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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add IEW to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used IEW and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”We are LOVING the Student Writing Intensive and Fix It! Grammar. We've tried several writing programs, and this is by far the best one. My children are having fun, learning techniques that make their writing more interesting, and for the first time, they aren't complaining about writing assignments!”
Sarah B., Co-op Member
”We are really liking this book so far. I am using this with my 2nd grader and kindergartener, though right now we are keeping it pretty casual. The fact that my kids are exposed to different writing tools and concepts is a wonderful. I like that the facts presented are interesting and educational on their own. This is my first IEW purchase, but this will not be my last.”
Liz, Co-op Member
”I purchased this course to help my high schooler who hates to write. He struggles with figuring out how to start an essay, sentence variety, and providing enough information for a five paragraph essay. The practical techniques presented in this program effectively address these specific problems and more.

Currently, the strategies we are working on involve techniques that simplify and focus on the pre-writing process. This is very beneficial for my son who struggles with what to write. Coincidentally, this program has also showed me that my son needs better note taking skills. So, I would recommend taking an IEW course that covers keyword outline prior to taking this course.

Having just completed week three of this program, my son seems motivated as he uses the strategies to improve his writing. As for me, I am hopeful that by the conclusion of this program, my son will be better equipped to tackle his writing assignments with confidence, even if he still doesn't like writing.
I think this is an excellent writing program and I would definitely recommend it.”
JackieF., Co-op Member
”This is the second year of teaching my student with this curriculum and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The lessons work well with the DVD tutorials and are enjoyable to watch. My student is so engaged in her writing lessons that she asks to do the extra curricular activities also. The lists and outlines for report writing are well defined and easy for my student to access. I will be using this curriculum well through to the high school years.”
Julie B., Co-op Member
”Wish I had learned these concepts when I was a student! Great product and kids are receptive to the teaching style. We watch videos together and they turn in assignments according to the recommended lesson plan.”
R. Mahoney, Co-op Member
”IEW products have been such a blessing to our family. We have been using their grammar and writing programs for years. They have given my children the ability to write with confidence better than any other companies out there. Homeschooling for over 25 years, I've tried many different ones out there, but I stopped sampling once I chose IEW. Homeschool Buyers Coop provides IEW courses with no shipping all year round. In my book, that's a total WIN-WIN!”
Teresa A., Co-op Member
”My initial thought when researching IEW was wow, this curriculum is a little pricey . However, I found myself continually returning to the IEW website to learn more. Our family finally purchased the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style program along with the Fix It! Grammar books in February. We ve officially been using the curriculum for a solid 6 weeks and I love it! My boys ages 9 and 11 love it too! Gone are the sighs and the daily begging sessions to skip writing just for today . It's amazing what we have all learned in such a short time. IEW is worth every penny we spent!”
Jessica D., Co-op Member
”So far, so good! We've been using this for about a month with our 12 yr old and twin 9 yr olds. It is a very full program, but it is simple at the same time. The videos are great, and the directions are clear. I'm looking forward to seeing their progress in another month! The lesson plans are a MUST, as they are extremely helpful! The kids don't mind writing anymore, whereas before, they would whine. We are going to continue to use it into the next school year!”
Kelly D., Co-op Member
”I purchased IEW's writing course based on a recommendation from a homeschooling dad, who said all four of his children, with very different learning styles, had loved it and done quite well with it. I was so pleased with it that I purchased several other course materials, and have been very happy with those as well.
