Homeschool Buyers Co-op's
Low Price Guarantee
Terms & Conditions

In order to ensure that we offer members the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for products from selected publishers, the Co-op is pleased to offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE for products from the following publishers:

  • Alpha Omega Publications
  • Breaking the Barrier
  • Chester Comix
  • Dynamic Literacy
  • Math Mammoth
  • New Leaf Publishing (Master Books)
  • Saxon Math
  • Thinkwell Math (Get 5,000 SmartPoints offer only)
  • Thinkwell Science (Get 5,000 SmartPoints offer only)
  • Thinkwell Social Studies (Get 5,000 SmartPoints offer only)
  • Illuminate Bible Series/Union Gospel Press


If you purchase the above publishers' products from the Co-op and subsequently discover that you could have obtained the same products for a lesser amount from another authorized seller, the Co-op will refund to you the amount you would have saved, including shipping and handling, had you made the identical purchase at the same time from the other seller subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The lower price, if any, must have been in effect at the time you placed your order through the Co-op.
  • This guarantee does not apply to products puchased at discounted prices at conferences.
  • You must give the Co-op a way to independently verify that the lower price was in effect at the time you placed your order.
  • The price offered by the other seller must have been an authorized price, i.e., in compliance with the publisher's pricing policy.

    NOTE: The publishers listed above do not permit sellers to discount their products except at conferences. Under the terms of the standard seller agreements with the publishers listed above, the Co-op is not allowed to offer their products for less than the authorized price. As a result, our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE is void in cases where a competing seller is offering product below authorized prices in violation of the publisher's pricing policy (i.e., they are cheating).

  • In the event there is disagreement or confusion as to whether the price offered by the other seller was authorized, the publisher itself shall be the sole and final authority on that matter.
  • In cases where you paid the Co-op a higher price than an authorized price offered by the another seller, then the amount owed to you under this guarantee shall be the difference between what you would have paid, including shipping & handling, had you made the identical purchase with the other seller at the same date and time as your Co-op purchase.

    Example: If you purchased $100 of product from the Co-op with free shipping and handling, but might have purchased the same product from another seller for only $90, but paid $10 for shipping and handling, then you would have enjoyed no real savings by virtue of having purchased the product from the other seller, and the Co-op has no obligation to you under this guarantee.

  • You must apply for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.
In any case where you think this policy as stated entitles you to a refund, please contact the Co-op.