Testimonials for Mark Kistler On Demand Art Lessons

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Mark Kistler art instruction to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Mark Kistler and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”We were able to get the AMAZINGLY discounted price for 3 years of Mark Kistler's online drawing program for a VERY discounted price (thank you, thank you, thank you HSBC & Mark Kistler!!!!). My boys (8 & 7) absolutely LOVE Mark's Mini Marshmallow lessons! I even enjoy them, too! It sparks our curiosity & gives us something to explore together. We always do the lesson & then personalize it & then share with each other how we made it "ours". I felt very insecure about doing "art" in any form or fashion with my kids---that is until we started using Mark's program. I would also like to share with you that my oldest son is Autistic & LOVES to draw--it is one of his coping mechanisms & because I don't have an "artistic" background, I have struggled with knowing how to help him & relate to him--this program has opened up so many doors for both him & our relationship! I cannot say thanks enough for what you do to get us homeschoolers such amazing deals! May the LORD bless you for all you do!”
Candace Banks, Co-op Member
”My boys absolutely love Mark Kistler's art lessons. They were fun and easy to follow.”
Zoe Z., Co-op Member
”My girls enjoys this course a lot! Great resource.”
Monica B., Co-op Member
”My kids had a blast following the art classes! They love the 3-D drawing. It was fun watching them enjoy art so much when both were shy about drawing before they began. We planned to do one lesson at a time, but they always want to do three or four!”
Theresa S., Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler has been around for many years. My son, now an adult, enjoyed learning from Mark and now my 10 year old is drawing also and loves it.”
Melissa Pritchard, Co-op Member
”My 6yo son LOVES this membership, and wants to draw every day because "Mark Kistler says" he should. Great skills being taught in a fun way. We love it!”
localredvine, Co-op Member
”We used Mark Kistler's 3D art site for a year and now we're back for another year! I was thrilled to find this valuable resource as I had a couple of his books but I knew my kids would benefit from video lessons. They raced through many of the lessons twice. They love the humorous, entertaining style and the terminology (such as foreshortend circles) has effortlessly entered their vocabulary and their drawings. Mark Kistler has enhanced their creative expression...I'm a fan for life! Now if only mom could find enough free time for a turn!”
Beth, Co-op Member
”My 9 old loves the Mark Kistler drawing lessons! We do at least one lesson each day. Most days he asks to do a second lesson. It's a great reward for getting all his school work done. I love the way Mark teaches. He makes it easy to understand and fun.”
Jade, Co-op Member
”Our family has really loved the 3d Drawing Lessons from Mark Kistler. It has put something new in our homeschool day that everyone looks forward to doing. And even though we all watch the same lesson, the end result is completely different for each of us. It is easy to follow and self-paced. We only do about 5-8 minutes of lesson a day, but it may take up to 20 minutes because we like to take our time and pause the video to work on the drawing.”
Carrie Herrington, Co-op Member
”this is a great program to help develop inspiring artists, of any age! even I (the mom) can scribble out identifiable creatures...with Draw3D! this program has really inspired our kids to explore their creativity and not feel intimidated by those who "draw better". Mark Kistler not only is extremely talented, but has a wonderful way of teaching children how to be artists, and they have so much fun doing it. he truly is an artist and entertainer! we first tried virtual classroom and the next year signed up for Draw3D when it was offered. we love it and are big fans of Mark Kistler. try it, you won't be disappointed!”
css, Co-op Member
”I am a home school mom who loves to draw but never felt skilled at it. The effect of the Mark Kistler product has been nothing short of phenomenal. I enjoy drawing but never would have ever imagined drawing quality drawings as I have been able to do following along with Mark's layout and instructions. I have found it to be a great confidence booster and very relaxing to successfully construct the drawings I have been able to do. I am very proud of my drawings and enjoy sharing them with others to encourage them of what they can do also. This has encouraged my offspring to jump in and do the same. I will continue to draw on a weekly basis and transfer skills learned to other projects. I will continue to share this fun and creative skill with others. Feeling stressed, drawing with Mark can definitely put you in a relaxed state of being.”
Brakah S., Co-op Member
”My kids look forward to Mark's funny and informative lessons everyday! They are really learning, and their drawing are getting better and better all the time.”
Leigh, Co-op Member
”My kids love Draw 3D. I enjoy it as much as they do. It's a welcomed break in our school day. Mark Kistler is very good at teaching and is very entertaining. This is our second year that we purchased the program.”
Kristi, Co-op Member
”love this program...easy to follow”
Rhonda P., Co-op Member
”I have five pre-teen / teen boys who laugh during every lesson. We started with dinosaurs, so they are enjoying the subject matter as well as the teacher. :) We look forward to learning more and having fun this year!”
Angie K., Co-op Member
”My family has been utilizing Mark Kistler's recorded drawing lessons for the last four years. When he was young, my oldest son hated writing, so I turned to drawing lessons as a way to get him comfortable with a pencil. He loved the content and happily drew along with Mark. Last year, my youngest son expressed an interest in drawing and we renewed our membership. Now, both boys (ages 11 and 8) draw often. I am amazed at my oldest son's 3D drawing ability. He has learned a variety of artistic techniques through the Draw 3D web site -- all in 15-20 minute increments! I have also watched my younger son's drawings improve over the last year. As a hobby artist myself, I couldn't be happier that they are learning to love drawing. Mark Kister's "Draw 3D" subscription is an automatic renewal in our home.”
Liz, Co-op Member
”This summer I wanted to try something different to help my 7 year old son's handwriting improve (in addition to lots of handwriting practice). He is color blind so he never liked to color in coloring books and missed out on some hand eye coordination that comes with that. I though pencil drawing might help him more. I remembered watching Mark Kistler on TV when I was a kid and when I was in college my art teachers would always praise me on my shading and I would laugh and think yeah I learned that watching a kids show. The lessons are are fun and Mark is goofy in a way kids will enjoy. We started with the mini-marshmallow lessons for ages 4 and up and he is gradually improving. What's more when he draws for fun I see him incorporating ideas he learned from the lessons like perspective, shading, and horizon lines which are skills he definitely didn't have before. His handwriting is improving slowly but I couldn't say for sure that drawing is helping but it couldn't hurt.”
Liz A., Co-op Member
”Great and easy to follow lessons, for different levels.”
B Cheung, Co-op Member
”Mark's videos have been most helpful with showing my kids how to draw. They are just beginning and the different levels of instruction has been most helpful with their different skill sets.”
Tanya R, Co-op Member
”I was super excited to find out Mark-Kistler had online classes for my children as I had loved watching him when I was a child! This program is so awesome and fun. His lessons are super short and upbeat. Making it so easy for younger children to complete and older children can complete as many lessons as they would like. The change in my son's drawing outside of class was noticeable immediately.

Thank you to homeschool co-op and Mark Kistler for getting together on this.

Quoted from my 10 year old "It's a good class, he is sparking me to draw stuff that I didn't draw before."”
Sarah M, Co-op Member
”I purchased Mark Kistler's Draw3D for my boys, ages 10 and 15. They absolutoley love the videos!! They enjoy them so much, I decided to watch one with them. We now do the lessons together on a weekly basis. They do them individually on a daily basis as well. My four year old does a lesson twice a week. She gets so excited when I tell her its "Mini Marshmallow" time. As a homeschooling mom with five children, this has been a great way to spend one on one time with my kids. I have noticed a huge impromvemnt in our drawing since starting Draw3D just one month ago. It is well worth the money!!!”
Stacy M., Co-op Member
”My daughters are very pleased with the program and motivated to do the lessons. This is a great motivator after a homeschool day! Thank you.”
Mrs. Noel, Co-op Member
”The Draw 3D online drawing lessons are educational and entertaining. The program is great for multiple ages. Our 4 and 7 year old sons really enjoy the mini-marshmallow lessons. And our 10 year old has noticeably improved his skills each week with the beginner lessons. This was a fantastic purchase through the homeschool buyers co-op, one that we will definitely renew next fall.”
J. Eastman, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's 3D Draw provides great instruction and loads of fun! My reluctant artist has gained confidence and skill, and my budding artist has rapidly improved her abilities. All of us enjoy learning with 3D Draw and enjoy our time together; what a bonus! Highly recommend!”
Nicole H., Co-op Member
”We searched for an art program for my son who loves to draw. After quite a bit of research, we narrowed it down to 3, then let him try each b4 we purchased one. Our son loved Mark Kistler's drawing and 3-D. We purchased it and the first day he did 4 more lessons after school. He was drawing all evening. It's amazing how well these drawings turn out. Mark is funny and easy to follow. I would highly recommend!”
AHJ, Co-op Member
”My 9-year old has absolutely loves the drawing classes with Mark Kistler! He has learned a lot and had fun while doing so. He now often chooses to spend rainy afternoons with a sketchbook and pencil. My five year old said, "He's a funny guy and I like the pictures I get to make!"”
Cara, Co-op Member
”Our family is coming back to Mark Kistler after a few years' hiatus and we are delighted! Mr. Kistler is such a positive, kind, and funny teacher, working in elements of shading and depth in a seamless, engaging manner. His drawings are cartoon-like and whimsical but the elements taught could be applied to any drawing. I'm hearing excitement every day we do art and it's a pleasure to listen to my children learning with such joy and enthusiasm. Highly recommend.”
Tara S., Co-op Member
”My kids, 13, 10, and 8 years of age, used Mark Kistler 3D drawing for the first time and absolutely LOVE it! They ask every day if they can have an art day and even on the weekends! They are short and easy to follow! For all 3 of them to watch the easy instructional video I connect my computer to my TV. It works GREAT!”
Veridee Hand, Co-op Member
”We adore Mark Kistler's Draw 3D. I have ages 7 to 12 using this program. Actually it looked so fun I decided to draw along with my kids. We decided to start with the mini marshmallow drawing lessons for age 4+ and I am glad we did. We are learning so much about drawing that I know they are getting a good foundation.
I have tried to get my kids to do other art programs but they were always too boring and we would quit art early into the year. After beginning this program I can say he is a great teacher and this program is so much fun. My kids enjoy it so much they beg to do more. The lessons don't take long and are really creative. Thank you Mark Kistler for an amazing program and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for carrying it. I can see a love of drawing developing in my kids because of this program. We will use this every year until we run out of lessons and even then we may just redo the same lessons because they are so fun!”
Teri Johnson, Co-op Member
”I am very impressed with this program. My oldest daughter has already started drawing with the mini marshmallow lessons. I also draw with her as well. She loves it. I love that he has some terminology downloads to reinforce what they are learning. We can hardly wait until September to start the live lessons. With the discount from the co-op this is really a great value for our art curriculum for the year. We tried a local art class/club for the summer last year, and it just wasn't as exciting and fun like this one is. Also, I love that I don't have to try to drive two kids into town on time after trying to finish all the morning chores. Great product. I highly recommend and am telling other home school parents about it.”
Christy P., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this program. Mark-Kistler is humorous which makes the whole endeavor enjoyable. Hearing her laugh while watching her drawings improve is wonderful!”
JMOC, Co-op Member
”My kids are enjoying this immensely. Immediately after they watch his easy and entertaining videos, they try out new techniques for drawing. This was a great value; thank-you Homeschool Co-Op for both bringing this great series to my attention and offering a fantastic discount on it!”
Kristen O., Co-op Member
”My kids and I are loving Draw 3D. I have always wanted to take drawing lessons and this is just wonderful for me......the kids are enjoying it too!! We start our day with it. Love it!”
Kristi, Co-op Member
”This class has been such a treat for my daughter. She enjoys Mark's style of teaching and his Can DO attitude about drawing. She is always excited when I say, why don't you log on to art class!”
Michele, Co-op Member
”This is the second year we've used this product. It is so inexpensive to have access for a year. And I love that anyone in the family can use it as often as they like. With the video lessons my sons really seem to enjoy drawing along. Mark Kistler does have some free online lessons to check it out, but we haven't even seen all of the lessons he has online and I've enjoyed drawing right along with my kids.”
Debra W, Co-op Member
”I have 3 students using this drawing program, ages 14, 14 (twins:-) & 12. All 3 of my children enjoy the lessons and I have seen big improvements in the quality of their art work.

One of my 14 year olds loves to draw the other can be intimidated by drawing, yet with this program they are both successful.

We would recommend these lessons to both students who get excited about drawing and those who are intimidated by it... And those in between! :-)”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
”Art is my granddaughter's favorite subject and we just recently purchased the Mark Kistler 3D drawing lessons. She really enjoys learning how to draw at her own pace and that she can pause and practice until she gets it just right.”
Anne W., Co-op Member
”My son absolutely loves these drawing lessons!! Mark is super fun in his lessons and my son walks away with new skills each time as well as fun drawings! We renewed for a second year and he can't wait to do a lesson each day! I've tried them as well and Mark is a great teacher and the lessons are easy to follow and apply. I am not a drawer but I can succeed in the lesson and I even walk away with a really cool picture! These are well worth the time and money!”
Christy M., Co-op Member
”My children love Mark Kistler's art classes. My boys especially really have taken to the classes. I have one son (12) who was already artistic and another son (8) who I didn't think would be interested, but has really impressed me with the drawings he has turned out. They both love Marks' teaching style and humor that he adds to the classes. We have yet to take a live class and have just used the prerecorded lessons so far. We have not taken other online art classes before, but have taken local art classes and this is so much more convenient, cost effective and high quality. I would definitely purchase it again!”
Christy L., Co-op Member
”I ordered Mark Kistler Draw 3D for my son who hates to draw or write. I have tried different things to get him interested but nothing has worked. When I told him I got this program he wasn't excited but after the first lesson he said you actually made me like art!! I couldn't be happier!”
K. Cox, Co-op Member
”My kids are loving the drawing lessons with Mark-Kistler's 3-D drawing courses! The lessons are fun and my son especially likes to re-draw what he has learned without the videos. I am looking forward to seeing how our drawing abilities improve as we learn new techniques.”
Joni, Co-op Member
”Both my children have enjoyed Mark Kistler's 3D program immensely! They are mixed abilities - one child an artist and one who rarely draws anything!”
Jen, Co-op Member
”I love the way Mark Kistler teaches, he has fun and so do we!”
Loretta W., Co-op Member
”My almost 7 year old son LOVES the Draw 3D videos! He was immediately interested in the sea animal creations and draws his sharks no other way now! I am amazed at what little hands can produce. Thank you!”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”I am a busy homeschool mom of three, ages twelve, ten, and four. I am always looking for elective type classes for my kids that don't require so much from me. These drawing lessons are perfect for all three of them! Even my four year old loves the Mini Marshmallow lessons and asks to do them all the time! It is easy enough for her to navigate the website on her own and her little drawings are so detailed for such a young artist! We highly recommend this product!”
A. Neth, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this program! I have a four year old who wouldn't colour in and refused to even pick up a pencil. This program, he just loves and will do three or four of the mini marshmallows.

Even I have sat down with my kids and having never learned how to draw, have found his lessons really easy and it makes you feel like you can draw and proud of yourself. Mark is fun and it is amazing he turns simple drawings into amazing drawings.

I would highly recommend this program for everyone.”
Kylie, Co-op Member
”I love learning from Mark (and so do my kids). His lessons are short, (well most of them anyway), and easy to follow. He is an excellent teacher. I'm glad to see him offer this wonderful course.”
D.W., Co-op Member
”Our children have always loved to draw. When looking at Art for our homeschool curriculum, I like the idea of them learning how to draw well. They all do the lesson together and love it!”
S.M.S., Co-op Member
”Our son loves learning new ways of drawing and techniques watch the Mark Kilter videos and step by step instruction. Mark is very encouraging and fun to listen to. It was definitely a good purchase. I recommend to anyone that has a child who wants to be challenged in art. It may have a lot of cartoon drawings, but I believe that is a part of art that is underrated. Some of the people Mark Kistler has taught went on to do animation for movies, such as Shrek. So, I think this would be a great start or addition to standard techniques in art. Our son spends about 2 hours a day watching and learning from him. He really enjoys it. A Great teacher!”
Traci Brown, Co-op Member
”My family has thoroughly enjoyed Mark Kistler's online lessons for well over 4 years.

It is still used on an almost daily basis with students between 5 years old and 10 years old.

It is so easy to follow him and have drawings that look really good right from day 1.

