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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Kaplan SAT/ACT to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Kaplan SAT/ACT and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”Kaplan SAT Prep...It does the teaching and preparing of your students, providing for them a course of study and a count down to the test date. It is a fantastic program that we would not have been able to enjoy without the cooperative buying power of Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Trish C., Co-op Member
”My son is not the best test taker, and after considering many ACT prep courses, I decided to go with Kaplan. Their reputation, easy access app, parent access, hours of course study, and their approach to the test was the best fit for my son. His test scores have increased significantly from pre-tests to post tests. Not only has his knowledge expanded, he also has more confidence in his ability. I appreciate that Kaplan does not try to reteach all of high school, but instead provides students with the best tools and techniques to do their best with the knowledge they already have. There was so much material and we believe in the program so much, we purchased an additional six months of access!”
Nathalia H., Co-op Member
”Our daughter was able raise her ACT English score by 3 points and her Science score by 3 points after using this test prep program. She did not do the math or reading portions, so I can't attest to those sections. She had no big complaints with the program, but did wish it had come with some print materials. Maybe an option with print materials included would be beneficial?

Her new score is now high enough that she will be able to get a college scholarship worth several thousand dollars more than she would have had with her previous ACT score. Worth the $99 for us.”
BD, Co-op Member
”The Kaplan product was excellent. And the Co-op made it affordable.”
Bryan S., Co-op Member
”Bought this for my child to prepare for the ACT - she found it helpful and enjoyed the quick scoring of exams.”
Mina, Co-op Member
”We purchased the Kaplan ACT Prep course and I am so glad we did! It identifies what your child needs to work on to get a better score and then directs you toward those exercises to work on understanding those areas! Great price too!”
Katie G, Co-op Member
”We are so grateful we tried the On-Demand Kaplan course through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. Our son is 15, and is working through the content. It is well-presented and helpful. His practice test scores improved 3 points in only 2 weeks of Kaplan study! He's excited to continue the course and take the ACT again, confident that his scores will improve because of the Kaplan training. Thanks for the deep discount!!”
A. Muhlestein, Co-op Member
”Best option for helping your student practice and feel secure with the upcoming SAT and ACT testing. This way my daughter will feel confident going in for her testing because she had help with Kaplan's help. Recommended.”
T.M., Co-op Member
”The Kaplan SAT/ACT test prep greatly helped our son with both his test preparation and his confidence level to take the tests. He really liked the online format and the specific focus on the areas needing work. He improved his scores by about 15% from the initial practice exams to the actual testing, and he noted that the preparation was also helpful with the Stanford Online skills testing he was required to take in addition to his College Boards. The cost through the Homeschool Buyers Coop was greatly reduced, and a great investment compared to the potential scholarship opportunities with the improved SAT/ACT test scores. We highly recommend this program.”
Mike and Grace E., Co-op Member
”Kaplan SAT On Demand has helped me greatly! Having taken the SAT once, I realized my math score could be higher. With another test date looming over my head (with only about a month to prepare), I decided to use Kaplan SAT On Demand. Choosing to focus on math, I completed lessons and videos on the concepts I needed most. Doing two practice tests with these math lessons, my math score went up sixty points in one month! It helped me greatly and was easy to fit into my busy schedule with their short lessons.
Two problems. First problem was the program was a hassle to figure out at times. (It didn't like Internet Explorer too well along with other minor faults that were resolved in an easy conversation with tech support.) Another is that the math lesson videos, which covered the concept well for a quick review, didn't help too much with applying the concept to SAT-type questions. Missed questions always came with written explanations, but they were hard to understand; I usually didn't learn anything from them unless I spotted a simple mistake I had made. (This wasn't as much a problem with reading/writing questions.) However, to concepts I understood, these problems prepared me for the format I would see on the SAT.
I would recommend this program to anyone who needs their SAT score to increase in a short amount of time.”
Katelyn S., Co-op Member
”We love Kaplan ACT prep!!! It helped my son get a 32 on his ACT!!!! :)”
Jennifer K., Co-op Member
”Kaplan test prep. is one of best SAT test prep program. I used it for my last sat test. It's wonderful awesome,effective and very helpful. The reduced price offered by Homeschool Buyers Co-op is an added advantage.”
S. Hamdan, Co-op Member
”The Kaplan SAT prep course has helped our son improve his SAT practice test scores, and he really likes the format. It's easy to use and effectively directs focus of study to the areas which need the most improvement. Highly recommend!”
M Eckhardt, Co-op Member
”My student can work independently using Kaplan SAT prep. There are 4 complete SAT practice exams and excellent diagnostic tools. After the first practice exam is taken, the lessons are tailored to address my student's knowledge gaps. Test-taking strategies are also covered. I am thankful my student can do this test prep on his own and I don't have to check his work nor figure out his gaps nor teach.”
Rhonda B., Co-op Member
”My older son used the Kaplan online program in combination with the major review books to prepare. He found the instant scoring helpful. My younger son has just signed up and is working through it all.”
Debbie S., Co-op Member
”Our family has used the Kaplan study aids for the PSAT and the SAT and have been very happy with them. Kaplan is costly and with kids in college, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op has helped us to cut costs and not skimp on this important tool for our younger children.

