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”Being new to home schooling, I wanted to be mindful of how my children learn so that I could set up my new homeschool in a way that would support both my children's learning styles. Whilst I've always known they are very different, confirming their different learning styles gave me great insight as I began selecting curriculum and setting up their study space. It has enabled me to adjust they way I deliver the content for them and how I set up their study spaces. Thank you.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”The assessment was easy to do and gave a lot of great information that even after years of homeschooling I had not thought about incorporating. Even though i had a pretty good handle on all our learning styles, I could not understand why my children had certain "weaknesses". Now I know their "weaknesses" are their different learning styles and they are right on track in being true to their STRENGTHS! I recommend it for teachers and students so they can be more effective in opening their students' learning gates and helping them retain information. Very helpful in guiding curriculum choices too. Also highly recommend following up with reading the books Talkers, Watchers, and Doers by Cheri Fuller and 102 Top Picks by Cathy Duffy.”
M. Smith, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering the $5 offer for the learning style assessment. Except for the price, I would not have bothered. I had read different sources in the past, but I think this was the most comprehensive analysis I've seen, so much so that I read the book afterward. I am considering purchasing the book as a resource for my homeschool support group. I must say that although I had a good idea of my child's learning style and needs, the assessment/book presented more insight into contributing factors, characteristics, and strategies. I have already recommended this assessment/book to several friends.”
DW, Co-op Member
”My daughter had been struggling in school so we had a psychologist test her for any possible learning disabilities and in her report she suggested some teaching methods that might work well for us. I gave my daughter the learning-style assessment, and it nailed her. 100% right on the money, and what I appreciated the most was the thorough list of suggestions regarding how to best teach her. I only paid $5 for this assessment...and I gained more knowledge about my daughter than the psychologist could supply. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”
keli Truckey, Co-op Member
”The inventory has confirmed a few things we suspected about the learning style of our 8yo daughter so it was worth it for the price. An interesting exercise to go through too! Easy to do online and of course we appreciate the Co-op's efforts to make this available to us at a discount!”
Adrian, Co-op Member
”I just want to say how much my dd and I enjoyed the process and the result. Great little program that can have a powerful impact on learning.”
Cynthia, Co-op Member
”We used this for two older students (one in college and one that will be a senior). It was interesting to see that they were both inventing/creating type learners. I think it was an encouragement to them and it also explained some conflicts about studying! LOL

Thanks for your product! I would definitely recommend it to others!”
E. Smith, Co-op Member
”This test was a learning opportunity for me as well as my son (8 years old). It was insightful to watch him answer the questions, some quicker than others, and to see which answers he picked and avoided--sometimes I would have answered differently for him, but it was great to see how well he knew himself, and how his interests are changing. The overall effect for him was a test "he couldn't get wrong" and that showed him things he was good at--a winning combination for students looking to improve”
Anne C., Co-op Member
”I found this learning styles assessment tool to be extremely beneficial. It has helped guide my curriculum selections for this next school year. I had some idea about my son's learning style but this assessment gave me very specific information including how his personality traits directly affect how he learns and will respond to different modes of education.

One challenge was the length of the questions, he got very frustrated with so many questions and some I wasn't convinced he knew himself well enough to answer accurately, he is 11 yrs old. But we got through it.