The kids learn to add their own bits to their drawings by watching him make things up as he goes.”
D. Langlois, Co-op Member
”The kids have loved Mark Kistlers tutorials on how to draw! It is fun to see them so interested and captivated by them! It works really well for a wide variety of ages and they all turn out a very impressive drawing for their age group! I would recommend it to anyone!”
Brenda P, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son LOVES Mark Kistlers Draw3D and looks forward to it using it: it is the highlight of his day! I have seen impressive changes in his drawing style as the techniques learned to create perspective, shading, and form are carried over into his prolific drawings. Both the video's and the animated step-by-step tutorials are fun, engaging, full of zany characters, with very easy to understand steps. Thanks Mark!”
Georgina H., Co-op Member
”My kids are super-motivated to finish their other schoolwork so we can get to an art lesson with Mark Kistler! :) I am not at all artistically gifted yet can provide high quality art lessons to my kids thanks to these videos! Highly recommended.”
Elisa, Co-op Member
”My son (and I) really enjoy doing this course! My son went from hating being asked to draw, to actually volunteering to draw things! Both our drawing skills have improved greatly (and I was already a pretty good drawer). Mark is entertaining and draws lots of fun things for kids. We love our drawing sessions each week and will definitely keep it up next year :)”
Jo, Co-op Member
”My 4 kids have all loved Mark's drawing program. They all have different natural drawing abilities and this is the one program they all can agree on! This is the third time I've ordered or renewed our subscription. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this great deal!”
Susan I., Co-op Member
”I had seen a lot of art classes advertised but they were too much money. When I saw this on the co-op I jumped on it and my 6th grader loves it! He is asking to go to on of Mark's camps.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”Ordinarily, my ten-year-old son approaches drawing exercises with much fear and trepidation. However, he has taken right to Mark's videos, and has consistently drawn at least one thing a day for a month now! His skills are developing, and he's gaining confidence at the same time. Great product!”
Lisa Smith, Co-op Member
”We are not an artistically talented family. None of my children have loved to draw or paint, preferring the tech and science subjects. Once I found Mark Kistler's 3D lessons, I finally found how to get them to enjoy picking up a pencil. The fun subjects and the scope for imagination and personal modification keeps them engaged and wanting to do more. I highly recommend these lessons.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”My girls would rather 'do art' over just about anything....This 3D Drawing class has them hooked. The instructions are clear, and Mark is funny! They are turning out fabulous drawings....guess I need a little more wall space!”
Heidi Pritchard, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son loves this art program. He loves to draw and will sit for hours drawing. He finds the directions easy to follow and I like that I can trust the site and that my son won't be searching online for things to draw.”
Tricia S., Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I bought Mark Kistler Draw3D program. I have tried many other programs but none as fun as Mark's. We use this program as a family. My boys (8 & 12) and I enjoy it very much.”
Joanna L, Co-op Member
”Our children thoroughly enjoy the online Mark Kistler program. It is well worth the money!”
Kathy, Co-op Member
”My daughter is an enthusiastic artist and this year I added Mark Kistler's 3 D Drawing Course to our home school curriculum. We now have a weekly drawing session which she usually does with her gran - also an avid drawer. My nine year old LOVES the short and easy to follow lessons and enjoys Mark's sense of humour. I can see that her skills are being sharpened by his advice and we will definitely continue using this wonderful addition to our home school journey!”
P. Susman, Co-op Member
”My seven year old, art loving, but easily bored child loves this program! He is fun to listen to and keeps the child's attention. The things he is teaching them to draw are just fun! Marshmellow guys?! That's just fun! They are learning shading and other drawing techniques without even being aware of it. Perfect! I would highly recommend adding this to your day and your kids will learn and have fun!”
Ann, Co-op Member
”My son loves doing the step-by-step lessons on the Draw3D website. It's both curriculum and a reward.”
Nikki, Co-op Member
”We love Mark Kistler...my daughter's , who is 9, improved a lot in het drawing abilities through his tutorials.He is so fun to watch and listen to his funny comments, he even sings as a way to entertain the kids while they are drawing. The steps are so easy to follow and the encouragement that my daughter gets when she finishes her pieces is just uplifting.i always give her a very positive feedback, not only to encourage her, but primarily because the outcome is just outstanding.
Trust me,I don't usually write reviews, but this is an amazing program with amazing results.I wanted so much to find an easy program that teaches my kids to draw and enjoy drawing...this is the one, and in my humble opinion, the only.
Thank you so much Homeschool Buyers Co op for getting us a great deal for a great product! I can't rave enough about it!”
Nelly Mikhail, Co-op Member
”I bought the 3D lessons because they were not very expensive, and because all my children (two homeschooled, two in public school) could use them. My two homeschooled children are boys 8 and 11. They don't like to sit for a very long time and these lessons are quick and include some things boys like (monsters, sharks, robots) They still don't always want to sit for art but with a pencil and a paper they can create a quick drawing. Its not like the beautiful examples sometimes given
but they are learning something...I especially like that he uses real art terms and we all are learning a little about perspective and shading. I also love that it is a full year. We come and go with commitment and interest, so we can do a whole lot at once or just a few pictures here and there. He is pretty easy to follow, and the videos can be paused, go back, go forward...whatever works best at the time. I'd definitely recommend it. Since it is unlikely we will get through all the work, if it is up for grabs when our subscription comes to an end I will likely renew.”
Debra W, Co-op Member
”I can't say enough about this art program. My boys love it and look forward to the next drawing lesson each day. Mark makes it very easy and fun for anyone to draw!”
Becky A., Co-op Member
”We have only been using this art program for a couple of weeks for my 6 and 9 yr olds. I am AMAZED at the drawings my children (who have had no art experience in the past) have been showing me! My 9 yr. old has been adding her own creative additional flare to her drawings. She has also made a "stop motion" movie with her drawings that she put to music. Two weeks ago I would have told you that the drawings my children are producing would have been impossible...not anymore! They LOVE to go down and watch the videos and draw and are so excited about their creations! Without a doubt, we will be continuing to use this program.”
Cori K., Co-op Member
”I have always had the desire to draw, but lacked the motivation since I couldn't even draw a decent stick figure. My children on the other hand had the motivation and it seemed talent, something I lacked. When I signed up for these classes I wanted my children to further their desire to draw in a fun way and turn to drawing instead of electronics. The first day my son bugged me to watch a show on TV, but I quickly told him to try out the drawing courses. After the first one he was hooked and his drawing looked amazing. I decided to sit down with him and before I knew it we had spent several hours going over courses and drawing together. Mark makes the lessons fun and takes you step by step. I have had fun drawing with my kiddos and I draw every day and am amazed that my drawings look real and like something other than a stick figure. I am hooked on this program and so are my kids. I love to draw now and we love drawing as a family!”
Tammi S., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old loves drawing, but what has been exceptional about Mark-Kistler, is his engaging style. She will spend hours drawing and then excitedly come and share her success. It's an easy yet challenging program and you can pause the lesson whenever you need. We suggest this to all families, homeschoolers or not!”
Jessica S., Co-op Member
”I have a child who is not easily inclined to be gifted at drawing and in one lesson, I was amazed at how well the picture turned out!!!”
Our Happy Family, Co-op Member
”My kids have thoroughly enjoyed watching and drawing with Mark's video lessons. They have wowed me and family and friends with their marshmallows, funny aliens, and planes! Just last night my 3 kids (ages5-11) were quietly watching and drawing and I'd hear giggles bc Mark is a funny guy. I'd highly recommend this program!”
Rebekah R., Co-op Member
”We've been using the Mark Kistler program for a couple of years and we love it. My son and I watch the videos together and we've learned about shadowing, perspective, and just basic things about drawing in 3D. I would recommend this program for kids of all ages because it's very easy to follow along with the videos and you can pause when you need to.”
Mandy F, Co-op Member
”We love this program! It has step by step instructional videos that help guide and teach the fundamentals of drawing. My son loves the many categories to choose from and can't wait for an opportunity to get online and draw!”
Angela C., Co-op Member
”I debated a long time before ordering a subscription- I am so glad I did! I am truly amazed at the drawings my kids and I have been creating. My naturally artistic daughter gets just as much out of this as my not-as-artistically inclined boys. There is a wide range of projects on the site for all different skill levels. The videos are nicely done, Mark makes learning to draw fun and his directions are easy to understand. We love this!”
Kim, Co-op Member
”My daughter hated art. She never showed any desire to learn or try. When I bought this program, she instantly fell in love. She really likes the videos and the comedy that Mr. Kistler provides while drawing. We like to do it together but she has been caught doing it all on her own, which is very unusual. I'm truly happy I found this very cool drawing program. Thanks Mr. Kistler for your hard work and creativity!”
Melanie C, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying Draw 3-D by Mark Kistler. He makes learning to draw easy and fun. I couldn't believe the shark (her first lesson) my six-year-old drew. It looked great and she had so much fun!”
Rebecka, Co-op Member
”The Mark Kistler art program has been a great choice for me and my granddaughter. The program is lively and entertaining. Mark teaches art technique as he demonstrates, but he does it in such a way that the teaching is almost secondary to the fun. His pace of teaching and the length of each video is just right. He is entertaining, but not cheesy, and his voice is pleasing to hear. Her very first work was a total success, which bred the desire to have more success. (Isn't success what we all love? And isn't that what breeds self-confidence?) She has mild dyslexia and attention deficiency, but she has had no issue using this program at all. If Mark gets ahead of her, she can easily stop the video and catch up, or she can rewind back to any point in the program. I have no input into the process except to "oooo and aaahh" at each new drawing. She uses a large sketch book for all her drawings, and she shows them proudly. And she should! They are fantastic!! For the price, I feel like I got a steal of a deal.”
D. Latham, Co-op Member
”We are so enjoying Draw 3D with Mark Kistler. This is our first time using this program and my kids are always eager to start Art time. Mark is fun to listen to, especially in his mini marshmallow segments. My husband was so impressed with our kids' drawings that he went out and bought them each drawing tablets to keep their drawings together and chart their progress. That's saying something! :D Mark has opened up the world of drawing to my kids, and even my 13 year old who is quite the artist already is learning great stuff to improve her drawings. Even my 5 and 7 year olds keep up with him and are so excited to show me their drawings. I think this program is a real treat for them to enjoy after they complete their "academic" studies. I also really like how Mark presents a concept and then shows his other students' drawings where they've taken that concept and run with it. It really opens up our minds to new possibilities. My only criticism is that today we were unable to log in due to technical difficulties, so we looked Mark up on YouTube and ended up doing that instead. We normally use two different computers simultaneously to accommodate my big kids and little kids' needs, but today neither one could log in. It's the one drawback of this program, in my opinion, being dependent on technology that I sometimes find confusing and unreliable, but as for Mark, we think he does a great job teaching drawing.”
Patricia, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 8 year old daughter and she loves it. It's amazing how quickly she learns with these videos! Another added bonus--she frequently chooses this over video games during free time. I'm even going to try some videos myself--never too old to learn something new!”
Carrie, Co-op Member
”My children, ages 8,10,and 11, have so much fun drawing and laughing with Mr. Kistler. We are so please to have him as part of our home school experience.”
D. Meyers, Co-op Member
”My sons (ages 9 and 5) are really enjoying this and ask to do it. I'm impressed with how their drawing abilities have improved. Mark Kistler is fun and he brightens up our day.”
Lee L., Co-op Member
”My son is enjoying Mark-Kistler drawing program. He is always showing me his new creation.”
Teresa F., Co-op Member
”My girls, ages 13 and 11, have been using Mark Kistler's Draw 3D lessons over the past few months and they've been having a blast! His lessons are fun (and funny) but have also been very thorough. They have learned so much about dimension and shading. We have taken loads of art classes over the past several years and this has been their favorite by far. I'm so glad that I found this program to use!! I try to tell every family I know about this art program~ it's perfect for those who already love drawing as well as the reluctant artist. Thank you Mark!”
Chasity, Co-op Member
”We have wanted to purchase this program for several years after seeing another family's success with it. After only a few weeks with the exercises, I see huge improvement in his drawing skills. He does the lessons eagerly and enjoys them greatly. He loves the fun and playful spirit of the presentation and drawings. He has also taken what he learned in the guided lessons and has drawn several things on his own to great success. This is a wonderful program and we are so glad we purchased it! Highly recommended.

Note for context: Our son is 13.5 years old. He has very little formal art education - this is one of the first art classes since he was much smaller. He is well motivated to learn to draw and often creates elaborate craft projects in his free time.”
Susan T., Co-op Member
”Our kids 9 and 11 really enjoy these drawing classes. The class seem like just fun, but there are great technical details that are being taught in a fun manner like three dimensional drawing and shading.”
Ranjani Rangan, Co-op Member
”My daughter is loving the Draw3-D course by Mark Kistler! We had a few issues in the beginning with signing in, and at one point their site had a glitch, but customer service had it fixed and was politely responsive to my email. My daughter's drawing immediately improved, and she now understands concepts she can apply to all of her drawings. The price through the Co-op makes this a must-have for your budding artist!”
Angela, Co-op Member
”We love the Mark Kistler videos. My daughter is 6 and we do it together. I could never draw anything. After just a few lessons we can both draw some simple things (wagon, birdhouse etc.) that you can actually tell what they are. So happy! I plan to buy again for younger child.”
Rebekah T., Co-op Member
”This has been a great addition to our school day. It's fun, but also great art instruction! We have driven over 30 minutes 1 way to take art lessons and this is just as good without the driving time! Thanks for an awesome product with and awesome price!!”
PennyW., Co-op Member
”At my suggestion to do a Mark Kistler drawing lesson on the computer, I hear a resounding "Hooray can we do two! The drawings are soooo cool and he is really funny!" Need I say more! Watching the kids practice attentiveness and following the step by step instruction. practicing the elements of 3d design/drawing and producing a great result no matter the age is a homeschool mom's dream! ...and the house is made more beautiful with their great drawings”
Veronica Guerrero Wildanger, Co-op Member
”my 8 year old son "HATES art," or at least, he did until I took a chance on this class. Now he's quite happy to draw and draw and draw for hours. :)”
Mona, Co-op Member
”This site has been very helpful to develop my child's interest in drawing. After two weeks of following the instructions for some of the lessons, my child impressed others with her capability. An art teacher thought that she did an excellent job at shading. All of these skills were obtained by completing lessons with the Draw 3D program.”
Hannah J, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this. I bought it for my daughter so she could have new ideas of things to draw. She's 13. I gave her the website and she just kept drawing and drawing. I'm very happy with this purchase.”
K Stroukey, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this art/drawing class! She has created some amazing artwork and I've been telling everyone about it!”
Christi Beck, Co-op Member
”Great instructional videos. My kids love them and I love them! We could not believe the improvement that we saw in our kid's drawings in such a short amount of time. So easy to implement this program into our homeschool for credit in art. Well worth the money.”
Audra N., Co-op Member
”The lessons are very enjoyable. My son will go to the web site and pick a lesson and draw. I have noticed that he also will keep practicing the same lesson without the video. We will enjoy these art lessons for the next year and are very thankful for them.”
Rebecca K., Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with this product. Four of my children ages 13-6 are enjoying these drawing videos. I wanted a fun way for them to practice drawing and we are having a lot of success using the drawing videos. They beg me everyday (even on the weekends) to practice more drawing.”
J. Bosse, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler has a gift for teaching art! My kids have drawn amazing things following his instruction. Besides drawing great pictures, they are learning shading and perspective. The lessons of similar theme can be used on the same page to create a whole scene. I can see my kids gaining confidence in their ability to draw. I'm excited to try it too!”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”My three older kids (9, 7, 5) have been using the Mark Kistler online videos for about a month. They love them and ask to do new lessons daily. He is very kid-friendly in his presentations (even for beginning artists). We have been very happy with this purchase and will continue using it this year. Thank you!”
Allison, Co-op Member
”Love these drawing lessons! Mark is kind of whacky sometimes, but my kids enjoy him and learned to draw with these fun lessons.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”I have wanted some sort of drawing lessons for my children. I tried various avenues such as Youtube, group lessons, and a family member helping teach, but nothing really helped my kids take off. We did some sample lessons from Mark Kistler and my kids really enjoyed them, begging for more, so I signed up! I have not been disappointed! My five year old enjoys them and my adult children have tried several of the lessons. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity--and the discount! ”
Tiffany M., Co-op Member
”This program has really helped build my 8 year old's confidence while drawing and has given him the ability to add depth to his art work.”
Melanie N, Co-op Member
”My son is constantly asking to "do something on the computer". Even after the reminder that he is to ask to do something specific "on the computer", he cannot seem to remember. Well, thanks to Mark Kistler's online program we still have the constant asking, but it is now specific,"can I do art on the computer?" Thanks for making this available for our family. We love it!”
Barbara, Co-op Member
”My children (ages 12 & 10) have shown great improvement with just a few lessons! They enjoy the variety of themes available to choose from. It is convenient and easy for them to use on their own. And because they do it independently, there is no danger of my shelving it because I'm too busy, which has happened with other art curricula. I have already recommended it to my homeschool group.”
Karla Jahangir., Co-op Member
”Our kids (8 & 14) love Mark Kistler's Draw3D. It's very easy to access & we can get it on any computer without having to have a special access link for each one. The drawings are fun & easy to follow along with so drawing time can either be assigned work, a reward or a break time project. We will definitely continue to use Draw3D. The great group price made it possible for our budget. Thanks for sharing this great web site!
Beth, Co-op Member
”My kids didn't like drawing much. They had done several different things in the past, but art is not my strong point so we let it slide. They really enjoy Mark Kistler's drawing lessons. I have seen a great improvement and they now like to draw - not just during our "art" time.”
Amy T, Co-op Member
”I have a 20 year old son who has autism. He's always been very interested in drawing and demonstrates natural ability, but he tended to be too perfectionistic about his drawings and always ended up frustrated. When I had him try out Mark Kistler's Draw 3D, he got really excited. Just watching Mark draw, he realized that he could relax and start to have fun with his own drawing. It's been amazing. Now he looks forward to drawing lessons, and I think he's learned more in a few weeks than he'd been able to learn in the last two years.”
Kathy M., Co-op Member
”I enjoy the drawing lessons that Mark Kistler presents. They are thorough and clear. I have learned to draw cubes after many years of teaching!!! Now I can help my students. I like that it is a drawing lesson without the frills. I like that it is online and has hundreds of lessons to choose from. I will continue to use it as long as I find things of interest to draw.”
Marty K G, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 11 year old son that likes to draw but was getting very frustrated with not knowing how to. These Mark Kistler classes have been so helpful in teaching him how to draw and to really enjoy drawing. There are also so convenient, we can use them when ever we want to and there are so many different topics to choose to learn to draw. Also much cheaper than art classes that teach the same information.”
Rebecca W., Co-op Member
”I'm really glad I found this! It's fantastic and the kids love it!”
dianah R, Co-op Member
”I purchased this drawing program for my 11 year old daughter who likes to draw. She was very exited to start and it wasn't long before my 6, 8, 9, and 13 year old was doing it it. They all love it and do it daily with joy and are really learning how to draw. I recommend this for young kids.”
Marci Scholten, Co-op Member
”Our family are enjoying Mark Kistler's course. All our kids ages 4 to 9 can participate together (and I like to get involved too) through the mini marshmallow lessons. The children ar learning new skills for 3d drawing, and Marks style makes it upbeat and fun rather than emphasising perfect execution. We can't wait to try some of the other lessons.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 11 year old son, he absolutely loves it! It is a great program that is easy to understand and has built confidence in my son. My son loves to draw but really needed some art lessons. I came across this program on the homeschool co- op page. Great investment I would buy it again and I recommend this program to anyone who wants to draw and as a homeschool art supplement.”
Whitney Albright, Co-op Member
”I love Mark Kistlers 3-D drawing program. it is very affordable and so much fun. The videos are great to follow and the step by step is easy as well. The whole family tries to draw along. I highly recommend this course to anyone. the drawings are not to hard for beginners so you feel like you can draw. I will continue to use mark kistler programs.”
Doreen S., Co-op Member
”This is our third year to use the Mark Kistler art program. He makes is fun and super easy for anyone to draw. My son and I do them together a few days a week in our art book. My son even did a compilation of different underwater creatures and sold it in an art show. An actual art teacher purchased it to hang in her studio. He was only 10 at the to time.

This program is worth every penny!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We tried the Kistler live trial a few weeks ago and my kids couldn't stop talking about it. They learned so many techniques to get their ideas down on paper, without realizing what they were learning. Some drawing courses use such technical terms that the kids get overwhelmed with what they're hearing, and forget to focus on what they're doing. - We signed up for the full course, and couldn't be happier. My daughter especially loves the classes and has turned out some AMAZING drawings after only a few classes. It's wonderful for tapping into their creativity and showing them that art is FUN, and EASY for ANYONE!!”
T.C., Co-op Member
”My kids love learning to draw with the Mark Kistler programs. My oldest comes to me and talks about shading and how to make he makes his drawings more 3D.”
Allison L., Co-op Member
”Our family has been using the Mark Kistler Draw 3D program for over a month now and it is one of the best things I have purchased for homeschool this year. My children, son 7 and daughter 10, now draw daily. Although one is gifted in art and the other not, they have both been delighted that Mark's lessons have helped them draw the things that they have always wanted to and make them look good! Another plus, I have begun starting our day with drawing, as it really seems to help my son concentrate better on all the work to follow. It is also something they enjoy sharing together - even more than video games. I am so grateful to the Co-op and Mark Kistler for offering this wonderful product at a price which we could afford. Thank you!”
Kristin Wheeler, Co-op Member
”My kids ages 6 and 8 both really enjoy this art program. They have both improved a lot in their drawing and I enjoy seeing the excitement they have of learning new techniques.”
Janette G., Co-op Member
”Thank you for this program!! My 11 year old son was taking art for a time and was becoming very good but the teacher was no longer available for lessons. I desperately wanted him to continue with his art skills but finding a teacher and at a reasonable price has been a difficult task. Also, my son is hard to please so I was hesitant about this program but with the first lesson he was hooked! He even wanted to continue when school was finished!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the excellent pricing as well as an excellent teacher/ program.”
Trcia clark, Co-op Member
”We love Mark Kistler's drawing program! My 9yo daughter is learning so much about bringing her illustrations to life. She can work independently, which is great, and she's able to choose which drawing to work on based on her interests. We've already gone through one scetchbook and are on to another!”
Jaimie C., Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son has been very resistant to drawing. After a couple lessons from Mark Kistler he now wants to do Art every day! He loves the program! It was well worth the money and even more so with the discount from Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
N. Randolph, Co-op Member
”My 2 youngest have been working with Mark Kistler's Draw 3-D for a week and have been enjoying it. They show off their work everyday to the rest of the family. Mind you, these two are 13 and 11 years old, not 8 or 9. It is kind of humorous because my 13 year old did not want to do it at first, but now she looks forward to doing it.

