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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add The Learnables to their home school curriculum. If you have used The Learnables and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I ordered Seek and Spell for my 3rd grader and she has been loving it. I am so impressed with the words she discovers. Your product was simple to edit and print. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Kym Franklin, Co-op Member
”Six of my kids ages 6-17 are using The Learnables for our foreign language class. I like that it is simple enough for them all to run on their own, and has no age limits. (Actually, my 2 year old likes to sneak it in on his own too!) It's only been 5-6 weeks but the kids are having some great conversations about, and in Spanish. I'm just sitting back enjoying all this. So much progress, so little work!”
Becky R., Co-op Member
”We are on our 3rd year using The Learnables and are amazed at the breadth of vocabulary that we have acquired. Our reading comprehension of Spanish has increased exponentially with this program. We are very satisfied with it and intend on continuing with The Learnables until we've completed the entire program. It will more than satisfy High School language requirements and will be a superb preparation for college.”
Home School Mom in Georgia, Co-op Member
”The Learnables is an excellent program for learning a foreign language. The materials for the program (books and audio cds) seem simplistic in this high tech world, but the program is highly effective. This program emphasizes listening, understanding, thinking, and writing in the foreign language.

I have used other Spanish programs before trying The Learnables four years ago. With the other programs the acquisition of the language did not seem natural, and there was always the constant need to translate the language to English to understand it. With The Learnables, you are not trying to translate the language to English, but you are actually understanding it in that language and thinking in that language. My son and I are now on level 5 of the program!

The Learnables is an extremely effective language program and I highly recommend it!”
Jackie F., Co-op Member
”Love this! My kids just watch and listen then after 3-5 times of watching they take an exercise. If they pass they keep going. Very easy to use and fun learning a language without really dong much effort. Definitely will continue to use this from now on.”
Laurie A, Co-op Member
”We have just recently started using Learnables Spanish 1 on CD/DVD and Spanish 2 on CD and book. They both are much easier for the student at this point than any traditional language program. We are enjoying it. The only downside is that we find the CD/DVD version a bit confusing to use. Overall we do like the program and I will likely be purchasing Spanish 3 when we get to that point.”
Melissa Herguth, Co-op Member
”We are very hapopy with our Learnables German Language purchase. I researched several foreign language companies and checked out sites that report on curriculum for learning challenged kids. The Learnables was one of those recommended. My son enjoys the teaching method they use and is absorbing words almost without being aware of it. We plan to continue with this curriculum and hopefully even learn other languages as well.”
Karen Ames, Co-op Member
”We have been using The Learnables to study Spanish for over a year now and we thoroughly enjoy the program. Both parent and child like the animated visual display and the accompanying audio very much. Our comprehension has grown exponentially. After viewing examples of the Rosetta Stone program, we decided to stay with The Learnables program because we prefer the entertaining and engaging animated video and audio sound effects. The Learnables Level 2 has additional resources that accompany the program (Grammar Enhancement, etc.) and I highly recommend them.”
R. Walker, Co-op Member
”My family LOVES the Learnables. This is the first foreign language that has really resonated with myself AND my children. The first ten weeks or so, which we are currently in the middle of, involve watching lessons with spoken words and phrases that correspond to pictures. There are short quizzes you can take after watching each lesson several times to see if you comprehend what you are hearing. This eliminates the usual pattern of immediately reading/writing/speaking component of learning a language with other programs and simplifies the learning process, especially for younger children. And don't get me wrong, this is not a simple curriculum. We are on lesson 4, and lessons are already introducing vocabulary not usually introduced until second year french! (I studied French for 8 years). My kids are staying interested because as more vocabulary is learned, the slideshows are evolving into sequential stories that keep them involved in learning and decoding the language. The Learnables is letting my children focus on UNDERSTANDING the language first before introducing reading, speaking or worksheets. The result? My kids are actually enjoying french, don't feel like the are being tested and are using French words and phrases around the house on their own! One suggestion I would have is to make this program available online. It seems like the next logical step technology wise and would be a good time to improve some of the games to make the more challenging.”
L. Colunga, Co-op Member
”I wanted to send a shout out for a language program that we're using that's absolutely fantastic. I have recommended this program to many others - homeschoolers and regular bricks and mortar kids.

As someone who took languages in college (German and Arabic), took languages through the DoD and State Department programs (Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese), and used other programs including Rosetta Stone (Arabic and German) and Mango Languages (German, Spanish) I have a bit of experience in this area. I was also able to observe what passed for language instruction at the elementary level in several private schools.

The Learnables is by far the best language program I've ever encountered. It's not flashy, it's expensive, and some of the stories are very old school (spanking the baby for throwing eggs at the window systematically prompts outrage in my child). However, the process is fantastic and my child likes it.

The first level starts out with a DVD that makes you look at pictures and obtain vocabulary. You repeat each level three to five times. It's tedious. It's painful. It works. Then you move onto a workbook and audio CDs. By this stage, kids get to see what words look like on paper and connect written language to spoken and inferred language. The depth of knowledge is immediate and pretty amazing.

We're finishing up level one right now and preparing for level two next month. We started a bit late in the fall when I finally stumbled on this program and bit the bullet and bought it. So glad I did. I have zero doubt that my child will be fluent in German before heading to high school. Then we'll move to Spanish and be ready to roll with that before college.

If your'e interested in a very effective (but with the caveats listed above) language program for yourself and/or your kids, check this out. The co-op offers occasional deals on this program - I highly encourage you to use them!”
Karla Cunningham, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased The Learnables on Computer: French Level I. So far, I am very pleased with the product. I studied French for six years many years ago, at a prestigious university, and while I learned a lot about French grammar, I never really learned how to speak, nor did I understand most of what I heard. I am working through the program at a fast pace, and my daughter is studying French for the first time. I love that my daughter is learning to think directly in French, instead of memorizing and translating French and English words and tons of grammar rules. There will be time for that later. We will be supplementing the program with French films. So far I am impressed. I may finally learn how to speak French after all these years!!!”
Sherry M., Co-op Member
”We love this program! My 8 year old son and I are picking up everything wonderfully. We just finished Level 1 Spanish and are currently working on Level 2. We look forward to progressing through all the levels they offer.”
Karyn Brown, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Spanish Learnables for my 3 boys grades 11, 10 and 3rd. Each one has loved the easy but solid lessons. It is at each grade level and I have heard each of my sons voluntarily speaking Spanish. We will continue to use this curriculum. Thank you”
Toni Stacy, Co-op Member
”We have used the French 1 and Spanish 1 & 2 Learnables programs and have loved them. The cds and accompanying books are clear to understand, and the grammar programs make them a step above other computer based language learning programs.”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
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