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”I LOVE this math program!! My son has issues with long term memory. Finding a math program that gave him and me the flexibility to learn and review and keep up with what he needed to learn was a challenge. IXL has it all in one spot. We can review as often and as long as we want. The virtual rewards he receives as he reaches 100% competency in each area gives him incentive to keep going until he conquers the skill being reviewed.”
Suzannah L. Monser, Co-op Member
”My DD loves the interactive style of the IXL program so much, some days I practically have to pull her away from the computer. IXL is an incredibly awesome program and I can not say enough about the boost of pride that it has given our daughter and the peace of mind it has given me. Our 2yr old DD has learned so much just by watching our 4yr old do the program, that we have already decided when the time comes we will be purchasing IXL for her math studies as well.”
Janette Lee, Co-op Member
”My 5 year old son loves it. It gives me a basic guideline for a relaxed Kindergarten year. Thank you!”
Tracy W., Co-op Member
”We love IXL Math because it is so flexible. Our non-linear math learner can move up and down across several grades to find things that interest her and we can combine easy with more difficult concepts. The screen is clean and free of visual distractions and flashing objects. My daughter likes the stars and virtual prizes she gets after she completes a set of problems. We have used many other math products, but IXL is our favorite due to its flexibility. I like the emailed reports I receive every week that make record keeping easier.”
Sorina V., Co-op Member
”I wholeheartedly recommend IXL Math. My grandson, whom I home school, used to dislike math. Yesterday, when I asked him what he was best at, he replied, "Math!" While IXL Math divides skills by grade levels, it also allows you to move up or down to other grade levels . Therefore, if you are really enjoying a particular skill set you can go to the next grade level and learn and practice more. It is motivating for my grandson to complete an activity at a higher grade level and boosts his confidence. Also, if you find that a specific skill is too challenging you can move back to a lower grade level where it is presented in a simpler fashion. My grandson loves earning his awards and checking his report where the skills he has mastered are shown in pie chart fashion and the time he has spent is presented in bar graph fashion. He is also very proud of the certificates we print out. Although IXL Math does not teach skills, we find it easy enough to Google our topic to find a short tutorial when necessary. It would be great if IXL Math added that component in the future. However, we will definitely continue to use IXL Math! You should too. :)”
Sweetie, Co-op Member
”IXL-Math is a keeper for our family. It covers many skills and is simple to use. Even my three-year-old enjoys it. My older two easily track their own progress and eagerly work to gain more awards. I like the fact that the work is aligned with state standards and that I get an automatic report of what they've done in my email box. The overall look is colorful and nicely done.”
Tracy Anderson, Co-op Member
”I have 2 (6 & 8) daughters that enjoy it. Both were reluctant to try it but once I get them logged in (separate computers), it is hard to get them to stop for bedtime. Since they are on it at the same time, they are constantly telling each other about what they are doing and what virtual prize they have earned.”
Gina H., Co-op Member
”We love IXL Math. Our children are adopted and have used IXL to "fill in the blanks" because they knew math, before they knew English. It is the best program for the money. This is our second year and they still use it several times a week. They love the sense of accomplishment (IXL sends certificates and praise via email) and their customer service is awesome. We tell everyone about IXL...I think it is the best program on the market.”
TJ Mc., Co-op Member
”IXL Math is a great supplement to any math curriculum. You never need to print another math worksheet again. My son likes it but would like to see them lower the reward goals to make them more reachable.”
Jeannie H, Co-op Member
”My family has used IXL Math for over a year now and they absolutely loved it. My little one skipped Kindergarten Math at school after consistently practicing on IXL Math. Its an amazing tool for Elementary and Jr. High grade levels. I've used other products but this far outweighs anything else because of how comprehensive it is along with the low cost and the ease of use and ease of tracking. Thanks IXL has been a real pleasure knowing you :-)”
Mrs. Thomas, Co-op Member
”I'm loving this program so much. It is so in-depth and helps me to stay on track so I don't have to worry about missing something crucial. I know exactly what they need to know and when. It is a wonderful, comprehensive guide and study tool for my kids. They love doing the practice and receiving awards.

I'm so glad more grades will be added as I plan to use this program all the way through high school (my youngest is 9 years old)! I wish I had known about this program long ago. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op; I may not have ever known about IXL-Math at all.

Thank you so much for the best math tool ever! Keep up the good work!”
Elizabeth A. St. Cyr, Co-op Member
”We love IXL Math. It has been a great suppliment to our math program and a great help to prepare my kids for future testing. It covers many topics and levels. It is easy to use and my kids ask daily if they can do IXL.”
D. Lang, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this math program. Each lesson is focused on the skill and just the right length to hold her attention. I have told all my homeschool friends to try it out!”
Bobbie Jackson, Co-op Member
”I used IXL over the summer for enrichment purposes for my 11-yr old and 9-yr old. To my surprise, my 6-yr old begged me to buy a subscription for him too. It really helped my oldest son prepare for standardized testing. The rewards chart was a great motivator for all of my kids. Great product, great price! I renewed for another year.”
D. Lee, Co-op Member
”Love IXL Math. Love, love, LOVE it!! The questions grow increasingly difficult as my little guy answers correctly. When predetermined goals are met, my son delights in the virtual award page! On the teaching side of things, it offers complete feed back on my little guy's progress including hours spent, skills mastered, skills needing improvement. See more on my blog here:”
Melinda, Co-op Member
”Loved the program. Great way to reward the kids for their efforts.”
DH, Co-op Member
”I tell all of my friends about IXL math whether they home educate their children or not. I am that excited about it. As a home educator in a state that operates as a private school, I tried the 30 day trial offered to schools. What I found with my special needs daughter was that IXL math was the answer to my prayers.

My daughter is nearly 13 years old and working on a first grade level in math. I have tried many methods and used numerous workbooks finding that I needed to repeat the same type of problems over and over. Unlike other computer based programs that have a limited number of problems, IXL will keep generating new problems for as long as the child needs them. It does not lose patience, it keeps records, and it motivates with prizes.I am free to work with my other children while my daughter is working on math.

It sends an email to me to let me know her progress and I can also see what problems she has worked on, the percentage correct, the problem areas and more. It is very detailed in the breakdown of reports which is good for record keeping.

For us, we are not using our state standards, but working through an entire grade level. She is 90% through the first grade level. You have the option to pull up your state standards and have your child work through those, which is helpful if you are concerned about aptitude.

Another positive thing is that on the K and 1st grade levels, the program will read the question and answers to the child. I am hoping that IXL will include the audio option for every grade level since my child has special needs with reading. Other than that, it is well worth the price.

I was prepared to pay the full price to use IXL...I was so impressed with the results I was seeing. But, when I checked Homeschool Buyers Co-op and found it for half the price and was thrilled.

I would recommend giving it a try. Everyone can do a limited amount of problems for free each day just to see what it is all about.”
Debbie Richardson, Co-op Member
”We started using IXL with a 1-month trial subscription. My two sons (ages 10 & 7) were so eager to "do" math in that 4-week period that I happily joined for a year through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The volume of practice they do each day cannot compare to the little they would do if left to practice with worksheets. The reinforcement built into the software ensures the child masters the skill before awarding a medal of completion. Although the rewards are simple, they are still valued by my sons.

After each math session, the boys check their own reports and compare their progress. IXL also e-mails to me daily reports on each child, including milestone certificates suitable for printing and saving in their homework notebook. I also receive a weekly summary from IXL. Because the skills are linked to my State's standards, I am confident my children are moving steadily through the skills their government-schooled peers are acquiring. Occasionally they happen upon a skill that I haven't taught them yet. I think being able to teach them that new skill right there and then having them immediately move through the process of mastering the skill has given my sons a strong foundation in math. When the time comes for our subscription to be renewed, I hope we can renew at nearly 1/2 the cost again via the buying power of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Deborah R., Co-op Member
”My second and fourth grade girls love IXL! They have both showed marked improvement in many areas of math comprehension. IXL makes drill work and practice more enjoyable while introducing them to ALL math concepts. I like that it resembles a math workbook on computer rather than just a computer game using math. It is user friendly for child and mom. I love the progress reports showing where my girls succeed and where I need to focus further instruction. A great product I highly recommend especially at co op discounts!”
Lori Brown, Co-op Member
”Both of my daughters do not care for math, but they love working on IXL-Math! I like getting the weekly reports letting me know what the girls have accomplished for the week. If you have reluctant child when it comes to learning math, I highly recommend IXL-Math. I didn't know much about IXL-Math so I read a lot of the comments prior to purchasing it, and I'm so glad now that I did purchase it!”
E. Woolridge, Co-op Member
”The IXL site is a tool we use everyday. The ease of use, advertisement-free screen, record-keeping, and print capabilities of those records make this site well-worth the cost. All of ours LOVE the site. We have 5 children, ranging in age from 4 to 12, and all love using it.

It is well-done and much better than the free sites you'll find. A lot of thought has gone into this site with the set-up that is user-friendly, the parent-only page, graphs and charts of child's progress, ability to follow state standards if desired OR NOT, ability for child to use ANY of the grade level activities no matter what their age or grade level. If your child needs to go back in one area or ahead in another, they can freely do that.

Yes, we absolutely will continue using it. It is money well-spent in our homeschool budget. We recently added our 10-year-old son to our family. He is not fluent in English yet but is loving using the IXL site. It has helped him be motivated to learn English, an expected side benefit! We needed to add him as a user, and the IXL owners made it simple and very affordable through our Homeschool Buyer's Co-op license.

I tell others about the site ALL THE TIME. I really like having this added tool to our math curriculum. It helps me to drill our children in a way that I feel is helpful and encouraging and FUN! They all love the incentives page and certificates, including our 12-year-old son.

You will not be disappointed in this site I do not think. We have contacted the technical support and they responded within the hour. We also have never had trouble accessing the site or experiencing slow server issues. It is a great site all the way around.”
Leslie X, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is absolutely worth every penny!

This math program is so easy to use and the reports are wonderful and easy to use as well. I can see everyday how much time my kids have spent on each skill, how many they missed and what their answers were (for review). Also, every new skill they learn they really learn! The math program is set up for them to keep practicing the skill until they actually learn it. They can pick and choose what they learn or go by categories. I can't say enough good things about IXL Math.

My kids really seeem to like IXL Math program and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they master each skill. They enjoy having the graphics along with the problems and for the visual learner this really helps.

If you haven't figured out by now, I really like IXL Math. It is a great math program that helps the homeschool child with learning new skills as well as the parent with reports.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for having such great resources for homeschoolers!”
Melanie, Santa Rosa Beach, Co-op Member
”All four of my children (ages 4-10) love IXL math. With Saxon Math they get a lot of drill and review of a variety of skills that they have learned. But with IXL they get to practice one skill at a time until it is mastered. My children will "play" for hours. I was so excited to find out about the discount for IXL Math through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It works out similar to the classroom discount. Without it, I would never be able to afford four seperate accounts for each of my children. I told all my friends.”
Michelle Cantrell, Co-op Member
”I first learned of IXL-Math for my home schooled daughter, yet have found it very helpful for our son. He was in five different schooling situations for 1st grade (due to circumstances beyond our control). He barely passed second grade math in a private school, after being considered "gifted in math" by his kindergarten teacher. Concerned about what 1st grade skills he might be missing, I had him begin working on the IXL 1st grade skills. Telling us "I'm so stupid; I'm so dumb" he began 1st grade skills, yet wanted to do the Pre-K skills. He loves working for the IXL Awards and prizes. I decided to let him complete all the Pre-K skills; he then moved on through the Kindergarten and 1st grade skills. As he worked through the IXL skills, we identified several significant deficits -- including in areas of Counting, Fractions, Data and graphs, and Money. Now home schooled and in 3rd grade, we are continuing with a 3rd grade curriculum while he progresses through the IXL graduated skills. He has now spent over 32 hours answering 8,600+ IXL questions, and mastered 276 math skills. THANK YOU IXL FOR THE ENCOURAGING HELP YOU'VE BEEN; OUR SON AGAIN LOVES MATH. I've both told and shown many the IXL site; parents love it, and join for their kids' benefit, too.”
Kay P., Co-op Member
”This is the BEST math program you will ever buy! All lessons are organized by grade level which enables my kindergartner to use the program as well as my 2nd grader! The kids earn medals and even get to reveal stamps on their awards page when they complete aech lesson! Definitely a great buy for any family.”
Shaun Williams, Co-op Member
”We have been using IXL for a little over a month now: our children are 7,6 and 3 and we use Math Mammoth for our curriculum.

IXL has helped my [frustrated] eldest with her full mastery of ALL the multiplication tables (and is on the way to helping my son too) and yet, is simple enough for my preschooler to sit, alone, and do "her school". I love the fact that the program can interact - speaking the question aloud - for those not yet reading.

Nicely presented and very user friendly. The personal updates are great too!

All 3 willingly participate (every time) and will frequently request to do IXL in their down time. I am very impressed with this investment and will renew our subscription...All in all, I believe this to be a wonderful supplement to any math curriculum.”
Laura P., Co-op Member
”We love this program, since we have two deaf children who like to use IXL. Many programs require hearing in order to hear their directions or what the next step is. This program does not require any hearing skills, which is perfect for my children. Not only that, they also enjoy using IXL.”
Colleen B., Co-op Member
”IXL math is great for practicing the skills and my kids enjoy practicing IXL and my 5 year old loves to see the awards and always want to be on this.”
ChandraShekhar Bhimaraju, Co-op Member
”We have tried various flashcard type drills, timed drills on paper, and even several computer programs but none have gotten my kids excited to practice math like IXL has done. I have four students, grades 10, 7, 5, and K, who are using IXL and loving it. They like the challenge of getting to the next prize while I like the reports that show not only the exact problems given to my students but also their answer to the problem. This gives much better insight as to their difficulty with a particular skill. The 10th grade student is actually in High School Geometry but the 8th grade geometry has provided some practice for basic skills. We are eagerly awaiting the release of the high-school levels for her to get full benefit from the product. Even so, it was worth the fee for her to practice the basics.”
Michele D., Co-op Member
”I really like IXL math. I have six kids, and they were all over the place in math. They didn't fit in to any one curriculum, because they were too far behind and too far ahead depending on the topic. This made math very frustrating for us. One of the things I love the most about IXL is that my kids can work on any topic they want to from Pre-K through 8th grade. I don t have to assign them to a grade. They can strengthen their weaker areas while moving ahead in others. It is so wonderful to have this flexibility. For example, I have one child who is struggling with long division. Those are the only topics he has left to answer in another program we are using. That program does not allow us to skip around in between grade levels without losing all his previous work. We had to stop, and it was during this pause that I found IXL. Now, he is practicing his long division while also working on problems as high as pre-algebra. He isn't frustrated anymore, and we are making great progress.

The only thing I wish IXL would add is an option to view the explanation before you answer. You have to get the problem wrong in order to have that option. The program sets you back a few points for getting an answer wrong. This means having to answer a few more questions to make up for it. I don't mind the extra practice, but I think my kids would prefer the option to have the explanation available without being penalized.

We can t wait until IXL adds higher math. We are really looking forward to it.”
Donna B., Co-op Member
”I like IXL because it is easy to access and my child can do the math until they get it and move ahead at their own pace. It helps them to be challenged when needed and rewards them for all their progress.

Thank you”
L Russell, Co-op Member
”We have been using IXL now for a little over a month. I am a schoolteacher and found the website while looking for sites I could use with my class. I started using the classroom free trial with my student. As students started working on it, they were starting to get excited about doing Math at home. Many of my parents were pleased and pitched in so we could get a class subscription. I am amazed at the power of the reports that IXL generates. My wife home schools our daughter. I have wanted a way to be involved with her Math. When I saw what it was doing for my class, I wanted to do it for my family as well. I was excited when my wife told me that we could get a discount through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I now feel that I can be more involved in monitoring what my daughter is doing in Math. I can in a glance look at her troubled spots. I can go over the exact problems that she missed. With the discount, it costs less than $8 a month for unlimited practice all the math strands. But not just in one grade level, but in grade levels all through 8th grade. And they are saying that are going to add Algebra I and II and Geometry. You almost can't even buy a workbook for $8. To me it seemed like a no brainer. I could go on and on about how I have see students grow already in the short time they have started using this program. But most of all, my children and students all love using IXL. They love the virtual rewards they get. Students (mine included) love going and doing the lower levels just to get the rewards and it gives them a feeling of success. I would highly recommend IXL to parents of school age children. I hope this review helps you to make the right decision.”
Keith A., Co-op Member
”My 5 YO loves it. Now she logs in with her username and password on her own. She loves doing the problems and receiving the certificates of achievement by email. Teaches computer use as well as math. Excellent!”
Daniel, Co-op Member
”This is a program that makes learning fun and encourages mastery through repetition. The awards and rewards young learners receive are a great way to boost learner confidence too. I wish there was a two year membership!!”
C. Barr M.Ed., Co-op Member
”I am a homeschooling mom of two. The first is a kindergartener that is doing 1st grade curriculum and the second a preschooler who wants to give me all the wrong answers. IXL Math has been a huge help. I use the Singapore math curriculum for my 1st grader and this works wonderful to supplement and also to make sure he has grasped a concept before moving on. It also allows me to work on the different levels to challange my sons and also go back to build up skills they may be weaker on. My preschooler loves the rewards and loves to check his reward board. Thanks IXL Math for making math fun! My kids think they are just playing!”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son had been asking to be able to do some school on the computer. When we finished his first grade math book ahead of schedule it was the perfect opportunity to supplement with IXL. It's been a great chance to expose him to concepts that our traditional math program doesn't cover. He loves working for the awards. He can do it very independently so I have a chance to work with my daughter one on one while he finishes his math. We will continue to use IXL when we start his next math level because it makes math very enjoyable to him.”
Lizz M., Co-op Member
”The online program is a good review program. It doesn't teach, but if a child answers incorrectly, the program shows the correct answer. The program is not a good stand-alone program, but it is good for practice/review. Children enjoy the virtual rewards they receive, such as a virtual bike or a virtual country. My children haven't enjoyed the program, but some of their friends do, so I would recommend it if a child has not been exposed to many online games or programs.”
M. Toral, Co-op Member
”Our son is 10, and we had noticed some gaps in his math skills...and boredom with our curriculum. So, we added IXL Math! He has enjoyed it, it's very easy to use, and give a great variety of word problems to reinforce each skill!”
Cindy A, Co-op Member
”Of all the solutions we've tried for daily math practice for our math-minded (yet math-phobic) 11 y/o daughter, this is the one that she does daily without prodding (from me) or complaint (from her). She likes the sequential approach and the immediate feedback. I like the reports, as well as the fact that she's actually practicing daily.”
Margo P., Co-op Member
”We LOVE IXL Math !! I recently started home schooling my youngest son. He is six years old and in grade one. He was struggling in public school so we decided to try giving him different way to learn. After searching many different math curriculum we chose IXL and we are amazed at the results - Angus has been using it for just a few weeks and has already achieved 20% proficiency. He loves that he can work independently and is so proud when he completes a level because he gets an 'award" as well as a certificate to print out.

I love that the parents have a very easy to read report of the child's progress- We use IXL everyday for 20 minutes ! I have told our local school about this site and I am hoping that they too will incorporate it into their math class time.

I plan to continue using IXL for as long as we can ! I can't say enough good things about it :)
Thanks !”
Heather. L, Co-op Member
”We have a special needs kid who does not like to do any math. We used several ipad apps and he did not show any interest. Finally we want to make an attempt on IXL math and HB Co-op had a great discount on that product and we decided to use. He did extremely well and within a month, he mastered several skills. Award system motivated him a lot. He is progressing very well. There is no other program designed to monitor the skill and repeat the exercises. I have already recommended to couple of friends and I will be using it continuously.”
K Subramanian, Co-op Member
”Tremendously effective program! Because IXL separates out each skill in math, you can truly tailor what your child needs to practice. Success leads to motivation, and the stepwise manner of each skill leads to success. For example, my son understands place value in decimals, but was weaker in that concept than other concepts about decimals. We were able to pull up "Decimals" and look at every individual skill for decimals. There are several different levels of place value mastery in decimals. I was able to look through each level and have him practice that particular concept at several different levels until he was totally solid on the concept. This has paved the way for him to sail through the other concepts of decimals that he knew how to do, but didn't fully understand (i.e. how counting the numbers behind the decimal point would put his answer in the correct place value).

