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This GroupBuy is closed for the time being. In the meantime, we could encourage you to consider his Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom program.

If you are interested in other art instruction curriculum, please visit our Arts & Music category here.

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Wow! My kids love Marks Kistler's books. It made sense to get a subscription to his site. Even my almost 8 year old enjoys this! We have art classes in the area where we live and they charge $50 for 4 classes,so to get 3 years for less than that is awesome. One less thing for mom to take care of for our homeschool.
Sangeeta, Co-op Member
The Mark Kistler drawing classes have been a big hit at our house. When I ran the sample lesson and all of my children hurried to get pencils and paper and crowd around the computer, I knew we had a keeper. Within minutes, all of us (me too!) were drawing great looking pictures.

My kids like it that they can stop the video to catch up or to erase and try again. They are so proud of their drawings and excited to hang them up in our schoolroom. It has really given them confidence in their drawing. Plus they think Mark Kistler is funny...(more)
Jean, Co-op Member
I bought the Mark Kistler Art membership hoping to inspire my three children (15, 13, 10) a love of art and drawing. In the few weeks we have had the program they are getting on to his site every day and are very proud of their art work. I have enjoyed watching them expand their talents.
Katrina, Co-op Member
The Draw 3D online drawing lessons are educational and entertaining. The program is great for multiple ages. Our 4 and 7 year old sons really enjoy the mini-marshmallow lessons. And our 10 year old has noticeably improved his skills each week with the beginner lessons. This was a fantastic purchase through the homeschool buyers co-op, one that we will definitely renew next fall.
J. Eastman, Co-op Member
We have been using Mark Kistler art instruction for about a month now. My son and I love it. We save it for reading time. I read to him, he draws. We had fun buying drawing pencils and sketch pads and blenders. My son has his sketch pad with him all the time now. I love how simple each lesson is, and how clear the instruction is.
Peggy B, Co-op Member
The Mark Kistler art program has been a great choice for me and my granddaughter. The program is lively and entertaining. Mark teaches art technique as he demonstrates, but he does it in such a way that the teaching is almost secondary to the fun. His pace of teaching and the length of each video is just right. He is entertaining, but not cheesy, and his voice is pleasing to hear. Her very first work was a total success, which bred the desire to have more success. (Isn't success what we all love? And isn't that what breeds self-confidence?)...(more)
D. Latham, Co-op Member
I grew up watching Mark Kistler on public television and thoroughly enjoyed his drawing lessons. I had been searching for his programs for some time to share with my kids and was thrilled when I found the Mark Kistler GroupBuy. My children truly enjoy these lessons and they have developed quite capable drawing skills themselves. Thank you GroupBuy!!
Rachel Landers, Co-op Member
Our 13 year old daughter enjoys drawing. We felt this would be a good alternative to a book, where she could watch a live demonstration. We have not been disappointed. When we purchased it, she was sick. Still she went on the computer and spent two hours exploring and drawing! This had become a regular occurrence - she'll disappear and come out an hour or two later with a number of new masterpieces. The bulk of the instruction involves cartoon types of characters, which is what she enjoys drawing. The are multifaceted and complex, but ju...(more)
Janey G., Co-op Member
My kids really enjoy Mr. Kistler. I've even done a couple of the lessons and have learned a lot from them.
N. Hicks, Co-op Member
My daughters love the Mark-Kistler Imagination Station. My 6-year-old who is always comparing her art work with her 10-year-old sister often gets upset that she cannot draw like her, but following the step-by-step drawing lessons in this program, she was very happy with the results of her own art work. They both add their own creative touch and make up stories that go with the drawings. They are learning to draw while having fun, and giving them an opportunity to share their stories with others. We are very happy with this program and highly re...(more)
Julie, Co-op Member
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