I have been extremely happy with the writing program. My 12-year-old son, who has always hated and avoided writing at all costs, is nearly finished with the Student Writing Intensive Level B. His writing has improved, but what I love most about IEW's program is the assignments are short enough, and clear enough, that he does them and doesn't feel overwhelmed. He still isn't crazy about writing, but this is the only program I have tried that he has been willing to work with, and I know it is because the assignments don't feel overwhelming to him.
I also recently started my 11-year-old daughter on the same program. She loves to write, and is thrilled to have some guidance and a way to work on this skill despite minimal input from me. The videos of Mr. Pudewa teaching have been super helpful for this, since she can watch on her own. I have gone over her rough drafts with her, but that is all the help she has needed from me up to this point.
I am also doing IEW's grammar program, beginning with The Nose Tree, with both children. Again, the assignments are short and simple enough that it is not overwhelming. Because both children are already more advanced, we frequently do 2-4 day's worth at once, to get through the lower-level book at a faster pace and move on to more advanced material. I have found the Teacher's Guide to be very helpful in explaining anything I have had questions about, so we have had no trouble understanding the concepts. I enjoy the notes on more advanced concepts, and appreciate that it does not expect the students to work through them if that is beyond their interest.
I am also using the Poetry Memorization Course with all my children. I have been very pleased that even the 3-year-old enjoys the poems, and can recite several of the shorter ones. He loves participating in school with the older children, and the poems are funny and engaging. This is something all my children are enjoying.
Overall, I am very pleased with all the materials I have purchased from IEW, and would highly recommend them.”
Elizabeth E., Co-op Member
”I scored well in writing, and even had young articles published. I struggled giving that same sense of excitement in the art, and my children and I both faced frustrations when it came to making compositions.
We have had the IEW product now for a few weeks. I feel like the kids really benefit from the video lessons and reinforcing the learning objective each writing assignment. My struggling writer does not argue with me about the subject anymore, which I appreciate his new sense of confidence. My oldest enjoys writing, feeling like he has gained more tools to enhance his ability. I have shared this with many other parents that it is worth the money to have the right tool for the job of educating my children.”
Nikki Estes, Co-op Member
”We needed this book for our co-op, and I'm happy to say it's proving to be a very thorough, high-caliber program. I was so excited to find it at a great price to boot.”
Beth M., Co-op Member
”Our children say...The segment on Essays that we watched was informative, helpful and memorable.
It was enough for our teens to get some essays written according to the style Mr Pudewa described.
His teaching style is also clear, engaging and humorous and the young people are interested in the rest of the program.
We have not had a chance to share with others yet, except to comment that we also enjoy IEW programs.”
Aquino Family, Co-op Member
”I was very impressed with the quality of this curriculum and how much I was able to enjoy teaching it to my student. She was able to put her creative writing and grammar together in a way she felt proud of. When your student feels this way they are more likely to self motivate, and that's what she did. I am looking forward to seeing her progression in this curriculum.”
Julie B., Co-op Member
”I have been struggling to teach my children writing skills. We began the Student Intensive Writing course two weeks ago. I can already see great improvement in their writing. The DVD lessons are quite enjoyable and very clearly teach the principles of writing. My children are reluctant writers, yet this program gives them the specific steps they need to do the "job" well, without wasting their time trying to figure out what is required. I highly recommend it!”
Sherry (mother of 9), Co-op Member
”We have used IEW poetry for many years. I had fun with my older children when I used it years ago. My younger children always have a talent, presentation, or fun poem to recite to grandparents, class, or group. We are just finishing up level 1 and plan on continuing through all 5 levels.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”IEW is an excellent program. My daughter is learning great skills and enjoying Mr. Pudewa's teaching. Writing is becoming easier & more enjoyable for her. We are only in week three but she has learned valuable skills that will make the rest of her educational experiences better.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”We love the Fix it Grammar series! We just started using book 1 and it is going very well (on week 12). It is amazing to see how well my daughter is doing! It is also amazing to see how gradual the process is and how much practice is given as the program builds momentum.The story is very interesting, which keeps my daughter engaged. I also like that this program builds vocabulary and dictionary skills as well. Our other English program took too long. Now that my daughter has used the Fix it series, she doesn't want to use the old one again!”
