to follow! We will continue to use this math program for years to come.”
Jenny D., Club Member
”I purchased the Blue series and could not be more pleased. I am able to fill in gaps or re-enforce concepts where my kids struggle. I highly recommend this product.”
Peggy Dalley, Club Member
”I purchased Math Mammoth to use in tutoring students. I chose Math Mammoth because it is set up so that students are taught to understand how and why math is used. It is explicit in the different approaches to solving problems. Most math programs teach how to solve a problem but not why and only use the standard approach and don't break down the steps as well.”
Kim Taylor,, Club Member
”I just purchased Math Mammoth for my 5 year old about a month ago. We are starting adding, and place value, and I find that this program is helping explain things that I, although a math expert, cannot explain to a child. I also like that it covers through the 6th grade. I also like that I can only print the pages that I want to print, and don't have to print all of them, if she picks up on a concept quickly and doesn't need the extra practice.”
Becky L., Club Member
”Math Mammoth took my son from "I hate math" to math as his favorite subject. The progression of concepts is logical and really helps the child to make the connections as he memorizes the facts. Our previous curriculum stressed memorization without clearly showing these connections.
I also love all of the game suggestions and online resources provided with each concept. Thank you, Maria Miller, for a product that is an answer to prayer!”
Tracy G., Club Member
”Love Math Mammoth for my 6 year old. She really enjoys it!!”
Michelle S., Club Member
”Math Mammoth is a great split between traditional and visual math. I have children with very different learning styles, and I can always find what I need somewhere on the page. Sticking to one subject at a time for the length of a chapter has really helped!”
D. R. Caswell, Club Member
”We have used an "advanced" math program; my 3 boys needed more real understanding and mastery, not just regurgitation. We went back one year and started working more on basics...I am very happy with that decision, I love the way they have to think, not just repeat steps. They love the patterns and the puzzlers and the fact there is not so much "busy work". I wish I had started with Math Mammoth sooner.”
Nancy R., Club Member
”I have wanted to switch to Math Mammoth for the last year, and unfortunately I never made the switch since I already purchased something else. We finally fully switched, and our children are truly understanding math. The games suggested are really fun, easy to implement, and are sprinkled throughout to give just the right amount.

We will continue to use it and stop trying to find "something better." We tried that, and after dropping large sums of money, found that Math Mammoth is easy to implement, effective, and complete. I will start our youngest child on it and not look back.”
Julie S., Club Member
”I am really glad that I got this special offer via the Co-op, it is worth every single penny. I am using Singapore Math from first to fifth grade and I found it there are some gaps of math concepts that I need to fill. I researched high and low for a more completed program and Math Mammoth was the top result of my search. Sure, it is not a self taught program (and neither is Singapore Math), but it has a very clear and thorough explaination in each concept. This is especially helpful for mom like me that needs to brush up on my knowledge in Math. I am very pleased with the product and of course the discount we received from the Co-op. Thanks again.”
Michelle, Club Member
”I am so happy to have found Math Mammoth. I am using the Blue Series with my daughter to get her ready for the 5th Grade Light Blue Series. My son will be using the 1st grade Lt. Blue books in September. There is just the right amount of practice and I love that it is self teaching...no teacher's manual required! My daughter is building confidence in her math skills and loves the challenging puzzle boxes. What a great series! Thanks Maria!”
Susan T., Club Member
”I am so pleased with the Math Mammoth program I recently purchased. Each concept is broken down clearly, and my children enjoy working through it. It has made my job so much easier!”
Kim B., Club Member
”Maria Miller has created a wonderful product with Math Mammoth. We used it last year, but this year I purchased a "packaged" curriculum and was kicking myself for not getting Math Mammoth to go along with it. Will not make the same mistake this year!”
Kendra H., Club Member
”I really enjoy having access to the entire curriculum series and at such an affordable price. This is useful if you need to back-up and review or if you want to jump ahead to a new topic. Particularly, as we switched to Math Mammoth, I was able to pull individual sheets from previous years just to make sure our skill set was secure. I look forward to continuing to use this product for years to come.”
Leslie S., Club Member
”It is a hit with my kids ! They request specific worksheets for me to print and use them whenever they want to take a break from the regular schoolwork they are doing. It has become a great boredom buster. Thanks Math Mammoth !”
Kat P., Club Member
”I bought the download of the Lightblue 1st-6th Grade Series. My children are currently using 1st, 3rd, and 4th this year. We just started and have not yet finished the first chapter, but I have printed and looked through the rest of the books.