I have and will continue to recommend this service to our friends and anyone asking about SAT preparations. It has been a solid program that practically tailors itself to your child's needs. I am so happy to have found the GroupBuy at Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Susan McAlister, Co-op Member
”Our family as found this program to be very helpful and easy to use. I love that it sends me weekly reports letting me know how my child is doing.”
Cynthia Macluskie, Co-op Member
”We ordered this just two weeks before the SAT. We canceled most of our regular classes for those weeks and my seventh grade son spent most of his time on this. The instruction was fantastic. Taking the tests online were difficult so we used a workbook for that. This definitely gave him the confidence to tackle this test. So worth the investment even for a two week stint. He scored 650 on the math and his reading and writing scores were where they should be for a high achieving seventh grader.”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”My son and I wholeheartedly recommend Kaplan Online SAT Prep! My son took the SAT for Duke TIP. I bought the course so that he'd be familiar with the SAT format. Sometimes, just the way questions are asked on these standardized tests can be confusing. So,the student could get a question wrong even if she/he knows the correct answer.

The course comes with 4 practice tests. When the student completes a practice test, Kaplan provides a list of skill areas, prioritized by the student's performance level. That way, the student knows that he/she needs to pay more attention to certain skills, and can plan study time more efficiently. If the student achieved a high score in a section, Kaplan rates that section, "Already Mastered," so the student won't waste valuable study time on areas that are already solid. Kaplan also provides an analysis of each question on the test so the student can see why he/she might have gotten it wrong.

The course provides video instruction in each skill area, followed by Guided Practice (quiz with help) and a Quiz (to evaluate skill mastery). Each week, Kaplan sends an email to the parent which reports the skills your son/daughter worked on during the week. If the student took a practice test, the parent is sent an email with the results.

