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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add LIFEPAC to their homeschool resources. If you have used LIFEPAC and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”This is our first year using Lifepac and we are very happy with our choice! We plan on using the curriculum again next year. Everything is organized and easy to find in both the student books and the teacher's manuals. I especially like the unit workbooks system. There is only one workbook at a time to deal with. I would recommend this curriculum to any homeschooling family!”
Kathleen Martin, Co-op Member
”Alpha-Omega is more than a supplier of wonderful curriculum and other products; they are simply a great company. Through the years, I continue to return to AOP.”
KH, Co-op Member
”Alpha Omega has been a life saver for my family! Having all the lessons planned out, with hands on activities and book work all with a Biblical focus, AOP is by far the best curriculum we have used.

My kids can't wait to start their schoolwork everyday and they're understanding concepts that have eluded them before.
This curriculum obviously won't be the right fit for every homeschool family, but for us it's great.”
Kristen, Co-op Member
”I started using Alpha-Omega educational products on the recommendation of my sister who home-schooled her son from elementary to high school graduation. We began home-schooling when my son was in 7th grade at the public school. We started him with the Switched on Schoolhouse program considering that my son enjoys being on the computer. It worked out fine, education-wise, however, he wasn't very good at following the computer-based calendar.

We decided to try the LifePac curriculum the following year. I kept his assignment calendar in an agenda (book) and found the LifePac materials arranged in such a way that it was very easy to assign daily work and quizzes at a reasonable pace. My son liked it a lot because he could follow it more easily and could take it with him if we wanted to go somewhere for the day.

I worried at first that we might not be able to provide enough material for him to fully understand the science concepts but there is a DVD that can be purchased separately which corresponds to the various science class lessons and experiments in the LifePac workbooks. Perfect!

He's going to 12th grade after summer and we're sticking with LifePac.”
Ligaya Blough, Co-op Member
”We loved Alpha-Omega LifePac for 3rd grade World Geography, and we are using them again this year for 5th grade Science and 3rd grade Science. They have great content and hands on experiments. My children both work in these on their own, at their own pace. I have a required amount of time that they must work in them everyday but how much they complete depends on their skill level. We will more than likely use them again next year for Science. Both boys have really enjoyed the information and that they can do them on their own without me.”
cary lynn, Co-op Member
”The life pacs are helping my 6th grader learn more than just the information they provide. She's learning time management,self motivation and how to study and take exams. She really likes the bible life pac. We have recommended this curriculum to friends.”
Korena Q., Co-op Member
”My family really enjoy our Alpha-Omega 5th grade Life Pac. The work is challenging, and God is incorporated in most subjects. My favorite subject is the Bible lesson because the whole family can grow in their knowledge of God's word. My daughter's favorite subject is Math. She appreciates the simplicity in which the problems are explained, and the great examples that help her understand. This is a subject that once frustrated her to tears before Alpha-Omega.
We look forward to the next grade Life Pac, and we've already recommended Alpha-Omega to our friends.”
D. Malone, Co-op Member
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