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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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At my suggestion to do a Mark Kistler drawing lesson on the computer, I hear a resounding "Hooray can we do two! The drawings are soooo cool and he is really funny!" Need I say more! Watching the kids practice attentiveness and following the step by step instruction. practicing the elements of 3d design/drawing and producing a great result no matter the age is a homeschool mom's dream! ...and the house is made more beautiful with their great drawings
Veronica Guerrero Wildanger, Co-op Member
Our 13 year old daughter enjoys drawing. We felt this would be a good alternative to a book, where she could watch a live demonstration. We have not been disappointed. When we purchased it, she was sick. Still she went on the computer and spent two hours exploring and drawing! This had become a regular occurrence - she'll disappear and come out an hour or two later with a number of new masterpieces. The bulk of the instruction involves cartoon types of characters, which is what she enjoys drawing. The are multifaceted and complex, but ju...(more)
Janey G., Co-op Member
I LOVE Mark Kistler and so do my kids! What a great curriculum not just for them, but for me, their mom, too. Prior to buying our first membership, I believed I lacked the ability to draw. Mark Kistler changed that. Along with my children, I have learned important art terms like foreshortening, perspective, and shading, and how to incorporate them into any drawing with ease.

My children think time online with Mark is a treat. They giggle through their lessons and their artwork is impressive. It is the only formal art curriculum I use.

Jennifer K., Co-op Member
My kids LOVE Mark Kistler! His upbeat style and infectious energy really engages the kids, and by drawing along with Mark, they are learning key drawing skills in each lesson. If you own his DrawSquad book, (which is a recommended resource by Sonlight Curriculum) the videos are a great supplement. We have had a subscription to his site for the past 2 years, and it's time to with the group buy pricing, this is an awesome deal. Thanks Co-op!
Karen S., Co-op Member
This has been a great addition to our homeschool this year! Originally, I planned to have my children (ages 6, 10 & 14) complete two lessons per week in their sketchbook. But the first lesson we did was so much fun we did three more that day! Although the humor is slightly corny at times, all three kids are drawn to Mark's engaging style, and we've already learned how to use simple shading to make artwork "pop". We now reward ourselves each day, after completing all our other coursework, by watching an art lesson and adding to our sketchbook...(more)
Tami P, Co-op Member
I purchased Mark Kistler's online drawing program.

My 8yr old son LOVES it! He has always drawn his own historical drawings of past wars, and castles in stick type figures. Now he has been learning from Mark how to draw in 3D. My 8yr old sons first picture with Mark was an stunning piece of art, we were all quite surprised. My 15yr old son is also using the program, and so am I. :)

The program is parent free once the child is setup for the lesson.

Excellent program for the whole family!
Sarah de Kroon, Co-op Member
Wow! I purchased this program because I had a 13 year old that really wanted to learn how to draw. She has really enjoyed this program, but it her younger sister who had not really shown much interest in art before who really took to this program. One day she was showing one of her friends how to shade. Her friend told her, "You didn't know how to do that last week!" She just smiled and replied, "I know." I have even had my daughters friends call me up and ask me the name of the art program. I really enjoy the fact that I can turn it on ...(more)
Sharon, Co-op Member
We love this program! It has step by step instructional videos that help guide and teach the fundamentals of drawing. My son loves the many categories to choose from and can't wait for an opportunity to get online and draw!
Angela C., Co-op Member
This program has really helped build my 8 year old's confidence while drawing and has given him the ability to add depth to his art work.
Melanie N, Co-op Member
My 2 six-year-olds love watching and drawing with Mark Kistler.
Karen, Co-op Member
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