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Another Best Deal on the Planet!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for Ko's Journey, an award-winning online interactive middle school math game and curriculum supplement from Imagine Education.

Engage your Middle School Student in Math

Ko's Journey can help students in grades 5 through 8 improve their foundational math skills while developing their higher-level problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The program was developed over a span of seven years by a middle school math teacher, Dr. Scott Laidlaw, and has been tested by math teachers in both public and private school settings.

Ko's Journey is a story-based game about Ko, a girl in an ancient wilderness who is separated from her kin. Her spirit grandfather helps her find a guidebook to teach her how to travel through the wilderness back to her people. Along the way, Ko encounters many challenges that require math, such as saving a wolf cub by mixing medicinal plants in particular ratios, or encountering "Luna of the Night Sky" who teaches her how to find the North Star by using her culture's method of mapping with Cartesian Coordinates.

This web-based, online instruction is self-paced to support different learning speeds and provides personalized feedback as the student progresses through the story.

The main features of Ko's Journey are:

  • 15-hour curriculum of core middle school math embedded in rich story
  • Easy online setup and administration
  • Automatically tracks student progress and assignments
  • Excellent preparation for state testing (includes pre and post tests)
  • Interactive learning environment with peer teaching
  • Creative tool aimed at addressing emotional resistance to math
  • Empower student comprehension of fundamental concepts

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Ko's Journey is available as an online license to play the 15-hour game for either an Individual (one student), Homeschool (two students), or Homeschool Plus (three students). Students may work at their own pace through the 15-hour game and upon completion of the game, the license to the game ends. By purchasing through the Co-op, members receive 200 SmartPoints per student license purchased.

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Ko's Journey Individual Plan (1 Student)

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The Ko's Journey Individual Plan (1 Student) license provides access for one student to play the 15-hour game.

Ko's Journey covers the core concepts in middle school math, comprising about 20% of a comprehensive curriculum. By going deep into a set of approximately 10 main areas of learning, students gain a rich, contextual understanding of essential concepts including:

  1. number lines
  2. fractions with non/common denominators
  3. multiplication
  4. division
  5. rounding
  6. percentage of numbers
  7. applying scales
  8. graphing comprehension
  9. linear equations
  10. Cartesian coordinate mapping
  11. area of a circle
  12. determining unknown variables
  13. complementary/supplementary angles
  14. ratios, volume, slope, addition/subtraction of decimals, multi/step problems, and,
  15. conversion of units of measure.

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My 11 year old daughter who loves math also LOVED Ko's Journey. Her only complaint throughout the whole course was that it was over too soon.

The only frustration I had was when to stop the interactive portion and complete the associated lessons and watch video. Maybe I'm just dense but a queue from the program, "Stop here and complete lesson or continue with journey." As we went along, we figured it out but I would have preferred an in-your-face prompt.

At first I found the associated live-video portion of the program EXTREMELY annoy...(more)
Sue A., Co-op Member
We love the drama of the game, the back ground music and the tone of the characters voices adds so much to the excitement of play. However, my 11 year old, sixth grade student is finding Kos Journey quite a challenge. He does ask to play it daily, though he is not getting very far very quickly. Having said that, it does stimulate his intellect and by the conclusion of the game I know that he will have benefited greatly.
Jana, Co-op Member
I like that this incorporates maths concepts into a real life situation. That appeals to me greatly. Jake does struggle with it somewhat in that he needs to commit an hour at a time, which for an off task child is challenging. I would love to see the program adapted so that it had half hour segments but I still recommend the program to others regardless.
Renee A, Co-op Member
My son found this game/exercise fun and engaging. It helped him recover his sense of enjoying math after a bad experience at school. I liked that it demonstrated how math is applicable to everyday life in so many ways, and that you can go at your own pace. Great for visual/spatial learners who need a story and application to get a concept.
CSK, Co-op Member
I picked this up for my 6th grader, who struggles with math, and 'hates it.' We started working on Ko's Journey together, and he got into it and was understanding the concepts very quickly in the live context of the story. We got busy and were not able to 'journey' for a few weeks. He's been asking me every day when we can get back to it! I am so impressed by how rather complicated concepts are presented and make sense to us, and especially to students who ask, 'Why do I have to learn all this dumb stuff, anyway?' :) I will be using this again ...(more)
Christina M., Co-op Member
My 13yr old son has always struggled in math. He has found it boring and it has always been a fight to get him to work on his math. First off, never have the words, "Mom can I do my math first?" EVER come out of my son's mouth. With Ko's Journey he was eager to do math! He wanted to learn, wanted to get to the next stage, and did not get frustrated even when he had a rough time with a particular part of the storyline. He just kept at it working it out over and over again until he got it correct. I found that concepts I had been trying to ...(more)
Tiffany B., Co-op Member
My daughter loved this game. She put a lot of effort into it and it really challenged her.
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
My advanced 4th-grade son watched the short video explaining Ko's Journey and was mesmerized from the get-go. He worked daily at the game and it took him about 2 weeks to complete the journey. Because of his age I permitted him use of a calculator; I wanted his fascination with the story and the concepts to not be tarnished by his prodding through calculations. (If he was older I wouldn't have let him take those short-cuts.) I can assure you his love of math grew through this game, several basic math concepts were solidified, and he enjoyed the...(more)
Sara S., Co-op Member
My son used Ko's Journey over the summer to reinforce concepts that he had learned over the year. He generally tends to dread math of any kind, but Ko's Journey made the math challenges fun and engaging. It is hard to find interactive math programs that incorpate a stimulating platform into learning for older children. We have used other programs whose directions were unclear or whose interface was difficult to use. I have to say that this is the best math program of its kind. Furthermore, the program has been updated since we initially subscri...(more)
Cynthia W, Co-op Member
It is not surprising that my daughter loves Ko's Journey, since she loves all things related to archery. Having a main character with a bow and arrow who has to hunt for her food was a real hook for her. I love that it ties math to real applications and not just numbers on a page.
Kristin W., Co-op Member
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