Mark Kistler makes drawing fun and entertaining. His lessons intrigue them and allow them to use their own creativity. I have always been pleased with his method of teaching art ever since he was on the PBS show "The Imagination Station."

Definitely a great investment for my family. I am hoping to be able to sit down to do some drawing of my own soon.”
Connie M., Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son and I enjoy drawing the cartoons in the Mini-Marshmallow lessons. It's amazing how different two drawings come out even though we are using the same lesson and watching the same instructions. We can't wait to go through the entire online lessons!”
B. Chen, Co-op Member
”Every day my kids request art! (with Mark Kistler) It has become their favorite subject!! We had an art program before that I liked but my kids began to dread it.... Not so with Mark - he makes is laugh and he's teaching my children to be more confident in their art.... ((My kids are 10 and 12 years old - and I'm 31! There's no age limit,lol ))”
Chairity S., Co-op Member
”We watched Mark Kistler's Marshmallow Mini Art last year and my 1st and 5th grader loved it! He is so entertaining and motivating. I purchased a spiral art book for each of my kids that they drew in all year. At the end of the school year they had a whole portfolio of their own art. A definite repeat for this school year.”
Rebecca L, Co-op Member
”Well what can I say.... but that it is AWESOME!! I love to draw but I didn't know how to do 3D or shading but Mark showed me. He is never boring and he is always teaching me new things. I have grown into a better artist because of his teaching.”
D. Upchurch, Co-op Member
”What a fun way to learn art! I am doing it too right along with the kids. Mark-Kistler does a great job at making it fun, we love the way he claps with his index fingers at the beginning of the mini-marshmallow lessons. Thanks for a great program.”
Malinda, Co-op Member
”We purchased a subscription last year through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for our 7th grader. We have a very school at home approach to homeschooling so we sat down and watched the online video's together. My son has Aspergers, ADD, and Dysgraphia so it can be hard sometimes to get him to try new things, especially if it involves handwriting of any kind. I'm happy to report that he loves these video's and they're such a blessing because the drawing is helping with his handwriting and he doesn't complain about it. I've always been terrible at drawing anything, but I actually enjoy the lessons as well.

We're so happy with the program that we've purchased it again this year and we're considering the Virtual Classroom.”
Mandy, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler is the first drawing program that my son really enjoys. Art is not an area of natural talent in our family, but this program is fun to use and easy to follow. Finally we have something which motivates him to create his own world on paper. We'll be continuing with it.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”My kids (3 boys ages 4, 6 and 8) have really enjoyed Mark's classes. The drawings are really fun and even the littlest can follow along while the oldest is still challenged. I also love that with the package we have, they can do it any time they want. Definitely worth it if your kids like to draw.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My kids really enjoy Mark Kistler. They practice what they learned over and over again. Mark Kistler taught me how to draw when I was a child and now my children are enjoying his great lessons. Thank you for such a great product.”
S Dobbs, Co-op Member
”For years our family has sporadically used Mark Kistler's book, Draw Squad, and have really enjoyed it.

Using Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons is much easier to learn from than the book. On top of that, it is just plain FUN for the kids. He is so easy to listen to, explains things clearly and is very entertaining! I often hear my kids giggle while working on one of their lessons with him.

I would especially encourage those without any art background to not only use this for their children, but to do the lessons themselves. The basic art of drawing is a skill than everyone should have in their repertoire.”
L. H., Co-op Member
”My two daughters, 7 and 9, really enjoyed these videos. We've used his book "Draw Squad" for several months, but it's so much more enjoyable learning the techniques when they are presented by an experienced and engaging instructor. Daughters were completely absorbed for hours over the first couple weeks and produced many wonderful drawings. They even made drawings watching the videos with friends during a sleepover. After a couple weeks, they've trailed off. Even if they don't use them much more, I think they learned a lot of drawing techniques, and the service was worth the price.”
Liz F., Co-op Member
”My sons (ages 5 and 7), my husband (an accomplished artist) and I (can draw a straight line but that's about it) are all enjoying the lessons. Mr. Kistler has a gentle and humorous approach to art. His lessons have been a great supplement to our homeschooling.”
Fledging Artists in Iowa, Co-op Member
”Mark makes art fun. My son has learned so much about drawing by watching his videos. This is a great program.”
Tammy H, Co-op Member
”I purchased this product specifically for my artistic 12 year old to use on her own. To my pleasant surprise, the program is equally enjoyable and usable by my 8 year old and me! We can pick and choose which lessons to draw and we learn valuable skills while having fun listening to Mr. Kistler's humorous style. I definitely recommend the program to anyone from a beginning artist to a more experienced one.”
Mary Summers, Co-op Member
”Our curriculum used McIntyre's Drawing Lessons and every week it was a struggle. Mark Kistler's system is based on the same principles but is WAY MORE FUN. My kids really enjoy adding the cartoon eyeballs and hair and having someone else (who is way more entertaining than me) do the teaching was a godsend. The mini-marshmallow lessons are our favorite so far.”
D.R. Caswell, Co-op Member
”My children love this program. It is worth every cent. My 10 year old used to rush through his drawings and was rather uninterested in general in art. He loves this program and often giggles at his sillyness while learning great skills.

My eight year old is on the autism spectrum and has a gift for drawing. He loves this program as well. He will sit and do 8 or more lessons in one sitting.

I am beginning to see the concepts that are taught in the lessons showing up in their other drawings as well. It is an independent art activity that requires no oversight or planning from me. I purchased a sketch book for them and a packet of drawing pencils. I'm beyond thrilled with this purchase.

I'm sure we will purchase this again.”
Sheri, Co-op Member
”My kids and I love the Mark Kistler online drawing videos!!! So much fun. And what a confidence booster...for all of us! My kids are 13,11,9,&6. My 9 & 6 year olds beg to watch and draw all the time. My 13 year old even logged in and watched without my prompting!! Best money I've spent on art/drawing!!”
Tonya B, Co-op Member
”We have tried various approaches to learning art over the years, but for the first time, we ALL love it. It's quick and easy, and Mr. Kistler keeps the kids laughing while they are learning.”
J. Steele, Co-op Member
”Wonderful drawing and sketching lessons. My boys (11 and 6 years with no experience) are thoroughly enjoying the lessons and love that they get to pick their lesson. There's no right or wrong order complete them. My oldest son wants to be an inventor and he commented that now he'll be able to draw his inventions!”
E Riley, Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely adore Mark Kistler. He gets them through their other lessons because they know they can do a Mark Kistler drawing when they are done. My 7yr old likes the stories associated with the drawings. She loves to finish the stories. We have artwork hanging all over our house and have scanned quite a few pictures to share with family. (The kids love that!) Yes, we will continue to use Mark Kistler's program.”
S Rosebrock, Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 7 and 8, just love these drawing videos! What I especially like is that we can do them together which we do at least once a week, AND the videos are so well done and Mark Kistler is such a great teacher, that they often just sit down by themselves and will do several videos in one session. Mark is so funny that I can always hear the boys giggling as they do the lessons. Then they bring their drawing notebooks to me and show me all the cool stuff they drew. At that point they're so inspired they usually spend the next 30 minutes embellishing their drawings and adding color. It's a fantastic addition to our homeschooling experience!”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My 11-year-old son really enjoys the online art lessons from Mark. His drawings are amazingly good - miles apart from what he used to produce.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing program. My 8 year old's art improved immediately! And she thinks Mark Kistler is hilarious!!! I am so glad we bought this program!”
detra, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler makes drawing a child's play-literally. Not only my 9-year old son, but I too, love it. Both of us have our own sketch book and pencils and try out the different drawings. The video sessions are wonderful. My son can press pause anytime, thus not feel rushed or miss a step.
Recently, he sent his "Flat Stanley" school project to his aunt in another state, and instead of writing he drew the cover letter!!!

A big thank-you to Mark and HSB Co-op. Please continue the good work.”
Hema G, Co-op Member
”We purchased the Mark Kistler video art lessons and I'm so glad we did. I wasn't sure about spending the money because it wasn't a "necessary" school expense. My boys (ages 7 & 9) ABSOLUTELY love it! They have used it almost daily - including weekends. The drawings they have produced are so much better than what they drew before the program - no more stick people! I just asked them what they thought about Mark's program. The 7 year old said, "It's the coolest website ever!" and my 9 year old said, "It's awesome!" Mark is a wonderful instructor and has a great sense of humor, which works well with kids. I'm pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend it!”
Julie B, from Virginia, Co-op Member
”My kids are now using their free computer time to draw! It's so much better than mindless video games or cartoons. They can't get enough and I love seeing their progress.”
Leah H., Co-op Member
”A great program for my budding cartoonist!My daughter loves the Mark Kistler art videos and website.”
Tonya F, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves art and this was a great way to give her a chance to explore her creativity. I knew she liked to draw, but when I saw her first drawing after her first lesson I was SHOCKED! The drawing was like anything I had seen her do and it was amazing. She has so enjoyed learning new techniques and the opportunity to draw a variety of subjects which on her own she would not have thought she could draw. This has been a highlight of her school year.”
Lynn S., Co-op Member
”After just a few of the on-line art lessons, my 8-year old son began drawing dramatically differently. He now automatically makes his drawings 3-D and adds shadows, shading, and the other elements Mark Kistler teaches. My son says, "Before I started w/Mark Kistler, I didn't even know how to draw 3-D. Now, if you were able to see my drawings, you would be able to see intricate 3-D boxes stacked on each other."”
D Floyd, Co-op Member
”I have 5 children using this program and not only do they all love it (and ask to use it on the weekends), but they have also produced some excellent drawings. I would not have said our children are particularly gifted in the area of drawing, so the fact that they are able to follow the instructions and create something they are happy with is a testimonial to the clear (and fun!) instruction that Mr. Kistler provides. We will be continuing to use this for a very long time!”
Christine Gayfer, Co-op Member
”We have purchased the online art lessons and all of my children are enjoying them. My 9 year old is especially excited because she is drawing things they way they look on the lessons. She is not usually very happy with her drawings but has been very excited to complete some of the lessons with Mr. Kistler. She is excited to do some more drawing! They all are!”
S Hill., Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's Mini Marshmallow drawing lessons got my 7 yr old excited about drawing again! The lessons are short, but entertaining, and I love that they include art concepts like horizon lines, perspective, and shading. Even my 4 yr old joins in sometimes. I am excited about moving on to the other levels of the year's subscription package we purchased during this coming year. Thank you for getting my son excited about drawing again. He has a natural talent but had got into a rut, got discouraged, and I didn't know how to get him out. Yay (little clapping here)! - You'll get that last part if you've seen his lessons.”
Elisabeth, Co-op Member
”We were lacking in the art department for our schooling. So, we thought we would give this a try. My four kids, (11, 10, 8, 7) LOVE THIS program! They ask every day if they can do art. The price was amazing.”
Rebecca WA, Co-op Member
”My family loves Mr. Kistler's teaching style. We first found him on our local PBS channel and started recording his show for our art class. The one thing that we really missed when we turned off our satellite TV was Mr. Kistler's art class, so I was very excited when I saw this on the Co-op. We got our subscription up and running last week and my kids have already done several of the lessons. I started my almost 4 year old son off on the mini marshmallow run. When I first introduced it he told me he couldn't draw and was crying. I asked him to try anyway and put on the lesson with balloons, figuring drawing circles and squiggly lines would give him the confidence he needed. Sure enough 30 minutes later he was proudly showing me his drawing.

One of my favorite aspects of this program is that he teaches art vocabulary and techniques in a very easy to understand way that anyone can master. My husband has even been sitting in with the kids, trying his own hand at the lessons. Now my only problem is finding enough real estate to showcase all the masterpieces being produced in my living room.”
Crofut Family, Homeschooling Co-op Member
”What I am liking about this art program is that all it takes is a pencil, no other supplies to buy. And I don't have to read a book or make copies. I hope that doesn't sound too lazy but right now I am struggling to get dinner on the table each night and at least art is one less thing on my mind. My daughter is 6 and has done 3 mini-marshmallow lessons and it is right on her level. The last one she did was called Balloons and she was giggling at Mr. Kistler's little funny sayings. This is how I always pictured art to be - FUN and her feeling successful at the end with her drawing. We're loving it! In fact in the balloon one he discusses depth, sizing, overlap, shadows, all the things in the Drawing with Children book, he just presents them in a way that is engaging & understandable - quite opposite of the way it was going when I was trying to teach it. ha!”
anne in LA, Co-op Member
”My kids really enjoy this program. They went from thinking that they were not very good at drawing to showing off their work to others. They ask if they can do art everyday, and since the lessons are not super long they make time to do a lesson very day. They love how excited Mark gets after each lesson. This really is a great program. I wish that I had know about it for my older kids. A friend told us about it and we will tell our friends about it.”
Francine Clark, Co-op Member
”My 13-year old daughter loves to draw and I was a bit worried that this product would be a bit too young for her. On the contrary, it reinvigorated her creativity and she is having a ball with it. Learning the ins and outs of shading and shadows, drawing everything from cute animals to stairs to learn perspective...she is really enjoying this program. I am really, really so glad I took the chance on this program. It was well worth it.”
Erin N., Co-op Member
”My kids have always loved drawing, but with these lessons, they have been able to take it to a whole other level. I have a budding cartoonist, and I think this is one of the most valuable products we've ever used.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this program and beg to do it everyday. I love it because they can do it by themselves and enjoy it. My 5 year old daughter drew a picture of the Koala and I could tell what it was. It was awesome! I recommend this program to friends all the time. This is my first experience with an online art program, but I love it so far. Mark Kistler does a great job of keeping the kids engaged. My kids watch it together and pause it each time they draw a part of the picture and then continue until they are done. The lessons are short and doable. It was definately worth the money!”
Lori U., Co-op Member
”I grew up watching Mark Kistler on public television and thoroughly enjoyed his drawing lessons. I had been searching for his programs for some time to share with my kids and was thrilled when I found the Mark Kistler GroupBuy. My children truly enjoy these lessons and they have developed quite capable drawing skills themselves. Thank you GroupBuy!!”
Rachel Landers, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE drawing with Mark-Kistler! His lessons are engaging and they are really becoming great little artists.”
Toni M, Co-op Member
”I bought the Mark Kistler Art membership hoping to inspire my three children (15, 13, 10) a love of art and drawing. In the few weeks we have had the program they are getting on to his site every day and are very proud of their art work. I have enjoyed watching them expand their talents.”
Katrina, Co-op Member
”After only a couple of lessons both my sons, ages 6 and 8, have improved their drawing skills. I like that the lessons do more than show what to draw, they teach how to draw and introduce vocabulary/skills that make it a true art lesson. We try to do a lesson a week and I have been able to share with others how much we are enjoying this program.”
J. Hand, Co-op Member
”I have a talented 12-year-old child who really needs art instruction in order to be able to maximize her potential. Mark teaches many of the concepts of art in a non-threatening, easy to apply manner. She is having fun and learning the things which will allow her not to hit a wall a year or two from now. My husband was an art major and has often talked about the importance of the concepts Mark addresses, such as proper shading and knowing what you source of light is. His accessible teaching on perspective is also wonderful. I am grateful for an approach which introduces serious artistic concepts in a painless way!”
LeeAnne H., Co-op Member
”We have only had the Mark Kistler program for a few weeks, but my 6 year old loves it! I love the way he breaks down the drawing process and explains it in an easy to understand way. Mark Kistler is fun to watch and listen to as well (my 4 year old enjoys just watching the videos). We have all enjoyed this program and have told our friends about it too!”
Pamela, Co-op Member
”This was my first purchase through the Co-op and this online art school has exceeded my expectations! Honestly, my daughter enjoys this so much that I have had to limit the amount of time she spends on art now so that she will spend some time on other schoolwork. She slipped one of her drawings into the cover of her binder that I took with me to a parent meeting for a homeschool writing class. Some of the other parents asked if I drew the picture and I told them that my eleven year old daughter drew it with instruction from Mark Kistler's online art school. The parents were so impressed with the drawing and were asking for the website address and more information. My daughter is keeping all of her drawings in a sketchbook and is so proud to show them off to family and friends. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the instruction is and how much she enjoys watching the videos. Mark Kistler is very engaging and a bit of a comedian at times. Absolutely recommend and already plan to renew the yearly membership next year!!!”
T. Parrott, Co-op Member
”Our family is very happy with the Mark Kistler program, we all sit down as a family to do a lesson together. I feel it is helping the children with pen control, as I have noticed their penmanship improving as well.”
Jim Taylor, Co-op Member
”My son, age 10, LOVES this program! He has taken several art classes and always enjoyed them, but never took to drawing until using Mark Kistler.”
D. Ewing, Co-op Member
”We love the Mark Kistler 3-D art computer subscription. My 9yr old daughter is drawing like a pro and loving her creations. I just go over the directions and she is set for a 20-30min lesson. She is enjoying drawing everyday. Thanks, Mr. Kistler, for helping make our home school art class an instant success at a fraction of the cost of our local church co-op.”
Lisa Mc., Co-op Member
”My 9yo daughter already liked art, but this takes the cake. She has started an art journal and is quickly filling it with Mark's whimsical critters. She still jumps when Mark screams, (the hair thing), but thinks it is hilarious. This program is motivating and fun! Shared it with her friends, but they were already doing it!”
M. Angie, Co-op Member
”It's really good. (14 y.o. son)
It's very interactive. The lessons are not boring, he uses a lot of humor in his lessons. (16 y.o. daughter)
He teaches in a very helpful step-by-step kid friendly way. (18 y.o. daughter)
Two of them prefer the "on line video academy" and one prefers the "school of imagination" (the animated art lessons). His lessons are enjoyable, he uses lots of encouragement and humor. The art work the kids accomplish after each of the lessons is very impressive. This is a great program!”
Starla, Co-op Member
”We are absolutely loving Mark Kistler's program! I usually start with a concept (example: circles & shading) and then I can find a drawing from Mark Kistler to go with it. With circles we used the Space Hamsters. The kids LOVED it. Everyday they draw a new hamster/s and at the beginning of following week I have them draw their hamster in their nice bound art books. This way they get lots of practice and then they put a great drawing in their books. I will definitely use this program again next year and the next.......”
C.Tenhouse, Co-op Member
”Our family LOVES this program. The program makes drawing super easy and fun. My son never liked drawing until we got Mark Kistler. I even participate with my kids! I highly reccomend Mark Kistler!”
Amanda B., Co-op Member
”Mark's drawing program has been wonderful! Our 11 year old daughter has a natural talent in drawing, but has absolutely loved learning to draw new things using Mark's techniques. He makes it fun and easy to follow along. We highly recommend his program....people of ALL ages will love it! I know our family will use this program for years to come. Thank you Mark! The value we are getting from your program is worth far more than what we paid for it!”
Patricia H., Co-op Member
”My kids and I absolutely LOVE Mark Kistler's drawing courses. He is fun and gives simple instructions to follow. The kids are so excited and surprised at the drawings they create as they follow along with his instructions. We plan to continue using his drawing programs regularly. Thank you!”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE this program; Mark Kistler is a great drawing instructor. I've never been able to draw well...until now :) My 7 year old loves to draw and we were spending close to $200/year on drawing classes for him. So at $40/year with the co-op discount, we are very happy and we have recommended it to many others.”
Elissa T., Co-op Member
”WOW!!!...I am incredibly impressed with Mark Kistler's art lesson videos and highly recommend it to others interested in drawing!!! My daughter is learning so much in such a short time and her drawings are AMAZING!!!”
Renee M., Co-op Member
”We signed up for this program after a year of trying Mr. Kistler's Draw Squad book. His online videos do not disappoint! He's a kind and fun sounding guy who manages to work in a great deal of technique through a zany style that draws kids in (no pun intended) and keeps them focused. My 5- and 6-year olds use the "mini marshmallow" lessons and my 8- and 9-year olds those for older children with great enjoyment and improving skill. Highly recommended!”
Tara S., co-op member
”My 9 y.o. enjoys drawing, but I have no skills in this area. I saw a thread on a homeschool forum that mentioned Mark Kistler's online art lessons and decided to try it out. My son really enjoys the lessons and I can already see significant progress in his ability to draw and shade 3D objects. After only 1-2 lessons, he was able to follow along well enough without me that I could have him work on art while I was busy with something else. The fact that he can pause the lesson at any time means he doesn't ever fall behind and get frustrated. This is a perfect fit for our family. :-)”
Andrea S., Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler makes drawing fun and accessible for my kids.”
THS, Co-op Member
”My sons (age 6 and 8) are absolutely loving the Mark Kistler online drawing lessons. It's been wonderful. They have learned so much in such a short time and have really improved in their drawing skills. I am always amazed when they show me their work now. They are learning lots of drawing techniques, shading, drawing in 3-D, etc, and Mark makes it really fun, so the boys really enjoy the lessons.

