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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Knowre to their homeschool resources. If you have used Knowre and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

Knowre helps a lot to improve my son's math skills. It is just like having a personal teacher beside my son whenever he needs. (he can revisit the concept of the questions until he understands completely). He is in self-driven learner in math now. Many thanks for the Knowre team.”
Mr Choi, Co-op Member
This math program provide flexibity for family to use. You can start with any unit you like and review the unfamiliar unit at any time. The teaching video is clear and easy to follow. It's a great program and very helpful.”
C. Chu, Co-op Member
We are using the Algebra I section to supplement "gaps" in our curriculum and strenghthen weak areas in which my son struggles. It's great because we can choose to do everything in Alg. I or just the sections we need. Very helpful so far!”
Becki K., Co-op Member
My son really likes Knowre. The lessons are short with practices that he can retry to have complete understanding. He completes on ipad which is great so when he needs help he can come to me instead of me walking to him. Very flexible. Love the grading and my son can see his progress. Plan to use this program throughout high school.”
J.K., Co-op Member
Our son had finished lower level math in EPGY and Mobymax and Mathletics. We needed high school level math. He was working on Khan academy but I like combining various math programs as they often teach things slightly different. We discovered Knowre through the Coop. And we are so glad we joined. My son absolutely loves it. He thinks its math instruction is better than Khan academy. He is flying through their algebra to review what he had done in Khan and is finding their geometry to be the perfect challenge. I find Knowre to be the perfect blend of what he gets from Khan Academy and Matheltics for algebra and geometry. I fill that this program leaves no gaps and follows a great sequence. Khan Academy and Mathletics hop around more.”
H. KaiserHahn, Co-op Member
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