My husband and I decided to also take it just for fun to see how each of our personalities and learning styles effect our whole family dynamic.”
Wendy W., Co-op Member
”The assessments were short enough to hold your child's attention. The information was interesting, they proved to me what I already knew. It is worth the cost to give it a try.”
Shannon C, Co-op Member
”This has really been a blessing for our family :)!”
Reby D., Co-op Member
”When my daughter took the test, I thought we had done something wrong. She score pretty evenly all the way across. I called Learning Style Assesment and they were great! They explained the assesment to me and how to better help my daughter who IS pretty even all the way across (many score high in one or two areas, she did not. They were very helpful.”
Michelle O., Co-op Member
”Boy, what a lot of information you get with this assessment. I loved the detailed report with hints and suggestions of how to adapt curriculum. It was so fun, my spouse and I did an assessment too. I'm still pouring over the information. A treasure trove!”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”A friend recommended the Learning Style assessment for my son with special needs. He was not excited to take another test. However it was about himself, so it was pretty painless. When I received the results I was shocked. It was as if someone had been observing him for the last year. The assessment described him to a tee! The results were then presented in a simple format that is easy to assimilate. I now have a much better understanding of all of the things that impact his learning. We are moving away from the prescribed curriculum and demands of a virtual school this year and this information will help me make learning more enjoyable for him and more effective in the long run. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!”
Robin, Co-op Member
”When our son came to live with us, he had a history of learning disorders. We knew that homeschooling would be the ideal Individualized Education Plan but have struggled with different techniques. The assessment we got here was very helpful in getting a more complete picture. One drawback, however, was having him complete so much of the assessment. This is simply because he doesn't realize or acknowledge his own weaknesses. Overall though, it was quite helpful.”
Peg, Co-op Member
”I am so pleased with this service. Not only was I able to learn about their learning styles, I received pages of useful information on how to teach my children. I would suggest this to all parents.”
Tina, Co-op Member
”Before purchasing this product, I had never even heard of it. I purchased it for my 13-year old daughter, and it has been a helpful tool as I look ahead to planning our next year of school. It has helped me understand her learning preferences and given me new ideas for ways to help further her education.”
B. Graffunder, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I each took this. I learned that a lot of her little habits I was trying to break were actually her way of processing information. We also noticed that our down time and busy times are totally out of alignment. Good info to have.”
M. Bullen, Co-op Member
”I was very happy with the Learning Style Assessment. It gave me insight into my daughter's needs for a truly successful school day. As a result I decided to tweak our schedule and adjust curriculum. It also confirmed that her goals are suited to her strengths in the assessment. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to understand their child better and find out how they learn best.”
Laura, Co-op Member
”The assessments have helped our family identify our learning styles and preferences. It was a very thorough questionnaire and the results were accurate. The very extensive "manual" that it comes with is also helpful in understanding what to do with the information.”
Donna M., Co-op Member
”My 11 yr. old daughter and I did this learning assessment together. It was interesting and helpful for me to see how her answers compared to what I would have answered about her learning style. It was fun to do and helped me learn more about her strengths and her struggles. It is not very in depth (compared to the many books I've read on the subject) and did not change the methods I use to home school, but it was fun and gave us an opportunity to relate to each other.”
Mother of 4, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son used Learning Style Assessment. It was a great way for me to learn more about his learning style and a great tool in helping me to choose material for next school year. I would use this again in the future to see if there are any learning style changes.”
Crissy, Co-op Member
”I homesschooled for many years jumping from curriculum to curriculum with varying degrees of success. Looking back, there was nothing really wrong with any of them - what I missed was knowing how my children learn. Even the "best" program in the world is useless if it doesn't fit in with your child's learning style.

This has been a GREAT benefit to us - I'll be saving money on curriculum and products in the future...and we'll ALL save on stress and frustration trying to get that square peg in a round hole!
And I'll be encouraging others to use it on my own homeschooling website!!”
Pat Fenner, Co-op Member
”I want to thank you so much for the Learning Style Assessment offer! It came at such an opportune time, I had just come back from a very inspiring home-school convention and a lot of the speakers were mentioning the value of learning assessments and how it helped them to help their children succeed. I had always been so frustrated with one particular child who argued about everything, I cannot begin to tell you how helpful it's been to understand that arguing is actually an integral part of his learning process. It has helped me to become more patient with his way of asking questions (through argument) and ironically he argues less now. I know now to patiently listen to his argument and to allow him to prove or disprove his ideas. This has tremendously helped his use of logic.”
Sheila Furlong, Co-op Member
”The learning style assessment is a valuable tool in determining how a child learns. When I paid the meager $3 for each of my daughters, I did not realize what great insight the assessment would bring to me.

I am not a formal educator, and at times,I have questioned my ability to teach my daughters. The learning style assessment has renewed my confidence in homeschooling my daughters.

I have a better understaning of how each child learns. The recommendations will help me set the curriculum to their learning style, which increases the ability to learn and retain the information.

