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”We couldn't wait for registration to open for this course, as my son asked a while ago if he could learn to cook. He is not very interested in art, but was in creating food/meals, so we figured this would be a great alternative creative outlet. We are going through each of the levels to start with a solid foundation, and he is enjoying the lessons and practicing with me. My older son joined us while he was waiting for his school to provide online learning opportunities, and he hopes to continue this summer. The lessons aren't too long, and you can practice as much as you like or find your own ways to use the skills taught. We will continue to use it and hope it will be a springboard to further cooking classes and adventures in the kitchen!”
Lynn B., Co-op Member
”We have been taking the lessons at our own pace. I love being able to have access to all the levels, and pick and choose what skills my son is working on or already knows. He loves the videos, and I'm learning new things too! The lessons are well planned and offer lots of resources. I will continue to utilize the lessons as we continue to expand our cooking skills and interest.”
Christina G, Co-op Member
”We are loving this course! Both of my sons (ages 10 and 5) are now helping in the kitchen to prepare meals. My older son is proud that he can cut veggies and is eager to help.

Highly recommend the VIP package so you can continually come back to the videos, like the knife skills one.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”Love this program!!!! So did my kids! A very proud moment to hear my daughter telling people that she made dinner.”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”Teaching cooking should be in every family life. Having a website was very helpful, encouraging, and inspired the children.”
Marguerite K, Co-op Member
”My child loves learning to cook with Miss Kimball and her kids. She includes so much information in this program that is very useful for everyday cooking. Way to go keeping up with the times and teaching that children can safely use an InstaPot. I especially like being able to say, "Remember, Miss Kimball says....."”
Esther, Co-op Member
”It was a fun rainy day activity and our results came out great. My kids 9 and 11 were proud of their final product. I like the explanation of how the Instapot works and the safety measures. My kids were engaged and look forward to our next cooking adventure.”
Jill S, Co-op Member
”I was so happy to find great ideas for recipes my kids can cook. She made it so simple! Thank you!!”
Tamara, Co-op Member
”We have only been using Kids Cook Real Food for three lessons, but already it is my kids favorite part of the school week. I have four children ages 4 to 11, and they each enjoy the lessons. The video quality is good (which unfortunately cannot be said of many homeschool curriculums) and the lessons are engaging.”
K.park, Co-op Member
”For quite some time, I had been searching for a local cooking class for children. I specifically wanted one that included knife skills. There just weren't any around. I was so excited to find this program through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. Even though my 10 year old has done some cooking, I started him at the beginner level. In doing so, there have been several tips and sensible techniques that even I never knew or thought about.

It has not only been enjoyed very much by my son, but also by me. The program is laid out very well. There are step by step instructions, print outs and optional material. It really is a complete package.

My son enjoys seeing the other children of all ages on the videos. It causes him to pay even more particular attention to the videos. He likes this curriculum very much. I like how easy it is to use.

I have recommended it to friends and family. You get so much for the price. It's money well spent.”
Esther H., Co-op Member
”This cooking program has been so helpful for me and my kids! I know how to cook, plus I'm really cheap, so at first it seemed like I could do this myself. Then I decided to purchase this program and it's been the best decision I've made lately! The teacher knows just how to explain certain concepts, uses better terminology for kids, and knows what order to best introduce new concepts! I love how all the recipes use real food too. My kids and I like seeing the kids in the video doing the lessons, as I think it makes them more confident that they can do the lesson. Since starting this course, my kids actually WANT to help me in the kitchen every day, and they never asked to help me before! My 8 year old son made our chopped/roasted potato side dish last night, and all I did was pour the olive oil and put the pan in/out of the oven. He did the peeling, chopping, can seasoning, and missing all himself, and we're only through lesson 3! I'm so amazed at how well my 5 year old is doing in the kitchen now, too! I can't even begin to tell you what this program has done for our family!”
Lisa Timm, Co-op Member