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Learn to Draw with Public Television's Favorite Drawing Teacher

Over the past three decades, the Emmy Award winning Mark Kistler has taught millions of children how to draw in 3-D on TV and in workshops around the world.

His starring roles as Commander Mark and Captain Mark in the hit children's public television series The Secret City, The Draw Squad, and The New Secret City Adventures, have been enjoyed in eighteen countries by over forty million viewers. His most recent self-produced public television series, Mark Kistler's Imagination Station, has aired on over one hundred Public Television stations nationwide.

Mark has written and illustrated many popular children's drawing books with Simon & Schuster Publishers: Learn to Draw with Commander Mark, Mark Kistler's Draw Squad, The Imagination Station, and Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler. With Scholastic Publishers, his four book children's series is titled Dare to Draw in 3-D!

Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in 3-D builds a child's critical thinking skills while nourishing his confidence. His lessons have inspired millions of children to discover their awesome individual potential.

Find out why Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons have attrached more rave reviews than any other Co-op offer!

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Join this GroupBuy today and get a 1-year subscription to Mark Kistler's Draw3D -- featuring 24/7/365 access to this best-selling library of 300+ online lessons -- all for onoly $39.60, or 60% savings off the list price of $99.

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Mark Kistler Draw3D 1-Year Family Subscription

Retail Price: $99.00
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Enjoy 1 year of Mark Kistler's Draw3D with your entire household!

Mark Kistler's Draw3D is a suite of over 300 pre-recorded video and animated drawing lessons for kds of all ages, featuring:

  • Unlimited Access: Watch as much as you want, whenver you want -- 24/7/365. You get unlimited access to everything Draw3D has to offer from Video and Animated lessons to printables and games.
  • 300+ Drawing Lessons: Video drawing lessons, Step by Step animated lessons, games and more. Plus, Mark's team is adding new courses and content all the time.
  • Learn from Anywhere: Draw3D works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. No downloads or installs so you can access your profile from any device with an internet connection.
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My 7 yob and 9 yob loved Mini-Marshmallows so much they wanted to do another. When I told them for art today that we were going to do a VOM parachute for Columbia for art instead of Mark Kistler, they decided to do a Mini-Marshmallow on their own free time because they like it so much.
Kathy C., Co-op Member
My two daughters, 7 and 9, really enjoyed these videos. We've used his book "Draw Squad" for several months, but it's so much more enjoyable learning the techniques when they are presented by an experienced and engaging instructor. Daughters were completely absorbed for hours over the first couple weeks and produced many wonderful drawings. They even made drawings watching the videos with friends during a sleepover. After a couple weeks, they've trailed off. Even if they don't use them much more, I think they learned a lot of drawing techn...(more)
Liz F., Co-op Member
From dd 5 about Mini Marshmallows, "I like the stuff they make because it is fun. I like drawing. I like the foreshortened circle. It makes everything look real. I like how he talks. He makes everything funny."

My children love watching his videos and are using a lot of what they have learned on their own. The lessons are short, cute and lively and my children are excited to pick out a lesson to draw. I will definitely continue to use this program.
I Scholl, Co-op Member
My kids LOVE this program and beg to do it everyday. I love it because they can do it by themselves and enjoy it. My 5 year old daughter drew a picture of the Koala and I could tell what it was. It was awesome! I recommend this program to friends all the time. This is my first experience with an online art program, but I love it so far. Mark Kistler does a great job of keeping the kids engaged. My kids watch it together and pause it each time they draw a part of the picture and then continue until they are done. The lessons are short and doable...(more)
Lori U., Co-op Member
I am so impressed by this wonderful art program! I have one child who loves to draw buy needed some instruction, and one who never liked to draw and refused to take any lessons. After my oldest saw how much my younger child enjoyed the program, she agreed to "try" it. Thanks to Mark-Kistler, I now have two children who enjoy expressing themselves artistically. My children enjoy drawing pictures for me and my husband and get a huge boost in self-esteem when others compliment them on their drawings. I also like the way this program allows th...(more)
Tess Redel, Co-op Member
My 8 year old has really taken to Mark Kistler's online video art lessons. Mark makes drawing fun, while at the same time teaching art concepts such as texture and shadowing. This is one online program that my son has never grown bored with. The lessons are short, yet your child will have a completed drawing at the end of each lesson. And there's over 250 lessons to choose from! I HIGHLY recommend it!
Wanda Couch, Co-op Member
We have recently purchased the Mark Kistler program and are very pleased with it. I am encouraging my two sons,ages 14 and 16, to draw 15 min. per day. Drawing is not their favorite thing to do and they try to get out of it but once their drawings are complete we hang them on the refrigerator! They are proud of what they are able to draw, and I am pleased as a mom/teacher that they are developing their artistic abilities and confidence.
Lori Laurer, Co-op Member
Don't look any further... Art School with Mark Kistler has broken the mold! This is a wonderful art program and the results are astounding. For years I would have sworn that the artistic gene went to my brother and the most I would have ever accomplished were stick figures. Mark's program has increased mine (& my children's) confidence when it comes to drawing. This program consists of clearly displayed and easy to follow instructions whether a person is 4 or 84. But most of all it has taking something that I used to look at as daunting...(more)
Kathleen L., Co-op Member
I bought this program for my son, and I have had as much fun as he has. I've always said that I struggle to draw a stick person. Mark Kistler's set-by-step videos have made even this non-artsy mamma be able to create a drawing that's worthy of the refrigerator. I now find myself a little envious of my son when I don't have time to participate with him when he's doing a drawing video. Great product!
Tabatha A., Co-op Member
My kids (3 boys ages 4, 6 and 8) have really enjoyed Mark's classes. The drawings are really fun and even the littlest can follow along while the oldest is still challenged. I also love that with the package we have, they can do it any time they want. Definitely worth it if your kids like to draw.
Susan, Co-op Member
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