Before the boys had the online drawing classes, they seemed stuck in a drawing rut, always drawing the same things....guys having sword fights, etc. But, now Mark Kistler has opened their eyes to a whole new world of drawing. They are so much more creative now; it's wonderful.

Everyday they are begging to do more lessons. They would rather watch the drawing lessons than just watch TV, which is great because they're actually learning something. Plus it helps me. When I need to keep them busy, I just tell them to do some drawing lessons, and they're thrilled.

If your kids like to draw, then they will love this online offer.”
S. Anderson, Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my daughter. She wanted something to teach her how to draw and we had tried a few other products. We tried some of the samples on the website before purchasing and she really liked them. I now find her "doodles" all over the place that she has learned from Mark Kistler. A really great product that I will refer to others.”
E. R., Co-op Member
”I heard about Mark's art tutorials from a fellow homeschool mom. She told me how much her kids loved them. My son has been drawing/writing his own comics lately so I thought it'd be right up his alley. He took a little convincing to get started... but he loves the videos now. He especially likes the mini-marshmallow lessons.”
Wani, Co-op Member
”My daughter is the only person in our house that has ever even tried to draw. I am not an artistic mom at all. But, I decided that we needed some sort of art and Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons fit the bill; very few supplies, not messy, and mom doesn't have to teach it. I signed up through the Co-op and all three of my kids and I started with the first lesson. My boys did not want to try it, but I made them. I was sure that I would never be able to get past my stick figures.

Three hours later, I finally told everyone that we had to stop and do some other subjects. I was totally impressed with what we had drawn. The kids all draw for fun now, even the boys. They all asked for some of Mr. Kistler's books and are enjoying them as well. The lessons are cartoonish, but I have been able to apply the techniques and have shocked myself with the resulting beautiful sketches. My kids are applying the techniques to their own drawings as well.

I have told many of my homeschooling friends about the lessons and the Co-op.”
Sandra G., Co-op Member
”My son, who loves to draw, loves the Mark Kistler Online program. He likes the variety of things to draw and the instructions on how to do it. The drawings are like the general Mark Kistler ones - cartoon-like in nature.

We both wish there were some lessons tying the cartoon techniques to more realistic drawing. For instance, the promos for the online program feature a very realistic eye. We haven't found anything like that in the lessons.

We will definitely use it this year to refine some of his technique, but we'll look for something else next year to incorporate more realism into his drawing.”
AnnaMarie H., Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 13 year old daughter. She has always enjoyed art and more recently I noticed more pencil drawings. When I saw the opportunity to buy the Mark Kistler program at such a great price, I just had to do it. She has been using it for several weeks and absolutely loves it. It has honed her drawing skills and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in a quality drawing program. As always with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, it was simple to buy, a great price, and downloaded quickly and easily.”
Sherri S., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this drawing program. She found it easy to follow the online visual drawing class & I have to say that the drawings she produced, right from the first lesson, were really good.”
Jo Doyle, Co-op Member
”I purchased Mark-Kisler's online drawing course and my girls love it and have thanked me a few times.

The videos are very energetic and funny. Even my 4 year old loves watching them. They take the frustration out of drawing and make drawing fun and creative. I now find all three of my girls spending time just drawing.

A friend of mine commented on how good my one daughter's drawings were and I told her about this program.

I am so thankful for this program and the inspiration it gave to my four girls.”
Ingrid, Co-op Member
”We love it. My granddaughter has drawn everything on the website. So easy to follow him. Thanks Mark. Keep up the great work.”
S. Alkire, Co-op Member
”Well worth the original cost....so the discounted rate is an AWESOME deal!!! My kids, as well as myself, have really enjoyed improving our drawing skills. The videos are superb & the techniques are so simple. Mark Kistler makes learning FUN, FUN, FUN!! I highly recommend Mark Kistler's program.”
Jeanie Bellows, Co-op Member
”I am not an artist. I have actually veered quite in the opposite direction. But since buying Mark's program we have started to draw together as a family. Even our four year old draws right along with everyone else! With just a few lessons (with which foreshortened square and foreshortened circle have become household words), we are all drawing things we never dreamed of drawing before. And nobody complains about family drawing night!”
Timo Miller, Co-op Member
”I remembered learning the fundamentals of drawing as a child from "Commander Mark" on the Secret City Adventures on PBS. When my kids expressed interest in learning to draw, I hit the internet and knew exactly what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mark Kistler is still around and that he has an art instruction web site that is top notch! From the very first video lesson, my kids were excited to find that they could produce some impressive artwork easily by applying the drawing fundamentals that are taught over the course of the videos. I highly recommend Mark's website!”
Philip D., Co-op Member
”I purchased the Mark Kistler subscription for my 9 year old daughter who loves to draw but has had very little formal training. She has completed a couple of lessons so far. I am very impressed. Her first two pictures were amazing, and she has been able to replicate them without the videos. I have also seen her implementing some of the technique in her other drawings. We are extremely pleased!”
Angela C., Co-op Member
”I really love it. It has helped me tremendously if I am either watching the video or just doing a quick sketch. His videos go through easy steps that help me draw masterpieces.”
David F. age 12, Co-op Member
”Honestly, before Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I did not know anything about Mark Kistler. When I saw the offer on the site, I did some research and decided to give it a go. I intended to use the site as an art elective for my 11 year old daughter who loves art and drawing, but what I did not count on was my "techy" 15 and 13 year old sons' sudden artistic interest and motivation once they saw the awesome drawings their little sister was cranking out after just watching 1 lesson!!! We were amazed at how effortlessly drawing 3D figures was when they watched Mr. Kistler's videos! I have to admit that even I caught the bug, and we spent one entire Saturday drawing together and comparing our final products just for fun! I never thought that my math/science loving boys or I would all be DRAWING as a family! Kudos to Mark Kistler for an amazing job!!”
B. Little, Co-op Member
”My girls are OBSESSED with Mark Kistler. I can't speak highly enough about how much they learn and enjoy his mini-marshmallow lessons geared for young children. Feel free to see and share my longer review at my website here:
Kristen, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler is a inspiring and fabulously fun teacher! Since we started using his program, my kids can't get enough of sketching, and their sketches are amazing! My son (who has been difficult for me to motivate to do much of anything other than play video games) filled up a sketchbook in about 3 weeks and thinks it would be great fun to be an art teacher. The kids invite their friends to draw with them when they come over. We've seen them implement some of the things they've learned from Mark in their other drawing. We are so thankful for this program!!!”
Jen, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES Mark Kistlers online art academy! In fact, we were off of school last week, and my son regularly spent at least an hour each day in front of the computer doing art lessons. It is hands down the favorite part of his school day!”
Kathy D., Co-op Member
”I LOVE Mark Kistler and so do my kids! What a great curriculum not just for them, but for me, their mom, too. Prior to buying our first membership, I believed I lacked the ability to draw. Mark Kistler changed that. Along with my children, I have learned important art terms like foreshortening, perspective, and shading, and how to incorporate them into any drawing with ease.

My children think time online with Mark is a treat. They giggle through their lessons and their artwork is impressive. It is the only formal art curriculum I use.

We bought a 3 year membership in 2009 and liked it so much we renewed when it expired this year. I can't imagine homeschooling without Mark's zany and fun art lessons!

My students are K-6th grade, and Mark's lessons appeal to them all.”
Jennifer K., Co-op Member
”We are new to the co-op, and to Mark Kistler.

The co-op discount is amazing and his three sites keep our son engaged. I've done the research, and Mark Kistler is one of the top teachers.

Excellent value, excellent product.”
Lauren D., Co-op Member
”We love this program! My son has been able to use it completely independently (10 - 14 years) and it has taught him so much. He just asked me to resubscribe because he was ready to advance his skills and I am amazed at the 3D drawings he is producing. It's a great deal and we highly recommend it.”
Mary Ellen, Co-op Member
”We are new to home school and purchased the one year family art program from Mark Kistler. We love it. My son and I draw 2 to 3 times a week and have learned so much. I now have confidence as an adult to try new art mediums. This is a fun activity to do together and really learn alot. It builds confidence. Thanks so much Mark!”
Jennifer Stauth, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE this art program. The lessons start off pretty easy and gradually get more advanced. The instructions are easily understood and the vocabulary is great. I enjoy reading and continuing the "story starters". I'm currently working on the Ancient Egypt section; I like the variety of themes and subjects. This is a great program for anybody- no matter if you're a new artist or a skilled one- you'll learn something, and enjoy doing it too!!!”
Kailee P., Co-op Member
”Mark is fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend him!!! He teaches in a slow, easy to understand way and he is hilarious!!!! My child is loving it (and drawing great pictures) and I showed the pictures,that he had drawn, to my husband and he started laughing saying, "He is gifted". He really wasn't drawing that well before, but his pictures turn out just like Mark's, showing that Mark Kistler IS gifted. He knows how to make drawing fun. I can hear my son laughing from rooms away. Now my son asks, "Can I do my art lessons?" (as opposed to "Can I watch TV.") It is fantastic!”
CV in Colorado, Co-op Member
”I'm so glad I decided to purchase the Mark Kistler program. I was worried that it would be too advanced for my 4 year old, but the Mini Marshmallow lessons have been perfect. They are short, engaging, and fun. In a short amount of time she has learned how to shade, create 3D objects, and determine where a light source is in a picture. She repeats many of the lessons and can easily complete them independently, but we also enjoy watching them as a family. He has a wide range of lessons to choose from, everything from a birthday cake to a pillow monster. Some of his make believe creatures have really inspired my daughter to think outside of the box and use her imagination to create unique, one of a kind drawings. I know this is a program that can grow with all three of my kids and teach them the basics of drawing in a fun and engaging environment.”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”My kids beg to do this. Even my son with a pencil aversion has used this as a launch pad to make stop motion animation short movies. I can't recommend this enough and have told my friends about it.”
Kate S., Co-op Member
”We have been so thrilled with the Mark-Kistler art program. My kids are so excited to login in. I have been highly impressed with the end product of their drawings. We have tried various online art/drawing programs and none of them have kept my childrens attention or produced the end product like this program, it is very user friendly :) Mark Kistlers program has worked wonderful for my 12 yr old, 8 yr old, and even my 5 yr old daughter has enjoyed learning to draw with her brothers:) We will definately continue using this program and I have already recommended it to several friends :)”
Cat Robertson, Co-op Member
”My kids 9and 10 enjoy drawing with Mr. Mark and beg to do more than one lesson at a time. Mr Mark lesson's are jammed packed with high energy and entertaining dialogue.”
Mrs. Dale, Co-op Member
”AWESOME product. Get your miserable "I can't draw" student unstuck and/or bring greater foundational skills to your prolific artist. Mark Kistler's books are wonderful, we've used one on and off for years. Without the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I wouldn't have found Kistler's online program. To be honest, I was nervous at first, looking at the glitzy whizbang-laden website - would it be all pizazz, then prove short on content? Nope. The pizazz energizes students, getting those unbridled creative juices flowing. It holds their attention. Having Mark in person, on demand, is a great boost for both enthusiasm and self-confidence. The Co-op's price makes this a must-have.

We love the ease and versatility of the program, kids can pick up at any point, use for 5 minutes or 5 hours - independently! They are encouraged to take responsibility for their experience, empowered to chart their own course. Proceed sequentially as designed, Mark offers, or move around on a whim (nonlinearity being common to the artistic temperament, he shares with a wink). Mark's irresistible enthusiasm and can-do attitude echo his message: relax, enjoy, get a little wild, and have FUN.
11yo daughter and 13yo son both value Mark's teaching style, "he just explains things so well...". Hubby's eyes nearly popped out of his head upon finding our art-shy son's shark sketch; he kept repeating, "YOU drew this? Wow!!!" Son grinned for a long time. Let your kids loose on this program, they'll love you for it!”
SKinAK, Co-op Member
”My daughter is really enjoying learning through Mark-Kistler's online art lessons. She is able to draw right along with him and pause the lesson any time she needs to catch up. It was just what we were looking for!”
Jinger T., Co-op Member
”My 7 and 9 year old homeschoolers are so excited about the Mark Kistler drawing lesson as a fun part of our visual arts curriculum. They beg to do their drawing lessons everyday and Mark keeps them laughing with his sense of humor and story telling abilities. I highly recommend this program!”
Gina Z., Co-op Member
”Mr. Kistler's 3D pencil drawing video lessons are the best in the world that I know of. And, the price offered here enabled us to pay for his class.
I have seen some artists doing pencil drawings since I was little, but I could not find anyone to teach me for a good price until now. I have bought some good drawing books for my son and I to learn, but we lost interest after reading a few pages of each one.
Thanks to Mr. Kistler's 3D pencil drawing lessons and homeschoolbuyersco-op.org, my son can now draw a lot of 3D pictures with his pencils. Even I can do a few pencil drawings myself now. A co-op member told us about this deal. Now we are telling our friends about it. :-)”
S. Thornton, Co-op Member
”Fun, fun, fun for the whole family. I am amazed at what we can all do through this creative art program.”
Y.O'Brien, Co-op Member
”this online art studio is the greatest course i have ever invested in for my daughter. she loves all things art but till now had seen nothing she could actually learn from. this course is wonderful. slow enough to follow, fast enough to keep her interested - absolutely awesome! i will keep this up for many years to come.”
C.E. Davis, Co-op Member
”I have a 9.5 year old and a 4 year-old. This is one of the few school activities that they can do together at the same time. And they Love it. The Art Lessons are my "carrot on a stick" during the school day.
It has been several weeks since we purchased this. My kids continue to use it 3-5 times per week. I appreciate the co-op discount, but this would be well-worth it at full price! Because they can pause and rewind the lesson, they do not feel rushed. They can choose to repeat lessons that they really enjoyed or felt they need more work on. I actually feel this has been more beneficial than art lessons in community.”
CarolAnn, Co-op Member
”My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the art lessons. The step-by-step instructions are perfect for beginners and has grabbed the interest of even my oldest child.”
Brianne, Co-op Member
”My name is Camden and I just turned 8. I love mark Kistler's art program!!! I draw way better than before. Mark Kistler is so funny and his lessons are fun to draw. I looove to draw art now. Thank you!!!!!”
Camden E., Co-op Member
”This is our first year purchasing the Mark Kistler Online art program and can tell you it won't be the last! Wanting to give our children a more precise art education that explained concepts and techniques properly, I'm glad this was available to us through Homeschool Buyers Co-op! The kids are learning and having fun and they rather enjoy the videos. The work they are producing from watching the videos is interesting, cute, and fun and they usually do more than one video each time they log in. Even better is that they are able to use their new found skills to create art from their own imaginations with great results.”
Ester S, Co-op Member
”This is a great program! Mark is as entertaining as he is talented. My 11 year old son really enjoys these lessons, and he is learning valuable art skills. Thanks, Mark, for sharing your talent with us! Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for making the lessons so affordable.”
Robin C., Co-op Member
”My elementary aged sons beg to do Mark's lessons. They are more confident in all our art explorations as a result of the foundation in drawing this product has provided. We would recommend this to any homeschool family looking to experience a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of drawing, with an emphasis on the fun!”
J. Gordon, Co-op Member
”I ordered Mark Kistler's program for my two elementary aged kids and they absoultely LOVE IT! My daughter has drawn some neat things that look like she has been drawing for ages not days. I would recommend this program to everyone. It is very easy to navigate, my 7 year old logs in all by herself.”
Ana Aguirre, Co-op Member
”I looked at Mark Kistler's art program several times before jumping on it; I wasn't sure an online program could be very good, but I wanted something. Our outside activity schedule is already full, and I have one child who has an affinity for art that needs encouragement, and one child who is art-phobic who also needs encouragement.

I thought the price was reasonable, so after looking over several options, I bought a year's subscription to Mark Kistler through HSBC, and I am so glad I did. My artistic child is growing and learning; my art-phobic son is learning that he is "not terrible" at art if he has some hand-holding and permission to not be "perfect," and I am doing the lessons too, and discovering that I can draw better than I was ever led to believe I could, not only when following the step-by-step directions and videos, but later applying the lessons Mark provides about how to apply the ideas he is conveying generally about aspect, proportions, shading, and so on.

