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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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My almost 7 year old son LOVES the Draw 3D videos! He was immediately interested in the sea animal creations and draws his sharks no other way now! I am amazed at what little hands can produce. Thank you!
Sarah S., Co-op Member
Mark Kistler makes drawing a child's play-literally. Not only my 9-year old son, but I too, love it. Both of us have our own sketch book and pencils and try out the different drawings. The video sessions are wonderful. My son can press pause anytime, thus not feel rushed or miss a step.
Recently, he sent his "Flat Stanley" school project to his aunt in another state, and instead of writing he drew the cover letter!!!

A big thank-you to Mark and HSB Co-op. Please continue the good work.
Hema G, Co-op Member
This site has been very helpful to develop my child's interest in drawing. After two weeks of following the instructions for some of the lessons, my child impressed others with her capability. An art teacher thought that she did an excellent job at shading. All of these skills were obtained by completing lessons with the Draw 3D program.
Hannah J, Co-op Member
My sons (ages 9 and 5) are really enjoying this and ask to do it. I'm impressed with how their drawing abilities have improved. Mark Kistler is fun and he brightens up our day.
Lee L., Co-op Member
We have really enjoyed our drawing lessons from Mark. My 5 year old recently start home schooling and was missing his art classes, so this has been a great way to incorporate art and allow him to have fun. My children (ages 3 and 5) love Marks videos and his drawings. They constantly ask me to give them paper so they can draw moon craters and martians. Thank you for a great program with appeal for all ages. My husband and I have been drawing along as well. We liked it so much we've shared the information (for purchasing the program) with other ...(more)
Melanie Johnston, Co-op Member
My daughter loves the online drawing lessons and asks to do more all of the time. The lessons are engaging with just the right amount of humor to show that art can be tons of fun.
Christina A., Co-op Member
this online art studio is the greatest course i have ever invested in for my daughter. she loves all things art but till now had seen nothing she could actually learn from. this course is wonderful. slow enough to follow, fast enough to keep her interested - absolutely awesome! i will keep this up for many years to come.
C.E. Davis, Co-op Member
We are so enjoying Draw 3D with Mark Kistler. This is our first time using this program and my kids are always eager to start Art time. Mark is fun to listen to, especially in his mini marshmallow segments. My husband was so impressed with our kids' drawings that he went out and bought them each drawing tablets to keep their drawings together and chart their progress. That's saying something! :D Mark has opened up the world of drawing to my kids, and even my 13 year old who is quite the artist already is learning great stuff to improve her dra...(more)
Patricia, Co-op Member
Our children have always loved to draw. When looking at Art for our homeschool curriculum, I like the idea of them learning how to draw well. They all do the lesson together and love it!
S.M.S., Co-op Member
Mark Kistler has inspired my kids to draw for fun during their free time. The instruction helps them create drawings that they are proud of and spurs them to try their hand at drawing more!
P Groom, Co-op Member
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