The program has a built in algorithm that gradually stretches the concept. For example, 7/10 progresses to 50/100, so the child has to understand the hundredths position. Then, 50/100 progresses to 3/100, so the child has to understand to put a "0" between the decimal point and the three to maintain the position. Then, it moves to thousandths, whole numbers with fractions, and finally to numbers that aren't base ten, such as 3/5, forcing the child to link the need to transform a fraction into base ten in order to put it in decimal form.

When the child makes an error, the algorithm goes back, repeating a previous concept the child was successful with, then reintroduces the misunderstood concept again. Any time a child makes an error, the child can click on the explanation, which shows how the problem is worked correctly. Virtual ribbons, prizes, and smart points are rewarded for time practiced, and for the completion of truly mastering a skill. What has taken pages of math books before, whether it is Saxon or Math U See or online downloaded pages of math, has finally been accomplished with IXL, and in a fraction of the time.

Parents receive an e mail updating them about how much time the child has practiced, exactly what skills have been practiced, what grade level the skills were that they practiced ((Which I love, that they don't put the grade level on the page the kid sees while is labeled by A,B,C,D, etc.., so there's no resistance to practicing a skill that a child thinks is a lower grade level)), a link to the site for more information, as well as a reminder of their login user account name (thank you, for those of us who are too busy to remember!).

I have been so pleased with this program, that I have suggested it to numerous other homeschoolers, as well as a friend of mine who is a classroom teacher. Now that my son has mastered several concepts he had previously been weak in, rather than always complaining about math, he actually looks forward to doing the practice (unheard of for this particular kid!). This has by far, been one of the most beneficial programs we have added to our daily curriculum, and I would highly recommend it.”
Teresa A., Co-op Member
”I have been very impressed with IXL-Maths and my children enjoy using it. I like the weekly family reports and it is the only product I have found that has the Australian Maths curriculum. Very good product and would recommend it highly.”
Kaelene M., Co-op Member
”I bought a subscription to IXL Math as a homeschooling mom to provide my two children with a new math resource.

My daughter needed extra help with her math and was the main reason I was inspired to try IXL. She really enjoys getting on IXL. It boosts her confidence to master the areas she's familiar with and makes her want to tackle new material. I work with her on any concept she's having trouble with until she feels comfortable enough to complete it on her own.

My son learns math concepts at a very fast rate, but I thought he could still benefit from using IXL. He enjoys it, because it's fun and gives him plenty of variety to explore. He's completing the sections he already knows fairly well and tackling sections with new material rather quickly.

Both kids are on IXL at least 5 days a week and usually go over their allotted time each day, if I let them. That's saying a lot.

I love the progress reports that show you what concepts they have completed, are still working on, are having difficulty with, or haven't gotten to yet. The certificates that are generated to show their progress are really nice rewards for the kids. We keep a scrapbook for each of them. It's a very tangible way for them to see what they are accomplishing.

We haven't tried any other math products like it, so I can't compare it to anything yet. We're going to continue to use it for a year. At that time we'll assess how much of the work the kids have completed, what they remember and understand overall and see how quickly they were each able to advance.”
Tammy S., Co-op Member
”We love for math knowledge evaluation and practice with solid reporting and effective reward system. I use it with my 4-years-old son, who successfully completed the Preschool, Kindergarten and almost the First Grade Section within the first few weeks of the granted access. There are ample questions to answer and practice, which my son enjoyed so much that he could practice his math for hours at a time. It is an easy, fun and effective site with the cost.”
J. Staniszewski, Co-op Member
”I really, really like this site! I got it at the reduced price through the Co-op. It really is a great supplement to a child's learning journey. My daughter enjoys it and it doesn't really feel like work, even though it is. I definitely recommend!”
Mimi, Co-op Member
”This program is great! My daughter LOVES this program. I don't know why I waited so long! She is working at a first/second grade level but loves it so much she is even working on the easier preschool and kindergarten units just because she thinks it's fun! So she is challenged and can still go back and do things she already knows keeping her self-esteem intact. Thanks for such a great program!”
Pamela Williams, Co-op Member
”I'm glad HSBC finally offered IXL as a discounted item. I've been looking at this one for a very long time, but I couldn't afford it and didn't want to spend that much even if I could. Now that I have it, I LOVE IT!!! My son always hated math. Now it's the first thing he does when he gets out of bed. I hope this discount is offered year after year, because there's no way we can get it without the discount. It's just way too expensive. For anyone considering this program, let me just say I'm much more pleased than I expected I would be! It's perfect for fact review/practice, and my son loves the little "prizes" he gets when finishing a subtopic.”
Chrystal, Co-op Member
”My son loves the program. It makes learning math easy and fun. really awesome!”
Marc k, Co-op Member
”Both my children (5&7) love IXL, it's perfect for letting them work at their own pace and confidence plus the awards are a great and fun idea to encourage reaching goals. Thanks to Co-op for bringing the price down by 40%!”
Dave.M, Co-op Member
”My youngest daughter loves IXL. She's wanted to be involved in "real school" for awhile and now she feels like she is. Her brother loves it too. The little picture rewards are a great incentive. They are constantly trying to "get more pictures". Getting a reward convinces them to keep working to try and get more pictures.”
Julie L, Co-op Member
”I find this program to be an excellent on-line program that offers both my children a variety of math drills. I love the detailed reports it sends me automatically. My children enjoy receiving printable certificates of achievement via email. I'd definitely renew my subscription!”
Tracey P, Calgary, Co-op Member
”IXL helps reinforce the math knowledge that my kids have learned throughout the year. It's a very good homeschooling tool and my kids just log on to IXL and practice without me needing to tell them. I also love receiving the regular IXL report to let me know of my kids' standing.”
Charlie C., Co-op Member
”This is an excellent program for math reinforcement. It has enough "fun" to keep the students working. I have recommended it to other families and would recommend it to others on-line. Rarely do you find a program that has specific goals match to your state's curriculum broken into bite sized pieces. It works with gifted students as well as those needing a lot of support and practice. It is affordable and will be used!”
L Burns, Co-op Member
”I bookmarked early this year with the thought of saving first (for the cost of a year's subscription) - for my children ages 10 & 12. Until I came across Homeschool Buyers' Coop last month. Joining HSBC not only gave me the opportunity to buy the IXL program at an earlier time but I was also able to get it at a good discount.

My children are now enjoying the benefits of what IXL Math offers - a complete math program with cool interactive features. I am confident my kids will really "X-L" (excel) in math.

I will be looking forward to another purchase through HSBC in the near future. You're the best! Thank you.”
Ana D., Co-op Member
”This is good website for Math. I like this website and recommend everyone to buy this.”
sridevi, Co-op Member
”My children love having IXL time. My kids 11, 9, 7 and 5 each find the time fun and challenging. They love watching the skills be mastered and marked off ....all while earning "prizes".

I love seeing exactly what they are practicing, how long and how they are doing! The weekly reports are informative and concise! I would highly recommend this to any family! :0)”
Kerri S., Co-op Member
”Kids practice one module daily and look forward to it. Their math skills have improved considerably with help from IXL's well-designed website and product. Would recommend IXL to friends and family.”
Kyle U., Co-op Member
”I would highly recommend the IXL program to anyone who wants to keep their children interested in math. My son really enjoys the website and there are so many questions and topics that are covered! What I really like is that each child can do the questions on any grade level and aren't restricted to just the grade they are in. If they need extra help, they can go back a grade, but if they master everything in their own grade, they can just keep on going. I like the reports that are issued and how the kids can master each skill and then get a little reward for doing so. My son really enjoys that part. We plan on using this program for many years to come. So, if you are looking for a fun math program that is beneficial for both child and parent, then give this product a try!”
Christy Acre, Co-op Member
”IXL has been a helpful supplement to our math curriculum. My son is able to do the work independently and keep track of his progress. I like receiving the weekly reports and being able to look at problems he missed. My son enjoys most of the problems, but has gotten frustrated when his score goes down quite a bit for a missed one. He is learning to re-check his work due to this, which is a positive. My son says he prefers doing his regular math text to IXL. For me, I like how he is going through each 7th grade skill and that he is working out a variety of problems. We will continue using it and I have already told someone about it.”
K. Nellis, Co-op Member
”This has been a wonderful addition to our math program. If gives me the ability to target what my daughter needs to work on.”
Nancy B, Co-op Member
”IXL Math covers a broad spectrum of math concepts: classifying, patterns, shapes, graphing, size/measurement, money, computation, and more. This program does not teach concepts directly; it provides a means to practice skills. The best benefit
is the introduction of concepts at easier skill levels, with increasing difficulty in subsequent levels. We use IXL Math as a curriculum guide. You could use it to supplement another curriculum. Our boys complete three skill items each day. In a single day, they float between levels, performing both easier and more challenging skills, and mixing types of skills to sustain interest. We (parents) choose the three skills, with input from the boys. We sit together and assist as needed while the boys perform the skills. If needed, we introduce the concept before they begin practice. We sometimes use manipulative tools to aid performance (abacus, counting cubes, clock face...). We directly assist with this program to ensure success and increase pleasure at working with math. The boys enjoy earning awards. They have also learned to stay focused, because an error results in added practice questions. We can use this program when we travel, as long as we have internet access. I believe we will continue to use this product well into the future. IXL Math could support a child from beginning math through high school math.”
Lisa Row, Co-op Member
”My kids love IXL-Math! They are eager to get online and do their math each day and even ask to get online over the weekend. They are learning their required material quickly.

It is very similar to another online math course that we looked at through a free trial. However, the cost difference is amazing! I am paying less for all four children with IXL than I would for one child using the other program!

We have told others to check it out and we look forward to using IXL for years to come.”
E. Losch, Co-op Member
”It is a great supplemental math product. I can just assign a particular exercise to my children that they have trouble with until they master the skill.

I found it helpful because IXL seems to have most of the math skills that I look for and some of them are great for visual learner. And it is especially important for special needs child who learn more effectively thru visual cue.”
Nancy C., Co-op Member
”Very broad range of math challenges. The kids enjoy IXL because of the game like application it has. They enjoy reaching their goals and getting their rewards. Compared to other programs this one is more interactive and have more options covering higher grade levels.”
Lynn, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old loves IXL. She sneaks on the computer to use IXL. I can't argue with that! When asked why she prefers it to other programs, she states the awards, the ability to choose what to work on, the timing. She thinks its "really fun."”
Karen D, Co-op Member
”My kids actually look forward to math now, thanks to IXL!! They fight over who gets to go first, and would spend all day if they could.”
Trish, Co-op Member
”Due to issues with his meds, my grandson "lost" and entire year of math and reading knowledge in the course of just one month. It was as if he had never learned anything new in the last year! That's when the offer for IXL came in my email. I had looked at the program before and used the trial but never purchased it. Because of this offer I bought it. What a blessing! He has always hated math but now he is asking every day if he can do math! He is re-learning the concepts he lost and his progress has been amazing. This offer came at the exact time we needed it and I am very grateful for that.”
Carol, Co-op Member
”All four of our children ages 5-11 use the IXL program. It is cute how excited they get when they earn the little prizes (like stickers) that flip over and are revealed on their prize board.

I love that it is thorough and comprehensive, correlated to state standards, and track their progress. At a glance the reports show me how much time they have spent, how many problems they have done, how many skills they have practiced and area that they are struggling in.

One of the the most thoughtful features is a microphone icon included in the first few levels. When clicked on, the icon reads the directions and options for pre or weak readers.

It is arranged by grade level from P-K to 8th. I'm asking my children to practice the entire program to make sure we haven't missed any skills and to increase their standardized test taking skills. They let me know when there is a skill they don't already know how to do, I teach it and then they practice it.”
A. Mack, Co-op Member
”I've been really pleased with IXL Math. We got it for our 11, 10, and 6 year olds to use and they gladly practice their math using it. It's very nice that when I'm teaching a math concept and one of them has trouble, I can go look up where the exercises are and let them practice there until they feel comfortable with the concept. My 6 year old (in kindergarten and with LDs) really likes earning the awards and asks to do it often. It was definitely a worthwhile purchase for our family.”
Kristina B., Co-op Member
”I am so excited about this program! We have been doing it every weekday for a couple of months now and my kids have not tired of it. I have a four year old and an eight year old. My favorite feature about IXL Math is that if I find that my child is struggling with a concept I can go back to the skills in another grade until I build a strong foundation for them. We are subscribed to another program that is similar to IXL Math in the sense that it teaches testing to the standards but it is really frustrating if your child is not ready for that standard yet and there is no opportunity to build or practice at a simpler level. The reward system is so easy but it really motivates my children to practice longer and finish what they start even if they get some wrong. They want to master that skill. We use IXL Math as our primary curriculum and I supplement with text book curriculum and workbook pages. This program has helped to get us on track. LOVE IT!!!”
Kim R., Co-op Member
”My children love to use IXL Math. They always ask if I received the email with their score.”
S Hershey, Co-op Member
”Worth it. It took my kids a while to get with it, but once I got them going they love it. Seems to hit a good balance and they get going without any prodding from me.

I like it as a supplement to the Math-u-see I use.

I will continue with it for years, I dare say. Wish it was a lifetime subscription, but it is a very well thought out product and I love that it has the dreaded state mandates inculcated.

Bottom line- worth the money.”
Monica L, Co-op Member
”I recently bought IXL for my 2 Home-Educated sons (ages 5 and 6). My kids have taken to it and are finally beginning to realise that maths is enjoyable. I love the program for a number of reasons:
1. For every exercise, it enables the achievement of a maximum score; the more wrong answers the student gets, the more questions they have to answer.
2. It trails the national curriculum so we know we are on track, or not. Also less lesson plans for me to prepare.
3. I get regular feedback on the kids' activities via email.
4. I can see the kids' progress instantly.
5. We can re-do exercises to cement knowledge.
6. We use it daily and will continue to do so.

All the above and more at a relatively affordable price. Thanks IXL. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Phoenix D, Co-op Member
”We started using the IXL program just before Christmas, and I found that both my kids started using it right away. We had previously tried out Khan Academy, which I, as an adult, still like, but my youngest child didn't like. As a parent, I like the fact that IXL math tracks what your child is doing, and sends the parent an email about it. Because we tend to follow the unschooling route, it's interesting to me to see how often my kids go and try out the program. They also like the icons that get filled in on the "checkerboard" that IXL uses.

We will continue to use, and I'm grateful for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op as we wouldn't have been able to purchase a membership without the deep discount that comes from being a Homeschool Buyers' co-op member.”
Marnie S.M., Co-op Member
”Twice a week my homeschooled son is using IXL as his math lesson for the day. The program is being used as a review and reinforcement of previously learned lessons that he covered in his Saxon math course. He looks forward to the days that he can play math games on IXL! Additonally, the positive encouragement has helped with his attitude toward math. We will continue to use IXL throughout the year.”
Patricia P., Co-op Member
”I am a grandmother homeschooling my grandson. He has never had any interest in math and it was always a problem getting him to do his math work. I saw the ixl program and asked his E.S. about it. She signed us up and we are so pleased with the results. My grandson loves the program and goes on just for fun. I ask him to do 30 min. every other day but he goes to it because he wants to and very seldom stops in 30 min. I have seen him continue for an hour or more. Next year we will continue our subscription. Best program ever. Thank you so much. I am telling everyone about this,especially those with children having trouble doing or enjoying math.”
C.Turner, Co-op Member
”My daughter is a young learner and sometimes "has enough" of working through her regular math pages. With IXL I'm not having to battle her to practice her math skills when she knows she can earn ribbons, medals, and stickers! Its amazing how this non-tangible rewards encourages her to continue to practice. I also like that it is set up to state standards so that, as a homeschool mom, I can ensure that I'm not leaving anything out as we go through the year.”
Camille S., Co-op Member
”I have 4 of my kids doing this and they enjoy it! I love it and will definitely use it again next yr!!!”
Marina Mtz., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves using this! It has been a very positive tool in our homeschool. She loves practicing and finding out what her rewards are. She will actually ask to practice!”
Raquel Dunn, Co-op Member
”IXL is a great math practice program. It is not instructional, but it provides a lot of varied practice at a variety of skills.
IXL provides a wide spectrum of skill levels from prek-algebra, and the same child/user account can access and track all of it. My family has been using it with children at K-5 grade levels.
IXL not only reinforces what the kids have been learning, but it allows us to see any "holes" in their learning- things that often simply have not been covered in their math curriculum or presented in a different way.
The kids love working to score a 100 in each area and earning rewards for their work. I love that the rewards are small- flipping over a card with a prize picture on it rather than a long drawn out game or something.
We have used the program for about one month and plan to continue. I have not found a similar program to compare it to- most other programs either have a large game component or provide too little feedback.
While IXL is not instructional, it does provide explanations for incorrect answers. My main complaint about the program is (1) it can be overly sensitive to proper spacing/typing when one has to type words and (2) there have been problems that the kids have answered correctly, but been counted wrong- while IXL shows the same answer the kids' response is counted wrong and there is no way I have found to report the problem.

