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The FREE Summer Subscription to Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom is no longer available. Click here if you would like to purchase a Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom subscription with special Co-op Pricing! We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This has been a wonderful trial for us. We have really enjoyed it and will subscribe again.
L, Co-op Member
My 13-yr old son has been self-studying 3D drawing using Mark Kister's Draw Squad book for a few years now. You can imagine my son's excitement when he learned that I signed him up for an online class with Mr. Kistler himself. My husband and I are very impressed with the class. Mr. Kistler not just loves to draw, he loves to teach. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice and the encouraging stories he tells the students. He is so committed to the class that once, he even taught at an airport! I told my friends and three families have signed up...(more)
Anna C, Co-op Member
My son and daughter (ages 9 & 10) have loved Mark's classes. Their drawing skills have greatly improved over the past few weeks. They have even taken what they have learned in each class and experimented with the skills on their own throughout the week! I'd highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun, relaxed art class!

My daughters review, " I love Mr Kistler's class! It's so much fun!"
A Wheeler, Co-op Member
I had two children who believed that they were not able to draw. They hated the thought of putting pencil to paper for art. They have taken other art classes and did not enjoy them. I purchased this class for them and for my third child, who is very artistic.

Everyone loves Mark. My boys just love Mark's teaching style. He is great fun! His class pace is perfect. The boys just love drawing with Mark! He has given them confidence! I am very pleased!
Carol P., Co-op Member
Mark Kistler's Imagination Station and Virtual Classroom have been great experiences for our kids. Ages 7-13, they have grown in their abilities and confidences in trying new things in the area of drawing! Mark makes learning new things easy, step by step and his sense of humor adds to the fun of the lessons. We currently use the 1 lesson a week drawing lesson and often my kids keep drawing throughout the week. I also liked the Imagination station and it looks like it is called the 3D classes now. We used that a lot because I could schedul...(more)
Sara, Co-op Member
My seven and six year-olds enjoy this class enormously, and have learned quite a bit in a short time. I highly recommend this program.
Laura, Co-op Member
My son, daughter and I tried a free trial for the summer and fell in love with drawing with Mark Kistler. It is an amazing bonding time and relaxing for me, the homeschool mom. I love "forcing myself" to sit down for an hour and draw! I have order a whole year because of our wonderful experience.
Karen H., Co-op Member
We signed up for the online classes with Mark Kistler. My children now beg for me to turn them on every day.. either live or recorded. I'm enjoying them too:)! I have shared the site with others who seem to be equally excited. I'm kind of upset with those that were already using it and didn't share it with me:)!
Mrs. G., Co-op Member
This is our first experience with Mark Kistler. My children ages 6, 8, and 10, absolutely LOVE his class! He is very fun and we laugh a lot at his antics. He is passionate about art and has a real gift for teaching children.
Stacy W., Co-op Member
We absolutely love these art classes! What an amazing way to incorporate drawing into our homeschooling curriculum! The kids love it and if I don't join in to draw with them, it gives me a minute to catch up.
Michelle Forslund, Co-op Member
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