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”My student has thoroughly enjoyed reading Life of Fred. He is excited each day to read a chapter. It makes him feel like the older students in the class. He is able to decode some of the more challenging words based on using context clues. I also find as he is reading the older students get a kick out of listening to the silly Fred stories. My 5-year-old student is very excited about reading and I will continue to use these books with him.”
Kayla, Co-op Member
”Life of Fred is fun, interesting, and teaches for comprehension without feeling burdensome to the student. My daughter is happy to do the work.”
Sharon M, Co-op Member
”We have begun using Life of Fred as a supplement to our current math program. We love that it is laid back and not stressful. It gives us another viewpoint on the concepts at hand. My boys beg to do LOF.”
L. SELLERS, Co-op Member
”I was able to purchase Life of Fred books at an incredible deal, which allowed me to buy more of the series for the years to come. My son LOVES these books because he loves the story line. He is not only learning math, but there is a ton of little nuggets of knowledge of all different topics as well. We are in our first book still, Apples, and we just did a simple introduction to algebra. He is in the 3rd grade and he picked it up easy as pie because of the way they explain it. My son has a few options everyday for math books, yet he always chooses Fred Books. Thank you for offering a great price on these books.”
L. Beckerle, Co-op Member
”I wanted to extend our collection and bought the physical books of Life of Fred Language Arts from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for a fraction of the original cost. They arrived quickly and in excellent shape. I would definitely buy again.”
Robbyn Fisher, Co-op Member
”We started homeschooling last year and when picking a math curriculum I stumbled upon Fred. I loved that it was unique and taught in a conversational tone with real life application. My daughter is a BIG reader; she practically has a book glued to her hand all the time so I knew LOF would be perfect. My son on the other hand had his head stuck on the drill and kill from public school. He insisted on another program. We started them both on the same day and he kept listening to me and my daughter while he was doing his 50 problems. The next day he asked if he could do his math later and do Fred with us now. He eventually dropped the program he picked and went with Fred. Fast forward to our second year homeschooling and they both love LOF, and I do too!! We'll continue it until the books stop and maybe redo a book or two and use the zillions of problems if necessary. Such an incredible series. My daughter used to hate math and now it's one of her favorite subjects and my son loves it even more!”
CrestedInk, Co-op Member
”Language Arts for my Junior was getting into the tedious, almost ridiculous. As my child always tended to remind me, who in the heck is going to start dissecting a sentence in the middle of the day to make sure he understands what the other person is saying. No one needs to know the verb of the sentence, "Get out of the way before that bus hits you!" to know you better get out of the way before the bus hits you. Anyway, LOF was a change of pace, and is paying off. Simplistic in nature (and not to say it takes the place of a formal Language Arts curriculum) it definitely gets back to basics in an understandable way. Easy to use, it can be used as is, or expanded upon with little effort, but much learning. There are no formal quizzes or tests, but the learning is top rate. We will definitely include LOF in our remaining home school years where possible.”
A. Hall, Co-op Member
”I have a Junior who is smart and catches on rather quickly, but doesn't feel he needs advanced math (really, unless you're going to be a scientist or mathematician, who needs to calculate the gross weight of a baby seal who is sick in the South Pole, but with the intelligence rate of a 6 year old who is traveling on a train going 95 mph in a get the point he tries to make every day during math.) Anyway, we decided to go with LOF Financial Choices for a change. The first 3 chapters were a struggle, as my Junior decided it was too immature for him. But, as agreed, we decided to give it 2 weeks. It did not take that long. The stories are entertaining, but link to the lesson. The lessons are short, but informative in a basic way that helps with the big picture. They can be used as is, or expanded on (as we tend to do with all of our lessons). We have learned more in 5 chapters that pertain to "life skills" than we have in the last 2 years with other math courses. Not to say it takes the place of advanced math, but it does teach practical skills that are necessary to survive in later life and also makes learning fun.”
A. Hall, Co-op Member
”Was skeptical at first. Then our child eagerly read the books. We have the opportunity for Dad to explain/augment.”
Mrs. Fischer, Co-op Member
”We heard good things about Life of Fred from my sister-in-law and their homeschool. It encouraged her eldest to get interested in math again. Life of Fred was an instant hit with our children and they ask for it as a reward. We were able to get several years worth of Math exercises at a discounted price through the co-op, so we are very happy with it right now.”
Luke S., Co-op Member
”Life of Fred is a unique (top-notch) math series that you have to try out before judging. When a friend of mine first suggested it a few years ago, I basically balked at the idea of a book for math. I'm a math major and math in story form is just plain weird! HOWEVER, after trying numerous programs (including traditional text books and workbooks, hands-on programs, game based programs, and computer curriculum) we felt led to at least try the first book of Life of Fred. And we are SO thankful we did!

Since starting Life of Fred almost 2 years ago (currently on Book 4 Dogs), the kids look forward to math and are growing so much more than they were in other math programs! They love math now (especially the cute story of Fred) and see it in daily life. Plus, we are all learning science, history/geography, art, music, and language arts along the way! Life of Fred could certainly be used as a Unit Study as it's great for all ages. You can enjoy the story and just focus on math during the lesson OR use the extra nuggets of learning (such as prepositional phrases, constellations, or seven wonders of the ancient world) and explore the wide range of information presented with your kids during or after each lesson. We do both, depending on interest. (By the way, kids can do Life of Fred on their own if you wish. We just choose to read this as a family due to the interest by all. Even my four year old is picking up a wealth of info and looks forward to hearing about Fred each day.)

What about drills? All young kids must be drilled and practice their math 30-60 minutes a day to learn it, right? Well, all I know is that my kids are finally gaining a SOLID foundation and true understanding of math with only a 10-15 minute lesson and a few minutes of flashcards each day. (They also play math games on occasion and use math in real life such as baking and building.) My philosophy of education has changed... less is truly more. And laying a solid foundation is key to all things. Take piano. It is better to have 5 minutes of practice every day, slowly building skills vs cramming and killing a love for music. (My opinion.) Life of Fred encourages children to memorize/practice facts AFTER they understand them. My two oldest children naturally want to do flash cards so they can be quicker in their responses and to beat each other in math games. So we appreciate there are usually only 3-6 real life questions at the end of each lesson as to never squelch their love of learning.

We LOVE Life-of-Fred and own the complete set through middle school. We recommend the series to friends, family, and anyone looking for a real-life math program that I believe will truly last a life time.”
Sarah C, Co-op Member
”Life of Fred is amazing! Added it to our homeschool and both of my children 6th and 2nd grade can not get enough of it! We are hooked and can not imagine our days without it! So thankful for Life of Fred.”
Yvonne Godin, Co-op Member
”We ordered the several of the elementary level Life-of-Fred math books. My son loves these books! He reads through each book in one setting because he thinks they are so funny. With math concepts easily explained he can quickly and enjoyably finish up the math problems. I don't think he even thinks of it as 'school'. We received our books in a timely manner at a good price. When we are ready for the next books I plan on ordering them from here.”
K. Cheney, Co-op Member
”We are big fans of life of Fred. My 8 year old loves the stories and his math skills are improving. We are 1st year homeschoolers and th transition had been nice without the stress of a drill and kill curriculum.”
M. Barnes, Co-op Member