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”We purchased the Epic Movie Theme Song course first and my 12 yo son really loves it! So much so, I came back and purchased the Christmas course as well! The teacher in the videos is great. Having the lesson, printable sheet music, and slow play along is all wonderful practice. And having the backup track once mastered is a lot of fun!”
Cristina, Club Member
”My son aged 10 loves everything about this program and begs us to do more! Even his dad that has been doing lessons privately for 3 years is learning along with him! A fantastic program!!”
Karen M, Club Member
”I purchased the Kid's Guitar Academy course for my nine-year-old son who wanted to learn how to play the guitar. This is exactly what I was looking for--my son loves it. Once he has finished the first course, we will definitely be moving on to the next. Thank you to HSBC for providing a discount on this product!”
Laura K, Club Member
”My husband plays guitar and spent several months trying to teach our son to play. They were having a hard time. We decided to try Kids Guitar Academy and it has been amazing. Our son is doing great and now looks forward to practicing.”
Shannon, Club Member
”My kids really enjoy this. We all sit down together to do this so it makes for great family time. I love that we can all learn together for one price. If it is around for years (long enough to make the "lifetime" subscription worth it), we'll be very happy. My daughter can already play some songs by hear and read a lot of tabs. I know someone taking lessons for $70 a month and they're not even close to this level. I recommend it whenever I can and would definitely buy it again. Sorry I waited so long.”
Teresa, Club Member
”My son loves this program! Whenever he has a minute he has his guitar out and is playing. Within a very short period of time his skills have drastically improved and given him confidence to try many new songs. I've been impressed that Osborne is available for my son to contact and has been very responsive to any questions he has. It makes this online program feel like one on one lessons in the comfort of our own home and at the convenience of our schedule. I'm excited to see where his skills will be when he completes the lessons.”
Lisa B., Club Member
”Mr. Osborn's "Kids Guitar Academy" gave me the confidence to continue learning guitar. His lessons were designed and explained clearly and in an easily understood way. The music kept me coming back for more! I enjoyed this course so much that I found myself moving through it quickly. I am now eagerly waiting for the next level!”
Lori F., Club Member
”My three kids all love this program.I wish he had level three.”
Leslie B., Club Member