My son took the SAT a few days ago, so we don't have his official scores. However, he took 2 practice tests and his overall score increased by 200 points. His greatest gain was in writing, where he went from the 63rd %ile to the 95th.”
Paula G., Co-op Member
”I am very impressed with the online Kaplan SAT prep course. The diagnostic test assessed what needed worked on and then created an individualized lesson plan to work on weaknesses. It teaches test-taking strategies which are helpful, such as how to make an educated guess when you have no idea what the answer is. I require an hour per day for my two kids who are using the course, and they complete it without complaint because they feel they are learning so much. The amazing price offered through the Co-Op made this great program available to our family, and we appreciate it so much.”
M.Barnes, Co-op Member
”My son has not officially taken his ACT yet, but we feel he will be prepared because of his use of Kaplan's ACT prep course. He was nervous upon taking his first practice test and frustrated over the difficulty of it. Now he is confident in his abilities and not intimidated by the test.”
S. Kave, Co-op Member
”This is one of the best choices I did in my homeschooling career, first with my daughter, which is in her junior college year, and now with my senior homeschooling song. It helps a lot, and is a gift compared with the prices for the same service online or in a regional office. Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Edna, Co-op Member
”This is the second time I have purchased the Kaplan test prep from the HBC, and I am just as pleased this time. It is easy to use, and my child is able to concentrate on his areas of weakness which have been targeted by taking the practice test. This puts his study time to the best possible use. I highly recommend the Kaplan test prep, and certainly the discount through HBC has made it even better!”
Betsie Z., Co-op Member
”My daughter used several resources to prepare for the SAT. The Kaplan SAT/ACT Preparation Course was the most helpful. It starts with writing a sample SAT and then customizes a study program based on the areas of study that the student needs to work on. The Kaplan Course explained the "why" of various questions and answers which really helped. On SAT test day, she wrote the test with confidence. Her final score was significantly higher than the sample SAT test. We highly recommend the Kaplan SAT/ACT Preparation Course!”
Wendy N., Co-op Member
”Kaplan SAT Prep was great, and easy to use. Having the SAT Prep on the internet was great because it allowed me to study for the SAT anywhere. Also, the format was great. The lessons were taught by videos which did not put me to sleep! Also, the quizzes and practice tests were great in helping me to prepare for test day. The quizzes and tests showed me what to expect on test day. As a result, I was fully prepared to face challenging questions and short time limits. Kaplan was one of the reasons that I was able to get the score I got on the SAT. The Homeschool Buyer's Co-op allowed me to get the Kaplan SAT Prep at an affordable cost. I have to thank Kaplan and the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op for helping me to be fully prepared for test day.”
Grant Gibson, Co-op Member
”We have used Kaplan for a couple of years now for bothe the ACT and SAT. We like the program and feel like it has benefited us tremendously. Test scores keep increasing, and it seems to prepare the student well. We would like to see a PSAT offer too. Our son went out the other day and our purchase would be 199... We like the Co-op prices better:):)... Please keep negotiating discounts and please keep Kaplan. It is worth it!!! We have found that it is much better than other products and services. That is why we come back to get Kaplan. It produced increasing and high scores. It gave us flexibility. And it was portable!!! All of the Taters to our family! We have told others about this great product!!”
Patricia G, Co-op Member
”My daughter had tried 2 other programs before using the Kaplan. She felt this one was the clearest of any and provided a step-by-step approach to preparing her for the exam.”
Gena S., Co-op Member
”We purchased the Kaplan SAT test prep in January and plan to start using it when basketball season is over. I don't know what the results will be but it seems like a very organized and easy to use test prep. Also, at Kaplan, they are very flexible with the start time and have been very helpful and professional over the phone.”
Lucy Bobby, Co-op Member
”This has been very helpful for my daughter as she studies for the PSAT and SAT. She has learned many helpful tips and techniques. I'm very satisfied with the service provided.”
Cara, Co-op Member
”My son completed the Kaplan SAT prep class while in 7th grade. Before turning thirteen, he achieved 2000/2400 on the SAT, including a 740 in Critical Reading and a 720 in the Math. In 8th grade, he took the Kaplan ACT prep class, and then had great success on the ACT, including 33's in both Math and Science. He has earned admission to John Hopkins CTY's SET (Study of Exceptional Talent). He also achieved the Grand level in the Johns Hopkins Talent Search in both 7th and 8th grade. I think the Kaplan courses motivated him to prepare adequately for the exams. The courses gave him excellent strategies, sufficient practice, and increased his confidence. As a parent, all I had to do was purchase the courses from HSBC. My son did the rest.”
Judy L, Co-op Member
”We found Kaplan SAT prep to be very useful in preparing for the SAT. My daughter used it for 2 months prior to the test, concentrating on her weak areas, which were assessed after taking a sample SAT with Kaplan. It gave some very helpful testing tips as well as review of concepts that the student should have already learned. I highly recommend this as a study tool.”
Betsie Z., Co-op Member
”My sons loves the Kaplan SAT program because it contains a ton of easy-to-follow tutorials. When my child takes a practice SAT, he gets feedback on his strengths and weaknesses. I have recommended this program to friends and am going to sign my sons up for an additional 3 months when our membership expires.”
Robin Pavlo, Co-op Member
”I was very impressed by the quality of the Kaplan site for SAT prep. My 16-yr old daughter honed her Reading/Writing skills and GREATLY advanced via the Math portion. The setup is very user friendly and connects well with the student through video instruction, examples, practices, and finally sample SAT tests that have fully annotated solutions to work through if they didn't get a correct answer. This is much better than similar products we have tried. Additionally, recommendations are offered for specific training topics based on an initial survey test.

