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This offer has been closed. When we are able to re-launch another Little Passports offer, we'll let you know via our Member emails and GroupBuy Calendar.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My son LOVES Little Passports and can't wait till it arrives each month. We love learning about the different countries and the small trinkets are a special treat.
Tabitha W., Co-op Member
My kids love receiving their Little Passports package in the mail. Such a fun way to glean some facts into another country's culture. Shockingly, when you ask my kids what the capitol of Brazil is, they shout with glee, BRASILIA! I'd say that makes it a very enjoyable way to learn. I only bought the six package subscription as I was not sure if the kids would be into it. I wish I had bought the full package. I wish Homeschool Buyers Co op could put together the opposite 6 package, so I can add on and complete the package!
Kim C, Co-op Member
This is my favorite product/service I've ordered from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My 7-yr-old twins can't wait for their package to arrive each month from a different country. I'm so glad I signed up for the longest subscription. My kids don't realize they are doing school. For them, it is like getting a gift from a friend. They immediately sit down and do everything in the pacakage as soon as it comes, and they are watching the mail for it. I like that they are learning about different countries and cultures and enjoying it. It is one of th...(more)
A. Fowler, Co-op Member
This is a wonderful product! My daughter can't wait for the next shipment. She is interested in the geography and culture of each featured country. But most of all, she loves the gift that comes with each package (a piece of amethyst from Brazil, a sushi eraser from Japan, oragami paper, etc.)!
Brandy, Co-op Member
We have only received two letters and already my kids are hooked. They look forward to the next country and spend hours on the computer learning more and playing the games that accompany each month's country. This is a really fun way to teach your kids about differ places.
Jodi G., Co-op Member
Little Passports is a lot of fun! My 6 yr old daughter looks forward to getting the package in the mail each month (don't all little kids LOVE getting mail?). The activity sheet, souvenirs, and online supplemental activities are just the right amount of exposure for a younger child. Add in a couple library books and a craft and it's a fantastic introduction to world geography!
Shannon E., Co-op Member
My daughter LOVED the music. She was also thrilled to get the "jewels" as she calls it.
Danielle, mother of 7-year-old daughter
My kids really enjoy Little Passports. We have only gotten the first two months, but they really look forward to seeing where Sam and Sophia have been what little treasures they sent to them. It's a great way to expand your geography lessons. We hang up the map and talk about the different countries and just expand on the information we receive each month.
M.Taulbee, Co-op Member
I ordered Little Passports for my children, and have been very pleased with how fun and educational it is! Each month, my children get to read about Sam and Sophia's latest travels, and then solve puzzles and play computer games relating to the country involved. There are stickers for their world map, play suitcase, and passport, actual photographs of sites within the countries, as well as very nice souvenirs(a chunk of amethyst from Brazil, origami paper from Japan...) I recommend this program highly!
Amy P., Co-op Member
We have thoroughly enjoyed Little Passports so far. The kids are excited to see "where" we are going each month. It also serves as an excellent springboard to delve deeper into the culture and environment of each country. I did not introduce Brazil until closer to Earth day and it was an excellent opportunity to study the rainforest and for the kids to see the bigger picture. We love it!!
Dana Campbell, Co-op Member
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