Michelle P, Co-op Member
”My family loved this I really wanted to add poetry to our daily routine and this made it fun and effective.”
Amber Petersen, Co-op Member
”I desire my children, ages 7-15 years old, to enjoy poetry and know that it can be fun. Linguistic Development Through Poetry has made that happen. I love the variety of poems available and my kids love competing with each other to see who can do it best. Thanks for making poetry fun.”
M.V., Co-op Member
”My boys and I struggled with writing in the past until we decided to use IEW. I love the simplicity of the method and all the resources available to help me teach my boys to not only learn to write but enjoy it. We have been using IEW for 2 years now and plan to continue using it with the rest of my kids.”
M.V., Co-op Member
”I have been teaching my twin 10 year old girls since mid third grade. I took the advice of another homeschooling mom and went for another DVD based English/Writing program. I have struggled with it ever since. It is too hard for me to explain the writing portions and I feel like I am basically doing the work for them.
I decided to try IEW but wanted to start with just one book to see if it was something we liked and could do together with them doing most of their own work and me just guiding. We started with the Fix-It books. We LOVE them. They actually look forward to doing it.
I am definitely planning on the entire curriculum for next year. I have checked out their website and love that they actually have videos for the parent to help them learn to teach the curriculum.
Thank you so much for helping our homeschooling improve!”
Candy Wright, Co-op Member
”This by far is one of the best writing programs I have used in my home school with my son. He is autistic but fully, for once, is getting and using a writing process that involves questioning, researching, using dictionary and thesaurus but more importantly the pride in his work has increased. We laugh. We struggle, We write. And in the end, we are unequivocally pleased with what we are getting. A love for written expression is a need for all children. I am glad I made this purchase.”
A. Hosch, Co-op Member
”I have a 10 year-old son who doesn't like writing. As I was watching the videos for the teachers I realized that Andrew was probably right about not having any ideas as the biggest problem. After we began the program my son settled into the writing. He is more willing to write and does a much better job than before. I am looking forward to the progress that I expect to see as we progress through the program, we are only in the first section.”
Stef Watlon, Co-op Member
”I bought the Primary Language of Arts which is for the younger kids just learning how to read. After using it for about a month I have seen great improvement in my child's reading ability. He has struggled with learning to read and has done really great with this program. The fun games and repetition I think have been key. It has been kind of a learning curve for the both of us, and can be kind of overwhelming at first but has become routine now and we enjoy doing it. Thank you for these great projects. Also, I love that all about spelling is in the writing portion which my older son is using, thus saving me money. We plan to continue to use it. It is similar to the all about reading program but there are not different levels to buy again saving you money. And it is based on games, which kids always love.”
Kiana T,
”IEW- We know someone that interviews lots of homeschoolers for their end of year reviews and he said he can always tell a homeschooler that uses IEW because of the high quality writing. I have seen this in my two students as well. IEW really makes your writing more sophisticated. My favorite IEW products are the student writing intensive videos because Andrew Pudewa teaches your student and even you and it is easy to have the videos do the teaching!”
Aynsley, Co-op Member
”My grandchildren, ages 5 through 10, have really enjoyed poetry memorization with IEW. The 10 year old boy has been particularly smitten with poetry and enjoys writing and memorizing his own poetry.”
Sherry K,
”It is wonderful to have the guidance from the Teaching Writing videos and to have someone else doing the instruction in a fun, clear manner. My son (8) enjoys the techniques so far and seems to be picking them up quickly.

