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Co-op members asked us to find an affordable and authoritative way to quickly and easily assess their children's math knowledge so that they can see how they are doing and learn how to proceed.

We are happy to answer that need with a significant discount on math assessments and instruction from Let's Go Learn, an award-winning leader in online diagnostics and prescriptive services.

Why Let's Go Learn?

Founded in 2000 with a grant from the Department of Education, Let's Go Learn is a leader in online reading and math assessments, with over 600,000 assessment performed to date nationwide.

Let's Go Learn's ADAM K7 gives you immediate, comprehensive feedback on your child's math knowledge, with recommendations to help you guide your child's progress.

Let's Go Learn's Pre-Algebra and Algebra Edge also begins with an assessment (included in the price) and automatically transition into online, self-paced lessons that are tailored to your child based on the assessment.

All Let's Go Learn products are:
  • Research-based
  • Developed by acknowledged experts
  • Statistically validated for reliability
  • Aligned with state standards

Easy & Affordable

If you do your homework, you'll find that formal assessments can be expensive and time-consuming for you and your child. When you purchase Let's Go Learn through the Co-op, you not only enjoy our Co-op signature savings, but you'll be automatically set up and ready to use Let's Go Learn within seconds of placing your order! Simply sign in to your Co-op account and click the link that we provide. You do NOT need to set up an account with Let's Go Learn, because we do that for you automatically!

BTW, you get an even deeper discount when you purchase multiple assessments at one time, so we suggest you consider purchasing pre- and post- tests for each of your children at once. You can use the assessments at any time -- there are no expiration dates!

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Get more information about Let's Go Learn:

    • Scroll down on this page for detailed information and links to more information about each of the products.
    • Read the Let's Go Learn FAQ's.
    • Review the system requirements.
    • Verify that your computer meets Let's Go Learn's system requirements.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs. Please do not use the Comments field to request changes to the T&Cs.

    In particular:

    • We will set up your Let's Go Learn within seconds of receiving your order. You must sign into your Co-op account to get instructions and the need link(s).
    • The Co-op will charge a $1.00 nonrefundable service fee to help us cover the costs of providing this service.
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ADAM K-7 - (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics for K-7)<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
ADAM K-7 - (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics for K-7)

Retail Price: $20.00
Current Group Price: $15.00
Current Group Savings: 25%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
-> 1+ $15.00  OR  1500 SP 25%
*SP = SmartPoints

Pricing Info:
1 Assessment - $15
Each Additional (up to 10 total) - $12

ADAM K-7 - (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics for K-7) is a comprehensive, valid and reliable web-based assessment that diagnostically assesses students' math abilities. The adaptive nature of the assessment maximizes the useful information that parents receive while reducing the total assessment time for students.

Reports are instantly available for parents to download, view or print. Accompanying instructional suggestions help parents develop meaningful activities that will support their child's learning. These reports may be used to:

  • Guide at-home math activities
  • Easily share students' math profiles with teachers to coordinate home-school efforts
For more info:IMPORTANT: Your Email Address and Password -- to be entered below -- should be the SAME for all products on this order form. All your Let's Go Learn products will be accessible through a SINGLE Let's Go Learn account.

NOTE: If you are also looking for online math curriculum for K-7, please see "LGL Math Edge" below. It includes one ADAM K-7 assessment to help you get started.

DOMA Pre-Algebra Assessment<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
DOMA Alegbra Assessment<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
LGL Math Edge<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
LGL Pre-Algebra Edge<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
LGL Algebra Edge<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
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I needed to see where my daughter was in terms of meeting certain math goals, and this was perfect. The assessment starts at approximately their age and keeps going until they can't answer any more questions, so it functions as an "out of level" test for those who are performing out of level. It was exactly what we needed.
MomLynn, Co-op Member
This was a low-cost, easy to use way for me to identify the "holes" in my daughter's math knowledge. Easy website to use, you can do a few minutes each day and go back in and start where you left off. And the results are great. Easy to read graphs and charts, and direct links to Khan Academy for areas in which the scores were low.
Teresa Bettenhauser, Co-op Member
I love the detailed report of my student's strength and weaknesses. It was a great first experience for taking a standardized test.
Susan, Co-op Member
An engaging way to see what areas of math a student has "holes". Different programs teach different topics at different grades, and this product lists what the student has mastered and hasn't. It is multiple choice, and is subject to all of the benefits and shortcomings of those types of tests.
Jill, Co-op Member
I purchased 4 math assessments at a great price through the home school buyers co-op last month. I have 3 school age children and liked the benefit of being able to use the assessments whenever I wanted. We used the pre-algebra assessment for my ninth grader as a pre-test so we would know which skills she needed to brush up on before tackling Algebra 1. This program gave me a specific breakdown of 14 pre-algebraic skills she mastered, partially mastered, and has not mastered. She will retake the assessment when we believe we have "filled in...(more)
Ms. Dazzle, Co-op Member
I am so pleased with my purchase of LetsGoLearn ADAM tests! We homeschooled for many years and then sent him to a parochial school the last two years. We decided to homeschool again after he started showing some real deficiencies in his math understanding. I wanted to know where he is starting from in a very comprehensive, topical way. This is exactly what LetsGoLearn ADAM does. For starters, the computer interface for the student is very easy to use, I broke it up into a few 30 min increments over one afternoon and my son didn't seem to mind h...(more)
S. Anderson, Co-op Member
I love this program! My daughter didn't do very well on the math portion of a standardized test. I had her take Lets-Go-Learn math so we could pinpoint her weaknesses. It is very thorough and we were able to find the few areas that she really struggled and encourage her in her areas of strength. It is so much more helpful than a standardized test, which, unfortunately is required in my state. This product is well worth the money.
Jenny B., Co-op Member
The Diagnostic is great! Just what we needed to asses where our children's strengths and weaknesses are so we can help fill in gaps and keep them on target. The Unique Math was difficult for me to implement as it's "sporadic" in nature....reviewing the topics they missed in the assessment, but not in any sequential order. This was a bit confusing for me and the children so we are no longer using it. I, will however, continue to use their assessment tools in the future. The reports are fabulous: detailed, easy to read, and even include reference...(more)
Shay, Co-op Member
This program is very helpful tool for determining the areas in math that my son is on or above grade level and where he is weakest and needs to improve. The reporting is excellent and clear. It gives me a peace of mind that he will be prepared when we do our yearly testing. I would highly recommend this software.
Cindy K., Co-op Member
After pulling my kids out of public school, we have homeschooled for 3 years. In that time, we have not done any sort of assessments. This spring, we decided on a whim to see how it would go. We used the Let's Go Learn DOMA and DORA tests for both of our girls. One is in 2nd grade and the other is in 4th. Both girls said the tests were fun (because they were on the computer) and did not appear stressed by the process. They each took about 35 to 45 minutes to complete each of their assessments so it was all easily completed in a day.

J. G., Co-op Member
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