I have shared the program with my extended family, and my sister who is a school teacher has tried it in her classroom as well”
s.k.w., Co-op Member
”Excellent site. My 7yr old son now asks if he can do some math. We do about 40 mins a night and he is making good progress.”
Mr Cunningham, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased IXL Math for my 4 yr old son. We love the fact that it really drills the concept, he loves that is easy enough for him to do by himself when he wants. I used Time4learning previously and found it too boring for him. I know we will continue to use IXL for practice/building on our math lessons. I hope more find out about this wonderful resource! Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Shannon Hurt, Co-op Member
”The IXL Math is very good practice for my children. I like that we can chose the topic we work on and go at our own pace.”
Sheila Jones, Co-op Member
”My 4 boys, aged 10, 9, 7 and 6, have been using IXL for 2 months. They've learned so much and progressed very well. It's a perfect home-schooling tool for me, and I fully intend on using it with my daughter when she's old enough. I'm excited for the new additions they plan on adding also! I love that I get progress reports every week, detailing everything they've worked on and how well they've done, as well as charting everything against the state standards. It's helped me immensely in regards to knowing what their skill level should be at and at knowing what to teach them and when. I highly recommend IXL to anyone who wants to give their child a solid math education.”
Megan F., Co-op Member
”IXL Math has been a great service. The kids love the reward system and we like the monitoring. The IXL program is well laid out and offers a variety of math problems. The kids do not get bored with it. We have seen an improvement in areas where they struggled.”
Mitch, Co-op Member
”We began using IXL this year after my dad's illness, since my3rd grader would be missing some school due to travel to be with Grandad. We were able to access IXL from the ICU waiting room and do our math that way. Also, since we are a little behind, we will be able to finish this year with our existing curriculum and add IXL once or twice a week with the stuff we need to catch up on. Excellent!”
A. Rice, Co-op Member
”All four of my children (11, 9, 8, and 4) enjoy using this program. As an unschooling family that previously hasn't used any math program, I really like that the kids can do this on their own and that they can bounce around in different grades to get more practice or move ahead when ready.”
Chris H, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying the IXL Math. The kids do at least one a day or more depending on the difficulty. Even my 3 year old is using and enjoying it. Sometimes the kids get bored if the lesson is taking too long, so I have them stop and try to teach them what they're having problems with. I will continue to use this product and have told others about it.”
Carrie K., Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I bought IXL for my kids. It is a true math program, but with rewards. The rewards aren't over the top, but enough to keep their interest... and I like that.
So many "Math Games" are just computer games with A/one math problem. Sorry, that doesn't make it a math game... it just makes it a game with A math problem.
One of my favorite features is being able to block the timer from my boys. It takes that added pressure off of them.
I also really like being able to print off reports. They are pretty detailed, and my EC will take them as work samples.
The only draw back it that it is only for practice. It doesn't teach the math, but it does adjust to their level, and will work them up to a mastered level.
I recommend this program for any child that does or does not struggle with math.”
R. Pierini, Co-op Member
”We are so pleased with the discounted price for this super site! My eager math students beg to do IXL Math first thing every day, and even my reluctant math student has discovered that there are areas of math she really does like. IXL covers so many areas that she has been able to find success quickly and regain confidence in her math skills. I love the simple yet excellent illustrations, graphs, charts, and parent reports. I also like being able to set my preferences to not show grade levels so I can have students working where they truly need to be without pressure or competition. We can even put more than one student on at a time using different computers. Everyone calls out when they reach 99 percent and we all come to see them submit the last answer and get the 100% award. I'm telling everyone how much we like using this site!”
C. Rider, Co-op Member
”IXL-Math has been a great purchase for our family! Our daughter asks to practice her Math skills and loves seeing the rewards she has to uncover when she is done. Her curriculum workbook doesn't always have enough practice exercises to master a concept, so IXL-Math has filled in that gap and has even taught her new concepts the curriculum hasn't covered yet. We LOVE IXL-Math and will definitely be renewing our subscription when the year is up.”
S. Nichols, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying IXL Math. I like knowing that it covers all of the areas needed to meet our state standards, and my child likes it because anything he gets to do on the computer is "more fun"! I would not use it as a main curriculum, but as a supplement it makes a great product.”
Kara, Co-op Member
”We are in love with IXL-Math. Some of our favorite features are:
- variety-different ways to practice the same skill.
- abundance-she's never run out of practice problems before she's 'had her fill.'
- ability to work independently-the setup is simple enough for her to do on her own, yet engaging enough to keep on task - without my having to redirect...
- feedback-I get an email about her accomplishments that lets me know just what she is working on and for how long.
Sooo helpful!”
dj.faul, Co-op Member
”My daughter is using IXL over the summer to keep up on her math skills. She enjoys using IXL and hasn't complained one time about doing math during the summer!”
L.T., Co-op Member
”I like the ability to work on multiple areas in math, to do as little or as much as we like for our schedule, the feedback reports, and the amount of math it offers. I don't know that I would use it as a stand alone program and some of the questions have trickier wording--makes your child think about it, but if your child likes to do his/her math with little input it could trip them up. I do like how the scoring goes up and down while they are completing an exercise, so it helps to reinforce paying attention as well as giving more experience with concepts that weren't as easily grasped.

From a teacher's perspective--I like it as a supplemental program--it hits the standard marks for schools, so you have a comparison if you need one for your state, and it offers feedback regarding your child's overall progress within their program--not necessarily in math in general. They do ask quite a few questions in each, but may not be enough some times to get a true picture of their strengths and weaknesses; hence the supplemental aspect!

We will continue to use it each year and I definitely would recommend the product!”
Jamie, Co-op Member
”My kids think this is a game because they "play" to get certificates and open prize windows. This makes extra math pratice easy on all of us. The site adds or subtracts points based on your answers but you never "lose". This was a great purchase!”
Michelle W., Co-op Member
”My two oldest are really enjoying this program and readily do maths for the fun of it as a result. They also like being able to track their own progress and will happily tell me how many questions they have correctly answered overall and what awards they have achieved. I really like the fact that the children can also use this program using an ipad when we are away from home. I am so impressed by the useability of this product that I am going to add my third child to the account very soon. Oh yes, and my children have reacted very positively to the parental reporting system that IXL provides. They like that someone else is also telling me just how well they are doing.”
Naomi, Co-op Member
”My daughter first experienced IXL math in her kindergarten class. This fall we are choosing to homeschool. We signed up for IXL through the Co-op since it was a great bargain. Furthermore it is fun for her! We can keep her math skills sharp through summer break. Another benefit with it covering all the grade spans, we can review and practice without limits on trouble areas while advancing beyond with strengths. My preschool son can even use it to reinforce the rudiments at his age level.”
Courtney Beard, Co-op Member
”We love IXL! My daughter begs to do IXL during her free time. We use it to supplement our regular math program during the year and for additional practice during the summer when we take some time off formal math lessons. My daughter used this when she was at a private school prior to homeschooling and it's been very nice to have our own account since we started homeschooling (at a very affordable price through the Co-op).”
Dahlia L., Co-op Member
”This is a GREAT website! I love the fact that our kids have the opportunity to learn what THEY want to learn, and can bounce from one lesson to the next. Our boys LOVE how they are rewarded after completing a particular math lesson, and are forever switching their personalized picture for signing on. As the homeschool teacher, I like how we receive the IXL reports on how the boys are doing...It's a great record for their school portfolios. I would (and have) highly recommend this to anyone!”
Tricia P., Mama2...3, Co-op Member
”IXL Math Rocks! What a great way to benchmark kids studies. Of course it's quizzing, some might call it drills.... but it's a fantastic way to assess your teaching and your students learning. IXL takes the wondering out of what the student has learned, by highlighting quickly concepts your students haven't gotten. Teaching becomes much more efficient when using IXL as a support.”
A Ford, Co-op Member
”After reading so many positive reviews for IXL-Math, I decided to try it for my 2 elementary-age children. It is GREAT! There are so many different math concepts to choose from and my kids really enjoy earning points and reaching new levels. This is something I have them do 2-3 times a week as a supplement to their math curriculum. I do recommend it for others who want a solid online math program that can help encourage kids that math can be fun.”
Erika, Co-op Member
”Last year, we completed almost all of Singapore Math's Earlybird Kindergarten Math. This summer I wanted to keep my son engaged, but not use a lesson plan every day. To this end, we used IXL. It's been great - he can read most of the instructions on his own, and I can hover in the background. It has let me know there are some units that he knows but has not yet mastered, and he seems to be engaged as long as we keep each day's computer work to 1 or 2 lessons.

We will continue to use IXL this year - my strategy is to use it as a way to test material we've covered, and as a refresher for material he should know. Homeschooling can be pretty intense, and IXL lets me know where my son is without my needing to quiz him one-on-one.”
E. Middleton, Co-op Member
”IXL is absolutely wonderful! My daughter does a few sections daily and her math is improving leaps and bounds. She is so excited when she earns "prizes" and is able to print out certificates tracking her progress. I intend to continue using it year after year. I first learned about it from my brother who uses it with his son and we've since told several others who too have become fans of IXL. Love it love it love it!”
Melissa, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter has really enjoyed IXL Math. It has been well worth the money to give her the ability to practice math skills without the usual whining or frustration. The graphics are simple and nice, not distracting but interesting. She likes the "sticker" rewards and usually doesn't want to stop until she has earned a reward. She rarely sits working on anything for 30 minutes, but she will with IXL Math, just to see what will pop up from under the star on her Award chart. I've been pleased and will continue to use IXL Math.”
Lisa L., Co-op Member
”We struggle with math in our house. I wasn't sure if the children were retaining what they needed. IXL shows me exactly what skills they are remembering and what skills they need more work on. I couldn't be happier with this product! Thank you IXL Math and Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Teresa W., Co-op Member
”Our whole family loves IXL-Math. We currently have our 3, 5 and 6 year old on the program. We have IXL math on our daily schedule. When that schedule taked a dive I still have IXL ready as we try to get our day back on track.”
Steve W., Co-op Member
”My daughter, age 5, woke up the other morning and before even saying good morning, she said: "Mom, can you get me set up on IXL math? I'll take my breakfast at the computer." I didn't have to ask her to do math. I didn't do anything. She was motivated all by herself.”
Mary Herrington, Co-op Member
”I purchased IXL because I wanted my 8 yr old son to realize that math is fun, not just a boring school subject. Every Friday, he plays on IXL instead of doing his regular math work. He loves it! He loves earning the "prizes" after scoring so many problems right and he likes the variety of math subjects he can do or try. I like the fact that when he gets a problem wrong, it brings up a review of why the answer is what it is. He knows that he can't hit the "got it" button to go on, until he can explain to me WHY he got it wrong. Overall, I am very pleased with this product. A great product at a great price.”
Marla W., Co-op Member
”IXL gets my kids up to SPEED. Speed is important.”
Mia C., Co-op Member
”My 5-year and 7-year-old children LOVE IXL Math! We use IXL as a supplement to our math lesson. They look forward to accomplishing the goals set for them and especially like the awards. I like the format and ease of use. I can see how they progress and appreciate the adaptive lessons. I have recommended IXL to my friends.”
Catherine F., Co-op Member
”My daughter's school used IXL to supplement math and it was a great tool and resource then. Now that I am homeschooling, we are finding the same benefits. My daughter loves it, and I find that seeing a problem worded a different way, or presented differently is a great way to reinforce what we are doing in class. She started using IXL in 3rd grade and is now a 5th grader.

Additionally, I contacted the makers of IXL and they painlessly transferred her profile from her school account, to our new home account, so that the work she did the last 18 months in school was not lost. Great customer service and above and beyond what I would have expected.”
A. Waterson, Co-op Member
”My kids love this program, but it could use a few improvements. For pre-K and Kindergarten age children who can't read the questions yet, it's sometimes difficult to understand the audible version of the question being asked. Also, after submitting an answer to the question, the program will get stuck and not move on to the next question. You can still go back to the main menu and start from where you left off, but it's a glitch that could easily be fixed by IXL's programmers. On the positive side, it's great for those children who love to be on the computer and see bright flashy colors. It's wonderful that the program is designed to meet your specific state's standards for grade level. My children look forward to "computer time" every day, and it gives me peace of mind that they are learning in line with what students in public school are learning at their grade level. We plan on continuing to use it unless my children become bored with it. We have told many people about it.”
Kristi C., Co-op Member
”My five year old son loves IXL! He loves to pick different areas to practice, and show off his awards to his grandparents. I don't use a whole curriculum, so this ia a great fit for our math class and our homeschool budget. I let him practice anything, and teach him the sections he has any questions or trouble about. The practice questions really help cement the lesson in his mind. Weeks later he can still answer questions about a topic he practiced, even if we haven't reviewed it. I would recommend this program as a supplement to a traditional or homeschool math class, unschoolers, and everyone in-between.”
Kristen J. Smith, Co-op Member
”I am a mother of 7th, 4th and 1st graders and they all use My 7th grader has improved in his understanding of mathematical applications while my two youngest are able to strengthen their math facts, having fun the whole time!! There's never a complaint when "iXl" is on their assignment sheet!! :)”
Stephanie Nickerson, Co-op Member
”I use IXL-Math as an independent assessment tool for my 2nd grader to see if she has understood the concepts learned in our main math curriculum, Math Mammoth (another great HSB Co-op vendor). She loves the reward "stickers" she earns along the way: I allow her to pick one additional area to work in besides the area I want assessed, so she always earns a bonus each time she is in. This keeps her motivated, working independently (something that we don't do much in her other subjects) and always looking forward to "what's next?!". I use the reports generated by her work/progress in her portfolio to show we are following state standards required by law. The reports are automatically generated by IXL or I can make my own focusing on one area at a time. This makes reporting a cinch, a real blessing.

We used IXL in Kindergarten as a fun intro to math and helped my daughter love math. I didn't renew our subscription last year and I could see the difference in her attitude. When I renewed our subscription for 2nd grade, she was so excited and asks for it daily as part of her 30-minute "screen time" (she'll choose it over watching a t.v. program). I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Leslie H., Co-op Member
”A fun and engaging program that allows you to back-fill concepts that may have been missed or see how your student fares on advanced skills. A great tool to make sure your home-schooled student is ready for standardized testing.”
Chris T, Co-op Member
”Thank goodness for IXL math!!! My daughter loves the practice, earning rewards, and seeing her progress. And I love not having the pressure to teach my child an area in which I am weak! I have let other friends know how great IXL is, and I will certainly continue to use this service. Thank you for offering IXL, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Susan DuPre', Co-op Member
”I have been using IXL Math for my 6th grade son and I can't say enough great things about it! It is formatted well, meets our homeschooling needs, encourages my son, meets state standards, is fun to use, and has excellent customer service! I have used IXL for our primary lesson, for reinforcement, to fill in gaps, and of course for practice. I have looked for a long time to find something like IXL and now that I have found it, I plan to use it for the duration!!”
Angie C., Co-op Member
”So far, our experience with IXL has been very positive. The material is comprehensive and the reward system keeps our son going. The explanations for problems that are not answered correctly are very detailed yet simple to understand.

Its the first time when we have to tell him to take a break from Math!”
Emm, Co-op Member
”MY kids love IXL math! They spend about 2 hours a week trying to earn these silly little stickers on a virtual gameboard! I'm amazed at how simply they are motivated...

I feel so confident that they are getting a comprehensive overview of all skills at whatever level they are capable of. I LOVE the fact that it has audio for the smaller children-I have a few slow and non-readers. I don't have to stand there and tell them what to do - they can just click and hear for themselves and then move on with their work. I am very satisfied with my purchase through the Co-op! I feel like I got a great deal, since I didn't know how much the kids would use the program. This was my first purchase through the Co-op and I'm completely sold! It was seamless and painless and fast! It is easy to tell others about both IXL and the Co-op, because I really love them both!”
Mrs. Richards, Co-op Member
”So far, so good! We are using IXL math as a supplement to our singapore math books. I can choose a relavant topic for my child, or he can mouse over the options and choose visually, for himself. I think for more difficult tasks, a notepad near the computer might be handy for quick calculating, but so far we have not needed it. I do not think there is much stimulation with the Award virtual sticker chart, based on the response of my kid. (Raz kids has a nice concept on level achievements/game reward.) Would be great to see something a little more involved. However, he is proud/amazed to know how many minutes or tasks he's completed, in the form of the certificates you can print out. Being able to see what problems are missed is very helpful, and to see how they correlate to the core standards is also beneficial to me as a parent. We have been using IXL, for about a month, and plan to continue. Hopefully we will move on to some more advanced topics, too.”
Melanie H, Co-op Member
”IXL is a great product for the most simple reason that it is easy for kids to follow, and provides metrics by which to measure kids. My child as well as some of her friends use this instructional and find it well worth it given that it helps reinforce skills to my child. i would certainly recommend this product and encourage more like it. Thanks!!!”
Eli Reinharz, Co-op Member
”We have been using IXL math for 2 years and love how easy it is for our children to get some extra practice with this program. My kids love anything computer and this keeps track of what areas they have mastered and I get a report telling me what they have been working on. For my preschooler who cannot yet read, there is a speaker button he can click and it reads the problem to him and then reads each of the choices for the answer. Love everything about it.”
Suzanne, homeschooling mom of 4, Co-op Member
”This is the second year my kids have used ixl Math. My kids (ages 13, 11, and 8) really like going onto the ixl site and doing their math practice. I really like that I can have them work on particular skills regardless of their grade level. Also, ixl emails you a weekly "check-up" letting you know how each child did for the week. (That way my kids know that I'll be on top of it!) The problems really make them think about the math concepts. We love it- an A+!”
L. Nies, Co-op Member
”This program has greatly assisted me in teaching my daughter who struggles with learning disabilities. I am able to change between visual or concrete problems and also, numeric problems or abstract. She had issues with the abstract, but is able to do so more efficiently since using this program. I highly recommend this program. I have tried several curriculums and manipulatives with her, but this program has helped better than any of those. My daughter also loves the certificates and virtual items she works to acquire. They give her a feeling of accomplishment. A+ for IXL from this homeschool mom!!! My daughter is almost 8 years old and loves working on the computer. She is in second grade. Sometimes I take her down to the first grade level on things she needs to review or is having trouble with. It has speech options, with the instruction sentence, for non-readers at this level, if needed. Second grade level doesn't have this option. The only down side of this program is that I have to read the instructions for her, at times, with the second grade level. It gives immediate feedback if she misses a problem and shows how to solve it. I recommend IXL to all of my friends and homeschool moms. I will continue to use it for several years. I'm sure. It was great to get the Homeschool Buyers Co-op price. It is so much more visual than all of the other computer based programs we have tried for my daughter. I highly recommend everyone try IXL. Especially, parents of kids with learning disabilities and young children, because of the great visuals and the speaker instructions.”
Pam, Co-op Member
”IXL is one of our favorite Math practicing website for a while for my childrens. Practice makes perfection and thats what we get out of IXL the most. It helps them to master a lesson in all levels of difficulty's.”
Ganesh A., Co-op Member
”This is our first year homeschooling our child with autism. IXL has been a great help in reaching our child in a medium that he likes besides providing him with 'gold medals' for his improvement. We can easily keep track of the work done and what it is ahead.”
P. Whitley, Co-op Member
”My 6 and 5 year old have been using ixl for about a month now. We have found it very helpful to see exactly where they stand in math. i will continue to use it and have already recommended it to a mom considering homeschooling, and another that doesn't feel her daughter is being challenged enough in school.”
Jen G, Co-op Member
”I LOVE the deal I got on IXL. I love that IXL is set up by national/state standards and users practice one skill over & over again. My son loves completing exercises to get virtual rewards and printable certificates. He has done 3500 problems since we started working with IXL! (He loves math). Since IXL has many, many levels, it will be a tool we can use for years to come.”
Elisabeth, Co-op Member
”I love this site since my children can study on their pace. They enjoy the practice and progress impressively in Math. The practice is full of varieties, interesting, interactive and give the explanation right away for the mistakes. Moreover, I got the membership with a very attractive discount from HBC! Thanks HBC!”
H.Sheikh, Co-op Member
”I was thrilled to see the substantial discount. I have tried other similar services but none are as full featured (lots of problems, adapt to your child's learning level, achievement tracking, awards, nice interface).

One thing I as a parent use it for is to refresh me on how to answer a problem. If my child has a question and I am not sure how to answer a problem I simply search for that type of problem in IXL, plug in an obviously incorrect answer and hit enter. I then get a clear example of how to get the correct answer.

(If only I had had this when I was in school!)

A good tutor is $25/ hour so this is a fantastic deal. Sign up.”
Scott J, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is a wonderful math resource. My children are very involved in it. They love to see the gold medals when they achieve 100% and they absolutely adore the certificates. The certificates are e-mailed to me and I print them and hang them on their bulletin board. The reports are wonderful and I love that they can work on any grade level. If your child does not know how to read yet, it will read the questions and answers to them at the younger levels.”
S. Rosebrock, Co-op Member
”I love using IXL, for my first and fifth grader. They look forward to the math practice they receive from this wonderful site. The certificates and points they earn to receive rewards keeps them motivated to do MORE MATH! I have subscribed twice, and plan on continuing! My one request, is that you add some form of instructional content, for us parents who want to give our students an advantage! Thanks for your great learning tool!”
Jerri W., Co-op Member
”IXL Math has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool cirriculum. My sons - 2nd and 4th grade - really enjoy the exercises and earning medals. I love the reports that come to help me celebrate achievements with my boys and give me information each week so I can see their progress/hours. It makes my job much easier and less time-consuming. I would highly recommend this product. I plan to have this as a permanent part of our homeschool curriculum.”
Audra, Co-op Member
”We love this math program! We use it as additional math. I chose it for my younger daughter (7) who needed more math practice than was offered in her curriculum. She is very motivated by the "prizes" (pictures for her page). My older daughter (10) is good at math and finds the mastery of different topics to be very satisfying. She does it just for fun. I found last year when I did Iowa tests with them that there were a few areas of math that we had missed, so I appreciate having a list of subjects by grade level. It sends me reports by e-mail of what they have completed and how many hours they have practiced, which is convenient for reporting to the state. I haven't seen another program that is so comprehensive. I have talked it up to both my homeschooling and non homeschooling friends!”
Robin, Co-op Member
”I homeschool my 2 kids and with the current curriculum we are using i felt they were not getting enough out of their workbooks alone. So I looked into IXL and thought I would give it a try and am so glad that I did! It gives my kids so many different aspects of math everyday and they can choose what they want to work on for the day. They love the rewards they earn for completing a lesson. I like it that it gets them away from the workbooks and there are so many different lessons to choose from.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”I purchased IXL Math as a math supplement for my kids (in grades 5, 6, and 8) so they could practice math concepts they had learned.