A minor negative note: There were a couple of errors in the answers. We figured these out quite readily and ignored them.”
Jeff Emhof, Co-op Member
”I liked this produce because it starts with a diagnostic full length SAT exam; then customizes your child's study based on the results. If your child doesn't need to review everything, their valuable time is not wasted doing so. The student is able to work completely independent of the parent; which is sometimes necessary. They also provide a calendar to help your child pace him or herself based on the date of your upcoming exam. The student can stop in the middle of a session & pick up where they left off if needed. The price is very reasonable for such an excellent study tool.”
Shelia Stewart, Co-op Member
”It has really helped my kids! They really enjoy seeing their progress and knowing where they need to improve before they go into testing. I have told others about it and others have boughtt the program for their children. I definitely will make sure all my kids have this to help them study and prepare for testing.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My older daugther used it. She sucessfully entered college and this product helped her to improve her scores and achieve this goal. I recommended it to others students.”
Edna Rodriguez, Co-op Member
”I used Kaplan to study for the SAT. I was a 7th grader taking the Duke Tip SAT. We purchased 2 programs, but I found Kaplan to be far better than the other program. We would definitely purchase Kaplan again as a study aid for testing.”
Gibson, Co-op Member
”I would definitely recommend the Kaplan program. My only regret is not purchasing it sooner, so that my son would have been able to complete the entire course before taking his SAT. We tried purchasing books at the bookstore and preparing on our own,but we had to read small font on thin, low quality pages, and we had to grade all our practice tests ourselves. This is very time consuming and overwhelming. When my son answered something incorrectly, we had to struggle together to try to figure out what went wrong. For a few dollars more, the Kaplan program designs a study plan based on your student's practice test and the date that he is planning to take the SAT. The topics that need more review are given more attention. Also, there is much attention given to strategies dealing with the essay. My only complaint here is that the study plan assumes that your student will spend some time studying EVERY DAY, including weekends, from the time you start the program until your SAT test date. So it is easy to fall behind if you go out of town or have a busy weekend.

I looked into local SAT prep classes, but many wanted $500-$800. Who has that kind of money available with other books, students and classes to pay for? It simply was not an option for us.

My son took the SAT one time and scored higher on it than on any of the practice SAT test that he had taken through Kaplan. He was very happy with his results and does not plan to take the SAT again, unless it is to take the SAT II Subject Tests.

I definitely plan to use the Kaplan program for my other three children, and may purchase it 8 months before my daughter takes the PSAT, as it would be excellent preparation for that test as well.”
Sherry M., Co-op Member
”This product was fabulous! My son was able to work on it on his schedule instead of attending an SAT test prep class. With each Practice test he took, his score improved. I love how the program works on skills that my son was having problems with. I will definitely be using it with my two younger children when they are ready to prepare for the SAT!!”
Kelly P., Co-op Member
”My son worked through the online tutorial before he took the SAT at the end of his Junior year. Quite honestly, we expected that this would just be a trial run and that he would work through the tutorial again and take the SAT again in the fall of his senior year. Instead he scored so high that we did not dare have him retake the test. I expected he would do well, but I think his score was quite a bit higher because he used the Kaplan SAT review.”
Cindy Ray, Co-op Member
”I think the program is great. It was very helpful for my daughter to learn and increase her scores. It has several tests, assessments, reports and calendars. It was very user friendly and I would get this program again in the future and for my other children. I loved being able to use my points to purchase it best of all.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”Very well done. We bought this for our 9th grade homeschooled student to show him what the test was about. He used the language/reading lessons as part of his course work and the essay instruction was a huge help. It let him see what is ahead and helped focus him on improving his essay organization skills. You get a full practice test at the beginning, including a scored essay. Very helpful and well organized; easy to use.”
Wendy M., Co-op Member
”The Kaplan SAT prep course helped my son prepare for the SAT. His scores from the pretest to the post test improved by 130 points. Kaplan individualizes their lessons to address your child's unique learning needs.”
Susan Anderson, Co-op Member
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