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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Homeschool Planet to their homeschool resources. If you have used Homeschool Planet and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”Homeschool-Planet is by far the best planner our family has used. It is intuitive and is super flexible. If we miss a day, I simply click a button and all the assignments move forward one day (or however many days I need it to move).

Each of my kids have their own login with his individualized assignment page to check off as he completes his assignments. Honestly the hardest part is making sure the kids check off their assignments as they complete them.

I can keep track of grades and missing assignments. At the end of the year, I can even print out a transcript.

I have used this product for several years now, and will continue to use it for the remainder of our homeschooling career. It is worth every single penny.

We even have a family rhyme just for the Planet:
Follow the Planet to have peace in life;
or choose not to
and live with the strife.

Our family loves the Planet!”
Erin Mitchell, Co-op Member
”We have used Homeschool Planet as our homeschool and regular calendar for several years, and we LOVE it. I'm not sure we'd get anything done or get to any appointments without it! I tell everyone who asks that this is THE planner to have. It's made my life so much easier! Thank you!”
Katherine B., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool Planet! I started using it mid-school year because my old system of planning in an Excel spreadsheet just wasn't working for me. I knew I wasn't the "pencil & paper" type because our plans change too much from day to day. I LOVE that with Homeschool Planet, I can set up our assignments for the week (or the whole school year!) easily and then shift things forward as our plans change. There's so much less stress in our homeschool now because if something doesn't get done, I can shift it to tomorrow and know that it isn't going to mess up the rest of my week.

The interface is very easy to use, and I've found the FAQ and videos to be very helpful with the few questions I have had.

I've already told many of my friends about Homeschool Planet, and I look forward to using it myself for many more years!”
Libby Pritchett, Co-op Member
”This program got us back on track. We were at the point of chaos. I felt like nothing was getting done, and was yelling at the kids more than teaching. Now we print an easy to access "master list of assignments" each week. I can delay, replace or combine assignments to make room for field trips, impromptu science experiments, or sudden artistic inspiration. It just take a second. I was even able to create my own class and lesson plans to be incorporated into the schedule. And now instead of yelling at kids to get things done, I have identifiable moments to praise them as they cross a completed task off the "master list."”
Mary C., Homeschooler of 7
”I am thrilled to write a testimonial!! I am only starting my second month with this planner but I have to say a few things...last month was awesome!! I am not kidding. I work part time on the weekends, and this planner has helped me to plan for the next week of school while away from home...without dragging all the books with me. Some features that I LOVE are the ability to add more assignments to the class without creating a new class! This is perfect for us! Not a feature with another online planner I tried. Also, printing by student/class, I have been able to print off the entire week's worth of expectations for my oldest child, and he works very independently as a result. He knows the expectations, and works at his own pace. He can see the entire week at once! No surprises! Also, keeping tracks of hours is amazing. This is done without any extra effort. My favorite feature though...the resources list. I have always struggled with writing everything down. NOT now! I have a complete list and it is beautiful!!! The chore lists are easy to create and print and the kids and I appreciate how they look when printed. I just love so much about this program. The cost is nothing compared to what I have gained so far. Thanks SO much!!”
Jenika Johnson, Co-op Member
”LOVING this organized, flexible, multi-tasking planner!! I'm stress free, and my kid can tell... I can't say enough about how it has simplified things in my life and made our homeschooling SO easy to plan! It took about a week to play with it, learn it, and set up the entire year. I still don't even know everything it can do, but boy is it doing what I need now. Invaluable for keeping records. It's very intuitive, plus there are plenty of tutorials in case you don't want to learn by just playing with it like I do. If I've ever been stumped on anything not covered in a tutorial, I've always gotten a quick helpful reply. Worth every penny. I constantly tell my friends about it and highly recommend it. Every time I explore it's capabilities, I say, "Is there anything this planner can't do?" I look forward to using this all through middle and high school. I'm mentally thanking the creators of it daily.”
Angela C, Co-op Member
”I homeschool four kids, ages 17,16,13, and 9. My teenagers have jobs in addition to the co-op classes, sports, and church events in which we are all involved. Trying to manage all these schedules was making me crazy. I had my lesson plans in one place, my calendar in another, my To-Do list in yet another. Homeschool Planet has been worth every cent! It combines all my lists and calendars and lesson plans into one place. When they say it can do everything, they aren't kidding. It keeps my grocery list, my lesson plans, the kids' chore lists, my weekly menu, our events calendar, my teens' work schedules, and more! I love that I can assign lessons from my computer and the kids can access each of their own agendas from their devices, checking off each item as it is completed. I don't have to print off anything! Making changes is pretty simple also. My kids can, in one glance, get their assignments, chores, and work schedules in one glance. I love the widgets that can be included on my page also. They are very helpful. One of my favorite features is the ability to text HP to send me my grocery list if I get a chance to stop by the grocery store. When I first saw Homeschool Planet in the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, I was very skeptical about its ability to keep up with MY family, but it has exceeded expectations! When I have had questions or issues, customer service has been awesome! Thank you for this fabulous tool and the wonderful support you provide for it!”
Emily L., Co-op Member
”I am a paper-and-pencil kind of gal, but I shall never go back as far as homeschool planning goes!! Life happens a lot and we get behind on lessons. (Latin. Why can't I ever fit in Latin?!) With the paper and pencil method I would have to erase days of plans in my planner, make the pages all smudgy and take up so much precious time RE-planning everything if something was missed. With Homeschool-Planet, all I have to do is click a little button and my plans align.

Homeschool-Planet is also just plain fun to use. I haven't stopped at just my 7 students. I've got one place to see my plans and Daddy's plans too.

I don't think it's exaggerating to say this product was life changing.”
Amanda W, Co-op Member
”Thankful. Relief. Success. Homeschool Planet has turned my nemesis into my friend. I always struggled to keep up with grading, and recording grades was even more time consuming. Homeschool Planet has helped me stay on top of grading and recording the grades. Entering the assignment ONE time has saved countless hours. I no longer spend my Sunday afternoons preparing individual weekly plans for my children, and then typing the assignments into an online grade book. Now I enter the assignment once and Homeschool Planet does the rest.

Homeschool Planet has also motivated my children to become more responsible. Gone are the days of my telling them what subject to do. Now they just check Homeschool Planet and get to work.

Other online grade books limit the number of assignments you can enter. I have not encountered this problem with Homeschool Planet. I especially appreciate that Homechool Planet keeps track of all resources I use for each subject and assigning an online resource saves time. No more taking time to look it up. My children can just click on the assigned link and away they go.

Homeschool Planet has a wonderful support team. They have quickly and effectively responded to any questions I have had, helping me to utilize the program to its fullest potential.

I only wish I had found Homeschool Planet earlier! I have told all my friends about it and continue to tell other homeschooling families I meet. I praise God for the time Homeschool Planet has saved me. Homeschool Planet is truly an incredible blessing!”
Jody G, Co-op Member
”This product is phenomenal! It is revolutionizing my ability to be organized. I am an organized person already, but with homeschooling three teenagers along with Church activities, home-cooked meals to meet dietary restrictions, and chores, I had been struggling terribly to get the bare necessities done. I love that I can view and check off my schedule from my phone, schedule text/email reminders to do or get things. The grading features are fantastic - knowing the kids' grades/scores at any given point during the school year will help us make better decisions in regard to their free-time. I am really looking forward to being able to grade papers anywhere and enter it on my smartphone! This is going to make a very fun-filled & production school year for us! The name HOMESCHOOL PLANET really says it all; my sphere of responsibility is at my fingertips! So glad I made the investment. I would highly recommend this planner to any homeschooler!”
Cristina Inglese, Co-op Member
”This works so well in our family. This planner is exactly what we have been looking/waiting for! It really has it all. I'm very particular and quite impressed! Loved the trial to get to know the platform. I already started putting in next years plan. It was a no brainier to buy the yearly subscription. My son is self guided but not without a plan. He is now getting his school work done 2 to 3 hours sooner! He loves being able to take control of his day through his online planner. This keeps him focused and on track. I can clearly see a sense of pride and ownership he takes over his schooling now. He's even more on the road to being a happy independent learner.

Cute side note: My son kept reminding me of the countdown of when the trial ran out. When I told him I purchased a subscription he patted me of the back and said "Thanks Mom!" and off he went to verify that ~ that makes me one happy Mama!

Thank you...keep it coming!!!!

Definitely going to share with our other homeschool friends. We've all been anxiously waiting for a good online planner to be developed!”
Candace, Co-op Member
”I have always wanted to be organized but it has always been a struggle. I've tried so many different methods of tracking and scheduling and grading but they were difficult to really implement fully or too time-consuming. Homeschool Planet is unlike any other product I've tried. It really is like a complete life organizer. The hub of the house. I know that sounds dramatic but that is what it has been for us. Everyone should try it.”
Krissy C., Co-op Member
”I don't know what I'd do without using Homeschool-Planet as the only source of keeping my home school organized. It is very user friendly. I love all of the different reports that I can run as well. It makes my job much easier when I need to complete his progress reports, report cards, awards, transcripts, etc. The other feature that I love is being able to utilize text messenger feature within the program to send my son messages as reminders. I use it to also send him his grade on assignments, upcoming events, classwork, and test scores. I can't imagine using anything else. It's also cost-friendly. I encourage everyone that's homeschooling to use homeschool Planet. You won't regret it and there's no turning back.”
Lanita Pinkney, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is homeschool planner gone ROCKET SCIENCE! They have thought of everything in this program! Very easy to jump in & get started. It's a great help to see all the family in one scheduled view but switch to individual views when needed and to print daily schedules per student. This tool is an amazing time saver as far as planning for me (Mom) and helps keep us on task! The kids see exactly what is on their schedule for the day along with time to start each task. When you have an expected change in schedule for the day, Homeschool Planet with the touch of a button will shift your schedule out a day with the choice to move the work forward just 1 day or move the entire schedule out for you. SO many extras, too many to cover here. I have already recommended this software to all of my fellow co-op mommas and other homeschooling mom friends. My husband is quite impressed too. He can see what a big help it has been for us. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for this great program!”
Kimberly D., Texas, Co-op Member
”I've been a user of Homeschool Tracker Plus for 6 years and was trying out some online programs to see if they could sway me away from HST+. I've tried various programs over the years, and they never lived up to HST+... until now. Homeschool Planet is great! I've been so impressed with the usability combined with functionality. Most programs I've tried have one or the other. I love the features included, like the Google calendar integration, your method of adding multiple assignments, and the cool reminder feature so I can make sure I have lab supplies before we get there! I've been so impressed by this program that I'm excited to leave HST+ and use Homeschool Planet this coming school year, which starts Monday. :) And while I've run into a couple bugs, you've been so quick to fix them. Very happy with your customer service and your development team! Thank you for such a great product!.”
V. Childs, Co-op Member
”I never write reviews, but I LOVE this product! I had tried everything in regard to planning my day (week/year) with the kids' work, and I had failed time and again. I had not only been frustrated, but I had let my kids down in helping them stay on task and deadlines because I couldn't keep up! I love that Homeschool Planet is so easy to use and that they have thought of almost everything when it comes to having to reschedule work, make up days, add classes, etc. It keeps me organized and the kids have easy access to it all. No excuses for any of us. This year has been the smoothest and most productive so far! I owe it to this product!”
Leah F, Co-op Member
”My twelve year old daughter and I absolutely LOVE Homeschool Planet! It allows my daughter to work independently and be responsible for completing her work without me having to tell her every assignment to complete. She comes in each day and checks online to see what she has to do for that day and gets started whether I am there or not. This frees up a lot of time for me. The grading section is wonderful too. There are reminders for which assignments have not had grades entered yet, so I am not missing any grades in the grade book. Another feature of the grading system that I love is that the average for each subject is updated with each entry that I make and my daughter's averages are available at any time. Now, I don't have to complete the tedious and time consuming averaging of grades to determine what her grade is at any given time. This is giving her incentive to work harder on her grades because she can see her averages on a daily basis and she now realizes how one bad grade can affect her average. This product has made my school year so much easier! I have tried several other electronic planner programs in the past and none met my needs. This one meets all my needs. The price was excellent too! I will be using this product for many years to come! I've been telling others in my homeschool group about it.”
Gail Wertz, Co-op Member
”We love Homeschool Planet. It was an answer to some of our biggest challenges with homeschool. I have three kids ages 12, 9, and 7. Trying to plan for 3 different kids was very time consuming. Homeschool Planet has literally saved me hours of time each week. And my kids love it to. They can text me reminders, and take charge of their own schedule. I cannot rave enough about this product. I shared it with a couple friends who are also hooked now!”
Bethany, Co-op Member
”I've always been a paper planner girl. In fact I make my own custom planners every year. With the rave reviews flooding my inbox and my Facebook feed I decided to give Homeschool Planet a try. I couldn't be more excited! For the first time my school year is planned out ahead of time. It's so easy to generate assignments and split them up evenly over the school year so I may actually finish up the lessons on time this year! If I had to sit down and make a wishlist of how I wanted an electronic planner to work, this is exactly what I would end up with! But way better!! It does everything I need it to do and more. I love how easy it is to set up. My son is really enjoying having a checklist of schoolwork for the day. For the first time he is initiating getting his work done for the day! My daughter finally has what she's been begging me for, a well-planned day. I'm beyond thrilled. I wish EVERYone would give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Support has been simply wonderful and questions have been quickly answered. I wish I'd have done this earlier!
If you're a paper planner, have no fears, the two work very well together. Homeschool Planet to plan it, and paper planner to record it. Working wonderfully!”
Rosemary S., Co-op Member
”Awesome planner. The best out there. Very user friendly and great for families with multiple kids. Well worth every penny, it keeps us on track.”
Brenda, Co-op Member
”I am a homeschooling mom of four (two elementary and two high school kids). I have tried a few different methods and programs to help with lesson planning and calendar management and have not been able to find anything that could "do it all"...until Homeschool Planet. I signed up for the free trial with all the skepticism of one who believes that no product is all it claims to be. Well, this product is all it claims. I couldn't believe how easy it was to enter assignments and move them around as needed. It makes grading a cinch. It allows me to enter my son's work schedule, all appointments, field trips, chores and everything! I love that the kids have their own logins to pull and print their daily or weekly schedules. It took me only days to realize that this program really can "do it all" and I purchased a subscription. The cost is reasonable and easily justifiable considering how much time this program saves. I love that I can text Homeschool Planet to send my grocery list to my phone (or my husband's phone) for me and I use that feature regularly. I am very excited about how this program can work for my family.”
Emily Lee, Co-op Member
”"I have been using this planner while on my FREE trial. WHAT A PROGRAM!!! I am BLOWN away! This is my 26th year of homeschooling, and with only 3 years left to go,...I JUST NOW started using this awesome planner? Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"”
Lori Kilfian, Co-op Member
”This product is great! In fact, I was telling a friend about it this morning. I have used all the big homeschool planners and Homeschool Planet is by far the one I like the best. It has all the features I need and have looked for in other planners AND it is easy to learn, set up and use. Not an easy combination to find. I have used it exclusively for about 6 months and am looking forward to planning and tracking our next year with it.”
Kathleen P., Co-op Member
”I've been using Homeschool Planet for a few months now and I think I have finally found the last planner I will use for Homeschooling! I have tried so many homeschool planners online only to be disappointed until NOW! Not only is the customer service excellent, they actually listen to the customers and are quick to help! The planner is easy to use which is also a big plus! It has most of the features I need and they have been adding even more I didn't know I wanted! This is going to make organizing my homeschool a breeze. I have already told friends about this planner and plan to keep doing so!”
Jamie Anda, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is the newest and best online planning tool I have ever used! Homeschool Planet is flexible and customizable, and yet it is designed with a homeschool family in mind. I am participating in the Beta best of the product at this time, but when the product is released to the public I intend to continue using it. The developers have been very responsive to my questions and suggestions. Homeschool Planet is cheaper than similar products I have seen on the market, but still fully functional. It helps with day-to-day scheduling and has reporting that will be very valuable for end-of-year reporting or for high school transcripts. Well done, Homeschool Planet!”
Monica S, Co-op Member
”After having tried every homeschool planner I could get my hands on, including the online My Well Planned Day, I reluctantly went back to using Word and Excel for planning and record-keeping. Because I work in the elearning industry and live in the clouds so to speak, this was particularly discouraging.

But that was before I enrolled in your beta. Homeschool Planet is JUST what I was looking for. It's simple-to-use, flexible, and makes monitoring student progress so much easier. I love it! The kids enjoy checking off their work, and I appreciate how easily I can enter and adjust assignments. We will definitely be using this planner for the rest of the school year - and next.

I really am impressed with the product overall! Its one of a handful of homeschooling tools I feel strongly enough about to recommend.

I knew there was a simpler approach to online planning; thanks for nailing it!”
Kim Z., Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say THANKS for developing a digital homeschool planner that actually fits the bill and is not to complicated. As homeschoolers, we are all super busy. The last thing I want to do is fuss with a non-user friendly planner. I tried about 6 planners, sometimes even with no FREE trial. Needless to say, I canceled them all! I have been using your planner for about 2 weeks and I really love it! I homeschooled for years when my older daughters (now 28,29) were younger and digital wasn't an option. I pulled my 13yr old son out last year from public school and used a printed planner because I was having trouble finding a decent digital planner. I love that I can just push everything forward of just change one day at a time when "Life Happens." Two of the supposed best planners I tried recently were Homeschool Planner and Homeschool Manager. They can't even come close to what you developed! Your user interface is so easy to work with. My son is taking 3 Open Stax courses from Rice University and I like that I can just link up the lesson for the day and he doesn't have to just go to the textbook on-line and find the place he left off. Also, since he was terrible last year at keeping his log it is simpler for me to just plan the school year out the way the lessons go and he can just check things off. I do have him keep track of when he starts and stops a subject and it's very simple for him to change the time I allotted for each class if it runs over or under. Bravo to your designers...they truly know the needs of homeschool families. I just couldn't understand all the effort put into the other top planners and they didn't think of the simple things that your team came up with that are so integral to how traditional homeschool families function. Again, THANKS! I will definitely be purchasing your program the at the end of my trial period.”
J. Rixey, Co-op Member
”After homeschooling for 5 years with 4 children using various paper based planners that took so much of my time and with children preparing to enter middle school I knew we needed a something more manageable as a family. The most recommended planner I found was homeschool planet. We have been using it now for a few months and it's like the perfect storm of a planner. It allows my husband and myself to manage our lives and plan the children's curriculums / social & sporting events all I one place, but managed separately. I love it and can't recomend it highly enough.”
R. Tarring, Co-op Member
”I got a free monthly subscription to Homeschool Planet and a couple of other online planners; one planner didn't offer a free first month but I had to pay $8 to try it out. I used all 4 online planners at the same time to see which one I liked best and hands down Homeschool Planet won! There are tutorials you can use to guide you step by step in setting up your planner and putting in your lesson plans but I didn't need to watch them with Homeschool Planet because it was very easy to figure it all out.

Homeschool Planet was easy to navigate, had everything I needed to organize my home and school, and if I got stuck their customer service helped me out immediately. It was free of clutter and gave me options to add specific widgets to my home page such as weather and bible verse of the day. The price for a yearly subscription was not too expensive and considering that it calculates GPA and helps with transcripts for high school, I believe it's worth it just for those two things. When I need to show the school district just the days spent in school and subjects taught, I can program it to print out a report with only those things I'm legally obliged to show school officials. I now have peace of mind knowing that Homeschool Planet is helping me to stay on track.”
Lisa Starr, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet to keep classes and assignments organized for 2 years. I LOVE this product. It is easy to use, easy to adjust (as our schedules do change) and my children understand their requirements each day. I recommend this product to EVERYONE who needs organization! Whenever anyone asks how I stay on top of my children's assignments, I tell them HOMESCHOOL PLANET!!!!”
Mary Lyn, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. It has really helped me plan out my lessons and keep track of grades, too. Very smart features that add a sense of organization to my homeschool days --- and it's so easy to lose track of what I'm doing when I'm in the thick of things. It's great to come back to Homeschool Planet and see my plans laid out. Easy to change the schedule when "life gets in the way." And the customer service is awesome! I had a question when I first started using the program and they responded within a few hours. The issue I had was actually a feature they hadn't considered and they ended up adding it into their programming. How's that for responsive? :) Love this program. It's well worth the extra expense because it keeps me organized & able to plan ahead. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for creating such a great tool!”
Carol Y., Co-op Member
”I have used an Excel workbook for tracking attendance, grades, weekly logs, etc. for the past several years, which has worked out fine. We are in our 8th year of homeschooling. With this year having my oldest in 7th grade, I needed something more of a schedule with easy ability to assign and move things around. I looked at a lot of options online and decided to try the free trial of Homeschool-Planet. Within just a few days we were hooked. Both my son and I love that he can bring his schedule up on his tablet and mark things off as he completes them. I love that we can send reminders to study for tests, etc. I love that with just a couple clicks I can move an assignment to another day. I love that I can take an assignment, give the beginning and end dates, and the program will automatically spread it out over that time period. I love that I can assign the same assignment for a particular day/time of the week over the course of the year. I love the reports, the ease of entering grades. This is exactly what I set out to find. Some online planners are difficult, confusing, and take some time to learn. With this, I hopped right in with hardly a learning curve. I loved the fact that I could use my time to teach rather than trying to learn how to maneuver this program. I highly recommend to any homeschooler. Keep up the great work!”
M. Thomas, Co-op Member
”I truly love this planner! I must confess that I am not the most organized person but this planner is so simple and offers an all-in-one program that I find myself wanting to stay on schedule. I love it because it's compatible with our homeschool curriculum which has been a challenge for me with other digital planners. This has been the best one I've ever used thus far! I can customize it to fit our lifestyle. I also like the options to choose themes and I am looking forward to more in the near future. Another great feature is the ability to have my students log-in on their own electronic devices and see their goals for the day. I love integrating technology in our home school. If possible, it would be great for the students to also communicate back (a suggestion). Thanks for providing a program that is easy, fun and functional!”
T. McLeod, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE Homeschool Planet. I use a lot of websites as part of my curriculum. I like that I can input my websites on the schedule ahead of time so that I don't have to spend the day looking for the right website. I also like how easy it is to adjust the schedule so that I can be spontaneous without it being a hassle. One thing I really like is being able to input all the songs for my daughter's violin lessons so that there's a nice flow to her practice. I like that she has her own account so that she can check off her assignments without affecting the rest of the schedule. It's really easy to use. Whenever I have questions about a certain feature, I get a reply within a day's time. Thank you Homeschool Planet for bringing sanity back to my homeschool day!”
W. Lee, Co-op Member
”I highly recommend the Homeschool-Planet. I was able to use this program as a new homeschooling parent. It offers so many features and the ability to print your schedule showing multiple family members or a schedule for an individual. I printed my schedule with both my children's assignments listed and then printed one for each of them. They liked seeing their schedule for the day and checking off boxes as they completed their daily assignments. It is easy to create and schedule classes on the calendar for the whole year. I like the ability to make individual assignments within a shared class. This program offers many features - scheduling classes, events, birthdays, vacation days, grading information and much more! This is my must-have homeschool planner! I am grateful for such a well thought-out program.”
Jan K., Co-op Member
”We have always used a homeschool planner with my twins. It keeps us all on track, and it places the responsibility on the kids to get their work done. When they were young, we used a 3x5 card with check boxes, but as their school work became more involved, we moved to a paper planner that was personalized for each child. Sounds ideal, right? Well, it wasn't. Let s face it, life sometimes gets in the way and assignments need to be shifted around; with a paper planner that is a nightmare.

I was thrilled to be invited to be a beta-tester for the Homeschool Planet, and I can tell you that I've used this program to schedule every type of assignment (including video links, websites and PDFs), course, and activity. It is easy to use and allows you to customize it in exactly the way that works for your family.

I love it, and my kids do too! We like it so much that my children plan to use it when they go off to college. There is no better product or app out there. You will love it, and your kids will be more productive using it too.”
Amy Taylor-Brill, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has become an invaluable part of our school day. It has shortened my planning time (and stress) exponentially and my kids always know what they should be doing and when to do it. It is very easy & intuitive to use. My kids (8 & 11 yo when we started) and I did not have to "go to school" to learn how to use it. The first time we opened it up I was immediately able to start inputting info and the kids could easily access their chores and assignments. I HIGHLY recommend Homeschool Planet!”
Sherri A., Co-op Member
”This is my second year homeschooling and last year I struggled with lesson planning for two children in two different grades. I'd plan a few weeks and when I ran out of plans I'd have to scramble to make more or wing it, which doesn't fit well with my kids. Someone suggested I try out Homeschool Planet this year and it's been a life saver. I was able, in the span of two afternoons, plan my ENTIRE school year. Every day I print out each child's work using the specific date and the planner feature, then we just check things off as we go. I am also able to go in adjust things when someone is sick or our day needs to be rescheduled. I tried the free 30 day trial first and didn't hesitate for a second to purchase it at the end of my trial. I will definitely be using this each year from now on and I highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone who needs help keeping their daily schedules organized and easily accessable.”
C. Price, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE this planner!! This is my first year of homeschooling, and I am paper kind of girl, so, while I saw the benefits of this planner and wanted to try it, I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. I love that I can enter in assignments and they are emailed each day to my son. I can add links to anything I want, and he can check off when he's done the assignment and also indicate how much time he's spent. I like how easy it is to enter grades and keep track of everything. I don't usually review products (ever!), but I just am enjoying this so much, and would encourage everyone to try it out!”
Katie W., Co-op Member
”I was looking for an easier way to plan ahead for our homeschooling and keep us on track. Homeschool Planet was my answer. I love that I can keep track of each family member individually. I love that I can email whomever I need to send assignments. We have three of us working together to homeschool my son, so this is extremely useful! We have been having to tighten our belts financially and this was one of the things that was on the "necessity" list when we made our new restricted budget. I will use this throughout our homeschooling life and recommend it easily to others.”
Amy B., Co-op Member
”This is the best planner for homeschooling I have found. We change things up a lot and at the last minute. I love that I don't have to rewrite anything. I can just move it! I also love the option of purchasing lesson plans. For the time this saves me, it is more than worth the annual fee!”
Amy B, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. It was the answer I needed to staying on track and keeping all the children's schedules in order. There are so many features that I love about it.”
N. Lemon, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet changed my life in such a positive way. I struggle with keeping on track and following through with plans. Homeschool Planet allows me to plan out a whole semester at a time for each child (I have 7) with color coding and grading set up and reminders. It also emails each child, and me as well, with what is planned for that day. I can add links to youtube videos or attach documents for them to read or watch. I can also keep track of hours spent on each subject, which is mandatory in my state. I am able to make transcripts for my kids, keep book lists, and it also calculates grades; all I have to do is plug in the parameters and it does the rest. This is well worth the money as it has saved my sanity, and can you really put a price on that? My kids love it too; no more wishy washy mom saying, I thought I told you to do that. They can pull up their calendar and look to see if they were right. They usually are. I have shared this gem with every homeschool mom I come in contact with as well as on the homeschooling facebook pages that I am a member.”
E Jaeckle, Co-op Member
”A friend told me about Homeschool Planet, and initially I was hesitant to try it. I've always been a pen and paper/calendar/planner type of Mom, but with the 30 day trial, what did I have to lose?

Homeschool Planet has been the very best homeschool decision I've made. It is very easy to use, will auto populate some curricula, allows you to easily correct input errors, and is available across all my tech toys: computer, iPad, iPhone, and android phone. I no longer have the burden of carrying a paper planner, but can easily access anything I need to do with schedule at a glance. I'm using it not only for school and daily schedules, but my personal schedule and a separate calendar for budgeting and bill pay. Great product. I wish they would offer a lifetime purchase, but I will continue to purchase yearly.

My daughter loves that her schedule is emailed to her, as does my husband.”
Jan C., Co-op Member
”I've been using HomeSchool Planet since the beginning of this year. I have tried 2 other electronic planners. This is the easiest for me to use. There are a couple of things that I wish I could do that I haven't figured out how to do, yet, but overall, I find it to be pretty easy. The only recommendation that I have is to provide step-by-step videos for those of us that are strong visual learners. :) I'll know at the end of the quarter if reporting is as easy as I hope it will be. Thanks!”
Gretchen K., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has made all the difference in our homeschool! My older children can work independently and it helps keep me on track with my little girls.

We love the attachment feature! You can attach a file, website, etc., AND list the page number to open the file! This has been so nice for files with hundreds of pages, where we are only working with one section. I didn't even print our science curriculum (over 700 pages). I just attach it, list the page number, and let my kids do their reading on the computer!

I love that I can access it from my phone, too! I use the grocery list function and never worry about losing my lists! And I can check on my kids' progress from anywhere!

My kids can send me emails, right from their logins, about what they learned. The emails come in handy when I have to do my reporting!

We love Homeschool Planet!”
Timery Reis, Co-op Member
”This is my third year using Homeschool Planet and I absolutely love this product. It keeps up with everything I can't keep up with. All of our records: lessons, attendance, grading, etc, etc. I honestly don't see myself doing without this planner. Ever.”
Angela Hammans, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Homeschool Planet!! I have been using the planner for about 3 months now and I can't believe how AMAZING it is. I love the reports function! I have never seen the capabilities this function has in any other planners. The ability to customize by dates, students, and subjects -- the possibilities are unlimited. We have been homeschooling for 18 years now and life changes daily. This planner allows me to adjust our day as need easily. Every morning I check in, it shows me what needs to be checked with for completion, grading or rescheduling. We print an assignment and "to do list " every day. My kids love the checkboxes! We also run a family business which requires A LOT of food shopping. So I use the shopping widget every day. I have a home food list by stores and then a business list of the different store. Which then I print and go! I tell moms about this planner all the time. It is FANTASTIC! Thank you to all the developers! Looking forward to an app someday ;)”
Sophia M, Co-op Member
”This is by far the easiest, fully functional, computerized scheduler I've ever used. My daughter loves getting her assignments each morning via email. My husband teaches her math and chemistry and he loves having the schedule prepared, but more than that, the ease in changing schedules.
I will continue to use this program through the years. It's reasonably priced for what it does. I even have a calendar dedicated to our budget, with due dates for bills, etc...”
Nana Jan, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for about two months. I absolutely love it. So easy to set up classes for my son, schedule holidays in advance. And I can always go back and edit anything if I need to. This has been a real lifesaver for us. My son goes into the calendar every morning to see his schedule and does his work without asking what is next all the time.”
Anita Hancock, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is the best money I've spent on homeschooling items. As a full-time working mom, and a homeschool mom, I needed a way to easily schedule assignments and track grades and hours. This site has been the lifesaver I needed. My daughter loves the ability to easily see assignments. I love being able to add websites to her plans. It is the best online planner I have ever used and will continue using this product.”
Sage H., Co-op Member
”This is the most organized and successful homeschool year that we have had in over 17 years. This program is the magic to keep us on track.”
Renee Stump, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is by far the best way to keep someone who is new at homeschooling on track and organized. I love everything about it. It is very user friendly. I can't imagine life without it!”
E. Ballard, Co-op Member
”As a new homeschooling mom, I felt overwhelmed making the switch from public school to home. Especially high was the fear that I wouldn't be teaching them enough, or logging enough hours, or I would forget what we were doing. Handwriting everything down was easy to overlook. Then, I found Homeschool Planet. I cannot believe how much easier it made our day to day school routine run more smoothly! Best part is I could step out and my husband step in with zero transition issues. I couldn't imagine homeschooling without it!”
Lisa Phillippe, Co-op Member
”This is our third year using Homeschool Planet and we absolutely love it! I can't imagine homeschooling without it. It has helped us stay on time and on track. Being able to easily move assignments as needed due to illness, field trips, or appointments is a great feature. This is an easy product to learn to use and easily accommodates schedule changes. Now that our kids are older, they are able to be more independent as they can see what their assignments are each day, as well as see what their current grade is in that subject. The transcript feature is a huge time saver at the end of each school year. I've had several friends make the switch and they love it, too! We plan on using Homeschool Planet all the way through high school!!!”
Kristen Y., Co-op Member
”I tried 4 different online homeschool planners at the same time to get a feel for the best one. Homeschool Planet was the last one I tried. It was so much easier to use than the other three. I wish I wouldn't have even wasted time messing around with the other ones. I love how I'm able to update it on any computer since it's web based. I love how my kids use it and check things off as they are done. It helps to keep my kids on track because they know exactly what they need to do. I don't have to track their hours by hand anymore. It has saved me a ton of time. Absolutely love it!”
B. Markley, Co-op Member
”After using another program for a year or two to track what we did, I wanted something to use that could allow my child to work on her own and take some responsibility for the day. Homeschool Planet allows me to do that. I can create a schedule for subjects, rearrange my schedule fairly easily, and it has a separate login for each user that allows my child to see her assignments, but not change the schedule or assign grades for assignments. I can also print a daily checklist for her, which allows me to refer her back to the schedule and free up more of my time doing things I need to do instead of micromanaging her day. There is a bit of a learning curve, but overall this has saved me time and hassle on a daily basis. It has widgets so I can make to-do lists for any user (including myself), make shopping lists as I think of things, and in general be organized all in one location. Finally, it is accessible from my phone or any other device, making it easy to take with me.”
Janell S., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet WHERE have you been all my life?! This is an amazing planner on SO many levels. We recently started a family business and my schedule has changed greatly! Trying to organize school, home and work in 3 different places. After finding and using the free trial for HP, I now have it ALL in one spot! WOOHOO! I can't even tell you which feature is my favorite because I love them all. The reports and to-do list are off the charts valuable. My son's response alone to his neatly (with checkboxes) printed out To Do List was worth it all. He said, "MOM this is awesome! Thank you." My 2 kids love looking at the list and assignments printed out. Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing planner! It has impacted our family greatly. I look forward to more themes and lesson plans being made available. Thank you!!”
Sophia M, Co-op Member
”Staying organized is essential as a teacher, whether it's homeschool or not. Homeschool Planet keeps me on track so I can keep my kids on track.
The fact that I can keep up with lesson plans, attendance, and grades in one place, that I can access from anywhere, is the greatest.
Additionally, this now serves as my everything-planner because my shopping lists, appointments, and even daily scripture is all here! I'm synced with my husband so he's always in the know, too. You need this product!”
Kelly Keefe, Co-op Member
”As an organized person new to homeschooling, Homeschool Planet has really helped me to be effective and prepared for each day. My son likes that he can check things off as complete, and feels a sense of accomplishment when we can get through the very many tasks I put in a day. (I hate hearing "What should I do now?") I like that I can save myself time by planning ahead and making adjustments easily as needed. Its flexible set-up means my son can decide what he wants to work on at what time, and that control really gives him a sense of ownership in his learning. I wasn't really sure how I was going to communicate each day's plan and keep track of what I wanted to do each day, and this tool has been a great help to me. I determined pretty early on during the free trial that I would need the yearly subscription, and plan to use it as long as we homeschool. I look forward to the enhancements and updates that seem to be part of this site; I hope other curricula will be possible to add individually since I don't use a complete curriculum, but rather a subject-by-subject method for what we want to accomplish and that meets my son's needs. It can be time-consuming to put all of that in subject-by-subject, but it is certainly more efficient than writing in a book or making it up on the fly!”
Lynn B., Co-op Member
”I'm on my third year of of using Homeschool Planet. It is the perfect resource for keeping my kids on top of their homeschool work. I print a weekly schedule for them every Monday, so they know what they're responsible for. It allows for flexibility in making changes and rescheduling. Homeschool Planet is the best homeschool planner that I have found!”
Tina M, Co-op Member
”We are first year home-schoolers with a fourth grader. With all of the new skills I need to develop, it has been reassuring to have a record keeping tool like Homeschool Planet.

