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The FREE Summer Subscription to Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom is no longer available. Click here if you would like to purchase a Mark Kistler Virtual Classroom subscription with special Co-op Pricing! We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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This is the third year that my daughter has used Mark Kistler. Her skills have improved tremendously. Last year we started with something different but quickly came back to Mark. She said he explains things and is easy to follow and learn from.
Carol C., Co-op Member
Can you believe it?--My daughter hated art! Art? Yep. That is, until she tried Mark Kistler! We both saw improvement in just her first lesson....but by the end of her second lesson we saw a HUGE improvement!! Now, she can't wait for her lesson and shows everyone her work and brags about Mark and his class to any who will listen! She says she loves his personality and makes drawing easy and fun--especially the stories he makes up for his characters. The interactive summer camp made her feel special, because Mark mentioned her name when she answe...(more)
S Smith, Co-op Member
Our 5 year old is taking the free virtual mini marshmallow class. She absolutely loves it! She has always been artistically inclined- drawn, sketch, paint. With this class she said now she can really be an illustrator. Mark is a treasure. We have told other homeschool families about the program as well as friends and family. Mark is a great art teacher, very engaging. Tuesday is now ART day! We would like to add Mark's class to our home schooling activities.
R. Vance, Co-op Member
We are really enjoying Mark Kistler's online art class. We all grab our papers and pencils, put him on the big screen, and see if we can keep up! From 6 to 49, we are all improving in our drawing ability.

I have seen our six year old now try to add shadows in her drawings. Even our 14 year old son, who tends to be skeptical, loves it. And my husband and I, as parents, are glad to have found something to do as a family.

Somehow we all settle in, and I hear the kids telling each encouraging words about their drawings.

Renee E., Co-op Member
It's rare to find a tool that's as effective for my 7 year old as my 17 year old, but that's what Mark Kistler's Virtual Classroom has been for us. It's fun and encouraging for our artists and non-artists alike. And while other art curriculums have been less than interactive, this live virtual classroom is different every class time! I (mom) have even started drawing along. :) It has proven to be a great resource and value for our family.
Carol G., Co-op Member
We signed up for Mr. Mark's 3-D drawing lessons and also for the painting lessons by Ms.Ginger Cook. They LOVE these! Their drawing and painting have improved tremendously in just the few lessons they've done so far. Plus, the are asking to draw/paint all the more constant asking to watch TV! Definitely worth it. Thanks so much for making this available to my family!
Leslie MP, Co-op Member
My 10 yr old daughter LOVES this class! She tries to do it as often as possible every week. Mark is very entertaining and the kids have amazing drawings when they're done. I've recommended this to friends and they all love it now also!
Stephanie D., Co-op Member
I could not believe how quickly my kids were able to develop some drawing skills. We go to a lot of conferences in which the kids have to sit and listen and I always give them paper, but now the are able to utilize that time so creatively! I am a believer.
Debra D, Co-op Member
Thank you so very much for offering the free trial period for Mark Kistler. My daughter hated art before reluctantly trying his summer camp. Now she actually loves art and we had to purchase special art supplies for her, so she could do her best. Thank you!
S Smith, Co-op Member
Mark Kistler gives a wonderful class. My daughter's art is really improving, and she finds his silliness just her cup of tea. His offer through the Coop allowed us to buy his live online course and we just could not be happier with his class and his responsiveness.
M. Borrego, Co-op Member
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