This was a great buy-- my only regret is not jumping on board when the three-year deal was available! My kids love watching the videos and animations!”
Jen D., Co-op Member
”My 5 year old and I have been doing lessons from the mini marshmallow and the basics, and he LOVES them. Even after a few lessons people were commenting on his improving abilities! They are short, entertaining, and fun. My son will sit and do 3-4 lessons at a time! My husband remembered doing these 3D lessons 20 years ago in school! These are great and wonderful! I would buy this a thousand times over.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed our drawing lessons from Mark. My 5 year old recently start home schooling and was missing his art classes, so this has been a great way to incorporate art and allow him to have fun. My children (ages 3 and 5) love Marks videos and his drawings. They constantly ask me to give them paper so they can draw moon craters and martians. Thank you for a great program with appeal for all ages. My husband and I have been drawing along as well. We liked it so much we've shared the information (for purchasing the program) with other home schoolers that we know.”
Melanie Johnston, Co-op Member
”My kids love to draw and since getting Mark Kistler's Art Program, I see them drawing more than ever. They like it so much it has replaced the TV! We have tried other programs and the kids did not like the teacher or the subjects being drawn, this one is very fun. I will tell all my friends about it. Thank You!”
Stephanie I, Co-op Member
”Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for offering the online art lessons from Mark Kistler. I cannot believe what a miracle has happened in my home. I have 4 children and have struggled with art/drawing for years in our home school. I have paid for art lessons for one of my kids who seemed the most interested, but I can't afford to pay for them all to attend. That is why I bought the subscription to Mark's lessons. I let my kids try a couple of free ones before I made my decision and they were so excited that they could immediately draw something that I had to go ahead with it. Now they eagerly do a lesson a day and I'm so impressed with what they are drawing. It works for all ages of my kids. This was definitely the best use of my home school budget this year! I can't say enough good about it.”
Mindy Mitchell, Co-op Member
”My 6 and 15 year old daughters love the "how to" videos and are spending hours working on art work. The 15 year old is fascinated with Kistler's techniques and humor.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”My kids and I recently purchased Mark Kistler's online drawing program and it's great! The three of us do the lessons together and I enjoy it just as much as they do!”
Brandy Lance, Co-op Member
”My son loves to draw so I chose to purchase this online class for him. He has a sketch book that he keeps his work in and has quite a few 'samples' of his work from Mr. Kistler's class already. Working on shading, speed-lines, reflection and contrast are a few things that my son has already practiced in addition to the fun of just drawing the characters in the class! I recommend this class for both young and not so young-it's fun and amazing what you produce even if drawing isn't your 'gift'.”
RJV, Co-op Member
”My children and I really enjoy learning his teachings. Easy to follow the steps. You can pause while you work on each step then go ahead to look at next step. We use it as weekly art lesson. Online is more easy than book. We had a book that very similar to online but the book was not fun to learn. So I tried to have online and it is much fun and easy to follow.”
Jenni G.J., Co-op Member
”Although I've tried a number of differnt online art tutorials for my daughter (who loves to draw), this is the first one she has liked- and she LOVES it.”
cindy b, Co-op Member
”This was the best home school purchase I have made all year! I had real concerns about trying art on line, but wow the kids(12,10 and 7) LOVE it! The ability to stop and start the lesson is a fantastic feature. Mark delivers humor and confidence in the lessons- we are using this daily.”
Angela B., Co-op Member
”Our 9 yr. old daughter enjoys the drawing tutorials. It's helpful for me to have someone who KNOWS what they're doing to teach the art of drawing to my children.”
Pamela, Co-op Member
”I bought this program for my son, and I have had as much fun as he has. I've always said that I struggle to draw a stick person. Mark Kistler's set-by-step videos have made even this non-artsy mamma be able to create a drawing that's worthy of the refrigerator. I now find myself a little envious of my son when I don't have time to participate with him when he's doing a drawing video. Great product!”
Tabatha A., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this program...and so do I. Even on busy days we are able to fit in an art lesson thanks to Mark Kistler. I also love looking at all the "finished products" in the sketch books!”
Dahlia M., Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed the Mark Kistler art program. He is fun to listen to and the results are really amazing. There is a choice to go between a step by step written lesson, or a video. He also teaches 12 renaissance words that once learned will make progress even easier. With only a few minutes your student has something to show. We have only begun the program but I am thrilled with the endless possibilities for learning in such a fun and engaging way.”
J. Connolly, Co-op Member
”This was such a wonderful find to add to our curriculum! My daughter begs to do online art classes everyday! Mark is very funny and animated as he makes art class very fun! He teaches in a way that you are not intimidated! He makes it very clear that if you need more time, you can just "pause" and or "rewind" so that you do not miss any part of the lesson. I often see my daughter smiling and laughing at the things Mark says as he is teaching. Mark is excellent at giving confidence to the student so that they belive in themselves. The student truly believes they could draw anything! He teaches techniques that make the pictures come alive. My daughter is so proud of the outcome of her work that she wants to share it with everyone! I would highly recommend this product!!”
Audra Olsen, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's online art course is fantastic! I had never known about his PBS series, so it was new for me and I wasn't entirely certain what to expect when we signed up. It was a great surprise to discover an enthusiastic, natural teacher; someone whose joy for people and art is infectious. The website is easy to navigate and is full up with art instruction for every age. Thanks to Mr.Kinstler for a wonderful resource!”
Jeff Higgins, Co-op Member
”My children (14, 11, 9, 7) can't get enough of Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons. Their skills are improving rapidly, and they're having a blast at the same time. Mark inspires confidence in their growing skills because he believes everyone can make great art. This ranks as one of the best home education purchases I have made.”
Kathy, Co-op Member
”Mark has a good approach with and personality for kids. Yet, I, too, am following his lessons - they're that much fun and educational. I do, wish, there was a little more guidance on what forms to try first, but this is a minor quibble.”
T. Cleary, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom, I have tried several different approaches to art. After using Mark Kistler, I've noticed that my daughter has become much more interested in what she is creating and so she puts more effort into her work. She is now very excited to show off her art portfolio and getting her to sit down for art is more fun for everyone, myself included.”
Christine, Co-op Member
”Our son loves his drawings with Mark. Mark is funny and shows how to draw each subject (it is easy to stop and start when needed). Our son has a great art experience with Mark. Each week Alex has something new to show Mamma! Highly recommended!”
Russell Person, Co-op Member
”My,now 10yr old daughter has loved to draw since she was old enough to hold a crayon and realize she could make marks with it. She has advance greatly over the years and has needed guidance into refinement and depth. The Mark Kistler program has provided exactly what she has needed. It is fun and exactly what the home educator needs when it comes to the "art class". I am recommending this program to anyone who wishes for the best development of art skills for the children. Even if one is not so inclined.”
S. Klein, Co-op Member
”My boys are thoroughly enjoying the Mark-Kistler art lessons and I have already seen a vast improvement in their drawing skills and confidence.”
Lara Bloch, Co-op Member
”I have been nothing but COMPLETELY impressed with this program. I have 3 children doing the Mini Marshmallow lessons and they thoroughly enjoy it. But more than just enjoying it, their art has greatly improved. I would HIGHLY recommend this program. It's fun to see their excitement and also their wonderful drawings.”
Jacqui M, Co-op Member
”We just purchased Mark Kistler's drawing program and we love it! It is so much better than learning from a book as you get the multi-sensory input from hearing him describe the steps and seeing it at the same time. Also, you can pause it and replay it as needed, which makes it more dynamic and facilitates learning. We even purchased one of his books separately after seeing how much we loved this program. I highly recommend it!”
Amy A., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old begs to get on this website! He has found a love of drawing thanks to the fun way Mark teaches. Thank you for creating such a wonderful website that even "ants-in-the-pants" kids want to visit.”
B Perkins, Co-op Member
”We bought our 9 y.o. the 3 yr subscription for Christmas. He loves to draw, and I was teaching him and 3 other of our children the Mark Kistler program...using a white board. This online program is great! They love to draw with Mr. Kistler and are doing a much better job than when I tried to teach art. I tell all my friends that this is best art you can offer as a homeschooler! Thank you!”
Annie M., Co-op Member
”My 2 girls, 8 and 6 really enjoy this, the first time we used it, my 8 year old was on his site for 3 hours, just exploring all his pages and games etc, and did about 20 pages of drawing! They love it. I told our homeschooling group about this and also gave a gift subscription to our niece who loves art.

Suzanne K., Co-op Member
”We have been using the Mark Kistler art program for nearly a month. I had originally bought it for my 10 year old (who loves to draw), but my 8 year old (who has hated anything to do with writing and drawing since a miserable pre-school experience) is now using it,too, entirely of her own free will. Both my children love it, and they are incorporating what they've learned in their own drawings done just for fun. We had tried using various books on drawing, with mixed success, in the last three years, but the Mark Kistler videos are a much better fit for my daughters' learning styles. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend it.”
Christa Barnhizer, Co-op Member
”My kids all love this website and it's really helping their drawing skills. I have 5 kids from age 5 to 14, so the family 3-year subscription through Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a super bargain.”
Ruth W, Co-op Member
”My 7 and 10 year old children absolutely love Mark Kistler's websites, and I love the progress they have made. They will spend hours drawing in front of Mark's videos, and they asked for all Mark's books for Christmas. Our family can't believe the drawings they have made, and people think they are little art prodigies now. I highly recommend Mark Kistler and his fantastic approach to teaching art.”
H. Jane, Co-op Member
”I bought the three-year subscription mainly for my 12 year old daughter who has recently become very interested in drawing and was looking for more instruction. We could not afford another art class, and I was wondering what to do when this offer came on Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The price was very good so I bought it for her to try out. She has used it on and off for a couple of months now. I asked her today what she thought of it, and this is what she said: the instructions are very easy to follow; Mark Kistler has great 3-D pictures; the lessons she has used have helped her in drawing 3-D, especially in shading, drawing shapes and contour lines; Most of Mark Kistler's drawings are cartoons, but it is easy to transfer what you learn to drawing more realistic figures as well. Overall she would recommend this to other people interested in art. I personally like having this available at our fingertips and that any of my other children can use it if they become interested in art as well. One low price for everyone!”
M. McKinney, Co-op Member
”My kids (ages 5-9) & husband (the creative one in the family) have been thoroughly enjoying the Mark Kistler online drawing lessons. It has become a fun & educational family time together!”
Amy Newman, Co-op Member
”My kids love art and Mark Kistler made them love it even more. The lessons are fun, and humorous. The steps are very easy to follow. My kids love that the lessons are easily paused while they pratice their technique. Mark not only shows them how to draw, using shapes they are familiar with, but includes art terms and interesting facts and history about art as well. He teaches shading, perspective, distance, and more. Its a fantastic program - well worth the money!”
Theresa Douglas, Co-op Member
”What fun! We put the laptop on the table and play the videos while we draw along. I'm enjoying the drawing lessons as much as my kids are. It's fun to see them so impressed with their own art work. There's "copywork," as well as room for creativity. We've ended up doing the mini-marshmallow lessons, which are aimed at younger kids, because my elementary-aged students got overwhelmed trying to figure out the proportions in the "School of Imagination" after about six sessions. Other kids might not have the same issue. Overall, it's great family time, and we're all learning a lot. Thank you!”
RJD, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons are fantastic. I recommend them to everyone. This is the first drawing program that I have been able to successfully implement with my kids because it is so simple and user friendly. My kids enjoy the program immensely. Thanks, Mark!”
JR, Co-op Member
”This a fantasic value for a great product. The kids really enjoy it.”
Sarah H., Co-op Member
”Wow! I purchased this program because I had a 13 year old that really wanted to learn how to draw. She has really enjoyed this program, but it her younger sister who had not really shown much interest in art before who really took to this program. One day she was showing one of her friends how to shade. Her friend told her, "You didn't know how to do that last week!" She just smiled and replied, "I know." I have even had my daughters friends call me up and ask me the name of the art program. I really enjoy the fact that I can turn it on and the children can gather around and practice their drawing. I myself am no artist, but I can draw following Mark Kistler's direction. This is a really great product that I am really glad I purchased. Thanks!”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”My three girls have been using your site for several months now and they love it. I have seen the techniques used in some of their other art works which shows they really are learning as well as having fun. Thankyou”
Sally, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's training is awesome. This is something we have wanted for a long time. It is so worth the money. My kids love following along with the videos and have made some amazing drawing which were lacking prior. It is a subject that they always want to do because it is fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting an affordable and very high quality art training. We use it just about everyday for our home-school.”
George, Co-op Member
”We've tried multiple art and drawing programs over the years for my 12 y.o. son. Still he was only drawing stick figures and didn't like art. After the first day with this Mark-Kistler program, he was proud of his work and asks to do art everyday now. Thank you!”
Renee G., Co-op Member
”My 2 six-year-olds love watching and drawing with Mark Kistler.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”It is a wonderful site that allows my child to go at his own speed.”
Arlene F., Co-op Member
”I love this program. I tried it before buying, and showed it to my 9 yr old boy. He ended up doing the whole lesson right then! My first purchase with the Co-op. He also draws once a week with an artist friend/teacher. They two programs work well together.”
dlmoore, Co-op Member
”We bought the Mark Kistler Art lesson package and have really enjoyed it! Even my 4 year old has had fun with it. We haven't really explored everything he has on the site, mostly the Mini-Marshmellow lessons, but even if that's all we use, I will feel like we got our money's worth. Thanks HSBC for making this affordable!”
Heather, Co-op Member

Your art lessons have been a blessing to our children and family. It is amazing how easy it is, even for the children, to follow along while watching your tutorials. During the very first lesson it was apparent how well your method works, as we saw immediate results. Using your techniques makes drawing feel almost effortless. Our children are eager to login and learn more under your instruction. We will definitely be returning, time and time again. Keep up the great work!

We will continue to inform family and friends, and other families educating their children at home, about your services. We may even make it to one of your camps in the near future.

Thanks so very much, and may God richly bless you and yours!

Mr. & Mrs. B and the Kiddos

P.S. We also appreciate how you have kept the program affordable. Thanks again!”
Mr. & Mrs. B and the Kiddos, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter really liked using his book so we decided to try his website and she has gotten so much out of it. It has really helped her to actually see him draw, she has picked up drawing techniques by watching him such as shading with the side of the pencil and using a stomp to make the shading look nice. My 6 year old son loves everything in video format and has started doing drawing with the videos, something he was not really interested in doing from a book.”
Aynsley K, Co-op Member
”We love these online art lessons. Even mommy enjoys doing these lessons with the children. A great purchase for our homeschool!”
Jada C, Co-op Member
”My kids (ages 10 & 13) have never cared for art/drawing. When I told them I had a new art program for them, they both groaned and said, "Mom, we aren't good at that sort of stuff." Then I turned on Mark Kistler's Art Academy website. They were instantly hooked and within 10 minutes they were both holding up pictures they had drawn while saying, "LOOK WHAT I DREW!!" Now, they turn on Mark Kistler EVERY day because they want to! As their parent, I am overjoyed with their new found love of art. Sincere thanks to Mark Kistler for allowing the Homeschool Buyers Co-op an a affordable option to join his website! He is a genius who's enthusiasm for art will draw in the most reluctant students.”
Mom Littleton, Co-op Member
”We love the art academy, and especially the mini marshmallow page. Mark Kistler has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps the kids excited about learning how to draw. I love how he includes true "artistic" terms, and strokes inspite of the young target age level. Both my 9yr old and my 6 yr old love drawing with Mark. We tell all our friends it's a great resource for a fantastic price. Thanks Mark Kistler and Homeschool buyers coop!”
Bridgitt. R, Co-op Member
”I consider this as one of the best purchases I've ever made for my homeschooled children. Even my 4-year old child is drawing like a pro (ha ha -- maybe not quite a pro but way beyond her age level). They have learned how to draw creatures and buildings and apply the shadow correctly. Their drawings come alive with the easy and exciting instructions of Mark Kistler. There is never a dull moment with Mark. I highly recommend this program for all the budding artists out there!”
Charlie C., Co-op Member
”Since we purchased the subscription for Mark Kistler's art lessons, my kids beg to do more and more art every week. They already love art, and I thought his site would be a fun supplement to the program we're already doing, but now they beg to skip the other program and do more of Mark Kistler's lessons.

I have admit, I also find them great fun. And I love that HSBC made it so affordable for me. Thanks!”
C. James, Co-op Member
”*****We love his online drawing. It is fun and the kids get it. As a parent I love to draw but it isn't so easy to teach. Mark does a great job of building the layers to the final product. He incorporates basic art vocabulary into his lesson. We use it once or twice a week for art class. 5 star rating!”
S. Thompson, Co-op Member
”I'm Kate and I'm 10 years old. I love
Mark Kistler drawing. It's really fun!

-from my daughter”
kate k., Co-op Member
”The kids (and I!) enjoy Mark's humor as he teaches.

From the first lesson, their sketching improved greatly.”
Trudy L, Co-op Member
”Our 11 year old son loves the Mark Kistler drawing academy. The lessons are clear and easy to follow, and we like the fact that he has access to all three "levels". I am also happy that he is learning some foundational aspects of drawing, including how to "think out" how to draw something (e.g. properly analyzing the effects of lighting, distance, etc). Really the only "art" program that has ever worked for us!”
May, Co-op Member
”We have only just started looking at the videos, but so far we love them. He is a very engaging and animated teacher who makes you feel like anyone is capable of drawing wonderful cartoons.”
Anne Z, Co-op Member
”I have a 6-yo boy who loves to draw - he used to start out by tracing a picture of something he likes and then eventually move up to copying it and then drawing it from memory. Now that I have Mark Kistler's program, he has an online instructor who not only makes it fun for kids but also is good! My boy really enjoys the lessons - I started him with the marshmallow classes and we will move on to the next ones pretty soon. Thank you for allowing homeschoolers to get these wonderful programs for much less. Keep up the good work!!! We shall keep shopping for more too.”
Chips (Guam,USA), Co-op Member
”The kids - 11 and 9 - are loving learning to draw with Mr. Mark. Their (and mine :-) ) drawing skills have come a LONG way since starting this. It was money well spent!”
Heather H, Co-op Member
”I had two very reluctant drawers. They were convinced that they could not draw. After the first lesson with Mark they were amazed at what they could actually achieve. Now instead of groans when it comes to drawing my kids are fighting over the computer to do another of Mark's lessons. Money well spent, a great investment in my childrens confidence. Thanks Mark”
Mel Roberts, Co-op Member
”We recently ordered Mark Kistler's art program after trying out a free sample. My son fell in love with it. He had been requesting an art class and this has been great. My son can pop in online and spend a short amount of time and see big results. After his first lesson he was able to apply the teaching and see a marked difference in his drawing. He is learning art technigue, theory and vocabulary. He felt so encouraged because he saw immediate progress. He loves the lessons, I have to limit his time because he could happily do hours of Mark-Kistler a day. This product has not only been a valuable tool, but it has added some needed fun and excitment back into our daily school schedule. I would absolutely buy this again and recommend it as a great art curriculum. I know my son would recommend it as well.”
Casia C., Co-op Member
”Mark has made drawing attainable for both my kids and myself. We all felt 'unable' to draw before watching his videos, now we look forward to some quiet time with our sketch books. I am pretty fussy about where I put my money, but this has been some of the best spent.”
D. Hamilton, Co-op Member
”My children are having a HUGE amount of fun with Mark Kistler's drawing lessons, and are turning out some very nice drawings as well. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!”
Doreen, Co-op Member
”Our 13 year old daughter enjoys drawing. We felt this would be a good alternative to a book, where she could watch a live demonstration. We have not been disappointed. When we purchased it, she was sick. Still she went on the computer and spent two hours exploring and drawing! This had become a regular occurrence - she'll disappear and come out an hour or two later with a number of new masterpieces. The bulk of the instruction involves cartoon types of characters, which is what she enjoys drawing. The are multifaceted and complex, but just to say they are not portraits or landscapes.

I have told a few friends about it - raving how much our daughter has enjoyed it and how amazing her finished pictures are. We will definitely continue to use it!