An unexpected result has been that the instruction for me about teaching writing has given me more confidence about the level and type of writing that my son is doing in every other subject. I had been very unsure of what he "should" be doing at his age. Now I feel much more confident and our second homeschool year is going much more smoothly.”
Tess J, Co-op Member
”I have struggled for three years to find a language arts program that works for my 6th grade daughter. I finally found IEW and can only say, "I wish I'd found it sooner!"

As a former professor who taught first-year writing at the university level as part of a larger campus initiative (I am NOT an English professor) in addition to my normal classes, I am aware of the deficiencies facing today's college students even in competitive schools. The IEW program resonated with me because the underlying philosophy provides students not only with a thoughtful structure to produce good writing, but also guides students to own (and thereby master) materials they are working with.

I purchased several components of IEW and completed the larger writing course and then introduced my daughter to the grade-level writing intensive course. I also am using the Fix-It grammar program. These programs are integrated nicely and I will be able to incorporate readings and materials from our other areas of study over time. The IEW program is meant to be something that evolves slowly. It taught me to have realistic expectations about where my child was and how to move forward over time. It's a process, in other words. This philosophy is a strength of the program.

The other major strength is its reliance on key word outlines. Not only does this give the student something to write about, it teaches a critical skill that most college students lack which is how to identify important information and own it.