IXL is a fun program. It's easy to set up and get started. It has over 200 math concepts for each grade level. For each concept, there are a series of questions and each correct answer earns points. Once the child gets to 100 points, IXL marks them as "mastering" that concept for that grade, and they get a virtual sticker to put on their sticker board.

The one drawback that frustrates my children occasionally is that if you get a wrong answer, it takes away points. There have been times that they've had almost 100 points and then start getting questions wrong and end up back at zero. They've been frustrated by that.

All in all, it's a fun program that is a good way to review and practice math concepts. It doesn't teach the concepts, but it's a great source for drilling, practice and reinforcement.”
K. Hellewell, Co-op Member
”I was looking for something which would allow me to take kids away from computer and study. Fortunately with ixl, i didnt have to. Kids love ixl so much that i dont mind letting them have computer to do ixl. The discount i got through homeschoolbuyers meant i dont mind trying ixl :) (something i couldnt have done without the discount).

I hv 2 kids who are currently doing year 5 and year 2 uk cirruculum from ixl and are absolutely loving it. They have started enjoying maths more.

Only flip side is that the screen freezes very often and needs a refresh. However in bigger scheme of things its a minor issue i hv to deal with.”
P Saluja, Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoys Ixl. It also gives me the opportunity to see what she learns each week. We love it.”
D. Gada, Co-op Member
”My 1st grade daughter LOVES this program. We tried the trial out first and she was so enamored with the idea of winning and unlocking prizes for completing a skill or meeting a challenge that it was a no brainer for me to add this to our homeschool curriculum. I love how it shows what skills match the state standards for each grade level. And you can jump around and go in any order. It's a great program and we're really happy with it!”
Amy, Co-op Member
”The child was getting failing grades and couldn't use a text book. We have used the program for two weeks and now he is getting 100's. this program really helps challenged students. Now I plan on buying two more subscriptions.”
Rachel S., Co-op Member
”WOW! We love it. Wish I had found IXL Math sooner.”
Kim A., Co-op Member
”This math is wonderful. I'm 16 and I really want to encourage everyone young and old to do this. My grandma even wanted to take a day and try this. I've tried many math curr. But this one is so far the best! I try to spend 3 hours in math a day because I'm behind a little in my math area. If you do 3 hours a day for 3 months that's a whole years worth of school. And let me tell once you sit down 3 hours have passed. Please do this for either summer school, homeschooling, or just for fun. For families out there do this and you will never ever regret I hope. I will continue to use this and have told other people about it. Thanks IXL to be honest you gave me hope for learning my math.”
Shelby.C, Co-op Member
”My son loves it. The program design and layout is great. It keeps my son interested. Highly recommended.”
Sumit Gupta, Co-op Member
”This is wonderful! We were using the free 20 a day at first and as a parent I liked it. After our purchase, both my preschooler and 7 year old love it!! The reports are just what I need. The reward "stamps" are keeping my kids interested! Thank you for offering this deal!!!!!”
Lisa R, Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy doing math on IXL. I love that I get regular feedback about what they are doing and how they are doing it. They get to progress at their own speed and I don't have to check every one of the math problems since the website does it for me, thus saving tons of time. The problems are grade appropriate and keeps them busy learning. I will definitely recommend IXL and keep using it!”
Rashmi K, Co-op Member
”I think this program is terrific, and the deal we got on it made it that much sweeter. My kids love playing it, and it is one of those things that they understand that they are learning and they don't care. I use it as a supplement to all of our math work, and it has been an invaluable tool. Recently my kids were asked if they would recommend it to another friend of theirs and they did without reservation!”
Joanne R., Co-op Member
”This IXL-Math has been a life savor for my 2 daughters, kinder & 1st grade. They really prefer working on the computer with math. This program makes it interesting because my girls can see their progress as they go. They are delighted when they finally reach 100% as they get different rewards on a checker-like board. We try to practice 30 minutes ever weekday- we set a timer. As a parent I like the emails regarding how many questions the girls attempted to answer and how many they got correct, and what they need continued help on. You get an email on each child. Also, on their specific page of math items-- on right the side it lists the math items that your child has worked on & the ones they completed! Excellent resource.. Highly recommended”
Faith, Co-op Member
”The reason I purchased IXL was for my two adopted children to have regular consistent practice in skills they missed from kind and first grade. I actually have all five of my kids use it (1st grade level to Alg 2) and they all enjoy it. I use it as a supplement to tbeir curriculum. The kids love the awards and my 10 year old (alg 2) does every level just to uncover more! I will continue to use it and I have told another homeschool family about it. It is a great product for the price.”
Laura Walker, Co-op Member
”My three boys (ages 5, 10, and 14) all love practicing their latest maths skills with IXL-Math. They enjoy the virtual rewards they rack up through their practice, and they appreciate that when they answer a question wrong, IXL doesn't merely correct them - the site actually shows them how to work out the problem correctly so they really "get" it. IXL-Math motivates as well as educates!”
L. Walter, Co-op Member
”I have 3 daughters who use IXL (ages 9, 8, and 6). Before we signed up, they were willing to do math each day, but it wasn't something they looked forward to. Now, they can't wait to get to math time! They often request more time on IXL during their free time. I can see clear progress in their math skills since they've started, and appreciate how appealing it is for them (without being too simple). What a wonderful program. We are so grateful. :)”
Becca H., Co-op Member
”My children ages 3,4,6,7,8,are enjoying their IXL site. We are thrilled to be able to buy it for this many children at a discounted rate. I am able to monitor their progress every few days and get a end of the week report detailing the topics and time spent. This enables me to see areas of strength and weakness for each child. Thank you HBC for another excellent buy!”
A. Guzman, Co-op Member
”Hello, we the Vil family is extremely thankful for Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We are new at homeschooling and Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a great tool and asset. Thank you for recommending IXL. It is awesome to be able to teach our children with the greatest tools that actually catches their attention and helps them learn. Our son loves IXL and so do we. We will definitely continue to use them and Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have told others about it and will continue in doing so. We truly recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-op and IXL. Thank you!!”
Mrs. Estella Vil, Co-op Member
”This is the first online math program we have used for our children, ages 11 and 7. They have been using IXL for a little over 2 months now and are going through their grade levels quickly, the 7 year old is almost ready to move into the next grade level. I like how the sections are divided up into individual concepts. This makes it easier to teach a certain concept that they need extra help in. The children enjoy receiving the awards and certificates. This isn't a program that a child can do all on their own however, sometimes concepts need to be taught by a parent or another way. IXL does provide written explanations but my children don't always read these and will just by it, so I feel like I need to be there to make sure they understand and are learning. For now we will continue to use IXL, we will re-evaluate after a year to know if this is still working for us.”
J. Robinson, Co-op Member
”My daughter likes doing math on It's hard to make her parctice math on paper. She likes getting the prizes and even will do an extra topic just to get a prize. Each day I just tell her which skills to practice that day and she does it and I can check later where she made mistakes and how she did overall. We are very happy with and will continue to do it to practice various math skills.”
Yulia, Co-op Member
”I love Math IXL. I like how there is a breakdown of all the state standards, so I can be certain that we're covering everything. It's not as "fun" as other math programs out there, but I prefer this, so the focus is actually practicing math skills. I'm very pleased with this purchase.”
Krystal, Co-op Member
”I had been trialing IXL with my 7yo daughter for a few weeks when I noticed the great deal offered through the Homeschool Co-op. My daughter loves practicing math with IXL - it is very visual and easy to use. Even my 4yo twins are loving working through the pre-K program.”
Ylva, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter thinks using IXL Math is fun. She is working through the skills for her grade level at 10 minutes per day (before her regular math curriculum). It works great for us and we will continue to use it.”
Nancy S, Co-op Member
”I like the setup of the math problems. It is very specific to each kid's weakness and let the kids do more exercise in that respect. My kids like seeing what award or prize they get after each achievement. That is one of their motivations to do it. They grasp new skills while enjoying it.”
D lu, Co-op Member
”We love IXL Math! IXL is fantastic for both learning and review. If there is something you have not covered, you just double click the answer box and you are walked through the method to arrive at the correct answer. Love it!”
Janine S., Co-op Member
”Math has consistently been a subject where at different times in my children's learning journey new resources were needed to sustain their interest.

My 6 graded spends an hour daily on IXL without me even reminding him of doing his math: he loves the choice he has to tackle a new level and the variety of topics, treasures his independence by receiving immediate feedback on his errors etc.

I enjoy the weekly summary which helps me determine which areas he may need to focus more attention. So, while my son works on his own, I am fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses within the subject.”
Stephanie M., Co-op Member
”Math IXL is the most complete and comprehensive skill learning tool that I have used. It is challenging, and at the same time it is fun for my children. The reward methods utilized as the children advance are encouraging them to master the skill that is being learned. Thus, the parent's report and news bring another dimension to this program. Through it I am able to identify where my children need reinforcement and why! We all love it! As for them, they can't get enough!”
Jan De Torres, Co-op Member
”I purchased IXL- math because our local schools use it. My son Sam has learning disabilities and the school has been using it with him and he is doing well. I wanted him to be able to keep progressing over the summer. I also wanted my older son who is homeschooled to increase his math score on basic skills test. It is a great tool to help kids with math. Kids can work on only the areas they struggle with and not be bogged down with alot of extra work. We will love using it this summer and will use it in the future with younger siblings when they are ready.”
Elizabeth Steinmeyer, Co-op Member
”My kids don't have to be asked to do their math each day, they just do it on their own without complaining! It's a huge switch from what we were using before. My kids like the rewards they get, even my 10 and 14 year old like to work hard to get a new reward on their board. My 4 kids ranging in age from 5-14 are using IXL and love it! I wish there were more subjects offered through IXL, I know we would be interested in using them for our homeschool.”
Jodi V., Co-op Member
”Both parents and child like the program. Only complaint is that the child can't go back and re-do his incorrect answers. We will continue to use this throughout the summer.”
Lisa T., Co-op Member
”IXL math has received mixed reviews in our home. My 5 year old loves it and does math on the ipad pretty much everyday even though we are currently on summer break. My 9 year old, who does not love math doesn't really agree with her little sister! I love that it sends me reports on their progress and I can see where they may be having any problems that need added attention. I also like that the student can complete sections in any grade level they choose at any time. I find this to be helpful because it allows them access to all areas and levels for review, improve their current understanding or jump ahead and see if they grasp higher levels. The reward system is fun, but perhaps geared to appeal to younger kids. With the prices available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I suggest giving it a try. We will continue to use it as long as my kids show interest in it. Since they all learn differently, that may be only with my younger child! :0)”
Tisha, Co-op Member
”My 6yr old daughter finds mathematics very challenging, I knew she could do it if I knew how to teach her better. I tried different websites and programs, trying IXL was my last resort and my best choice ever. My daughter asks to go on more everyday. She loves it and she finds mathematics fun now.”
Ebun O., Co-op Member
”Hi, I am very glad to choose my daughter loves it every time she uses thank you IXL :). Yes, I will continue using it.if any child is struggling with math they can consider IXL.”
Neel, Co-op Member
”I used through our 2nd grade year and my daughter loved it. She loved seeing all the prizes after completing each section. We could skip around to different grade levels if she needed extra work or more advanced levels work. We are using it again as she enters 4th grade and she is just as excited about it.”
Beverly M., Co-op Member
”My child is in love with this iXL website! The first night she stayed on the site for an hour and BEGGED to stay longer. Next night it was 90 minutes. I definitely support any learning vehicle that engages my child like this one has. I like getting progress reports to see where she is excelling or where she needs more help. I also like the fact that I can choose the state whose standards I want her work aligned with, but also get to choose the grade level. This way you can tailor the usage of the site based on where your child is. If they are advanced you can choose a higher grade level or the other way around. The feedback with the virtual medals is also something that really motivates her. All in all, I would definitely recommend this program to other families.”
TJS, Co-op Member
”I use IXL Math as a supplement to our regular Math curriculum, and my kids really enjoy using it. I love it because I can keep track of what they are learning with the weekly reports. I also like the way the activities tie in with our provincial learning outcomes.”
Joanne, Co-op Member
”It works great as a supplement math practice program! My children from 10 to 4 all love it! The prizes always make them excited to work hard.”
Q. Fang, Co-op Member
”We are grateful for Homeschool Co-op! They bring us so many great deals for our home. Our children love ixl. We got it for our 3, 5, & 6 yr old. It is fun & exciting for all of them! We have told our other friends about it as well.”
Marci K, Co-op Member
”IXL-Math is definitely a great supplemental resource. My daughter loves it and as parents, we love it too especially the word problems and that is the biggest area of improvement we as parents have noticed...we will be using IXL-Math for quite some time.”
Aggrey, Co-op Member
”This was one of the best purchases we have made for our homeschool! Both of the kids (ages 7 and 9) love this program. We are using the 2nd and 4th grade materials at this time and progress is being made by both children. Our youngest loves math and asks "Can I do my IXL now?" The oldest struggles a bit with math but has said "I understand it when they explain it better." Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to teach their children math - homeschool or not. I would like to thank IXL for their excellent work in creating and maintaining this site. And, I would like to thank the Co-op for their hard work in getting us such and EXCELLENT price!”
Diane M, Co-op Member
”My 6 and 4 year olds started IXL this summer. I paid only $68 for 2 through the Co-op -- instead of $160 -- and service was excellent! They are truly enjoying IXL and are thrilled with the points and awards they get. I like that IXL also trains them to use the mouse and keyboard while having their review. The topics are quite thorough and questions increase in difficulty as one gets correct answers. Very happy with IXL. I can't wait to have the Language Arts program! I highly recommend IXL to friends.”
Homeschool Mama, Co-op Member
”I use IXL Math as a supplement to our regular math program. I am very pleased with it. My kids (13, 8 & 5) really enjoy using it & I like it because I can keep track of their learning. If they need help understanding a math concept, I can always assign them to the specific exercise and let them practice until they understand. We start using it last year and now I just renew my subscription through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Vanda R, Co-op Member
”Our family began the IXL math program about a month ago and so far we give it a thumbs up! Each of the children ages 6, 9, and 10 have benefited greatly in their math skills just in these last few weeks of doing IXL math for 30 minutes each school day. We appreciated the discount we obtained just for being a Co-op member as well, that was a blessing for our family!”
Jenny N., Co-op Member
”IXL has been a wonderful supplement to our homeschooling. It not only reinforces skills learned, but also allows my children an opportunity to explore unfamiliar concepts at their own pace. Both of my boys ask for it daily, and with IXL's reports I am confident that even when I leave the room my children are learning. No doubt we will continue to use IXL for years to come.”
M. Nelson, Co-op Member
”We have only been using IXL math for a short period of time now, but have already seen some of the benefits. We have three kids in grades 4th, 5th & 6th. Its easy for kids to use and follow independently. It clearly breaks down and explains the incorrect answers. Its a good source for parents/teachers to use for additional worksheets on any specific topic. There are some glitches that occur sporadically including incorrect answers & some incorrect tracking. But other than that its a good resource. I would recommend in to others.”
harb, Co-op Member
”My pre-K child loves IXL and bugs me at least once a day to do math on the computer. My First grade child was actually the one that wanted me to purchase IXL membership in order to collect the awards (it gives you a medal after each skill practice and a picture collection). They are both excited about what surprise they will earn as they practice more and are happy with them.

I am sure I will be using this again next year. I would recommend this product if your child struggles in math, but I would also suggest that the parent(s) does it with them to help explain the tougher questions.”
Emily W, Co-op Member
”I love and my kids love IXL math! (I wish I was a member of this Co-op when I signed up) I just purchased IXL English so we will see. I'm a brand new homeschooler. I am teaching from Saxon math but use IXL to supplement. I have been able to find a lesson that matches what Saxon is presenting. I have always felt Saxon does not provide enough practice in the new material presented. I may just move to IXL. The kids "play" as long as I let them and they love comparing how many awards they have earned. The certificates need to be proudly displayed when they have accomplished the number of problems solved and other awards kids love. The program gives immediate feedback and increasingly harder problems then regress if needed. This program gets me excited for my kids and homeschooling!”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”My daughter is in Grade 2 and we have been using IXL Math for over a month now. She loves practising Math on IXL and we have seen an improvement in her speed and accuracy. We would recommend IXL-Math for any kid.”
GR2PARENT, Co-op Member
”I love this program. One of my favorite things about it is when a question is answered incorrectly, it gives the child the correct answer as well as the steps they should have taken to get the correct answer. This is the best purchase I have made for our homeschool.”
Susie E., Co-op Member
”We purchased this for my 3.5 yr old. It is very helpful for us to determine what she knows and what she needs work on. I love the e-mail updates that are sent to us showing her progress. My daughter loves the online stickers and badges she wins after finishing a topic.

The only difficulty (given how young she is) is that she can't read all of the questions. She can however, click on the button next to the instruction and it will read it to her. I just wish this part was automatic for pre-K.

She is already working into some of the K work and it was good to find that out so that I can start instructing her in other areas.