The program is very well written. It teaches each step incrementally and really imparts an understanding of mathematics. I love that my kids are learning mental math too! None of the other math programs we have used really covered that well.

Another plus is that the explanations are clear. I know that I will have the support that I need to teach the upper elementary years.

I am very happy to have found a wonderful program which I know will give my kids an
excellent mathematical foundation. And, it was even better to get it at a discount through Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Angela C., Club Member
”I cannot say how happy we are with Math-Mammoth. It truly helped my daughter to understand and even like math! I also appreciate its virtually self-teaching and thorough structure. Mrs. Miller's ability to explain math in a simple and eye-opening way, packed in very manageable 2-3 page chapters, is very helpful and valuable. I bought the whole curriculum and I am sure it will serve us well in the coming years since I have also two smaller ones who will start with Math-Mammoth this year.”
Karin Z., Club Member
”We LOVE Math Mammoth!! We were introduced to MM when my 12 year old was struggling with fractions. I purchased the Fractions 1 book and before we were through the book, he had a great understanding and was actually able to do the work without frustration!!

Then I realized our previous math was not working for my 5 year old. It was too slow and even I dreaded it everyday. Since my oldest was having such a positive response from MM, I checked into it for my 5 yr old. Totally willing to pay full price for it, I just happen to catch a HSBC email about a MM group buy earlier this year. I jumped on it!!

We have SO happy with MM! My 5 yr old enjoys the little games and puzzles, he is learning and retaining, and I love that we aren't dreading math.”
Christie B., Club Member
”We purchased this group buy last year when it was offered. We have only been HS for one year now (my kiddos are 8 & 10). They had used a terrible math curriculum before and were way behind by any standards. I was not thrilled with the math program that so many advised us to use that first year. There was so much spiraling that I don't think we ever really got too much new instruction. So, I was in the market for a new one. I saw this and checked out the very generous samples and since the price was so good I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

I gave my children the placement tests and was dismayed to find they had learned even less than I had suspected. I was very overwhelmed and I was despairing about what I could do to get them back on track - or at least somewhere close. Maria Miller's site and products have always offered personal assistance with placement. Well, she went way above that. I ended up sending her copies of the tests and she laid out a specific remediation plan for both of my children. I was so grateful. She has been very quick to respond to all of my correspondence. She really loves math and seems just as committed as I am to my children's math learning. We have just started implementing the remediation plan, so I can't give an in-depth review on using the product; but, so-far, so-good. And, I'm not too worried because I know Maria is a quick email away!”
Mrs. Ivy LaGrone, Club Member
”Affordable, easy to teach math curriculum. It made our math lessons more exciting. My daughter is actually looking forward doing math!”
Inna C., Club Member
”I recently purchased Math Mammoth through a Co-op purchase. I purchased it with the intent of using it as a supplement to our current program (which I just love). I purchased the Blue pack. Once I received it I was so impressed that I wanted to make it our primary curriculum. It solved a couple problems I saw come up with the curriculum we were currently using. I decided I'd like the Light Blue. After contacting Maria she worked with me to help me purchase the Light Blue that I needed for a discounted price since I already bought the Blue series. I would highly recommend Math Mammoth as a curriculum (my kids have transitioned with no problems) as well as a company. I am very impressed with both! We will continue to use Math Mammoth as it is a solid, conceptual, mastery curriculum with a variety of problems as well as challenging application problems.”
Robyn Watts, Club Member
”I have used Math Mammoth 3rd grade with my 3 older boys and I am about to start my 3rd yr in a row with 1st grade and 2nd year with 2nd grade. It has been a great fit for all of my kids so far and the younger ones haven't had any struggle with place value like my older ones all did. I think it is because Maria presents it from so many different angles that it is bound to click no matter what the childs learning style is. I have my older kids using Teaching Textbooks now for the teaching/grading sanity savers, but use Math Mammoth for summer review. I have found MM to provide such a solid base that I will keep my 1st & 2nd graders with Math Mammoth even if/when TT comes out with those grades. ”
Brenda Kaes, mother of 9 and, Club Member
”When we began homeschooling last year my second grader could not do basic addition. We tried Saxon and Math-u-see with negative results. I grew so frustrated that I stopped teaching math. However, I stubled across Math Mammoth, through God's grace. We brought Math-Mammoth and in 7 days my daughter was completing math problems that she could not do a week before. That gave her a much needed boost of confidence. Another great plus of this program is that it covers grades 1-6, the student books, teacher books, and test w/answers. I would encourage parents to try Math Mammoth first before buying the more expensive math curriculums.”
T. Griffin, Club Member
”Last year we used a different math program, and while I liked how in-depth it was, I did not like that it was not comprehensive. We needed to also know about time, money, and geometry, etc. NOT just about addition and subtraction. Towards the end of the year, we switched over to Math Mammoth and zipped through it. My son did perfect on his CAT test in math! This year, we are starting off with Math Mammoth and are planning on a great year!”
Alexis Green, Club Member
”I got such a great deal on Math Mammoth through the last Group Buy. It was definitely worth it! We love this math program.”
Erin, Club Member
”I was first introduced to Math Mammoth when I had the opportunity to review it for The Old Schoolhouse Crew. You can read that full review here. After reviewing it, I decided to take advantage of the Co-op's Group Buy. We used several of their books this spring, and I LOVE how flexible this math product is. We'll be using it -sometimes as our main math and sometimes to suppliment our other math curriculum- for years to come.”
One Blessed Mamma, Club Member
”I love the simplicity of this program. I bought the full set and it is well worth it. It gives excellent samples and exercises which i find wanting in a lot of math curriculms today.”
Terri, a math teacher and, Club Member
”I have just started to get my feet wet with Math Mammoth, and I really like it. At the end of last year I used it to supplement Saxon with my 5th grader. This year I will use it with my 2nd and 6th graders. The program is easy to use and every thing is explained very well.