I have already recommended this product to several other families. I am planning to integrate further aspects of the IEW program into our language arts curriculum over time, including the unit on classical literature.

What is most important is that language arts has moved from being my daughter's least favorite subject (due to worksheets and less than ideal writing programs) to her favorite. We now do language arts as our last subject of the day so that we can spend "as much time as we like" on it and have saved "the best for last." I think that pretty much sums it up.

While expensive, over time this program is competitive with other programs and I am confident that it will move my daughter to being not only an effective writer, but an enthusiastic one as well.”
Karla C., Co-op Member
”We have only been using this DVD set with student & teacher materials for three weeks. I have been thoroughly impressed with the content and teaching methods. I would definitely recommend this to teachers and students who need better direction in writing.”
Tina G, Co-op Member
”IEW is a worthy investment! My kids were 8 and 10 when we began using IEW'S History based writing, Medieval Times and Bible Heroes, after I completed Pudawa's Teaching Structure and Style video course.

Teaching Structure and Style is an irreplaceable tool. One of many tools presented is Easy + 1, a very simple concept, yet a crucial one, that made me realize that I had been introducking material too fast. Whether the material is new or a refresher, Pudawa's delivery is delightfully entertaining.

The HBW books can be adjusted for various grade levels. Although my son is 8 (3rd grade), he is doing Bible Heroes which is recommended for younger kids. He is an excellent reader and very verbal, yet writing more than a few sentences at a time causes great angst, therefore, Bible Heroes is a good fit. My 5th grade daughter was excited when she was assigned the Medeival Times subject. She's also looking forward to the Narnia lessons. We have used a few other writing programs (Writing With Ease being our favorite) and this our favorite.

If you are new to homeschooling, I would recommend starting early with IEW so you can utilize other great products like Phonetic Zoo. It's a worthy investment!”
Darcy S., Co-op Member
”My kids and I love this program. My daughter (5 yo) would add a new poem every day if I let her. She is so proud she can "read it without looking at the page."”
Leisa M, Co-op Member
”FINALLY! After trying 3 other programs and giving them a whole year's opportunity with no results, my 6th grade son is only 4 weeks into IEW and there is an enormous difference in the quality, clarity, and creativity of his writing! Why didn't I listen to my homeschool mom friends sooner? I looked at it and it seemed complicated. It's the exact opposite. The very detailed guide is why it's simple. My son no longer tries to avoid language arts. He is so excited to share his stories with people and finally feeling as proud of writing as he is of math. I could kick myself for not trying this soon. Thank you, I finally see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.”
Heather D., Co-Op Mom
”We have only just begun the IEW program, so I can scarcely tell how the children are progressing, but let me tell you this: it has very much helped ME as a teacher. Dr. Pudewa's teacher CDs have such a wealth of information on teaching in general - and of course on writing in particular - that I would consider it worth the price for that alone! However, so far the children are quite engaged by Dr. Pudewa's joyful approach to the subject of writing, and seem to enjoy what they are doing and be learning from what he is teaching. Win-win!! Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!!”
Kathy R., Co-op Member
”I used this curriculum with my now almost 17 year-old son when he was in 3rd grade and loved it. Now I use it with my grand-niece in her 3rd grade year. I like having it on the computer along with her other assignments, it makes life simpler. I can glance in a minute to see if she is doing the assignment, rather than waiting until the day I quiz her and find out she has not been keeping up.”
Belinda, Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old son loved listening to, reading, and memorizing these poems. I loved hearing him pick up on the meter and rhythm. My 11-year-old was not so keen to read aloud, but she loved reading and listening to them. This was a fun change to try for the summer.”
L. Love, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed the poems and memorizing them as a family. My 3 and 5 year sons like coloring the pictures while listening to the poem on repeat.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”I am so excited about this program. We are working through the poems together as a family. It not only encourages the memorization and recitation; it allows each child to personalize and be as dramatic as possible. Truly fun times in our learning! I'm hoping the younger children will get through the entire program and that even the ones graduating in the next couple of years will join me in continuing this challenge.”
K. Burns, Co-op Member
”So far I am very, very pleased with this product. It has been very useful in teaching ME how to teach my children. I am enjoying the seminar DVDs and am confident that IEW will prove a fantastic tool for teaching my children to write well. I have told others about the product and will continue to do so. Excellent resource. Well worth the investment.”
J. Ummel, Co-op Member
”We have used IEW in the past and have loved it. Our newest purchases are the Linguisitic Development and the Fix It Grammar. So far, we love them both. They are very user friendly which is a must for homeschooling multiple children.”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”I used Student Writing Intensive B with my 5th, 7th, & 9th graders last year along with what I learned from Teaching Structure and Style. This approach to teaching writing can really help struggling writers. My boys benefited A LOT from the checklist approach. Each of them went from struggling to get out enough details for a single paragraph to cranking out enough details for three to five paragraphs in a short amount of time. While I could see some students struggling to transition from the checklist approach to applying the concepts naturally, my boys seem to show potential for doing so when given random opportunities to write without being required to use a checklist.

