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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Let's Go Learn to their home school curriculum. If you have used Let's Go Learn and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I found the test to be easy to use and very informative. I was able to see the strengths and weaknesses of my child's reading, and see the results immediately. The assessment was specific as to what the skills my child was weak in (spelling and phonics) and what skills she was strong in. After this assessment I was able to buy curriculum to teach to her weaknesses. I was also VERY impressed with the customer service. I had a problem loading the test and they were fast, helpful, and cheerful. The only thing I was saddened by, was that it isn't considered a nationally normed test, so I have to pay for another test to show the school district for my homeschool requirements.”
L. McQuarie, Co-op Member
”I continue to purchase the Lets-Go-Learn-Math assessment each year because it allows me to get an idea of where there are exact gaps in mathematical education which each of my children. The test is user friendly for the kids and the reports are detailed for me, showing exactly where in the p”
Jessica Sanders-Parmer, Co-op Member
”Let's Go Learn DORA was a quick and easy assessment. It really helped put my finger on the reading issues we needed to focus on. I will use it again to measure any improvement. Highly recommended!”
D. Ratliff, Co-op Member
”I gave this test to both my boys and it was immensely helpful for me to get a better feel for where they are. The results were broken down into such detailed skill areas that it is easy to see where we need to focus. I also like that weaker skill areas were linked to videos on Khan Academy. It just doesn't get any easier than that. The length was a little frustrating as we weren't sure how long it was (because it's adaptive, I guess) but it was hard to know how long it would take. It just kept going and going. So after the first day after my son worked for about an hour, I told him to do 30 minutes at a day until he was done. In the end I think he spent 3 days. I always recommend it to my friends when they are feeling unsure, too. You can't beat the price either. It's a great value. I will probably give this to my sons yearly.”
Leslie Corpuz, Co-op Member
”My son has always had a great deal of negative self talk when it comes to math. The first time using this program he said, "I love this math". He feels very proud and successful. He actually looks forward to math. It is so rewarding to see this change.”
J. Siegismund, Co-op Member
”LOVE this testing program! The price is right, and it's VERY thorough! As a former public school teacher, I know what to look for in a skills test, and this is perfect! I sat with my kids as they completed the test and I like that the test asks a multiple of questions for each math sub-area. I also like that the test will accommodate the child with easier or harder questions depending on how well they respond to questions. It's perfect! We bought four tests at once for the discount price, so my two kids took one each in August and I plan to do a post-test in May!”
Molly L., Co-op Member
”I have 3 children, ages 9, 11 and 13. We have been using lets go learn math for about 39 days. We started with the assessment and that proved to be very informative. The kids are now working on their own to fill in the gaps without going over the items they have mastered. It is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!!”
L.Kinder, Co-op Member
”I have had both of my children (ages 5 and 7) take the assessment. It provided a lot of insight as to where my children were and what help they needed. The assessment is very thorough; it touches on many things. I will definitely continue to use the assessments. Also the assessment gives ideas and examples of how to help your child.”
Sherry S., Co-op Member
”My husband and I are owners of a Tutoring and Learning Center. Let's Go Learning has helped us diagnose weakness and strengthens of our students. The results help guide our action plan for tutoring for students! We will continue to use Let's Go Learning as a tool to diagnose while we provide the prescription.”
Patrick and Audarshia Flagg, Co-op Member
”I had a certified Florida teacher evaluate my son for reading and her own testing resulted in a very similar score (almost the same) as the DORA score so that have me confidence in the DORA score as a good evaluator. Thanks for the discount making it easier to purchase the DORA.”
Heather M, Co-op Member
”The DORA test was great! It kept my child entertained the whole time and he especially liked the end. He was also very proud to have tested in the high-school level with most of the areas of the test.”
Teresa Clifford, Co-op Member
”I bought the assessment. I loved how comprehensive the assessment was and it motivated me to buy the program Let's go-learn reading edge. This program is great. It helps my child have another avenue to learn. I have bought another assessment in which I plan to use and compare to the first assessment to see how much my child has improved.”
Sherry S, Co-op Member
”This program is very helpful tool for determining the areas in math that my son is on or above grade level and where he is weakest and needs to improve. The reporting is excellent and clear. It gives me a peace of mind that he will be prepared when we do our yearly testing. I would highly recommend this software.”
Cindy K., Co-op Member
”This was a great way for me to see where my 6th and 8th graders were In their schoolwork. It gave me information to what I need to concentrate ion in their schooling. I highly recomend this to anyone that is questioning where there children's learning abilit is.”
K. Steen, Co-op Member
”This was a low-cost, easy to use way for me to identify the "holes" in my daughter's math knowledge. Easy website to use, you can do a few minutes each day and go back in and start where you left off. And the results are great. Easy to read graphs and charts, and direct links to Khan Academy for areas in which the scores were low.”
Teresa Bettenhauser, Co-op Member
”I work at a clinic serving the needs of children with autism and the DORA has become a valuable tool in our effort to educate our students. Children typically like working on a computer and the testing is quick paced with fun graphics. The reports are fabulous! Very in-depth with great strategies. The testing allows us to write effective learning goals and monitor progress.”
