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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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What a great program. My 9-year-old daughter loves to draw, but would not take direction from me. She loves Mark's presentations. They are short enough to fit them in with our lessons, and she is really learning to draw spatially, and apply what she learns to other artwork. She sits with her sketchbook and likes to select her own lessons. She can pause the lesson anytime as she is drawing so that she can "get it right." We have a 3-year subscription that we'll continue to use.
Mary S., Co-op Member
My kids and I absolutely LOVE Mark Kistler's drawing courses. He is fun and gives simple instructions to follow. The kids are so excited and surprised at the drawings they create as they follow along with his instructions. We plan to continue using his drawing programs regularly. Thank you!
Sarah, Co-op Member
My son is enjoying Mark-Kistler drawing program. He is always showing me his new creation.
Teresa F., Co-op Member
I love Mark Kistlers 3-D drawing program. it is very affordable and so much fun. The videos are great to follow and the step by step is easy as well. The whole family tries to draw along. I highly recommend this course to anyone. the drawings are not to hard for beginners so you feel like you can draw. I will continue to use mark kistler programs.
Doreen S., Co-op Member
My 7 and 10 year old children absolutely love Mark Kistler's websites, and I love the progress they have made. They will spend hours drawing in front of Mark's videos, and they asked for all Mark's books for Christmas. Our family can't believe the drawings they have made, and people think they are little art prodigies now. I highly recommend Mark Kistler and his fantastic approach to teaching art.
H. Jane, Co-op Member
I LOVE Mark Kistler and so do my kids! What a great curriculum not just for them, but for me, their mom, too. Prior to buying our first membership, I believed I lacked the ability to draw. Mark Kistler changed that. Along with my children, I have learned important art terms like foreshortening, perspective, and shading, and how to incorporate them into any drawing with ease.

My children think time online with Mark is a treat. They giggle through their lessons and their artwork is impressive. It is the only formal art curriculum I use.

Jennifer K., Co-op Member
We have purchased the online art lessons and all of my children are enjoying them. My 9 year old is especially excited because she is drawing things they way they look on the lessons. She is not usually very happy with her drawings but has been very excited to complete some of the lessons with Mr. Kistler. She is excited to do some more drawing! They all are!
S Hill., Co-op Member
What I am liking about this art program is that all it takes is a pencil, no other supplies to buy. And I don't have to read a book or make copies. I hope that doesn't sound too lazy but right now I am struggling to get dinner on the table each night and at least art is one less thing on my mind. My daughter is 6 and has done 3 mini-marshmallow lessons and it is right on her level. The last one she did was called Balloons and she was giggling at Mr. Kistler's little funny sayings. This is how I always pictured art to be - FUN and her feeling s...(more)
anne in LA, Co-op Member
My girls would rather 'do art' over just about anything....This 3D Drawing class has them hooked. The instructions are clear, and Mark is funny! They are turning out fabulous drawings....guess I need a little more wall space!
Heidi Pritchard, Co-op Member
We tried the Kistler live trial a few weeks ago and my kids couldn't stop talking about it. They learned so many techniques to get their ideas down on paper, without realizing what they were learning. Some drawing courses use such technical terms that the kids get overwhelmed with what they're hearing, and forget to focus on what they're doing. - We signed up for the full course, and couldn't be happier. My daughter especially loves the classes and has turned out some AMAZING drawings after only a few classes. It's wonderful for tapping in...(more)
T.C., Co-op Member
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