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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Homeschool Planet to their homeschool resources. If you have used Homeschool Planet and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”So far I have been using this with my 12 year old. It is easy and straightforward, just what he likes. We are relaxed homeschoolers and he wanted to get caught up with mathematics. This is why we chose this program--It is perfect.”
D.Gomes, Co-op Member
”My oldest in 3rd grade has dyscalculia and has dreaded math in the past. With these lessons, she enjoys them and has mastery in the concepts. They are short and concise. There are no work book pages, which for us were a plus since there is little to distract a student with. I have begun using it with my 1st grader as well, and he has been successful with it.”
Katie P, Co-op Member
”A great, comprehensive programme that our children from our teen down to 7 yrs old are using for review and learning purposes. It is going extremely well! They all like how once they get it they are allowed to move on with no fuss or endless practise! They really trust themselves, as do I, that they DO know it well enough to progress on. They actually love timed exercises too now. I initially didn't want to purchase due to shipping expense (we're in New Zealand) and use metric but there is actually a good metric section and we get along just fine with exercises with imperial. I recommend especially if you're an international purchaser. We have turned a corner in maths at our house, are now selling our previous math programmes including Saxon and MUS because this system does it all without huge learning gaps and time. It IS worth the shipping expense and outlay!”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
”This is an amazing program that has allowed my daughter to focus on the her math without feeling grade levels behind. We have tried many other programs to get her caught up and this is the only one we have found that is straight to the point yet provides just enough instruction. She is finally making great strides and not dreading doing math anymore. Thank you!”
S. G., Co-op Member
”Provided the means to quickly review Math topics that were weak or never fully understood.Learn Math Fast provided the means for my high school student to focus on what was needed to know, without the arguments and frustration that resulted from other programs.”
LaDonna, Co-op Member
”Learn-Math-Fast was the perfect math solution for my gifted 1st grader. We actually had a problem while using Math-U-See in kindergarten where he just zoomed through his entire year's math workbook in just under 4 months. I figured we'd be spending a fortune on curriculum every year to keep him engaged. For our family budget, and for our math-loving son, this program is the perfect fit. I recommend it to my friends whose children are also naturally math-oriented learners.”
Christine L., Co-op Member
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