M. Spruill, Co-op Member
”This is a superior product. The information is so good its helps keep my kids on track. Thank You for giving us a great tool.”
Kathy S, Co-op Member
”This is so great to keep track of how my kids are doing. Its easy to use and the kids like doing it. Thanks”
Kathy S, Co-op Member
”I was very impressed with the ADAM-7 assessment and the detail it provided! Of particular help is that the results are tied directly to identifying exactly what areas your child knows - and doesn't know - as well as what he/she needs to learn and focus on! My daughter (12 yrs old) loves the animation approach and teaching style of the program. The explanations of the math concepts are outstanding! My daughter does like Math and it has always been a struggle for her, so to see her ENJOY doing the program was just terrific! We have almost completed the program and will be ready to take the ADAM-7 again as a post-test... can't wait to see the positive results!”
Beth Nystrom, Co-op Member
”This assessment was technically very easy to use, and the results report generated is thorough and answered all of my questions about how well our son is reading. When I did need to call for technical support for one issue, the company was very helpful.”
Linda B., Co-op Member
”My son has long-standing reading difficulties. The DORA identified the areas that are problematic for him and offered suggestions on how to target them. I found this extremely helpful, and I would recommend this assessment tool to others.”
Jocelyn M., Co-op Member
”Thanks for offering this product. I love it and the kids loved it to. Yes, a test, but they loved it because of the way it is presented. As homeschool kids they are eager to see their progress. They were excited to do the test and have someone else other than mom tell them how good they were doing. The test is fun and keeps the kids attention. The lady doing the voice over is very bubbly and encouraging so the kids felt they were doing good and relaxed into the test. The test results were very informative and detailed. They gave practically steps as to how to help the child in their weak areas. We want to make this a yearly thing. The price is very affordable as far as testing goes. And I love the convenience of being able to download it and start right away. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making this product available. Keep up the good work. We appreciate all that you do.”
Mandy K, Co-op Member
”I have two kids grade 3 and 6. They actually loved doing the test. It is quite long but the test lets you stop and resume at any time. I think the test was very thorough. Also the way they present the results is extremely user friendly. I was able to see exactly where the weaknesses and strengths were. The report was very extensive and informative. This product was so convenient to download and use. Plus the price is extremely affordable. Very good value for money. Please keep it at the Co-op because we want to use it again next year. Thanks we really appreciate the Co-op making this available. Oh, another thing I thought that the way the test was presented was very kid friendly.”
Maddy K, Co-op Member
”We used the Let's Go Learn Math Assessment & Instruction ADAM K-7 - (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics for our third grade son. We were very pleased with the entire assessment. We received a summary of the results, as well as the detailed subtest results. We fully intend to use this assessment again next year. Would definitely recommend this product.”
Robin W., Co-op Member
”I am so pleased with my purchase of LetsGoLearn ADAM tests! We homeschooled for many years and then sent him to a parochial school the last two years. We decided to homeschool again after he started showing some real deficiencies in his math understanding. I wanted to know where he is starting from in a very comprehensive, topical way. This is exactly what LetsGoLearn ADAM does. For starters, the computer interface for the student is very easy to use, I broke it up into a few 30 min increments over one afternoon and my son didn't seem to mind his time spent on the test at all. But its the scoring and summary that is the most amazing part. There are four reports the parent can run on the test. There is even one report that links to Khan Academy videos for each topic. When I didn't understand how to access the scores, their customer service promptly answered me. I am so thankful and pleased. I'll be giving him the second test after we work on each topic this summer. Thank you HSBC for partnering with LetsGoLearn. What a great product!”
S. Anderson, Co-op Member
”I purchased 4 math assessments at a great price through the home school buyers co-op last month. I have 3 school age children and liked the benefit of being able to use the assessments whenever I wanted. We used the pre-algebra assessment for my ninth grader as a pre-test so we would know which skills she needed to brush up on before tackling Algebra 1. This program gave me a specific breakdown of 14 pre-algebraic skills she mastered, partially mastered, and has not mastered. She will retake the assessment when we believe we have "filled in the gaps" of her math skills. We expect the next assessment to give us objective input as to whether she can progress on to Algebra 1. The skills on the assessment are also correlated to the Common Core Standards so we can feel confident she is on track for the higher level math courses. The smart assessment didn't frustrate my student because it will not keep testing an area the student shows no knowledge about. I'm looking forward to using the other assessments on my other kids at the end of the year to quantify their math skills. I haven't tried any other similar products but I am pleased with this one and have already recommended it to a friend.”
Ms. Dazzle, Co-op Member
”After receiving my 4th grader's standardized test results, I was concerned about his apparent dismal score in math computations. Fortunately, a few weeks later, I saw the Let's Go Learn Math DOMA test offered on Homeschool Buyers Co-op and decided to have him re-tested. His results came back at grade level, with a few shortcomings in specific areas (and one that we hadn't covered yet-fractions).

What I specifically liked about the DOMA test:
1. Easy to administer. It is self explanatory that a child can understand the directions easily.
2. Flexibility. My son completed the test over the course of 2 or 3 sittings instead of having to do the whole thing at one time.
