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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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My kids love Mark-Kistler drawing lessons. This is one purchase that I have no regrets about.
Emily S., Co-op Member
My 7 year old son LOVES Mark Kistlers Draw3D and looks forward to it using it: it is the highlight of his day! I have seen impressive changes in his drawing style as the techniques learned to create perspective, shading, and form are carried over into his prolific drawings. Both the video's and the animated step-by-step tutorials are fun, engaging, full of zany characters, with very easy to understand steps. Thanks Mark!
Georgina H., Co-op Member
This site has been very helpful to develop my child's interest in drawing. After two weeks of following the instructions for some of the lessons, my child impressed others with her capability. An art teacher thought that she did an excellent job at shading. All of these skills were obtained by completing lessons with the Draw 3D program.
Hannah J, Co-op Member
Great and easy to follow lessons, for different levels.
B Cheung, Co-op Member
When I first reviewed the Mark Kistler site I thought it might be a bit boring for my kids but with the Homeschool Buyers discount it would be worth trying. Boy was it! My kids LOVE this site. I have a 9, 6 and 3 year olds and they all use the site. They pester me at this point to go online for more lessons. I saw improvement in their skills after the first visit to the site.
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
Easy to follow. He explains everything as he goes along. Lessons are about 10 minutes long, he draws and explains what he's doing along the way. Samples of the drawings spin around and you click on the mini picture to choose your lesson. Kids (and adults) will both love it ! What a bargain !
Lisa Meloro, Co-op Member
We have only been using this art program for a couple of weeks for my 6 and 9 yr olds. I am AMAZED at the drawings my children (who have had no art experience in the past) have been showing me! My 9 yr. old has been adding her own creative additional flare to her drawings. She has also made a "stop motion" movie with her drawings that she put to music. Two weeks ago I would have told you that the drawings my children are producing would have been impossible...not anymore! They LOVE to go down and watch the videos and draw and are so excite...(more)
Cori K., Co-op Member
I bought the Mark Kistler Online package as soon as I saw the demo. All three of my children love using the online tutorials. I have done some of the lessons myself. It is amazing the quality of drawings the children can create using the step by step instructions. They are learning so much more than any other curriculum or teacher has taught them in a very short time. We have the three year subscription and I envision using it over and over as the children's abilities mature. I have told many of my friends about Mark Kistler's Online deal...(more)
Trish, Co-op Member
We have LOVED Mark Kistler's online drawing course. My 6 year old wanted to do more art, and I am not an artist so I was looking (not very hard) for something for him to try. He's 6 after all--I didn't really want to pay for and try to fit art lessons into our schedule if he doesn't really love it. This is the perfect fit! I previewed the site briefly, showed him how to get around, and he's just taken off. He asks, "Can I do art now?" every single day and recently told me that his favorite thing to do is shading. His favorite way to use t...(more)
Tara Eyre, Co-op Member
This has been one of the best choices we have made. My daughter is 7, loved stick figures, never really drew pictures on her own without prompting. Not any longer! She Loves Mark Kistler's Mini Marshmallow lessons. She thinks he is funny and enjoys drawing.I asked her what she thought about the lessons and she said,"The Mini Marshmallow lessons are fun, I love how many pictures I get to choose from, and pillow monster is my favorite!" As a homeschool mom I love having Mr. Kistler teach the lesson and seeing how much my daughter is learning and ...(more)
Happy at Home, Co-op Member
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