Our oldest daughter tried it, but that isn't her "thing". The fact that she even wanted to try it is a testimony to how enjoyable Mark Kistler makes the instruction! I love that this is a multi-user program and look forward to when our two younger children are able to take advantage of this program, too.”
Janey G., Co-op Member
”My children, ages 8, 10 and 14 BEG to "do art". I think that sums it up pretty well. It has been $ well spent as the kids are learning to draw and build confidence in their own abilities.”
Sheryl W, Co-op Member
”Lessons are great! Short, easy, and techniques like shadowing, depth, etc. are covered briefly in each lesson so the child remembers. We've done less than 10 lessons right now but we are very pleased.”
Janet O., Co-op Member
”From dd 5 about Mini Marshmallows, "I like the stuff they make because it is fun. I like drawing. I like the foreshortened circle. It makes everything look real. I like how he talks. He makes everything funny."

My children love watching his videos and are using a lot of what they have learned on their own. The lessons are short, cute and lively and my children are excited to pick out a lesson to draw. I will definitely continue to use this program.”
I Scholl, Co-op Member
”I love the programs, granddaughters each had their choices, and we appreciated the quiet house for a few hours. They created art that is now on our wall.”
CH Mucci, Co-op Member
”This has been a great addition to our homeschool this year! Originally, I planned to have my children (ages 6, 10 & 14) complete two lessons per week in their sketchbook. But the first lesson we did was so much fun we did three more that day! Although the humor is slightly corny at times, all three kids are drawn to Mark's engaging style, and we've already learned how to use simple shading to make artwork "pop". We now reward ourselves each day, after completing all our other coursework, by watching an art lesson and adding to our sketchbooks. I've also noticed the kids doing more 3-D drawing in their spare time, implementing techniques learned from this course. We're very pleased with this program!”
Tami P, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love these art lessons. With enough silliness to keep the attention of an eleven-year-old boy enough content for mom, these lessons are worth every penny.”
Michele D., Co-op Member
”This programme is very well structured. I'm having just as much fun with it as the kids, and am very proud of the achievements we all have made. I am happy to recommend this program without reserve.”
Hannah C, Co-op Member
”We have LOVED Mark Kistler's online drawing course. My 6 year old wanted to do more art, and I am not an artist so I was looking (not very hard) for something for him to try. He's 6 after all--I didn't really want to pay for and try to fit art lessons into our schedule if he doesn't really love it. This is the perfect fit! I previewed the site briefly, showed him how to get around, and he's just taken off. He asks, "Can I do art now?" every single day and recently told me that his favorite thing to do is shading. His favorite way to use the site is to find what he wants to draw and go for it--he doesn't go in order. He's creating scenes and pictures after all--it's about what fits into his drawing, not what the next lesson is. :) On our last library outing he asked specifically for books by Chris Van Allsburg (I had no idea what he was talking about). I guess he heard Mark talk about Van Allsburg's work and he made sure we had those books. So, we got more than art lessons--we have a new favorite author as well! I LOVE this program and would recommend it to anyone. It's definitely our favorite new addition this year. Thank-you!!”
Tara Eyre, Co-op Member
”Our family is blessed with three very different children, all of whom were in art lessons with a local family whose grandma teaches college level art. The children enjoyed those lessons, but when summer ended and she went back to work, the lessons ended. Finding Mark Kistler's subscription here on the Co-op was a fantastic treat! The children are back into drawing, creating and even crafting! Their confidence in their drawings skills has multiplied, spilling into other areas of their life and Mark's chatty personality encourages my kids' participation as they giggle their way through lessons. Thanks for offering such a meaningful product that is serving my family both academically and emotionally as they enjoy their own creativity! Mark's right: my kids ARE genius!”
Fawn, Co-op Member
”WE love Mark Kistler!!! Fabulous value. My kids love the drawing lessons and so do my husband and I. Love it!!!!! We have encouraged many of our friends to try it too.”
Elizabeth Little, Co-op Member
”This was a great purchase and well worth the money! My children say he makes it fun so you don't lose interest in it. They use it pretty much every day. I have used it myself because he makes drawing look easy!”
Claire P., Co-op Member
”I have a 9 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl who both love this program.. Mark is so entertaining, humorous, lovable.. I especially like how he draws them into a story about what they are drawing whilst adding in other great educational info like when he's drawing the sharks he talks about the different anatomical features using the correct names for them like pectoral fins, gills etc so the learning is overlapped in so many ways - storytelling, science, art.. the last thing I would like to say is that my children have only been doing this for about a month now but they have already learnt so much about depth and 3D.. A WONDERFUL PROGRAM - MY MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OF ALL THAT I HAVE TRIED THROUGH THE CO-OP, SIMPLE, FUN, EDUCATIONAL!!!”
Melanie Solecki / Australia, Co-op Member
”Of all the curriculum/educational supplements I have purchased over the last 7 years (and I have purchased many), this is the best - in terms of cost and effectiveness. My kids love it and they are learning tremendously.
Mark Kistler videos have helped my two struggling artists and my naturally talented cartoonist create his works and add more depth/character to their original works. They logon to the site, view the video(s) and create many wonderful drawings - whether replicating the lesson or taking an aspect or two and putting it into their own creation.
Thank you Mark Kistler for making such a helpful, fun and affordable program. And thanks to the Co-op for offering it (I never heard of it prior) ... and at such a great price.”
A Bailey, Co-op Member
”My 14yr old and 11yr old really enjoy this. I try to draw with them when ever possible. It's fun!”
Laura B., Co-op Member
”We are SO enjoying Mark Kistler's online art class! I say "we" because I've been doing it with my boys - age 7 and 5. It's so great to have detailed, step by step insturction and see a simple finished product immediately! A win for the student only excites them to do more! And this product sure saved me...I've never been very "artsy" and saw my children's interest and desire and didn't want them to lose it...this is only feeding their desire and I love that he does all the work for me!”
L. Chicken, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son absolutely LOVES this program. We purchased it a few months ago and he can not get enough. In fact, he will ask to do extra lessons!

Mr. Kistler is engaging and patient in his teaching. We love his program!”
Denaya W., Co-op Member
”I have never learnt to draw and my 6 year old was surpassing me just with her doodling/drawing. I've tried various 'how-to-draw' books for the past 3 years but neither been successful or interested past the first attempt. My daughter and I are really enjoying Mark's mini-marshmallow online lessons. We have only watched about 8 lessons so far. I love his narration as he draws, often adding things on the spur of the moment as he tells a story with his picture. His simple drawings are easy to follow, though he is fast if you're trying to draw at the same time and so we tend to watch each episode 2-3 times while we draw our initial or 2nd attempt. His explanations of 'techniques' really helpful and introduced gently and as you use them. He explains why you use techniques such as horizon line and shadows. I began seeing the result of his lessons in my daughter's other drawings after having watched only 2 lessons. She is using the horizon line, shadowing and managing to draw depth, which I've previously never figured out. I can not recommend this highly enough and recommended this to members of our state-wide homeschooling organisation here in Australia.”
Diane L., Co-op Member
”I am so impressed by this wonderful art program! I have one child who loves to draw buy needed some instruction, and one who never liked to draw and refused to take any lessons. After my oldest saw how much my younger child enjoyed the program, she agreed to "try" it. Thanks to Mark-Kistler, I now have two children who enjoy expressing themselves artistically. My children enjoy drawing pictures for me and my husband and get a huge boost in self-esteem when others compliment them on their drawings. I also like the way this program allows the child to go at his/her own pace. My younger child is more advanced than the oldest so he can go ahead and continue his learning while my other child takes her time and completes the lessons at her own pace. This has really increased her self-esteem and she seems more open to trying new things now because of her success with this program. The benefit for me is lots of free art to hang in my home! Thank you for such a great program.”
Tess Redel, Co-op Member
”I love Mark's website, I bought a subscription for my kids and they love the way he teaches them how to draw really cool pictures. He has a very unique way of getting kids excited about drawing. We will continue to use this for many years to come.”
Olivia Parker, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son loves learning to draw with Mark Kistler's videos and books. When I saw the opportunity to get membership access to his online video lessons, I jumped on it! It's been a rewarding addition to our homeschool art curriculum.”
Andrea H., Co-op Member
”Everyone is drawing even when we aren't doing the lessons! We really love the Mark-Kistler online curriculum. We have purchased a Mark Kistler artbook with lessons in the past but it did not generate the enthusiasm that the online videos have! It is so easy to use and each of my 5 children take turns deciding which lesson we will do. We are having lots of fun and seeing improvement in our abilities as well. It is a great product and I would highly recommend it. You can stop the video if it is going too fast for you or watch it repeatedly. There are many extras too. The art terminology is learned by doing and there are also worksheets that can be printed if you desire. All you really need is a pencil (your imagination rocket), paper and your imagination to do amazing things!”
Kelly Woods, Co-op Member
”I have twin boys (7th grade). One of them was wanting to get better at drawing. He had already finished one of Mark Kistler's 3D books. I bought the online course and BOTH of my boys now love drawing. The course is very easy to follow and we are pleased with the outcome!”
Jeff Battenberg, Co-op Member
”All my children age 3-16 LOVE this program. (Albeit my 3 yo can only do a little). My 6 yo loves to draw and this was the key to him feeling successful, actually it has been that way for all of my children. It is nice to have a finished picture that really looks like what the child intended.”
April D., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old loves drawing with Mark Kistler. We have art scheduled for Mondays, and yet he races to do it everyday. We really enjoy the resulting art. Wonderful.”
T. Higgins, Co-op Member
”I purchased this Art Program for my daughter Sophie, age 9. She LOVES it! "Art Class" has become an incentive and reward for completing her work independently in other subjects. Her drawing ability has really improved and family and friends love receiving these whimsical designs, such as the "Space Hamsters" on cards and letters. Thanks Mark Kistler!”
H. Bruemmer, Co-op Member
”I got this as an extra for my kids because it was a great deal and my oldest daughter (10) had really been into drawing lately. With working with just a few, I've seen some improvement with her other drawings as well though she still needs to do more. I'm sure our family will use it a lot for the next 3 years.”
Kristina, Co-op Member
”I can't keep my kids off of this website! I bought them each new drawing notebooks when we started school 3 weeks ago and they already need new ones! 5 Stars for Mark Kistler!!!!!”
Tish Mata, Co-op Member
”Love it, love it, LOVE IT! My son, 11yo, had recently shown an interest in drawing/sketching, but I have zero artistic ability! So I purchased this program for him. I could not believe how quickly he learned, and how good his drawings were - from the very first one! It's been fun to watch him take the concepts he's learned and apply them to drawing something that he just thinks up, too! So thankful this was available!”
Tara S., Co-op Member
”I am writing to say thank you so very much for Mark's website. I have a 10 yodd who loves art, and two sons 12 & 14 whom I couldn't interest in doing any. That has all changed - they love his humour and style of presentation, and they are impressed with what they are able to draw (as I am). So glad I came across his product.”
Katie B, homeschool mum
”My 6 year old son just started with Mark Kistler's Draw 3D program and it is amazing what this little boy has drawn in just 3 lessons. He really enjoys it and he's learning from a professional! What a fabulous opportunity!”
Carolyn, Co-op Member
”We love the Mark Kistler Art program! It is fun, easy and teaches great concepts. The program also emphasizes creativity with the designs and provides a sense of accomplishment as you actually produce a 3-D picture at the end of the first lesson to Wow the rest of the family. My kids ask to do their art lessons every day whereas with other art programs, I heard questions as to why they had to do this. We love it!”
Kelly R., Co-op Member
”Okay, my son has ALWAYS hated art and because of that it has always been the last thing on my list (that often gets bumped to the next day...and again to the next).

I love that this is only 10 or 20 minutes a day, mostly because the instructions are so detailed and so easy to follow.

The opinion of my son the perfectionist? "Mom, I like this program because Mark Kistler's art isn't always perfect either. So I feel like mine doesn't have to be in order for it to be done right."”
Schelly, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves the online drawing lessons and asks to do more all of the time. The lessons are engaging with just the right amount of humor to show that art can be tons of fun.”
Christina A., Co-op Member
”My children (son 11 & daughter 9) LOVE this class SOOO much. They are chomping at the bit to do their drawing and do it for an hour or more all on their own. I will hear them laughing as they are drawing because Mark is so funny. And their drawings are so sophisticated. They have learned so much in such a short amount of time! Drawing is their new hobby! This class is such a good investment. Art lessons elsewhere can be so expensive and frankly, are not as good. Mark knows exactly how to explain art concepts to kids and make it fun an entertaining. I cannot recommend this online class highly enough. Sign up and turn your kids into little Rembrandts!”
Rebecca L., Co-op Member and mom to many!
”Mark Kistler's drawing lessons are exactly what we've been looking for! My kids enjoy taking lessons at their pace and have learned SO MANY valuable techniques. Their drawing portfolios have improved dramatically since starting Mark's online lessons.

We had been taking private lessons with a local artist, but couldn't resist the value of Mark's online subscription. The kids enjoy the lessons, and having 24/7 access makes it so much easier to fit around our busy schedules.

Thank you!”
Carol H., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old loves these art lessons and has impressed us all with the drawings that he has created. My Eli has named each funny creature. Our favorite is "Kevin" the shark. Thanks for this program!”
L. Butler, Co-op Member
”We have purchased several art programs over the past five years and this is definately our favorite. The step by step is great. He presents art with a sense of engaging fun that kids have a hard time resisting.”
Kim Haney, Co-op Member
”it is FABULOUS!!! Just FABULOUS. My 9yrold is expanding and developing her talent, it is very apparent that his goal is to increase the self esteem of kids in an imaginative and productive way giving them something that will last a life time, have highly recommended it to everyone i know with kids”
liz, Co-op Member
”You will be amazed... My eleven year old daughter could not draw anything and had no confidence to try and learn to draw. This web program is so much fun and UNintimidating and after ONE lesson drawing a treasure chest she was empowered to draw so well instantly. I thought she must have traced her drawing, but she didn't! She has drawn so many things and loves drawing now. Thanks so much for offering this fabulous program! Try the demos!”
Allie P., Co-op Member
”My 7 yob and 9 yob loved Mini-Marshmallows so much they wanted to do another. When I told them for art today that we were going to do a VOM parachute for Columbia for art instead of Mark Kistler, they decided to do a Mini-Marshmallow on their own free time because they like it so much.”
Kathy C., Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES the Mark Kistler drawing lessons online!!! She had wanted to learn to draw for some time, but I didn't really feel I could teach her to draw from a book. The online lessons are PERFECT!! He explains everything so well and introduces them to a new technique or tool just when they're getting curious for more. Her output has been MARVELOUS. I'm totally amazed, both with the quality and with the tremendous DEAL with is. To get access to all of the lessons for all of your kids for 3 years for such a low price is tremendous! I really appreciate MK and HSBC working together to bring this for us.”
Elizabeth in Ohio, Co-op Member
”I knew about this before I seen it at the Co-op. I only bought it because it was offered at such a discount through the Co-op. In other words, no Co-op = no purchase. Thanks.”
Melissa M, Co-op Member
”I looked everywhere for an art curriculum that my kids, who range in age from 5-12, could all benefit from ... then, I found Mark Kistler. My kids all love it and have made some wonderful drawings with this program.”
Andrea S., Co-op Member
”My daughter really enjoys this program. She says, "It is really cool drawing in 3D, it looks so real, it looks like it is coming off the paper." We had seen a few of his dvds before and were thrilled to get access to all his instruction. Thank you.”
Natalie Davis, Co-op Member
”The art work presented is fun and enticing, as is the way that Mark presents his videos. My children have found a new confidence in their drawing abilities and are now eager to add more depth and creativity to their art works. Whenever I announce that we're going to do some drawing with Mark Kistler the children are always keen to get started. Highly recommended!”
T Parry, Co-op Member
”My daughter just absolutely love this program! Mark makes each lesson so enjoyable that she even tries the ones that seem to be too hard for her. She's not content with drawing just one project with him. She can sit for two hours just drawing always anticipating for the part where he had to add "the hair" on his creatures. We will definitely continue using this product. Also, the group rate is affordable and reasonable. We highly recommend this product. I wish you can also find a similar program for other mediums such as pastels, watercolor and oil.”
Teresa E., Co-op Member
”I am writing to let you know how IMPRESSED my husband and I are with the Mark Kistler On-Line art program we purchased through your co-op. My husband even went so far as to say he thought it was one of the best things we've purchased in our 5 years of Homeschooling so far. It is a fantastic thing to hear your children say," Please mom we want to do one more lesson". They laugh and giggle at Mark Kistler's comments as they are drawing. One of our 4 boys are really "into" art but this program has all of our boys begging to get their sketch pads out and draw. Their drawing skills are amazing my husband and myself. I am so happy we purchased this through your co-op. I have shared with all of my girl-friends that this is the art program to buy for sure! Especially if you have boys that are into comic books...Mark Kistler's program will have your children laughing, learning, and turning out some fantastic art.

Thank you Again for supplying this at such a great discount Homeschool Buyers
Shannon Nolan, Co-op Member
”Don't look any further... Art School with Mark Kistler has broken the mold! This is a wonderful art program and the results are astounding. For years I would have sworn that the artistic gene went to my brother and the most I would have ever accomplished were stick figures. Mark's program has increased mine (& my children's) confidence when it comes to drawing. This program consists of clearly displayed and easy to follow instructions whether a person is 4 or 84. But most of all it has taking something that I used to look at as daunting and made it fun! We look forward to finding time to sit down, daily, and draw! Thank you Mark!”
Kathleen L., Co-op Member
”The Mark Kistler drawing classes have been a big hit at our house. When I ran the sample lesson and all of my children hurried to get pencils and paper and crowd around the computer, I knew we had a keeper. Within minutes, all of us (me too!) were drawing great looking pictures.

My kids like it that they can stop the video to catch up or to erase and try again. They are so proud of their drawings and excited to hang them up in our schoolroom. It has really given them confidence in their drawing. Plus they think Mark Kistler is funny!