Homeschool Planet software has made it much easier to track lesson plans, and to forecast the pacing we will need to maintain in order to complete our school year around all of our travel. I have used the pre-scripted lesson plans and have made my own. Both are easy to implement and adjust as we book field trips and as 'life' happens. I am impressed with the flexibility. I wish all of our curriculum providers had lesson plans but it only took me an hour or so to make my own for her math. Great for tracking school days, hours spent and grades.

My daughter also loves being able to log into the system and see her own schedule. Marking off the assignments as she completes them provides a sense of progress and accountability.

Thank you for a great product. I will keep checking back for more pre-scripted lesson plans.”
Kathleen K, Co-op Member
”I love using Homeschool Planet for my lesson planner because it makes it easy to account for schedule changes like unexpected days off or changes in vacation plans. A few simple clicks, and everything is reassigned over the new date range. I love the drag and drop function for moving a single assignment as well. The pop-ups that come up each time I open the program make it so convenient to stay on top of logging completed classes and grades for assignments.

In the 11 years I've been homeschooling, I tried planner after planner until I came across Homeschool Planet. We have a very dynamic schedule with frequent changes due to field work opportunities and travel. Homeschool Planet is the only planner that can easily accommodate those changes. It is by far the best, easiest and most convenient way of lesson planning and tracking I've found.”
Melody Dove, Co-op Member
”I have used Homeschool Planet for several years now. Though I'm sure I don't use it to its fullest, it has so many helpful aspects. I have benefited greatly from the calendar and the lesson planning elements. I was happy to be able to easily move a class from one student to another. Thanks for providing this helpful tool.”
Shelley P., Co-op Member
”I absolutely loved Homeschool Planet! Having an online lesson planner accessible to my kids and myself is perfect for our busy lifestyle. I love that I can add links to resources for their assignments! Now my kids can log in and have all their assignments and resources right in front of them! It tracks attendance, tracks how long they spent on an assignment, and much more! It's definitely worth the subscription price.”
Wendy Marroquin, Co-op Member
”After using the trial I upgraded to the paid version of HSP. The level of organization just in planning our school year is amazing! This is our first year homeschooling at the middle school level. I don't have to keep paper notes of how many days of school, I can adjust for unexpected days off (just had a family funeral short trip) and know right where we are. I track not just what we are supposed to do any given day, but what we actually get done too. I love the record keeping aspect. I like using the lesson plans to show us what is on that day, and we track grades too as a backup and consolidation for all subjects. I will definitely keep using HSP. It took less effort than I thought to set everything up, and customer service is responsive and helpful. This is a great tool that adds a layer of professionalism to your homeschool. No regrets.”
Lisa R., Co-op Member
”We have been using Homeschool Planet for a couple months now and I am so happy I found this program! I really love being able to quickly and easily plan out our semesters/year. A total game changer for us has been quickly and easily printing our weekly schedule (for each child) and having them check off what they do each day. It helps them know exactly what needs to be done and they enjoy taking responsibility for it. At the end of the week I take their schedule and enter what they have accomplished during that week. So helpful for keeping records and knowing what we are really getting done!”
Holly, Co-op Member
”I tried many homeschool tracking/scheduling programs, and Homeschool Planet's has been the easiest to work with. I love the ability to sync with other calendars, re-use lesson plans, and the ease of rescheduling assignments. We will be using this planner throughout our homeschooling years!”
Sara P., Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling for 24 years, always trying to track schedules/coursework with spreadsheets of my own making. I only recently discovered Homeschool Planet, sadly. It does everything I hoped it would. Nothing I crafted on my own worked even half as well as Homeschool Planet. It is a dream come true, and I will never school again without it. Kudos to the development team for figuring out what homeschool families truly need to keep track of so much. Now that we have it we can see at a glance exactly where each child is in each subject and modify plans accordingly. It is life-changing.

The kids love the independence they have in knowing exactly what needs to be done each day, without having to continually ask me what to do next. They love marking things off as they finish them. I love being able to forward assignments to the next day when necessary, and being able to see when coursework will be finished toward the end of the year. I love the different views (calendar/planner). I love the ease of making changes to the school year and vacations calendar, and having all the assignments shifted automatically around those changes. I can't say enough good things about it.

I had a few struggles during the trial period, which customer service promptly and efficiently talked me through. I'm glad I stuck with it, because it is a true gift to our family. Thank you for making this available! It is a lifesaver!”
Heidi, Co-op Member
”Worth every penny!

I can easily manage my kids' assignments, projects, and even chores! I love that we can access the lesson plans from anywhere.

I can add links to websites and docs to a specific assignment. Very helpful to be able to roll over unfinished work.

Setting up recurring assignments makes planning so much easier. Last year, I figured out how to assign a novel, with specific chapters as a recurring assignment. This really helped my reluctant reader stay on task.

I do recommend taking some time to learn the features- and there are many.”
Melanie Y., Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool-Planet to keep track of lesson plans, grades, and extras now for 2 years. There are lots of good things that this program does...makes it easy to shift lessons to a different day...or add a lesson in. No erasing and rewriting anymore. It keeps track of grades and lets me print out transcripts to send with college applications. I spend less time during the year creating and maintaining lessons and grades. I do spend significant time setting up before a school year starts but it is worth it. I tried a few other programs but they didn't allow for enough customization for my liking. I have shared my experience with using Homeschool-Planet with our local homeschool group last year to let others know of a Tech option to keeping track of lesson plans, grades, etc. If, in the future, the creators wish to get even more ideas I'd love to share what I'd like to see added for future versions.”
T. Ott, Co-op Member
”We are new to homeschooling with multiple kids; 2 in public, 1 home middle school, home kindergarten, preschool and baby. Our first week was an amazing success *because* of the flexibility of the software! Thank you!! As a former VP of IT turned SAHM, turned home teacher - thank you for the excellent functionality. The biggest feature that pushed us to your software instead of the others is the connection to the Gmail calendar. This feature has already proved indispensable.”
B. Metcalf, Co-op Member
”Thanks for the thirty day free trial for Homeschool Planet. I'm absolutely sold!”
Winsome Richards, Co-op Member
”This program is an answer to prayer! It is the single most important resource we've bought for our home school. I cannot say enough about it. I despaired over how we would be able to home school AND work full time. My boys struggle with organization and we needed a way to keep them on track and accountable. Homeschool Planet solved our problems. Homeschool Planet allows me to plan the school year in advance. It gives me the freedom to reschedule, rearrange and edit the schedule based on our needs. Every morning the boys have their schedule sent to them by email. No questions asked. They know exactly what is expected of them for that day. Video links to other learning sites can be embedded. Transcripts and grading factors can be produced. Admittedly, I was somewhat overwhelmed that first day when I attempted to navigate the site. By the second and third day, it was easy peasy! Do yourself a favor, buy this resource. It is well worth the investment!”
Winsome Richards, Co-op Member
”We tried Homeschool Planet this summer. I wanted time to "play with it" before our family started school back up in the fall. I am totally hooked and have fully switched from using my multiple tracking spreadsheets to using HSP. When I started to use the program, I had a lot of questions that the staff at HSP responded to promptly and thoroughly. The system is very flexible, easy to use, and makes my life so much easier, with regard to keeping track of our lesson plans, tracking grades, and tracking hours. I especially enjoy using the purchased pre-made lesson plans, as they are so easy to use. It is also easy to set up your own lesson plan, if one is not available for the curriculum your family uses. I would highly recommend this product!”
Rachel Shelton, Co-op Member
”I had been looking for a good planning system for a while and tried several. There were always a few things really missing. Then we tried Homeschool Planet. All those little features I was hoping for - big picture AND individual schedules, ability to easily shift assignments, apply notes, time, resource links, etc. AND, on top of the perfect homeschool curriculum and scheduling tools it had great bonus features that I would have wished for. There is the ability to create chore charts, shopping and to do lists. It automatically emails these to everyone or individuals. The kids can also log in and manage themselves. We tried to get by on a few "cheaper" programs but found we needed multiple tools to function properly. Homeschool Planet is worth every penny as it does it all and does it well! Having researched and tested many, I highly recommend this program!”
Gina T, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I have both enjoyed Homeschool Planetís Virtual Field Trips. Because of where we live and my husband's occupation, she does not get a lot of opportunities to visit places. Homeschool Planet has helped her realize there is a whole world outside our town that is fascinating. I like the lessons that Homeschool Planet has with each "trip." They are structured in a way that many different age groups can participate in the same activity and still be challenged at their level.”
Sarah S., Co-op Member
”This was what I needed for homeschooling my seven year old daughter! I have tried other programs but this one by far was the more intuitive one. I love the YouTube videos of "how to" for Homeschool Planet! I tried it for a few days then bought. I appreciate it is an all in one planner and calendar, and I can do our life stuff with also home schooling. I have told other homeschooling families about it. For us this is the only one we need. I felt so much happier finding what works for us and our homeschooling.”
Amber Bariaktari, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mama of five years with two kids to plan for this year this program has been AMAZING! It saves me so much time being able to enter daily assignments all at once instead of having to enter each individual assignment like I'd been doing with other programs. I love that I can enter assignments for both children together and see one or all children's schedules at once. I print out their weekly schedule so we can check-off as we go and stay on track. Thanks Homeschool Planet for keeping me organized!”
Lauren T., Co-op Member
”Planning for my 4 homeschool children used to take me 2 hours every week. With Homeschool Planet, I was able to plan the whole year in 3 hours, leaving me precious time to spend with my children. Homeschool Planet's flexibility leaves me worry free. If we need to make changes or adjustments as the school year progresses, it is as simple as clicking a button.”
J Wheeler, Co-op Member
”There are so many features of Homeschool-Planet that I LOVE! Planning the entire year of each subject with a few key strokes; being able to print each week, month, etc.; adjusting lesson schedules as needed; creating and maintaining book lists (both read-alouds and independent reading). It's everything I'd hoped it would be. So happy I found it!!”
Nan Brown, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for developing Homeschool Planet. It is truly a God-send! We have been homeschooling for 7 years and this is the first year I am beginning the year fully prepared and confident. THANK YOU!!”
L. Steverson, Co-op Member
”This is our seventh year homeschooling, but our first year using Homeschool Planet. I wish I would've found and tried this sooner! It takes a bit to get used to, but is easy to use once you get the hang of it. I have tried so many paper planners and they never worked for me. Once we miss a day, the rest is doomed. With HP, we can easily just move things forward! It is keeping us on track, which we struggle with sometimes.

My kids love crossing off each subject each day (I print their weekly calendars) and my oldest, who has some subjects that he does independently, loves that he can log in and access any videos or links without me. There's a lot less time being wasted while one child is waiting for me to finish up with the other.

Homeschool Planet will be budgeted in each year, because I can't imagine NOT using it now that I've tried it!”
K. Ryan, Co-op Member
”I really appreciate how Homeschool Planet cuts down my work load as a homeschool mom. After I put in my children's assignments there are only a few brief steps to set up the grading for those assignments. I don't have to have two separate logs of information like I used to do on my own. I enter the information only once. From there I very easily can make grade reports and transcripts. It used to take me SO much longer to do any of these things. I am definitely planning to continue to use Homeschool Planet!”
Elizabeth K., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet made an enormous difference for us. We are relaxed homeschoolers and my son does much of his work independently. We struggled for 3 years and Homeschool Planet changed everything. I can prepare his lessons when I have the time and he's able to check what he has to do easily, with everything he needs linked or listed for him under each lesson.

This has been a game changer for us!”
Amy Grimsley, Co-op Member
”I love homeschool planet...It is so easy to use and has been a complete life saver for my family! I homeschool my 4 kiddos, ages 4, 6, 8 & 10..with them all being on different levels this makes it so easy to follow each one! Also, I LOVE the fact that lessons carry over to the next day if something comes up. The planners I write in are no longer used! Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to print weekly assignments for each kid. Thank you for making such an amazing helpful tool!!!”
Shaun Chisholm, Co-op Member
”After 15 years of homeschooling, I can finally call myself organized! Homeschool Planet played a big part in this.

I started small with my free trial, carefully testing the waters. I had used at least three other computerized homeschool planners or calendars in the past, all ending in disaster. So, I began using it to enter in the daily chores, then weekly chores, and so on.

After just a few days, I put in our homeschool language arts and math. I might as well dive in! It wasn't long before I decided that this tool is what I've been hoping for all along. I've now included every subject, and have added all appointments from our family calendar.

The kids love that they can now check off their own completed activities and assignments. They were already quite independent, but they are more so now.

I've only begun to scratch the surface, but know I'll learn to use it to its maximum benefit over the next few years. I'm all in with Homeschool Planet, as my two kids work through high school.

I'm telling everyone in my Facebook homeschool groups about Homeschool Planet. The topic of organization comes up often. I'm grateful I have the opportunity to share this product with others like me that struggle with organization. It's so flexible and easy to use, and becomes intuitive.”
Amy Reindl, Co-op Member
”Love, love, love Homeschool Planet! I was spinning my wheels trying to do everything on paper and often frustrated that excel docs and other planner forms I found online didn't quite fit my needs. Homeschool Planet has saved me countless hours of work and stress. Thank you for such a great product that supports us homeschooling moms!”
D. Howard, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this planner! It has been such a time (and sanity :) saver. It is very easy to set up and use. You can conveniently move assignments around or even shift them out to a month later or if you had a vacation planned that get cancelled, you can open those days back up for schoolwork and eliminate gaps in the schedule. There is so much more you can do also. I highly recommend you checking out the video to see what all this planner does. My kids love getting their weekly assignments in an email for them to fill out their planner themselves. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this planner. Well worth the cost!”
Stephanie R., Co-op Member
”I have only started my lesson plans and subscription. There was a learning curve but I'm getting it and the videos help a ton. I can't wait to see how this helps my homeschooling.”
Gidget Hansen, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I found Homeschool Planet. I wish I had known about it last year. Paper planning calendars are so hard when life happens and you need to re-schedule numerous assignments. Homeschool Planet has been extra helpful to our family because one of my sons suffers from a chronic illness that makes rescheduling an almost daily task. With Homeschool Planet, I can move assignments with ease. I also enjoy the grading feature that reminds me to keep up with grading on a daily basis. I am so much more organized with this program. I plan to use it next year and subsequent years. My children enjoy getting the email with their assignments. If you have do not have Homeschool Planet yet, try the free trial--you will want to get it after seeing how easy it is to keep all of your homeschool tasks organized.”
Alena B, Co-op Member
”Oh my goodness! This online homeschool planner has been a life saver for our family.

I was using a written planner in a binder style for our first year. For some parents this works very well, but I was getting lost in a sea of written information. I was also concerned about more detailed record keeping when my child would enter high school level.

During our second year, I tried out Home School Planet at a very affordable price. I'm now on year three and can't imagine doing homeschool record keeping without it!

Seriously I've looked online and on social media for other types of online planners, but I just can t find one that has all of the neat features this one has. It has a robust engine for keeping all your records in an easy to enter format that seems fully customizable. It also has reports you can print, custom settings, the list goes on.

My favorite features are the ability to look at the assignments daily and one week at a glance, and the ability to share the assignment list with my child. My child loves to be able to see all the assignments at a glance.

Only thing I have on my wish list for future versions, is the ability to save a certain week/calendar view when logging in, as well as more customizable themes. Other than that, it is a time tested, well used, and essential record keeping system for any homeschool.

I've also shared this on Twitter and hope others will benefit from this program. I would highly recommend this to any homeschool parent who struggles with the written record keeping, or is just starting out on their home educational journey.”
Grace, Co-op Member
”The online planner has been a great resource for us. My daughter likes it because she doesn't have to talk to me in the morning. HA! I plan a few weeks ahead at a time and the service emails my daughter. I love how I can post links in the planner and those get emailed as well. Best money I have spent thus far for a homeschool product. I plan on using it through high school.”
Penny A., Co-op Member
”I cannot imagine getting through the school year without homeschool planet! Regardless of what our day holds my kids know they can log in and have access to all of their assignments for the day. I have used two other online planners in the past and finally settled on Homeschool Planet. It is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of approaches to school and easy to make changes when needed. I will use this all the way to the end (maybe beyond - It's managing meal planning and household chores for me as well!).”
Sharolyn, Co-op Member
”I haven't had the opportunity to fully investigate all of the amenities of Homeschool Planet; however, the options that I've been able to use are absolutely wonderful.

I work part-time, which is why I haven't had the chance to implement everything, and I have two children (one middle school, one high school). Some of the things that HP does, eliminates many Excel documents I created to keep track of grades, daily log, hours along with a bunch of finagling on my part to bring it all together. This does not include our crazy homeschool and home calendars. What a relief to now have all of that in one place so easily !

The other blessing is that my children are able to keep track of their own work in HP. All of us like the fact that I can add classes, work, assignments, etc., and that my children are also able to add in activities and other things that they would like/need to keep track of.

We count hours, and being able to have that feature available to all three of us is extremely helpful. I love it that the hours are automatically totaled, but also that hours are segmented by class as well. My children do quite a bit of volunteer work, and we keep track of those hours through HP, also.

We all love the daily/weekly digest. My kids are also pretty tech savvy and they would much rather do data entry than keep a paper daily log.

I tried another digital planner a few years ago, and it was a disaster. I spent more time trying to get the planner to do what I needed than I did teaching my kids. I finally had to give up on it as it was making more work for me rather than less. This is one of the reasons why I hesitated to try HP. Now I wish I would have tried it sooner!

I also have used a paper planner for years, but two years ago the company I purchased from had several mistakes in their planner. For instance, whole weeks and some days were missing entirely. Instead of offering to print and send me a corrected version, they offered a $5 discount on my next purchase. This was frustrating because how am I supposed to write in my children's assignments with all of the space for all of those days that were missing? For this year, I created my own paper planner, and while it turned out beautifully it was a lot of work. Since I started working, I realized that it would be foolish of me to try and spend my limited time working to create a new planner for next fall, and that is what made me decide to try HP.

I wish I would have started using it at the beginning of the year, but now I am excited about next academic year and being able to start fresh with HP on board. I will definitely continue to use HP for the remainder of our homeschooling journey. I have already told homeschool friends about HP and it's extremely helpful features.

I am looking forward to discovering more about HP the longer our family uses it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Homeschool Planet!

--From one very grateful homeschool mom”
Anita Briner, Co-op Member
”We've been using homeschool planet for a couple of months now and it's been a huge help to us. Holds all of us more accountable to get to everything every day we have it scheduled, without taking away my flexibility to adjust when we really need to reschedule something. Less, of "Mom, I don't know what to do next" or "But I didn't know I was supposed to do Math every day!" It s taken pressure off me and put responsibility on the kids. There are a couple things I wish were less cumbersome, but it's been easy to use overall. I have recommended it to friends already and will continue to use it in future years.”
Becky, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for 2 months. I am LOVING it! I tried the 30-day free trial and knew it was a perfect fit for me so I purchased it. My favorite things about HP is that my kids get an "official" looking checklist. I love putting a long reading in the schedule so that every day I know they are reading what they should. I also love that I can make sure we are staying on task daily. No more writing in a paper planner redundant lesson plans!! Thank you Homeschool Planet!!!!! *If you wanted to see a wonderful YouTube video on how to set this up check out: MonsonSchoolhouse. She does a great job of showing all the fun features! :)”
Caroline, Co-op Member
”We have been using Homeschool Planet for a year now and love it! I have been homeschooling my boys for 20+ years and have always used a homemade paper planner and I have to say that this program has made our lives so much easier!

The flexibility is wonderful; if we have a day we need to take a break, it is so easy to just move everything forward. Or, if we are only able to get some subjects completed, it is easy to move the rest forward another day.

The program makes my life easier and holds my kiddos accountable for their work. It's easy enough that my son can check off his assignments without my help.

I have referred this program to all of my friends and we will definitely be using it from here on out! :)”
Jen G., Co-op Member
”Love this program. It has helped me organize my day in one place. And now I'm tracking hours and grades better than ever before. I've just past my one year mark in homeschooling and my son is in 7th grade. I can't imagine using anything else for up coming high school.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. It doesn't take any longer to enter the data than it does using pen and paper. It so convenient,fast, and easy. I can now spend more time with my husband and kids at the end of the day! Before Homeschool Planet I would spend all evening after dinner putting in grades, trying to find my lesson plans for the next day, and in the winter months planning for the next school year. Now everything is in one place and all I have to do is look at my home page on Homeschool Planet and its all right there. No more flipping through pages or binders to find one the one thing I need. Thank you so much Homeschool Planet! Using this program has made homeschool so much easier.”
Samantha Anderson, Co-op Member
”Homeschool planet has completely changed the way I plan our weeks! The kids see their schedules on their tablets first thing in the morning! They love that they can check the box when they complete an assignment. I used other scheduling programs but they were not user friendly like Honeschool Planet is! I would like to see all the curriculum I currently use added to HP...that would make my life complete! Thank you for the free trial, it helped me make an informed decision on whether or not I can use it in our day to day life or not!I signed up for month to month today!!”
Eva, Co-op Member
”I have used homeschool planet since August 2015. My daughter is autistic. It was recommended that I give her a schedule she can see each day. Using this planner, she can look at her schedule for a day, week, month, or year. She can keep up with her work because she has an active part in the planning. I can go back and look at the school days and grades for several years. I have put the next school year in already. I copied some of last year classes into this year and next year. It is so easy to move subjects and assignments. I have recommended this to several families who now use it for multiple students.”
Sondra, Co-op Member
”We ve been enjoying Homeschool Planet for several years. We use it for planning our days, keeping grades and composing transcripts. It s a wonderful program that outshines similar products. I highly recommend Homeschool Planet!”
Victoria P., Co-op Member
”If you are looking to be as organized as possible, as a parent, a teacher and as an individual, this is hands-down the best planner option for you. No other planner I've used - paper or digital - has come close to this one. It's amazingly easy to use and yet the options to tweak and customize it to meet exactly your needs are almost endless. It's clear that whoever put this planner into motion thought through the design and considered all the things homeschooling teachers would enjoy and use frequently. I've particularly liked that it allows me to keep track of my resources and use that database as a way to confirm whether I've got a particular title stashed away that I'd forgotten about! I also like that you are able to keep track of what each of your children is doing each day. This allows me to have visual evidence of our journey academically, something myself and my children enjoy seeing, but also something is important to have on hand for state standards, etc. Truly, this is such a gift to any homeschooling family out there!”
Emily B., Co-op Member
”I was amazed at how helpful Homeschool Planet is. I have tried other planning programs which I gave up shortly after starting. I love Homeschool Planet. I have to turn in a weekly learning log for my kids charter school and all I do is press print. It is so easy to adjust the schedule for the unexpected too. My son and daughter like it because they can easily do their school work and check it off as they go. It really is a brilliant tool.”
Noreen Lemon, Co-op Member
”I have used Homeschool-Planet for several years now. I love the way it brought my lesson planning together! It takes some set up time going in, but as soon as your familiar with what to do it's a breeze! I love the versatility of planning a year ahead, a month, a week, a day, or at any moment. I love that I can save my plans and use them another year with another student. I love that many lesson plans are available for upload at very reasonable prices. I love that any time I've had questions I get a response quickly. I love that I can print reports, check lists, and grades. Yep, I love that I found Homeschool-Planet.

My kids love it, too! They like getting on to their own dash, being able to see what I've got on the family calendar, printing up their own lists, checking off what they have done, and being able to check the weather is a big hit. I have a student who loves that she can see what is expected for the whole week out. The customization options make it fun, though we do hope they expand on that for a few more options. They love picking their backgrounds and use of the interactive widgets they can move around. All in all, we are really happy with this program and I've refereed several of my friends to it.”
Mrs. Grant, Co-op Member
”This planner is how I keep my days organized with 4 kids to plan for at 4 different levels. It makes life so much easier and I don't know how I'd do it without it. It just keeps getting better and better too. Now that I can create my own lesson plans from what I use one year with my son to apply later with another child is awesome and the lesson plans already created by the textbook companies of books you are using you just click to apply to your planner is is even easier. Please keep the updates coming!!!”
I. Porter, Co-op Member
”This is our second year using Homeschool Planet as our homeschool planner and we are loving it! It's very user friendly and we were able to learn as we went without sacrificing too much time unlike other online planners we looked at that seemed to require countless hours learning. I really appreciate the flexibility it offers in moving classes as needed and editing assignments, as well as the Grade Reports and Transcripts. Overall we have been very pleased with Homeschool Planet and will continue to use it!”
Amy E., Co-op Member
”I LOVE Homeschool Planet! This is my second year using it and I just cannot say how many times it has saved my sanity. I have set it up to email me reminders for supplies I need and to tell me when I need to reserve books at the library as well as using it for day to day lesson planning. And with the ability to check off each thing as we go we are better able to track what still needs to be done. I plan my entire year out over our "summer" months and input it into the program and then I don't have to think about it for the rest of the year! I also love the ability to quickly reassign things, move them forward or backward or just eliminate them all together. It is just the best I have found and I tried several before settling on this one. I definitely recommend it to my homeschooling friends!”
Christi Brogan, Co-op Member
”I love my homeschool planet planner! We have been homeschooling for a few years and this is the first time I have felt like I can stay on top of things. The ability to reschedule assignments is amazing. Before I would try to change my calendar and things would get missed and fall behind. Everyday this planner keeps me on track, it asks what I want to do with things that have been missed, should I reschedule, delete or mark them completed. Such a simple thing that helps so much.”
Tara A., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Homeschool Planet! After using it for 2 years, we literally don't know how we would homeschool without it. Thank you!!”
R. Minick, Co-op Member
”As a new parent to homeschooling I have found this product so valuable. Being able to adjust lessons and schedules has made our adopting to a solid routine so helpful.”
J. Duran, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has changed my life! I am not the best at record keeping and planning, also I seem to have trouble with all the technology today. I can sit down and enter lesson plans for the semester, our calendar, add websites and videos, keep track of grades and hours all in a matter of minutes. My older kids can log on and easily see the plan for the day, week, and month in a glance and become more independent in their work. I know if I ever need to I can easily print out attendance reports and hours spent in each subject. I am a mother of 7 with kids from 2-18.”
Elizabeth J., Co-op Member
”We love Homeschool Planet! It has made planning a breeze! My daughter loves that she can see what she needs to do and likes marking off what she's done and also see her grades. It just has helped us make our homeschool classroom so much better! We have used it for 4 years now!”
Lisa W., Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for the past two months and I am loving it! The ease with which I track assignments, move them around (because we homeschooling mom's know things don't ALWAYS go as planned...) track resources and subjects and maintain schedules is fantastic. I work and I love the fact that I can ,log on at work and see what the kids have completed. They got used to checking HS Planet for their work very quickly and can access videos and text right from the planner! This is the first planner I have actually used successfully for our creative, eclectic, DIY homeschooling life. I can say, unequivocally, that this planner is helping make this our best homeschooling year ever!”
Beth, Co-op Member
”I just began using Homeschool Planet this year to keep track of my children's assignments. I absolutely love it!! I can print out the schedule for both children & I can keep track of grades. It is so easy to change the schedule if you want to skip a lesson or move it forward. Highly recommend this for everyone!”
Jennyfer Young, Co-op Member
”A little background...I homeschool 3 children (4th grade, 6th grade, and 9th grade) I work 4 hours away from home every day.
What I love about Homeschool-Planet...
1. I love having a checklist for each of the kids. There seams to be something satisfying about being able to check off an item as done. I also really love that when I am not with my child, I can see exactly where they are at on the list.
2. I REALLY LOVE being able to upload a file or website directly to their checklist. This has allowed me to schedule in videos or online instructions.
3. Because I now have a high school student, I love that the program keeps track of the hours for different subjects. This will be so handy when it comes time to create transcripts. All of the information that I need will be in one spot.
4. I LOVE that the program will allow me to create a to-do list or shopping list that can then be texted to me when I am at the store. I also love that on the list, I can keep track of the kids reading list. Basically, it has allowed me to get rid of a lot of paper clutter.
5. I really enjoy how the program allows me to put in not only school plans, but I can put in my menu plans, work to do, workout routines, anything that I can think of, I can add it into the plan for the day.
With that, the only thing that I would like to see within the program is a way to keep track of household expenses/budgeting. It's not a big deal, but it is the only area of my life that I can't keep track off all in one place, and it would just be nice:)”
Bethany Robbins, Co-op Member
”I am loving Homeschool Planet for my lesson planning, grading, and record keeping needs! We all know life happens and most days we don't get to the lessons we have planned. Before, I would have to erase, redo or start over (which is so discouraging and timely). This made me less likely to allow for those awesome educational, spontaneous events due to having to adjust my lesson plan cakender. Now, I just add in the lesson and shift everything else. Thank you Homeschool Planet!!! I highly recommend and enc our age all homeschoolers to take advantage of the trial offer you will be glad you did :)”
Kelli Kurfurst, Co-op Member
”I don't know what I... what WE would do without HSP. It has helped maintain sanity in our home for several years. We used to use a (same priced) software program that did not meet our technical (Mac) requirements so now all the records for those years of schooling are gone. With HSP, If I have a very rare technical issue, the support response is always quick and helpful. I did have to switch to opening it in Chrome from now on, which is no big deal. HSP has the capacity to allow general or highly detailed organization with flexibility to change on the spot. I love the reminders to input grades so I keep current and the idea of attaching times to each class so my kids stay on task better. They like the availability of their lessons at hand online or to print out daily or weekly. I have easily added foster students and removed my graduates as well to keep things neat and tidy. The grading setup has given ease to our GPA figuring and transcript writing. I have told all my friends about HSP and will continue to use it for the next 5 years until we finish homeschooling!”
Gayle H., Co-op Member
”My family is enjoying the ease of use of Homeschool Planet. The kids like being able to see what needs to be done and checking it off as they complete assignments. I enjoy the ease of inputting assignments, keeping up with grades and adjusting the schedule as needed. As I have told others, I would NOT want to school with out it!”
Roshelle, Co-op Member
”I love using Homeschool-Planet as my lesson planner. It is extremely easy to navigate. I love the fact that I can print out a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. I use a weekly report to include in my portfolio. I've viewed a few other lesson plan programs, but prefer to stay with Homeschool-Planet. I will continue to use this program as long as I homeschool.”
Melanie Ragaller, Co-op Member
”Before Homeschool Planet, getting a routine planned for the year was tedious and time consuming. And I also had a very hard time managing to keep records all organized and in one place.

With Homeschool Planet, I was able to quickly create a schedule and recording our days takes just a matter of minutes. I plan to stick with it as long as I homeschool! It has definitely made my days easier.”
S. Miranda, Co-op Member
”I couldn't be more pleased with the free trial and the response I have gotten and in the amount of time it was given. The entire experience had made my first homeschooling month so easy. I love receiving the email reminders so I can stay on track. I just love this program! I am so happy I found it!”
A.Smith, Co-op Member
”Thank you for my free 30 Day trial. I immediately put the other through to get the year access through my Charter. Love this program. Gets me excited to plan!”
Jessica S, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful tool. This year, we are integrating lessons from 2 curriculum programs and a homeschool academy. The digital software keeps us on track and has been wonderful for helping me to map out our school year as well as our emphasis on a weekly basis. We will continue to use it.

One word of caution.... only use it in Chrome. I wasted a week and a half and countless hours trying to use the program in Windows (Microsoft Edge) and almost discontinued it. I wanted and NEEDED a program to work. I called the HSP help desk and advised to use the Chrome made a BIG difference. That instruction should probably be posted somewhere on the purchase page.

