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This offer has been closed. When we are able to re-launch another Little Passports offer, we'll let you know via our Member emails and GroupBuy Calendar.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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We have enjoyed Little Passports although I was a little skeptical about at first simply because my son seams to know a little more on some countries and I was afraid he might be bored but...that little suit case (although he had a small one for special travel) did bring joy to open and show his treasures received by mail and the expectation of receiving a package each months.Also,the stickers are adding to the look where we can interact about the flags and countries it represent.The world map with is stickers tags help motivate the search of...(more)
Isabelle Hidaka, Co-op Member
We love Little-Passports. My son is 7 and he looks forward to the new package each month. He enjoys printing out the pictures from each country and the on-line games associated with it. We also love the gifts with each country. We will continue to use it and tell our friends how much fun it is!!
Beth, Co-op Member
My daughter LOVED the music. She was also thrilled to get the "jewels" as she calls it.
Danielle, mother of 7-year-old daughter
The CD is fantastic!!! This month's letter is terrific as well! Our social studies curriculum covers each of the 7 continents and thus far the Little Passports materials seem like a terrific match for my classroom instruction!
Amy, mother of 9-year-old son & 1st grade teacher
We just signed up with Little Passports in September. At first my eight year old son balked at the idea because he was afraid his older brother would make fun of him. However, once those packages started coming he really got into it! When they arrive he gets his suitcase and spreads everything out on the floor. Then he adds the new items and does the puzzles. That is great for him because he is a reluctant reader, but wants to do the LP pages by himself! The passport was a wonderful idea. Each little component adds to the fun. My little...(more)
Mary F., Co-op Member
"I can't wait for my package to come each month in the mail to see where Sam and Sophia have gone. I like the gift from each country, the stickers to put on my case and the games to play." Cooper G. 9 years old

I love to see how excited both our boys (12 and 9) get when the package comes. We have been studying about Countries and Cultures this year and 'little passports' has been a great supplement to our program. We all have enjoyed the time spent together learning about other countries. Thank you for your product and we look forward to n...(more)
Cristen G., Co-op Member
My 7 year old daughter loves Little Passport! She loves getting mail and the little gift and pictures that come. I love the activities that we work on together. I've used it to introduce her to world geography and history. I plan on signing up for the second year.
B. Wright, Co-op Member
My 6-yr-old son looks for the next Little Passports delivery in the mail all the time - he loves it. And it's such an easy way to introduce him to maps and geography. Good stuff!
L. Mitchell, Co-op Member
My kids love receiving their Little Passports mailing every month! We all gather around the map and look up where Sofia and Sam are this month before we read their letter together. This has been one of our best homeschool buys ever!
Pam F., Co-op Member
My 7 year old daughter absolutely LOVES hearing from Sam & Sophia every month! Thank you so much for giving her an opportunity to experience other cultures through something as simple as mail. This product is definitely recommended!
Gina P., Co-op Member
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