I have already recommended Mark Kistler's drawing classes to my homeschool group. I'm so thankful that the Homeschool Buyer's Coop makes all these great products available!”
Jean, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE Mark Kistler's drawing lessons! His lessons strike the perfect balance between being entertaining for kids and offering serious art techniques. I frequently hear my kids laughing at his jokes while doing their drawing lessons. I know they are learning though, as they will later incorporate techniques they've learned from Mark Kistler into their other art work. Mark Kistler is a great way to effortlessly work art into our busy homeschool schedule!”
Diane H., Co-op Member
”My two girls love this program. Where they were bored with other non instructional programs, Mark makes it funny and interesting by using things they can relate to. We have only had the program for a little over a month and with their enthusiasm I have already gotten my money's worth!”
R. Beavers, Co-op Member
”We've only done a few lessons and we love it! I'm having fun drawing pencils and marshmallows myself. My daughter loves to browse the lessons and is lookking forward to a year of drawing.
We're combining this with the Artists of the 20th Century lapbook by Homeschool in the Woods. I think they will be a fun combination.”
Kalleen, Co-op Member
”I have 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 11. They all thoroughly enjoy this programme (even the 3 year old). The standard of the work that they have produced has been amazing, and my 11 year old son who I had never thought of as 'arty' has taken off. He sits and patiently pays attention to every detail and his 'Silly Seahorse' is wonderful. If you are thinking about using this product, then go ahead - you will not be disappointed. Such great value.”
Katherine A, Co-op Member
”We have really loved using this program! All of my children (ages 2,7,12 and 14) enjoy it! Even I do it! I have rigged it so that my computer will play on the television and then we all enjoy it at the same time. It's been great to see the variety of artwork that we do when drawing with the same instructions. :) I am glad that I purchased this and have recommended his site to everyone, especially because he has the free lessons that you can try!”
Melanie H., Co-op Member
”My son loves these lessons! After watching just a few, he was using shading in other pictures he drew, and trying his hand at 3D on his own. The lessons are a perfect length for children, entertaining, yet rich with art vocabulary and technique.”
Casey M., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves to draw and literally draws every single day. I had been searching for drawing curriculums and found Mark Kistler's books then his website. The lessons are fun and humorous! Such a great deal! Over 300 lessons!! Great for younger children or older. This was an excellent group buy!”
Jennifer Tonak, Co-op Member
”My children are really enjoying these lessons, even my 6 year old feels like she's coming up with some really good drawings.”
R. Strong, Co-op Member
”My children are 4 and 7 years old, and both have enjoyed and produced outstanding drawings within minutes of viewing Mark Kistler's lessons on video. They have also applied some of the techniques to their own creations. The like repeating lessons, knowing their attempts improve each time. The video presentation is just the right time frame for them, and I know they'd never benefit as much from a book at this age. I do look forward to continuing with Mr. Kistler's books after they'd exhausted this product.”
Mrs. Rubino, Co-op Member
”I asked my children's grandmother to purchase this as a birthday present for my oldest son, knowing that it would be used by everyone. My son sat down and did 5 lessons during the first session. He loves Mr. Kistler's enthusiastic approach and easy to follow directions. My son's artistic abilities have improved immensely and he is learning how to "see" things and translate them to paper. I am very impressed with this program and my children LOVE it! I would strongly recommend this to any parent who has a child that wants to learn to draw or wants to improve their drawing ability. And, by the way, finger clapping is now a daily habit in our house!”
Stacie K., Co-op Member
”My 8-year-old son received this program for his birthday. He has been doing it for three weeks and loves it. He even showed off the program to a buddy today!”
M. Spiker, Co-op Member
”Both of my boys absolutely LOVE the drawing class online. The first day we watched, they drew with one lesson after another. My oldest is almost 10 and he is an artist by nature so the step by step comes really easy for him. My middle son is 6 and gets passionate about drawing because he sees his brother draw. It's a fabulous way for boys to express themselves and they are both now signed up to attend Mark Kistler's Homeschoolers Art Class (in person) at the end of summer. I would recommend Mr. Kistler's creative, fun and humorous style to any child at any age. I remember watching him on tv when I was a little girl.”
E. Eaves, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's drawing videos have been fabulous for my 7 year old budding artist. He loves to draw, but I didn't know how to help him as I am not very artistic! Videos are perfect for helping him develop his skills since he can pause them or start them over as needed. He enjoys watching them over and over again, especially since Mark has a fun sense of humor while he works with his drawings. My 5 and 3 year old have even joined in at times, since the videos are so great. It's not a formal art curriculum, but it is perfect for encouraging sketching and drawing and developing those skills through repeated practice. The short videos are great for rainy days or incentive for finishing other school work. The pictures are always fun, and it is really impressive what the children can accomplish by following along with Mark. Our family will continue to use it along with our art curriculum, and I have shared it with others who ask about what we use for art in our homeschool.”
E. Mitchell, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter and I have been thoroughly enjoying the Mark Kistler Drawing website. The quality of our artwork has improved beyond recognition. My daughter is even teaching some of her friends the art techniques she has learned. This has been a fantastic buy!”
Karen M., Co-op Member
”Thank you so much. My children love to draw this way. Using this program, both of my children find that they can draw well. That encouragement makes them want to keep drawing.”
Sherry D., Co-op Member
”My daughter has enjoyed learning to draw with Mark Kistler. She's improved a lot in the month we've been using the site.”
Julianna, Co-op Member
”We are LOVING this program. It's so much fun that the whole family has gotten involved. We are all amazed at the drawings we are producing. Mark makes it so easy, and he's funny too.”
Jennifer Taylor, Co-op Member
”My children ages 7 to 16 are all benefitting greatly from Mark's website. He is very personable and easy to learn from, while not overburdening students with too much technical language. THANKS Mr. Kistler for working with Homeschool Buyer's Co-op to offer many families a Great deal!”
Mrs Aguilar, Co-op Member
”This program has been wonderful for many of my kids. It is so fun I have had to restrict it, as in, "Once your chores are done, you can do Mark Kistler's art lessons!" because otherwise they would spend HOURS on there!! It appeals to my kids ages 5, 6, 8, 9, and 11. They love working on their drawings and sending them to Gramma and aunties, who always react with "wow, she drew this??" Mark is so engaging that even the younger ones like to watch and giggle! and some fun creatures have come to live at our house... wormy worms, ninja eggs, marshmallow guys... highly recommended to everyone!!”
Lisa, mom of 7, Co-op Member
”We love this program. We first looked into it a couple of years ago when I first started homeschooling the kids and decided that it was too much to put into the currirulum. I also thought I had missed the target age range(chalk it up to overwhelmed on-the-job training). I wish I had started it sooner. My 5-year-old loves that she can be an artist. My 9- and 12-year-old boys can't get enough. Best of all, it has given all the kids more confidence to try new things. Instead of being "too much" it has been the perfect thing for getting the kids to concentrate and explore. I highly recommend it.”
Sarah Cannon, Co-op Member
”My children, aged 6-14 love these lessons. Mark is so funny. He makes drawing fun and doable. The kids love how their pictures actually look like something when they are done! This was well worth the money we paid. And we can enjoy it for three years, so there is no hurry!”
Suz D., Co-op Member
”My 13 yr old son learned how to 'shade' and draw with 3D techniques on the very first lesson! And more important... had fun doing it and ready to learn more! Thank you, Mark Kistler, for sharing your love of drawing in such a fun and enthusiastic way!”
Suzanne Jacobs, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler has significantly increased the interest and skill in drawing for both of my twin boys. When given free time they both ask to go to the art lessons and have learned more about shading, depth and composition. My son feels that it is the "best thing ever" and tells everyone about it.”
Happy in NC, Co-op Member
”Fantastic! My kids are learning so much! Thank you, Mark!”
Laura Cox, Co-op Member
”I ordered this to be our art curriculum for the year. I needed something hands off, out of the box and portable. My kids are so glad I did! The lessons are perfect in so many ways and Mark's humor is very engaging. At full price it would have been a stretch for us, but it is definitely WORTH $100 for 3 years... I am very happy i was able to get this at $40. That's a great big thanks to you, HSBco-op.”
Lanie, Co-op Member
”The lessons are awesome and mark kistler is cool. I asked my mom if I could do the lessons and the results have turned out great.”
10 year old boy, Co-op Member
”My 10-year-old LOVES Mark Kistler's Art lessons! I have tried various other art programs and she has never been excited about any of them and she hasn't really learned much from them either. Since we've started Mark Kistler's Art she always looks forward to her drawing time. Her latest saying is "As Mark Kistler would say, Pencil Power!".

I have also seen a marked improvement in her drawing in the past month since she has been using this program and I am looking forward to seeing continued improvement in and enthusiasm for art in our homeschool as we continue to use these wonderful art lessons.”
Amy Dumas, Co-op Member
”My 2 oldest kids spend hours drawing with these classes then from what they have learned from the class they just watched. They LOVE it! They are 11 & 12. The 2 & 4 year olds also love to watch the vids but have not tried drawing yet. So glad we bought this!”
Rachel S., Co-op Member
”I purchased the Mark Kistler subscription a little sceptically as I wasn't sure how learning to draw in a cartoon style would help my children be artists. However, I am pleased to say I was wrong -- the skills that they have learned they have been able to transfer into their 'serious' art work with no problems and the lessons from Mark have been invaluable. My children (aged 6-12) find the lessons fun to do and easy to follow and they are never disappointed with their finished result so I would say that he has them pitched perfectly to suit a wide range of ages. I am very happy that I took the plunge with this subscription and can see us continuing to use it.”
Sharon D, Co-op Member
”Introducing Mark Kistler's program to our days has been a great success. My daughters (8,5) and I really enjoy the lessons, love Mark's encouraging and funny comments, and our drawing skills are greatly improved.

We haven't used other art programs, however we are more than impressed with this one and have recommended it to many friends and family.”
Tania M, Co-op Member
”We love this program. it is great fun for all ages. My son is 8 and loves to draw. I have already noticed improvement in his drawing even after using this for only a short time. Look forward to trying all the lessons. When I can, I sit with him and we do the lessons together! He is better than me tho' so I better keep practicing. Will continue to recommend this to everyone I know!!!”
Joe's mom, Co-op Member
”My kids love Mark-Kistler drawing lessons. This is one purchase that I have no regrets about.”
Emily S., Co-op Member
”We love Mark Kistler's drawing lessons! He is such a riot - keeping the kids entertained as they learn new drawing concepts. The whole family enjoys sitting in on these lessons and all of our drawing skills have improved. The lessons are fairly quick and very easy to prepare for. All you'll need is any blank paper and #2 pencils. Drawing pads are a great way to store your lessons. I highly recommend these programs for artists of all abilities. They are great for the whole family.”
Sara O', Co-op Member
”My kids just started the Mark Kistler online art academy today. They LOVE it! I am a terrible artist, but even I was doing pretty well. There are so many available lessons it should keep us busy for quite awhile. My kids are 8, 5 and 3 so we started with the mini-marshmellow lessons. They are short, funny, and if you can draw a circle I think you would be successful. I am very glad we purchased this program and I can't wait to tell my friends about it.”
D. McCourt, Co-op Member
”We are having a blast with Mark Kistler's art lessons. We started with the Mini-Marshmallows and are working our way through. I love that we have a whole 3 years with this so I don't feel bad putting it away for a month while we work on other things. There's not a lot of pressure to get what we can out of it within a year.

All in all this is a great way to build drawing skills in an incremental, stress-free way. We love our family art nights- Mark is fun to watch and we love seeing what each of us comes up with after a short video!”
Sarah H., Co-op Member
”We have recently purchased the Mark Kistler program and are very pleased with it. I am encouraging my two sons,ages 14 and 16, to draw 15 min. per day. Drawing is not their favorite thing to do and they try to get out of it but once their drawings are complete we hang them on the refrigerator! They are proud of what they are able to draw, and I am pleased as a mom/teacher that they are developing their artistic abilities and confidence.”
Lori Laurer, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing program! My daughter (10 years old) and son (8 years old) love it! They have made amazing improvements! They laugh and have fun drawing. I am so pleased with this program, you can't beat the price!”
Amy Walsh, Co-op Member
”Wow! My children love Mark Kistler's online art courses. They beg to do the lessons. Not only do they love it, I've seen great improvements in their drawing ability and attention to detail. Thanks so much for providing.”
D. Ponder, Co-op Member
”I love this site and the art lessons it provides. I was amazed at how easily my children, who hitherto had drawn elementarily, could master some amazing drawings. Every lesson was fun and exciting and they practiced because they wanted to. I have already recommended this to friends and will continue to do so. A great find!”
Bethany H, Co-op Member
”We LOVE the Mark Kistler art program. Hi is entertaining as he teaches and the lessons are of completed pictures, not just technique so the kiddos has something to pin up on the fridge right away. The kids ask to do a lesson all the time and I use it as a reward for completing their other lessons for the day.”
Debbie from VA, Co-op Member
”He is humorous. It is easy to follow. The kids have a great time.”
SC, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my son and he absolutely LOVES IT!!! Mark does a great job instructing him and his drawings have gotten so much better. It's a great way to help him learn how to draw and I love that the cost is extremely reasonable.”
Gladys J., Co-op Member
”We love Mark Kistler's art classes! My kids love to draw and needed someone to help them to the next level. We couldn't afford local classes, so we purchased this program. Mark does a great job explaining each lesson with the kids. He's funny and his videos are great in our homeschooling classes. The kids have improved with much more detail in their drawings. Family & friends are amazed at their skills and love looking at their drawings. We highly recommend purchasing and have fun with Mark Kistler!”
Ginny Smith, Co-op Member
”My daughter just LOVES Mark Kistler's Mini-Marshmallow lessons. They are fun and quick and she will do several at a time sometimes. Her drawing is great once she goes through a lesson and she enjoys the way Mark makes the lessons fun. I'm impressed on what a great job she does in such a short time. Thanks for these wonderful lessons available to our homeschool!”
Tawnee H., Co-op Member
”I purchased the Mark Kistler online drawing in March 2011. My boys (almost 5 and almost 7) absolutely love it! They have been asking me to teach them how to draw for almost a year now. We have checked out a lot of books from the library but they always complained they were too hard (even though they were kid drawing books).

Also, my almost 7 yr old has always struggled with handwriting. After 3 drawing lessons with Mark last Sunday afternoon, he began writing sentences the next morning for the first time! He told me that now he loves writing. I honestly believe that the drawing helped his hand coordination and also helped him with his writing.

I will continue to use this product for years to come with all my children. I have already told others about it and the success that we have had with it after only a few lessons! The boys love it and ask to do drawing all the time! I was very impressed at the koala's they drew! It was their 3rd drawing lesson and first time drawing a koala. I love seeing their faces light up when they come show me their drawings! It has given them a lot of confidence with drawing. Mark is also very fun and entertaining. He keeps things so simple with step by step lessons and it is easy for my boys to follow along without my help! It is awesome for those rainy or hot summer days (we live in AZ). Thank you Mark !!”
Nichole Pancheri, Co-op Member
”My kids love drawing with the Mark Kister program. Their drawing skills have certainly improved since using this program and they enjoy it.”
Laurie R, Co-op Member
”My DD is fascinated with these drawing lessons. I can't believe the quality of the drawings she is producing. She is having a blast and learning to draw. You can't get better than that.”
Cheryl, Co-op Member
”My 9yo daughter has always been interested in drawing but was stuck at a level very below her age. The afternoon I signed her up for Mark Kistler's online program, she sat and drew over a dozen pictures that looked like a middle schoooler drew them. She has been inspired and had a lot of fun using his program. She even made me get her a special sketch book and pencils so she could keep her drawings together. I am thrilled with his program. My 6yo son will be trying the Mini-Marshmallow lessons this week.”
LBKeller, Co-op Member
”We are a brand new homeschool family and Mark Kistler's Art Lessons was my very first curriculum purchase. My kids (boy age 11 and girl age 8) are average artists at best, but enjoy drawing so I thought they would like these online video lessons. After just the first lesson, we all were amazed at what they were able to draw! I only instructed that they complete one lesson that day, but they wanted to immediately do more. After drawing for almost an hour, my son showed me his work and said to me, "Seriously, Mom, I learned more in those couple of lessons than I ever did in art class at school!" Is there a better testimonial than that? Thanks to Mark Kistler for a wonderful program and to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for the great price.”
Amy Van Riper, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler Art is so much fun! With simple shapes, a pencil, and paper he helps me draw like a true proffessional artist. He also has a sense of humor which adds to the enjoyment of drawing! As a highschooler, this is a fun break in my day. I enjoy doing Mark Kistler's art program!”
Caitlin P., Co-op Member
”We have been using Mark Kistler art instruction for about a month now. My son and I love it. We save it for reading time. I read to him, he draws. We had fun buying drawing pencils and sketch pads and blenders. My son has his sketch pad with him all the time now. I love how simple each lesson is, and how clear the instruction is.”
Peggy B, Co-op Member
”Mark-Kistler's art classes are awesome! My son can't wait to draw every day and actually looks forward to it on the weekend when it's the only class he chooses to do. I love leaving my son's drawings out so that friends and family that stop by can see just how good he has gotten in such a short period of time. It's not only easy, he enjoys seeing our faces when he shows us his finished work. WOW! What a sense of accomplishment! I can't thank you enough. I will continue to recommend it to my homeschooling friends. It has really been one of the "best buys" for our school year. Love it! Thanks!!!”
Rebecca Silvera, Co-op Member
”This has been one of the best choices we have made. My daughter is 7, loved stick figures, never really drew pictures on her own without prompting. Not any longer! She Loves Mark Kistler's Mini Marshmallow lessons. She thinks he is funny and enjoys drawing.I asked her what she thought about the lessons and she said,"The Mini Marshmallow lessons are fun, I love how many pictures I get to choose from, and pillow monster is my favorite!" As a homeschool mom I love having Mr. Kistler teach the lesson and seeing how much my daughter is learning and loving this form of art. Each lesson is 10 minutes long which is the perfect amount of time so she doesn't get overwhelmed. She is learning about horizon lines and shadowing and so much more. I am also looking forward to the next level of lessons and really appreciate the time frame in which to learn them. Thank you Mark Kistler and Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Happy at Home, Co-op Member
”We purchased the Mark Kistler art lessons about a month ago, and my sons LOVE the mini-marshmallow lessons! I have been so impressed with the approach Mark takes to teach basic art concepts in a fun way. We highly recommend this program!”
Brittany R., Co-op Member
”We purchased these art lessons a month ago and, I believe, this is one of the best buys this year! My children love Mark Kistler's lessons. My twelve-year-old son is not very artsy but we've have been very impressed by what he has learned and beautiful sketches he is now making. My seven-year-old daughter is artsy and loves these lessons just as much. I highly recommend this program.”
Kristen, Co-op Member
”My six-year-old thinks Mark Kistler's Mini Marshmallow Art Lessons are hilarious. They've also taught her some useful drawing skills, which she has used in other artwork.

She begs to do the lessons, and I expect we'll continue to use this for quite some time.

I do think the user interface could be improved, but that's a minor quibble.”
Sonja Kueppers, Co-op Member
”When we watched the online samples and my kids couldn't stop laughing, I knew it was a winner. It is teaching my kids how to draw in a fun and engaging way. My kids are 6,11, and 14 and each one of them is using it at their own level. Art hasn't gotten done at our house in years because I didn't feel comfortable teaching, and couldn't find a program that was quick and simple to use. I love that we can just click on a lesson, learn a great drawing technique, and be done in just a few minutes. I highly recommend Mark Kistler's online art lessons.”
Shalynn, Co-op Member
”I purchased this art program for my children. I knew that my artistic children would love it but I wasn't sure how my oldest would react. He has never enjoyed drawing or writing. Until now! The Mark Kistler program has been so much fun for all of my children. The step by step lessons help all ages and abilities learn to draw. I am so happy to have discovered this program through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. I highly recommend it to all homeschool families.”
Heather S, Co-op Member
”We love Mark Kistler. Our whole family uses the videos and everyone's drawing technique has improved. I highly recommend the program to anyone, whether interested in art or not!”
Jen H., Co-op Member
”Art lessons for less than $40 a year!! I pay $50 a week for an art tutor to come because my children love art! I was looking for something that she could do in between lessons and this fits the bill perfectly! These lessons are fun, fast and has great results! She sits at the computer with sketchbook propped up, pencil in hand and ready to go. So glad to have found this!”
Julie P., Co-op Member
”My 5 year old loves doing the Mini Marshmallow lessons. I can see an improvement in the quality of her drawings after only a few weeks.”
Brenda G, Co-op Member
”My daughters love the Mark-Kistler Imagination Station. My 6-year-old who is always comparing her art work with her 10-year-old sister often gets upset that she cannot draw like her, but following the step-by-step drawing lessons in this program, she was very happy with the results of her own art work. They both add their own creative touch and make up stories that go with the drawings. They are learning to draw while having fun, and giving them an opportunity to share their stories with others. We are very happy with this program and highly recommend it to others.”
Julie, Co-op Member
”We absolutely LOVE this program. Six kids, from 3rd grade to a Senior in high school. I have tried many other drawing programs, and this one has been easiest to get them going on their own. It's a little "whimsical" for the high schoolers, but they want to draw so are sticking with it.