We will be using Rockets, Radar, & Robotics this fall. I am excited to see how they respond to this approach to writing in a subject that particularly interests them!

Emily, Co-op Member
”I have taught SWI-A, Bible-Based Lessons,and Following Narnia. I will be teaching All Things Fun and Fascinating in the fall. I love how easy IEW's writing curriculum is to teach and how it breaks the art of writing down into manageable steps. I ordered AFF this spring and it was delivered very quickly!”
Carrie G., Co-op Member
”Since older children are using IEW for their writing, I decided to give Bible Heroes a shot for our younger kids. We are learning vocabulary with each lesson, how to narrate, what an outline is and all the parts of speech. I consider this English, Grammar and Bible all wrapped up in one neat little package. The appendices have all the vocabulary words and Game helps on card stock ready to cut and use during class or as a family activity through the week. Our daughter loves the pictures and we are letting her color them through the book. This is quite an exciting program for us. I thought it was pricey until I realized I'm saving by using this for all our writing English and Bible subjects.I haven't found anything better than this and I feel that we can only grow as we continue to use IEW.”
Sharon T., Co-op Member
”Absolutely love IEW--my homeschooled son writes better than both his sisters who have gone to private schools!”
Christine M, Co-op Member
”We have used IEW before and my daughter was happy to return to it after frustrations with Sadlier Writing Workshop ,which is really meant for Classrooms. She is using the U.S. History based writing lessons. I really like the new layout of the student and teacher's manuals.”
Heidi Hayes, Co-op Member
”We enjoy IEW. Great products that are easy to use.”
Mary T., Co-op Member
”My family struggled with the "I don't know what to write!" problem a little. Now, my daughters tell me that writing is their favorite subject! Thank you, IEW.”
Jennifer T, Co-op Member
”We really like IEW and especially like the Fix-It Grammar Nose Tree we ordered. The story is engaging and the grammar analysis thorough. We look forward to learning what happens next while learning a ton about the parts of speech. We'll definitely be ordering the other Fix-It series for next year. Thank you to the Co-Op for offering a free shipping deal!”
Julie J, Co-op Member
”I am using this program with my 7th grader who hates writing - but he says this program is ok and maybe he even likes it (high accolades from a 13 yo boy)! I am also using IEW with my 11th grader who has dyslexia -she likes that it lays out how to write with an organized methodology. We are only a few lessons into the program, but already it is helping both of my children with writing skills. I think that both of my students like that it doesn't require them to think of what to say from the get-go -- they just identify key words and rewrite from there - helping them with note taking and also organizing thoughts and content. So far our experience is 5 stars!”
A. Armstrong, Co-op Member
”My daughter loved writing when she was 4-6 years old, then hit a wall in public school. I started homeschooling her in 4th grade and started IEW in 5th grade. She has been very impressed with the teaching and has gained confidence in her writing. She wonders why ALL schools don't use IEW!”
Jenny G., Homeschool Mom/Teacher
”I had been on the fence for years about purchasing IEW. It seemed so scary to me and the price was prohibitive due to my inability to fully commit to it. When a friend told me that homeschool buyers co-op had an offer, I decided to take the leap!!! Now my only regret is that I didn't do this earlier!! My "I hate to write" son loves the video instruction and has found the assignments quite doable. We are looking ahead to next year to add more IEW material to our program!”
Amy R., Co-op Member
”I just wanted to let yall know we got this and have been using it. Honestly I would LOVE to do a review on this thing. IEW WORKS - and it's not scary! They don't ask a lot at a time! It's all taken in BABY STEPS. Instead of here is how to write a paper - now go write one, they start with rewriting paragraphs. NOTHING ELSE had even come close to working with us. Writing brought my son to tears before. NOW when IEW tells him he can use his own creativity to change something he is EXCITED! Plus - I learned I was being a bit harsh with my grading. That has helped my sanity. In fact now we don't "grade" papers - we edit them as suggested by the awesome folks at IEW. I'm sold. We're an IEW family now!”
K. Flanary, Co-op Member
”This program is a great fit for my ADHD child. He enjoys the videos as well as the work he does. He is learning a great deal without feeling overwhelmed with the writing as he usually was. It breakdown down the concepts and skills into manageable chunks.”
Mrs Norrington, Co-op Member
”I like this curriculum's process in writing. If you really think about it, the process will help your children learn to take notes in the future too. It helps the children to focus on the main points of every sentence and gather details which is necessary in writing, taking notes and alas those hated comprehensive reading tests. Those tests in some form or another that we cannot get away from. This program is going to be a great resource for my family. As a past teacher, I see the magnificent benefits this program has. Much better than how they are currently teaching this in the public sector. I love it. These skills can be built upon and continue for the future higher education too in writing essays, reviews and papers. I just love the concept.”
Nancy Andrews, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for over 8 years. So far, I have graduated 2 from high school and have 4 more coming up the line. One of the hardest subjects for me, especially to motivate my student to actually do it without lots of moaning and complaining is writing. I was told to try IEW but the price scared me since I wasn't sure it would work. But I finally made the dive and could not have been happier! This is no longer a subject I hate. My children love the curriculum. We have used it for 3 years now. The second year we added their Fix-It and another WOW. It really synced in for my children grammar, sentence structure, identifying errors and fixing it. Their knowledge and ability has exploded with this program. Don't be afraid to make the jump and why not save money by buying through Homeschool Buyers Co-op?