I really like the layout in that you can see what is typically taught at each grade level. As a new homeschooling mother, that is VERY valuable to me!”
Nicole D., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this website! They actually asked me to purchase membership after free trial expired.”
J. White, Co-op Member
”Our children are obsessed with technology & we love that we have iXL as a resource that our children are excited about. As a homeschool parent teaching multiple children, iXL is a perfect tool to allow children to work independently while tracking their progress. My four year old uses the read to me button & can be engaged for a great length if time. My seven year old experiments with different levels to challenge herself. I love knowing exactly which skill they are working on so that it compliments and enhances our learning. I highly recommend iXL math!”
Crissy Pena, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering iXL math! We were already using it paying full price. It is a great resource and our children, ages seven & four, were using it in a daily basis to enhance our current curriculum. Plus, anything that is technology based is a reward according to my children. So, it is a win-win for all of us. As a parent, I love knowing exactly which skill they are working on & having the reports to help guide our learning. It is a great product!”
Crissy Pena, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math because it has a sequence of exercises within a theme or topic. It is a very comprehensive program compared to other math programs we have tried. I feel better using IXL knowing there will be no "holes" in my child's math education. This program makes teaching easier because once an exercise has been completed by the student, he receives a badge on his bingo card or a certificate to acknowledge the work that has been done and this engages him to continue on with the exercises in the topic until the entire theme is completed. Each theme is a complete math outcome for the current grade level. There is less chance of a portion being missed because the program takes care of the continuity for you.”
Deb H. - Homeschool Teacher, Co-op Member
”My son isn't a fan of school, but I ask him to go onto IXL Math whenever I need to get something done and can't be guiding him. I ask for just 10 minutes and he'll still be doing it 40 minutes later. I like that it broken done into small segments. making it easy to tell him where to focus. I like the messages they send out sporadically as he proceeds through the program. I was very happy to see that he had already finished 5% of his grade level by the end of the second week. It doesn't do the teaching, but is great for drill and record keeping.”
L Waldman, Co-op Member
”My son loves IXL Math! I'm so glad it was recommended to me and now I am recommending it to others. It's great practice for him and I love the reports so I know exactly where he is and how well he is doing! He is so encouraged when he wins a game piece. It's a great motivator and a great program! Plus we have already downloaded the app so he can learn on the go.”
N. Gomez, Co-op Member
”This is a great program. My kids like it a lot & I love the reports I get, lots of detail. I will check out your other programs soon.
Happy mom”
Renee Behning, Co-op Member
”IXL Math has been a great supplemental resource for math. There are hundreds of skills for each grade level. They are clearly organized and named. When we are working on math and my child struggles in an area, or I just think a little extra practice would be good, I can find that skill and have him go work on it through IXL Math. It will keep giving him problems until he reaches a 90% proficiency and then it goes into a challenging area and will continue until he reaches an even higher proficiency. I then get reports of how he is doing and how long it took him. He gets awards for his work at different levels. Just one more way to provide some supplemental help without me having to spend forever creating and grading problems. I recommend IXL Math!”
Lynda H., Co-op Member
”IXL continues to be the best homeschool investment we have made. The interface is easy to use, the reports are very precise, and the content is exceptional. I am very pleased that we made the decision to incorporate IXL into our studies.”
LW, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is a great program. My son was practicing on IXL for the past 2 years. He scored 4+ on NYS state exams on both 3rd and 4th grades. He is the only in his class to get 101% percent in almost every class math test. I'm so happy to see IXL has started the ELA program. We signed up for that too. I recommended IXL to many of my friends and each had a lot of positive things to say about this program.”
Sambasiva Andaluri, Co-op Member
”I love it. The organization and record keeping is great. It also lets you know what topics are age appropriate with a very thorough list. Test out the 20 free questions per day to see if your kids like it. Then you can decide if you want to buy.”
EG, Co-op Member
”I love IXL, and my kids love it , too. It is an excellent help for homeschooling student, and for every kid. I talked about the big discount that we received from Co-op as a member of this special group. Thank you so much for be there for our families.
Best Wishes!!!!!!!,
Belkys and family”
Belkys, Co-op Member
”I use both IXL math and English as a last step in the process of making sure my girls have grasped each concept. I appreciate the fact that they have taken the time to create sample questions for all of the state standards that might as well have been written in Greek. I appreciate the peace of mine of knowing I am not leaving anything out.”
Emily B., Co-op Member
”My daughter, who had once hated math, loves it! It teaches concepts, that in regular classroooms do not teach. She gets really exicted when she gets a medal or a ribbon. I heard about IXL tbrough a friend and I jumped on this opportunity, as I do not have time to sit with my daughter and teach her math. Compared to other products this one was the most effictive and I will continue to use this for a very long time.”
M.Valluru, Co-op Member
”My kids are actually excited to practice math skills. They get the opportunity to practice skills they have already learned and learn new ones too. My Kindergartner loves that she can work on the computer by herself -- and I love that the program reads her the questions.”
MGaal, Co-op Member
”My children love IXL for its uncomplicated, easy-to-use format, and I love it for its weekly tracking reports.”
Tana S., Co-op Member
”Our son did well in the all Canada Mathematica contest thanks to IXL. The kids enjoy it and it is a much cheaper option than Kumon Learning Centers.”
Mrs Uzma, Co-op Member
”IXL provides practice in math which my daughter doesn't mind doing. She prefers working on the computer or IPad vs pencil and paper. I like that I get a report in how she is doing. Anything that she doesn't master, we review to make sure she understands the concepts.”
S. Heinrich, Co-op Member
”IXL Math has been the best purchase I have made this year. My kids are mastering new math skills everyday and enjoy the virtual prizes and medals. It keeps them motivated. Thank you IXL.”
Joanne C., Co-op Member
”This is the best Math program i have seen. It covers the entire curriculum for all states so i know my child is learning everything that any US state offers. The reports provide all the information i need and i especially love the trouble spots which help you identify areas you need to go over with your child.

I plan to continue to use it for years to come and would recommend this to everyone out there.”
Ameet R., Co-op Member
”We love IXL math. It is engaging for the kids. They like earning the rewards. For the younger levels the non-readers can click the speaker to have the instructions read to them. It doesn't provide "lessons" so we use it for practice. Although for my first grader I just give a few examples on the new material and he catches on quickly. I like the parent emails for progress reports--I don't have to log in to check up on his work. We have used IXL for two years, two different students, and the others are often requesting a turn.”
Ashley, Co-op Member
”My Kindergartner was not too exited about math but with the idea of doing it online and with the voice assistance, she loves "IXL" time. Not only has her math skills improved but her reading also.”
Jay T, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math, for many reasons. 1st- it has so many specific skills from which to choose. 2nd- the kids can earn rewards and see how much they are learning. 3rd- the weekly reports (automatically sent to me) make it easy for me to keep track of what the kids have practiced. It is an excellent program, providing feedback instantly when a child misses a problem. I strongly recommend incorporating IXL Math into your homeschool regimen.”
JennyMac, Co-op Member
”My kid loves IXL and excited whenever she got a prize.”
Sam, Co-op Member
”We had been using the "free 20 questions a day" trial with IXL for several months and my kids had enjoyed doing them so I finally decided to buy the program. It was well worth it! My oldest struggles with math so this has drastically helped her and it is a fun, motivating way to get my youngest to practice her math skills. The awards and certificates are definitely the highlight for both of them. Highly recommend.”
Val S., Co-op Member
”I initially purchased the ixl math online to engage my 4 year old during homeschooling math time. I had found nothing else to keep his attention. He loves getting on the computer. I found out he knows a lot more in math than I was even aware of. It is great that with ixl math you can just jump to the next grade level or skill when you see your child is ready. Ixl math also allowed me to see that skills I thought my 3rd grader was struggling with he easily and accurately completes on the computer. I was taught prior to avoid math lessons on the computer, from veteran homeschool families. Maybe for their families that was the case but for my family ixl has increased my children's confidence, decreased math boredom, and decreased frustration. Thank you.”
Mandee, Co-op Member
”This has really helped my son understand math better and showed him how to work the problems. It's a really great program and I highly recommend it to anyone with children.i have told many people about it and I will make sure that we renew it when the year is up.”
Sonya Palmer, Co-op Member
”My kids love IXL for two reasons (hint: it isn't the math). They love the computer time, and they love earning the stars with the surprises behind them. It is extremely helpful with my 7 yr old when I am busy with the older ones and need something to keep him occupied.
The IXL support team helped me out of a jam when I made some errors with the children's accounts - it was unfixable from home - so I sent an e-mail, and it was fixed the next day. It had been my error, not their's, and they were extremely kind. I highly recommend it from the perspective of like-ability, academics, and tech support.”
Kerry L., Co-op Member
”We have had this since October. My son started playing with it (he's in 2nd grade) in the preschool section and loved all of the awards he got for finishing sections. I didn't mind because I felt like it was a good review of concepts. The first grade and second grade strands were not that different and I felt like it would take him too long to get through the first grade curriculum, so we got on task in the right grade level. Sometimes he tries out other grade levels and gets a kick out of being able to answer a 7th grade question, for example.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the most of the reporting system. But now, after the first semester, I have a good handle on it. I would consider myself a hybrid unschooler. I am very adamant about wanting the 3 R's to be covered and mastered and take a more dynamic approach following his natural curiosity for the core subjects. In first grade I had tried to cover math and language arts the same way, but when we took placement tests at the beginning of the year, I realized there were topics we had never discussed.

IXL covers the rudimentary aspects of English Language Arts Grammar and Mathematics. It is broken down by skill and aligned with the state curriculum requirements. Once I figured out how to keep track of the number of skills covered in each section I was able to get my son on track to cover all of the skills at a reasonable pace. It also gives my a sense of relief to know that I have not missed any of the strands, and I get emailed updates showing me time spent and benchmarks reached.

Working on grade level is more challenging, and it does require me and my husband to sit with him as he learns new skills. So, if you are looking to use this as the teacher, this is not the program for you. If you are looking for a practice and tracking tool, this is perfect. It tells me both what I need to cover and what he has mastered.”
Penny R, Co-op Member
”Excellent apart from the punishments for getting a question wrong can be a little harsh and disheartened him. IXL as improved my sons maths skills without doubt.”
Graeme C., Co-op Member
”ixl is just too awesome just too awesome”
benparker, ixl user student
”Love it and the discount”
Leslie Berger, Co-op Member
”"Before buying IXL I used a different product that required me to print and give to my student a paper sheet to do the problems. This required me to keep track of the scoring and correcting of the student's work manually. Sometimes I would loose the answer key and it would take me more time to correct the exercises.

I tried IXL as a test product for a month and as an online product this not only met my needs but exceeded them. I could track my student''s work online and the questions are immediately graded and feedback provided. This allowed me to concentrate more on teaching the concepts rather than managing the exercises. I immediately signed up for a 1 year offering and since then I am very happy as I am really getting the value."”
Niraj S., Co-op Member
”We love ixl math! Our daughter was struggling a bit with math and using beans, cubes or food it was not working well. I decided to try ixl math and she loves it! She responds well when we get it out and she loves that she receives gold medals for her work.”
Danette, Co-op Member
”We use IXL math as a supplement to our other Math program. I'm happy with our purchase. As a homeschooling mom, I like having a grade specific program so I can be confident that any math skill aren't falling through the cracks.”
homeschool mom, Co-op Member
”My 2 boys in 1 and 3 grades love IXL. My 1st grader loves it even more, but I think that's just his personality. He will do it for an hour or longer, without stopping, if I allow him.

We will likely purchase another subscription for the next school year. It helps build confidence for problem solving and looking at various areas of math.”
Kaari B., Co-op Member
”We have used IXL - Math for many years and this year have added IXL - Language Arts. We use IXL to ensure our children are able to master concepts at their grade levels. Additionally, I like that IXL follows current testing standards, as they are always changing. This saves me a lot of time trying to ensure that the curriculum we use is competitive with public education.”
D. Jacobs, Co-op Member
”All three of my kids enjoy IXL because it is visually appealing and makes practice fun and interesting, and I like the way it isolates specific skills and keeps track of their progress. Another feature I appreciate is that they are able to work in whichever grade level is appropriate for them, and because IXL explains their incorrect answers, they are better able to work independently.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”We used IXL once before and my children loved it. When we changed curriculum I no longer felt we had the time to participate in our schedule; however, we found out we were moving and decided to sign our kids up again to help ease school hours during the transition. Our children love it. I love that my kids just go and get going alone. With three grade levels in math right now, it's a real help! The kids feel encouraged by the stickers :) never used a competitor. Yes we will continue to use it. Yes, I have been telling purple about it since 2010.”
Damian Schulte, Co-op Member
”It is a great program for kids to learn math. I really love it. My kids love it as well.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”This is a fabulous tool to reinforce the math concepts I am teaching throughout the year!
I love that my child can do each lesson on their own and if they get incorrect answer the program will tell them why they got it wrong before they are able to proceed to the next answer.
The program also makes sure my child has completely mastered each concept before allowing them to medal out of the concept!
You can skip around your desired grade as you teach your child and do not have to follow the order they program lists.
My child enjoys doing the program and will actually ask if there is a IXL exercise they can do after our math lesson :)
IXL will continue to be a go to program in our household.”
CMNS, Co-op Member
”I initially signed up my 10 year old to try it out. I loved the potential so much I signed up 2 more kids! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce this to my family at a reasonable price.”
Ashley, Co-op Member
”Before I pulled my children from a school IXL was one of the tools that they were using and enjoying. We had looked into purchasing it at the beginning of the home school year because they enjoyed it so much. Plus they didn't complain about practicing math. But it was too expensive for 4 children. The co-op discount was worth it. My children are logging into IXL without complaining. They love the awards they earn and even compare the awards to each other. A little competition is a good thing in our home school home!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”Our family has been using IXL Math for the past 2 years. I just renewed our membership for a third year, this year I added the Language Arts onto our subscription. While my kids don't always want to practice, they love the virtual prizes they receive for mastering a skill. My kids would like their to be a virtual prize board for the Language Arts too, but maybe that will be coming. I think it is a great tool to reinforce math facts just as a suppliment, or for a struggling learner. I plan to keep using it for years to come with my children. Being able to renew through the co-op is a blessing as it saves me a good bit each year. Thank you for offering it!”
Jasmine T., Co-op Member
”I purchased Lanugage Arts only. My kids are really enjoying it (online, not too much going on with the screen, yet kid-friendly), and I so appreciate the automated record-keeping aspect. They move forward from standards they excel and master, and IXL informs me of those that need more work. Who could ask for more after a busy day of hands-on homeschooling to reinforce Language Arts?! My husband is a teacher and he really appreciates how each section is tied to a specific standard. I've told several others about it and will probably continue to use it. Automated and easy, interesting for the children.”
CK, Co-op Member
”I find this program to be a great practice tool - technology assisted , self graded , self paced , interesting spectrum of problems , no paper own . Highly recommended .”
Manish kumar, Co-op Member
”GREAT PROGRAM for the price! Provides weekly feedback on length of time children spent practicing and even what scores children earned on each section completed...Wonderful for tracking multiple students.
Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!”
Joseph Family, Co-op Member
”This has been a great addition to our homeschool. Our son enjoys earning prizes while learning. We would recommend this to anyone. It is fun and safe for students.”
Trisha H, Co-op Member
”Our son with high functioning autism loves it. The quizzes are challenging enough, builds onto each other, and is not too long to take. He's only good for about 15 minutes at a time on most days, so the quizzes are timed perfectly. We like receiving the reports by email, and the progress "Certificate of Achievements" each week, for our home school records.”
Dee R., Co-op Member
”When we sat down as a family to decide on what programs/curriculum we were going to use this year by 3 sons decided they wanted to continue with IXL. They find it challenging but like that. We are now going into our 3rd year with IXL Math. I love how it does challenges my boys and when they complete a section I know that they know the material covered. They have a section to cover only what is covered in your state but you are not limited to that. This will also be our second year using their Language Arts.”
Lisa B., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves to do IXL math on our IPad. It is something she can do on her own and likes to see how well she us doing. She is in 1st. Grade. I also called them for technical help... Excellent customer service from IXL!”
Beth Ann, Co-op Member
”What a great addition to our math curriculum! I love that the kids get practice "testing" on the computer. They have been able to fill in any gaps that our textbook math curriculum might have. The kids LOVE seeing their progress and getting virtual rewards.”
T Heaton, Co-op Member
”IXL is a great math practice program that is aligned with Core Curriculum. The smart score lets the child practice more on their weaker skills while quickly promoting them on their stronger skills. Both of my childrens test scores have improved significantly with this program. I strongly recommend both Math and ELA modules for parents as part of the childrens daily practice.”
Sambasiva Andaluri, Co-op Member
”Its a great learning tool for all ages and its very fun for kids to do different types of math problems.”
Bale, Co-op Member
”My son has enjoyed using IXL. It is a great break from math worksheets!!”
Kathy H., Co-op Member
”We LOVE IXL Math. My preschooler is in his first year of homeschooling and he loves doing his IXL lessons. He breezes through them and can either choose to let me read the questions or click on the audio button to have it read to him. I was originally worried it would be too much for him, but he asks every day to do his IXL, and I have a feeling he'll be in kindergarten math in just a few more weeks! He loves the little prizes and my husband and I love the weekly emails telling us how he's doing. I forward them to my husband at work and he is always so proud of our little guy!”
Erin E, Co-op Member
”A program for the struggling math student which accommodates tons of practice and explanations when there is a need. I love that there is so much opportunity for practice - an excellent program.”
Catherine Hewlette, Co-op Member
”I am a believer. Can't say enough good things about this program. It's easy to use, my homeschooled son loves it, and the reports are a gold mine. Everyone should be supplementing his or her curriculum with IXL Math.”
N. Huffman Hollins, Co-op Member
”This is a great resource for our family. I have subscriptions for my three oldest (ages 8, 7, 5). I use it as a supplement to our math curriculum to provide review and extra practice. Worth the money!”
laura k, Co-op Member
”So worth the money! The greatest math out there! Your child masters a skill and moves on. Quick, fun, fast learning!
Highly recommend by both parent and child!”
lacasablanca, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the special offer for homeschooling families. I really appreciate the way you have my state's standards identified so that I can ensure I am not missing any components my children might need for state testing. My daughter is enjoying the program and looks forward to using the program. My son also enjoys seeing how well he is doing as he answers the questions. Both of my children love that the program has an option to hear the computer read to them instead of me. This allows them to work a bit more independently! We like the explanation feature when a wrong answer is chosen also! Thank you for such a great program that provides a fun way for my children to work on math skills.”
Julianne K., Co-op Member
”I do not review or rate any products. But just want to share my experience. When my kids were exposed to IXL Math, they resisted at first. But later on, it has become a part of their daily schedule. This has created so much interest that they do not want to miss the learning skills and fun at the same time. The course have been crafted carefully such that the kid doesn't get bored or feel pain mastering it.

My kids are in 5th Grade and 7th Grade and had been on trial version for a while. Looking at the benefits, I started looking out for deals to buy. Googling it brought me to the right place and thanks to Co-op. I purchased it right away and have been using it without interruption.

I haven't used other products for so long as this seem to be an optimal way of learning for the kids. You wouldn't regret it buying IXL for School/Home School.”
Satish Sivasubramanian, Co-op Member
”We are new to homeschooling and joined to help us down this new road. My four children use it daily as a supplement to our math program. I like that I the extra support so the will have a strong grasp of the math concepts.”
Deb P., Co-op Member
”I appreciate the user friendly arrangement of the website, which my two students use for math for standardized testing (even such as SAT), as well as for review. My 7th grader continues to be spurred on to finish a section because he just has to reach the 100 points goal.”
julie w, Co-op Member
”Having taught math at middle schools, high schools, and community colleges, and having worked as a math specialist and resource teacher for K-8 teachers, purchasing IXL for my Kindergartener was a no brainer. Practice is essential to success in math and IXL makes practice fun. My daughter does not like writing a lot to complete practice worksheets but LOVES earning awards as she masters skills on IXL. she asks to practice on IXL and even works on it when we are away from home (on the iPad). She can't wait to finish the Kindergarten skills so she can start first grade skills and do more work with fractions (I am making her finish one level before moving on, but the program will let her earn awards is different levels all at the same time.). I have recommended IXL to parents of my students for years when I was a math teacher and I am still recommending it now to everyone that I know who is homeschooling. It is a great program and the discount available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op should not be passed up!”
Daphanie Nisbeth, Co-op Member
”I love the fact I can send the kids to the computer and they are still learning while playing games. They are becoming stronger and faster with math! Love being able to see them excel and in which areas they need more help. The kids love "opening" their prizes!”
Tigerof6, Co-op Member
”Good product, worth the investment! Highly recommended!”
AP, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is so easy to use. We have 6 kids- age 3-18. It spans all the grades easily. I love that the kids can pick one area to work on at a time. It is so user friendly. They all love to work towards the certificates they receive as they complete certain tasks and certain number of problems. It has been a great program for reviewing topics in math. Love, Love, Love IXL math.”
Heather Bailey, Co-op Member
”IXL is great, my son enjoys it so much he doesn't think of it as schoolwork. He loves the prizes and the certificates. I will definitely recommend it to other homeschooling families.”
J. Miller, Co-op Member
”IXL is an excellent program for both their very good coverage of Math for my 7, 11, and 14 year old children who perform exercises daily re-enforcing everything we go over. What I really love about the site is the detailed instructions they provide and feedback whenever one of my children misses a problem on the exercise. What's even more exciting is the fact they have added a new language arts section they really provides a good foundation to re-enforce and understand English and Reading exercises as I work with the children.”
M. Lovett, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves it, and she is very excited to challenge herself on a daily basis. We also purchased Language art along with Math program from IXL.
From a happy mom.”
Nora C., Co-op Member
”IXL has been a great product for our family. My two daughters, ages 8 and 10, use it daily. It has definitely improved their math skills.”
Lisa A, Co-op Member
”Last year I subscribed to just the math program. My 7 and 9 year old loved doing it so much that I decided to renew the math again and add on the language part. Great program to motivate kids and the reports to the parent are very helpful. Highly recommend!”
Val, Co-op Member
”IXL is the perfect place for my kid to learn and practice math skills!”
Sam, Co-op Member
”The instant feedback of the IXL Math helps reinforce topics and gain full mastery of the material. My kids like mastering a topic to get the next reward.