[Editor's Note: Homeschool Planet works well in Chrome, FireFox and Safari, but not so well in Microsoft browsers.]”
Lisa Morgan, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has been so nice! It took me a bit of work to get my lesson plans all entered into the program, but once I did, I was set for the year. It's nice to be able to make adjustments really easily to our families school schedule.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has been that one constant item that I buy year after year, regardless of my children's grade levels. We have never questioned its value. The improvements to this planner have been consistent. Furthermore, any technical issues have been resolved in a timely manner with personal messages from the creators. This past year I have been able to reuse old class schedules for subjects from my older children. I cannot count the hours of organization this has saved me in the last 5 years. Thank you Homeschool-Planet!”
C.Derksen, Co-op Member
”Thank you for a great planner. This has been the best tool I've used to keep on track with our school year! The flexibility is great and it really helps to be able to readjust the schedule easily. I intend to use it throughout the rest of our home school years.”
Elaine K., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this planner! It has made my homeschooling life so much easier. It's great that I can write notes about how the day went and I can move classes around so easily. Great product!!”
Lori Anne Lanigan, Co-op Member
”You can read my "testimonial" here on my blog: The Last Homeschool Planner I Will Ever Need"
Jenn (aka Mama Jenn), Co-op Member
”After using the free trial for just a few days, I knew that Homeschool-Planet was going to be a lifesaver. I am a new Homeschooling mom, and this planner has kept us organized and helped keep my sanity! My son wants to be pretty independent with his work, and this planner has allowed us to do that. I just plug in his lessons for the week, and he completes them then checks them off when done. If they don't get done, then the scheduler makes them super easy to move to the next day and keep the rest of the schedule the same, or push it all out. I also love that I am able to put whatever resources are needed, mostly websites, in the planner. I also put all his login info in the "Notes" section of the planner so he can easily login. There are so many other features, like the grade book, attendance tracker, separate logins, to do lists, that make Homeschool-Planet a one stop shop for all your families organizational needs!”
Anne T, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has made my planning so much more effective. I had three to four calendars and it was getting crazy to keep tract.”
Anna Ilyas, Co-op Member
”We love the ease and flexibility of Homeschool-Planet. This is my 17th year of homeschooling and I wish I had the planner so much sooner! It allows my students to be more independent and planning is much easier.”
Tracey, Co-op Member
”Third year running we are using Homeschool Planet, and we have no plans on quitting! Continues to provide everything I need, and it just keeps on improving!”
Terry C., Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet!!! It is, by far, the easiest, most effective, convenient homeschool planner I've ever used. It is extremely easy to learn how to use, and makes planning fun! The many ways to manipulate your lesson planning data is extremely robust and quick to do. So, when life happens and you have to edit a plan, it's so simple with Homeschool Planet.

Not only has it made my school planning more effective, but Homeschool Planet has helped to relieve stress in other areas of my life, too. Now, I have a central location to "empty" the circling thoughts and responsibilities in my brain, into one easily accessible location!! To do lists, school ideas, meal ideas, goals, library lists, reading logs, etc etc etc. The widgets section is one of my favorite features.... it can be used to help organize your life in whatever way you need. And I LOVE that I can email and text these lists! Brilliant!

Homeschool Planet has blessed our family immensely. Thanks for a wonderful product!”
Cathy- homeschool momma of four., Co-op Member
”I have struggled with planning for the past 3 years. I was never able to plan out a full year of school work for my 3 kids because life happens and changes are always needing to be made. Homeschool Planet has made planning the full school year out from day one a possibility since it is so easy to make changes as we go without having to rewrite the whole plan every time! So happy with this program!!”
Katie B, Co-op Member
”I had actually used this program for a year. Then last year I stopped using it and tried something else. I have to say that Homeschool Planet is one of the best planners I have found, and this is why I renewed my membership with it again this year. It is easy to use and anticipates what I need as a homeschooling parent trying to plan assignments for two children. I will probably continue to use it as I like the fact that I can plan each students day individually or together and that I can print up their daily schedules for them to follow on their own.”
J. Stefaniak, Co-op Member
”Where has this been for the last 12 years? I truly can not say enough positive about how much Homeschool-planet has helped our family (3 year old, K5, 7th and 10th grades). Our older two like the ability to pull it up, see what they need to accomplish, and check their tasks off as they complete them. I enjoy the ease of planning and rescheduling as needed, the grading availabilities and being able to easily mark off what I have done with the younger two. I have told all the families I know about it because of the difference it has made for me. I am super organized and this fits into our family extremely well. I will continue to use this and am so thankful to have found it as I still have plenty of years left to use it.
I do recommend printing out your plans in case you have a power outage for any reason. It was easy enough to that when we had bad storms come through and knew we could be without power for days (which we were).”
R. Speir, Co-op Member
”I'm new to homeschooling, so felt very overwhelmed with daily planning. Bought a planner for $30 and after the first week felt overwhelmed with having to input the same information over and over. I may be new to this, but new this was not effective nor the best use of my time.

So, this is where Homeschool Planet came to the rescue. I took about 30-40 minutes the first time to get to know the system. Once I was ready, took about 1 hour to input our curriculum activities for the next 6 months! What?

This is a no brainer. Saves me tons of time. And the bonus is getting a reminder of what I need to get done for the next day. Going paperless is freeing.

Ok, enough said. Trying it for free for 30 days was plenty of time for me to decide this was best for me. I am a hard core paper planner, but this has converted me. Never going back to paper.”
Edith, a.k.a. Warrior Mama, Co-op Member
”I don't know how I functioned without Homeschool Planet! It's cut my planning time by 3/4 and that's only the first year! When my younger kids get to the same classes they will already be saved in my archives compounding my time savings! I was using a different program the past few years but Homeschool Planet blows that one out of the water.”
Dawn E, Co-op Member
”I am so happy with our decision to purchase the yearly subscription for Homeshcool-Planet! I am able to keep all of my homeschooling activity schedule as well as our personal family schedule in one place! And I am able to color code the activities to make everything much more organized! $65 is not much for the year when there is so much to offer. Definitely get our $s worth! =)”
Margi B., Co-op Member
”Great little program! Seems easy to use and helps keep me and my family organized and on task! Have already subscribed and recommended it to others!”
Victoria G-R, Co-op Member
”Math-Mammoth has been a total blessing! I have two boys aged eight and seven. Before Math Mammoth, my eight year old did well in math, but found math boring and my second grader flat out had trouble with math. The curriculum I was using last year wasn't a good fit for my artistic, right brain critter. He really enjoys the pictures on the worksheets and it really has enabled him to grasp what he is learning. I also purchased the lesson plans (to use with homeschool planet). These are awesome! It provides instructional videos and/or links to math games. My kids love them! I went ahead and purchased the seven year bundle hoping it would be a good match. Money well spent! The total cost of seven years of Math Mammoth cost the same as one year of some of the other curriculums I was thinking of getting. I really couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.”
Rachel F., Co-op Member
”After deciding to homeschool my son at age 14, I was on the lookout for any type of program to help me plan and get organized. While there are some wonderful tools out there, the couple of programs I tried just weren't quite what I was looking for. One had some features I needed and the other had others I needed. But neither had most of everything I needed all rolled into one. Then I stumbled upon Homeschool Planet. I must admit there is a slight learning curve to figure out how to use it effectively (there are helpful videos to teach you), but once I got that down, it has made my life so much easier! I can work on lesson plans and plot them out separately before applying them to my son's "account" for him to see the assignments. That way, his schedule isn't constantly changing while I try to work out my kinks on the timeline. If something needs to be changed on the fly, I can easily move an assignment or delete it all together, tell him to hit the refresh button, and there is his updated schedule. Each morning I go in and enter the grades for the previous day's assignments. Yes, it keeps track of that for me as well. It even averages everything giving us an up-to-date view of where he stands on the scale as we go. No number crunching on my part!! After using it now for a year, I have no idea how I got along without it.”
Susan C., Co-op Member
”This planner works great! This is my first year homeschooling and I am so glad I found this. It has made lesson and daily planning so easy! Adjustments are quick and painless. I love being able to print out each child's weekly plans for them to keep track of their work. I HIGHLY recommend this planner.
I just have one suggestion...maybe offer some different text colors. It would be nice to be able to scan through the days looking for certain entries(tests, projects, due dates, etc.) if we were able to have them in colors. Right now I try to put certain things in all capitals to make them stand out a little more.”
Amelia D., Co-op Member
”I have been looking for a way to schedule classes but also retain the flexibility to move things around. Homeschool Planet is what I've been looking for. I can schedule things online and then my kids can go online or print what they need to do for a given day or week. If something comes up (sick day) we can move things around as needed.”
Karrie B, Co-op Member
”I LOVE Homeschool-Planet. I have a love/hate relationship with my school schedule and HP takes the most frustrating part of planning and fixes it. When the kids and I take a day off for fun or for sickness, the schedule isn't completely ruined. HP has a host of options available for me to fix this interrupted schedule as I see fit. I can push it all back, or just push back one day. It keeps me on track, without being overwhelmed.”
Kimberly, Co-op Member
”When I was ready to jump into the world of online planning, I had a wonderfully, massive spreadsheet created for comparing all the major planners and some of the minor ones. It was kind of overwhelming, but it led me to Homeschool Planet. So far, I have been very pleased with Homeschool-Planet. The ability to shift and adjust classes is by far my favorite feature so far. I look forward to allowing the kids to have access to their schedule, as they get older, so that even more work is off my plate. I feel like this planner will grow with our family as we learn more about how to use it to our advantage.”
Naomi R., Co-op Member
”This year, as my daughter approaches high school, we've buckled down a bit with a slightly more tradition approach to subject planning. I signed up for a free month trial of Homeschool Planet, and I love it. It does everything you would expect an online planner to do, but my favorite feature is the ability to shift lessons. If she doesn't get to a subject on her daily list, or as in the case of an unexpected field trip or illness, she doesn't do school one entire day, the schedule can very easily be shifted out. Sometimes she actually works ahead, those days or subjects can be shifted up as complete. I am so happy that I could input the entire year and never have to rewrite anything.”
Susan Strand, Co-op Member
”We enjoy being able to use the same screen to schedule and grade. No duplication of effort needed. I also like the ability to add links that the kids can use to access online content. The kids themselves don't use it much except when we are helping, but they are gaining proficiency.”
Jessie Powell, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet does have a learning curve, but it is well worth tackling. It does everything it promises and more. Every time I approached a new task, like changing the scheduled time for a class on Fridays, for example, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to make it the way I wanted it. Every time I was wrong! The customizability, flexibility, and sharing features are astounding. And I love, love, love the reports. I use them as a visual reminder for how much we accomplish every day...and I add in EVERYTHING. It is incredibly easy to do, and the server is never laggy. It's safe to say that this product is changing my whole approach to homeschooling, chores, and even organizing around the house. I love it.”
Elaine Jackson, Co-op Member
”I am amazed at how much this product does! I knew this year would require more than a paper planner could do. I wasn't happy about having to use a digital planner, but I was sold on this product within the first few minutes of using the trial. Our school year hasn't started yet, but I already feel much more confident about starting the school year because my kids' year is so well organized. Thank you for offering such a great product!”
Robbie, Co-op Member
”I just want to let everyone that has this product know that I absolutely love it this is my first year homeschooling my two autistic children and the planning was driving me crazy because in the state of Missouri you have to keep track of the grades and stuff. So with homeschool planet I'm able to do it all at once I'm able to switch things around I'm able to put everybody's schedule. I let everybody know on Facebook know that this is a very good product and I encourage everybody to buy homeschool planet”
Marie Esslinger, Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed using homeschool planet! As a mom to 4 homeschooled children it has made my assignments, grading, and lesson planning super easy! It is great that each of my kids can also access their own site that has their assignments, including chores and other scheduled events! Much easier than me trying to keep 5 written planners up to date!!! Another great feature is that when life happens and we need to take a scheduled day is so easy to move the whole schedule ahead!!! No more erasing, crossing out, and rewriting! I can actually have it all set up before the year starts!

***** I really hope they get more lesson plans for the different curriculums out there uploaded - that is a HUGE help!!!”
J.Munro, Co-op Member
”Has been a life savor including most of our lesson plans were on the purchase and download directly into the planner. It has saved me so much time and work. The planner is very easy to use. Highly Recommended!”
Wendy G,, Co-op Member
”After trying other planners, online, spreadsheets, and paper, I decided to give this planner a shot. I love the ease in which I could put assignments into the planner, and even move them around without messing up all my planning. I love that I can incorporate and sync it with my other calendars, so it becomes a life planner, and not just a homeschool planner. My children have not yet used it, since our school year hasn't started yet, but I expect they will love having checklists (they've requested them before) and being able to see what they need to accomplish. I expect it will also help my high schooler learn to manage her time effectively. I'm very excited about this product so far. I have told others how easy it is to use and how useful it seems to be.”
S Kearney, Co-op Member
”I use the homeschool planet planner! It is amazing. Not only can you plan for the entire year, but you can keep grades, average grades and divide those grades into semester or 9 week or yearly grades. This program has made my homeschool life so much easier and more efficient! I am so thankful I was introduced to it!”
Leslie Garcia, Co-op Member
”Last year I tried an online product to keep track of homeschool, and it was to complicated. I am an extremely busy mom. I have an 8th grader, 2nd grader, and a 2 year old. I homeschool my nephew who is in 4th.I assist my other nephew and nieces with tutoring. I am a children's pastor at our church, and dedicate much time to that. I also help take care of my parents who are both handicapped. Needless to say I do not have hours to try to figure out an online homeschool calendar much less invest hours into using it. On top of this there didn't seem to be much flexibility in the program if we pushed assignments off a day I would have to go through and change each lesson. I want something that I can drop a whole year of lesson plans or large chunks in at a time and if we complete assignments early or late it self adjusts. If the other program could do this I could never figure out how and I didn't have enough time to truly figure it out.

Homeschool Planet has been a breath of fresh air. It took me all of an hour to figure out how it works. It is simple, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Right off the bat I was able to plan classes and easily adjust due dates. I could put in lots of detail on classes that need it. I could keep it simple with little information if that was all that was needed or all I had time for. I the lesson assignments that are already developed that you can add and I am excited to see more of them developed. This is a great product that does great at helping track my kids work and progress. To add to that it also serves as a personal calendar for all my activities. I LOVE that there is an app that I can easily access and adjust things from my phone. Since I am constantly running I am not always able to sit down in front of a computer to work on things. My oldest is 8th grade, but much of his course work is 9th grade level. We need to be able to keep good records of his work on all of his 9th grade courses. This helps us tremendously. I will definitely continue to use this product, and I will be recommending it to several people that I know.”
Jessica Luker, Co-op Member
”I LOVE Homeschool Planet! Last year was my first year homeschooling and my organization was non-existent. This year I'm using Homeschool Planet and it's bench a breeze to keep everyone on task and know just what we're doing every day.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I'm absolutely blown away by this planner! The biggest struggle for me with homeschooling was maintaining a plan, because I need more flexibility than structure. Keeping a written calendar was ridiculous, because our days were not predictable from one to the next. With this, I could easily schedule out a year, and shift tasks when things didn't happen as expected! plus, I love that each of my sons can log into their own calendar and check off tasks as they went along. It gives them a real sense of accomplishment!”
J Salice, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool-Planet! It is so easy to use and it is wonderful way to organize our school year. I have tried other online planners, but none of them compare to homeschool-planet. My girls love the assignment sheets. They can tell at a glace what they need to do for the day. I have recommended it to other moms who are looking for an online planner.”
S. Maratin, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love the Homeschool-Planet planner. It took me a bit to get everything set up initially, but it was so worth it. I love that my family can all be synced and "in the loop" regarding plans for the week, month or however far out I decided to set things up. It is wonderful that even with all my husband's travels, he can stay in touch with all we're doing at home and even add input if he feels so inclined. My girls love being able to log in on their ipads and see what their day and week will look like, as well as be able to check off their chores or activities. It's fun for them to check in on their grades too. The only downside I've found, is it seems to be only compatible (for edits) with Google Chrome. I guess it's just a matter of us "staying up with the times". :) We would definitely recommend this product and are even loading up our next couple of weeks now, so for sure plan to continue our use! Thank you for such a great product!f
[Editor's Note: Homeschool Planet is also compatible with Firefox and Safari.]”
L. Johnson, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is an amazing tool that any efficient homeschooling parent (and student) should have. It has practically everything that we need and I can't say enough how thankful I am that this kind of product has been created (and reasonably priced at that). Great job!”
Jeri M., Co-op Member
”I am a happy first time user of Homeschool Planet. In the past I made weekly spread sheets for each of my two daughters depicting all of their classes. Every Sunday night I would add their weekly assignments into the spreadsheet with pen and ink. My kids could not decipher my assignment notes, so every night before school I would write their daily assignments on paper so they would know what to do in the morning. Laborious at best.
I am so excited to have found Homeschool Planet. I use Math Mammoth, Veritas Press Bible and History and IEW, so many of my classes had pre-made lesson plans. It took me a little trial and error to learn how to use the system, but now I feel very comfortable and have added the rest of their classes and activities into the program with very little trouble. The system is easy to use and the tutorials are very helpful. I know this is going to save me HOURS and HOURS of time during the school year.

One of my favorite features is that I can adjust the schedule easily. If we don't get to a lesson one day, I can choose to double up the next day, move all of the lessons forward or just skip it. There are a ton of options available as far as scheduling adjustment. Also, you can make the assignments and activities as simple or a detailed as you like. One of the best things about the Math Mammoth pre-made lesson plans is that all of the authors instructional videos and math games are included (with a link) for every daily lesson. My kids "get" to do the videos and links after they finish their workbook pages, and they just click on the link in Homeschool Planet instead of searching on the internet (thank you Math Mammoth!).

When I first started using the program I was printing out my daughters assignments for the week which are formatted on one sheet of paper (super nice). However, since our computer is in our homeschool room, I have found that they would rather "check off" their completed assignments on the computer and I no longer have to print out the weekly assignments (they are in 3rd and 5th grade BTW). The best part is that they can easily see what needs to be done for the week and can work ahead if they like (which I have found that they will do now since they have all the information available to them). They also enjoy looking forward to when each class is going to end for the year, and will often double up assignments to make the school year one day shorter- which I LOVE!
The only improvements I would want is to have the program available on my mobile device (iPad or iPhone), and to have more lesson plans in the Lesson Plan Market Place (Easy Grammar and Abeka please)!
I rarely ever write reviews, but this product has been a game changer for me as far as homeschool planning. I am a huge fan and hope with more people using it there will be more pre-made lesson plans available!

[Editor's note: There is a mobile-friendly version of Homeschool Planet, and we are working on lesson plans for the publishers requested.]”
J. Koontz, Co-op Member
”Okay people....want the REAL scoop on the Homeschool Planet Planner??? Well your in luck because I'm about to provide it. I read several reviews and watched lots of YouTube tutorials before even committing to the FREE trial. The truth is, Homeschool Planet is EVERY bit as fabulous as everyone claimed!!! I was so super impressed on all the features that it offers. And it wasn't so much the lesson plan calendar per se because there are other planner options out there and if your feeling crafty you could create one, but it was ALL of the other cute little features that added up to be so valueable and superior to other planners. I will forever use this planner, and it's simple enough for my 8 year old to use and it has taught her how to organize her life in a real BIG GIRL fashion. I watched a hour long YouTube tutorial and they were explaining how "soon" you could use the planner on your smaller devices such as your phone or iPad. But the truth is I rarely use Homeschool Planet on my desktop. I just go and click the button at the top right (like where you would go to print, and I click on request desktop view). It works great. I have a blended family were all of my kids have 2 mothers and 2 fathers lol... they're SUPER loved :-) Both fathers hold me accountable to the education and when they want to see where they are WTD or MTD (week to date/month to date) I can send it to them at the click of a button. BAM... How you like me now??? Yes I am super organized, YES I am THAT mom!”
Mrs. Horton, Co-op Member
”I've used several different planners over the years, both online and paper planners. I chose to go with the Homeschool Planet this year because it is so easy to input assignments and easy to move them around when my plans meet reality. Having separate logins for my kids and even my husband make it easy for everyone to stay on track. Finally, being able to access it on my phone is a huge plus.”
Amanda W., Co-op Member
”We have 10 school aged kids, two toddlers, and are expecting a baby this year. This is our 3rd year using Homeschool Planet for lesson planning and we LOVE it. Our busy lives include therapies for several kids, hospital stays, and sometimes unexpected days where we just can't get it all done. With Homeschool Planet I can set up which days the kids should work on each subject, lay out their school work to be evenly divided between a set of weeks or months that I put in, and plan out our entire year before we ever get started. Then, as life changes, adoptions happen, babies are born, kids need hospitalizations, or we decide on a last minute trip to spend some down-time as a family, I can *EASILY* adjust our schedule and never miss a beat. Whether it's one subject we wait on or our entire week's work I push forward, Homeschool Planet makes it SIMPLE! I've used many different forms of lesson planning and Homeschool Planet is by far the easiest and best out there for our active and ever-changing family's needs!”
Meredith, Co-op Member
”I have just started using Homeschool Planet last month,and I am so thankful that there is such a program out there and that I don't have to do all the same things manually anymore, which is such a time saver.”
O.C., Co-op Member
”For the past 9 years I have always scheduled my children's lessons with paper planners. As they have become more independent in their work I started looking for online planners that would allow me to attach files, record, reschedule missed days and schedule their lessons more easily. I came across Homeschool Planet . This is our first year using this software. So far I love it and it has everything I was looking for. As I schedule the lessons I am able to add in website links such as youtube or other resources that we have found online that would compliment that lesson. I can even record my own voice which I use to give spelling tests which frees up more of my time to devote myself to my younger children. I live in a state where we are not required to keep grades but with this software grade keeping is automatic. It will also be a huge help having a completed transcript for my college bound children. I have children with different learning styles so being able to combine the written curriculum with video links, audio files, extra printables etc. gives me the opportunity to cater to each of my child's learning needs. I really am happy that I came across this and I can't imagine going back to paper planning after using this software.”
Mrs. B, Co-op Member
”I used Homeschool Planet for the trial month so far and have loved it. It makes planning so much easier. I have planned for half the year so far and when I need to make a change I can without having to delete everything. This is a great product that I recommend for every home school family!”
A. Fragata, Co-op Member
”I found it! The e-planner I've been dreaming of for the past 3 years has been in found Homeschool Planet. I've tried an app based program, but it didn't cross over across multiple devices. Then I tried a popular e-planner tracker with promises of easy to use lesson plans and reports...reality hit in the first few weeks when I realized the "easy to use" lesson planning wasn't so easy. I thought I had entered an entire quarter of planning only to realize I didn't do it correctly. Their customer service responded with a list of FAQ video links; the ones I had already watched mind you. Alas. But as I had already paid money to do this program, I determined to start over. I was feeling pretty good until I needed to run a report card for the baseball team...guess what- it wasn't correct. So I did what we all do. I scrapped it and went to paper. I'm a college grad, taught in public schools...I should be able to figure out an on-line planner. Bad planner -01, my self esteem- 0.

On to this summer...excited to begin planning for the new year. Then I see the looming subscription renewal email. I reluctantly decided to search again for a better option, although my nifty paper and pencil method was calling my name. Then, Homeschool Planet popped up. I skeptically read the reviews; heard it before and had wasted HOURS on false promises of being user friendly. I took the plunge and did the free trial. Seriously, I put on one episode of Ken Burns The West documentary and behold, I had a whole quarter of my oldest child's assignments completely entered. Looking for a catch, I entered some fake grades and ran a report card. It worked. So, I'm hooked! It's mid-July and both kids have all assignments entered until Christmas. Score!

Homeschool Planet is the most user-friendly planner I have found! The price is comparable to other on-line trackers, but for me, literally took HOURS of less work to do.”
C Cortez, Co-op Member
”I tried HP's free trial and was hooked. It is very user friendly and I've now subscribed for the year. With 4 kids to homeschool, this will make it easy for me to plan out my entire years goals but still has the flexibility to alter things when life happens. I'm typically an old fashioned pen and paper kind of planner but this program has changed my ways. I love that I can take a book of any kind and have HP break it up for me over whatever time period I need and if I change my mind and want to add in review days or days off for appointments, all it takes us s couple clicks to rearrange things. It also lets you preview changes before saving, which gives you the opportunity to try out different methods of breaking up books/lessons. Pen and paper is just too limiting now that I have experienced this product. I would like to know however if I can print out a week at a time. But, all I have to do is email the company and I'll get a reply to my question in no time. Great product. You won't be disappointed.”
Melanie Nunes, Co-op Member
”I've searched for a long time to find an app or site to help me out. I was going crazy with five calendars and 10 lists. Between my husbands schedule, and our social engagements, and the boys baseball and scouts meetings and grocery lists, and to do lists....etc...etc... It was just too crazy to keep up with. And then on top of it all, how to I keep track of schoolwork?

When I first saw the ad for Homeschool Planet I was very skeptical. I was like, "yeah, does everything? no way...I've heard THAT before..." really does. I tried out the first free month and threw myself into it, knowing if I was gonna buy this, I had to really test it out. I was surprised at how simple it was. To-do lists? Check. Import my husbands google calendar? Check. Creating repeating assignments for different children with different websites and documents attached? Check.

There is no end to what you can use this for. I use it for the kids daily and weekly chores. I use it for test messaging my husband the "Pick up at the store list". I check the weather. I use it as a meal planner. It does it ALL. I seriously love this app. It was obviously designed by a homeschooling parent. After the month trial, I immediately purchased it and it hasn't let me down. I struggle once in awhile with deleting or moving assignments, only because I use it for so many things, I often get overwhelmed by the choices it offers. I especially love the widget that allows my kids to email me questions about their homework, so they don't have to come ask me questions every 5 mins when they're at their computer. Oh, and that I can attach a website or pdf to their assignment's so I don't have to print everything up. My one son loves to open the pdf, read the instructions and do his writing in front of his computer. I've told others about it, and they've signed up too. It takes a little set up time to really utilize it, but you have to expect that if you want something as powerful as this. All in all, it's made my life easier, and I'm so glad I got it. Highly recommended.”
Janine W., Co-op Member
”From being able to send a shopping list alert to hubby last minute to planning the entire school year, Homeschool Planet makes not just planning curriculum for multiple students easy, but it also puts any and every daily happening in one handy-dandy spot that I can take on the go with the quick link home icon on my iPhone. I especially love how easy it is to sync lesson plans up with the planner. It is literally just a few clicks and it's all ready to go.”
Tere Scott, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. I've been looking for a planner that could manage multiple children, shared and individual classes, resources, constantly adjusted lessons, moving dates, grades--and still looked pretty. Homeschool Planet covers all that and more. My girls, because they can login on their own, also love it. They enjoy ticking off their assignments as they finish them, and they like knowing exactly what they needed to do for the day. I used to print out weekly lesson plans, but since the girls can view the plans on their own, no need to print (although it still is possible). It has quite a number of features, and that could be overwhelming, but once you get into the groove, it's so easy to set up classes and plan for long periods.”
Ree HP, Co-op Member
”I have only been using Homeschool-Planet for a month, but it is amazing! We have 7 kids, but three are finished with high school and my regret for them is that I was not more organized when they were still in school. I could have been if I were using Homeschool easy, flexible and not too expensive!! Thank you, Maria in PA”
Maria in PA, Co-op Member
”As a former administration assistant I never felt the need for a homeschooling program since I used Excel spreadsheets and other programs. But now my life is more complicated since I now have two kids in middle school and preschoolers I recently adopted. We needed ways to communicate not only assignments but appointments and personal reminders. For example, with Homeschool Planet I can remind my kids to study their scripts for drama even on a no school day and remind them to bring chips to youth group. I can even put assignment details right in their schedule such as study a verses by practicing cursive and memorize by Friday. I can also put all my preschool lesson ideas in there too. Awesome.”
Sandra, Co-op Member
”Loving Homeschool Planet! We've been homeschooling for 2 years now - without the HSPlanet. I always thought it would be overkill since I just have one child. However, I decided to try it as juggling multiple middle school level curriculum, merging and adapting them, etc. was getting to be quite confusing... and, no one could jump in and know what to do/teach if I had to be out for a day. We've been using HSPlanet for a month now. I love the automated daily emails to my child. They force more independence than I was doing on my own. I love how truly easy it is to enter lesson plans. A big surprise was how easy it is to alter lesson plan/schedules as you go. In my "former life" (pre-homeschooling Mom) I was a software development project manager for very large projects - so, I have used my share of scheduling / planning apps. HSPlanet, while having a different target audience, is meant for very similar type activities and it really does a great job. HSPlanet is very easy to use with really no learning curve. It has many features which really streamline data entry AND the changes that come in both planning and executing. I'm really, really pleased. We haven't used it for scheduling things outside of homeschool, but will definitely be giving that a try as well. Thanks for developing HSPlanet! You've done a great job!”
H. Hansen, Co-op Member
”I have used Homeschool planet for a year and really enjoy it. My 2 favorite features are the ability to shift my lesson plans forward or back with ease. No more big erasers for me. The second feature is the ability to send my calendar to all my electronic devices.”
Margaret O., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has made it possible for me to stay on top of scheduling, assignments, and grades for each of my 6 homeschooled children. This invaluable tool has provided accountability for my teens with their independent work and a comforting sense of rhythm and order for my little ones. Even with the arrival of twins, we had a successful school year. We can't imagine homeschooling without this tool!”
Megan P., Co-op Member
”I have tried a lot of ways to manage my homeschooling. I used to carry a huge binder around with hand written lesson plans, attendance, grade book, and everything else. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and defeated with the amount of papers and the hours it took to lesson plan. I stumbled across homeschool-planet on google and I'm so glad I did! It has taken the headache out of lesson planning and is a big time saver for me. Having the free 30 day trial was also nice. I was a bit unsure, but after setting up for my trial I was pleasantly surprised. The website is set up great and it's easy to navigate.Being able to use my laptop and having everything at my fingertips has really been great. My son can access his assignments and he's even said he likes this better than having a ton of papers laying out for his daily work. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I can't thank homeschool-planet enough for the product. It's really simplified my homeschool routine. I will continue to use this as long as I am homeschooling. The price is great. I tell all of my homeschooling friends and family about homeschool-planet.”
Amber Jones, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love the planner. It makes planning painless and the kids appreciate the daily checklist. I need a computer to plan but I was constantly reworking the format or forgetting to update the plan using the traditional programs. Homeschool Planet makes life easy and fun. I keep telling my friends how much it changed my homeschool. We look forward to learning to use all the features of this product next school year.”
K OReilly, Co-op Member
”I love this planner! It's easy to use and keeps me organized. I've tried other web based planners but I find that Homeschool Planet is the best one out there.”
Tonya, Co-op Member
”I trialed Homeschool Planet and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is extremely user friendly (the video tutorial was great!), well organized, and makes planning everything, and making changes to plans, much more convenient than pen and paper. I was able to customize my child's courses, color code things as I wished, set dates, times, and create a school year calendar according to our needs/desires. I do plan on enrolling in Homeschool Planet under an annual subscription just as soon as I can and have shared a link encouraging my homeschooling friends to try it out. =) Thank you for offering such a wonderful product and generous trial!”
Tia, Co-op Member
”I have homeschooled for 7 years now, and although I settled on great curriculum within the first couple years, a great planner has eluded me the whole time.
I began using homeschool planet this year halfway through. I NEEDED something that I could easily change when the inevitable happened. Homeschool Planet allows that in many ways, it is extremely forgiving of a change in schedule or plan. There are super easy to follow videos to help also.
I also needed something I can print and put in the kids' binders at the start of each week to help them stay on track and off the computer. This is printable and easy, but I don't love the format.
I needed something convenient and affordable. In my opinion, this planner is both. Since I started in the middle of the year and was uncertain, I opted to pay monthly which is a very minimal cost. I will likely take it out for a full year when I start lesson planning for next year. A mobile option would be handy, but I can still pull it up on my phone if need be.
I do really love this planner. I love the fact that some lesson plans have been created for it as well. I tried the only one we use, Math Mammoth and it is really handy.”
T Hawkins, Co-op Member
”I currently homeschool my 3 kids, ages 7, 12, and 14. Just the age ranges alone made keeping track of subjects, assignments, and projects a logistical nightmare. Plus, my son's high-functioning autism places him in half of my older daughter's classes. And, to add insult to injury, my husband's job has him on an odd schedule so, many a week, we do not adhere to a Mon-Fri schedule.

I tried a MINIMUM of 5 other online or software lesson planning programs. If they weren't too confusing, they were too basic to handle my needs. Almost none allowed me to modify my school week and assign lessons on Saturday's or Sundays. And the ability to customize everything from grading to any type of learning resource imaginable? Unheard of.
Homeschool Planet is a lifesaver. I can keep track of everything I need, manage anything I want, and add in whatever I've forgotten about the moment I remember. If you haven't tried it, I promise you are wasting time and energy on tasks that this product can handle.

