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My granddaughter absolutely loves Mark Kistler's classes. He's funny, engaging and has the wonderful ability to draw the very best out of children of all ages. Highly recommend his classes. Also, we had some technical difficulties at the beginning but Mark and his staff were very quick to remedy the situation - great customer service.
Jenny G., Co-op Member
My 6-year-old loves it. Especially during camp, more interesting 3D stories introduced. Her 8-year-old friend loves it too. It's fun to see them very concentrate on learning new things.
Cathy Spring, Co-op Member
My 13-yr old son has been self-studying 3D drawing using Mark Kister's Draw Squad book for a few years now. You can imagine my son's excitement when he learned that I signed him up for an online class with Mr. Kistler himself. My husband and I are very impressed with the class. Mr. Kistler not just loves to draw, he loves to teach. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice and the encouraging stories he tells the students. He is so committed to the class that once, he even taught at an airport! I told my friends and three families have signed up...(more)
Anna C, Co-op Member
My 7-year-old daughter is thrilled at what she's been able to to draw with Mr. Kistler's help after just a few lessons. He's great at engaging the kids online using their names and snippets of personal attention, and I LOVE that she's getting much better drawing and art instruction than she could ever get from me at home. Who wouldn't want an Emmy-award-winning instructor visiting with your child at your kitchen table, sharing his enthusiasm for drawing and completely engrossing your child's attention for nearly an hour at a time?
K. Smith, Co-op Member
My son has really enjoyed trying Mark Kistler's virtual classroom. I've never seen him spend so much time drawing before and he has loved what he has learned to be able to draw. he says Mark is fun to watch and goes step by step. Thanks! We love using it and have told many friends about it.
D. Byers, Co-op Member
This is a GREAT class! I am so impressed with Mark, how he runs the class and how well my kids are doing in only a short time! They love this art class, and they are learning great techniques! It was a great buy!!
Heather Olivarez, Co-op Member
We absolutely LOVE this class! My kids can hardly wait for the class to start and have improved their drawing skills quite a bit after just 3 classes! We love his sense of humor and his directions are easy to follow. We will definitely continue on!
Dawn Stoermer, Co-op Member
I could not believe how quickly my kids were able to develop some drawing skills. We go to a lot of conferences in which the kids have to sit and listen and I always give them paper, but now the are able to utilize that time so creatively! I am a believer.
Debra D, Co-op Member
My 8 year old son LOVES art, but I have NO experience or natural talent drawing. We've tried several different art classes, but most of them turned out to be more like arts & crafts class, instead of how to draw/paint. Mark Kistler is awesome! He's atually teaching my son HOW to draw. (I'm watching some of the videos, too, and learning a lot!) My son loves to watch older videos from the library so he can pause them when he needs to. He has FILLED our at-home classroom with fantastic artwork!
Angela C., Co-op Member
I could not believe my eyes the very first time I saw my grand daughter do her lesson with Mark Kistler. Her drawing was amazing. She was already good at drawing but this, if I had not seen her do it I wouldn't have believed it. She was so motivated that the next time he had a class I hardly got any sleep the night before she kept waking me to see if it was time for class yet. She thinks he is so funny and loves to share her art work at the end of classes.
Lillie H., Co-op Member
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