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Save 72%
on Knowre
Math Practice
For Grades 7-12


The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present the best deal anywhere for the award-winning Knowre, a web-based math practice program for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

Math Practice Made Smarter

Developed by experienced math teachers, the Knowre web-based curriculum, step-by-step support, instructional videos, and built-in reward system engage and personalize students' learning experience around the globe. Practice questions focus on specific skills while application questions bring math skills to life.

With thousands of questions, your child will get plenty of math practice for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry! Knowre's achievement system rewards students for their hard work and motivates students to master math concepts and skills, while fostering the development of critical math skills through supported practice and personalized assignments.

Key Benefits:

  • Walk Me Through feature that supports students as they solve problems. With a click of a button, this feature will break the problem down step-by-step, mimicking the way a teacher would work with a student one-on-one. At many steps throughout the problem solving process, Knowre provides short instructional videos that students can access to receive support. Students must show what they know through the steps and the program provides feedback on their answers. Students who practice with Walk Me Through double their chance of success when reattempting skills!
  • A learning map outlines the content and sequence, enabling students to navigate the curriculum easily, engaging students in their math learning.
  • Built-in Reward System: Students earn stars and coins which help to motivate and engage them and make math learning more fun.
  • iPad app that supports handwriting recognition and has an onscreen scratch pad.
  • Progress and Achievement: Parents can log into their student's account to view the progress reports for each curriculum's chapter and lesson, and click into each lesson index card to view performance by question.

Knowre is web-based so your child can practice math on a computer or iPad any where there is internet access. With an annual subscription, students can download the iPad app to take advantage of the handwriting recognition feature.

With Signature Co-op GroupBuy Savings!

A 1-year subscription Knowre retails for $139, per student. Exclusively through the Co-op, Members can purchase a 1-year subscription for only $39, per student -- that's a 72% savings! See below for more information.

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about Knowre:

    • Visit the Knowre website for more information.
    • Check Knowre's FAQ page
    • Review the topics and skills covered in each curriculum.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Within 15 minutes of receiving your order, the Co-op will publish a coupon code that you can use to get your subscription at the Knowre website for no additional charge. This happens automatically. Simply sign into your Co-op account and look for "Knowre" on your "My Subscriptions" page for instructions and a link.

      Renewals: The Co-op will send your order to Knowre within one business day. Within 2-3 business days, Knowre will send you an email confirming that your subscription was extended for another year (365 days). Please check your spam or junk folder.

    • Shipping: Not applicable
    • Returns/Cancellations: If you are not completely satisfied with Knowre, you can request a full refund if you do so within 14 days of the date of purchase. Submit your cancellation request at our Contact Us page.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $2.95 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
    • Other: Please check Knowre's FAQs page for System Requirements. Note:Knowre aligns to US standards and is offered in English only.
  3. Complete the order form below.
  4. This offer is available for a limited time only, so tell your friends. If they buy, you'll earn BONUS SmartPoints:

NEW: Knowre 1-Year Subscription

Retail Price: $139.00
Current Group Price: $39.00
Current Group Savings: 72%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
-> 1+ $39.00 72%
Knowre 1-Year Subscription for One (1) Student for a NEW Subscriber

If you previouly purchased a subscription through the Co-op and would like to RENEW, see the RENEWAL product below.

Knowre's 1-year subscription gives students access to Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II curricula on the web and iPad products.

Key Benefits:

  • Walk Me Through
  • Learning Map
  • Built-in Reward System
  • Parents can log into their student's account to view progress reports and performance by question.
  • iPad App

Knowre is cloud-based so it is compatible with any device. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

For more info...

NOTE: Please check Knowre's FAQs page for System Requirements. Knowre does not support Internet Explorer or Edge.

If you need a subscription for additional students, please place a separate order.

RENEWAL: Knowre 1-Year Subscription

Retail Price: $139.00
Current Group Price: $39.00
Current Group Savings: 72%
Qty. Price(ea) Savings
-> 1+ $39.00 72%
Knowre 1-Year Subscription RENEWAL for One (1) Student

This product option is for you IF:

  • You have a current subscription to Knowre, AND

  • You want to add 365 days to your current subscription.

IMPORTANT: In the space below, please enter the Student's Current Username associated with your Knowre subscription.

NOTE: If you need to renew a subscription for additional students, please place a separate order.

First Name*:

Last Name*:

Address Line1*:

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Zip/Postal Code*:


Phone Number*:

Email Address*:


Terms & Conditions:
Click here to confirm that you have read and agreed to the Co-op Terms & Conditions.


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