My son enjoyed the fact that he didn't have to copy out the problems (like he does in Saxon). And the fact that it is more of a mastery approach worked really well for him.

In the past I have used Horizon's, Singapore, and Saxon but I think Math Mammoth will be my primary choice for the elementary years from now on.”
Kelly Girl, Club Member
”I started using Math Mammoth with my dd. We found the writing straight forward and easy to understand. No more flipping through a bunch of books; it's all right there. Also, the e-books were helpful when we initially switched to MM, because I could go back further and review the information with my dd until we came to concepts that challenged her. Then, I could print out starting from there.”
Amanda M., Club Member
”I had used a popular curriculum workbook for 8 years, but found I was having the kids skip lots of problems - it wasn't necessary to do so much busy work. Math Mammoth was the answer to several things I was looking for: 1) printable PDFs are perfect cost-savers for our family with 8 kids (and no need to keep buying new materials every time the publisher "updates"); 2) Math Mammoth teaches my children to think rather than just regurgitate random facts; 3) my kids enjoy doing it, especially the puzzles!”
Liz S., Club Member
”Math Mammoth has been a hit in our house. Having all of the teaching combined in the student text has been very nice. It makes the program open and go. So far we have completed 1A and are about to start 1B. My daughter really enjoys using this program and has developed an excellent understanding of math.”
Natasha, Club Member
”I started using Math Mammoth last year for my daughter half-way through 1st grade. I had tried other programs, but this one was much better! All the instruction is on the page. It is written in a way that allows the student to read and understand what to do, which help her to be a more independent worker. It is also written in a way that allows you to speed up or slow down the pace as needed very easily. It also does not require a lot of unnecessary, expensive manipulatives, which saves a lot of money! I love Math Mammoth!”
Melissa D., Club Member
”Math-Mammoth is a great resource! My daughter is dyslexic and needs information presented in a variety of ways. I use Math-Mammoth to supplement our main curriculum RightStart. The explanations are thorough and incremental. On topics my daughter needs more help, the Math-Mammoth sheets are excellent. We can use as little or as many individual problems or whole sheets as we want. There's a nice combination of written explanation, diagrams and practice. That the workbooks are grouped by topic, make it really convenient to focus on just the skills you want to work on, and start or stop at the level best for your child. And perhaps the best part of Math-Mammoth is Maria Miller, herself. She is passionate about math. Great product, great support.”
D. Yumei, Club Member
”I am using ???? Math right now but Math Mammoth looks really great. I like the fact that it is cheaper than ???? and provides lots of explanation right in the worktext. ”
L. Halverson, Club Member
”We have 2 Math Mammoth books for our kindergartner (Addition 1/2 and Time). I print them, and put in a prong folder and leave in the car.... These are great books and I would definitely buy more.”
A. Brown, Club Member
”I've been looking for an affordable and easily understood math curriculum ... this looks very suitable.”
Kirsten S., Club Member
”We already use Math Mammoth. It's a great program!”
Vicky S., Club Member