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The FREE Summer Subscription to Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom is no longer available. Click here if you would like to purchase a Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom subscription with special Co-op Pricing! We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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This is the third year that my daughter has used Mark Kistler. Her skills have improved tremendously. Last year we started with something different but quickly came back to Mark. She said he explains things and is easy to follow and learn from.
Carol C., Co-op Member
My 9 year old daughter and I love the live classes! The whole family has been amazed at her drawings after each class. Mark is a great teacher for kids and adults. We will be renewing our membership with Mark Kistler -he makes learning to draw in 3d so easy.
Dawn F., Co-op Member
My daughter is loving the Mark Kissler art videos. Mark is entertaining, excited about teaching art, & my daughter is gaining new techniques. I've shared his site with several moms who homeschool & it has been an asset for all of us. Thanks for offering this site for free for summer school. We have appreciated the opportunity to try it out. We've enjoyed it so much we are considering using it this fall. Thanks again!
KC, Co-op Member
We've been enjoying our summer drawing lessons with Mark Kistler in his Virtual Classroom. As a mom who has a boy who doesn't want to do much artsy stuff, this is a home run. He loves Mark's style of interaction and drawing, I love it because I can follow along and draw with him too. I love how welcoming Mark is and his enthusiasm towards drawing, I see it rubbing off on my son and he's attitude towards drawing.
D. Thompson, Co-op Member
We signed up for Mark's class this year. I have four children. One of my children simply loves the class and cannot wait until Monday to take it. One of my children refuses to participate because Mark tends to move rather rapidly. The other two are neutral about the class. As a homeschool mom, I think it is definitely worth the money. We will continue to use it.
Karen B, Co-op Member
These drawing lesson have absolutely helped me succeed in drawing in 3D! I love drawing with him. He is very funny and positive!
Carlos Garcia, Co-op Member
I was feeling bad that I was not satisfying my boys in art. I just could never seem to get to it. Mark Kistler is wonderful. I set them up and I can do a couple of things while Mark is teaching them. Love it!! The pictures are really amazing too! It does go a little fast for my 8 year old but we just replay it and then he catches up. Thanks so much!!!
Lisa, Huntington, NY, Co-op Member
My kids are enjoying the classes and making progress with their drawing and I love the flexibility it provides. My oldest likes to see first then do so this format is great. I know that there is another opportunity later to re-watch or participate in a later session. My youngest is not ready for a full length class so half a class works well and there is no pressure. They love seeing who else is on-line and where - the geography is an added bonus.
T.H., Co-op Member
My son is a 5th grader. He loves to draw and enjoys Mark's online class. The step by step is easy to follow. He also enjoys being able to interact with Mark with the faces that communicate how my son is doing/following in the lesson (has several that range from super happy to sad.) The fact that the class is offered on multiple days and at multiple times makes it nice - we can fit it in to our changing schedule. Mark is always upbeat and encouraging. He makes art fun while improving my child's drawing skills.
T.Morgan, Co-op Member
We absolutely love these art classes! What an amazing way to incorporate drawing into our homeschooling curriculum! The kids love it and if I don't join in to draw with them, it gives me a minute to catch up.
Michelle Forslund, Co-op Member
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