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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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WOW!!!...I am incredibly impressed with Mark Kistler's art lesson videos and highly recommend it to others interested in drawing!!! My daughter is learning so much in such a short time and her drawings are AMAZING!!!
Renee M., Co-op Member
My kids loved this as a Christmas gift. I printed out a letter for them saying that they were now enrolled in Mark Kistler's Online Drawing Academy and put it in a gift bag with new pencils in each of their favorite colors and a new sketchbook! I have been drawing with them and we all love it! The quality of their drawings are amazing. It's more fun than video games. Mark makes things easy and fun! I recommend it to everyone!
M. Jones, Co-op Member
This is an awesome program! My daughter who's always been fairly artistic has made such dramatic progress after only a few of these lessons. It's amazing to see my 6 year old learning and understanding how to shade for shadows from a light source, and perspective too. It keeps our 3 year old entertained as well, though she doesn't quite get the drawing part. We'll be using this for quite some time.

She has such fun doing these. I don't get the standard response of, "Do I have to?" with these lessons, it's "Do I have to stop? Can't ...(more)
Laura M, Co-op Member
We have tried various approaches to learning art over the years, but for the first time, we ALL love it. It's quick and easy, and Mr. Kistler keeps the kids laughing while they are learning.
J. Steele, Co-op Member
My son, who loves to draw, loves the Mark Kistler Online program. He likes the variety of things to draw and the instructions on how to do it. The drawings are like the general Mark Kistler ones - cartoon-like in nature.

We both wish there were some lessons tying the cartoon techniques to more realistic drawing. For instance, the promos for the online program feature a very realistic eye. We haven't found anything like that in the lessons.

We will definitely use it this year to refine some of his technique, but we'll look for somethin...(more)
AnnaMarie H., Co-op Member
You will be amazed... My eleven year old daughter could not draw anything and had no confidence to try and learn to draw. This web program is so much fun and UNintimidating and after ONE lesson drawing a treasure chest she was empowered to draw so well instantly. I thought she must have traced her drawing, but she didn't! She has drawn so many things and loves drawing now. Thanks so much for offering this fabulous program! Try the demos!
Allie P., Co-op Member
I am very impressed with this program. My oldest daughter has already started drawing with the mini marshmallow lessons. I also draw with her as well. She loves it. I love that he has some terminology downloads to reinforce what they are learning. We can hardly wait until September to start the live lessons. With the discount from the co-op this is really a great value for our art curriculum for the year. We tried a local art class/club for the summer last year, and it just wasn't as exciting and fun like this one is. Also, I love that I don't ...(more)
Christy P., Co-op Member
Wonderful drawing and sketching lessons. My boys (11 and 6 years with no experience) are thoroughly enjoying the lessons and love that they get to pick their lesson. There's no right or wrong order complete them. My oldest son wants to be an inventor and he commented that now he'll be able to draw his inventions!
E Riley, Co-op Member
Our children have always loved to draw. When looking at Art for our homeschool curriculum, I like the idea of them learning how to draw well. They all do the lesson together and love it!
S.M.S., Co-op Member
I am a home school mom who loves to draw but never felt skilled at it. The effect of the Mark Kistler product has been nothing short of phenomenal. I enjoy drawing but never would have ever imagined drawing quality drawings as I have been able to do following along with Mark's layout and instructions. I have found it to be a great confidence booster and very relaxing to successfully construct the drawings I have been able to do. I am very proud of my drawings and enjoy sharing them with others to encourage them of what they can do also. Th...(more)
Brakah S., Co-op Member
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