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The FREE Summer Subscription to Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom is no longer available. Click here if you would like to purchase a Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom subscription with special Co-op Pricing! We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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My son, daughter and I tried a free trial for the summer and fell in love with drawing with Mark Kistler. It is an amazing bonding time and relaxing for me, the homeschool mom. I love "forcing myself" to sit down for an hour and draw! I have order a whole year because of our wonderful experience.
Karen H., Co-op Member
My daughter is loving this summer drawing class! This has given her something to do as we take a break from school while teaching her a skill that builds her confidence. We love it!
S McConnell, Co-op Member
Loving this course! It's really great to have a high-energy, interesting teacher online! Mark is very upbeat, funny and goes at a pace that is relaxed but a little challenging. He also takes feedback from the kids so he knows where to adjust if he's going too fast, too slow, etc. We have attended many art classes with various teachers, and his methods are new to us, so it has been nice to continually be challenged in different directions! So happy we signed up.
Jenifer Walsh, Co-op Member
My 9-year old daughter loves this program and does it independently. Her drawing skills surpassed mine years ago, and this easily allows her to continue picking up new skills wherever we are in the world. She tries to complete one lesson a week. I find Mark Kistler type drawings everywhere now!
Mickelle, Co-op Member
We are so glad we signed up for this! The kids are really enjoying it and within a very short time their drawing skills have improved tremendously. They look forward to the class and Mark has such a great sense of humor and a nice rapport with the kids. This is definitely great value for money for what you get.
P French, Co-op Member
Love it! The kids get professional teaching at an affordable price! Marks great and strives to help the kids succeed. The kids are upset if they miss a class.
Brenda M, Co-op Member
Mark Kistler's virtual art classes are the best art classes, hands down, I have ever invested in! My children count down the hours until the next class. Mark is not only a great teacher but he really engages the kids. There is a lot of interaction between him and the kids and he does a great job of walking the kids through each lesson. Plus, they can attend as many classes as they want each week. My children usually do two to three a week but there are many more and Mr. Kistler encourages them to attend as many classes as possible. I cannot rec...(more)
A. Gillis, Co-op Member
My girls absolutely love the class and always end up with some really good drawings. They don't miss a class. I would definitely recommend it. Not to mention, it is an unbelievable value!
Darby B., Co-op Member
We (my son, daughter, and myself) have been attending Mark Kistler's Virtual Classroom since the middle of October, 2012. It has been a great time!! Mark is quite the entertainer, as well as a great instructor. Even MY drawings look good, and that says a lot! I couldn't draw a straight line before attending Mark's classes.

What is even more amazing, though, is that my son's previous art tutor said this about his now attending Mark's classes, "Wonderful! Mark Kistler is my hero! I religiously watched his show when I was 8 years old. It ga...(more)
Betty W., Co-op Member
My 13-yr old son has been self-studying 3D drawing using Mark Kister's Draw Squad book for a few years now. You can imagine my son's excitement when he learned that I signed him up for an online class with Mr. Kistler himself. My husband and I are very impressed with the class. Mr. Kistler not just loves to draw, he loves to teach. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice and the encouraging stories he tells the students. He is so committed to the class that once, he even taught at an airport! I told my friends and three families have signed up...(more)
Anna C, Co-op Member
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