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This is the third year that my daughter has used Mark Kistler. Her skills have improved tremendously. Last year we started with something different but quickly came back to Mark. She said he explains things and is easy to follow and learn from.
Carol C., Co-op Member
We are really enjoying Mark Kistler's online art class. We all grab our papers and pencils, put him on the big screen, and see if we can keep up! From 6 to 49, we are all improving in our drawing ability.

I have seen our six year old now try to add shadows in her drawings. Even our 14 year old son, who tends to be skeptical, loves it. And my husband and I, as parents, are glad to have found something to do as a family.

Somehow we all settle in, and I hear the kids telling each encouraging words about their drawings.

Renee E., Co-op Member
Hi! Mrs. G. here from . I teach architecture among other arts classes, but I ALWAYS recommend Mark Kistler's drawing courses to my students, especially those en route to studying architecture in college! My nine children LOVE his classes. Even as a teacher, I LOVE his classes (I take them right along with my children). I learn something new every time. Mark is FABULOUS! His teaching is solid, fun and to be completely cliche about it.. PRICELESS! We love you Mark!
Mrs. G., Co-op Member
This is an AMAZING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it and our prayers are answered. This is an amazing art program. It's by Mark! He talks with them, we interact with him, he has us look at a map of where everyone that's doing it with him is located, he will show a screen of himself briefly at the beginning and end and then he draws. Sometimes he will give options for the kids to draw and the kids type it to him and off they go. This is truly an amazing experience. He draws and the kids are drawing really cool fun things, whil...(more)
Val Hall, Co-op Member
I have a second and third grader whom both love this class. One child is interested in art and the other is not. Mr. Kistler is not only a talented artist and teacher, but he is also funny. I wasn't sure about the online format but it has worked out well.
Ann Marie R., Co-op Member
My daughter is loving the Mark Kissler art videos. Mark is entertaining, excited about teaching art, & my daughter is gaining new techniques. I've shared his site with several moms who homeschool & it has been an asset for all of us. Thanks for offering this site for free for summer school. We have appreciated the opportunity to try it out. We've enjoyed it so much we are considering using it this fall. Thanks again!
KC, Co-op Member
I have been amazed at the drawings my 10 year old daughter has created from the first time she started drawing with Mark Kistler! I'm not sure how he does it, but he is able to help guide her to a beautiful finished product. She loves the process too and has a lot of fun with it.
Stacy W,, Co-op Member
This has been a wonderful trial for us. We have really enjoyed it and will subscribe again.
L, Co-op Member
We are so glad we signed up for this! The kids are really enjoying it and within a very short time their drawing skills have improved tremendously. They look forward to the class and Mark has such a great sense of humor and a nice rapport with the kids. This is definitely great value for money for what you get.
P French, Co-op Member
These drawing lesson have absolutely helped me succeed in drawing in 3D! I love drawing with him. He is very funny and positive!
Carlos Garcia, Co-op Member
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