We use this with Saxon and it gives them a break from the same thing every day. I like the parent side as I can see what they need work on.”
Therese W., Co-op Member
”IX-Math is great. My son had experience with some other sites as well but IXL-Math math with multi-dimentional practices and rich set of performance reporting is realy great!”
Behrad, Co-op Member
”I've found IXL-Math better than any other similar learning system. Don't doubt that it is excellent. My son completed 2 years and still he is enjoying it and learning day by day.

I've recommended it to all the other parents. The only essential part is that the kid need the discipline to practice 10/15 min per day and the results are great. My aim is to continue using it for several years. It could be very good if the price were more affordable. However it is an excellent system. I hope they will develop more subjects for all levels, elementary, middle and high school.”
D. Arduino, Co-op Member
”My son loves doing IXL-Math, he's happy with the certificates he gets whenever he had accomplished a certain numbers of problems or spent certain time working on the problems. It works.”
Rina, Co-op Member
”Its a great way for kids to learn and improve there skills. Kudos to IXL team for setting this.”
kush sharma, Co-op Member
”Great for practice. My daughter is in 6th grade and uses it for extra practice.”
V Nor, Co-op Member
”The program has been effective for my 6 year old. Her confidence in math has increased. She looks forward to the IXL prizes. This improvement is from doing 2 sessions a day. I'm very happy with the purchase.”
Georgia, Co-op Member
”IXL Math and Language Arts has had a positive effect on the learning of my children. They use the programs to reinforce what they have already learned and love to receive the awards. We have noticed an increase in accuracy as well as speed. We will continue to use IXL in our homeschool.”
Theresa, Co-op Member
”This is best math practice site we have used so far (and we have tried quite a few of them). IXL is not meant for learning a new concept, but great for practicing and polish the ones you already know. It also provides parents with detailed progress reports.”
A. T., Co-op Member
”We have loved IXL Math. When my son was in public elementary school, the standardized tests said he was below-grade-level in certain math functions. IXL has helped us review those areas that don't get a lot of classroom time (like geometry) and grow his strengths in other areas such as multiplication and word problems. We use IXL daily and I can really see how he has grown with it. In addition, I love the weekly reports as they allow me to see where he excelled or struggled and we even print certificates for our 'at home' awards program. When my daughter was at-home due to snow days we also used it to keep her on-track and we use it as a supplement to her classroom learning. Both kids enjoy unlocking the 'prizes' and because the lessons span such a wide range we can pair something easy with something hard and they don't seem to mind doing it so much. We are very happy with IXL and I would recommend it to anyone. Their language arts program is great too!”
Shannon M., Co-op Member
”We are using IXL as a supplement to our Life of Fred curriculum. I love that I can easily see all of the skills for a particular grade level and can assess what my children are excelling at and what they need help with. We are required to test annually and this program gives me the confidence that I have not skipped any skills - the kids will not be shocked by what is presented on a national test. At the same time we can use our beloved Fred which uses a vastly different scope and sequence.

I will say my daughter LOVES the digital prizes. She makes sure to master every single skill. My son on the other hand (loves math and is a natural) but hates anything that makes him do a lot of work (as he perceives it). I insist that he go to the first ribbon level and then I can see if he gets the skill just fine or if he is having trouble and then we use that information for further individual teaching.”
Rachel L, Co-op Member
”Dear Parents,
I wish to share our experiences with the IXL Math program we have been using at our home. The course is easy to use. My son loves this program. He gets an explanation when he gets his questions wrong. The programs have built in reviews which enhance his retention.
We plan on using this tool for a couple more years it is that good. I get reports on his usage and progress which helps me plan my time teaching to his weak areas and makes sure nothing is missed. We love this tool at our house.”
Kathleen M., Co-op Member
”IXL math practice has a clean, uncluttered interface, the software quality is good and I have not spotted any errors. The reporting features are good.Reception from kids is good. The scoring is adaptive, a wrong answer generates more questions. The ipad app has some additional doodling features over the webpage interface. Speed is mostly ok. Availability is good with hardly any downtime and easily manageable scheduled maintenance downtime.
The feature I am missing most is there are no mixed topic exercises or quizzes, once students start attempting an exercise, they mechanically keep on answering without applying much thought. Some revision style exercises where the software dynamically generates problems from all the topics the student has attempted previously would be great. Also the trouble spot reporting is based only on the correctness and not the time taken. I would love to have reports on what problems my kids spent more time than others and the comparative ratio of correct answers.
Some comparative scores or points like on other sites (eg. matheletics) would be more motivating for students especially from home schooled students perspective.
Some links to youtube videos explanation of concepts like the ones provided by khan academy would be great.”
Vineesh Gupta, Co-op Member
”While iXL doesn't take the place of a math curriculum, it does a wonderful job keeping kids' math skills sharp and keeping the parents informed as to what specific skills their children struggle with. The email reports sent to parents are incredibly informative, and the app/site itself is fun for kids! We make it part of our homeschool day, and it's a painless, encouraging, and engaging way to bridge the gap between formal math instruction and math proficiency.”
Emily Esmaili, Co-op Member
”My 6yo son, Talon, and my 3yo son, Baron, both love IXL. It's easy to use, whether on the PC or the tablet. There is a thorough, progressive selection of skills. The program challenges and rewards my boys as they accomplish their goals. I appreciate the record keeping of the site and the ability to print reports on my boys' progress.”
Stephanie A. Fire-Smith, Co-op Member
”We have been using IXL since we started our homeschooling journey 2 years ago.I love how the sum gets corrected immediately. The explanation for each wrong answer has enabled the kids to work independently. IXL have become a necessity. Thank you homeschool buyers co-op for making IXL affordable.”
Gwen, Co-op Member
”After five years since my last high school math class, I am using IXL as a refresher course for college entrance placement. I find it very organized and the answers well explained.

One suggestion would be to add a component to learn the material ahead of time. Now I just submit a blank answer to see how a problem is solved so I can learn how to do it.

Overall, it has been super helpful and I look forward to taking my placement test.”
Sam H, Co-op Member
”It has been a year now since we first began using IXL Math. We use it for three kids.

I love having this resource to help cement the math concepts they are learning in the regular math curriculum. Too often the curricula is paced too quickly and IXL offers more targeted practice in a fun way, plus the program is easy to navigate. My kids love the rewards and "stickers" they earn on IXL and I love that I get emailed updates on how my kids are doing.

One bonus is that if your child is on a faster pace, or needs review on a concept learned in a previous year, you have access to multiple grades for each child.

I have found it to be so beneficial that I just signed up for another year. Highly recommended!”
S. Miller, Co-op Member
”We love IXL math! It has helped all 5 kids improve their math skills! It has also introduced them to concepts that they haven't learned yet, so the information isn't as new when we get to it during math class.”
Betsy M., Co-op Member
”Great program! My son loves it and never gets bored when learning or should I say playing ...”
Rachel C, Co-op Member
”NOTE: This review pertains to IXL Language Arts, not IXL Math

I appreciate the fact that this saves me from creating worksheet after worksheet and allows my daughter to focus more attention on the skills she needs to practice while quickly working through those she's already mastered. My daughter likes the medals she earns and appreciates the ability to stop in the middle of something and be able to pick up right where she left off.

We have used the site several times per week over the past few months and I have only recognized two wishes that IXL doesn't fulfill.

I wish there were more combined sections which would allow her to practice multiple skills simultaneously (e.g., capitalization and punctuation or identifying any part of speech).

I wish there were a few more graphics. My daughter is very visual and she gets a little bored at times with just the words and all the white space, especially when she's practicing a section she finds difficult and it's taking a long time.”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”We love IXL for many important math and grammar topics. The rewards are great incentives.”
Jersey Mom, Co-op Member
”My son definitely needed the practice with basic addition and subtraction. Doing IXL math has helped him practice these skills and now he's a lot more confident. Also being able to practice math on his iPad anywhere we can get wifi has helped him practice math on the go. I would recommend this product to those who are struggling with math.”
Aionna Joe, Co-op Member
”My son loves to do ixl math. He enjoys the challenge part of each section and gets very excited. It helps me to know what he understands and what could use more work. I like the report that is emailed to me every week. I'm thinking of adding an account for my preschool daughter and the language arts portion.”
Rachael, Co-op Member
”We signed up for our second year of IXL Language Arts. It is a great supplement to use through the year to brush up on grammar and L.A. rules. We felt it was worth purchasing again. I really enjoy the reports to parents and the fact that they cannot move on until they have answered a certain number of questions correct, ensuring solidification of knowledge before advancement. Great product!”
Christine K., Co-op Member
”It is a joyous time. Sometimes they sit in my lap one at a time and pretend to race to get the answer. Sometimes, I just challenge them to a certain number of skills or prizes. All the work is done. When they miss a concept, it is automatically repeated. It takes all the guess work out. It's great on the laptop and a tablet. On the iPad app, they can even doodle ir calculate with their fingers. It's also helpful when eliminating choices. It has changed the atmosphere in our math. Since our commitment about a year ago, their standardized test scores have improved with a daily commitment of about 15 minutes.
Thank you IXL!!”
R. McIntyre, Co-op Member
”I was looking forward to get a deal for IXL maths for two accounts for my daughter. Through a google search I found Homeschool Buyers Co-op wherein I got a fantastic discount on group buy. The process was smooth and account setting up and access took about 4 days from payment. Highly recommended. Thank you”
khushal Vyas, Co-op Member
”We use IXL as a supplement to our everyday math. It gets my kids to see new concepts and concepts we've covered, but in a new format. And let's face it, kids just like computer practice better than written practice. It's an especially good supplement for a traditional math curriculum, as it looks alot like the Singapore math programs I have used.”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”We love IXL! It's great to reinforce skills that need extra practice. I like that you can navigate grade levels up or down to find the right level of practice each child needs for each skill.”
A.G., Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using IXL-Math for last few years and it has helped her a lot in improving her skills, understanding math concept. This year i also bought Language and art subscription. Although that is for USA curriculum but my daughter loves it. It is great product and thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op program for offering great discount.”
F Nasir, Co-op Member
”IXL has been quite a great resource for my 11 year old! she has some deficits and it is helping to fill in the gaps that she needs a refresher on. I truly wish I'd gotten it years ago. It makes her accountable.She cant say oh i did it. she knows that i can gi back and check! I'm looking forward to seeing how my son does this year with the 11th grade area.”
nicole, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math. It has a mastery concept so I know my kids really understand the skill to get a 100. It is a very easy, colorful and friendly program that rewards the kids by earning stars with secret pictures behind it. My kids look forward to earning the stars and will do extra skill so they can earn the next star. My children and I like that they can pick the skill they want to do in their grade and they are not required to finish if they get frustrated. This is my second year doing this program. I had a membership 2 years ago and never renewed until this year. During the year off we tried Khans Academy, Xtra Math and a variety of free worksheets online. My kids were bored and didn't like doing those extra math exercises. I will renew next year. I recommend this product as a supplement to your math program.”
A. Brown, Co-op Member
”Son is 11 yrs & has autism. He failed Math in all other online programs. He is a visual learner. He is finding success in IXL Math!”
Jenny W., Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy using IXL for Language Arts. They continue to attempt problems because they want to get a good score; IXL makes them earn it by creating more challenging problems as they progress. I like that I can get reports that give me information down to how many minutes and problems my child attempted, besides the grade. The only negative for me is that IXL is really just practice and not teaching the skill. If a student gets a problem wrong, they get reminded why it's wrong, but there are no lessons.”
Amber R., Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math as an addition to my homeschool day. My children love to practice anything online which makes this a perfect program to supplement our math curriculum. As a former public school teacher, I remain concerned that I am teaching my children, 3rd and 4th graders, in a manner that measures up to state standards. With IXL, I can be assured that we are mastering those required skills as each practice session is designed to meet each curriculum standard. In addition, I receive weekly reports that tell me exactly how many minutes my children have spent practicing their skills and what level of mastery they have achieved. This helps me know if I need to re-teach anything or move quickly through something else. It is a welcome addition to our homeschool day.”
P. Lay, Co-op Member
”Our son loves using IXL math. They cover every math and language arts topic for each grade level. I love how IXL teaches the student a new topic and offers lots of review. Easy and fun way to learn.”
T. Cochran, Co-op Member
”Great for everyday practice. My child loves it, has used it for the last 2-3 years, and solved over 12,000 problems over the summer in hopes of winning a smartphone. Alas, the winner apparently completed over 16,000 problems! Just imagine its popularity!”
RA, Co-op Member
”This has been a great resource for me and my 3rd grader son. This is our first year homeschooling our son and we wanted to be sure that for Math and Language Arts, he was covering all the skills required at his grade level. I love the IXL system because of the following reasons:

1. It lists each skill out and tests in increasing level of difficulty.

2. The child has to test himself in each skill by answering a bunch of questions and try to reach a score of 100.

2. This whole program is computer based and the skill testing is done similar to how a regular computer test works. If you keep doing well, you reach the challenge zone of testing faster for that skill. For any incorrect answer, you lose points (similar to a negative marking) and have to work your way up again. It provides a written solution for the incorrect question and then makes the child answer extra questions to reach the final score of 100. This way by the time the kid reaches the ultimate score for that skill, he would have definitely mastered that skill.

One thing I would have liked to have though is if there were intermediate quizzes of some sort that clubbed multiple skills and tested the child's memory and ability in those.

Overall it's a great supplemental program to bridge gaps in your child's learning. Whether you child goes to a regular school or is homeschooled, it's a great tool to use at home. It's a little expensive when purchased at full price per subject, but worth it for the peace of mind it gives to the parent. I would definitely recommend it.”
Sudeshna Banerji, Co-op Member - Homeschooling mom
”We love IXL. We have used this in the past and when I came across this deal I decided to get it for my 3 kids including the language arts. I love that it's easy ways to test their skills and get them used to thinking fast for the answer. It does not do a great job of teaching it to you so it's great for extra review. I found it to be great for learning math facts over and over. Highly recommend!”
W. Simonsen, Co-op Member
”My daughter has really enjoyed the small portions of each new concept. Rather than having to do countless worksheets, she gets to demonstrate mastery and move on. Thumbs up!”
L. Sutton, Co-op Member
”I got IXL math and language arts. My kids really enjoy it (earning the awards and such). I like that I can track their progress and see what they need help with. One of my favorite things I've bought from this Co-Op so far. Would definitely recommend.”
Teresa B, Co-op Member
”IXL offers a very comprehensive program for both Math and LA It s incredibly thorough. It s not a curriculum in that it doesn't teach the material before asking the questions but if the child gets a problem wrong it does give the correct answer and explain why. For someone who maybe is concerned about holes in their child's learning, this is the program for you They don't miss anything. it's well organized and you can select what area to work on that day no need to go in order I love that it's organized in a way that I can see from beginning to end on one page so we always know where we are and how much more we need to cover by the end of the school year And as far as price goes you get quite the bang for your buck I recommend this program whole heartedly.”
Melissa Thatcher, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is a wonderful online program. The content is grade level and appropriate. It also allows the child to select higher grades to challenge themselves, or lower grades for review work. The layout and font size is a very good fit for my child with mild dyslexia. She's able to complete her work rapidly and easily, and that boosts her self-esteem. I never hear her say "the numbers are swimming today." What a blessing! We are huge fans.”
Molly, Co-op Member
”I love IXL. I homeschool my son and having this program is a big plus. I chose the Singapore edition and it certainly helps to keep us on track. After the initial 2 months, my son can now work independently on it although he can get frustrated with the minus points when he gets the answers wrong. But it IS comprehensive and though some may feel it can get repetitive, it is helping to build the foundation skills by doing the exercises and we all know that just knowing math concepts isn't enough. We have to keep practicing. His mental math has improved, word problem challenges are a big plus, as it requires reading, understanding and applying the concepts learned. I would definitely recommend IXL to anyone seeking a Math program.”
Nancy Doell, Co-op Member
”IXL Math and Language Arts is a key element we use to home school and reinforce all Math and Language Arts topics for our 3rd, 7th, and 8th grade children. It is very easy to navigate, rewards the kids as they complete exercises with achievements, much like something from a modern day console game. Very easy to follow along with todays modern General Core requirements for our state. Overall Highly recommend to any homeschool or child in public school looking for a way to reinforce what they are learning, and if they don't understand something the site provides easy to follow explanations of what and how to complete a problem as they answer them.”
Michael and Tara Lovett, Co-op Member
”My kids have been using ixl for a few years. It's helpful to have an online self grading program. For a very determined kid or one that doesn't need much help, they can breeze through levels. There are tons of skills per grade.”
A. Hanlon, Co-op Member
”I am using the program in our homeschool as a supplement. I'm also using the Language Arts program. For us, it takes care of the drill and review part. I use it exclusively when we are visiting family or we have to take time off from our regular school days. This way I don't feel guilty that we've wasted a day. Every day my son spends about 30min working on things we have been working on that day and 30 min on reviewing things he has already learned. What's nice about it is that he can do it when we are driving, doing groceries or when he is waiting for me to pick him up from his Karate or piano class - it whenever he has idle time. When he gets an answer wrong there's a short explanation which is nice. There's no bells and whistles, and it's not confusing to find things. Everything is listed under topics. All grade levels are open to you so you can move as fast or slow as you please. My son is 8 and we are working on both - 2nd and 3rd grade skills.

My son likes it enough to do it. He is impulsive and sometimes gets stuck with the points. Once he gets to 80% he starts to hurry and then he gets thrown back. I like it, because it won't let him complete a lesson unless he gets 100%. It allows me to evaluate if more teaching is needed or we can move on. I also like the analytics tap that allows me to see where he's at.

We will deffinately continue to use this program. In the past, we have used K5 Learning and I was very pleased with it but for my son, it got boring. We had used it since he started K and it was maybe too repetetetive and flashy.

I would recommend IXL to everbody. We are certainly happy with it.”
ErikaB, Co-op Member
”A great program for all ages. My son loves it! Makes learning fun, breaks down topics. Step by step learning. Informative analytics, help track progress, and monitor usage times. 5 out of 5 stars”
C. Roberts, Co-op Member
”My kids are 12, 9 and 6 and finding a resource that all three love and benefit from sometimes feels impossible. IXL is the exception. This app was a game-changer for us!

What we love:
It feels like a game.
It's easy to do on their own.
It's really intuitive- when they get something wrong there's a breakdown of why it's wrong and how to do it correctly next time. Then the problems are dialed back a bit until they really get it.

What I love as a parent:

One app, easy login process for each child. If kid's are sharing a device it's not hard to toggle between users.

IXL emails showing each child's accomplishments for the week and skills mastered. (This makes progress reports and end of year assessments a breeze!)

All grade levels are available to each kid. This is fantastic! My kids are mastering their grade levels at a steady rate, but sometimes they enjoy breezing through lower levels for review or trying higher levels for a challenge.

