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Have you adpated your teaching style to the learning style of your child, and seen some positive results? (Overview of Learning Styles)

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When we discovered that our daughter was exhibiting signs of some disorders, we also discovered that she was increasingly struggling in school-academically and behaviorally. It became apparent that the traditional school setting was not going to contribute to her success. Because we want her to enjoy learning, we knew that we needed to explore the flexibility of Home Schooling. We are looking forward to a more relaxed, laid back, environment, that will allow her to thrive while unconventionally learning through movement (she loves to dance while spelling), frequent breaks (immediate rewards/gratification for completing a task), projects (she loves art so journaling and drawing will assist with Language Arts), etc. We are eager to see the advancements she will make by incorporating several learning styles that more closely match her particular styles and interests. She is already excited about the one-one attention, helping "plan" how she will learn a particular lesson, and earning immediate praise/rewards.

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My 8 yo was recently diagnosed with ADHD, but we have already modified her school day because of her high energy and need for kinesthetic and auditory ways of taking in information. She does well at concentrating when we do gym first thing in the morning before school (biking, running, playing baseball or basketball). While her brother likes to work all the way through the morning and be free after lunch, she takes frequent small breaks between subjects to go swing on the swing or play with the dog, which allows her to concentrate much better on her schoolwork. While we study she often uses a balance ball as her chair or drapes herself on the floor to do her math work. When I read to her she can color or draw if that helps her remember what we're reading. As long as it helps her concentrate, I don't make a fuss. So far she's above grade-level in most of her subjects and enjoying her schooling experience!

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Sharon R.

My 6 year old son needs to move, even when he needs to sit still to write. This was a dilemma for us for a while, until his speech & language therapist suggested simultaneous core stimulation. I bought him a Pilates exercise ball, and replaced his usual hard & stationary kitchen chair with this soft, round & moveable object. Not only does he get to move his bottom half while his top half does his work, he gets to develop his core muscles and balancing skills at the same time. This really has helped keep him on track, which is a huge success in our book!

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