Wish I had found it sooner and will never be without it again!”
Rachelle Dunn, Co-op Member
”I found Homeschool Planet through a Bravewriter offer and am absolutely loving the focus the free trial has brought to our planning. I will definitely be signing on for a membership. I love how I can set up a repeating schedule and then adapt as needed - create space for other opportunities, travel, and appointments. I love the printable week/day functions. Excellent product for homeschool!”
Maggie McD, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Planet planner is absolutely amazing. My kids love the fact that it gives them the independence to know what they need to do and when it is due and I can allow them access to mark it as completed. When I log in I can see what is done and what they are behind in. I love it because they are not asking me all the time "What do I need to do?" I also use it for their chores, MY CHORES, and things I need to do for our family in general. Everything can be color coded (another feature that I LOVE!!). I am the type that at the beginning of the year I go through our curriculum and figure out the schedule needed to complete by the end of the school year... at times this can be more difficult than one would think and very time consuming. Homeschool_Planet Planner does this all for you!!! Can't live without it.”
Mom of 3, Co-op Member
”After trying many of the online planners and then using Homeschool planet I must say it is phenomenal! This planner is all I need for the rest of our homeschool career. Thank you for creating it and the lesson plans for the given subjects. Please create more lesson plans!”
Tracy Springfield, Co-op Member
”I am very grateful that I was able to do the trial 30 days twice. The first time I tried the trial, I failed. It was too hard and time consuming to set it all up so I really didn't use it. This time, I found the time to really set it all up and I have found it to be VERY powerful in keeping up with assignments and other tasks. i love being able to print out individual schedules for each child. I also love how it has a screen that comes up every morning when i log in asking about the previous day's assignments and whether they were completed or not. My kids won't go in and mark those items themselves, but I can mark them using their printed copies from the day before. Very powerful and helpful tool. Love it!”
Debra H., Co-op Member
”I've been using Mystery Science plans for Homeschool Planet for a few weeks now, and it is really helping me keep up with my kids' assignments. I had tried it when it was first unveiled in the co-op, but never really got the hang of it. This year, I wanted to come back from winter break with a fresh start. I LOVE how I can shift assignments around. With Homeschool Planet I haven't lost track of where we were are in our Mystery Science studies, and things aren't falling through the cracks anymore.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”I've been using Brave Writer plans for Homeschool Planet for a few weeks now, and it is really helping me keep up with my kids' assignments. I had tried it when it was first unveiled in the co-op, but never really got the hang of it. This year, I wanted to come back from winter break with a fresh start. I LOVE how I can shift assignments around. With Homeschool Planet I haven't lost track of where we were are in our Brave Writer studies, and things aren't falling through the cracks anymore.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”I've been using HP for a few weeks now, and it is really helping me keep up with my kids' assignments. I had tried it when it was first unveiled in the co-op, but never really got the hang of it. This year, I wanted to come back from winter break with a fresh start. I LOVE how I can shift assignments around as well as download assignments from some of my favorite curriculum publishers. With HP I haven't lost track of where we were are in our studies, and things aren't falling through the cracks anymore.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”With ten children (seven school-aged and three preschoolers), I was pleased to find Homeschool-Planet is able to cope with the complexity of my homeschooling and daily life. I finally feel I can keep on top of my planning. When I need to reschedule assignments, it is simple. I can make lesson plans that I can reuse with subsequent siblings.”
Rachel Turner, Co-op Member
”I was so frustrated trying to find a planner that worked for our homeschool schedule. Nothing had the flexibility or specific features that I needed. I had made a paper planner, but any time something changed (and that is often!) it was a pain to adjust the schedule. I was skeptical about paying so much for a planner, but after the free trial I was so excited to finally find a planner that worked perfectly for our family that I gladly paid for a year subscription.

We've now been using the planner for almost a year and it has made life so much easier for me. I love being able to plan our our lessons, and if anything changes it is simple to adjust the whole schedule. And they make regular updates to the planner to make it even better.

I highly recommend giving it a try - with a 30 day trial period you have nothing to lose. There is so much flexibility in this planner, and it is so simple to set up, that it is worth every penny.”
Jennifer C., Co-op Member
”I had a trial version of the home school planet and at first thought it would be just like every other home school planner that is around. But after a while, I found it to be invaluable to my planning and looked forward to entering the information ahead of each week or so. Yes, information does have to be entered for it to work properly but after a week or so, I found it easy to input and work out what we were doing and when. You also have places to insert field trips, doctor visits and holidays, plus more. Links to websites, PDF files and so forth are all possible and this really made my life much easier. The difference I now have in planning my day, is confidence with what teaching I have to do and having great satisfaction at the end of each day, ticking each completed task or moving it on to another day if the girls have not quite grasped the subject!”
Sara B, Co-op Member
”I can't tell you how incredibly helpful Homeschool Planet has been to our house. I have 4 children from preschool to middle school as well as work outside the home. I really have to plan out their schoolwork and stay on task as much as possible. I had been using a planner and google spreadsheet however that had it's limits and still took lots of planning each week and if something came up it really messed with our written plans. I came across a program that had a lesson plan for Homeschool Planet and tried the free trial. I was hooked! They really did think of everything and makes it really easy to make plans and change plans because after all, we are homeschoolers. I love being able to have everything on one screen to see our day and keep records of grades and attendance. It's also makes the kids accountable for their work. They are able to pull up their accounts on their Kindle Fires and check off what they've done and see what they have left to do. It really has given me so much time back from planning.”
Jenny, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. It has been a life saver for me in keeping track of lesson plans and our daily routines! It was super easy to set up and easy to use. I love how I can carry an assignment forward to the next day and every other day will adjust to our new schedule. And it's really easy to shuffle things around if we need to work a little out of order. I can't say enough great things about this program and the price is perfect for my family! Thank you so much for offering this!”
Heather Lewis, Co-op Member
”We started using homeschool planet a few months ago and we love it. We had tried it before when my kids were just starting school and it was good but not as great as it is now. My kids (4th, 2nd, and K) can take responsibility for their own work. I can add links for them to click on and even add notes with their password. The interface is great. Rescheduling is a breeze. We even had a hiccup when we first started and the tech people were quick to resolve the issue and generous. We used to use a computer based planning program but it was light years behind this program. We love it and can't imagine using anything else. I look forward to learning more and using all the updates that they make.”
Allycia, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool-Planet planner is, in my opinion, the best online planner available right now. I actually tried the planner in the past when it was first introduced, but it was not a good fit for my needs at the time. Since then, the dymamic of our homeschool has changed. I now have only highschool students. One of which I have to modify assignments for often. In order for our day to run smoothly, I must have his schedule ready in the morning. He is the type of student that needs to see the big picture and have a plan of action to execute. This planner is perfect for this. I can load his assignments ahead of time, tweak them as needed every morning according to what he accomplished the day before, print his schedule and he's off and running! I can't tell you enough how much of a blessing this planner is to our family. With it's easily adjustable scheduling tools and it's intuitive functionality it may have literally saved our homeschool year.”
L. Jones, Co-op Member
”"I have home schooled for the past 22 years and have always used a notebook planner. I usually quit after 6-8 weeks and would just wing it the rest of the year. This went on for every year. Good intentions at the beginning of the year ended in frustration when assignments needed to be erased and moved around.

This year I began schooling another child and I knew I needed to have something better. I saw Homeschool Planet and decided to try it while it offered a free trial. It took me a while to set it up but now I love the ease with which I can change and move assignments.”
L. Price, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is the planning tool I've been searching for in my 8 years of homeschooling. I wish I would have tried it sooner.”
Jodi M, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is by far the most comprehensive planner I have used for my family, and the only one I've used for more than a couple of weeks. I have four children, middle- through high-school, and the schedule really helps to keep them on track. My kids, they like being able to log on and see updates to their schedule and they love to click the boxes when they've finished their work. They also love the independence--no more coming to mom every twenty minutes to ask "What's next?" For me--I love how easy it is to make schedule changes in the program. We all know what it's like to enter a week or month's worth of lessons, only to have something happen on the third day which throws the whole thing off. With Homeschool Planet, I can make schedule changes and corrections with the click of a key. It's so convenient! I also LOVE that for grading, I can enter the categories for each class (quiz, test, labs, etc) AND the weight attached to each category--and the planner does all the math for me! If your state requires a record of hours spent in class, Homeschool Planet will even keep track of that for you. Plus, I can generate a grade report for all four kids in seconds to let me know their averages in each class. My husband feels much more connected to what we do because he also can see the assignments and their grades at a glance. I highly recommend Homeschool Planet to homeschoolers who are record-keeping challenged or who would like to streamline their scheduling systems. I tell all my homeschooling friends about it, and I plan to use Homeschool Planet in the years to come.”
Jessica I., Co-op Member
”Totally love this!!!! With 5 kids, it has been challenging to find a system to keep up with all of their lesson plans. We tend to make a lot of last minute changes and mix thing up on the fly, and this has made it so easy!!! Thanks Homeschool Planet!!”
Carla L, Co-op Member
”This is my second year using Homeschool Planet and I LOVE it!! It is so much easier to stay organized and especially to reorganize if we decide to change things up once in a while. If we decide to take a field trip or a day off, it's so easy to reorganize his work that was missed. My kids love that they receive their email checklist daily and can check off when their work is done. I will continue to use this until my kids are no longer homeschooled.”
Mary S., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is helping me stay on top of grading as it reminds me when I have missed a paper. Also rescheduling assignments isn't a time consuming thing anymore, just one click and everything moves back a day.”
Melisa, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Planet online planner.

Having the ability to send my son a daily email is wonderful and the embedding of links and files makes my life much easier.

The only improvement I would make is the ability to create lesson plans without dates and make the drag and drop feature of rescheduling easier so that it only changes the assignment you have moved, rather than everything in a sequence. [Editor's Note: Subscribers to have the ability to create lesson plans without dates on their "Lesson Plans" page.]”
jennifer, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE this planner! There are 4 adults and 2 children (20 months and 8 yrs old) living in my home and things get pretty crazy around here. My husband and I homeschool the 8 yr old. I use this planner more so for keeping track of everyone's comings and goings, dr. appts, family outings, weddings, etc. Since we all work together to care for the children, this planner has been a God-send for each of us knowing when or if we can schedule something that won't interfere with another's plan. The fact that everyone gets a daily digest sent to them saves me from lots of unnecessary calls, messaging and texting! I love it! Since we are just homeschooling one who is just learning to read, I haven't begun using it for schoolwork yet, but, I am certainly looking forward to being able to do so in the future. Thank you for this planner - it has saved my sanity! I love everything about it!”
Cathy W., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Planet online planner! I'm usually a paper and pencil kind of mom and teacher, but after trying this planner out for the first month of our new school year, I don't think I ever want to go back!

I love that I can set up the planner for the entire school year, and since many of our subjects are cumulative, half of my lesson planning for the year is already done because the planner inputs the next lessons into our schedule! And, I can add websites right into the planner that are then just a click away when we need them. I also have found that we are getting through more of our lessons because we love checking off the boxes upon their completion. And if we don't get through everything? Not a problem. The planner asks the next day if we'd like to carry it forward or not!

I did not realize how much this planner was going to positively affect our home school. It has exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it!”
Stephanie K.,
”This is my first year homeschooling my 3 children. 9th, 7th and 1st grades. I had No idea what I was doing and didn't know how I would schedule everything in. I searched for different planners all over the internet and asked other parents which was a great one. I got some insight but none of them seemed that great. And truth be told I'm not a great planner of days anyway. But I came across homeschool planet and used the free trial and right away I knew it'd be great. It's very easy to use. Allows me to add several children and fam members. Sends me reminders about activities that need to be done. Keeps every thing perfectly in one place. Ive only been using it a few weeks and it's been a godsend. I didn't even finish the full month free trial. I just went ahead and purchased it. It's so worth it. So glad I came across this.”
Melissa Lennan, Co-op Member
”This has made planning for our homeschool year so much easier. We are a military family with a move in October (but we didn't have specific dates). Homeschool Planet enabled me to plan out the full year and then make adjustments when the disruptions came.”
Miriam, Co-op Member
”This is my second year using Homeschool Planet and I won't use anything else. I have tried paper schedules but inevitable life happens! It was so hard to move assignments and I really had no tracking method for my daughter grades.
My daughter entered "middle school" last year and I knew I would need to start learning to track for high school soon, why not figure out what works best for us. The benefit now is she is in junior rodeo and thier requirement is to turn in grades two weeks before a competition! I can easily do that without stressing now! I track her assignments and grades and can easily print out what is needed.
It is easy to set up each class, you can add your own weblinks too! If you child has an email, you can send them thier daily or weekly assignment list (or both) to thier email. No more excuses, they know what needs to be done.
I love the feature that you can change the schedule easily when life happens.
Of course the kids were not thrilled at first, but they are learning to love it.
You can choose you school year and scheduled your breaks that fit for your family. The kids like when they can see exactly when we have our breaks scheduled (we usually take a break every 6th week). This is program is great if you need to track day, hours schooled or even grades. Great if you need the ability to change the schedule with only few pushes of a button. I tell everyone looking for a planner to check it out!”
Rebecca C., Co-op Member
”I had tried various methods to track our homeschooling, but nothing seemed to be the right fit until we found Homeschool Planet. It's so easy to use, we just love it!”
”We just renewed for our second year with Homeschool Planet. We love it- my son is able to hop on and start his school day without me sitting next to him, which is incredibly helpful since I have a toddler to run after as well. My son has autism and always needs to know how to plan his day, so his mind is put to ease as soon as he logs on (I bookmark it on our browser for easy access) and the amount of progress he's been able to make this year with one less stressor (worry of not knowing what to expect) has been remarkable. The other feature I use all the time is the ability to shift the entire year's schedule class by class. I actually use this feature frequently as our life is constantly fluctuating. Sometimes we need more time on a subject area than I anticipated; sometimes we choose to push a class back a day because we have an opportunity to run out on a field trip, etc. Not only can I push the class back but I can choose whether I want to double up to stay on track or just shift everything by one day. I highly recommend!!! I bought a homeschool book planner as well and I haven't used it since our first week of school because it's not as quick & flexible to make changes.”
Joy Brunnelson, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE the Homeschool Planner! It makes planning our day/week so easy and I don't know what I would do without it! This planner is simply THE most useful tool I have and I am truly grateful for all the great features! The almost instant updating between my daughter's planner and mine saves us time and aggravation. The ease of adding assignments, changing around assignments quickly, and adding resources are all such helpful features that they really make this planner stand above the others I've seen. Thank you so much for making my life easier!”
Jody K. Tourle, Co-op Member
”This is an awesome planner. I love that my teen can check their assignments on their phones, tablets or computers and check off what has been done so that I know that it is ready to be graded. My kids like the ability to check on their schedule without having to wait for mom. I love the ease of being able to change the schedule when needed.”
Laura, Co-op Member
”Homeschool- Planet ROCKS! This program makes everything so much easier for myself and for my children and students. Love it! Smiles, Mrs. G. (www.buildingbrilliant”
Mrs. G., Co-op Member
”I have a 5th grader. I have used Homeschool Planet since its inception. I would never go back to paper and pen planners. As with anything there are bumps and things to figure out but this program is easy to use and the people supporting it are awesome. I have had a few problems or questions in the years I have been using it and have always gotten a quick, complete, and understandable answer. I am looking forward to years more with this program, taking me through my son's high school years.”
Stef Watlon, Co-op Member
”The system is a little hard to learn. The videos help, but they are a little out of date. Even so - it is doable with a little elbow grease, and it is TOTALLY WORTH THE EFFORT!!
I'm still figuring out all the particulars, but I love how much easier our homeschool runs with the ability of the children to reference their own checklists and just get things done. They love it it too because they can see exactly what is expected of them. Before, it was just let's work on this or that for this many minutes - or # of pages.
I haven't even gotten to the reporting features!
I love the ease with which we can push the schedule around as needed. "Life happens" a lot in a special needs family, and I've found this tool invaluable in keeping things on track despite the many interruptions we experience.
I've used paper planners (for a week and gave up) and I've used the online planner from Simply Charlotte Mason (which is very good). I like this one a better because of the details I'm able to work into things, and the ability of the children to login and view their own progress.
I have told others about this system, and I'm excited to keep telling others about it.
I'd love to see an online support group / forum with others that use HSP so that I can pick people's brains on the particular how-tos with a little more ease. I feel like I'm figuring things out on my own a lot - even Google fails me in this arena! :( I see a lot of rave reviews, but nothing regarding practical useage advice. That is really the only draw-back... the learning curve is steep. It's a fantastic product and (I'll say it again and again) it is well worth the effort of figuring out!”
Deb, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has been one of the greatest assets that I have found in my 11 years of homeschooling. I have five children in 1st -9th grade this year. With my oldest now in high school, I would consider this my busiest year yet. The need for organization is great and I am so thankful for how Homeschool Planet is helping with this. My 9th and 8th graders are pretty much independent, and they enjoy being able to sign in and keep track of their assignments easily. The rest of my children also enjoy seeing their week at a glance and checking off the boxes.

I have tried a couple of similar programs and this one by far is the best because of the broad range of features it offers. I also LOVE the lesson plans that can be purchased. I am using Math Mammoth and Fix-it Grammar currently and would love to see more become available.

I had a small issue and was quickly responded to by support. The video tutorials are very helpful in learning to navigate the program.

After the free trial, I signed up for the entire year because Homeschool Planet is definitely a keeper. I have encouraged my friends also to check it out.”
RobinMcCormick, Co-op Member
”I am so happy I have found this platform. It makes it so simple to create classes and record grades. I don't use all the bells and whistles and still thrilled to have this tool to use. The kids find it super easy to pull up on their phones and know what they have to do for the day. I would highly recommend this online planner.”
S Filing, Co-op Member
”It's incredible- we are new homeschoolers and this makes it so, so easy to balance a variety of curriculums, trips, goals. I love that my daughter has a daily checklist to go through. Even though school doesn't take a lot of time and happens at different times throughout the day, she sees that she's really accomplished a lot every day.”
Emily, Co-op Member
”Easy to use, flexible, lots of functionality. Helps me to see the big picture of our homeschool year.”
Gina D., Co-op Member
”I have found this organization tool to be very helpful in my life. It helps my kids and I to stay on task but helpful if we fall behind or move ahead because with a couple of clicks you can change the schedule according to your needs.”
Jen R., Homeschooler
”I am starting my third school year using Homeschool-Planet as my scheduling tool. I have tried other methods/programs, but Homeschool-Planet is by far the most effective, homeschool applicable, and user friendly.
The program is easy to navigate from the first day of use. The scheduling options are abundant but appropriate (no extraneous frills cluttering the site). My favorites are the ability to link a website to an assignment, the ability to schedule classes on specific days of the week/month, and adding additional assignments to a date. The program allows me to track attendance, class hours, and grades. I can print the schedule for the day, week, month, or year.
I prepare a plan for the entire school year (the subjects, the days of the week for each subject, holidays, etc.), but I schedule daily assignments a month in advance. However, I rarely have a month when the schedule does not need to be changed. Homeschool-Planet has every option imaginable to facilitate assignment/class changes without having to completely reconfigure the entire schedule.
My daughter often works ahead and enjoys being able to access the schedule to prepare for her day or week. The linked websites prevent any confusion on which task she has been assigned. She also enjoys being able to click the status box as each assignment is completed.
There are many other options/features to Homeschool-Planet that allows you to customize a schedule to your own needs.
I have been completely satisfied with this product. Homeschool preparations can be time-consuming and stressful. Homeschool-Planet is the best tool I have discovered to decrease the time and stress involved in class planning. I would highly recommend it to any homeschool family.”
Kathi H., Co-op Member
”For a few years, I'd experimented with different organizational/homeschool tracking and planning programs. After I started using Homeschool Planet, I knew I wouldn't need to do that again. Homeschool Planet offers me everything I need for keeping our four kids--aged pre-school to high school--completely organized. I love the detailed planning options, the easy reorganization features, and so much more. I recommend it to ALL of my homeschool friends. Totally worth the cost.”
Janine P., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love that my school planner can sync with my Google calendar (where my entire life and family's lives are scheduled). It keeps everything straight, and makes it super easy!

I also love the customization, email reminders, and ease of rescheduling.”
Shoshanah B., Co-op Member
”After trying several online homeschool planners, I'm excited to discover one that actually meets all my homeschool needs. It is user friendly and easy to set up. What I LOVE most about homeschool planet is the lesson plan marketplace that is available. Instead of spending hours creating lesson plans, the marketplace populates the lesson plans in a matter of seconds. I also really appreciate how the planner will shift school days forward without messing up the whole school calendar. I'm excited to find a planner that keeps me organized.”
Georgia M., Co-op Member
”I love,love,love Homeschool Planet! It is the BEST tool I have ever used to homeschool.”
Tanya Parker, Co-op Member
”I love this product! I have been using it for several weeks and it makes planning so much easier than the paper method I was using before.
I like the ability to move assignments around, attach additional resources, and that it reminds me what assignments to grade every day.
I use Homeschool-Planet to plan for myself and two students.
I would suggest watching ALL the tutorials before you start entering information. I thought I had made a mistake and could have saved myself a lot of time if I had watched all the tutorials before entering and then deleting a lot of assignments. When I contacted customer support they were very helpful and prompt with their response.”
Krysten T, Co-op Member
”Our family is very pleased with Homeschool Planet. My daughter joined our district sponsored homeschool program this year. They require us to submit weekly reports of hours and assignments. This was an overwhelming task until I found Homeschool Planet. I set up the classes and assignments and my daughter emails her weekly planner to her adviser. Homeschool Planet tracks her required hours and completed assignments.

My daughter also enjoys using her phone to check her assignments for the day. This has become part of her morning routine.

The ability to upload resources and links directly into the planner has allowed my younger children to work more independently.

In a busy house with many children and many activities, Homeschool Planet has been a true time saver.”
Jill T.,
”I am a fairly new homeschooling Mom of a highschooler. We began homeschooling last year, mid-year of 9th grade. I searched for a planner that I felt fit our needs but couldn't find anything fast enough so I just made my own. What I found was a lot of erasing and ripping up paper and then my daughter just writing it herself each day. This, obviously, was not very effective in that it did not help with keeping us on schedule and provided little accountability. I began searching for an online planner and came across Homeschool-Planet. I did a little research and it seemed like it would fit our needs so I took advantage of the 30 day free trial. What I found was a life saver! The ease of modifying schedules and moving things around really worked for me. I am able to track everything including her christian service and sports schedules. What really impressed me was being able to link her schedule from Team Snap. While I wasn't able to figure out how to have the calendar recognize that calendar as her Physical Education class, it was nice to have it in there so she new when and where she needed to be each day. I ended up manually adding the class and times to the calendar as PE. While it was in there twice, it is helpful in that it tracks the hours for review purposes. There may be a way to have it recognize it as PE, I just wasn't able to figure it out. Honestly, it has made my life so much easier for planning and tracking purposes that it just didn't matter enough to make me dislike it. At the end of the day, it is keeping track of so much information that will make my review a breeze that I couldn't be happier. Every morning, my daughter receives an email of what she needs to complete for the day. There are no questions. If she wants to work ahead, she can log in and see what is on the schedule for the week. I have not tried other applications. I did find a side by side review of a number of them and this one just seemed to have all the capabilities that fit my needs the most. To me, it is worth the cost and I will definitely purchase and continue to use it. I cannot imagine getting through the next 3 years without it!”
April, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool-Planet for a about a month. After years of writing lesson plans by hand and then having to alter lessons, days, weeks by erasing and re-writing I was fed up! I found the free trial of Homeschool-Planet and decided to give it a shot. It is amazing. A learning curve at first, but still very user friendly. The ability to move lessons forward or alter the lesson plan is AWESOME! We are only 4 weeks into our school year but I've used it countless times. Homeschooling multiple children also meant separate hand-written lesson plans for each. With Homeschool-Planet I can assign shared assignments and only need to record the lesson once. I also love that I can print the lesson plan for some who need it on paper and have other children log-in to retrieve lessons themselves. The ability to embed a web link into a lesson has also proven valuable. I think we are going to be using Homeschool-Planet for years to come!”
Melissa C., Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. I use it to keep myself and my 5 children organized. After inputing all the lessons, all I have to do is keep up with it. With the updated software from this summer, I can redo lessons from previous years, thus cutting down on time for the next child.”
Marie, Co-op Member
”A monthly fee for a calendar and planner??? What I had was free. It wasn't working great, but it worked somewhat. How much better could this planner be? I'm a sucker for free trials, though. I tried it out, and I'm very happy I did.

As advertised, this program allows me to create regular lesson plans and keep track of my calendar. But, I found that it can do more. I can also break down any project (school, house, or other) into tasks that get assigned day by day. The Rescheduler makes sure that tasks don't get forgotten. My kids love having their own schedules (printed and online) and checkboxes. Importing my google calendar puts everything in one program. Prompt customer support is a plus. Not sharing my planning and calendar data with other companies is wonderful.”
Dr. J, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is the most user friendly and complete calendar system I have ever used. It makes manipulation of our daily schedules amazingly easy. The advancements made to the program over the last three years are wonderful and extremely useful. Thank you for developing such an amazingly useful tool for our Homeschool. It has truly kept us on track much better than anything I have ever used before. I have been a homeschool mom for 19 years. I wish I had found it sooner.”
Shawna Boudreaux, Co-op Member
”Love this planner. It is great to be able to move the schedule in a few clicks if "life happens" and messes up your planning. Before I would have to copy and paste in my excel file. I love that I can make a lesson plan and now I know when the next child gets to that book I just have to select the plan and it puts it all in. Has saved me a ton of time preparing for this year compared to previous years. The only thing I would like to see more options for is the printing of the schedule. Four kids don't fit on one page when I print and sometimes the classes are split and don't necessarily list the assignments at the page break. I am working with it but that is the only thing I have found to be a drawback. Have tried several other online planners and this is the only one that does all the things I need it to do and it is very easy to learn.”
Laurie L., Co-op Member
”I tried the free month and like it so far. We're going to try month-to-month for a while. This is our first product of this nature. I like that it works so fluidly with multiple different schedules. I'll like it even more when it seamlessly integrates with our various smart devices, and is fully editable when offline.”
Ann, Co-op Member
”I bought this mainly for the grading and transcripts for the end of the year turn in to my child's school district. I like how its all laid out for planing your school year. Yes, its a lot of typing, but, once you get the subject all typed up, you can just click on it and it will all appear at once on the calendar. I did hit some snags in the process of trying to plan for my child's school year. The team who helped was really good at responding and being able to look at the planner and fixing it (apparently I hit all the glitches). This will be the first year of using this so thats all I can say about it for now.
p.s I would like to add maybe they can add more backgrounds? or let us put in a personal background? they are a little bit childish for my taste.”
Crystal P., Homeschool Mom
”I've used a huge variety of different homeschool planners over the 24 years that I've been homeschooling, from those little teacher planner books you can buy at the local school supply store to card files, and computer spread sheets, to computer or online planners like Homeschool Tracker and Simply Charlotte Mason planner. Nothing has been a perfect fit. Some were not adaptable enough, like the teacher planner books. Some were too complicated, and didn't provide all the features that I needed, like Homeschool Tracker. Some were too simplistic, or didn't allow me as much adaptability as I needed like Simply Charlotte Mason planner. I can't say that Homeschool Planet is perfect. I wish it was more adaptable for unit studies. But it's the best fit that I've found so far to fill our needs. I like the transcript capabilities, that are lacking with Simply Charlotte Mason planner. I like the ISBN look up feature, that saves me some time from having to fill in all of the resource information. I like the fact that if we don't get everything done, we can reschedule things easily without having to do a ton of cutting and pasting that I had to do with using a spreadsheet. Hopefully it will be around for the next four years, because I plan on using this through the end of high school for my student so that I don't have to put a ton of work into writing a transcript. I haven't found any other lesson planning method that is as adaptable, and as affordable, and that I don't have to worry about accidentally losing somewhere, or contort our homeschooling to fit into.”
Lind Jones, Co-op Member
”I loved trying homeschool planet! My absolute favorite things about it are the lack of paperwork all over my house and trying to figure out how to organize it, as well as the daily reminder email of the day's events. I also liked that I could add resources so when I'm trying to find what books I have on anatomy, I can do a quick search. It'll help me be more efficient with my money because I won't be buying things I don't need, having forgotten that we had it already.

I didn't use the feature to have my kids log in, but I used the idea to make their "chart" and they loved it!

There are some things that I wish it could do, or maybe I haven't quite figured it out yet:
1) I wish there was an app. I can connect online with my phone but an app seems easier.
2) I wish it could sync up with my calendar. It would make things so much
easier. I use my calendar and so does my husband, as they're synced together, but it would be nice to not put data into two different data bases.

[Editor's note: Yes, you can sync with most online calendars using the "Share" feature.]

3) I wish there was a way to input recipes and/or take notes. There are many things that I want to look at later, but just don't have the place to take notes or write from the website. Essentially, of Pinterest, this website, and my calendar could somehow sync, it would be great!”
Yolanda, Co-op Member
”I started using homeschool planet this year and I love it. Planning out classes is a breeze. The flexibility to reschedule one or all classes in a click is amazing! Also, recurring or sequential assignments is a very powerful tool. I am experimenting with the grading system and I am really liking that feature. I have used other online products before that just did not have this high functionality. My son uses it and is able to follow what he is to do on his own.”
Donna Reichle, Co-op Member
”I signed up for a free trial of every homeschool tracking program I could find. I tried many and only found one everything I wanted. I wanted a program that would allow me to set days off and calculated school days comma would allow me put in repeating assignments in the lesson plans, that would allow my children to sign in and see and complete their work, and provided robust reporting that I could utilize. This program is the only one that had everything that I want. It's true, it is a little more expensive than others I found, but the price difference is negligible compared to the difference in features.”
Nanci N., Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling my 5th grader since Pre-K, and now I'll add my Kindergardner into the mix. I have never been as organized and kept to a schedule like I am with Homeschool Planet. I've been using it for weeks now, scheduling in our 6 weeks on, 1 week off for the year. I look forward to using it for years to come!”
Lisa Miles, Co-op Member
”I have only barely scratched the surface and look forward to being able to purchase this to use for my large family. I like that I can use on my computer, print out, and send messages to my children. ALSO, that I can bump the lessons to the next day when we have many interruptions in our school and ministry. I am looking forward to trying this for the 1st time this coming school year.”
Lynell, homeschool co-op member
”I have the Free Trial and am loving it! It is easy to use and seems to have every option I need. I especially enjoy the "roll-over" feature that reassigns a missed lesson - that is AWESOME!! I am saving my lunch money now so I can sign up for the year. :o)”
Susan Kim, Co-op Member
”This past week, as I was writing lesson plans for next year, I thought "wouldn't it be a great idea if I could create lesson plans from classes. It would save me so much time." I logged on this morning and read the updated features section and realized that I could now do that very thing! Homeschool Planet continues to be the best planner available. Your updates and new features add to the value of the product and make my planning so much more efficient. I really can't imagine getting ready for a school year without it. Thanks again for constantly improving and adding to Homeschool Planet.”
A.D., Co-op Member
”With my daughter beginning dual enrollment, I needed to be able to schedule her home-based classes around her dual enrollment schedule. I needed the ability to create a non-traditional school year that was longer than one calendar year, to create classes that occur only on certain dates without a set pattern, and to reschedule automatically when a day is missed or I want to tweak the schedule--and I tweak a lot! I looked at several online school planners, and Homeschool Planet was the only one I found that would enable me to do all those things easily. I also love how you can easily add website links, pdf files, etc. to assignments, and bring in another calendar. I am so thankful that Homeschool Planet was available when I needed it.”
Laura W.,
”My kids love having checklists, but with 4 kids, I gave up handwriting them after the first couple of months. The kids don't work as fast without clear goals, so the schoolday took much longer. This year I have their assignments all listed so I can print them a week at a time. It's so much faster with the program! It's also easier to plan vacations and change my schedule. I'm really excited to use this program (it's like, but I get to choose the curriculum).”
Mrs. Fortner, Co-op Member
”This computer planner is very useful. It helps our homeschool by not only organizing but teaching my children different ways to organize their day. It is easy to insert sick day or unplanned vacation. A little planning can help anyone accomplish great tasks. Homeschool planet is a great tool and my children like it.”
Crystal F., Co-op Member
”I have tried several electronic and paper organizers for our homeschooling journey but I wasn't really happy with any of them. I started using Homeschool Planet and have found it quite versatile. I have used it consistently and do not intend to switch to anything else. The kids like the lists we can generate and I enjoy all the features and how customizable it is. I have mentioned it to many others because I find it to be a very useful tool in our arsenal.”
J. M., Co-op Member
”I also love homeschool planet! I highly recommend getting it in the summer and playing around with it before the school year starts. The features are easy to use but there are so many that it has taken a little while to see how to best set things up for my family. I have 10children and homeschool 7 of them. With an average of 8 subjects, that's a lot to keep track of, not to mention all the doctor appointments and activities! Here I can keep it all together. I actually belong to an online school that gives the kids their daily lesson plans, but with this I can make changes and move stuff that doesn't get done more easily. Plus because as the primary user, I get copied on the daily digest for all their assignments, it makes out a school schedule for me so I know what I need to teach each day. Finally, I downloaded some of the free summer lesson plans and they are wonderful! Everything is already there and from the planner I can click to all the links. For example, the family fitness bootcamp has video links to all their exercises which is great because we didn't know how to do some of them. More products with built in lesson plans would be great!”
Michele M., Co-op Member
”I played around with several homeschool planners for a couple of weeks. I even paid for one 30-day trial with one that looked promising.

I am sticking with Homeschool Planet because it has all of the features I wanted and is flexible. My favorite features are:
- it's flexible enough to work for a wide variety of planning types. Lots of detail is available but you don't have to use it all.
- it's easy to reschedule assigments
- printable checklists for mom or student
- hours tracking
- flexible and time-saving routine scheduling for assignment patterns or dividing a book over a period of time
- matching resources with assignments so that they print on the assignment list
- easy reports
- easy to indicate days on/days off from school
- I just schedule what has to be done on a day, not what time, but you could schedule time of day, too.
- several categories to capture a variety of events, in addition to custom classes
- I like that I can have a "math" umbrella, but different classes or topics - as granular as I have the patience to enter. This helps when I have very specific things I need to plan.”
-H. S., Co-op Member
”Hands down the best app for planning and keeping track of homeschooling. Easy to plan your year, change things on the fly, enter grades, keep track of attendance, and much more. If you homeschool, this app is a must-have.”
Patty - Homeschooler of 3, Co-op Member
”1 week into the free trial, I enthusiastically purchased the full membership. This has changed the way we do school in such a positive way. Now I can do lesson plans easily. Adjusting lesson plans is easy now also. No more erasing weeks of writing, moving sticky notes around, etc. I can just click a couple boxes and Homeschool Planet adjusts my schedule for me.

In the morning, my son can sign in and know what he can expect for the day and even start working on his own because everything can be put in the lesson plans, even links and instructions. He feels in control and loves to click done as he finishes his assignments. So he can get going without me and I have more time for a few more sips of my morning coffee.