I can't say enough good things about IXL. So user-friendly and has expanded my children's math skills exponentially. (See what I did there?)”
Jillian Pimental, Co-op Member
”My 12 years old has been a IXL kid since Grade 2. IXL is his school break activity since Grade 3. He loves to earn the medals and awards and it is so rewarding to see my child conquered the challenges and so happy to show off their awards and medals. He is in Grade 6 now and his maths skills is beyond his current grade. Currently he is practicing Algebra 1 and Eighth grade IXL. I am a true believer as practice makes perfect. I especially like the explanation function when a wrong answer was submitted, the explanation is so well written, it really helps the kid to understand the subject matter. Recently we are introduced to another maths program, Tabtor, he does not like it as much as IXL because no explanation is given when he submitted a wrong answer. I am so please about IXL, currently I am also using the IXL-L.A. for extra practice.”
C. McTee, Co-op Member
”My kids really like this program. Math is not their favorite subject, but this helps them practice with immediate feedback and takes away some of the frustration they have with math.”
TW, Co-op Member
”We were having a touch time with the math curriculum we had bought for our 6th grade son. We stumbled upon the Master Math program, which had video lessons and urged parents to use iXL math for additional practice. I cannot say enough about how much iXL has helped our son master concepts. With plenty of repetition, solution explanations, and fun awards for completing levels of work, this program has made math at our house a fun and educational event!”
J. Crone, Co-op Member
”Great program, motivates my 6th grader who uses few times a week 1-2 hours for additional practice to reinforce concepts learned. The explanation that appear after an incorrect answer input helps in follow up problem sets. Overall we are satisfied and recommend this good-value program.”
Vijay B, Co-op Member
”My kids are 11 and 15 and need just that extra bit of math practice. They love doing the online exercises rather than flipping through a workbook and they can learn independently. They provide clear and straightforward explanations that guide them toward better understanding complex problems. My 15 year old says IXL makes math practice interactive with the immediate responses kids today appreciate. We think it's great.”
Michelle Hsu, Co-op Member
”My son feels a sense of accomplishment when finishing each section that is a joy to see. Being able to do the work online has made it much easier for him, and thus made the days easier for all of us. He also enjoys being able to choose the skill(s) that he works on each day. The reports that I receive are great as well. Very helpful. We tried a couple of programs, and IXL was the one that he enjoyed the most. That is why we continue to use it today. I have mentioned IXL to other homeschooling families and will most likely continue to do so. Thank You!”
Hetty d., Co-op Member
”Excellent program my daughter enjoys her practice time and she has improved greatly in maths in school.”
V. Norm, Co-op Member
”I love so many things about iXL - especially since they are adding more subjects and grade levels. From a planning standpoint, I love that I can see all the topics to be covered up front and they are easy to pick and choose from. It's easy to look ahead for future grades as well. I love that it will read the problems to assist my younger kids if needed. I love that I get updates via email as my kids reach certain milestones. I love that it works easily on our iPad or desktop.”
I. Porter, Co-op Member
”Great product. Great value. My child with special needs is excelling with the help of IXL”
Susan Schwartz, Co-op Member
”I love IXL because is a really easy site (or app) where my daughter can get to practice and reinforce the math concept she's learning and the language art is just as good. A good way to practice, worth every penny!!”
K. Pinot, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE IXL. Not only does it give my children an opportunity to practice skills and receive immediate feedback, it offers explanations if they don't quite understand something. I love the reporting feature, so I know exactly what skills they have mastered and which ones they haven't practiced yet. And I really like the fact that I can log in as a parent and go through the exercises myself. I like to know what my children are doing, and I like to see how everything works. And, I must admit, I enjoy doing the exercises. :-)

We tried some other online programs, and none of them worked as well for us as IXL. We weren't really looking for a class or lessons, but rather practice with explanations, which is exactly what IXL offers. I also enjoy seeing the certificates generated when my daughter meets a goal. I don't print them all out, but I do print out various ones and hang them up. I actually probably enjoy them more than she does, but that's okay. She does enjoy the awards.

This is our third year of using IXL. Last year we added Language Arts to our subscription and I am as pleased with that as I am with Math. Though my son is finished, I plan to continue using it until my daughter finishes high school (she is a freshman this year). I highly recommend IXL to others. I very much appreciate that IXL and Homeschool Buyers Co-op are working together to offer this product. Thank you for the service you offer to the homeschool community.”
Kelly S., Co-op Member
”One of the best programs we have ever used! I have a Master's in Education and this program really helps a child grow not only in Math and English but now in Science and Social Studies.

The best part of this program is you can allow them to do it on their own and if they get something wrong the program explains to them why it was wrong and how the right answer is correct! I really couldn't ask for a better enrichment program for my child :)”
CMNS, Co-op Member
”We love how engaging IXL my 2 kids love it.....”
Mary Francis, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son has really enjoyed IXL-Math. He is more motivated to use this than some of the other items I have purchased in the past. He enjoys getting the badges after he has mastered a skill. It has been a great way to reinforce the skills that he is working on in his curriculum. I like the parent emails on his progress, and that I can pick different standards for him to practice. We will definitely continue to use this product along with the other IXL products.”
Kathy Carter, Co-op Member
”This is actually for IXL full -- math, language arts, science and social studies.

We love IXL because it can be done independently, it guarantees we hit all the topics kids are learning in school and it lets us choose the level.

For example, my 2nd grader is very advanced and with IXL he is working on 8th grade math, 5th grade social studies and 2nd grade LA at the same time.

The 2nd grade LA is super easy for him, but I know he will have mastered all the basic skills we might have accidentally skipped over.

The social studies gives him the basic information that any adult will have about all the various topics, and we can them research deeper on anything that captures his interest. I honestly have learned things (or perhaps been reminded about things I've forgotten!) when I watch him do the social studies.

We haven't used the science much, as he loves science and we do more hands on things instead of just the IXL multiple choice format.”
Marcy, Co-op Member
”IXL has been great. My kids really enjoy working through the skills and getting to that 100 score and the rewards. We started when it was just Math and the addition of the other subjects has been wonderful for our homeschooling.”
JA Dale, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is everything I was looking for and more for our homeschool. We used it in the past but then went with an online public school. We have enthusiastically returned to IXL! The instant feedback on each math question is key to my sons' success. Having my sons fill out math worksheets on paper and waiting for me to grade it later was a source of frustration. Now, with IXL, they immediately see whether they have answered correctly. They either get positive feedback or are given instructions on how to solve the problem correctly. The reporting is also outstanding. There is so much information at my fingertips to give focused instruction and see progress over time. This is THE math program for us!”
Audra, Co-op Member
”I have three children (ages 3,7,9) and all use IXL. I love the colors, graphics, and the "fun" they put back into math. My kids enjoy the challenge of practicing language arts (older 2) and are able to work independently. The kids can use IXL at any time during the day or night that they want b/c all you need is the internet connection. I also like the updates and "certificates" the kids get from IXL. I can track their progress and assign them skills to practice.”
Mrs. Williams, Co-op Member
”My family loves the entire IXL program. It lists everything that a child should know by grade. It's a very useful tool to use to make sure you know you are covering all lessons.”
Veronica Perez, Co-op Member
”My son loves IXL math. The descriptions of how to solve problems are very thorough and helpful. He also loves to receive the certificates after completing skills.

It has been a great way to monitor his independent math practice.”
M. Woods, Co-op Member
”My 4 year old has plenty to do in the math sections and he loves the program. Since we have access to all grades he is able to move around from Pre-K to Pre-Alg. The Science, Social Studies and Language areas are a little advanced for him, but we have picked sections here and there that he can manage. The math section is great and has a lot of content variety. Touchscreen and hearing the question out loud is a must for little ones too.”
A. Crowe, Co-op Member
”It is helping my kid on a regular daily basis to stay atop of mathematics in summer break as well. And I love getting emails of his progress daily”
Sheena Sheikh, Co-op Member
”We have chosen to use IXL for our school this year, starting in July. My children enjoy it, and I enjoy the ease of choosing lessons. It is helpful that it aligns with our state standards and allows us to go at our own pace. I also enjoy the grammar section that allows for easy practice that my kids enjoy. All 5 of my kids want to get prizes, even the 3 year old that doesn't get to use it yet ;). They are motivated to get work done and progress, which is a huge plus.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”We started using IXL Math while our daughter was in public school to compare our findings with what the school was saying. It is a good program to review math knowledge. It is very in-depth with the concepts presented for the grade. If you miss a question it shows you why. It isn't a product to TEACH math necessarily though. But with the homeschool program we use this is a good addition (no pun intended) to see if our concepts are being retained. You can keep repeating an area until you feel confident your child has mastered the skill. We are pleased with the program and have added on the additional features that IXL offers such as Language Arts, Science and Social Studies for our course review skills. Our daughter likes earning the badges and seeing her skill level increase.”
Jamie P, Co-op Member
”We love the IXL program. Both my kiddos love to use the IXL app on their IPads. The only down side is that they would love to be able to use IXL in the car. Unfortunately you have to be connected to WIFI for the program to work. We will continue to use IXL from here on out!”
C.Turner, Co-op Member
”Great program for summer work and to supplement throughout the school year! My daughter loves it and is motivated by the awards to keep going.”
PW, Co-op Member
”IXL has been an incredible tool for increasing math proficiency in my middle schooler. She can target skills she needs to practice and work on math problems until she feels confident. IXL has allowed her to approach Pre-Algebra with confidence. As a parent, I love that IXL sends updates via email which tracks student practice time and progress. I look forward to starting IXL with my fourth grader this year. It has already proved to be well worth the subscription price for my family!”
Shannon M, Co-op Member
”IXL is interactive and my kids love to do it. They like to spend their time on Math, Arts, Science and Social Studies. IXL makes it interesting for kids to learn in a fun way.”
Mr. Vik, Co-op Member
”Our children really enjoy IXL. They will often come down at breakfast and ask if they can do some IXL first thing in the morning. I know it's just an excuse to use technology - but what a good excuse!”
Naomi D., Co-op Member
”IXL is an invaluable tool for helping my children master their math concepts. My kids love earning the "medals". I like seeing the stats on how long they were logged in as well as how well they are mastering concepts. I especially like that IXL gives details about incorrect answers to inform a parent whether there is clear problem with a child's understanding of a concept.”
T. Dickens, Co-op Member
”I was recommended about the IXL so gave it a try and my son started practicing on it and it is helpful for his academics.”
Ramya, Co-op member
”We have been using IXL Math and Grammar for approximately 3-4 years. The last three years, the math has been our only curriculum. The exercises are challenging, but have excellent help when kids get the answer wrong. They take things in bite-sized chunks, but cover a great deal of material also. We have really enjoyed using this curriculum. My daughter loves it! She is currently in 6th grade. As a side note, my aunt is also a teacher. She told me that the IXL curriculum was excellent. I have to agree!!”
Sharma, Co-op Member
”IXL has been a fun addition to our daily routine and supplements our homeschool learning. The kids enjoy all four subjects and love to share with me what they've "learned" about science and social studies each day. The math and ELA provide them a fun method of practicing their skills. I would highly recommend this product to all families - both homeschool and not.”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”IXL, where have you been? I have been homeschooling for 8 years and tried many curriculums and programs, but this is by far the absolute best product I have found thus far. It is the perfect tool for assessing comprehension and mastery of skills taught. Assessments are adaptive, that is the assessment increases in difficulty with my child s ability, allowing them to advance as far as they can. Importantly, if a question is missed, the correct answer or solution is explained. I find the immediate feedback and explanation very beneficial in the teaching process. The program encourages participation by awarding certificates of completion and mastery of concepts. I love that IXL sends me reports regarding the amount of problems and time spent using the program for each of my children. I can login in and view reports and graphs that sift the data for me, allowing me to see which problems were missed or answered correctly. This feature allows me to quickly see where they lack understanding or need reinforcement, and saves me precious time because I don t have to grade everything personally. The graphics are really nice and the site is easy to navigate. The kids love it. Highly recommend.”
L Bass, co-op member
”This is our second year to use IXL Math (& IXL English). We use it with our 11 yr old and 14 yr old. We all love it. As parents we love it because we can instantly see what areas our children need additional help in. It categorizes it by grade and so our children are able to start with their grade level and sub categories. If they miss a problem it instantly gives them the rules which we have them write to use with the next problem. Living in Texas we like that it follows the TEKS. Our kids love seeing their instant grade and are self motivated to keep working until they see that 100! They love "mastering skills" and getting certificates from IXL. Our children have truly gained a lot of knowledge using computer based learning!”
Kriss, Co-op Member
”I have 2 13 year olds adopted from China 16 months ago. They need additional support in Math. They love IXL. Obviously this means they are also ESOL students. I decided to start them in the lowest level and move foreard from there because there is still a lot of basic vocabulary they don't know. They are extremely motivated by it and ask for it everyday. I like that I get all the reports in my email so I know if they are actually doing the work or not. We actually bought the entire program for all 3 of my kids and I'm also working on getting my other son caught up on some things he is delayed in. I want him to also become more independent with his studies and this is helping him.”
Hj, Co-op Member
”Great tool !!”
A Shah, Member
”I absolutely love IXL math! It has helped in our homeschool since 2013 as well as help me help my son improve in his math skills! It has also help me help him with the state standards, common core as well as new concepts. The information and explanations are easy to grasp if you get an answer incorrect.”
Jan Brown, Co-op Member
”This is a great program for doing math drills. It nicely breaks the grade into each individual category so you can select the topics they need practice in.
It keeps track of how well they do and sends you a report to show you what they have done and how well they did. Great program have used for over 3 years now and will definitely continue.
My daughter loves getting the rewards.”
Stacey, Co-op Member
”I received this product at a discounted price, bonus! However, I love, love, love IXL my kids use it every day and it helps them with their educational goals. I would have paid full price it is that helpful. It is a must have for anyone who is trying to help their student succeed in school and my kids love the badges, games, and informations they received from it. BUY IT!”
Jeannie Boone, Co-op Member
”Love this! Our kids are motivated and challenged”
RB, Co-op Member
”We love IXL. It's a great way to test the skills we've learned, offers guidance if questions are answered incorrectly, and enables students to explore skills they haven't learned yet. I find it highly encouraging for our children.”
J Cummings, Co-op Member
”I really like that my child can try out different activities from different levels. Emailed progress reports are nice.”
Kim F, Co-op Member
”IXL Math have helped my kids a lot. They have done 35000+ math problems and still going. The type of questions are very well designed as the exercise progresses. Thanks to Home School Buyer's Co-Op website as well.”
Purvang, Co-op Member
”This is an absolutely wonderful program that allows parents to work kids at a slower or faster pace and allows kids a great opportunity for extra practice in needed areas. I use this program to keep me on track with what they should be learning or to help excel them in certain areas. A year in IXL covers more than they cover in school so if you have a child that loves math this is a great program for moving them ahead. In addition, if your child isn't as keen on math this helps to give them needed extra practice in many areas. I also love that it explains missed problems AND my kids enjoy opening rewards and seeing certificates. I also enjoy IXL's weekly progress reports so I know exactly how much time they are spending on the program even if I'm not standing over their shoulders. As a parent I love this program and I know I'll use it into their high school years whether they are in home-school or traditional school.”
Shannon M., Co-op Member
”We use IXL in our home for math. Our favorite part of the program is that we repeat math problems that we have difficulty with, while we can breeze through what we already understand. I can easily choose what topics to assign and ixl always explains why a problem is wrong and how to find the correct answer. My children struggle with failures or getting problems wrong, this is not an issue with the genre guiding hand and corrections that ixl provides. Without being a part of this co-op we could never afford this program, with it, sky is the limit!!!”
L. Lyman, Co-op Member
”We have tried quite a few programs since deciding to Homeschool our children. We have a child adopted internationally who has a lot of catching up to do. This program is helping him fill in many educational gaps and is giving him confidence that he didn't have before. For us, this program is a perfect fit.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”We started this 5 years ago. We renew every year now without hesitation. We use this as supplemental exercises to regular school math. 1-2 math sets a day and they're done. They have done nearly 100,000 extra math problems over the last 5 years. Love this!”
Dave S., Co-op Member
”IXL-Math is a great supplement to our math curriculum. It provides additional review problems that the children can work through to help them master new concepts. It's a good gauge to see how well they know a concept before moving on to something new. We have referred several friends to IXL. Love it!”
C Hakim, Co-op Member
”Subscribed for IXL-Math and Language arts, using this since more than a year and renewed my subscription for 2017 too.

My son is a 5th Grader, so far he must have answered 14k questions since we first subscribed. Although he attends school, since chapter/topic wise progress is not shared to parents, I was not feeling comfortable. IXL is helping me to plan his progress chapter wise and the practices tests are well organized. Whenever I see he needs an improvement on a particular math topic, I suggested him to re-do that topic.

Although this site is accessible from all devices, he just loves to use it from ipad because it has additional tools like using the app as scribble pad for taking side notes/rough work etc. There is a 2x improvement in his grades, moved from C to A.”
Naga Bhushan, Co-op Member
”We love IXL math! The skills are presented in game-style activities and all of our state's standards are included so we know we are working on all necessary skills! My homeschooled kids love it when we receive emails from IXL with certificates of achievement! It keeps them very motivated!”
Tracy C., Co-op Member
”IXL has helped me help my son, a K5 student, develop his math skills to a point where he is now working at a 2nd grade level.”
Craig C., Co-op Member
”Using this product has helped my daughter who is dyslexic to be able to understand math better and it has helped my 15 yr old son who has been in special ed since kindergarten to get up to grade level without any difficulty. My autistic son is able to use this product with ease as well. I highly recommend this product to everyone.”
Shirley Rhone, Home school parent
”IXL is a wonderful program. While we use it to supplement a Math program, it is definitely a stand alone program. My kids enjoy working on their skills using IXL and I love seeing how much more they are understanding Math since we started IXL. It is also easy for me, as mom, to see what they are working on. The Achievement Certificates are motivational and my kids love competing to see who is working harder. I highly recommend IXL for Math. Whether you use it as a stand alone or complete Math program, you will love the program's effectiveness. I have used many programs and this one is simply the best!”
Lisa Bonocore, Co-op Member
”My 5 and 7 years old kids practice with IXL MATH almost every day, they like it, they love getting prizes and it's a great way to get better and gain confidence.”
Maria Brea, Co-op Member
”IXL has helped me stay on top of my son's progress in math. The well designed structure makes it so easy for parents and children to stay on track. My child loves doing the exercises and was encouraged by getting the lovely awards given by IXL. The amount of work is also appropriate and well manageable. It's truly learning like playing.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”I like the full scope of skills that can be practiced using IXL. Students can continue to practice areas that need more attention and skip skills they have already mastered. No time wasted going through levels to finally reach a challenge.”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”IXL is helping my kids practice skills not taught in their school. It is helping them be stronger in math.”
Ash, Co-op Member
”My son, age 10, just started the math program on IXL. He loves it! And I am loving the fact that he wants to do math and that he can do it at his own pace. The option for your child to practice a specific skill set (ex. multiplication, fractions, etc.)is very helpful. I only wish we would have found IXL sooner!”
Laurie, Co-op Member
”Having used IXL Math for many years now, we are very pleased with it, and have found it especially useful in our homeschool for reinforcement of concepts. It's great independently, or as practice with corrective instructions inbuilt. Thanks to IXL and the Co-op!”
Jill, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math, we renewed our membership after a successful first year with the program. My kids have the ability to work at their own pace. They can push ahead where they understand the skills, and then have extra practice where they really need it. It's a great program for all ages and levels.”
Cortney Claeson, Co-op Member
”We love this IXL website as my kids enjoy doing their work and learn new concepts and increase their speed and accuracy. We are very happy with this site and topics that cover. As soon as I ask my kids to do IXL they are very happy to login and work.