I recommend the learning style assessment.”
Melissa E., Co-op Member
”I had three of my children take the learning style assessment. Some of the information I found out surprised me and some was what I had predicted.”
L. Belz, Co-op Member
”Helpful information; three stars”
Clj, Co-op Member
”I have greatly enjoyed using this Learning Style Assessment. I have used many other assessments in working in the field of Psycology but I feel this is actually the most helpful/hands-on tool I have seen. It includes easy to complete instructions (my 11 year old had no questions and completed it in short order), and practical ideas for application. The price was so reasonable that we ordered it for mom and dad too and were able to compare our styles and it opened doors for communication with our daughter. We will definitely use this in schooling our daughter and improving our communication and interaction. Thank you for a great product!”
Mrs. Relph, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that you offered Learning-Style at a great price. I ordered an assessment for both my son and me. We have very different learning styles and we always butted heads. But now, since I know exactly what his style is, I am able to better teach him. We homeschool year round and I have started implementing the suggestions that I received when his assessment was over. I can already see a difference in him learning, wanting to learn, and seeing an improvement in his scores. I have used other products testing my son's learning style, but nothing can compare to the Learning Style Profile System. Now that I know how my son learns, I will always think of the suggestions of how to teach him new and review things from now on throughout his life. I hope others will use this program. It is such an eye-opener.”
Janice S., Co-op Member
”The learning style assessment confirmed what I already suspected for two of my children, but was full of surprises for the third child. I can't wait to implement some changes for next year. She's going to thrive with a better match to her learning style!”
Melissa W, Co-op Member
”We purchased the assessment for my husband, son and me. It helped us to understand how each one of us learns. I will be purchasing a different curriculum due to the new understanding. It also helped us to be able to communicate better. Worth much more than we paid.”
Jennifer Stauth, Co-op Member
”Doing the learning style assessments with my kids was fun! They all liked going through the questions and it was fun when we were done to compare and see the areas in which they were alike and different!”
Carrie Y., Co-op Member
”The learning style assessment has helped me to understand with better clarity how to help my children learn. My children have responded to my attempts to make their assignments geared more to their personal needs with enthusiasm. I posted information about this product to Facebook and even encouraged my supervisor at work to require this of new applicants to help determine training objectives and what positions would be the best fit for new hires.”
T. Owens, Co-op Member
”I have not entirely deciphered the whole accessment on my two children, but what I have read so far is an eye opener for me and has been very helpful.”
Cynthia G., Co-op Member
”The learning styles assessment has given me a greater insight into how my son learns and how to pick out appropriate lessons to help him enjoy school instead of feeling like it is just a boring chore that must be faced each day. We have looked at the new year with excitement as he sees the different activities he will be involved in this year with each subject. I look forward to a wonderful year of learning.”
Dee Cooper, Co-op Member
”This has opened my eyes to how my son learns. No more yelling at him to settle down and sit. He needs to move and not have quiet, the total opposite of me lol. I now offer options of standing and having music playing. I think this will totally make our home schooling journey a much more enjoyable one. I will often refer to the results and we may re-do it in the future if we are having difficulties communicating and learning in our home.”
Tami G, Co-op Member
”My husband and I took the assessment as well as our two sons. It was amazing to see the similarities and differences between us as family members! We already use the information to support each other as well as offer a little grace and understanding as we know that many times issues that we thought were personal conflicts were really just that person needing to learn (or just be) according to their learning style.”
Nancy M., Co-op Member
”Most of us can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that we more-or-less know what our child's learning style is. I knew, for example, that my daughter, 10, prefers hands-on activities, and that she learns very quickly by watching me do something. it! Despite this, I decided to pop for t the $3 to get the Learning Styles Assessment. We'll be homeschooling for the first time beginning in the fall, so I'm all about having as much info as I can to start us off successfully. What I wasn't prepared for was the amount of detail that I got for my $3!!! Not only did it affirm her learning style, but it gave amazing ideas for how to tap into those strengths with specifics projects, a school day recommendation, info on family dynamics and personality cues, the right kind of learning environment for a specific learning disposition, what motivates them, ways to help them improve on their non-dominant learning styles, and tons more. I really could go on and on. I was completely blown away by the wealth of information the report contained...thank you again, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op for directing me to yet another fabulous resource!!!”
Susan Wright, Co-op Member
”This assessment was fun to take, and offered interesting insights for both my daughter and me. The analysis materials were difficult to follow, and weren't customized for our results. I did gain a couple of good ideas and found one remarkable curriculum in the resource lists that promises to be a winner for her learning style. I just wish the results had offered stronger overall impact on our homeschooling. Thanks!”
LR, Co-op Member
”My son and I have completely different learning styles. I now have ideas to use to help make learning fun again instead of a chore. This assessment explained a lot and I am glad we had it available.”
Kathryn M., Co-op Member