The only downsides I have found are the mobile version is difficult to use and that there is not a second service to input all my lesson plans for me :)

I tell everyone about Homeschool Planet and encourage them to do the free trial knowing that they will be hooked and purchase the membership.”
Rhiannon, Co-op Member
”This online planner has been such a blessing to me over the last year as we started Kindergarten. I live in a state that requires no records to be provided, but I've still tracked everything, and I loved being able to print out the grades and attendance record for their school box this year.

I love the ease of use for planning, rescheduling, and keeping my family on track. It's also been great to be able to send my husband a quick list of groceries to grab on the way home if needed.

I couldn't live if I didn't have Homeschool Planet!”
Kim Hawkins, Co-op Member
”I believe this is an excellent resource for organizing and keeping track of multiple students and an active household, as well as keeping track of a work schedule or business.”
Jan, Co-op Member
”This is my second year using Homeschool-Planet and I couldn't homeschool without it! Pre planning my whole school year at one time and then having the option to easily move things around, add, or delete has made my schooling days a breeze. I'm a box checker and just discovered that my daughter is too! Using the daily (or weekly) print out for her to do list has given her so much needed independence. There is even the option to add chores! I highly recommend Homeschool planet, it has succeed for me where all other planners have failed!”
Tara A, Co-op Member
”My 30-day trial ended and I decided to purchase Homeschool-Planet. I really like the ease of use and all the organization possibilities. I'm looking forward to using it more this fall when I start homeschooling both of my sons (I'm only homeschooling one right now). I think it will really help me keep track of their assignments. I like that the program will email my sons' daily assignments to them so that they can keep on track and know what to work on each day. I'm sure there are many more features I'll enjoy as I begin to use Homeschool-Planet more.”
Carol D., Co-op Member
”Simply the best Program out there in terms of functionality and ease of use. Keep up the good work!”
Robert James, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is an awesome organizer. It is well worth its price for a busy homeschooling family. I would be willing purchase it only for the planner features, but it has so much more! The reminders about grading and rescheduling are a great tool to help keep a homeschooling parent juggling many tasks on top of things. Being able to integrate Google Calendar to be able to view more information in one place is awesome. My children like being able to access their own assignments and check them off, and I like the independence it encourages in them! I send the daily & weekly digests to our email so my husband can keep up with what the children are doing as well. I looked at numerous other programs to help me keep things organized for all six children and this one was definitely the best suited for us. I expect I will be using this program for many more years and will tell my fellow homeschoolers about it often!”
Emily W, Co-op Member
”This product is amazing. It even allows you to track grades. It has everything you could want or need. ”
Mrs. Bibie Del Prado, Co-op Member
”As we finish our first full year using Homeschool Planet, I have to tell you how utterly and totally pleased I am with the program. HSP has literally saved me hours of writing, not to mention the wasted pages of constant erasing and scribbling when our schedule had to change throughout the year. HSP totally organized my entire year. I could not be happier. Without a doubt, I could have gotten by with the old tried and true paper and pencil, but using HSP kept me and my son right on track.

I will continue to suggest HSP to other homeschool families in my local group.”
T. Cohen, Co-op Member
”What a great planner! There are others out there, but this planner has it all. How great it will be to have all of our appointments, family schedule, school schedule AND lessons plans with grade book/attendance keeping in ONE place. The grade book does the grade keeping/grade figuring for you. No more calculator and long nights on Fridays trying to figure grades on everyone's lessons! And there's a widgets for searching and list making...and daily Bible verses. I have always been a paper planner type of gal, but Homeschool-Planet has really changed my mind. I will be using this new planner for sure!”
Jessica W., Co-op Member
”We homeschool my daughter who is 6 years old. I work outside of the home 3 days a week during which time my daughter stays home with my husband who works from home. We needed a way that I can plan and organize my daughters work so that both my husband my daughter would know what needed to be done each day. They needed a way to mark off what was complete. While doing the trial we created my daughter a userID and password had her start using it. She immediately took to it and when it started popping up say that the trial will be ending she started getting anxious that she would no longer have it. We have been using it for 4 months and absolutely love it. I like that if I forget to print a worksheet for her, I can upload it to the schedule from anywhere and she can go on and print it at home. We definitely plan on continuing to use it and have already told several people about it.”
Dawn I, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been amazing for me and my family. It helps me keep track of my multiple kids school schedules and grades it even helps me out on grading by letting me just enter a grade and it calculates the end grade for me. My kids love it to. I haven't found anything else like it and plan to use it for a very long time. I have told friends, family and people on facebook all about it.”
Emily Spicer, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been such a help as I begin the journey of homeschooling and I'm certain it will continue to be a constant help as we go along this new journey in our lives. It has made it so that I can plan out lessons and have the materials easily accessible to our daughter and both of our day's go smoothly.”
Tracie B, Co-op Member
”This is the 4th!!! Homeschool scheduling program I've purchased and it is by far superior to even the one I've loyally stuck with for these last 3 years. All others lacked the ability to quickly add assignments and grading weights. Loving it.”
T. Adurias, Co-op Member
”I've been using Homeschool-Planet since August 2015. We have two 8th-grade homeschoolers and one very busy Mom at our house. To be honest, there is a significant learning curve to using this program (as with all the other systems I've tried in the past). I'm still learning little tweaks that make things better for us, but our family has really benefitted from using Homeschool Planet.

I love that I can see all the assignments at one glance, and change any one of them or all of them as many times as I want without erasing or having to start the whole list over. I can change one thing for one student, and leave the other student's as is.

I love that it has an integrated grading tool. Just the time I save calculating end-of-the quarter math grades alone is worth the cost of the whole program (no need to double- or triple-check my claculations at the end of the quarter). I can also give our girls interem grade reports any day of the school year (good motivation for them to keep going).

The best part of the program for us is that I don't have to tell them the plan each day. Remember, I have 2 8th-grade girls: anytime I don't have to give them oral directions, the better the day goes! All they have to do is just login to their accounts and get started. They love that part...and I LOVE it too.

We'll be using Homeschool Planet for as long as we homeschool! Thanks HSB Co-op!”
Debbie FD, Co-op Member
”So Far I have used it for about two months and I like it a lot. Really helps keep us all on task.”
T Garner, Co-op Member
”I m so happy to have made the switch to Homeschool Planet. This homeschool planner has solved every planning problem I had and given me the tools I need to be more organized and prepared to keep our homeschool running with efficiency and confidence. Homeschool Planet has completely won me over!

You can read my full review here.”
Emily, Life at the Table, Co-op Member
”I was a bit hesitant to use an online planner. I really wasn't sure that it would be worth making the change from using paper. I've used pencil and paper to make outlines of subjects and then schedules based on those outlines since starting homeschooling my eldest daughter in the late 90's.

During the last few years she was doing high school work and my second daughter was doing grade school work. It wasn't unusual for me to be laying out a schedule for the week on a Monday morning-even though it was my goal to do them on the Friday before. (Oh, and the erasures when a change had to be made-ugh!)

After my oldest daughter finished her high school work it was just me and my youngest daughter and I was more than ready for a change. I knew that I could be more organized and effective. Taking the wisdom I already had for outlining a course and putting together a schedule has been so much easier with Homeschool Planet. Better than I could have originally imagined.

I did take some of my free time this past summer and entered the assignments for each course for the whole school year. At the time it did seem like quite a lot to do (even though it was easy to enter assignments- it did take some time) but the payoff has been tremendous! We have the weekly and daily assignment lists emailed to us each morning and my daughter can get started when she is ready. If I need to make a change in the schedule it is easily done. I record grades for the week on Fridays and that is about it. At the end of each semester all of the grades are already recorded.

My daughter uses the app to check off her assignments as she gets them done and comes to me only if she needs help with any of her schoolwork. She enjoys the independence she has now and the responsibility has helped her develop confidence.

This planner has been a win-win for us both. I will continue to use it through her high school years and I highly recommend it.”
Karen M., Co-op Member
”I loved it! I just started homeschooling and Homeschool Planet made my life extremely simple and organized. When I had questions, I was able to find the answers I need on the videos. I definitely would recommend this to any homeschooler, whether rookie or veteran. Thanks!”
CM, Co-op Member
”I am new to homeschooling with a middle school kiddo and this is so amazing that it took care of attendance, grading and keeps all our extra appointments too! I bought this with the co-op whom I have used for so much of my starting out curriculum. It simplified my life and took my worries away - from the anxiety I had with just starting out! Thanks to Homeschool Planet! BRAVO!”
Jill B, Co-op Member
”I began our homeschooling adventure 12 years ago when my first daughter was kindergarten age. We have 8 children, 2 of which are now in college. For most of these years I have been writing out each students weekly assignments. That took time from homeschooling, and often time from my weekend. This year I began using Homeschool-Planet. I have 5 "students" and also participate in a homeschool co-op one day a week. Homeschool Planet has helped me organize and save hours each week! I am so happy with the product! The customer service is AMAZING! Never did I imagine I'd get responses to my inquiries usually within 24 hours. I am so impressed! I wish I would have tried it years ago. Thank you to all of you at the "Planet!"”
Stacey C, Co-op Member
”I tried this planner last year and was really impressed, but it stressed me out when I didn't check off enough from our list of things to do. However after trying to function without it for a semester, I realize how helpful its had been and how thorough of a planner it is. I am still learning about new features and love it even more as I do. I don't think I could function without it now - especially since 2 of my kids are old enough to log in and check off their assignments on their own now! I just wish I could put in a textbook isbn and it would automatically populate assignments for me instead of having to type them in. Maybe that feature will come soon!”
Iris P., Co-op Member
”I tried paper, lots and lots of paper. I found it difficult to reschedule lessons on my planner. By the end of the week my planner was in utter chaos. With HomeSchool Planet, I can easily drag and drop lessons, or cancel them if my little heart desires. I love the fact that I can keep a family calendar and my son's lesson calendar all in one spot. And I can even schedule it to email me reminders! I look forward to using HomeSchool Planet for many years to come, and I tell everyone that I know looking for that perfect planner about it.”
Myra F., Co-op Member
”I am loving this online planner! It helps me to stay organized and keep grade book records. My kids love the assignment lists that are emailed - my daughter prefers the weekly digest while my son prefers the daily reminder. I love the flexibility of the program and have only just begun to discover all the components.”
E. Varga, Co-op Member
”I was looking for something that was flexible and would allow me to print off a schedule each week for my kids school assignments. With 3 in different grades, I wanted it to be easy. And, as life always happens, I wanted something that could be adjusted quickly. This fits our family! My kids love it and it keeps them on target while helping them to be responsible.

And, the customer service and care of the Homeschool Planet was amazing. I had asked for support with an issue regarding my trial period and they were incredible.”
Deb, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet is low cost tool for creating ,sharing and tracking lessons. It's easy to use and access. I like that gives us flexibility and son has a greater ownership in his learning. He checks his email daily ,like millions of workers do, to see his tasks of the day. It's a non threatening virtual checklist.”
Ken Robinson, Co-op Member
”I have to say that my planning and organization would not be as good if I didn't have Homeschool-Planet! The Co-op has been helpful with getting more information to me as fast as possible so that I can take advantage of new and discounted offers to make home school easier for me and my family. The kids like being able to see their schedule with resources and web links right in front of their eyes.I do plan to continue to use Homeschool-Planet for MANY reasons! Even for the doctor appointments, field trips, holidays or other activities that need to be right before us as reminders every day. I have told others about Homeschool-Planet. Anyone can use it, not just for homeschool!”
Angie M., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased this great organizational tool through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. While I've not been using it long enough to have tried every feature that it has to offer (the many uses are vast) I love what I know about it thus far. One of my favorite features is the shopping list widget. I can add and delete items as I need to and send myself or my husbands texts with said lists. In addition to that, I can organize our curriculum, which can be complicated because we piece ours together, so this website is invaluable to us. I've tried to organize myself with free tips and books, none of which compare to Homeschool Planet. I will absolutely continue to use this amazing tool and would highly recommend it to others who are looking for all-encompassing help with organization. I look forward to learning more about it as I go!!!”
Dee Robin, Co-op Member
”This is an awesome organizational tool that allows you to have detail and flexibility with your scheduling. If you are reporting to your school, it is fantastic to have the assignment completions right at your fingertips. I am looking forward to using it throughout this year and beyond.”
Gina M., Co-op Member
”Last school year (our very first) we just sort of 'winged it' - but we discoved at the end of the year that we had fallen woefully short of what we *could* have accomplished.

The discovery of Homeschool-Planet has helped us to keep a better perspective on what needs to be accomplished in order to reach our goals.

My children are still young and have only seen the impact of Homeschool-Planet as 'more school' - so I can't say that they quite understand the benefits, yet :)

I also use it to plan meals! Dinner is one of my 'subjects' and I use the resources to add recipe links. Everyday, what I need to cook and where the recipe is located is just a click away!

I do not have any experience with other school planning products. This particular resource stood out to me as being the most well-rounded, so I haven't felt inclined to try anything else.

I will most certainly continue to use Homeschool-Planet and I am very excited to be a part of this growing product! I am constantly telling people my 'secret' for keeping on top of everything!”
Aleshia, Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling for nine years now and I've tried many different record keeping systems. Most of them have been in a binder format, but a few were software based.

I was hesitant to try Homeschool Planet, because of the many disappointing experiences I had in the past. I had also recently created my own binder system and felt happy with it. But, since there was a free trial I decided to take a chance. I immediately began inputting my information for the new school year. At first I just wasn't sure that the program was what I needed. Once I realized there was a way to make minor changes to the schedule and the rest of the assignments would get re-distributed automatically I was hooked. In the past I've wasted so much time updating the paper schedule when "life happens" and I get a little behind. I highly recommend Homeschool Planet. Once you learn how to use the program it s so simple and it doesn t take more than a day to learn how to use the features.
I m so thankful for the free trial I received, which allowed me to discover Homeschool Planet.”
Mandy F., Co-op Member
”I do not typically write reviews or testimonials, but I feel obligated to let you know that I do not know what I would do without Homeschool Planner! This is my first year homeschooling my kids (2nd & 4th grades), so this is my first experience with the planner. I am a teacher, so I definitely feel the need to have "lesson plans" and a map of where we are going throughout the school year. Homeschool Planet has allowed me to keep my need for organization in check, but also allows be to be flexible and move things around as needed. My kids love the printouts that I provide them each week so they know what is expected to be completed by Friday afternoon. I love it because it keeps me organized and in check throughout the week, and I know where we are in the "big picture" as well. Thank you for all of the hard work that goes into producing such a stellar program. Also, thank you for being so responsive to questions! God bless!”
Wendi, Co-op Member
”I began using Homeschool Planet two months into our first year of homeschooling. I am a list maker and need to feel organized to feel productive. I was not feeling this way with all of the hand written lists I had all over the place as well as my children's written lesson plans. Things were not staying on track. I began using Homeschool Planet and was thrilled to learn I could have everything in one neat, organized place. This included my children daily, weekly, monthly lesson plans, calendars for everyone in the family and to do lists, shopping lists and much more. I was even able to text my husband shopping lists as well as my daughter's lesson plans right to their phones! Needless to say, I am feeling organized and productive thanks to Homeschool Planet!”
Laurie S., Co-op Member
”I really love everything about this planner. It is very user friendly and I've tried a couple of them out before investing money into one and this one was by far my favorite.

It keeps us on track and my kids enjoy being able to look at their schedule and mark things off as they go along. I feel alot more organized because of this planner and I'm glad that I found it.”
Nadirah B., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has helped keep us organized this year in ways that we really struggled with last year. I now have 3 children in different grades all working at the same time and keeping track of all of their school work and lessons was becoming impossible. I can now create a schedule, visually see who has too much work (or not enough), rearrange school work around errands/lessons and print off a list of work for each child arranged by day. Having a visual list of work has motivated some of our kids to work harder earlier in the week because they want lighter days towards the end of the week, which helps them take advantage of one of the biggest perks of home school!”
Kim D., Co-op Member
”Try it. It is great. My kids can sign in and see their day right in front of them. It has links to all their subject matter with instructions, assignments, etc... right there. They just click and go. It is in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere. I do not see me using a different planner than this. It fulfills all my needs.”
Rob, Co-op Member
”This has quickly become an essential tool in planning and tracking our homeschooling days. I love it's adaptability and how assignments don't "get lost" in the piles.”
Gina M., Co-op Member
”This Planet Planner was absolutely the best thing I've ever see, to be able to move things forward, etc, it was all done online, and could print a daily or weekly schedule off, as well as receive an email every day for daily schedules. Awesome”
Anne Perez, Co-op Member
”This product has been very helpful to me. I love how easy it is to move assignments to a future day. I took the time to enter all of my assignments for the whole year, and now it's so easy to print out a schedule every day for my son, which includes a checklist for him. It is so easy to makes changes to our schedule, subjects, and assignments. I love the bonus printable lists that you can use for shopping, chores, etc. I am very happy with the product.”
Stacie, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Homeschool Planet even before my free trial was up. It has been wonderful to have the whole family and their schedules all in one area. I am able to keep my children organized and the school assignments are kept up and tracked. It has made me more organized!! I love the verses on the side so I can start my day positively. I have tried in the past to do paper planners...but I forget to write in them and they do not organize me. I will continue to use Homeschool Planet as it has truly changed homeschooling for my family. Also, I am doing high school for the first time this year, transcripts made me very nervous. I am now confident with my new planner which has this feature built in.”
Shannon Fisher, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool Planet! I can track everyone's schedule at the same time, adjust things easily & whenever I want! AND keep track easily of my high schooler's grades for transcripts. I plan on continuing to use this service as long as possible!”
Wendy S, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been a lifesaver to me! I am new to homeschooling, and felt overwhelmed with the various curriculum scheduling. Each subject has its own schedule, in addition to any modifications I might make to suit our personal schedule. It all became quickly confusing. Homeschool Planet gave me an effective management tool to maintain proper educational progress for my children as well as the flexibility to make changes without excess confusion. In addition. it has even streamlined grading! As a new home school parent, I find this tool highly effective, easy to learn, as well as affordable. I would recommend it's use for any homeschooling family. I will definitely continue to use Homeschool Planet continuously.”
Rebecca G. (UT), Co-op Member
”This is our first year using Homeschool Planet. I wish we would have started with the planner a long time ago. It has really improved our school days.

Before Homeschool Planet, I would dread Sunday nights when I would have to devise a plan for the week for each of our four kids. It would take over an hour each Sunday. Inevitably, something would happen during the week and we would get off schedule and blow up my plans. Changing the weekly schedule mid-week was challenging. I felt like I was spending more time planning than actually teaching. With homeschool planet, I m able to create a year-long plan for each class relatively easily. It is easy to schedule class time for each kid. Best of all, when the unexpected happens, it is easy to reschedule assignments. When we decide to take a day off school, it is easy to see how it will impact our last day of school.

Homeschool Planet has improved our school days in other ways too. Before Homeschool Planet, my schedule was more of a list of things to-do for the day. There were no times associated with assignments. The kids and I would always be in conflict over one assignment taking too long while everything else was left undone. With Homeschool Planet, kids have a schedule with times associated with each assignment. The kids have been great about following the schedule. Our day runs so much better. No single assignment is taking control of the day. Any assignment that is not finished during the scheduled time becomes homework. With Homeschool Planet, we avoid brain-drain caused by staring at the same assignment for over an hour. Kids have become much more efficient in using their time. Surprisingly, I think our school days are shorter and kids don t argue if homework is required.

Lastly, the Homeschool Planet support staff has been excellent. They are very responsive to any issues or questions. On one occasion, I had a question about the product. Their response was prompt and professional which is something difficult to find these day.

Great Job Homeschool Planet!”
Mona C., Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Planet creates one place where I can schedule everything! I can add resources to assignments. It helps with grading, attendance, and life projects. This is really easy to use and has improved my homeschooling experience!”
A.Duke, Co-op Member
”This is my second year using Homeschool Planet and I am so happy with it. I am just starting high school with one of my kids and I love all of the features that make preparing for and creating a transcript so easy. I also love that it is online so I can access it anywhere. I tried a free planner that was similar but I much prefer Homeschool Planet. It is easy to use and my kids enjoy checking off their assignments when finished. I plan to continue to use it until I'm done homeschooling.”
T. Krapfl, Co-op Member
”Being a homeschooling mom that also works full time, I love the ease of lesson planning and breaking up reading assignments. My son, 9 years old, loves the autonomy of working from a printed checklist! Thank you!”
Melanie N., Co-op Member
”This planner has helped my daughter to stay on top of her busy high school schedule. It's been great that she can easily move assignments around to accommodate that week or that day. It's also nice to have the option to print out what we might need to take with us. It has also helped me keep track of grades and assignments. I especially like that I am reminded of what was missed or forgotten. And this year they have worked out some of the glitches, and so far it seems to run much more smoothly. Also, great customer service when we did run in problems last year.”
Renee P., Co-op Member
”I searched high and low for a planner that would work for my family. I looked into paper planners, printable ones, in Pinterest, read lots of reviews and tried several free trials of online versions. I found some to be very cumbersome and involved. I almost felt so committed to other programs simply because it took me so long to even get started that it was hard to walk away from all my hard work. I not only wanted something streamlined but with a few bells and whistles. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye was also important. It's a girl thing! Then I found Homeschool Planet. I love that I can include my public school child but not as a student so that I can see if his schedule would conflict with ours. And I love that there is a daily scripture! The only thing I would love to see more of would be more background themes and a way to track attendance. Perhaps I am missing from that or simply the fact that I have completed assignments on certain days is a tracking system. Feedback on this would be helpful. But a big thank you for a solid program!! [Editor's note 9/25/2015: Yes. You can track attendance! We'll have someone get back to you on that. Also, we have a bunch more themes already developed and will include them in a future update.]”
Rena Acevez, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet's planning calendar has been a huge help to us. I'm able to print out the day's assignment and it gives my 1st grader a tangible item to see his progress. It also makes it easy to take to my mother's house to give to her when he spends the night, so she knows exactly what assignments to work on with him.”
Shane Comeaux, Co-op Member
”I am in love! Homeschool Planet has been one of the best purchases I have made for our homeschool. I am not a good micro-manager, but Homeschool Planet is. It has kept everyone accountable because if assignments are not marked complete, then I am "forced" to make a decision about what to do with that assignment. I cannot just let it slip into the "assignment blackhole". When something needs graded, the grading helper reminds me until I actually put the grade in. If one assignment or an entire day of assignments needs moved, it's a simple as a click or two.

The kids love it. They like checking off the boxes, plus when they ask me what to do next, I just tell them to go look at their planet and keep working until everything is checked off. They know school is done when there are no more boxes to check.

I will use Homeschool Planet through our entire homeschool career. I absolutely love it.”
Erin Mitchell, Co-op Member
”I have just renewed my subscription for a second year of Homeschool-Planet which is really saying something since I'm paying in Canadian dollars, not U.S.! I was concerned that the cost would be out of reach this year but after considering that I use Homeschool Planet all day, everyday of our school year, it seemed like a necessary investment.

Homeschool Planet has been the best scheduler on or off line that I have used, and after 11 years of homeschooling, I've tried a lot of different things! I can enter all of my assignments in each subject at the beginning of the year during my initial planning and then easily manipulate when and for whom they are scheduled as much as I like as we see how the year is shaping up.

Lastly, the customer service is excellent with quick, clear answers and it seems like every time I think of something that could be a little more streamlined, they've already thought of it and it's in the works.

I am very pleased with this product.”
Kelly S., Co-op Member
”Great tool for the family! Easy to use and cute. I would suggest to open a tab where I can efile my daughter's project and pictures of each assignment or activities. Anyways, you are going to love it!”
D. Tejada, Co-op Member
”It's my first year using something like this and it has been wonderful! It's made adjusting our schedule a breeze - without loosing a beat. So glad we tried this!”
Michelle S, Co-op Member
”I homeschool just one of my children (the rest are grown), and he is now reaching the time when we need to make sure that we keep a more accurate and complete record of his work and the progress that me makes. I LOVE Homeschool-Planet! I have tried to organize our homeschool schedule with every online and paper planner system out there. Most were too labor intensive, had too many glitches, lacked important features or just plain didn't work for us. I found Homeschool-Planet to be the the most user friendly, feature-filled and convenient planner available. For myself, I loved that it was simple to learn to use and that easy to set up the framework for our school year, enter classes, make schedule changes, create a resource library, set up a solid grading system, add in other family activites, etc. My son loves that he has his own log in, can check off completed assignments and chores, is able to see his grades and progress when he wants and is really just liking that he has a digital schedule that he can utilize. I am definitely planning on using Homeschool-Planet for the duration, and I've recommended it to everyone homeschool family that I know!”
ElisaM, Co-op Member
”I am in my second year of homeschooling and my first year with more than one student.

Previously, I had used handwritten lesson plans or the stock plan that accompanied my curriculum. This year I have multiple curricula and wanted an easy way to schedule.

Homeschool Planet has been a lifesaver! It does even more than I thought I wanted (and find I can't live without). I love being able to take two different curricula and schedule similar activities together. I even went back and moved items around when I had overlooked lessons.

I enjoy being able to schedule each student separately, as well as together if they share activities (such as swimming lessons).

I think my two favorite features are the scheduling algorithm that lets me plan a whole year at once. ("Ch X each Monday for Y chapters" and the like) and the daily reschedule prompts with the choice to shift ahead, or combine a missed lesson to the next class.

Overall Homeschool Planet has saved me a lot of weekend and evening time I used to spend planning. I can see both kids work by subject and can direct my time better. Plus, tracking hours will help with my required record keeping.

I would (and have) recommend this to anyone who has a lot to juggle and likes to stay organized.”
Dena C., Co-op Member
”I am absolutely loving this planner! It is so easy to shift the lessons to a different day if you need to. I took Tuesday this week out of the schedule and added Saturday. It only took a few clicks and I was finished! This is the perfect planner for anyone with a busy schedule that means that you have to be flexible in your planning. When I used a paper planner this caused a lot of erasing in order to change lessons throughout the year. With Homeschool Planet I can shift everything by a day or two really quickly and without having to do it all myself!”
Jillian Walton, Co-op Member
”I think that I've tried at least a hundred different life/homeschool scheduling programs over the years. They cost me a lot of money, wasted too much of my valuable time, and left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless. I had been a member of Homeschool Buyers Co-op for many years, so in desperation I finally decided to try Homeschool Planet. Since they offered a month's trial period for free (and they didn't even ask for my credit card info), I thought "What have I got to lose?" Well, I DID lose some things: my stress, frustration, and hopelessness. I gained some things too: sanity, freedom, and peace in the realm of life and homeschool organizing/planning/scheduling! Homeschool Planet is easy to use. I didn't need a PhD in computer programming to figure it out. There are help pages and quick how-to videos if I need a little assistance, and when I have submitted a question or suggestion, they really did respond quickly and politely. Homeschool Planet offers so many tools to help me, but I only use the ones that benefit me and my family. I like the flexibility to pick and choose what and when I want to take advantage of their numerous resources. Homeschool Planet is also very affordable, and I can pay by the month or by the year. I've never regretted using Homeschool Planet, and I have no reason to look for any other type of planner/scheduler. Homeschool Planet is truly a blessing to me and my family. Try it for yourself, and I'm sure that you'll agree.”
S in FL, Co-op Member
”I am SO glad I found this program! Making my kid's assignment plan for the week has never been easier. I love the flexibility of this program! Being able to move around their assignements (based on how our day went!) is extremely helpful. I also love the daily Bible verse to focus and encourage me. Thank you so much for making my homeschool life just a little easier :)”
Leslie Smith, Co-op Member
”I've been using Homeschool-Planet for a few weeks now, and it is making homeschooling easier for me! I love that I can reschedule lessons with just a couple of clicks, and printing out individual weekly schedules for each of my children is so simple!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet had become my favorite planner, hands down. Our school days are ordered and the children have come to enjoy using their daily lesson plans. We work together to meet our daily goals which is fantastic. I like waking up in the morning to print the planner and be greeting by the checklist of the previous days schoolwork. I have told a friend about the planner and she is using it too.”
Caroline, Co-op Member
”I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about Homeschool Planet!! I don't function well without organization & this is just the tool I'd been searching for to keep my homeschool organized & on schedule. My kiddo loves it & it truly has EVERYTHING you need!! I highly recommend it!!”
Stacy, Co-op Member
”I used another fully featured product for over a year and, while it met my needs, i felt it over-complicated and not as intuitive as Homeschool Planet. Planet's clean interface is also ATTRACTIVE, I look forward to seeing the beautiful graphics and colors. It may seem trivial, but anything that encourages me in my homeschooling has value. I appreciate that Planet's developers are continuously upgrading and debugging their product. And while I haven't contacted them myself yet, I have read that product support is great. I believe I have found the best all-around online planning product available and see myself as a long-term user. And I even linked tomit on my FB page. Thanks Homeschool Planet and thanks HOMESCHOOL BUYERS CO-OP for giving me the 30 day trial!”
Leslie D, Co-op Member
”As a first time homeschooling Mom to four (5th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and Preschool) I was struggling to see how I could organize everything for the coming year. I love to color code and organize my family. I am adamant about our calendar being up to date constantly. So, when I ran across Homeschool Planet I thought, well, it's better than writing it all out by hand, but I probably won't like it as much as my Google Calendar. I have been so surprised! I love it! It has kept me so organized and has completely replaced my families Google Calendar. Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!”
Angie, Co-op Member
”I use Homeschool-Planet to create weekly assignment sheets for my students in an academic co-op. The format makes it easy for me to keep grading current and to provide a quick report to parents or to Academic Advisors on the spot.”
T. Creek, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool-Planet for a little over a month now and I love it! I can plan several weeks ahead. If we miss a week or a lesson, I can just tell it to move the lesson ahead by a day or week.

It helps me to stay organized. I can see what we've done and where we are going. I pull it up every morning and check off the assignments as I go. I also record the grades. I love this feature as I do not have to record the grades by hand and average everything together. Homeschool-Planet does it for me.

To help my daughter know what to do, I simple print off a sheet for her. This way she can see her assignments for the week and she can check them off as she completes them. This allows her to feel accomplished.

I will definitely continue using this for our school year!”
Lori T., Co-op Member
”This is our second year using Homeschool-Planet and it is one of our most valuable school supplies! While the ease of typing in our weekly lessons is invaluable, what I most appreciate about HSP is that changes are so simple to make. Using traditional planners, I was tired of having to erase and shift lots of handwritten plans every time that "life happened" and we needed to reschedule. I found that I almost spent more time maintaining my written planner than I did planning some of the lessons! With HSP, changes are quickly and easily done and we can get on with our day. The tracking and scheduling features are also very easily learned and maintained. I am sure that HSP will continue to be part of our homeschooling years.”
Lorie A., Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Planet. It has helped keep us all accountable. This summer, I input every assignment for 4 kids for the entire school year. With life changes, I have had to add/remove assignments to fit our schedule and it is an absolute breeze with Homeschool-Planet. I will absolutely continue to use it, and I have told several other moms about it.”
Erin Mitchell, Co-op Member
”This is my eighth year of homeschool and I consider myself a pretty organized person I had a very good system in place last year in regard to keeping track of grades attendance and daily work So when I saw Homeschool Planet advertised I initially dismissed it because I was so satisfied with my own system After seeing it in several emails I decided to watch the introduction video and give it a trial since we were about to start school and I was getting ready to create my booklets for each child I am SO happy I did This is the best timesaving and organizational device I could imagine I entered all our reading material for the year in the resource tab of our reading class and now am able to just select the option to add a resource to a particular day and the book list pops up It helps me track grades attendance and when my son was sick a few weeks ago I easily had the program shift the whole schedule out for the two days he missed with just a click of the mouse Even my own program would have required time to rewrite and shift the assignments And the program is very affordable I didn't have to print and bind the booklets I normally create saving money on ink and paper I decided to purchase the year program instead of going month to month to save more Now my kids are required to get up in the morning and after doing their morning routine to log onto their own calendar generated thanks to Homeschool Planet and check off the items they have completed It is teaching them to plan their time to complete the assigned work As I've adjusted and tweaked our schedule this year it is so easy to change the date time or days of the week with just a few clicks and the whole schedule until the end of the year is adjusted in seconds From the Reports menu I can print off a daily checklist for each child The kids have their own login so they can keep their own to do lists it has the option to have the daily weather displayed on the calendar and has an inspiring quote on the daily homepage I could go on and on but I m sure there is a limit to how much text I can enter If you haven t done so try a trial month and see if it doesn t change the way you homeschool I won t go another year homeschooling without it.”
Laurel D., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet helps us make the most of each day! I love the flexibility to plan a full year of class assignments in advance and then weekly or daily modify as needed. We've been using this system for 13 months and I really appreciate your continual development and improvement. It is a mom-saver!
Wendy, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for a month. I have been able to finally pull all the varied pieces of everyone's life together in one easy place. What a wonderful user-friendly tool!!! This program is what I have needed for the first 6 years of homeschooling...the next 6 will be MUCH easier!”
Lee T., Co-op Member
”I sure do wish I had found Homeschool Planet sooner! What an amazing tool for Homeschool parents! I have used SEVERAL different planning programs and all of them were not as user friendly and they were not as time saving. I can tell this program was created by people who thought like homeschoolers. I have NEVER seen a planning program geared directly towards our specific needs as well as Homeschool Planet. My children can't believe how easy it is for them to check off their work. They love it! I can not thank you enough for this valuable tool. I have shared this product with several fellow homeschoolers with large families. I would not want to homeschool without it!”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”I love this planner! It allows me to easily enter the kids' schedules for each day and has great flexibility to shift assignments if the day does not turn out as we planned. The kids like the fact that they can see exactly what is planned for them each day and check off items as they are completed. In the past, I simply used paper to make checklists each day for my kids. This was cumbersome and did not make it easy to reschedule things or keep track of what was completed. Plus the papers frequently got misplaced as the kids moved around doing their work! I have posted this on our homeschool co-op facebook page to let other moms know about it and have told them how well it has worked for our family so far. We have used it about a month and I plan to keep on using it!”
Nancy K., Co-op Member
”I have always been a pen/paper kind of guy, so I was reluctant to even give HSP a try. After all, I only have one student I'm homeschooling, and the paper/pen method with a desk calendar worked quite well last year.

