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This product is wonderful!!!! My son (11) has been using Mark Kistler's online academy and loving it for over a year. His skill and love for art has truly blossomed under Mr Kistler's training. When we saw the chance to take his live lessons we jumped on it, and wow are we glad we did. They are awesome. My son has learned so much in just the few weeks we have had the lessons. He takes multiple classes a week and loves each one. Mr Kistler runs a wonderful class and is great with the students. It is one of the best purchases we have made...(more)
Casia C, Co-op Member
This program really came alive for Sophia (10) when she did the live classroom. My husband was amazed at her work and she was so proud of her accomplishment. Mark really relates to kids! Sophia loves the humor and encouragement as well. Being a keeper of a tight budget, I am VERY excited that this is not only a great program for Art and Computer/Social Skills but is also an affordable way to enhance our homeschool this year! I've already shared this with educators and will continue to do so. Thank You Mark Kistler!!
Tina Harding, Co-op Member
My kids are loving the art classes--they are awesome! I could not be more pleased!
Kristen H., Co-op Member
We signed up for Mark's class this year. I have four children. One of my children simply loves the class and cannot wait until Monday to take it. One of my children refuses to participate because Mark tends to move rather rapidly. The other two are neutral about the class. As a homeschool mom, I think it is definitely worth the money. We will continue to use it.
Karen B, Co-op Member
I was looking for a way for my kids to learn the basics of drawing. Mark Kistler's virtual drawing class has been great. He has a mini marshmallow class that goes at a slower pace for younger children and those that may get frustrated easily. My children have been learning various techniques and terms. I love that they are taking what they are learning from Mark and using it in their everyday drawing. The various levels of practice are wonderful, especially for my oldest who is a box checker! Mark walks them step by step of how to draw each pic...(more)
Allyson C, Co-op Member
I was feeling bad that I was not satisfying my boys in art. I just could never seem to get to it. Mark Kistler is wonderful. I set them up and I can do a couple of things while Mark is teaching them. Love it!! The pictures are really amazing too! It does go a little fast for my 8 year old but we just replay it and then he catches up. Thanks so much!!!
Lisa, Huntington, NY, Co-op Member
I have a second and third grader whom both love this class. One child is interested in art and the other is not. Mr. Kistler is not only a talented artist and teacher, but he is also funny. I wasn't sure about the online format but it has worked out well.
Ann Marie R., Co-op Member
My three children love, love, love this art class! I have high school,middle school and elementary school age children and it works for all of them! Mark makes the classes fun and inspires his students to draw while teaching technique. We will be using this class for as long as it is available. Thank you homeschool buyers coop and Mark Kistler!
Cali O., Co-op Member
My children, ages 8 (girl) and 6 (boy), have loved the live art classes with Mark Kistler. They have more confidence as he takes helps them step-by-step with humor along the way. I highly recommend the class!
Laura Baggett, Co-op Member
We absolutely love these art classes! What an amazing way to incorporate drawing into our homeschooling curriculum! The kids love it and if I don't join in to draw with them, it gives me a minute to catch up.
Michelle Forslund, Co-op Member
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