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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Human Body Detectives to their home school curriculum. If you have used Human Body Detectives and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”The lesson plan/curriculum that goes with this elementary book series is very useful and well put together with some neat experiments and frequent links back to nutrition aspects. This can be used as a stand alone curriculum (although I chose to supplement) and the stories have some great visuals/word connections for remembering some of the important names/details, although I didn't love the stories themselves for the grade 5 student level (some of the books came with an audio reading which was a real bonus). For the Homeschool Buyers Co-op price, it was a great resource!”
Natasha G, Co-op Member
”My children ages 7-10 are engaged and explaining at dinner time digestion processes they've learned in class. I appreciate the straightforward teacher lesson plans and the simple experiments that reinforce main concepts. We are taking our time working through the materials because of the varied worksheets presented. My students worked both with assistance and independently. I ordered the high school version at first because of its thoroughness, but quickly realized that the material for primary level (one free unit was included) was not dumbed down and is quite substantial. I am so glad I didn't try to reinvent the wheel. The curriculum has been developed with attention to detail. Thank you. Looking forward to using the high school version in a couple of years.”
T.Matos, Co-op Member
”My kids have really enjoyed The Human Body Detectives so far. They especially love hearing the story and "getting inside" the body. It was fun drawing their own life size body and labeling the digestive system parts. I liked having so many digital resources to choose from, although it was at first a bit difficult to know where to start.”
Amanda Bermudez, Co-op Member
”I was super thrilled when I purchased this piece of curriculum since it follows more of what I believe in rather than the standard american diet that generally doesn't serve us very well. My daughter is in grade 6 and I think this will carry us through to grade 8 easily. I would highly recommend this course.”
Anita Kaiser,
”I use this product as a supplemental subject for my DS10 and DD8. They absolutely love the stories, and I learn along with them. My DD loves it so much it inspires her to create a bacteria and sickness game where she can list all kinds alphabetically. The only draw back is that the initial printing set up is not organized very friendly, so the homeschooling facilitator has to spend a couple hours or more just to print all of the materials.”
I. Harahap, Co-op Member
”My 5th grade daughter is home schooled and we wanted to incorporate a health curriculum into her studies. We are very happy with Human Body Detectives. The story is a good start to the section and the worksheets are a fun way for the child to learn. I am impressed with the content and it is nice for my daughter to understand how the body works and what foods are good and bad ... and why. Thank you for putting this together.”
CLH, Co-op Member
”My first and fourth grader enjoy watching the online book and hearing the MP3 read along. It's engaging, and I plan to use some of the activities with it.”
Emily, Co-op Member
”So far so good. My 10 yr old "Hates science,"but when we started this program she changed her mind. Thanks”
Y. Watson, Co-op Member
”My children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the body using Human Body Detectives. The modules are easy to follow, each lesson is fun and interactive and the audio / visual elements really give the children a sense of ownership over the project.

Most importantly, my children understand the human body and can talk easily and clearly about each of the systems they've learned about.

I would recommend it to everybody without hesitation!”
L. Green, Co-op Member
”Human Body Detectives has been the perfect science addition this year. Each lesson is simple and only takes as long as the kids keep chatting about what they are learning. My girls are grade 4 and 6 and find this challenging enough to pay attention but easy enough that we don't have to take all day. I love that it is printable. Each section only takes one month to finish if you do it once a week. I would recommend this product!! Even I am learning.”
Julia B, Co-op Member
”We have purchased all of the curriculum available through Human Body Detectives and my kids absolutely love it! I have thoroughly enjoyed using this curriculum with my kids and the format used is fun and their retention has been very high. I always recommend this to other parents looking for health/nutrition curriculum.”
Kristy, Co-op Member
”My daughter (7 years old)is extremely interested in the human body and how it works. We have exhausted our two local libraries of books, and she wears out our doctor with questions every time she sees him, lol.