But I also am somewhat of a geek, and keeping the lessons neatly organized along with most everything else in my life on computer seemed fairly attractive to me.

I must say, especially after the webinar last week, that I am truly blown away by the power, ease of use, and detail that has gone into this program. I like how the grades are automatically calculated, the fact that I can move assignments without all that erasing and crossing out, and so many other things too many to mention. My son especially likes to mark the assignments complete as he finishes them.

I recently upgraded to the paid version and I am proud to say that I did. I have recommended this to some other homeschool families and will continue to do so.”
Terry C., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is AWESOME!!! I was a bit reluctant at first to purchase, $65.00 seemed a bit expensive. I decided to try it out and FELL IN LOVE! I am the mother of 2 adorable little girls, I own a small law practice and work a full time job. Organization is key! Homeschool Planet exceeds my expectations and helps me and my homeschool support team on track! I HIGHLY recommend this product.”
L. Morgan, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much that is so amazing! Makes my world so much easier! I can not tell you how much of a blessing it has been to be able to ask a question of how to use this program and that i get an answer. My homeschool world has been completely transformed because of this product. Thank you!”
C. Engstrom, Co-op Member
”We are new to homeschooling this year and I wasn't sure if an on-line planner was for me. Today was our first sick day and in less than 5 minutes I was able to shift our whole schedule one day forward and move on to taking care of my little guys. We will be sticking with Homeschool Planet for the long haul! Thank you!!!”
J. Campbell, Co-op Member
”I am using the planner with my son in the 9th grade. I wanted him to have a schedule and be more independent in his studies. This is just what we needed! Although a little time consuming on the front end, it was well worth it to set up lessons for the entire year, and there are features to make this easier. Everything is adjustable - dates, lesson plans, school year, etc, to your needs. My teenager loves getting his school work schedule each day right in his inbox and he can work on his own with only supervision. I have not yet used the grading/transcript features but I'm sure I will. I expect we will continue to use Homeschool Planet throughout high school.”
M. Marlow, Co-op Member
”I originally learned about the planner via a blog and a video. I knew as soon as I tried it, I would like it and I loved it. I have 3 children in 3 different years and it was so easy to plan their schedules. It completely reduced my time in planning and did away with printing and writing in a standard planner. I love that if you need to reschedule a lesson, it adjusts it throughout the planner. It just made life so much easier. I will continue to use it as soon as I have the funds to do so and will miss it greatly until I can get back to it. I didn't get to print out student pages but that will be great for my older child. I have shared it with a few of my home educating friends as well.”
Mrs. Pamela L., Co-op Member
”I love it! It is well worth the money. I have 7 kids I am homeschooling and have never found a planner this easy to work with. This was a breeze and keeps us on track, instead of the day getting away from us. I recommend it to anyone looking for an great homeschool planner. ”
Brenda, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for 20 years and homeschoolplanet has been the most helpful organizational tool that I have used. It allows me to prepare each child's schedule long beforehand online. Because I can always shift lessons around to future days, if my planning wasn't quite right (it never is) without having to 'erase'--as with pencil and paper, I am much more efficient and effective in planning our school year.

I also appreciate being able to email or print out the schedule each day/week for each student. This seems to 'objectify' their day's responsibilities and helps them to take ownership of their school work.

This is my second year using homeschoolplanet, and I am delighted to be able to sync my google calendar with homeschoolplanet. I now have all of my family's activities 'on one page'.

For many hs families the price may be a stretch, but I believe that the subscription is worth the price if it keeps your child accountable on a daily basis. The cost of a student 'getting behind' in school can be very steep later.”
C. Crevier, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Homeschool-Planet a couple of months ago. I love it! I have tried other planners and even was using one that I really liked and had recommended to other families. I did the 30 day free trial just to see and knew I needed to switch! The format is very easy to use for none techie people. It really is like a command center for our home and for our school! I have finally found my perfect online planner!”
Christy Conner, Co-op Member
”We have thoroughly enjoyed the planner, so far! I love that it sends daily assignments automatically. That I can bump an assignment to the next day and have the choice to add it to the next day or make all future assignments move back a day! And, that my kids can click when they complete an assignment. That all our calendars can merge! That Dad can see what the kids are up to in school at any time! There are so many features that it is impossible to list!!! Thank you for such a comprehensive program that you continue to tweak to make even better!!!”
ajwaspooh, Co-op Member
”I love the ease of this online class schedule program. I type in my assignments, and then Homeschool-Planet emails me weekly and daily lists of those assignments. I can easily shift the whole schedule out if we fall behind, or move assignments up if we speed ahead.

I received great customer service when I had the odd issue of the calendar having the wrong time zone. I had begun using it in England, and then we moved back to the USA, and it continued to have the England timezone. I wasn't able to make the fix myself, but after a quick email to Homeschool-Planet, they fixed it for me.

I recommend this to all my homeschool friends who do not like to use paper calendars.”
Jennifer K, Co-op Member
”Love this planner, so user friendly and adaptable! It is by far the best one out there and I absolutely recommend it!”
Dayna Holbel, Co-op Member
”I tried Homeschool planet when it first was offered through the co-op awhile ago. I thought it was great idea but there were a few glitches that I did not care for and I expected more from the calendar. I tried the free trial again a few months ago and it has been amazing. I am able to coordinate my work calendar with my kiddos school calendar and all activities plus my hubbie's travel schedule. My husband can now see what the daily schedule is like. I love that I can enter my grocery list, my notes, all reminders, drs appts, sports activities, vacation, etc. It is so easy to add and remove info. I have recommended it to many friends. This calendar is not only for homeschool families but for all families. So far it exceeds all my expectations and I plan to continue to use it for a long time.”
A DiTrolio, Co-op Member
”Love it! So easy with it all in one place. My kids even love it!”
ayunnah, Co-op Member
”I have been putting all my plans and grading setup into Homeschool Planet. It is very easy to use and has helped keep me organized. I look forward to using it this school year!”
Renee B., Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for over 20 years. For the past 8 years I have used Calvert. I really liked having lessons planned out, the attendance was easy to keep track of. This year I have put together my own curriculum for my 7th grade son. I was really worried about the day to day planning aspect. I have tried paper planners, I am only good for about six weeks. I spent this past summer doing research on various online planners. I narrowed it down to three. I then came across Homeschool Planet. This is a game changer!! After watching videos and trying to figure out how to operate other online planners, this one is a no-brainer. I watched the introductory video. The planner is very intuitive. It took me maybe ten minutes to do a rough schedule for the entire year. I used the 30 day free trial, I was sure at any moment there was going to be a catch, but there hasn't been. It works!! It is very easy to set up, I have entered the daily individual lessons. You can include as much or as little detail as you want. You can keep track of attendance, test scores, grades. I would highly recommend this planner to anyone homeschooling. It has eliminated a lot of anxiety for me in planning this upcoming school year. This is exactly what I was looking for in an online planner. It is simple, easy to change, I can put as much or as little detail as I want. This is one of the few homeschool finds that I am truly grateful for.”
R. Atkins, Co-op Member
”I have tried every electronic planner available. None of them compare to Homeschool Planet. It is very user friendly. My favorite features are the ability to reschedule individual classes, print your weekly assignments in either a checklist or calendar format, and being able to add resource information to the individual lesson. I spend a lot less time planning and a lot more time teaching. I have told all my friends who homeschool about this great planner. I will be subscribing.”
Katherine D, Co-op Member
”I love your planner! I haven't found anything else that is as comprehensive as this planner. My kids love having their own side of the planner and I love the ease of use. It's truly a blessing!”
A. Compton, Co-op Member
”I love this product. My son can work more independently. He likes having his whole day in front of him and being able to check off things. The best part for me is being able to move things around when our schedule changes without having to redo the whole thing. Being able to sync our family's Google calendars is also an awesome feature. Since Dad is able to log in he can see what our son is doing and his grades, so he feels more involved. I have tried many types of calendars and planners and this is by far the more detail-oriented and feature rich program I have encountered.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”I am just beginning this amazing program and already I am a fan. I am traditionally a paper calendar girl, but having two high schoolers and one in elementary, I found I could no longer type a legible assignment into the one inch section a paper calendar provides. I tried an online calendar given to me for free and it was absolutely terrible and not user friendly among various children and assignments. So far, I am super excited about this, especially for the ability to print out the sometimes lengthy assignments and notations and the email to children options!!!”
Jennifer F., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has changed the way we homeschool for the better! It allows us much more freedom and flexibility in our day-to-day schedule, as well as frees up a lot of my time planning and rescheduling. Our whole family loves it!”
Tonya, Co-op Member
”If you have any problems with organization you must try the calendar offered here. My daughter is in 4th grade and wanted to be a little more in charge of her homeschool schedule so I posted her schedule on the homeschool planet calendar and in was the first week she finished her work on her own and early. I felt relief that we had a month planned out in advance and could easily shift assignments based on our schedule. There are so many other added benefits that I cannot wait to get back on the calendar and plan out our school year.”
The Well Rounded Child, Co-op Member
”Having been a dedicated paper and pencil lesson planner I tried computer planning grudgingly.I love it! So much quicker and just as clear as having a book in front of me!”
Elaine H., Co-op Member
”Just a note to say I continue to love Homeschool Planet. I'm planning my second year with it, and recently re-posted the review I did on it in my homeschooling group, Schoolin' Swag. More great exposure for you good folks (we have nearly 4,000 in the group now), and a number of homeschoolers who said they were coming to check it out for themselves. So happy to keep passing the word along! :) Thanks for a great product!”
D. Heeney, Co-op Member
”It provides my kids the ability to move through their assignments when I am working with one of their siblings. They show a greater ownership of their workload. The schedule/assignment entry is intuitive, easily adjustable, and provides an ease during the actual school day that is incredibly helpful. The options for grading requirements and transcripts are an additional blessing in record keeping. I don't want to do another year without it.”
Mrs. Letsche, Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed getting familiar with Homeschool Planet during my free trial. It is fairly common sense and user-friendly to learn. I decided to go ahead and buy because it is a great way for parents and students to see their progress on a calendar, and to see how much you have left to accomplish for the semester or year, rather than floating around without a plan. It allows the students to see their yearly "To-do list" in a snapshot on screen and, once the parent has entered curriculum and schedule on the calendar, they can scroll to any day, week, or month to see details, as well as seeing how well they are keeping up. The students being able to mark off each assignment as they accomplish it is satisfying and encouraging to them. And if they fall behind, the schedule is easy to refresh to your new personal time frame, even if each student's is different. Since I don't enjoy all the writing and busy-work of a written schedule, which cannot be deleted, updated, or refreshed with the push of some buttons if your schedule gets messed up, this is a refreshing change. I will share this with friends.”
Beth W., Co-op Member
”Going into my first year of homeschooling is challenging enough. Tackling the documentation is a whole other can of worms. With so many systems out there I found myself bouncing from paper to electronic whenever the wind blew. Tired and frustrated I came across this website. What a life saver! Surprisingly I found no system that would explain to me how to grade their work. I found it ALL here! I will never go back to paper or DIY spreadsheets again. The ease of using this system is a blessing. Moving assignments is a breeze. In addition to all the positives mentioned it also allows me to keep track of my ENTIRE family schedule. For a mom with 5 kids its a no brainer! I will say this, not enough people know about this but I'm spreading the word. Thanks to all you amazing people who make this possible and my life easier!”
Daniella N., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is a robust online homeschool planner. Previously, I maxed out my spreadsheets trying to track everything I wanted to track and I still was not able to get it all. Homeschool Planet has a way for me to track all of our school subjects and non-school subjects (like chores, extracurricular activities, and field trips) as well as designate family vs. independent work. I can have it all in one place!

Plus the support for Homeschool Planet is phenomenal and very timely! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an online homeschool planner.”
Crystal Wagner, Co-op Member / blogger at Triumphant Learning
”I wrote an in-depth review on my blog here:, but I will give the highlights here. I LOVED using this planner. My kids have enjoyed the structure with having a printed schedule every week so they can check off their completed assignments. I enjoy being able to plan school, life, and work in one place.

If anyone asks me what planner I like, this is the one I point them to! I love that it's online, but you can print a paper copy too. Learning how to use it is easy thanks to an intuitive layout, and is really created for homeschooling families.

Thank you so much for creating a great product for families like mine!”
Jenna Thornburg, Co-op Member
”I love using Homeschool Planet to keep us organized with assignments and our day to day appointments and activities. I print off a daily sheet for each of my kids and it helps hold them accountable for getting things done!”
Sarah Harbarth, Co-op Member
”I've been using Homeschool Planet now for two years and I can honestly say that after twenty-four years of homeschooling it was the best decision I ever made for keeping our homeschool year on track! LOVE it!”
Penny in TN, Co-op Member
”I tried Homeschool Planet on the free trial. I loved it so much I had to purchase it. It is easy to use and tou can know import any worksheet or anything to help your children with their assignments. Try it I bet you will not regret it.”
Jennett Rivera-Cruz, Co-op Member
”I have tried many paper & digital planners and Homeschool-Planet has everything that I need. It has taken the stress out of lesson planning. It is easy to use, syncs with my google calendar, & keeps our homeschooling on track. I like that I have everything in one place, which will be helpful when working on end of year portfolios. Thanks for making a great planner!”
S. Smith, Co-op Member
”This was our first year of homeschooling (7th grade) and I opted for a paper planner with a week summary of what should be done by the end of the week. This, however, was not fun to try and shift assignments when we needed more flexibility some weeks, or had to work longer in an area of math to ensure mastery before moving on. Over the course of the year I tried other online planners and was disheartened in each with how complicated it was to enter lessons under a subject. Needless to say I was a little skeptical after each one and felt that there had to be someone who truly understood what we needed. (My husband even teased me about throwing together our own on our server -- but I really don't have time for that.)

I was delightfully surprised to find Homeschool Planet has nailed it! Having a month left in our school year, I plugged our remaining assignments in that would conclude our year in about 90 minutes (and this was still trying to learn how/where things interacted) -- HUGE SCORE from me in this task alone.

My daughter loved the ability to login and get started at her own pace and is no longer having to wait on me to get our toddler ready in the morning.

Any questions I had were answered quickly, or escalated to those that could get the right information/feedback I needed.

Great product overall and I have already shared the information with others I met recently our local HS convention -- thanks for the great product!”
Stephanie G., Co-op Member
”This Planner is awesome! I have tried others but this planner gives me everything and more! I love the To Do list the Shopping List, the Bible Verse of the day! I love how I can sync all our family calendars into one! You have made my life so easy!!!!

The homeschool planner is so easy and so powerful, even my daughter loves it. She loves being able to mark her assignments when they are completed and the details I am able to provide her in each assignment with videos or websites are great.

With the helpers, its like having an electronic aide helping me with grading.

I can't imagine how I taught, lived, worked for so long without it. Keep up the great work!!”
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
”I am really loving this program and the features it provides my family. I love the different ways I can use it and color code everything - as well as assign calendar items to specific family members.”
Kim Hawkins, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is simply amazing! In 12 years of homeschooling, I've tried a number of digital planners but never before found one that was worth my time and effort, so I've stuck with paper schedules. Now I'm completely hooked on this wonderful tool, so much so that during the trial period, I took the time to enter our whole next school year for 2 kids! It allows me to converge my whole life in one place, integrating my Google Calendar (which is synced with my Outlook Calendar already), my shopping lists, my to-do lists, my daily and weekly cleaning schedule, our appointments and sports practices, and our homeschool schedules into a one-stop shop. What's more, it's so easy to use and so very flexible! It's clearly made BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers, because it takes the best features of all the other digital planners I've tried, adds so much more, and removes all of the cumbersome characteristics that have kept me from using any other digital planner. It's wonderful for my kids to use on their tablets to mark off their assignments as they go, wonderful for me to use on my iPad, and I can even use it on my phone on the go! It's worth every penny!”
Kelly Burgess, Co-op Member
”After trying several other online planning websites and over 100 pages of printed planning sheets I was more than frustrated and overwhelmed. Homeschool-Planet solved that frustration for me with simple easy to use and figure out software that made not only planning lessons, but rescheduling them as simple as the click of the mouse. I am now looking forward to putting lesson plans together for next year and I know I can handle the task with this great program.”
Tiffany B., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has been a life-saver for me and my daughter. Scheduling ,and re-scheduling, is so much easier than using a paper planning book. I haven't used all the features yet because we are enrolled in an official homeschool curriculum that tracks grades but having Homeschool-Planet to back me up has given my wife and I the confidence to take complete control of our daughter's curriculum starting next year in high school. The developers are constantly making the product better so if you don't see something you want in the product, ask. I recommend Homeschool-Planet to every homeschooling family.”
Michael Alexis, Co-op Member
”This calendar is great! Not only can I enter my kids lesson plans and check them off as they complete it but it can move the entire lesson plans where I need -- it saves so much time. It also keeps me organized for dinner plans. I entered what we will be having for the entire year and all I have to do is look at what's coming up for the next 2 weeks and buy groceries for what is planned. Another source for saving me time and money!! Love this calendar.”
Mary Beth, Co-op Member
”I wanted to take a moment and let you know how excited I am about the Homeschool-Planet planner! I stumbled on it in an e-mail and signed up for a 30 day trial. It is easy to get started, very user friendly and one of the best features is the amazing customer service. I was still in the trial period and had 2, maybe 3 different issues and I e-mailed the help line and they respond quickly, on the weekend and resolved the issue. One had to do with another calendar and how it was linking with this homeschool planner. Now I can sync my plan to eat program for food, google for my husbands schedule and keep track of all the school activities for 5 kids! My kids loved the e-mail they received in the morning. I just used this as a "trial" as we are trying to finish up our current school year. But I will definitely be getting back in the planner and planning out summer and next school year after wrapping up the year. I have tried using google, excel spreadsheets, a paper planner - this is far superior to all of them! I have not shared this with others yet will when I meet with our homeschool group in a few weeks!”
Noelle F., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet is a wonderful planning tool! Super easy to use - my 2 students (13 & 15) have no problem navigating around the application and love being able to check off their progress as they go. They also love "being in charge" of their schedule - Great for teaching personal responsibility! I just enter in their assignments - no nagging, no pestering . . . it's up to the kids to complete by the designated due date(s).

I wasn't feeling well today, and the kids were able to continue on with their studies without me being there!! Yeah! And, if lessons need to be moved around for any reason - Homeschool-Plannet is perfect for adjusting all lessons as I need.

Any questions I have had, their support team has responded very quickly!

I definitely recommend this homeschool Planner!!! Without hesitation!”
SBG, California, Co-op Member
”I'm a penny pincher! I admit it. I had been looking at Homeschool Planet for 2 years before I actually committed to the purchase. Why? Well, I honestly was struggling with whether the price was worth it. It was more expensive than a paper planner, and I think I tried most everything on the market during those 2 years, resulting in spending more than if I had just committed to Homeschool Planet!

When Homeschool Planet had offered a monthly payment option (ACH) through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, that became the final selling point. I have never regretted my decision! It's my life wrapped up in one area. Easy to add/edit subjects, notes, grocery lists, chores/errands, basically everything I do in a day. I receive reminders based on what my preferences are and I have the ability to print out my daily/weekly/monthly calendar. The program allows me to "check off" when the kids finish their assigned homework. I love check lists! It feels so good to physically see your daily tasks being completed. We homeschool parents rarely receive a sense of accomplishment, and this gives me a little pat on the back on a daily basis.

So far the only improvement I can suggest to them would be to email a link to set up the App for ipad and iphone. I can't seem to figure out how to do that, so I feel like I'm missing out on that portion and it would make the experience that much better. At that point, there would be no reason to hesitate! It will streamline your home/school flow.

I hope you give it a try, you won't regret it.”
Shannon C, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering the free 30 day trial of Homeschool-Planet. I am a paper and pencil kind of gal, but I thought I would try out an online homeschool planner. Wow! What a difference it made in my scheduling. Writing out paper planners for three children was a huge ordeal each month. I had to plan out the children's schedules in my teacher planner, and then transfer each assignment to the individual planners.

That was not the stressful portion of my month. When unplanned activities would arise, (and they always do when you homeschool), I would find it very difficult to "let go" of the days schedule because re-scheduling was a nightmare with paper planners.

When I began using Homeschool-Planet, I was able to schedule four months of school for three children in two days. But the greatest part was when a field trip presented itself and I was able to reschedule our school lessons with a few clicks of my mouse.

Homeschool-Planet has relieved a stressor in our homeschool experience that I did not even realize was present. We have a more relaxed household now, knowing that we can still stick to the end date we have planned, without compromising the lessons I want to accomplish, and I do not have to erase and re-write plans into a new date.

Thank you Homeschool-Planet for making such a user friendly on-line planner. I have previewed others and they pale in comparison to your planner.”
Jackie D., Co-op Member - Mom of 5
”Its 1:27 a.m. here in KCMO and I am up playing with my new favorite online homeschool planner. As a homeschool mom, record keeping has always been worse than math for me. I am only 3 days into my 30 day trial with your online planner and anticipate purchasing it near the end of the trial. I am absolutely in love with this planner. I keep making changes to "test" it and it gets an A+ every time. I cannot thank you enough for creating this product.”
C. McGinnis, Co-op Member
”I ADORE Homeschool Planet! I've tried every other option out there. I was a die hard homeschool tracker fan, and used at different times all their options. But I'm a convert now! Homeschool Planet is easier to use. Sometimes I have to type in a bit more manually, but it's still so much faster, so I don't mind. And the layout is much more intuitive. Also, my son finds the schedule easier to glance at and understand, so he's actually doing the work and checking off the boxes. I really really love it! Oh, and no worries if you miss a day, it will ask you if you want to ignore it for now, move the lessons ahead, move everything ahead, or just ask you later. Great feature, and now that it tracks resources too I like it even better!”
Katie Meyer, Co-op Member
”After comparing features of many different online homeschool planners, I finally narrowed it down to Homeschool Planet for us, because I like being able to enter in multiple assignments at once, having mobile access, and scheduling assignments for both of my girls at the same time. Such a time saver and so easy to use!”
Kathy Gossen, Co-op Member
”I want to thank you for a great homeschool planner. With Homeschool Planet, this has been our best year of homeschooling. This is the first year in six years of homeschooling that I am organized and the kids love knowing what they have to do for the entire week and can work ahead if they wish. In the past I was always overwhelmed with having to essentially write out four planners: mine, and one for each of my three children. I can type way faster than I can write. When life happens and I need to adjust the schedule, I can do so easily in Homeschool Planet without having to re-write everything. When the kids have the same lesson, I can type it once and copy it for the next child. THANK YOU! My husband is very pleased with this year s school and so are our children. We ve stayed on track and are actually finishing textbooks this week and next. We now have time for some other modules and a lighter schedule. I really appreciate the auto fill. By using that feature, I could see that a) I needed to do a class 4x per week instead of 3x because otherwise we wouldn t finish until July, and/or b) we would finish early and that gave us time to do a module without cramming it into the regular school year, i.e., we finish grammar next week and then will do a Latin and Greek Roots module. Again, thank you so much for the program and for your great customer support.”
DeAnn C., Co-op Member
”I signed up for the free month's trial offer mostly out of curiosity. My daughter is in 9th grade, and my paper-trail record keeping was going OK, but was time consuming and a real mess of eraser-dust when I needed to make a change.

I quickly decided to purchase a membership to Homeschool Planet because it makes our lives so much easier!! It keeps great records, computes grades, allows me to easily re-organize and re-arrange assignments and schedules. It also tallies all of our educational hours along the way....

I am working on transferring all of our 9th grade records into the program and am very excited about using it for the duration of these high school years.

I highly recommend Homeschool Planet to all of you homeschool families who like to keep detailed records of grades and schedules.”
B, Graffunder, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been great for me! It helps me organize and keep track of my son's progress as well as keeping track of what we have to learn next. My son loves the immediate feedback that he gets when he sees his grades report every day. I love that I can see what we did yesterday, today and what we will do tomorrow. I also love that I don't have to worry about recording attendance since it does that for me, I have my whole year mapped out, and I can create a transcript when I need to. This is a valuable tool to have.”
Mrs. Swift, Co-op Member
”I signed up for the free trial of Homeschool Planet and spent a couple days "playing around" and adding curriculum, schedules etc. Having looked at a few other online planners, Homeschool Planet stands heads and shoulders above the others and does EVERYTHING I need a homeschool planner to do! I use curriculum with a variety of formats...some schedule by day, some by "Lesson 1, Day 1-?", some "5 lessons then a quiz" and ALL were easy to plug in, auto-fill for the lesson pattern and adjust as needed. I also liked the printable option for daily student work, the pretty formats available (I LOVE that actually) and the ability to track hours (core & non-core). All that being said, the kiddos prefer their schedules on paper and no one wanted to take the time to then check assignments off online. So as much as I love Homeschool Planet, for now, we are sticking to printed spreadsheets that they fill in each week. Next year we are considering getting each child a laptop and Homeschool Planet will be at the top of the list if we go to digital planning.”
Resa E., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool Planet!!! I was afraid to try it because I am seriously technology challenged when it comes to computers but I wanted to quit erasing and rewriting my daily/weekly/monthly planner all of the time. Homeschool Planet has been very easy to use and I absolutely love that it even has video instructions on how to set everything up. My children love getting printed daily lesson plans and I love the convenience of just pushing a button. I love everything about Homeschool Planet not just for the extreme convenience of scheduling but it's added features like grocery lists that I can text to myself or my Husband. Homeschool Planet has thought of almost everything and has created this tool with love and compassion for all of it's users. I highly recommend Homeschool planet!”
Shannon G., Co-op Member
”I am very grateful for this service. It's really helped me to organize my family's schedule. It makes it simple to record my child's progress and empowers her in her own organization of her learning. It's easy to use and builds her confidence with having a sense of control over her schedule.”
M Lord, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Planet! As a beginner homeschooler, I was looking for a way to organize my day efficiently and easily, Homeschool-Planet was definitely the answer! It is easy to use with much flexibility and I love that I have printing options so that I can have a hard copy in my hands! Thanks!”
Candace Kurtz, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Homeschool Planet! To start with, it was simple and quick to setup. Much more intuitive and user-friendly than other organizers and programs that I had tried. I was able to get started using it right away, with only watching the instructional video. Each day, I just print out my 3rd and 5th graders planner pages and they get rolling. I have also included their chores in their daily list. For next school year, I am going to include my preschoolers daily activities. It has been a cinch to print out grade reports. There is no better planner homeschool program out there!”
Suzanne D., Co-op Member
”I needed a homeschool planner that would help my autistic daughter keep up with her assignments. She likes lots of structure. I used this on a trial offer and it was amazing the difference it made to our school day. She could see exactly what was expected. It calmed our day down so much. As I use it I am really liking the flexibility. I can move assignments around as I need to when changes come into our daily plan. It is so user friendly. When I have had some questions on how to do something, I sent and email and got quick response. I have recommended it to our homeschool group.”
Sondra, Co-op Member
”I love this product with a capital L-O-V-E! I have been homeschooling for 13 yrs now and have gone through many homeschool planners, paper and digital. I have found that I love the paper ones best, but love the idea of not using so much paper even more. The digital planners I tried were hard to figure out, as I'm very non-teckie. THIS planner though. Oh my THIS planner! I found out about it purely by chance, and I signed up for the free trial just to see if *maybe* this one would work. And oh it DID! The ease with which to use this is unbelievable! I have 8 children, 2 in college and 6 that I am still teaching. Homeschool Planet calculates how many pages I need to assign, it is printable, so I still get the 'paper' aspect if I need it. Which actually I found that I do for a couple of my children. We LOVE checkboxes, and this is fabulous for that! Have I mentioned the EASE with which this works? Thank you for FINALLY taking care of my planner needs! We will be faithful fans from here on out! Oh and I'll be telling my small part of the world all about you in my blog ;)”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”Last year I had been trying to pre-plan my week and months. A lot was repeating and it was a lot of writing, so I tried to use Excel and Word to make a weekly schedule. However, if and WHEN we didn't happen to follow that day's schedule, it was nearly impossible to move it forward and change up. And I only had 2 kids to plan and it was hard keeping them straight. I spent the whole year trying to keep up with it and as a result we really only accomplished math, reading and some writing. The kids weren't having fun and I was not only not having fun, but was seriously reconsidering homeschooling and if I could do it.

Luckily I stumbled across Homeschool Planet, did the trial and played around with it and soon realized that it was everything I needed in a homeschool planner and was trying to create. Not only now do I easily plan ahead, by months even and easily change it up, but I have added in art (which the girls were begging for, AND I now have time to actually research and plan which art project!), science, Social studies, better language work, lapbooks, we actually do the Rosetta Stone program i had purchased, Bible, cursive and a character training program. NO WAY would I have done all this without this planner. The kids of course LOVE to check off when they're done. I easily plan the right activities around the baby's nap and lunchtime and other appointments. Last month my husband was impressed about how the girls got to check off their schedule and asked me to make his. He likes that it's emailed to him, he prints and does his day. I will not do another year without it and I do tell everyone I know who homeschools about it. The other day a 1st year homeschooling mom, who seemed frustrated like I had been told me she finally subscribed and that it's what she's been needing.

In a sum up, for me, it is painless planning and saves frustration. It's proactive. And theres even more things it does, like grading and tracking. It really saved our homeschool!”
Erin K., Co-op Member
”I really appreciate the Homeschool buyers Co-op providing such a variety of programs for us. I would not find these any other way, and the group price. The Homeschool-Planet is better than it said it would be. I really like this program. It is the easiest to use of any I have tried! It has a lot of features. Thanks!”
Marty G, Co-op Member
”I have 10 children and Homeschool Planet is really helpful. I like how I am able to see each child's schedule separately but most of all I like how the scheduler allows me to easily change my daily plans by moving things ahead a day when life happens! I've always just used paper planners but I think this is so much more helpful!”
Renee P, Co-op Member
”I looked at many other homeschool planners, online and paper, before deciding on Homeschool Planet. I am so happy that I did! It is very easy to schedule and plan our days, plus if something changes and we need to move things around it is a snap to change. I will be a longtime Homeschool Planner user!”
Allison Nester, Co-op Member
I started using Homeschool Planet in August and have found it to be the easiest of any homeschool planner I have used. In the past I have used a modified version of Donna Young's Excel worksheet planner (where I had to fill everything in), and then I used Homeschool Tracker Plus (where you can add your own lessons or use those created by others). Homeschool Planet is by far the best! [No...I'm not getting paid by them to tell you this! :)]

I love that it can be shared with Google Calendar as well as Iphone/Ipad calendars. In this way all "activities" are in one calendar. I loved that the free 30 day trial is available, and when you register you do NOT have to give a credit card number for the trial. It truly is a free trial.

You do add your own lessons to the planner, but it isn't nearly as hard to do as other planners I have used. If you miss a day/lesson, you can easily reschedule that lesson or the entire day's lessons. It includes a grade book and a transcript generator. In addition there are shopping lists, to do lists, Bible verses, etc.

I have been very impressed with this planner and honestly can't say enough good about it. At the beginning of August when I started using it, one of the lead "developers" and I were in constant conversation for about 2 weeks with various questions I had. He quickly responded to every question and even made several changes based on my requests. For instance, I give "half points" and the program at the time only allowed for whole points. He changed it! Now you can add points in any manner and the program rounds to the nearest tenth! Another problem I was having is how to schedule a test every 5th day (and it wasn't always on a "Friday"). He helped me figure out how to do that. The developers are constantly taking feedback from customers and integrating requests such as background colors, font sizes, schedule/planner layouts, etc. It really is impressive! I am a full time college instructor as well as homeschool mom and I've often considered using it for my college classes/students. If I were just starting out teaching again, I would definitely use it for scheduling.

It really is the "best homeschool planner"!”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”I have tried several homeschool planners, looking for one that would work for our family. Homeschool Planet is, by far, the most intuitive, easiest to use planner of all of them. I've finally found what I've been looking for! I have been able to schedule classes and make adjustments easily. The daily e-mails also allow everyone to know exactly what is planned for them each day. I love the fact that each child checks off the work they completed-what a time saver for me! Homeschool Planet has helped me to achieve the organization that I've always dreamed of in our homeschool! LOVE it!”
Penny G, Co-op Member
”After trying the trial period I bought the year subscription and I love it! You can schedule up to a month ahead (or longer, as needed), and if something comes up, it is so easy to change! Also it's easy to print out so your child can check off what they have done. I love this calendar!”
Francine, Co-op Member
”When we decided to start homeschooling our daughter, we searched for ways to plan and track her curriculum and activities. We set-up trail accounts for a number of programs including Homeschool Planet. Homeschool Planet was by far the best. It allows for adding profiles for the entire family so all of our calendar items can be viewed and managed in one place and seen together or by combinations of family members. My wife and I can both get e-mails regarding my daughter's curriculum and, as our daughter gets older, we can add her if we like. There are many "small" features that make this easier to use and more flexible than the other options we considered. Homeschool Planet is a valuable tool for managing our daughter's education and our family's competing calendar events.”
Jim T, Co-op Member
”I tried 3 different online planning programs within a few days of each other. Homeschool Planet was by far the easiest, quickest, most painless one to set up for my 3 homeschooled children. My children are finding the printed weekly schedule easy to follow....we aren't using the 'email schedule to....' part of this program. I have bought a subscription even tho' I am not using this program to its fullest potential as it is still saving me lots of paper hassle and disorganization.”
S.L.K., Co-op Member
”I'm a former public school teacher and when my family was considering homeschooling, my greatest concern were the issues tied to grading. Having a computerized grade book was a necessity because I'm fully aware of the importance of accurately reflecting a student's progress, logging proper attendance records, issuing progress reports, and creating a transcript worthy of college admissions departments.

