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We appreciate you at the Co-op!

We really enjoyed the Lego robotics set. I think it is a bit over priced, but was lots of fun for both parents and children. We were disappointed, however, at some discrepencies in the documentation. There was one place where we were told to hook up two motors for a task, but we were only given one motor. There was also a place where it asks that you hook up lights to do visual morse code, however there were no lights included. We called to find out about these and were told that they were optional accessories. If they are optional, that shoul...(more)
Lori F., Co-op Member
I am so glad we ordered Lego education through the Co-op. We have used the Legos to reinforce many subjects from math to history. Using Legos in Math for sequencing, adding and subtraction and history to build castles and pyramids. My kids love Legos. There isn't a day that we don't have Legos out for school or play. The price we were able to get the Legos for made it that much better. We have shared many pictures and ideas with our friends and family. Thank you.
Melissa, Co-op Member
The EV3 has been fantastic! My son loves working with Legos and this just takes it to a new level. We've had a good chance to work together on the programming for the EV3 which I really enjoyed.
Laurence B, Co-op Member
Several years ago I purchased the Lego WeDo pack from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I have two boys (aged 9 & 12 at the time). It was their FAVORITE school subject! We would save this subject till last as an incentive to finish their other work. Then we would 'play'; all the while learning such fun things as how gears work, size relationships, predicting outcomes, and even programming!!

This year I purchased the Simple Machines and Mechanisms through the Co-op. We have had so much fun learning with these programs that my older son (now 14) p...(more)
J. Butler, Co-op Member
My kids love this LEGO kit and it has everything there for me to teach them. We pull it out each week to work on and their lesson plans are easy to use.
Christine P., Co-op Member
My son loves his EV3 and the expansion kit! We feel so blessed to have gotten such a great price from Homeschool Buyers Co-op.
Christie, Co-op Member
I recently purchased the Lego learn to learn curriculum set. It includes 24 individual sets of 72 pieces each and a printable curriculum guide. I'm using it to teach a Lego class for 1st-3rd graders at our homeschool co-op. At first, I was concerned that the kids (many of whom have huge Lego collections at home) would feel restricted by the simplicity of the sets or disappointed in the class. But they're loving it! They're excited about each having their own sets (which they get to take home at the end of the term). They're enjoying the various...(more)
Otonya Alison, Co-op Member
Our children were very excited about the LEGO Education program. When the product came in the mail, they were asking to start our school year early. They enjoy working independently to create the activities within the program. They also use additional LEGO pieces, adding to the activities, making new creations. I have recommended this product to other families, especially if they have a child who is a hands-on learner.
A. Cochran, Co-op Member
My kids love their Lego education set. So fun and educational. Normally these sets are pretty expensive so we were grateful for the discount on these!
Jen K., Co-op Member
I'm so glad we decided to venture into the Lego Simple Machines. My boys (6&8) have really taken to this. The construction is straightforward for them, but satisfying because they're learning new functions. I like that their minds are opening to how real life things work. The lessons cause you to pay attention to where you see these things at work.

The builds are a little like doing science experiments (which they love) because you make hypotheses, and then test them. Good vocabulary learned. Must get the teachers guide though, otherwise i...(more)
Lynda G., Co-op Member
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