I was thrilled to see this curriculum offered. I found the stories engaging, but my daughter struggles with these because she prefers straight non-fiction. We both enjoy the activities or mini-labs as I call them. She has been fully engaged with this curriculum so far. It's a HIT in our house.

My only suggestion would be to include some suggested movies or other non-fiction titles to add on to the learning. I only add that because my child cannot get enough of this stuff.”
Tina Simmons, Co-op Member
”Great product! My children have really enjoyed it! They are 5 and 7 years old and can get a lot out of it and we will continue to use it throughout the upcoming years!”
Donna, Co-op Member
”My 4th grade son really loves Human Body Detectives. He even listens to the audio story before he goes to bed every night. Great product!”
Gina Mondi, Co-op Member
”We are three sessions into the Human Body Detective series and my girls (4, 6 & 9) are LOVING it. It's a great break from our regular science program and already worth the money spent! I've got three little ones all wanting to be doctors now!”
A. Lane, Co-op Member
”Great program. Easy to use and follow (for me) and the kids really enjoyed it. Very informative. Would highly recommend it.”
Kim A., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Human Body Detectives! It has it all: great information presented in a fun, interactive way for the kiddos, and clear and easy to follow plans for me. There are stickers, activities and more. And the fact that it is written by a physician and nutritional expert who has the same health values as I do, so I can teach my children with confidence.”
Leslie Kelly, Co-op Member
”I used this as a supplement to our Apologia Anatomy study. If was a good change of pace. The books were very engaging with vivid pictures and fun music. The curriculum was easy to execute without much prep.”
Missy G, Co-op Member
”I am so glad I bought this program. I was looking for something that won't be too "textbooky" or boring to teach my kids about the human body and HBD is perfect. Both my 6 yr old daughter & 9 yr old son love the stories. They listened to all the audio versions together with the print versions over and over, and never tire of it. It makes it fun for them to work on the curriculum worksheets. We've done Unit 1 & working on Unit 2 now. The worksheets are not the usual question/answer format but in the form of quizzes, games, puzzles ... which made it fun & interesting for kids who have shorter attention span. I highly recommend this program for kids who can't sit still (like my son) or gets bored with standard textbook instruction. I hope HBD will expand on their curriculum and add more human body units to the series.

This is one of the few programs I've been showing to my friends who have little children.”
Michele T., Co-op Member
”We have loved Human Body Detectives. My daughter has learned so much about the human body and all its wonderful abilities. Everything is explained so well, yet in a fun way that engages children. My four year old even enjoyed reading the story with us. I highly recommend this program.”
Pamela, Co-op Member
”We loved the stories and accompanying curriculum. Also the entire website is neat. :) We will use it in a homeschooler's club as a health/wellness curriculum part. From one mom to another (the creator is a mom): Thanks a lot for an easy to implement human anatomy/health education curriculum!”
San Gentry, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying the digestion unit. The girls have completely overcome their skepticism & now eagerly look forward to a fun lesson!”
Jen G., Co-op Member
”I was absolutely blown away after I downloaded all of the Human Body Detectives. Dr. Manley did a fabulous and very thorough job of covering three very important systems in the body. I am eager to read her book and share this great information with my kids this year. I have told several other homeschooling families about this wonderful curriculum. I eagerly await any other additions to this curriculum by Dr. Manley. Thanks!”
Sarah B., Co-op Member
”While I haven't used the Human Body Detectives units yet, I have looked through all the material. It all looks great: the graphics are inviting, there are perks like stickers and a story to go with each unit. I think my kids will love it when we get started in September.”
J. Murphy, Co-op Member
”The books are easy to read. They help children understand how to take care of their bodies and eat properly.”
Jenni J., Co-op Member
”These are fun books! My boys, ages between 3 and 8, really enjoy them.”
Thequales, Co-op Member
”My 7-year old son loves the program. He loves listening to the stories and following along with the book (which I printed out) while we're traveling in the car. He plays the theme song over and over again. He's learned a great deal about the circulatory, immune and digestive system! Love it!!”
Diane S., Co-op Member
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