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The Best Deal Anywhere for Horizons Curriculum!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer members the best deal anywhere for Horizons® workbook curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications®. By purchasing through the Co-op, you get:

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All in all, this is hands-down the BEST DEAL ANYWHERE for Horizons!

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A Christian Homeschool Workbook Curriculum

Horizons is a brightly illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities for grades PreK-12.

Horizons offers:

  • Christian Worldview: Horizons courses support a Christian worldview that complements parents in their biblical teaching.
  • Spiral Learning: Horizons Language Arts and Math use a spiral learning method that helps students master concepts through a natural process of introduction, review, and reinforcement.
  • Colorful Curriculum: Eye-catching graphics and illustrations make the student material visually appealing and help keep students excited to learn.
  • Hands-On Lessons: Students using Horizons curriculum often find the hands-on lessons to be interesting and exciting. Much of the student material is filled with colorful illustrations that complement the activities to help students understand concepts.

Complete Sets or Individual Titles

On this page you can purchase complete sets for PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3, plus complete math sets for Grades 4-8.

For everything else, click here to shop the entire Horizons product line. You'll get the same great deal for ALL Horizons curriculum!

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Horizons Preschool Curriculum & Multimedia Set<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Horizons Preschool Curriculum & Multimedia Set

Retail Price: $319.95
Current Group Price: $255.96
Current Group Savings: 20%
Bonus SmartPoints: 1,280
Shipping: FREE!*
* On U.S. orders over $25.00.
Give your preschooler a love for God and the world around him with Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set. Based upon the Bible, this complete preschool curriculum contains 180 engaging lessons that help your child discover and learn social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science from the viewpoint of the Creator.

Arts and crafts, music, story times, outdoor excursions, and other exciting learning activities enhance each lesson's objectives and theme. And concepts are reinforced through games, songs, poems, and drama to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten in a Christian environment. What's more, easy-to-follow, comprehensive teacher guides adapt to your homeschool schedule with flexible, clearly outlined daily lesson plans that make teaching your child fun.

But that's not all! The Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set from Alpha Omega Publications also includes a multimedia set with an extensive list of music CDs, CD-ROMs, and videos that perfectly integrate into each day's learning activities. What does this mean for you? Everything you need for your preschooler's early childhood education is right at your finger tips! So why are you waiting? Order the Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set today and start your child on a life-long love of learning!

Product ID#: PRC200


Scope and Sequence:

Sample Pages:

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This is our second year using Horizon curriculum and it is amazing! The worksheets are well put together and easy to understand. We love Horizon!
Jasmine Marshall, Co-op Member
We use Horizons Math - my kids enjoy the colorful and fun way of learning different math problems whether it be through a crossword puzzle or a basic multiplication problem. I as the mom enjoy that math concepts are revisited (Spiral approach) because oftentimes when we go back over an already learned concept they forget a few things. This just cements their learning!
Krista Bailey, Co-op Member
The Alpha Omega Horizons curriculum has been very effective for my 2 sons. It is a very thorough phonics program. My sons enjoyed the colorful illustrations. I really like how comprehensive and organized it is. Linking the reading books along with the phonics workbooks is a unique benefit also.
CRS, Co-op Member
I used the kindergarten level Horizons reading/phonics for both of my kids. I like how it is simple to use, thorough, and it really teaches them the phonograms in a logical order and progression. The other thing I like is that it teaches from all angles so that by the time they are finished with the workbook exercises and the the readers they have learned it with virtually no effort. It is gentle yet rigorous. I have not found a better approach to learning phonics and reading. I do not like lots of prep work and this definitely is open and...(more)
Rachael, Co-op Member
We LOVE Alpha-Omega's Horizons Math. We had looked at Saxon, but it just didn't grab my kids' attention. My rising 5th grader had taken the state's achievement test last year and scored at the highest levels on all but 2, and those were scored as 'above average'! My rising 2nd grader will take the test next year, but I'm sure she will score just as well. My kids love their workbooks so much that we've already started this year's math - and it's July 1st!!!! We sit around our kitchen table and they work through their books. If they have a q...(more)
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
I was new to homeschooling and I purchased the Horizons Math for my son. He absolutely loves it and it makes life so easy to have daily lessons that he can follow and to know exactly what is expected of him every day. My son is a 6th grader, I wish there were more subjects from Horizons he could use.
Stacy Mori, Co-op Member
I have purchased Horizons Curriculum from Alpha-Omega for each of my children. We use the Math and Phonics/Reading workbooks from K thru grade 3. The pages are colourful, the lessons are just long enough, and there is something new taught most lessons, with practice exercises of older concepts too.
Melanie, Co-op Member
Horizons math is a thorough, complete approach to math. Concepts are explained well and practiced through repetition.
C. King, Co-op Member
This program has worked very well so far. Our son has told us that he is happy because he enjoys reading again. This program has been a blessing for our family.
Kyle V., Co-op Member
My son who was almost 5 when he started using aop math and reading k. Right now he is in kindergarten in public school and is finished with math k but still in book 2 of reading k. Last month, his teacher showed the assessment and i was happy to know that he is advanced. He already knew all that he needs to know before the end of the school year.
liza o., co op member
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