This is cheaper with homeschool buyers Co-op discount. Of course, We will continue to use this as much as we can. Initially, I got this site information from one of my friend and I shared this information to many of my friends after using for about 1 year. Some of them already bought and using it and some of them are thinking about it. Overall, We are very happy about this site.”
Bala V Naredla, Co-op Member
”IXL learning is the best program for children. Are used to the routine and always get good grades in school because we use it during the summertime before they go into the next grade. I will continue to use IXL for my children through high school. Thank you IXL!”
B. Clinton, Co-op Member
”IXL Math has tremendously helped my daughter learn and practice the Math concepts and thus score straight A's in her exams. It is a great resource for self learning.”
Harmeet Singh, Co-op Member
”My 10-year-old daughters love IXL so much that they often choose to do work there rather than play video games. I have concerns about my kids losing knowledge during the summer months, but I have peace of mind knowing that my girls are reinforcing the skills they already have and learning concepts they haven't yet heard from their teachers. This is our first summer with IXL and I know that my girls will be entering 5th grade next month well-prepared and ahead of many of their classmates.”
Trina, Co-op Member
”IXL has been extremely helpful for my daughter. She has great math sense, but really struggled with math facts. IXL made learning fun and helped her get over a difficult block to her progress. Best of all, IXL held her interest with something she had called "boring" and "lame" - that's a real accomplishment!”
Tracey H., Co-op Member
”Our family has used Math IXL for a number of years and has been delighted with the program and the results we have seen. I love the flexibility of the program. We use it in conjunction with our regular math curriculum to reinforce concepts. It is also a great tool for standardized test prep as well.”
Debbie M., Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using IXL for many years and has improved her math skill a lot. This is wonderful way to learn and practice math. I think parents can offer best gift to their child by providing them subscription to the site. As a parent i can monitor her progress with detail analysis available for parents. IXL has done great job by develop such a wonderful site.”
F. Nasir, Co-op Member
”My girls enjoy the IXL program. It is probably the only summer work they don't complain about having to do! I like that I can track their progress and monitor the skills they are learning. I also like that IXL is compliant with Common Core. I've told nearly every mom I know to invest in IXL.”
Toni, Co-op Member
”Our family loves IXL and greatly benefits from it. We use their all-access package to practice skills and demonstrate mastery in math, science, language arts, and social studies. I find it particularly helpful to track our students' progress and to identify areas that could use additional practice. One of my favorite aspects of this tool in the family all-access option is that all each child can access any grade level of each subject. That means they can soar! We are constantly telling other families about it and will continue to use it each year. Love it!”
Laura H., Co-op Member
”Having started homeschooling my daughter beginning in 9th grade.. IXL math has been an invaulable resource for all her highschool math needs.. explanations are very detailed amd extremely heapful .. now that she is off to college i am continuing using IXL for all of my 7 year old schooling needs.
Great site IXL!! I always recomend it to other homeschoolers as well as public students who need additional help. Will continue to use IXL math and well as the other subjects for many years to come!!”
Diana A, Co-op Member
”I love IXL, so comprehensive. It supplements the curriculum I am using or I guess any curriculum will work with IXL. I think, it can even be used as main course guide and other curriculum are just supplements. Almost all the tests for my child are done in IXL for Math, Language, Science and social studies. We've been using IXL for about 3 years now, and I think, we will keep using this. I have told my HS friends about IXL but not sure if they tried using it.”
Liza W., Co-op Member
”Fantastic program! I like that it allows your child to practice independently and you can focus on specific skills.”
Stacey, Co-op Member
”IXL is a very useful tool for my kids and for us as parents. It allows my kids to practice the math they learned in school and work ahead if they want to. It's laid out in very organized fashion (by grade and by math topic). I use this not as a punishment for my kids, but as a supplement during the school year and more importantly, during the summer. My kids know before they ask to use their iPad for games or YouTube, they have to first complete their IXL first. Once it becomes a habit, it's not as painful, at least with my kids. I have tried other learning applications, IXL is nice because I can log onto their website and check which questions they answered and know which my kids are having difficulty with. I ve recommended this to many friends and co-workers. I learned that some school districts subscribe to this. Unfortunately, my town does not but it's definitely worth the price.”
E. Eng, Co-op Member
”IXL has been one of the best investments I ve ever made in my children s education! It's very thorough in all the topics that a student will need to succeed. The goal is that the student masters a subject area so if you miss questions towards the end, it ll set the student back a little further so they get more practice. I especially love getting the reports on the staius of my kids work. My kids love getting the little awards too. I think the fact it s on the computer makes it fun for the kids and they love it. My school even uses it for practice before standards testing. Definitely a great purchase!”
Teial, Co-op Member
”My kids were using IXL when they were in school so I knew IXL very good when I decided to sign them up independently now that they are homeschooling
I also added the Language Art part for both my children on first grade and fifth grade.
This is the best program for practicing and maintening the skills they learn
I love the reports I get about their progress and the fact that there is recommendations for each one of them according to the diagnosis of their level!
I will keep using this all the way through high school for sure. 5 stars”
Inbal, Co-op Member
”It is so great to practice for math skill. It is good to keep up everyday to do so. After doing this IXL, My child is not afraid to solve the problem. Great! I am recommended to everybody.”
Elaine H., Co-op Member
”I introduced IXL-Math to my kids (twins) couple of years back when they were in 1st Grade. I found it very beneficial for them. They were able to learn in an easy and quick way. Since IXL-Math also has a mobile app, my kids were able to take it with them on their iPad even when we were traveling. They absolutely love it. They are in a way competing with each other to see who will be able to complete more questions. The app also provides a positive incentive to the kids by giving out electronic stickers after completing a specific subject or reaching a milestone. I have noticed a significant change in their approach to learning and it also shows up in their school tests. I would highly recommend every parent who has a kid in grades K-10 for IXL-Math.”
Inna, Co-op Member
”We purchased iXL (LA and Math) a year ago to supplement our homeschool curriculum for our 9 and 12 year old children. We had used iXL for years, practicing online with the free questions each day, but my children "asked for more" questions. The purchase price is worth every penny, and I am particular about programs I purchase online. You have access to all grade levels in many subjects which is helpful for my child with special needs. I will continue to purchase iXL as long as possible without any reservation. When we finish a topic in math we can then go to iXL math and practice more problems to promote competency. My boys love to see their awards after mastering a topic and the weekly reports I receive via email, help me track their progress. We have shared our iXL experience with many other homeschool families especially since my children "ask" to work on iXL each week. .”
Lisa C., Co-op Member
”We have been getting our IXL account renewal through homeschool buyers coop for 3 years now. My kids love IXL. They go and practice on it for whichever topic they are learning and get excellent supplemental practice. My children get perfect scores in SOLs and the practice they get from IXL helps a lot.”
High51, Co-op Member
”IXL is one of the best investments that we have ever made in our children's education. This will be their 6th year of IXL and they absolutely love it!”
Ronel Hentschel, Co-op Member
”We started using IXL math with my oldest then added on the other two siblings within 6 months. The dynamic explanations and problems have been helpful for them in conjunction to their main curriculum, but it could be used on its own. I love receiving the updates on their progress and they like the suggestions when they are struggling on a problem or in an area as well as the instant feedback when they are doing well!”
Eva P., Co-op Member
”My daughter absolutely loves using IXL. I feel very confident in allowing her computer time due to her self motivation. She has grown in ELA and math since our purchase about two months ago. IXL makes learning a fun experience. It is also user friendly.”
Dr. Bryan, Co-op Member
”We really like using IXL for lessons and practice. It enables us to make sure our child is proficient in all necessary areas. It ensures that what we are learning at home is not leaving any gaps in his education.”
H. BROWN, Co-op Member
”My children started with IXL, 5 years ago. Doing IXL has become part of their daily routine. Both do extremely well in math - all thanks to IXL. We recently subscribed to Language Arts, Science and Social studies. This is a great add-on to their current curriculum.”
Ronel Hentschel, Co-op Member
”I started using ixl a couple of months ago with my 7 year old twins as extra practice for math. They love it and it's really helping to solidify their understanding of some concepts.”
Gretchen A, Co-op Member
”Excellent product for giving your kids extra math problems. Everything is organized by grade and subject. The solutions explain why an answer is correct so it is also a good teaching tool.”
R. F., Co-op Member
”We use this as a suppliment to our curriculum. We like it for the most part. I love how it is organized and I like the documented evaluations and records. It is a help to see your child's progress as well as what area they need help in. We will probably renew it next year.”
Melonee, Co-op Member
”Very helpful for my kids. Would highly recommend.”
Elena F., Co-op Member
”It's a great program to help give my child extra practice in certain concepts that she may be having trouble in. She loves working towards mastering a concept and it doesn't feel like a chore for her. I love that you can choose to have the levels shown as letters rather than grades. It helps my daughter feel better seeing a letter rather than a letter, especially if it s a concept from a lower grade. I will continue to use IXL for as long as possible.”
Stacy J, Co-op Member
”Our family has enjoyed IXL in general. The math gets my 4th grader good challenge. And many times she managed to figure things out herself- after many tries. My 2nd grader enjoys it too. It's great exercise to do to supplement our math curriculum.”
Yen T, Co-op Member
”We have found this program immensely helpful. It goes along with the course of study and gives my two boys (11 and 13) increased practice and immediate feedback.”
Jack Hall, Co-op Member
”Learning math needs practice and IXL math provides just that. It helped my daughter to build confidence. She was struggling math in 3rd grade and we have used IXL since then. The IXL provides weekly reports and analytics which help me as a parent to keep track of progress.”
Rajeesh b. Radhakrishnan, Co-op Member
”It's great. There are plenty of questions for even an advanced student. My child has no resistance to go through daily four subjects. I'm satisfied with it so far.”
Great Mountains, Co-op Member
”We LOVE LOVE LOVE IXL! My kids have been using this for years. Beginning with Kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade, so far! We began with reading and math and added on science and social studies! We tell everyone about it! The Spanish program, however, is not very user friendly.”
Cortnie V., Co-op Member
”This is our third year using IXL and all 4 of my children love getting on IXL and learning. Sometimes there is some squabling as to whose turn it is. I love that you can either pick a grade you want to work on or you can pick a topic and see how far you can go. The kids love earning stickers. There is constantly new item being added and my kids loved being able to go back to see what is new and pass it off. The diagnostic tool is great for me and my children to have an idea as to where they are, what their weakness is and what they are excelling at. I love the diversity of being able to use IXL on the pc or iPads. This helps in the fight over who gets to do IXL, they can all be doing it at the same time! I plan and see us using IXL for every grade. As a math teacher myself I love IXL.”
Ember Davis, Co-op Member
”I really like IXL as a supplement to our regular instruction. My daughter enjoys being able to work on her ipad.”
Mairin G, Co-op Member
”IXL really helped prepare my son for standardized tests, making sure we didn't miss anything curriculum- wise. Mark never minds logging on to IXL for a quick review. Definitely a great help for our homeschool!”
TC, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math and so does my daughter. She willingly works on her math trying to get 100% and earn her rewards. It helps reinforce the concepts she's learning and improve on concepts she's struggling with. It also gives her a chance to drill her math facts.”
Emily B., Co-op Member
”We have been using IXL Math for 5 years and love it!! It's great for independent work and reiterating facts we work on throughout the week. I also appreciate seeing ALL of the required concepts to tackle for each grade. But sometimes it's nice to even go back a grade and really nail down concepts that were challenging. All in all, this is a must have program in my home as a supplemental/guide for where we are in math. I have middle school age now and we still will be using this as well as IXL grammar :)”
Colleen, Co-op Member
”I am so glad to have found the Homeschool Buyers Co-op years ago! It has saved me $$ over the years with IXL subscriptions for my two kids. I endorse this program and would give a 5 stars rating. ”
GSP, Co-op Member
”This is great tool for students to learn and practice Math and achieve knowledge and grades. For parents too it allows them to monitor the progress, weak points where the child needs more attention, and progress reports. It is wonderful and complete tool to excel in mathematics.”
F. Nasir, Co-op Member
”I am a first year home-schooling Mom and I wish I had found IXL sooner.

We use the app as a supplement to our Singapore curriculum for Math to get in multiplication and division practice. Earning the rewards in the program encourages my daughter to keep practicing. I also like the certificates and analytics, which help me understand where more teaching is required.

I would recommend this app for any parent, home or classroom school as a supplement to the base curriculum, especially if you are on a common core platform. The practice and repetition is helpful to memorize math facts - something common core does not offer.”
Kathleen K, Co-op Member
”This is my first year homeschooling and I wanted to use as little computer based learning as possible. I found that with kids at different grade levels, I needed some independent learning time for my older kids. I have my oldest (age 9) do IXL math after I've done all my one on one time. Even though it doesn't have video game-like graphics, he loves working on problems through IXL. He likes the challenge of working up to higher points and loves the rewards at the end. I love that I don't have to correct his math. If he doesn't understand a concept, I can always step in and explain and it's another tool to assess his learning. I would highly recommend!!”
K. Hong, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love IXL Math! My daughter has struggled with math in the past and found it boring, but IXL makes it fun! She asks to practice math day and night, even before bed! To her, it's a fun game, but to us it's incredibly well thought out practice that makes sure she's really comprehending the math lessons. Love it!”
Traci S., Co-op Member
”Extremely helpful and well designed website. The content is of great quality, apt, and exceeds the common standards. My kids love to work on it and we are planning to use it in future.”
Sid, Co-op Member
”I really love IXL! It has helped my kids to work on troublesome spots, as well as find any areas of needed improvement. And the best part is that my kids love to do it. It's the first thing they want to do everyday.”
S.B., Co-op Member
”My favorite part of the IXL Math Membership is that the student can choose the specific area of math that she needs extra practice on even if she has to go to another grade level option. Just a few extra minutes of IXL math practice per day really makes a difference.”
Michele, Co-op Member
”IXL has been a positive way for my special needs son to practice math. He's taking Algebra 1 this year. I like that it goes from Pre-K through Calculus & we can go back to any grade level to practice what he might need to review. We both like that you immediately know if you've gotten the answer right or not and that the program shows you the correct way to do the problem. My son likes that he earns awards; that's very encouraging. The fact that he doesn't complain when it's time to use IXL says a lot! I think it's great and will continue to use it.”
Francie L, Co-op Member
”IXL is a great program that gives my kids extra practice with math. They instantly know if the answer is right or wrong. If wrong, there is an explanation. They like earning rewards for practicing. It is very thorough, covering many concepts and all grade levels. We have used IXL for all subjects for both of my kids. I highly recommend it!”
Lisa H, Co-op Member
”IXL Math is a key component for homeschooling my 5th Grade daughter. We have been using IXL for a few years now with each of my children benefiting from the thorough lesson drills, and great explanations every time we got one wrong, ensuring we knew how to do them right the next time. I highly recommend the product for both homeschoolers and traditional as a supplemental tool for bringing success to a struggling child or children that want to get ahead.”
M. Lovett, Co-op Member
”I really like IXL. I used it for the summer. Now I am using it as supplemental and reinforcement. I especially like the assessment because it determines recommended skills to work on. I have recommended to many of my friends. Great when you are rushed and need something to do in the car.”
Dawn G, Co-op Member
”Great program for all ages. Children learn how to work independently with self-help tools. Parents and teachers get email updates with children's progress. It is worth every penny!”
Queen T, Co-op Member
”Both of my kids love IXL! They both tell me each day how they have learned so many new things! Would highly recommend!!!”
Vyerian, Co-op Member
”My wife and I are so grateful to all who are involved in the developing of IXL. My child is making so much progress on all the subjects. The teachers are impressed by his improvement and he is now a more confident learner. Thank you IXL for making all the learning challenges seem enjoyable. We recommend IXL to all who are serious about making noticeable progress while having fun.”
Thomas B., Co-op Member
”IXL has been very helpful for our homeschool. My kids all love it, and it's been a useful supplement to our curriculum. We started with just math, but my kids actually *asked* for all the subjects, and enjoy all of them. I'm grateful for the deal from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, so we could upgrade!”
Ashlee, Co-op Member
”IXL math has been a very useful tool for my daughter to do extra work/revision at home for what is taught at school. Doing it regularly has boosted her confidence in doing math and she feels it is fun to do as well.”
Srinath T, Co-op Member
”We enjoy IXL --all subjects! My son has Autism and we love the different levels and how he can pace himself with the curriculum. It is a great program and we recommend it to every student!”
Larie K., Co-op Member
”I think that I was able to learn what I personally needed. IXL provides help and more support and also encouraged me to move on. The best thing was that I would get recommendations of what I should learn next too. I think what I knew before and after has really changed. I would definitely want to continue using IXL.”
Reila.P, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES this program; we finally found a great fit for him!”
W. C., Co-op Member
”Great resource to get your kids practicing problems in a fun way, with mini-goals and virtual prizes as safe incentives. Ours is having a blast and this provides a break in routine from textbooks and workbooks.”
Maravilla A., Co-op Member
”IXL is great review for TN state standards. It gives me confidence that I've covered all necessary subjects.”
M. Bollinger, Co-op Member
”I have been very satisfied with all IXL has to offer. The math section is categorized so children can focus on what they need more practice on. Several friends and family have started using IXL because they tried it and it helped their children too.”
E., Co-op Member
”My 12 year old really enjoys IXL Math (as much as a 12-year -old boy could love math). The website is easy to use and I love being able to view his progress. We will definitely continue to use IXL and share our experience with other homeschooling families in our circle.”
C. Finley, Co-op Member
”I would like to thank the IXL Math team for the amazing learning program they have put together which is comprehensive and very relevant to my daughter's curriculum. My daughter has been using IXL Math since grade 5 and she has benefited tremendously, being A+ student throughout. IXL has always kept her ahead of her class and given her the confidence required to be class leader and mentor. One more thing I would like to add is that IXL will only benefit when the student works hard, with discipline and completes all sections. Thanks IXL team-- Way to Go!”
Tarun Uppal, Co-op Member
”So far the most "worth it" educational program I've ever subscribed.”
Vinz K., Co-op Member
”Most thorough program. Great examples, step by step. A parent can see exactly what a child misses, problem by problem, and how long the child practiced that session, leading to self-teaching.”
jersey mom, Co-op Member
”IXL has been a fun, convenient, and very helpful part of our homeschooling journey. My son and I appreciate the immediate feedback and clear explanations, and that he can do as much--or as little--at a time as he wants or needs to. Having access to all grade levels is great for review and filling in gaps. IXL makes record-keeping and monitoring progress easy. Highly recommend.”
A. Russell, Co-op Member
”IXL math has been a great resource for my kids in grades 3 and 5. They can practice a variety of different math skills. My favorite thing about IXL is that when a child gets an answer wrong, the problem is then broken down step by step, showing the child the exact calculation. It helps the child see where they may have made their mistake. I recommend IXL to any family!!”
Jessica P., Co-op Member
”My sons are at very different levels. IXL has a diagnostics system that tests them and recommends skills they are missing! We love this feature because it has caught little holes we hadn't noticed and let us intervene before it was demoralizing to them to get stuck while doing higher math.”
Susie K, Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using IXL Math for the last the years and she has really benefited from a great way to learn and practice math. She really enjoys using IXL and becoming more knowledgeable. I would recommend IXL and think that parents can give their children the best gift of an IXL subscription. As a parent I can monitor her progress and how much time she has spent, how many activities she did, and with what topic she is having difficulty, so those can be addressed.”
Farhan N, Co-op Member
”It's very helpful for my struggling 2nd grader in language arts. Language arts is fun for him now. It is a kid-friendly representation of all language arts topics.”
v.thumar, Co-op Member
”I love IXL Math for my kids. My 10 year old hates math, but IXL is fun for him. This is the only way he'll practice math without tears involved! My 5 and 3 year olds love it too! As a homeschooling mom, I used IXL to see how well they're learning the material we covered, without the stress of a quiz or test. Everyone's happy!”
Hannah T., Co-op Member
”My daughter's grades improved after IXL Math. Before IXL math she scored 44, and after IXL math scored 100. She loved it a lot because it showed how to solve the problem with a detailed explanation. I strongly recommend it to families who need help in math.”
B Unlu, Co-op Member
”IXL Math provides outstanding help in filling in the holes in my child's math skills as he prepares for high school. It covers everything and allows him to work on individual areas to achieve mastery. I would be lost without IXL!”
Tiffany, Co-op Member
”I'm using IXL with my child for the second year now. I find it very useful.”
Marcin Zdanowicz, Co-op Member
”This is one of the greatest compilations for home schoolers. My son likes it. It rounds out our goals. Very good compared to any other program. Highly recommend this. Used the free versions for years - then purchased one is 10000 x better. Can't say enough about this!”
Mickey D, Co-op Member