Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
What is the difference between Draw3D and the Virtual Classroom?

Draw3D is a collection of 300 online on-demand video and step-by-step instructions.

Virtual Classroom is a series of scheduled LIVE weekly webcast lessons featuring student/teacher interaction.

If you prefer using these lessons at your convenience, choose Draw3D.

If you prefer to set up a specific Art Lesson time each week, and have student/teacher LIVE interaction, choose Virtual Classroom.

If you would enjoy the benefits of recorded on-demand, AND the student discipline building structured weekly LIVE sessions, choose BOTH!

The drawing lessons on Draw3D and Virtual classroom are totally different. Compare the Lesson Galleries of both sites to choose which one has more themes that interest your student:

LIVE Lesson Gallery

Draw3D Mini-Marshmallow

What are the technical requirements?

There are no system requirements. Draw3D is compatible with almost everything that can fully view websites. (i.e. if using browser versions not supported by the publisher, or sites/plugins blocked by local administrator). Draw3D is compatable with all smartphones and tablets.

Can the children do the lessons as many times as they want? Can more than one student do the lessons for a single subscription?

YES and YES!! :)

Can multiple family members log into the site at the same time and view lessons on different computers?


Is there a Scope and Sequence? Table of Contents? Just wondering what is covered during this course.

Mark presents his lessons in a recommended sequence, but as is often the case with creative/divergent thinking, students usually jump around and draw the lessons that interest them most in the order that intrigues them most. There is no formal scope or table of contents, instead, thumbnail images that represent each drawing lesson are presented. The Mini Marshmallow videos are more self paced in no particular order, the animated lessons are in themed order...just start at the BIG arrow and work your way through if you wish to work though the lessons in the sequence Mark has suggested.

Is there a progressive list of lessons that would follow an actual art class?

In Mark's words: "I have posted the lessons in a suggested sequence, however I encourage students to follow their interests...any lesson, any level, anytime. If you are looking for a more structured sequential art lesson series home school groups are encouraged to invite me to conduct a week long Home School Family Art Worshop Week in your local church or community center...FUN!"

What is the average size for the online lessons?

The video lessons range from 30Mb to 50Mb, and the animated lessons are 20Mb for low quality and 60Mb for high.

I teach children at a homeschool co-op and wonder if I may use these online lessons to teach children art class?

No. The license sold through the Co-op is for use by a single family only.

Are the lessons also taught in spanish?

This is what our contact at Mark Kistler has said: "No, we don't support any foreign languages at this time, although drawing is something of an "international language" and we do have students enrolled from all over the world. However, we are actively working on a plan that will include localization into several languages, but it's only in the planning stages and I don't have a timeline, yet."

Are all the lessons 8 minutes long or are the 100+ that you pay for longer versions of the free samples?

Lessons range from 5 minutes each for the 100+ mini-Marshmallow lessons, to 8-35 minutes for over 100 more advanced videos, to over an hour for the 50 animated self-paced lessons.

I just got my subscription. Where do I start?

Here's Marks' response:

"My intention for all 3 online Art Academies is to allow students to draw any lesson, any level, any time. A wonderful aspect of these online video stream lessons is the "pause" and "rewind" button, students NEVER need to get frustrated if I go to fast or to slow, they control the learning pace, the theme, scope, and sequence. There is no imagination boundaries, no limit on "extra" ideas students can add (see student art gallery!), and certainly no proper order to enjoy my lessons. I only ask that students learn "The 12 Renaissance Words of Drawing" (I sometimes refer to these as "The 12 Laws of Drawing"). The sooner students learn these, the sooner they will have the creative confidence to break each one of them!

"The "science" of 3-D illustration is boiled down to these 12 laws. I teach students these 12 ideas/skills and inspire them to practice daily. Diligent practice builds skill, launches enthusiasm, ignites creativity, nourishes imagination, which generates MORE desire to practice. A self perpetuating successful learning cycle. The bottom line.....students LOVE learning with these lessons, and here's the great part, I LOVE teaching these lessons!

"I challenge every parent to draw any 10 lessons, and just try NOT to get hooked on drawing in 3-d!"

Where can I find the 12 words and the compass that Mark references in the drawing academy?

Go to the Online Video Art Academy area and you will see an icon called 'Printables'. Click that and you will see the support material.

The video play back is kind of jerky. What can I do about this?

The Mark Kistler Video Art Lessons are designed to be viewed with a high speed Internet connection. If your Internet connection is slow, you can start playback, hit the "Pause" button, and do something else for 10-15 minutes. The video will continue to download to your computer even though you have paused playback. Eventually the entire video will have downloaded and you'll be able to play it without interruption.

Are new videos added?

Here is Mark's response: "The online art academy consists of over 300 video and animated lessons. We may add more lessons in the future, however you should make your purchase decision based on our complete curriculum that is posted and available now."

Do you suggest a hard copy of a particular book while taking the online lessons?

In Mark's words: "I have written 14 how-to-draw books, I suggest you purchase these 3 titles from your local bookstore, "Drawing In 3D with Mark Kistler", "Mark Kistlers Imagination Station", "You Can Draw In 30 Days!"

Can I renew my subscription? Will my student's progress be saved?

At this time, there isn't a way for members to extend their current subscription. Members can purchase another subscription through the Co-op here to take advantage of the discounted price. Mark Kistler does not track student progress, as the lessons are video based.

What do I do if I don't find the answer to my question here?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. Click here to contact us about our Mark Kistler art curriculum offers. We will answer your question individually and update this page as well.