I found all of that and more with Homeschool Planet. It's an easy product to use, so easy in fact, that I pressed one button to compile my son's first report card.

I also had a technical issue (the grade book didn't want me to log in through the external sign-in page) so I submitted a request for help. The notification stated that I could expect to wait for up to one business day. I was contacted and my issue was solved (just go in through your subscriptions page at Homeschool Buyers Co-op) within 20 minutes.

We will continue to be Homeschool Planet customers for the duration of high school.”
Melanie Cook, Co-op Member
”I am really enjoying using Homeschool Planet. Personally, I would be happiest if we could all go back to pen and paper. The idea of a nice, old-fashioned datebook just takes me to my happy place. But, I've given in to online calendars because of the convenience of syncing with my husband's calendar. And, thusly, I decided to give in to trying an online lesson homeschool planner. Begrudgingly. Y'all, I did NOT want to like it. But, then I started using it. And the first time that one of my kids had to take a sick day and I was able to shift their whole schedule with one click.... Well. Let me tell you what. I may like pen and paper, but the convenience of this was too much to ignore. It seems like for the most part, if I think Homeschool Planet ought to be able to do something, then it will! Shifting schedules, marking assignments as partially completed, tracking grades, planning out lessons months (even a year!) in advance are all no problem. (Assuming you can find that much quiet time in your busy schedule!) Even scheduling group lessons is something that is no big deal to do! I offer this one caveat: my oldest child is 5th'ish/6th'ish grade. So, I've not used this in a high school setting or with transcripts in mind. It may be great - I just don't know.

We run our school on a pretty tight budget, and it was really hard for me to justify spending the money at first. But once my 3rd child came into lesson planning age, I just had to have something that would work for ME, and hopefully save me some time. This does the job! I strive to have my kids work as independently as they can, so being able to print out lesson plans is such a great feature. And I can just be in the room where they are working so that I can answer questions as the school day goes by. And the kids like having their own lesson plan, printed out for the week, that they can "check off" as they get finished with things.

Bottom line, Homeschool Planet has proved to be a valuable tool for me. And, there's even an app for that. :-) Granted, the app doesn't have the flexibility that the online version does, and I'm hoping that the app will be able to eventually allow the parent to edit assignments.

It's worth it. Give it a try!”
Leah OK, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful and much needed addition to our homeschool program. Using Homeschool Planet has made scheduling much easier and has given me control over my organization. Both of my kids love having the daily plan printed out to see exactly what needs to be done and has given them more opportunities for independence in their work.

I have tried two products that were kind of similar, but neither of them were as user-friendly or as complete as Homeschool Planet. I will continue using Homeschool Planet and have and will continue to recommend it to other homeschool parents.

Thanks for an excellent product!!!”
Debra G., Co-op Member
”I've been using HS Planet for a few months now and I find it intuitive and robust. The addition of the hours tracking feature now makes it all I need to keep me on top of my record-keeping. I print my weekly schedule for my son on Mondays and do all my grade entries at the end of the week -- thanks to its helpful reminders to stay up to date. It's well worth the price of admission and recommend others give it the 30-day trial as well. I think they will find it suits their needs as well. Thanks for a great product.”
Teri E., Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for 3 years now and used pre-made planners at the start. They were helpful but I would have to alter them in someway to suit my needs. Then I decided to make my own on my computer and that worked well enough until something came up, sickness or vacation etc. then I would have to go back and figure out what was done and what wasn't. This year I stumbled upon the Homeschool Planet scheduler and decided to give it a try. What a great system it has turned out to be! It is very easy to use and if something is late, it lets you know right away so you can either mark it done or move it to another day. I print out the weeks work, my daughter checks it off then I go into the scheduler and mark it done there! How easy is that?? 5 stars for sure :)”
Nikki Chan, Co-op Member
”Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to use for both myself and my students! Gets our day off on the right foot by helping us be organized and focused. Can't imagine homeschooling without it! Thanks!”
Dea D., Co-op Member
”I am really enjoying it. I am still having to learn how to navigate it though. It is helping as I have seven kids homeshooling and need a central place to keep this sort of thing. I also like that my older kids receive an email right to their inbox every day about their work and I am looking forward to using hte chore aspect of it.”
K. Butler, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. Everyone knows exactly what they are expected to accomplish each day The kids enjoy using it because it gives them the ability to mark things off as they are completed. They know what activities they have each day and when their activities begin. Managing their time becomes more of their own responsibility. We will continue to use Homeschool Planet. I have shared this product with others and they enjoy it as well.”
abrumme, Co-op Member
”I have been looking for something like this for a very long time! Every year I search for just the right planner to use in homeschooling. Finally, I've found it! Every weekend I sit down and make a list of assignments and chores for each of my children. Each time I use it, I find another feature that enhances my use. Setting up profiles and entering subjects, etc. can seem time consuming, but it is SO worth it. I can have schedules emailed to me or each of my children, or I can print them out individually -whatever works for us. My kids have really responded well to having their own, printed list of daily activities. Other homeschool planners have always lacked some aspect of what I needed, but this one has everything I could want - it's like they thought of everything! The yearly fee is a bit hefty, but truly, I'm willing to pay it in order to be able to plan the way I want to.”
Susan S., Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet. It helps us stay organized and on track even when our lesson plans change. Assignments are easy to move and adjust. No whiteout needed! The kids can print daily assignment lists directly from email and they like logging in to check off assignments and see their grades. No more paper records for us. This is the best online tracker we've found.”
Dana B., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has become a staple in our homeschool since we started our 30 day trial. I've never been able to find such a comprehensive, intelligent system at such a good price before. The rescheduling feature is vital to our homeschool, and keeps us accountable.”
Shannen E., Co-op Member
”I started using Homeschool Planet as my days are starting to get crazy with a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, and a toddler in our home. It was really easy to get started and the tutorials were a great help. Everything has been simplified for me and it is a weight of my shoulders to plan ahead for assignments and "classes" and other stuff. I am loving the ease at which Homeschool Planet helps me stay on top of my school and how easy it is to use. I also really love that I feel accountable. It reminds me that I have to grade assignments or that certain assignments have to be done. I love it and would recommend this to anyone who needs an easy way to help them stay on top of their homeschooling. Thank you for such a great program. The price is worth it too. I used to use the paper and pencil. I am not going back to the paper and pencil style. This is so much easier for me and takes so much less time. It's easier to rearrange assignments and less writing for me.”
Liz D., Co-op Member
”Love this planner! After 25 years of homeschooling this homeschool planner has made our schooling day so much easier! My last two students are boys 12 & 14 and they love how they can see easily their assignments for the day and check them off. They like being able to work ahead and I like that I can bump an assignment, a day, or even a week forward if something needs to be adjusted.”
Cynthia Barger, Co-op Member
”I love love this planner!!! Especially now it tracks hours!! This is what I need the most and all in one place with assignments, grades, etc. Thank you!!”
Tai Gruver, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is the perfect tool for busy homeschoolers. Using Homeschool Planet has helped me to manage what happens in class from day to day. With Homeschool Planet I'm able to send my children daily emails with schedules and students are able to click a box letting me know they have completed an assignment. My favorite feature is the ability shift assignments forward when my child needs a little more time on a lesson. I recommend this product to any homeschool parent. It's a lesson planner, gradebook, and problem solver all in one!”
Homeschool Mom of 6, Co-op Member
”I love this homeschool planner. This is my second year. It makes it easy for me to stay organized. I also love that I can add different profiles and send updates to their emails and phones. Thanks for such a great product”
Mrs. Kobe, Co-op Member
”I love this program! It really helps me plan and re-arrange lesson plans easily. I love the fact I can print out a daily assignment list for my child to check off as she finishes assignments. If our schedule gets interrupted and I have to shift an assignment or even change the entire schedule, it is incredibly easy to do without having to totally re-type or copy and paste. Plus, the entire lesson fits on the line- no partial assignments or words left off that didn't fit in the little box. It is worth the money!!!”
S. Breakfield, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say thank you for producing this program. While I'm still learning how to do everything its been super easy to set up and get going with it. I don't have a lot of time so that's a huge plus for me. I will be recommending it to those I know. Thanks again. TL”
Terri L, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool Planet. I have tried several online planners throughout my homeschooling years including paper planners and this by far is the best I have come across. I have been using it now for about 2 months and its literally cut the time I spend planning out the school work in half. Its so simple, easy, and yet it has everything that I need. I print out my kids daily schedule at the beginning of the week and as they complete the assignment there is a box for them to check off. One of my favorite features is that if we miss a day of school even though they have assignments scheduled, the next day the planner has a pop-up window that allows you to shift all the assignments for that day to the next day and add it to the schedule. You also have the choice of shifting all the assignments forward by one day or you can pick and chose which assignments you want to move forward. I usually enter two weeks worth of assignments at one time, so the "move it forward" feature will allow the entire 2 week schedule to be moved forward with a touch of a button. I don't have to sit there and move each assignment individually like with some other programs. There are lots of other great features, I just haven't gotten around to using them all. Customer service is also great. It would be nice to have a section for logging books that the kids have read, but certainly not a deal breaker. [Editor's Note: This is in the works!] Overall, I will continue to use it and would definitely recommend it to others. The fact that a company offers their product free for 30 days is a testimony of their confidence. Great job Homeschool Planet.”
Wanda R., Co-op Member
”I would be lost without Homeschool-Planet. I am able to keep track of all assignments, count the number of school days, enter grades, print a transcript, etc. Its very easy to adjust assignments and reschedule as necessary. I would recommend this for every homeschool family. It is a life saver!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”I am really enjoying using this homeschool planner. This is my 20th year of homeschooling and this planner has many of the features that I created for myself using Word and Excel, but it links them all together which saves me tons of paper and lots of time since my student (I am homeschooling my last of 4 children) has access to it as well.”
L. Brenchley, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has been a wonderful tool for our family. After homeschooling for over 10 years, I have tried every type of organization for scheduling our day. Some were more successful than others but Homeschool-Planet is far superior to ANYTHING else we have tried. It has allowed me to organize my 9th grader, 7th grader, and 2nd grader curriculum and activities. We are still tweaking the best combinations and adjust as necessary but I can recommend no other tool for making homeschooling families able to organize their unique lives. My kids can check off their work on their iPads, I can send myself grocery lists via text, and I can keep tabs on grades all in one place. Thank you HS Buyers Coop for a such great product. Highly, highly, highly recommend!”
Marcie Taylor, Co-op Member
”Thanks to Homeschool Planet, we are having the best, simplest, most organized school year yet. My 13 year-old loves being able to sign in to her own user account and mark each assignment as completed .”
Amanda Wilson, Co-op Member
”I love this homeschool planner! I use it for my self as well for my high schooler who can go in and get his assignments every morning. It has been very easy to move things around and change lessons! I also can access from my phone. I also really appreciate the text or email reminder messages that I can send to my self or my kids. This planner solved alot of my concerns as to how to set up lesson plans that my son could access without wasting time rewriting everything!”
Jennifer C, Co-op Member
”We Love, Love, Love Homeschool-Planet. Just started using it in early September this year and it has helped me tremendously! My kids love getting their daily assignments sent to their email first thing in the morning. The rescheduling and grading helper are fabulous. I feel much more organized than ever before in my 9 years of homeschooling. Well worth the money. Thank you so much for creating this fabulously helpful program.”
Mary S., Co-op Member
”Without question, this homeschool planner has been a God-send. I have tried several planners, spreadsheets, etc. which never worked well. The best part is the fact that none of my students have any excuse as to why their work is not done. Their assignments are emailed to them daily. I love this. I would like to see a desktop version, as my internet is glitchy at best, which has been a headache at times.”
Sam W., Co-op Member
”I have tried several hard-copy planners, another on-line version--I have even tried to make my own. But, I have never found one so easy to use as the Homeschool-Planet! And it's not like I haven't had lots of experience in the Corporate world (what seems like in a previous life!) with planners. I never stuck with the other planners because it was just too much work to make changes. In our homeschool, there are lots of changes in my plan. We either don't spend as much time in school or we spend more time in school! With this planner it is SO EASY to change my plan. My favorite feature is the ability to move some assignments or all assignments either up a day or back a day as it adjusts the entire schedule! This has been the longest I've used a planner and I'm very excited about how it's helping with our days! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My kids like the daily print-out of what they are working on, too. They haven't logged in yet, they are only 8 & 9 but I can see as they get older how they will be able to go to the computer and check assignments, too. I'm in a co-op and have told several families about this homeschool planner...I am definitely hooked!”
Mrs. Monica Stephenson, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for almost 3 months. It has reduced my planning time each week & aids our homeschooling days in running smoother. It has been well worth every cent in the amount of time I save with it!”
Renata, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling three children, all at different levels, can be a challenge. We also have to track our hours to meet state requirements. Homeschool Planet has made my life so much easier! Now, if it would weed my garden and tend to the laying hens. Maybe in a future update.

I love this system. I can plan as far out as I want. Each student can access their own schedule, to include links to websites. It is making them feel more invested in their education. I have used the program for more than a year and I plan on continuing. If you want a program that will help you schedule school, chores and activities, I say give Homeschool Planet a try.”
A. Lewis, Co-op Member
”I was looking for an LMS that would allow me to schedule my kids days, provide web-links, and allow for them to log-in and check it off as they go. Homeschool planet is the only LMS on the market that I found that was user friendly and could do all those things and more. This system has made my days so much easier and the kids like knowing what is expected for the day. If something comes up it is very easy to reschedule or adjust as needed. I have researched and done the free trial for every LMS available on the market and Homeschool planet is definitely the best for our needs. I plan on using it as long as it is available. I only wish they would update the look of the interface to be more modern and appealing to kids. [Editor's Note: We have some kids-oriented themes in the works!]”
Mimi F., Co-op Member
”This has been the one most helpful product that we have used this year! It helps my student to be able to mark off work that is complete, and also I am able to put links to other work that needs to be done online that he can just go to from the calendar. It is also very helpful in helping my husband know exactly what we are doing and when we are doing it. Both of us have trouble remembering to tell each other things, so this has really helped us to be able to keep track of each others schedules.

This is something that I will be continuing to use even when my son graduates in two years. I have told others about it and will continue to tell others on facebook and twitter. It's worth every penny!”
Susan R., Co-op Member
”My household has truly been blessed by Homeschool Planet. This has been the first year for a while that the children are on target with their lessons. The accountability has been great, with Dad able to view each child's progress throughout the day. Checking off things accomplished during the day has also been a motivation for the children and for myself (the mom). It has also been great for my oldest who is in college and lives at home. He can see where we are during the day and we can see in general where he is during that day. This program helps our family keep track of each other as well as helps us continue to finish our tasks during the day. Thank you”
Mrs. Joy T., Co-op Member
”As a naturally disorganized sort of person, I find the structure implicit in this homeschool planner very helpful. I especially love the ease of printing a daily assignment list. The only missing piece I would like to see added would be a space for generating long term lesson plans.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”Last year I decided to try homeschool-planet for the thirty days free trial. During that time my children had access to it, and used it for the first month of school. When it came time for me to make the decision, I asked for their opinion...was it worth the money we would spend to keep it? I received an overwhelmingly unanimous, YES! They love being able to keep an online account of their daily activities, and being able to click the box when completed gives then a sense of satisfaction! I love being able to have one place to keep it all together! So when it came time to renew this year, I asked them again. And each one said-- from my high school junior to my fourth grader-- Mom, I really NEED homeschool-planet!”
Charis Holloway, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet was the school and home management tool I was looking for. It provides a central hub for all my students' assignments, as well as their chores! The program provides great flexibility for those times when illness or unexpected learning opportunities arise, and even does the math and record keeping for me when I'm entering grades. My highschooler likes the assignment list that it can email to her. We're all staying much more on track! (The on-screen widgets are another plus; love the weather, shopping lists, and daily verse!) I found Homeschool Planet affordable and am continuing for a second year! I've even recommended it to my friends. :)”
Carol G., Co-op Member
”Special thanks to Brett and the amazing support staff at Homeschool Planet for a resource that has helped our family tremendously with our organization, communication, planning, and record keeping for everything that has to do with homeschool! It is a unique program that takes into consideration all of the necessary aspects of what a homeschool parent needs for both home life and school life. Another thing that I am consistently impressed with is the timely and helpful responses that come from the staff when I have any questions or issues, but that being said, it is a program that is simple to use and it helps to keep my son accountable for his assignments (in a way that he enjoys and understands) and enables me to focus on the important aspects of planning. I would recommend this to any teacher/parent and I certainly see incredible benefits for those who have more than one child as well. Much gratitude for all of the hard work that went into this program which made such a positive difference in our lives...”
Jules, Co-op Member
”I really love the ease of use of this homeschool planner. Our schedule often changes and I gave up on planners because changes meant rewriting pages and pages of work now I can shift assignments around with a click of a button. My oldest daughter also likes having a print out of her assignments for the day to stay on task. Thank you for a great product.”
Sara E., Co-op Member
”I was very hesitant to buy an online homeschool planner, but it has been the best money spent in saving my own sanity! I use to, literally, spend my weekends on Excel, typing in assignments, fixing fonts, boarders, etc., so that my children's assignment sheets would fit on one page and be simple to decipher for each of them. I would lose so much of my already non existent free time if one of them missed an assignment, because moving things forward was extremely time consuming. It took me some time to get my 3 kiddos assignments into the Homeschool-Planet product FOR THE YEAR, but now if they miss something, I can fix it at the click of a button. I love the different colors for subjects and activities. I love that it fits nicely on one page for each of them, and the sheet just looks pretty. I love that the whole year is planned and I can add and delete so easily! I would definitely recommend this product to a mom that likes to have a plan laid out for her children everyday. One that they can easily read, check off and know that when life gets in the way of schooling, which it will, moving assignments is super simple. It allows for planning with flexibility!”
Jennifer Yanez-Calvo, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool-Planet for two years. It has become an essential part of my homeschooling day. I count on it to organize our day, remind me of important tasks and track our long-term work. Thank you for creating such a user-friendly and helpful product.”
Diana Zaheer, Co-op Member
”Well worth the $65! My husband and I recently separated, and as a result, I'm working more. I needed something easy to use -- for me and my kids -- since I'm not at home as much. Homeschool Planet was easy to set up, and I love that I can keep track of my kids' day even when I'm not at home.

My favorite feature is the Rescheduling Helper. Being able to shift one lesson--or the entire schedule--forward with the click of the mouse has already been a lifesaver. In the past, any deviation from the plan meant lots of erasing and re-writing. Not anymore.

I'm telling everyone I know about this and I will continue to use it.”
Jennifer Templin, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is hands-down the most user-friendly, flexible online planner that I have found (after a long, detailed search). I used it last year and was thoroughly impressed; this year's improvements just make me want to praise it more! I love the flexibility of pushing the entire schedule out to accommodate an unplanned break, or the ability to pull assignments up if we decide not to take a planned day off. Tracking completed assignments, inputing grades, and having calendar and planner settings are invaluable tools. This homeschool planner helps me know that we will indeed be able to complete our curriculum for a given class and I have a visual platform to show me if we are in danger of falling behind. Once I plot everything out, I can relax during the year knowing that I only have to tweak the assignments if something unexpected happens.

Making changes is simple and stress-free. At the beginning of the week, I simply print out the planner version of my son's week so he knows exactly what he needs to accomplish. As he is beginning high school, he will take on this responsibility. We both also received a weekly email and a daily email reminding us of that week's or day's requirements. My standards for a planner are quite high and Homeschool Planet receives an A+ from me!”
M. Gentile, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has changed my Sunday nights! What used to take hours with lots of back and forth typing, flipping between books, printing and takes less than 30 minutes for me to update lessons for 4 kids! My favorite feature is the diverse choices for rescheduling. The ability to make a big plan but know that I can tweak the schedule along the way if needed (and it always is!). No more cutting and pasting! It was a no brainer after my trial month - I was hooked and have my whole year mapped out on Homeschool Planet now. I really feel like this is going to help us keep those big goals we start with in mind as we go through the busy year.”
CEA, Co-op Member
”I use the Homeschool Planet for my high school student (9th grade) as well as for myself. My son loves the print outs for his weekly assignments. I like that I can plan all of his assignments into one place, print it out & also send automatic emails to myself or anyone in my family I choose with the daily information. We also love the option to link a web page within the daily assignments. It makes it very easy for my son to login to homeschool planet & click on the web page assignment for that day. One of the things that made me purchase a yearly subscription to homeschool planet over a different service was the fact that I can have my calendar from my android phone as well as my husbands iPhone (we have a shared calendar) brought into Homeschool Planet automatically (a one time set up & it is there). This prints our schedules onto my sons daily/weekly assignment sheets so no appointments or activities are forgotten about or left out.

I spent the summer trying several other similar products before deciding on purchasing this one. I found this one to be the easiest to learn to use & it has ALL of the features we were looking for in a homeschool planner/calendar online program, being able to print weekly assignments, being able to have a calendar/planner online that everyone can have their own login, being able to keep track of grades for each subject, & much more. I am looking forward to using this program until my son graduates high school.”
Kim G, Co-op Member
”I spent 3 weeks of our summer break looking for the perfect homeschool planner. I homeschool 2 of my three boys, the oldest is in public high school.

I wanted a planner that my boys would have access too, would organize my homeschool, home-life, basically my sanity. Homeschool-Planet does all that!”
Cathy, Co-op Member
”LOVE Homeschool Planet!! With 6 children,5 different grades -- 2 quickly approaching high school and 1 already in high school -- Homeschool Planet has been a sanity saver. Keeping track of grades and producing grade reports and transcripts had me very worried, but this program is making it SO easy while helping me keep track of our busy family life. A big THANK YOU to the developer AND to those who are marketing this product!!”
K. George, Co-op Member
”I am loving Homeschool Planet! I have used 3 other planning tools before. They were either too complicated or didn't offer enough functionality/flexibility.

This one is a perfect fit for our family - very intuitive, easy to make changes/additions, and great customer service. My kids enjoy the easy-to-use daily checklists we print out, and I love the the quick entry for completed/graded assignments. I also like that it reminds me each day of items we missed the day before so I can reschedule them if needed - that really helps us stay on track. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for a great product!”
Leslie Brookman, Co-op Member
”I have tried numerous online, paper-based, and self-invented strategies for keeping my and my sons' homeschooling lives organized and focused. I tried Homeschool Planet on the 30-day trial, and I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive it is to use, and how much my kids enjoyed seeing their work laid out in the digital format for them to check off, and check in. I've recommended it on our homeschool network, and I look forward to this year with a new *team member* in our corner.”
Donna, Co-op Member
”I've been using Homeschool-Planet for the last month which included setting up our new school year for my 4 children grades 2-9, and I'm so pleased!

I have used several other online schedulers and this is by far the easiest and most comprehensive to use. The children are having no trouble using it and are enjoying have their own logins. They can even enter their own courses into their own schedules and can therefore take more responsibility for their learning. Due to the complex nature of other programs we've used this wasn't possible before. Lastly we all agree that it's the most attractive to interact with of all we've tried. (Adding a theme choice that is more manly would be welcomed by my son however! ) [Co-op note 9/6/2014: We have some "manly" themes in the works!]

I am finding it well worth the price as it has saved me so much time in entering and changing lessons and has been essentially problem-free. I highly recommend giving it a try!”
Kelly S., Co-op Member
”I actually had practically run out of the 30 days to look it over, having only 2 days. After 48 hours I knew our family ABSOLUTELY NEEDED it to organize our home. We have 8 children plus a Chinese exchange student for the year. I always wrote everything out by hand and it was a nightmare to say the least. Now all my family's curriculum is on this homeschool planner, their clubs, no more missed activities:) The best part of it all is that it is e-mailed to all I have indicated daily and my husband is very aware of everyone's daily schedule. I was able to plan out the whole year for each class, club, etc with one click. LOVE IT! I have recommended it to many other homeschooling families. Now I am going to try to add my monthly meal plan to be recurring for the year;) Try it you will certainly be blessed!”
A. Guzman, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing tool. I can keep our lesson plans, our family calendar, to do lists, grocery lists, and chores all in one convenient location. I never have to try and remember, "Where did I write that down?" I can also access the information from my phone if I am away from the computer. I print the kids' chore lists and lesson plans out each morning and they know exactly what needs to be done without asking a dozen times. I will be using Homeschool-Planet for quite some time.”
Amy D., Co-op Member
”As a whole famy unit we have enjoyed using this homeschool planner, my husband can check his email on a daily basis to find out what the kids are learning and can follow up with them a lot easier I can plan all our work and projects and print it out for everyone... No more writing and planning in 3 different planners ! I enjoy the txt feature and the reminder of unfinished work with the ability to dismiss move or add to another day. My kids like seeing all their work printed out and being able to check off as they go! I have shared this information and wonderful product with friends already in the short time we have used it. Unfortunately I will not be continuing with the planner at this time because it just isn't a priority in our budget .”
K. Mendoza, Co-op Member
”Awesome! This program has been a life saver. Not only does it help me keep track of my homeschool lesson plan, but I also use it to keep track of upcoming projects and assignments for my non-homeschooled child. I would highly recommend this program. Worth every penny!”
S Vaughan, Co-op Member
”I would like to share with you the homeschool planner from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It is called Homeschool Planet, and I love it!!! It has so many great features that I spent the first several days after starting my trial gushing about it to my husband. Here are some of the reasons I love this product:

1) The interface is very user friendly! It is very easy to add family members and assignments. I felt that it was all pretty intuitive, but they also have a tutorial available that is very helpful in making sure you'll get the most out of the product.

2) It will send you, and your children, the schedule on a daily and weekly basis. You can set it up to send your children their assignments each day so that they will be able to access them in their email (this is great if you have a teen who likes to check email first thing in the morning). It will also send you a copy of everyone's schedules, and you can choose from weekly emails, daily emails, or both. You can also set up personal passwords for each family member, so that when they log in, they are only shown their assignments. They can then check them off as they finish them.

3) Once you add a class, you can have the program auto generate assignments. For example, if you are setting up your math for the year, no need to right Saxon 5/4 Lesson 1, Saxon 5/4 Lesson 2, etc. You can just enter the first day and it will auto generate the rest of the year's assignments.

4) You set up your own schedule. You setup what days are "school days" on your calendar, so that it only schedules classes on those days. You can further control the schedule by scheduling individual classes for specific days of the week (i.e., Science for Mondays and Thursdays only).

5) So what happens if you get off schedule because something comes up? It has a rescheduling helper, that opens up each time you enter the program and allows you to tell the program how you would like to deal with any missed assignments (move that assignment out by a day while keeping the rest of the assignments the same, moving that assignment and all of the future assignments for that class out by a day, ignoring it for the time being, or marking it as complete). No more having to manually re-enter things because something came up!

6. For those of you who prefer paper, you can print the schedules once they are entered into the computer, so that you can just check things off of there as you go, and there is no need to be in front of the computer during the day.

7. You can embed internet links, add notes, and create shopping lists for special assignments and activities, so that it is easy to prep for the upcoming week.

8. There are fun widgets you can add, including the local weather and a daily bible verse for inspiration.

9. It has separate "to do" lists for each family member, as well as shopping lists for different stores. You can fill them in as you go through your days, and then have them emailed or texted to anyone in your family. If you forgot your list at home, you can also text a certain number and it will text your list back to you!!!

Woo hoo!! And this isn't even all the features. The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is offering a free 30 day trial, too, so you don't have to risk anything to try it. If you decide you like it, you can sign up for a subscription and all of your information will move into your permanent account.”
Wendi Billington, Co-op Member
”This homeschool planner is the best product I have purchased! Being a very detail oriented person, I have never found a planner that has met all my needs to organize and keep daily tasks in order. I have spread the word to my homeschool peers that they too should join homeschool buyers co-op. I am a new member, but am looking forward to everything this site offers for me and my family.”
M. Gookin, Co-op Member
”I just started a free trial membership of Homeschool Planet, and I absolutely love it! Although I am very technically challenged, I have found this website to be completely user friendly. This is my 8th year to homeschool my three children (8th, 6th, & PreK), and I have struggled with organization/time management every year until now. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing product. I look forward to improving my ability to use this homeschool planner to the fullest.”
K. Grafton, Co-op Member
”We have only been on the Planet for two weeks now, and quite frankly I'm not sure how we got along without it! Now that I have middle school-ers with in depth assignments, I noticed last year that I was often the hurdle holding them back. If life threw a curve ball, and I got behind in lesson planning, they were waiting on me, and I hated that feeling. This year, they can clearly see what they need to do, check it off, check in when they need help, and (I can always hope!) see what lies ahead should they wish to get ahead. Wow! What a tool. At $7/month it's worth two lattes, hands down.

The final sell, was that each of our children has their own iPadMini. With the Plant ap they can not only see their assignments, as they can with the daily email, but they can check them off as well. Each morning I log in, shuffle assignments if needed, and keep on swimming'... Thank you, thank you, thank you, HBC!”
Tracy, Idaho, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet planner! I am HIGHLY unorganized and very busy (I know; aren't we all?!?) and I love how easy it is to write stuff in the planner. When life shows up and you have to make changes, that's easy, too! The more that I use it, the more that I learn, and the more that I like it!

My daughter likes it because she gets online, checks her assignments for the day, and gets stuff done so that she can mark stuff off for the day.

My son likes it (or doesn't--depends on how you look at it lol) because he can easily check his email and see what he's still got left to do (sigh...)

It works very well for this busy, tech-loving family, and HEY! It's one less thing for me to lose. (Yes, I was always misplacing my lesson planner last year. I don't lose my laptop, though!)

I also love how it sends email reminders both daily and weekly. Enjoy!”
Julie Bass, Co-op Member
”For years I have done my lesson plans on paper week by week. If I planned further out than this, life would happen and we would be off schedule. This year we switched to Homeschool Planet and it has been wonderful. Now I am able to plan out the entire year for many subjects, adjusting tasks forward if the kids work at a faster pace and back if we can't get it done on the assigned day. I'm able to send weekly and daily e-mails to my high schooler so she can see her schedule and work independently. I can give her notes and websites to link to as well. Homeschool Planet features grade keeping as well. And I also love that I can combine my middle schoolers for certain subjects and sometimes all four of my kids for read alouds. Since we live in a desert, I have set up a widget to see the daily temperature so I can know whether PE outside is feasible. My husband loves that I can send him our plans so he can know what we are studying.

This program has everything I wanted to see in an online homeschool planner plus much more that I never even knew to think of. For example, I now send my plans to my husband so he can stay more involved, knowing what we are doing each day. I'm looking forward to using the transcript feature. And I anticipate using the shopping lists sent to my phone and occasionally e-mailed to my husband. I don't think I can go back to paper.”
D. Davis, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been an awesome resource for planning and monitoring our homeschool and life activities. After the first couple of days of my free trial, I knew I had to have this great tool to keep everything together. My Mom is also our assessor, so I added her to our account so that she can see what my kids are working on in school. She lives out of town, but comes to visit frequently, so it is easy for her to see what is going on when she's planning a visit.

I love that the Homeschool Planet calendar is so easy to sync with my other calendar for Girl Scout activities and the calendar on my phone. Everything in one place is awesome!