[Editor's Note: IEW does not allow us - or anyone else -- to discount their products, but the Co-op is pleased to give members free shipping adn bonus SmartPoints with their IEW purchase so that they can save money on other curriculum purchased at the Co-op.]”
Mrs. Gray, Co-op Member
”Thank you for making this available through the Co-op. Your products have helped us so much. The pieces are finally fitting together with spelling, writing, and grammar. There is no way to compare this to an other product. I will continue with it and tell others about it.”
Heather C, Co-op Member
”IEW offers some of the best writing and spelling products available today. Mr.Pudewa and his colleagues have put together a wonderful array of writing models and stylistic techniques with incredible student resources your kids will use through college. Both my kids love IEW and I also taught the IEW program at my church homeschool coop. I was teaching kids of all ages which IEW addresses easily. If you are able to participate in an IEW seminar with Mr. Pudewa it is well worth it! Mr. Pudewa is a gifted teacher who uses humor and fun stories to convey important information which is usually delivered dry as a bone. Your Return on Investment (ROI)for the IEW products will be immediate and significant.”
Miss Ann, Co-op Member
”What a great program so far. My girls and I are having so much fun. You have taken the work out of writing. My girls actually enjoy and look forward to IEW. We will continue for years and tell our friends how great this program is.
Thank you!!”
Sheila P., Co-op Member
”I love IEW products, and we have used many. It has improved my writing as well, because I have watched the videos with my kids. This year I am using it in our homeschool group and had the students all buy the packets. It is working very well. Thanks! Oh - the customer service is wonderful too. I was confused with something, and they were very willing to help explain and teach me how to do that specific lesson.”
Janet Summit, Co-op Member
”We purchased the "Fix It Grammar" series as our Grammar review. Our 8th grade daughter loves it. Because of her age and desire to learn the rest of the fairy tale, she is doing a "weeks worth of lessons" in a single day. Her goal is to complete the entire series in one year rather than completing one book per year. We use the advanced grammar sections suggestions. I wish that I had found this series when she was younger.”
Deborah B., Co-op Member
”IEW is excellent curriculum. This is the only writing program I have ever taught with such successful results. I have 7 girls, but home school 8 girls total, ages 4-17. My daughter who struggled with writing, who literally wrote with tears before, once despising anything that had to do with writing is now an avid writer and her IEW class is her favorite class this year. I have taught PAL both Reading and Writing, teaching both elementary students and ESL students to read and write. Phonetic Farm is a great spelling program, and my kids enjoy it. And I absolutely love the writing through history lesson books. I have shared our family's success story with others and absolutely recommend this product. I did have trouble ordering through the home school buyers co-op though. It took weeks to arrive and I received a box of hula skirts in its place. Thankfully the issue was resolved and I was able to purchase the phonetic farm spelling lessons at a discounted price along with keeping the huLa skirts. If you order early and time isn't an issue, then I suggest to order though the co-op. [Note from the Co-op: We were just getting started with our new shipping service -- Amazon -- when Lori placed her order and Amazon shipped hula skirts to her by mistake. However, we did ship all orders except hers by the promised ship dates. We are now shipping within 3-5 business days. We hope Lori has a luau planned! :) ]”
C. C., Co-op Member
”My nervous writer is flourishing with the style of IEW! Copying good form is much easier than staring at a blank page, and my son is proud of the good work Mr. Pudewa is helping him do. I recommend this program for teaching children how to be good writers, especially those children who think they can't do it.”
Meredith, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son loves IEW and the specific forms to follow. It makes teaching writing easier. He loves the DVD intensives. It really helps that Mr. Pudewa is so funny!”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”My kids, ages 10 and 12, started IEW's Fix it! Grammar this year as part of their homeschool curriculum. We are on week four and the kids are loving it! We have used other grammar curriculum in the passed that they have found to be boring and tedious. Fix it teaches concepts that they immediately have to use in their own writing, which really reinforces what they've learned.”
Erika W., Co-op Member
”Very pleased - it came brand new, I got free shipping, and earned double the points. Ordering was very easy and shipping was very quick. Thank you! This IEW notebook is a lifeline for us as we teach IEW at home. We have used IEW for years and I can't imagine doing anything else.”
S. King, Co-op Member
”We have only been using IEW for a few weeks and I am amazed by what we have learned so far. This is a weak area for myself and my 6th grade son. IEW has made writting a simple process to learn from the ground up. I really wish we had found this sooner. Not only am I learning but I am able to teach and guide my son to have a positive experince while he is gaining confidence in his writting abilites. We are also really enjoying the spelling zoo program also.”
Amber N., Co-op Member
”This is a great company and they produce excellent materials. Each time we take out our books I am impressed that they thought of everything and how easy it is to apply. The kids learn quickly and retain that knowledge. We are currently using the Fix-It program with 3 kids in minimal time they are learning everything they need. We also just started with one of the themed books, it is so nice how they put it into bite sized chunks each day.”
Betty Urzua, Co-op Member
”IEW is the best of the best when it comes to writing programs! My college children attribute their success to IEW on the SAT writing portion. They have all excelled as communicators in their college courses! My younger children look forward to it each day! It makes writing a natural process. To be a successful communicator is essential in life! You will not be disappointed! Mr. Pudewa is exceptionally engaging!”
Stephanie D., Co-op Member
”We love IEW!! This is our second year, it takes a little time to get the system down, but it is NEVER boring and an excellent tool to teach your child to write at a high level.”
Tina O., Co-op Member
”After just the first lesson, identifying keywords and writing a paraphrased paragraph has become easier and easier. This program appealed to me right away because Mr. Pudewa linked good writing to accomplished speaking and, ultimately, to superior thinking. While officially a writing program, IEW, therefore, improves all three areas.”
Chris S., Co-op Member
”Fix-It by IEW is a very simple editing curriculum, that helps your student understand the editing process better as well as learning grammar in the process. Nice, short, and concise exercises each day help to develop the students editing skills. Great for a busy high school student.”
Jamie O, Co-op Member
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