Topic:Marine Biology, Oceanography, and Underwater Robots
Presenter:Aurora Lipper, Supercharged Science
Date/Time:03-23-2022 10:00 AM Pacific
Hosted By:Homeschool Buyers Club
Description:This new online class has taught your kids about underwater life and the physical ocean elements while also providing your kids with a hands-on experience of what itís really like to be a marine biologist. Kids learned how to study the creatures that live in the sea in their natural environment by building scientific instruments that marine biologists use in the field, including a live-cell microscope and underwater ROV robot in addition to exploring erupting chemical volcanoes, and so much more! This class is ideal for kids ages 7-14 (older if they have not studied Marine Biology before).
Where to View It:This webinar was a live class and not recorded.
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