My youngest son was so frustrated with his drawings that he wouldn't even try, and often ended up in tears. He LOVES that he can privately try it on his own. He actually enjoys drawing now!
It has also helped with technique (shading, perpective) for those who were already drawing.”
Mrs. G, Co-op Member
”I ordered this art lessons for my 10yr. old daughter and she has really enjoyed them. She has learned how to shade and draw items from a side angle (mini-marshmallow). Some are very easy; others are a fun challenge. She feels the teacher speaks a little below her level, but understands he is covering a wide range of ages. He does not overwhelm the student with many subjects on one page at this stage (mini-marsh-mellow), but my daughter hopes in the more advanced lessons she can put several subjects on one page to make a picture story or scenery ei: house,tree,swing, car, or mountain, lake, deer, rock,flower.
She looks forward to this fun lesson, and i enjoy having a little break from being the teacher! Thanks so much for this fun and educational product!”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”My kids really enjoy Mr. Kistler. I've even done a couple of the lessons and have learned a lot from them.”
N. Hicks, Co-op Member
”We've been using Mark Kistler's site for a few weeks and he has become a staple in our curriculum. It's the kind of program that I can turn our eleven-year-old son loose on! He enjoys the tutorials and has been drawing some great stuff. We did a short summer camp a few years ago with Mark, too. His style is engaging and he teaches foundation aspects of drawing as he goes in a very fun manner. This is a great price for what he is offering!

We will continue to utilize Mark's site in our art curriculum; I have already seen improvements in our kiddo's drawing ability. More importantly, he is having fun while learning.”
Vicki, Co-op Member
”I thoroughly enjoy the lessons. I am doing them myself along with my 6 yr old. She thinks the short lessons are fun. I am enjoying learning to draw. It is something i always wanted to do and helps with the watercolor class I also take. I recommend this for the whole family to use.”
N. Hurley, Co-op Member
”The Mark-Kistler art videos are informative, step-by-step, humorous, appropriate for any age, and engaging. My kids (ages 8, 10) enjoy his lessons and always look forward to them. This has been a great addition to our education.”
Dawn, Co-op Member
”My kids loved this as a Christmas gift. I printed out a letter for them saying that they were now enrolled in Mark Kistler's Online Drawing Academy and put it in a gift bag with new pencils in each of their favorite colors and a new sketchbook! I have been drawing with them and we all love it! The quality of their drawings are amazing. It's more fun than video games. Mark makes things easy and fun! I recommend it to everyone!”
M. Jones, Co-op Member
”Our family received this membership for Christmas this year. My children love it. I have seen a marked interest in drawing since we became members. They are slowly but surely using the techniques Mark Kistler teaches in their personal drawing. We use our Playstation online browser to watch the videos, this way all the family (including parents!) can draw at the same time watching the lesson on a big flatscreen TV. I also can reward my children with bonus art time because we have this resource now. I highly recommend this to you. It is more than worth the cost.”
Darlene, Co-op Member
”My daughter age 9 loves this program. She enjoys the step by step instructions, and loves her finished art work. Her confidence in herself increased, and now she is exceptional artist.”
L. Taylor, Co-op Member
”My son, age 11, felt that he couldn't draw as well as his brothers. Since he felt he wasn't good at it, he stopped trying. I ordered Mark's program and had my son follow the directions of each lesson. He now loves to sketch and draw. He looks forward to his "Mark art class!"”
EMF, Co-op Member
”We tried the sample art lessons, and my children (5,10,13,and 15) really enjoyed them. After having used the full program now, they are really hooked. Art is sometimes hard to fit in our school day, but now they can do a lesson when they have some extra time. They all love to sketch and draw, and even the youngest loves to "do art" with Mr. Kistler. An excellent value and quality for the investment. I plan to recommend it to my homeschool group.”
Mandy B., Co-op Member
”My kids love this curriculum! Mark teaches how to draw lines, curves and etc. in order to make your drawings look 3D. He also teaches about light and shading.....all while you are drawing. It is so easy to understand!

I had enrolled my son in an art class (at $80.00 per month) but unfortunately, the lessons were too advanced, even though it was said to be a beginner class. Because the teaching was too complicated, he did not enjoy the class, so we dropped it.

When I saw the low price of this 3 year curriculm,$39.99 for 3 years, I convinced him to give Mark Kistler a try. My son is interested in art again! I am so glad this curriculum was available!

V. Gilliam, Co-op Member
”We purchased this for our 12 year old son who loves drawing. This program has gone above and beyond our expectations. The first lesson he finished was the Koala. His koala looks so real! He told us that the lesson was easy to understand and to remember. He has since put what he learned from one lesson into his other artwork, and it's amazing the change! Now my son is begging to draw instead of playing video games...thank you Mark Kistler!”
Taunya R, Co-op Member
”We have been using Mark Kistlers Online Drawing Program for about two months now and I couldn't be more satisfied. We originally purchased it for my son who is 9, but now have the whole family sitting and sketching together. We all have different skill levels, but all thoroughly enjoy it.

Marks style of instruction allows even those who are not comfortable holding a pencil to find they can draw. I love it because I need help with cartooning, something I've had little instruction in. Mark starts with the very basics (Mini Marshmallows) and continues into more elaborate sketches. I am so pleased with his humor and his ability to teach to children and adults at the same time.

The lighthearted approach taken by Mr Kistler might lead one to believe that the instruction skims over some of the necessary drawing principles like perception and depth, use of space, but this is definitely not the case. The funny part is that you are having such a good time you don't notice you're learning some challenging concepts!

I have recommended this program to friends and even purchased it for a gifted autistic young friend. I can't say enough about it. You won't be disappointed.”
Karen Ames, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler has inspired my kids to draw for fun during their free time. The instruction helps them create drawings that they are proud of and spurs them to try their hand at drawing more!”
P Groom, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed Mark Kistler's art site. This has turned into an activity that my 12-year-old and my 5-year-old enjoy doing together. That is great because, since they are 7 years apart, it is something of a challenge to find things they enjoy doing together. Mark is wonderfully entertaining and funny which keeps us people who struggle with drawing from getting frustrated! Really, this site is wonderful, educational and quite a surprise.”
Colleen P., Co-op Member
”My 5.5 year old and almost 4 year old LOVE this program! I started out by trying the free mini marshmallow lessons with them. My oldest begged to do more, more, more, so I decided to purchase through the co-op. What an AWESOME deal! This is a product that will "grow with them" through the next 3 years of the subscription!

My daughter loves it and asks every day to "do drawing with Mark!"

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this at such a bargain!!”
Jennifer L, Co-op Member
”When I first reviewed the Mark Kistler site I thought it might be a bit boring for my kids but with the Homeschool Buyers discount it would be worth trying. Boy was it! My kids LOVE this site. I have a 9, 6 and 3 year olds and they all use the site. They pester me at this point to go online for more lessons. I saw improvement in their skills after the first visit to the site.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”THIS IS THE BEST ART CURRICULUM EVER!!!!! I cannot say enough about how awesome it is. Mr Kistler is SO engaging and his lessons are short and easy and extremely fun. I even do the lessons myself (even when my are finished and ready to go outside, I sneak in a few more lessons!) He adds in art techniques like, shading and tone...my boys are REALLY learning an awesome skill that they enjoy. They carry around sketch books of all sizes so that they can be ready at any moment to capture their world around them. I am grateful for Mr Kistler's program because I would not be able teach this subject very well, nor can we afford expensive art academies. I am grateful for the Co-Op as well for providing us this awesome deal. THANKS SO MUCH!!!”
Shay, Co-op Member
”I love it! My 8 and 12 year old daughters have been using the program. I never knew they were such artists! My 14 year old son saw her picture and asked who drew it? He didn t believe me when I said it was his li'l sis!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My children enjoy their art lessons now! Mark Kistler has a way of making drawing so fun for them, while teaching them real drawing skills. I am artistically-challenged and could not give productive critiques to help my children improve. But after 2-3 lessons with Mark, my husband and I see a tremendous improvement. The Mini-Marshmallow lessons are perfect for my 7-year-old, while the other lessons fit my older ones. And you can't beat the great deal from the Co-op of $40 for three years!”
Anna C., Co-op Member
”Irecently got Mark Kistler's on line drawing program for my 9 year old son. I tried it out before my son so I would have an idea what to expect. Mr. Kistler starts the 8 minute lesson with a picture of what we will be drawing. My first impression was there was no way my drawing could look like his in 8 minutes, let alone an hour. I and my husband were astounded with my drawing. It looked just like Mr. Kistler's drawing. Amazing! Next I had my son try it and his results were great. He didn't get frustrated since the lessons are short and easy for him to follow. If he needs to, he will pause the lesson to take extra time. He loves the lessons and always wants to do more. I also tried this on my 12, 13 and 20 year old nieces and nephews and they too had amazing results. All in all, I highly recommend this product for the kids and adults.”
Tina, Co-op Member
”My kids, six and four years old, love this program. They ask for it frequently. I love doing it with them, too. Hey, I can draw!! It's a great way to spend time together. We have told many of our friends about it and the love it, too.”
Debi Reihman, Co-op Member
”I purchased Mark Kistler's online drawing program.

My 8yr old son LOVES it! He has always drawn his own historical drawings of past wars, and castles in stick type figures. Now he has been learning from Mark how to draw in 3D. My 8yr old sons first picture with Mark was an stunning piece of art, we were all quite surprised. My 15yr old son is also using the program, and so am I. :)

The program is parent free once the child is setup for the lesson.

Excellent program for the whole family! ”
Sarah de Kroon, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this program! She is only five, but able to follow along easily. It is such a joy to watch her develop her talent! It is extremely helpful in teaching technique especially since I do not possess any drawing abilities at all!”
Laura, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter found the drawing lessons very easy to understand and ended up showing me an excellent first drawing from her first lesson. There are so many different items to draw and it is something that she can do on her own.”
S. Purea, Co-op Member
”My kids have loved Mark Kistler from day one. They ask daily if they can do mini-marshmallows now. It is a fun and easy yet educational art program. We are very satisfied.”
Jaime, Co-op Member
”My 10-year old daughter has become excited about drawing thanks to Mark Kistler. Previously, we were taking a video/workbook course by another PBS artist. That course provided excellent basics, but lacked the excitement factor. With Mark Kistler, she enjoys art class and does much drawing outside of school hours. At her insistence, I also took her to one of his art camps so she could meet him in person.

A fantastic buy!”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”I can't believe how my kids improved in their drawing from the very first drawing they made.They spend hours drawing and creating everyday!!! It's so nice to see them so focused and so excited to create. Our walls are covered with their artwork!!!! Thank you Mark Kistler Academy !!!!!”
Tina S., Co-op Member
”Art was a neglected subject in our homeschool. Now it's a favorite! My 10 year old boy and 7 year old girl love drawing in 3D following Mark's detailed instructions. They're so proud of their finished drawings, and so am I!”
Kayla H., Co-op Member
”I bought the Mark Kistler Online package as soon as I saw the demo. All three of my children love using the online tutorials. I have done some of the lessons myself. It is amazing the quality of drawings the children can create using the step by step instructions. They are learning so much more than any other curriculum or teacher has taught them in a very short time. We have the three year subscription and I envision using it over and over as the children's abilities mature. I have told many of my friends about Mark Kistler's Online deal and some have also bought it.”
Trish, Co-op Member
”Our family has loved Mark Kistlers art program. It is fun and easy and even my 4 year old has loved the mini marshmallows. I love that we can all use it. The kids have learned so much and it has sparked their drawing imagination. No more "I don't know what to draw. I am giving this to my nephew for Christmas. He will love it!”
Jana Hunt, Co-op Member
”I really like Mark Kistler's drawings, and I like his lessons! It really gives me an imagination!" Elizabeth-age 8”
Elizabeth, Age 8
”I just wanted to share how much my daughters (3rd & 6th grades) LOVE this program! Each day they find something new and exciting to learn in their drawing lessons. Their drawing skills have improved immensely. They thoroughly enjoy Mark's humor. I enjoy the fact that the Co-op secured a subscription to ALL of the goodies at Mark's site. Thanks for putting this together for members!”
Homeschool Mom, Ohio, Co-op Member
”We subscribed to these online art lessons a few months ago, and every day my kids want to use it. They have enjoyed Mark's silly sense of humor, and have been inspired by his crazy drawings to use their own imaginations. My 8 year old loves it, but so does my 6 year old. Thanks for a great product!! ”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”This is an awesome program! My daughter who's always been fairly artistic has made such dramatic progress after only a few of these lessons. It's amazing to see my 6 year old learning and understanding how to shade for shadows from a light source, and perspective too. It keeps our 3 year old entertained as well, though she doesn't quite get the drawing part. We'll be using this for quite some time.

She has such fun doing these. I don't get the standard response of, "Do I have to?" with these lessons, it's "Do I have to stop? Can't I do another?"

It's an awesome product especially for families with artistically challenged parents. We recommend this most highly.”
Laura M, Co-op Member
”Mark Kistler's on-line art lessons are fun and effective. My 14 yr. old son is enjoying the lessons and sharing them with others that visit our house. His siblings also get in on the lessons once they see what he has drawn in just a few minutes. Other art programs haven't motivated him to keep drawing like I am seeing now. He is now carrying his drawing pad around everywhere, drawing and sharing his work, even at the baseball park. I recently overheard my kids doing Mini-Marshmellow cheers. I would highly recommend this service. The price through Homeschool Buyer Co-op and the quality product are a winning combination.”
Victoria Starr Allen, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE Mark Kistler! The propgram gets them motivated and excited about art. And it works! I see improvement in their drawings in multiple subjects! The best part is they no longer think that drawing is "hard" to do.”
Jennifer M., Co-op Member
”Easy to follow. He explains everything as he goes along. Lessons are about 10 minutes long, he draws and explains what he's doing along the way. Samples of the drawings spin around and you click on the mini picture to choose your lesson. Kids (and adults) will both love it ! What a bargain !”
Lisa Meloro, Co-op Member
”What a great program. My 9-year-old daughter loves to draw, but would not take direction from me. She loves Mark's presentations. They are short enough to fit them in with our lessons, and she is really learning to draw spatially, and apply what she learns to other artwork. She sits with her sketchbook and likes to select her own lessons. She can pause the lesson anytime as she is drawing so that she can "get it right." We have a 3-year subscription that we'll continue to use.”
Mary S., Co-op Member
”My daughter who has Downs Syndrome has been using this program for several months. She is able to do a step in the drawing, freeze the screen, draw the line or whatever it is at that point, and then continue to the next step. She LOVES it and has found real pleasure in seeing that her drawings look like the ones Mark Kistler does in the program. It has given her a REAL source of pride and accomplishment. Our other children are rather gifted artistically. This program has given Melissa a way to be artistic in her own way, via these drawings. She proudly showed her navy brother her drawings when he came home for Memorial Day week-end. They were able to share a few special moments together because of what she has been able to do . Thanks SO MUCH for making this available to us at such a savings.”
Bev K. Tucson, AZ, Co-op Member
”This is one of the best purchases I've made for our homeschool. My 9 year old daughter loves to draw and had outgrown the intro level drawing books we had purchased over time. She needed something more but many videos we looked at were longer than her attention span or moved too fast. We decided to give Kistler a try and WOW! Perfect pace, short lessons, variety of styles and subjects, and fun! She's made huge leaps in her drawing and confidence. Plus, when she gets the "draw something new" bug it is easy to fit these lessons into the day's schedule and let her enjoy. Wonderful!”
B. Beeson, Co-op Member
”Wow! My kids love Marks Kistler's books. It made sense to get a subscription to his site. Even my almost 8 year old enjoys this! We have art classes in the area where we live and they charge $50 for 4 classes,so to get 3 years for less than that is awesome. One less thing for mom to take care of for our homeschool.”
Sangeeta, Co-op Member
”Our four children (ages 4.5 to 9 years old) enjoy drawing and have several drawing books (Draw Write Now, etc.). However, they absolutely LOVE the Mark Kistler online drawing lessons! He has a great sense of humor to keep them going and not become frustrated. They can pause the video when need be, and continue when they are ready. They always look forward to these "lessons" and often ask for them!”
S. Isom, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old has really taken to Mark Kistler's online video art lessons. Mark makes drawing fun, while at the same time teaching art concepts such as texture and shadowing. This is one online program that my son has never grown bored with. The lessons are short, yet your child will have a completed drawing at the end of each lesson. And there's over 250 lessons to choose from! I HIGHLY recommend it!”
Wanda Couch, Co-op Member
”My four children and I just started using Mark Kistler's drawing lessons a month ago. We have learned so much - this is not just a "copy me" program. Mr. Kistler is great at teaching art vocabulary words and really makes it fun for all of us. I never thought I'd be able to draw 3D objects, and I've already got a notebook that's filling up with things I've learned. This package is for 3 different sets of drawing websites and I highly recommend this Group-Buy.”
C. Holda, Co-op Member
”I used Mark's books with my boys when they were younger. I think he is a phenomenal teacher, slipping art concepts in cleverly disguised as "challenges". I highly recommend it!”
Nicole M., Co-op Member
This program is remarkable! This picture was done by my 11 year old daughter (Micaela N.) after just a few hours of lessons! Before she began these lessons she was still drawing stick people. She is very proud of how quickly she is learning to draw. Thank you so much for offering this! This is the best purchase as a homeschooling parent I have made.”
Heidi N., Co-op Member
”We used to live in the same town as Mark, and miss him dearly. This might be the next best thing since spending summer days with him at camp are no longer an option since we moved far away.”
Susan H., Co-op Member
”I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I just found out about it a week or so ago and was thinking of signing up on my own. I am THRILLED to know it is now offered by the Co-op!”
Olivia B., Co-op Member
”I think this is a great way to teach art. Mark Kistler makes the videos fun and all three of my children are pushing for me to buy them a subscription to all of his online classes.”
Sara M., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE Mark Kistler! His upbeat style and infectious energy really engages the kids, and by drawing along with Mark, they are learning key drawing skills in each lesson. If you own his DrawSquad book, (which is a recommended resource by Sonlight Curriculum) the videos are a great supplement. We have had a subscription to his site for the past 2 years, and it's time to renew...so with the group buy pricing, this is an awesome deal. Thanks Co-op!”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”My children and I attended one Mark's conferences in The Woodlands 2 years ago, and for Christmas that year they received his on-line drawing lessons. We just finished them and we wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mark for an awesome art curriculum! All six of my children absolutely loved doing the lessons and it took their drawing to a level that I never knew existed!

Thank you, again, for making a quality, affordable program available. We had a great time! As you say on your site, "Good job!"
Launa B., Co-op Member