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The FREE Summer Subscription to Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom is no longer available. Click here if you would like to purchase a Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom subscription with special Co-op Pricing! We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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My kids (13 and 8) have LOVED Mark Kistler's art instruction, and I have seen marked improvement in their art ability. It has been especially helpful for keeping rainy day boredom away!
K George, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES these classes! Schoolwork has never been completed so fast knowing that his art class is coming up! The crazy, zany personality that Mark shares makes up for all the technology flickers throughout the class. Besides, we can always go back any day of the week to make up anything lost.

My children who never liked to draw are drawing! And loving it! I even sit in the classes and draw and I am by far no artist! I am so thankful for this opportunity and recommend it to friends all the time!
Michelle R., Co-op Member
My son has recently been enrolled in Ginger Cook's painting class that is offered through Mark Kistler's Virtual Classroom. We joined during the Homeschool Buyers Co-op special discount that was offered. He has always enjoyed painting, but my husband and I are totally amazed at how well he has painted along with these lessons. It is incredible to see the beautiful paintings he has made in only a few short lessons. He loves to participate and looks forward to each lesson. Ginger Cook offers three levels a week on each theme and the student ...(more)
Lisa, Co-op Member
My kids are loving the art classes--they are awesome! I could not be more pleased!
Kristen H., Co-op Member
These drawing lesson have absolutely helped me succeed in drawing in 3D! I love drawing with him. He is very funny and positive!
Carlos Garcia, Co-op Member
I love Mark Kistler's art lessons. In the past we have subscribed to get access to his video lessons. We decided to try the live classes this summer. They great, too. The only negative we have was remembering to adjust for his time zone. We live on the east coast and all his classes are posted in central time. This, however, is most definitely user error and not a fault of Mr. Kistler or the program. The kids enjoy the lessons, his style and humor. I have to say they do like the video lessons a bit better because they can pause and rewind. Plus...(more)
Thea Palma, Co-op Member
My kids are enjoying the classes and making progress with their drawing and I love the flexibility it provides. My oldest likes to see first then do so this format is great. I know that there is another opportunity later to re-watch or participate in a later session. My youngest is not ready for a full length class so half a class works well and there is no pressure. They love seeing who else is on-line and where - the geography is an added bonus.
T.H., Co-op Member
My girls absolutely love the class and always end up with some really good drawings. They don't miss a class. I would definitely recommend it. Not to mention, it is an unbelievable value!
Darby B., Co-op Member
This is our first experience with Mark Kistler. My children ages 6, 8, and 10, absolutely LOVE his class! He is very fun and we laugh a lot at his antics. He is passionate about art and has a real gift for teaching children.
Stacy W., Co-op Member
Thank you so very much for offering the free trial period for Mark Kistler. My daughter hated art before reluctantly trying his summer camp. Now she actually loves art and we had to purchase special art supplies for her, so she could do her best. Thank you!
S Smith, Co-op Member
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