3. Instant results. When he was done, the results were calculated and available immediately.
4. Detailed assessment. This was the real reason I was so pleased with this test. It gave me feedback that was not available on the other standardized test he took. The other results were vague and ambiguous. The DOMA results told me exactly where he was performing at grade level and where he was not. This specific information gave me not only peace of mind but also provided me with what I needed to know in planning next year's curriculum. I have recommended it to others and I would definitely use this product again.”
B. Williams, Co-op Member
”After pulling my kids out of public school, we have homeschooled for 3 years. In that time, we have not done any sort of assessments. This spring, we decided on a whim to see how it would go. We used the Let's Go Learn DOMA and DORA tests for both of our girls. One is in 2nd grade and the other is in 4th. Both girls said the tests were fun (because they were on the computer) and did not appear stressed by the process. They each took about 35 to 45 minutes to complete each of their assessments so it was all easily completed in a day.

I think it is something we will do every spring moving forward. It is not super expensive, especially if you can purchase it through a Co-op offer. What I loved the most was the report I was able to download. As opposed to the scores received from public school standardized testing, this gave you a snapshot of strengths and weaknesses in specific areas with feedback on how to help improve the score in that area. Rather than just "pass/fail" you get a profile. And I felt it was right on the money. The math concepts that one daughter did not show mastery in coincided with the chapters remaining in her math book! For giggles and grins, after she completed those two chapters, I had her take the assessment again (for an additional fee, of course) and her score improved.

This testing service is definitely something I will use again and I hope the Co-op can offer a deal each spring.”
J. G., Co-op Member
”I use this for all my students. Its perfect to keep track of their progress.”
Kathy Sanders, Co-op Member
”This product is very easy to use and gives great, easy to understand information. I love that my child can go well beyond his "grade level" and yet I can still find out if he missed anything in the younger grade content. We use it once a year around the kids' birthdays.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”An engaging way to see what areas of math a student has "holes". Different programs teach different topics at different grades, and this product lists what the student has mastered and hasn't. It is multiple choice, and is subject to all of the benefits and shortcomings of those types of tests.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”I love the detailed report of my student's strength and weaknesses. It was a great first experience for taking a standardized test.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”I needed to see where my daughter was in terms of meeting certain math goals, and this was perfect. The assessment starts at approximately their age and keeps going until they can't answer any more questions, so it functions as an "out of level" test for those who are performing out of level. It was exactly what we needed.”
MomLynn, Co-op Member
”I have used Let'g Go Learn math and reading assessments as annual assessments on my kids for the last several years. I have been very impressed. The math report, in particualr is very thorough and enables me to see what my kids know and what we still need to teach. I find that level of detail much more helpful that grade levels.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”I have told several people about this assessment. I thought it was very thorough and well laid out. It was short enough to not overwhelm my student but comprehensive enough to get a clear grasp on what skills we have missed. I plan to purchase the assessment for my other children as well.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”The Diagnostic is great! Just what we needed to asses where our children's strengths and weaknesses are so we can help fill in gaps and keep them on target. The Unique Math was difficult for me to implement as it's "sporadic" in nature....reviewing the topics they missed in the assessment, but not in any sequential order. This was a bit confusing for me and the children so we are no longer using it. I, will however, continue to use their assessment tools in the future. The reports are fabulous: detailed, easy to read, and even include references to your states standards.”
Shay, Co-op Member
”We like the Lets-Go-Learn-Math program. The images and characters on the program are very engaging for the kids. However, this is not a program where every child could sit by him/herself and to self learning. For the younger kids, an adult needs to be present to further explain the materials. It is self paced so if the topic is difficult to comprehend we only do one topic per day. But if the topic is easy then we go on to another topic. So far my kids like it. I also use the worksheets from Math Mammoth to correlate with the Lets-Go-Learn-Math programs.”
J. Yun, Co-op Member
”I love this program! My daughter didn't do very well on the math portion of a standardized test. I had her take Lets-Go-Learn math so we could pinpoint her weaknesses. It is very thorough and we were able to find the few areas that she really struggled and encourage her in her areas of strength. It is so much more helpful than a standardized test, which, unfortunately is required in my state. This product is well worth the money.”
Jenny B., Co-op Member
”I'm SO GLAD I found the DORA and DOMA tests! They're wonderful, and I literally tell everyone I meet who asks me about testing options. I love how child-friendly they are (I didn't tell my son he was taking a test. He thought it was a game.) I love how detailed the reports are, and I love how it compares your score to state standards. My son's report helped him get into a gifted summer camp, because we couldn't afford $700 for an IQ test. Seeing how well he did on this type of test was enough proof for the camp (who in the past has only accepted IQ scores). I will continue to use both the reading and math tests for my son (and eventually my younger one as well) each year to track their progress. THANK YOU Let's Go Learn!”
Chrystal S, Co-op Member
”I thought that the test was a great way to see where my kids were and gave good information and how to help them improve. ”
Toni C., Co-op Member
”My kids love the Let's Go Learn assessments -- they are fun and not stressful at all.”
Alane A., Co-op Member
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