I also like the ease of use, and prompt and personal response to questions.”
Shelly Murdock, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for 7 years and just found Homeschool Planet. I have no idea how I haven't found this sooner!! It has made my life so much easier! I love the dual calendar/school planner setup. It helps me easily keep track of assignments for my 3 kids. I tried it out for about 2 weeks on the free trial basis, and then I bought it! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet!”
Leslie Smith, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has really helped us stay organized. My daughter really enjoys getting her daily schedule by email. I have done a trial membership with two other similar homeschool planners and this one wins hands down. It is very easy to use and doesn't take forever to learn. I have purchased a year subscription and will likely use it for years to come. I have told all of our homeschooling families.”
Amanda S., Co-op Member
”LOVE this homeschool planner! I'm a new homeschooling mom and have only been using the planner for about a month. I'm still learning daily about all it can do, but it's easy to jump right in and get started with the basics. I've been able to plan the year for my middle-schooler and print daily assignment checklists for him which has been great. It's also very easy to change/add to assignments, switch days, and grade his work. This planner is always with me (home computer, tablet, phone) so it's quick t make changes whenever they pop into my head, rather than waiting until later - which often leads to my forgetting!”
T.W., Co-op Member
”From the very beginning, Homeschool-Planet was easy to use. Completely user-friendly and intuitive. While there are some free online planners available, this one was worth paying for. I wanted an online homeschool planner that I can access from anywhere but still have the ability to print out our week. I easily logged in and without having to learn the how-tos, I was able to input our entire school YEAR. I can easily schedule and reschedule classes, activities or chores. I like that I can color code all of it as well! It's easy to see your day, week or month. I'm not in need of reports just yet, but if the scheduling works great I'm sure the reporting does as well!”
Raquel O., Co-op Member
”I just completed my 30 day trial with Homechool Planet and I must say I am very pleased so far. I just purchased a year subscription. I wish I would have had this program available when I first began homeschooling years ago. No more endless writing to create my own schedules for the kids. If we miss a day, I can move all classes forward with a click on the keyboard.”
Jeannine, Co-op Member
”I was skeptical about Homeschool-planet. I have used multiple other tools and found them hard to manage and unforgiving. I was able to use this from day one, and was very impressed with the high school transcript feature. I am excited about the new school year now, knowing I have this new "assistant" to help keep me organized. Thank you! Cindy, Mom of 6”
Cindy, Co-op Member
”We finally have a homeschool planner that's just right for our homeschooler family. It covers all of our needs and it's so easy to use! It's definitely a keeper.”
Emily F., Co-op Member
”This program has been exactly what our family has needed to organize our lives and home school. I love that each child receives their weekly and daily schedule and is able to check off what they've accomplished. All eight of the children have loved using it. It has been so easy to get started and has met many of our desires. The 30 day trial was an added bonus. I can see we will be using it for a long time. The fee made it so affordable. This is the best tool our family has found to facilitate our home schooling experience. Others I have told have been equally excited.”
L. Milton, Co-op Member
”This is my first year of home schooling and a friend recommended this. It has been a Huge time saver for me! It helps me stay organized and be organized. This would be an invaluable tool for anyone just starting out! I will continue to use this product:)”
Carrie K., Co-op Member
”I've asked a lot of questions the last few weeks and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Homeschool Planet. It has already changed our summer school experience, and I'm looking forward to it transforming our fall and "making things happen". Thanks for this program and keep up the great work!”
W. Baker, Co-op Member
”I had been telling my husband my wish list for a perfect homeschool planner. I really wanted a planner that I could access with my mobile devices. I also wanted to be able to add courses, individual assignments, keep attendance, calculate grades. It was important that my daughter be able to access her assignments to provide accountability and keep her organized. I had tried so many other planners and had settled on having to use several separate tools to get done what I needed done. A few weeks after venting to my husband about what I really needed in a planner, I received an email from Homeschool Buyers Co-op advertising Homeschool-Planet. I watched the video and couldn't believe it. I thought for sure it was too good to be true! I signed up for the free trial and started inputting all of my data. It was so simple and clean. I have never felt so organized going into a homeschool year in all of my years homeschooling! The price is great too. I believe feeling this organized is priceless! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op and Homeschool-Planet for changing the way I organize my homeschool year! This is a daily organizational tool I am so happy to have!”
Dee Harrington, Co-op Member
”I signed up for the Homeschool Planet Planner's free 30-day trial offer and I am now a yearly subscriber. I absolutely love this online planner. I am able to do everything with it; from planning my kids' school year and curriculum to keeping track of attendance & grades, to making transcripts, to appointments, to grocery lists and meal planning. I love that I am able to customize it any way I want and print off the calendars that pertain to each family member. Lesson planning is so easy and if you miss a day, it will automatically shift all the lessons forward for you. It's simple and easy to use, which is very important. I looked into another homeschool planner around the same time, but this other one only would do schooling info such as grades, attendance, & transcripts. After comparing the two, I decided to stay with Homeschool Planet and subscribe to it. I recommended it to my sister, who is now trying the free trial offer and she too is impressed with all it can do. It is like a personal assistant. It is an awesome planner and has worked wonderfully for me. I highly recommend it and am glad I found it!”
S. Park, Co-op Member
”I am very excited about using the Homeschool-Planet planner. It is the most intuitive online planner that I tested. I especially like the feature which automatically numbers the lessons by page numbers or chapters. In addition, the technical support has been outstanding!”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”For a long time now, I have been searching for an organizer that would provide a clear and concise 'snapshot' of what is going on for a specific date or time period within my family. This product definitely seems to be that, where each of my children, my husband and myself can easily stay on the same page, and tasks needed are easily communicated. I love the widgets on the edges of the planner and the quotes have to be my favorite. I'm looking forward to using the grading helper as well as the schedule adjuster as we all know things come up during the course of a homeschool week. Also, I'm excited about how printable the parts of the organizer are; this will make organization, record keeping, and attendance so much easier!! We are very excited about using Homeschool Planet this year as our family's organizer!”
Sarah L., Co-op Member
”I am a wife, mother, full time employee, home school teacher, children's ministry teacher, schedule keeper, co-op leader and I have somewhat of a social life with friends. On top of all of that I am a planner. Spreadsheets, notebooks and calendars galore! The many different calendars I have to pay attention to can be mind-numbing.

Having one child that is home schooled and another that in enrolled in our public school system has never been that difficult, but then you throw in the various testing dates, field trips and project deadlines through the public schools along with our co-op home school obligations and it can be difficult to keep up. I had to have a system. I looked for several years and have settled on individual things to meet my needs, but nothing has quite fit the bill. After trying one program a few years ago, I was left quite disappointed trying to figure out what to do next. Someone recommended Homeschool Planet. I figured it would be good, but never did I realize all the features that were more than bells and whistles.. they were usable features that made my life easier.

Some of the features that my family loves:

Texting of important due dates: Having a high schooler it is so nice that he can get a text reminder of his big projects and events. This has aided in his independence and it is always nice that I do not have to always remind him of everything. I have personally used the texting feature to remind me of appointments and to do s that I must have done.

Clear and concise assignments: I personally love how the assignments work. I like being able to list several at once and set up my whole school year. At the same time assignments are easy to move around if necessary. This is a big plus for me. My youngest son loves being able to sing on with his own username to find out his assignments for the day. This prevents him from always coming to me to ask what he needs to get done next. It has made our day much more efficient.

Calendar: My husband has several events that happen outside of his normal work hours. He tends to forget to remind me of these events. Having a calendar that he can log into and input his schedule has been really helpful. It has helped to cut down on over scheduling.

After the free trial period, we found it was something we needed to have to help us run smoothly. I am looking forward to using it this school year!”
Kristy H., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet did exactly what it said it would and was easy to figure out and use. My husband appreciates it the most as it gives him a heads up as to what the kids are doing and it gives the kids a heads up as to what he's doing. I like it much better than some of the other similar services I've tried. We used the month trial and hope to add it to our homeschool budget in the future.”
Mrs. G., Co-op Member
”I was pleased and impressed with the level of flexibility in scheduling. Being able to shift things so easily when plans change is amazing. My other digital calendar can't do that. What finally sold me was the report printing. I can get all that information back out in a hard copy that suits my needs. I definitely plan to try out a full year.”
Kristy J., Co-op Member
”Now that I have the option to check the schedule from my iPad and phone-with an app-plus the emails to my family, this homeschool planner is priceless!”
Missy P, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Planet. It has so many helpful features, it is well worth the small amount of money it costs for membership. I am always on a budget, but this is something I will gladly invest in. When you have a family of five and a busy schedule, Homeschool Planet is such a great companion! I'm so glad I tried it out.”
Callie J., Co-op Member
”We have been using Homeschool-Planet for almost a month and have already signed up for the year. We homeschool two boys aged 12 and 14. Their paths are diverging now as they discover their unique individual passions. Chaos was beginning to reign supreme, but Homeschool-Planet significantly calmed the rising sea of conflicting schedules. The boys both love the digest and to do lists. I love being able to see the 'whole' picture.”
Barbara Johnson, Co-op Member
”After using this planning tool last fall for a month, I was impressed by all the options and my daughter loved it. However, I'm a paper & pen kind of person and was convinced I could find something I liked as well in hard copy. After several months of searching and trial and error, I came back and purchased Homeschool Planet with a huge sigh of relief. It allows us to track our days, classes, assignments without making us feel like a slave to our schedule. It's easy to move assignments to different days or shift all our assignments with a couple of clicks. That is such a relief when life takes over and things get crazy. I love that!

Plus, my teen loves getting her reminders in her email. She will remind me if assignments are missing and has really taken ownership of her learning schedule. I know Homeschool Planet has helped make that happen and we will use it through graduation. Thanks for an excellent product.”
Jodie, Co-op Member
”I am thrilled with Homeschool Planet's calendar and planner. Finally someone has incorporated everything I need to keep up with all of my work, my husband's work, homeschool, chores, and bill pay schedules. I love the fact that I can easily change the dates of scheduled activities. It is so easy to use! Thank you so much for taking the time Homeschool-Planet to create such a great product. I'm telling all of my friends about this great software!”
Donna E., Co-op Member
”I am thrilled to endorse the Homeschool Planet! It is an awesome way to integrate all of our family calendars, to-do lists and notes plus lesson plans to track our schedules from a central spot. Our 4 kids like getting due date reminders and also viewing the activities for the day.”
Cindy Wilkinson, Co-op Member
”I think this product is amazing, in particular, for homeschool parents entering the high school years with their kids. To have schedule, capacity to send texts to husbands to pick up grocery items, do transcripts, and keep track of grades all from one schedule planner. Plus room to do lists of groceries, keep track of Bible verses to encourage you, I loved it. I'm not a computer person, but I could do this.”
Margaret B., Co-op Member
”I'm still in the middle of the trial period for this software. My kids are really too young to have use of the software themselves for scheduling. However, I've found it very user-friendly, organized, and intuitive--it's the kind of program I would have written for myself if I had the skills and time. :) I am planning to continue to use it and pay for the service--it really does make planning easier. My husband and my father-in-law, both computer programmer/ analysts, were thoroughly impressed with the software also. Highly recommended!!”
Kira, Co-op Member
”I have spent the last 10 summers preparing lesson plans for my four daughters and have used various systems to accomplish this, at times overwhelming, task. Homeschool Planet has been a god-send this summer. I have tested this product with a shortened version of my lesson plans and it works like a charm. I have now purchased the annual subscription and am completing my lesson plans faster than ever. Not only that, but I feel secure that if we miss a day of schoolwork or a subject assignment is not completed, it and all the other assignments that follow can be easily shifted to the next day and the day after that. No more erasing or retyping.

I am also excited that Homeschool Planet emails each of my girls their assignments for the day!! I have three teen agers who are glued to their devices, so these daily reminders are perfect. I will also be able to print out a daily schedule for my little one who lives to check boxes. Woohoo!!

I know I sound like a commercial, but I feel truly blessed that this product came to market. That's coming from a mom who has been at it for 10 years.”
Naomi Ortega, Co-op Member
”After a miserable year last year of spending hours on Sunday afternoons compiling lists for all my kids, I knew something about my planning routine had to change. I have 6 children, and the youngest is starting preschool, so it had to be automated and EASY. I researched for weeks, but everything I found was either not user friendly, too expensive, too confusing or took just as much time to maintain as my paper system. I even had a Saturday afternoon date for coffee with my computer-geek husband and listed all the things I wanted a planning program to do so that he could build one for me. Then a friend at church mentioned Homeschool Planet. I was explaining my list, and she kept saying, "I think Homeschool Planet can do that. I'm pretty sure it can do that, too." I went home and started testing it out... and I LOVE it! I really love how automated it is to enter lessons. With one command, it automatically lists out each math lesson on the days that I want, and it can skip days we'll take off. I really like that it asks me each morning what to do with assignments that weren't checked off. It keeps me accountable, and things don't slip through the cracks. And the daily reminder emails to each child are great, too. The Co-op has been really responsive to my questions and suggestions, and they are doing updates all the time. We've used it this summer with the limited school we're doing, and I can't wait to see how it handles the full school load this fall! I highly recommend it.”
Kerry Marsh, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet! So do my children. They actually complete their work in a timely manner, whereas, before the planner, they took forever to do their work. No more frustrations there!!! Also, rescheduling is a snap! Grading is just gravy. ;-) This is everything you could ever dream of in a planner. Saves soooo much time!”
Stacy Brandli, Co-op Member
”I just started homeschooling this past school year, and have learned a lot about how I want to organize our school life at home. When I saw the free trial offer and all the great reviews, I thought, why not? I have really enjoyed my free trial! Even though we only used it for the tail end of this school year, I can see how it will improve our experience next year. My kids love getting their daily e-mail and being able to sign in to their calendar and check things off as they do them. I've purchased the year subscription and I'm actually looking forward to planning for the next school year! It will be great to avoid the "what are we doing today?" questions and the "am I done for the day?" inquiries. This is a terrific product for me and my current 3rd, 5th, and 6th graders! :)”
Melissa B., Co-op Member
”I love this product. I was able to input information for both of my children. The layout is great and it's easy to navigate.”
Tesha, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling Planet has been awesome. We use it just for homeschooling and love it. I use to write out every week what needed to be done for that week and hope it didn't get lost. Now I can put in the whole month and my son can look at it daily and do his work on his own and check it off when he is done. I also have the capabilities to grade things and it keeps track of it for me. I love it! We started with the 30 day trial and will be signing up for the year. Thank you for this service.”
C Filipiak, Co-op Member
”This is the first homeschool planner I have purchased that actually works!! I love how easy it is to reschedule assignments if we miss them or need to take an unexpected day off because of sickness, etc. It is so user friendly, too. No need to watch/read tutorials to figure out how to use it. It has definitely helped our school day flow more efficiently!”
Sydney R., Co-op Member
”I signed up for a free 30 - day trial and I had only entered two days worth of assignments before I decided to go ahead and buy a subscription. Scheduling takes so much less time now And when life happens, rescheduling is easier, too.

My daughter likes being able to check off completed assignments and to see what's coming up. I won't go back to a pen and paper planner ever again.”
Michael A., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has improved our homeschooling! I tried the 30 day free trial close to the end of our year. I spent time using Homeschool-Planet and setting up schedules for everyone. My children love it!!! They loved having a scheduled time and limit to certain assignments and were really motivated to follow it. They finally completed their assignments in a timely manner instead of dragging it out aallll day long. It has helped me schedule times for housework and all the things that need to be done. While using our free trial, we all got sick to the point of not being able to do school for three days. Rescheduling our assignments was sooooo much easier and less time consuming. That was the deciding factor to purchase the year subscription! I have had so much more time to focus where else is needed. I'm not able to use the grading to its fullest extent because it's the end of the year, but what I've used has shown me that it is also going to be very easy to use and save soooo much time!!! Homeschool-Planet is a neccesity for schooling more than one child! I love it and so do my children.”
Stacy, Co-op Member
”This is the online homeschool planner I've been looking and longing for! It needs to be easy to set up--check! It needs to be flexible for those days school doesn't happen--check! It needs to let me set it up the way I do school, not assuming everyone uses textbooks--check! It needs to have an indicator that we at least started that project--check! If I could remember everything I was excited about this might go on too long. Suffice it to say, if you haven't been completely satisfied with the other online planners you've tried... you may have just found your fit!!”
R. Soto, Co-op Member
”I am preparing to homeschool my child for the first time this fall and the Homeschool Planet planner has been tremendously helpful as I lesson-plan. I've struggled with feeling overwhelmed with all the preparation but this homeschool planner has helped me feel so organized now! It's very easy to use, it's colorful, and it's so affordable. It's been pleasure to use and I am very grateful that I've found it.”
Soraya, Co-op Member
”I am really enjoying using Homeschool Planet and think it will be a big help to my family. I forget things so often, and being able to put reminders for things happening soon, as well as far in advance (like repeating birthdays, or getting my driver's license renewed) is giving me peace of mind.

I am also looking forward to putting it into use for school next year. I know my kids will really like checking off their boxes when they've completed an assignment and I hope it will motivate my distracted ones to keep at it. I am especially excited about the feature that allows you to move an unfinished assignment to the next day and even to shift everything in that subject by one day or leave the future assignments alone. That sets this product apart from other homeschool planners and is a big reason I purchased it.

One more thing, the grocery lists that can be received by texting the planner while you're away is a great idea!
I have had a very positive experience whenever contacting Homeschool Planet folks for help or questions. They are always prompt, courteous, and ready to help and improve the product as needed.”
Cecilia L., Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE Homeschool Planet! The best organizational and grading program, HANDS DOWN.”
G. Church, Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed Homeschool-Planet. It is so great to have everything electronic. When plans change, it is super easy to just move back our schedule (without having to erase or draw a bunch of arrows). The check marks and reports make it easy to make sure that everyone completed their tasks as well. It's become my "command central" as I can put tasks, shopping lists and schedules in the software. Totally worth the investment!”
Angie V., Co-op Member
”As a new homeschooling parent I had been struggling to keep track of assignments, grades and attendance. This homeschool planner has simplified things so much! I no longer worry about which spreadsheet certain information is in, it's just all done in one place and it is so simple to use!”
Leann, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this homeschool planner!! I have only been homeschooling my three boys for four years, but I have tried so many different planning options. I've tried paper planners, where it is nearly impossible to plan the entire year at once - and then there's the erasing! Things will go amiss and re-planning will happen - so much trouble! I've tried online checklist programs (e.g. Cozi), but they required entering the new assignments every day. With four kids, one of them three years old, it just wasn't practical to enter lesson plans every night. I was at my wit's end. Then I found Homeschool-Planet. This planner is perfect. I can enter the lesson plans for the entire year at once, add to them or change them easily and at any time, shift the schedule as necessary for those unexpected field trip days (you know what I mean, homeschool moms). All of my lessons are right there; everything is planned and easily changed, combined or moved. Each of the kids gets their own login that opens to their assignments, or if we're not going to have internet access that day, their daily checklists can easily be printed. I personally appreciate the grade helper that pops up when I log in. It helps me make sure everything gets graded and recorded - no falling behind in grading. I can't say enough how much I love this program!”
T. B. Thomas, Co-op Member
”When I first tried out Homeschool planet, I didn't know how it would work out for us, but over time, it has become indispensable. My boys (11 & 13) can be completely self directed in doing the lessons I have planned out for them. We do a lot of online lesson work and Homeschool-Planet makes it super easy to direct the boys to where I want them to be.”
Vickie B., Co-op Member
”I have homeschooled our 3 children for 2 years and the hardest part is organizing all the "stuff". I am in day 20 of the 30 day trial and I am hooked. I have used other homeschool planners with little success. Homeschool Planet has allowed me to free up time to actual do more teaching-imagine that!!!! The KIDS Love it too!”
Carla, Co-op Member
”The best product ever!! This morning I was crying trying to figure out how to get everything done. Homeschool Planet made it clear and I realized I was doing much better at homeschooling than I thought. THANK YOU!!”
R. Araujo, Co-op Member
”I love it. It's just what I was looking for.”
Andrea H., Co-op Member
”I loved the experience, it really helped at a time of transition for my family. I plan on subscribing and i always brag about how wonderful and helpful it is. The children loved being able to see their assignments and just keep working.”
J. Rhodes, Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. I like that I can print the weekly schedule. My kids like the fact that they can pull it up on their iPads and keep track of their work. It has been a big help in planning my week and even ahead some. I wish I would have purchased sooner.”
ACutshall, Co-op Member
”This is THE solution I was looking for! I spent my first 2 years home schooling using an excel spreadsheet to plan my lessons, and it was miserable. It was inflexible and terribly limited, and I spent way more time fussing with it than I wanted.

For year three I went hunting for an on-line homeschool planner. I found My Well-Planned Day and got in as a Beta user, prepared for some hiccups but optimistic that it would be a better tool for us. Wrong. After a year and a half I was so frustrated with glitches and limited functionality that I was ready to resort to paper.

I reached out to the other home schoolers I know on Facebook, hoping they had better answers, and one of them pointed me toward Homeschool Planet.

I was skeptical after my previous experiences, but you won me over within the first week of my free trial. Before the trial period was even over, I'd ordered my subscription. After all the time I'd wasted and frustration I'd encountered, it was such a huge relief to find something that really WORKS. Not only does this program make planning my lessons easier and faster, but it actually saves me time during the day, too, and helps to keep me on track with reminders (which I really needed). Daily assignment lists for the kids make their days easier, grading and missed assignment reminders help me keep up each day instead of doing massive catch-up grading sessions, and nothing gets lost or overlooked either. I am HOOKED.

Thank you so much, for this program. I cannot believe that I managed without it for almost four years. You've managed to make a product that really does everything I need and more, and does it cleanly, efficiently, and beautifully. I have already recommended this program to several other people and will continue to do so. It's a life (and time) saver!”
Leah P., Co-op Member
”What a lifesaver and time saver! I have tried MANY other scheduling programs and this program takes the cake. It's easy to just pick up and run with it the first day; but makes scheduling a month ahead easy. My favorite part is the ability to carry forward lessons that we "didn't get to" because of something unforeseen. It is easy to schedule in advance and the reports help my children check off their assignments on their list. Having Homeschool Planet gives me my weekends back, where I don't have to plan out, and write out each individual day for all my children. Thank you for such a great product.”
Holly S., Co-op Member
”I am actually getting ready to purchase the homeschool planet after my 30 day trail. I have not taken the time to fully review and find all it has for me, but everything that I have used has been great. This is my first year home schooling our daughter and this is a great tool. I am setting up my daughter's log on for the 2nd semester so she will see what she has to do for the day even her chores. What a great way to keep the kinds accountable for their responsibilities.”
Heather Wells, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been a sanity-saver! I have tried lots of other homeschool planners -- both paper and electronic -- and have never been as impressed with them as I have been with Homeschool Planet. I love that I can enter our lesson plans as far ahead as I need/want and they are easily adjustable with a simple click of a button. I don't need to erase and re-write if things change. I also find it incredibly helpful that I can add our appointments in, as well as chores and then have it all emailed to myself and each child (they are middle-school and high-school aged). Prior to using Homeschool Planet, I had an electronic calendar for appointments, and a paper planner for lesson plans which I then typed into daily work lists for each child. It is wonderful having everything in one place! The only thing that would make this better is having an Android app so I can add appointments, etc. from my phone (because, really, what homeschooler actually stays at home? LOL)”
Amy T., Co-op Member
”This is the first time in my four years of homeschooling that I have finally been able to organize my day and stay on track. I have tried numerous daily planners and have always felt they are missing something. With the Homeschool-Planet I have the opportunity to put in the missing pieces. I recommend everyone going for the free trial!”
Jenny, Co-op Member
”I love the Homeschool Planet Planner! I use it not only for tracking school work but for tracking the entire family's activities, chores and more! I call it the hub because it has become the hub of our daily activity. It is simple to use with a 1 page interface which I love!
My youngest son age 12 loves logging on with his own personal login so he can see his activities scheduled for the day and check off his homeschool assignments as he completes them. He thinks it's neat how he can send me messages straight to my phone from the messenger widget. Thanks Homeschool Planet for such and awesome product!”
Jennifer Hoover, Co-op Member
”A friend told me about Homeschool-Planet when he saw how flustered I was trying to catch up on preparing my daughter's weekly homeschool plans. I went home that day and immediately tried Homeschool- Planet's free trial to see for myself how this worked. Last week, I purchased it for the 1x easy yearly fee.

Our Top 4 Benefits:

a) My daughter sometimes gets into 'the zone' and just wants to continue with that subject for awhile. Her enthusiasm for the subject was nice to see, but keeping up with updating her study schedules was a nightmare. With Homeschool-Planet, it is a matter of 'click and drag' to switch assignments according to how my daughter is completing them. Love it!

b) My daughter loves to log-in to Homeschool-Planet and see all her assignments for the day, decide what order to do the work in and check things off as she gets it done. I have my own log-in and can double check everything with ease.

c) We often get sidetracked with lovely learning things, and this means certain other items on the day's list do not get done. This used to cause me stress, worrying about how to keep track of all these loose ends. Now it's so easy to make quick decisions on whether to reschedule the assignment for the next day and bump everything 1 day over, or perhaps to double up on assignments the next day, etc... So many choices and Homeschool-Planet does it with a click of a button.

d) I've gone in and scheduled subjects out for the year, some for 3 months, others for a couple of weeks. Love this versatility too.

I could go on! It's a great product and I highly recommend it!”
S. Paul, Co-op Member
”We just finished our free trial of Homeschool Planet and I love how easy the program is to navigate and my daughter loves being able to check off her work as she completes it. We decided to subscribe for the remainder of the school year. She especially loves to send me text messages when she completes and assignment and to report how well she did.”
J. Cirka, Co-op Member
”I have used several homeschool planning systems, both stand alone and online. Homeschool Planet is by far easier to set up, easier to use and keeps our homeschool running efficiently. My 9 year old son loves it and can follow along with his assignments with ease. We have finally found a program that we are sticking with. Thanks so much for coming up with this planning helper!”
Helene Johnston, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool Planet! It does an excellent job of keeping all of us organized. The kids can mark off assignments as they finish them. I can keep up with what has been completed and what still needs to be finished. It is very user friendly. You can adjust lesson plans forward without having to redo days worth of plans. I will continue to use Homeschool Planet in the future.”
A Brumme, Co-op Member
”I have absolutely loved using the online Homeschool-Planet Planner. I had tried paper planners, homemade computer organizers, etc. but this program makes it all so easy. I am able to go in and plan lessons as far ahead as I like but can edit easily if the need arises. I love having the online grade book as well. Thanks so much for this tool!”
Wendy Stacy, Co-op Member
”My famiy has been using this homeschool planner for just over a month. This is just what I have been looking for over a decade! After fiddling with paper planners and other difficult to navigate through systems, this has been a true blessing! My ninth grader plans out his entire schedule, giving him the opportunity to be autonomous. Easy to set up as well! We plan on keeping this well into our future! - Thank you!!!”
Tami Nickel, Co-op Member
”I am really liking this homeschool planner. We have been using it since mid-August, and it is working for us. It's not overly complicated like some, but has just enough of what we need to keep a record of what we are doing. And it is helping both my teenage son and myself stay on track!”
Cindy K., Co-op Member
”I never fill out testimonials, but I decided to do this one. This products has really helped me get our homeschool on track. Before this, I was creating my daughters homeschool plans on paper - in a yearly homeschool planner. The problem was that when our daily plan didn't go as expected, then it was very difficult to erase. Planning ahead became very difficult, because of the inability to adjust things easily in writing. I really appreciate being able to easily change plans using Homeschool-Planet. Now, if we miss a day or two of lessons, I just click a couple of buttons and we are back on track. This makes it so easy for me to plan a month of curriculum (or more) all at once. Count me grateful for a truly helpful product at a reasonable price.”
Abigail Griffin, Mom
”I love this homeschool planner! I had been searching for a planner with all the characteristics this one has to offer but couldn't find one until now. My husband and I were considering writing a computer program to meet our needs. Everything that I wanted is in your planner. So, we decided to use what you have created. I really like how you can touch any date and time on the calendar and enter you class schedule. It is perfect for us. The only thing I might add is the ability to manage the calendar from the iPad. I use mine all the time. I do like that I am able to view the calendar on my iPad but I would also like to make changes in the future if possible. Thanks so much for such a great product!”
J. Hammond, Co-op Member
”After the initial trial, I subscribed to the full year. Homeschool Planet quickly replaced all of my prior efforts to plan on paper and has made tracking the school year's assignments very easy for my family.
I expect that we will use this from this point forward until we wrap up our homeschooling effort with my four year old, as the Homeschool Co-Op has shown quick responses to my questions and suggestions.”
Kevin D., Co-op Member
”I work two days a week,so I especially love the daily email schedule reminders and the email during the day letting me know what my boys have finished/are still working on. I love all the details I can add, like web links and notes, to each specific assignment. It's very personalized and efficient-much quicker than others. I plan on using Homeschool Planet for the rest of my homeschool years!”
D. Owens, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for 2 months now and I LOVE IT. The designs are great and I am glad that I finally found a non-complicated homeschool planner that I can start using right away. I love that it's online, so I don't have to "back up" my kid's information and can access it from anywhere. I was so into the program that I planned 6 months of certain, ongoing subjects in one sitting. And when something changed later on, I was able to easily go in and change it without it affecting the rest of the schedule. Tracking attendance days is really does that for you! This sure beats writing everything by hand, like I did last year. I can't wait until they roll out report cards/grade tracking and hours-tracking since I have to keep record of hours in my state. I also love the widgets. Super fun!”
Kellee, Co-op Member
”The preprinted Well Planned Day journal is my go-to favorite homeschool planning tool, but this makes a nice addition since my kids get their own check off boxes right on their laptop. I recommend this one. It's very user friendly, yet has the right balance of options for scheduling a variety of repeatable and non repeating events including chores.”
Pam G, Co-op Member
”I started homeschooling last year with little to no knowledge. I quickly found numerous resources out there, but through last year i found that there was a lot of records to keep. With more understanding under my belt I quickly started doing research about how to keep better records before the new school year. I quickly found many sites that claimed to be easy and very helpful. I quickly tried a lot of them. (30 days trials) What i found was that Homeschool-Planet was the best out there. I really was glad I tried it. I did like I did with all the others I gave it a 30 day trial. From the time I logged on I could tell the difference in the product. After the trial was over i was excited about subscribing to such an awesome program. The program is easy to use and takes no time to setup, that's a plus. I also like the fact that I can have all my activities on there for my family. I can remind myself of something that is coming up, like a doctor's appointment, or remind myself of my grocery list. An added bonus is I can email my grocery list to myself. I would say Homeschool-Planet is a very wise investment. I will definitely use this next year, and recommend it to others.”
Stephanie V., Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling my children for 14 years! This planner is THE BEST homeschool planner I've seen. I'm thrilled with how organized it is and how much we are able to get done on a daily basis. Every day I print and hang up not only the school schedule for the day but also the daily to-do list (for chores). No more forgetting or nagging! My daughter knows everything MUST be completed by a certain time each day. It's simple and organized! We love it!!!!!”
Melanie D., Co-op Member
”We've tried several homeschool planners, record-keepers, trackers and Homeschool Planet has been the best I've used! The kids love being able to sign in to see what their assignments are each day, checking them off, and it's eco-friendly - no more paper to-do lists. I've posted on my social media about it being our fave - and hope to write a review on my blog.”
Shannon Burgdorf, Co-op Member
”After handwriting my lesson plans for years I decided to give the Homeschool Planner a try and I love it. It allows so much flexibility while at the same time allowing me to plan a year at once. I love how I can look at the day, week or even month at a time and make changes with just a click. I would encourage anyone to give it a try for 30 days and see if it doesn't work for you.”
Janine O, Co-op Member
”I loved the Homeschool-Planet Planner. I've tried other computer-based planners and have also used Word and Excel on my own to organize my lesson plans. Homeschool Planet is by far the most user friendly program I've tried. Everything is very self explanatory and easy to understand. It's easy to use and set up. I also like the auto-generator for assignments. That being said, the only thing I didn't like was the way it printed out assignments. Each day is printed on 1 sheet of paper which translates to 5 pages per week per child. I would love to be able to print the entire weeks assignments on 1 sheet. Even though, I would recommend this product to all of my homeschool friends.”
Rhonda H., Co-op Member
”I'd been looking for a way to track and schedule our homeschool curriculum, and had tried four other pieces of software that always seemed to be lacking essential features. So, when Homeschool Planet came out this summer, I was super excited to see if it did what the others didn't. I'm so happy to say that Homeschool Planet has truly changed our lives for the better! It allows me to update, move and consolidate lessons, to grade and plan easily. The very best feature is the daily report that is generated and emailed to my seventh-grader. She loves it! It promotes self-reliance, and really helps her take ownership of her day. It's exactly what we've been looking for for years! I've been telling all my friends how easy it is to use, and what a difference it makes. Thanks so much!”
Ann Fitch, Co-op Member
”I searched everywhere on the internet, then found Homeschool Planet. It's just what I needed. It's very easy to use and looks great. Setting my kids profiles up was simple and quick. I love how easy it is to reschedule skipped lessons.

Whenever there's a problem (which is rare) the techs get right on it. Also, whenever I have a question or suggestion, they reply to my emails very quickly. This was definitely worth every penny.”
SM, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool-Planet for two months and really love it! It's super easy to use but also powerful. I would recommend it anyone wanting to get their homeschool more organized.”
NS Colorado, Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has enabled our homeschool to stay on track this semester. I am appreciating its ease of use, especially the editing capabilities, since our schedule seems to change constantly these days. I like the comprehensiveness of Homeschool Planet. It does more than any other organizers I've tried in the past. Best of all, my student uses it daily without any further prodding from me. Highly recommended.”
Barbara, Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet has revolutionized the way we do school. We went from a somewhat disorganized schedule to a neatly arranged agenda of work - thanks to Homeschool-Planet's excellent planning software. This program is by far the easiest to use of the multitude of new programs popping up. Not only is the software user-friendly, but it is being enhanced on an ongoing basis to make it the most useful planning tool possible.

My children love pulling up their daily schedule via e-mail and then printing it out. Rescheduling missed classes is a snap with Homeschool-Planet. Calendar and planner views by day, week, or month make viewing assignments possible in a variety of ways.

I will continue to tell all my homeschooling friends about this helpful, revolutionizing service.”
Michele Petersen, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this product! I have tried various homeschool planners, digital and paper, and this has by far worked the best for me. My favorite aspect is being able to shift assignments on our schedule if we need to, with no fuss, no eraser, and no need to stress over the schedule being incorrect! I don't have my kids checking off their own work in the program, but I do print Daily Plans for each of my children, which helps tremendously with their sense of independence and keeping track of their own work. The email reminders are terrific! There are so many aspects that I haven't even explored with this product, that I look forward to finding new ways to incorporate all the help it provides to our homeschool day. Thank you so much for designing this product!”
B. Baker, Co-op Member
”My first year homeschooling- I tried a few other schedulers. Homeschool Planet is easy to use and has been essential in keeping me organized. I am very happy with this product!!”
JD, Co-op Member
”I have homeschooled for many years now and I have found Homeschool Planet to be a brilliant homeschool planner. The ease of changing your schedule is wonderful. With a few clicks, all of our assignments can be shifted. The amount of time this planner saves will surprise you. Also, the customer service is great. When I've asked a question, I usually get a reply the same day. We will definitely continue using Homeschool Planet until we are completely finished with homeschooling. You could search for free programs or you could spend quite a bit of money. Either way, I don't think you will find a planner as intuitive as this one. It is brilliant!”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”I am enjoying using this planner. It is much more intuitive than the other on-line planner I've tried. I love the automatic rescheduling feature and the grading reminders when you start the program up. this homeschool planner actually makes my life easier.”
Janet B., Co-op Member
”I've tried just about every online planner free trial and they each have one or two things at which they excel. Homeschool Planet has incorporated the best parts of each of these other homeschool planners. However, Homeschool Planet excels where none of the others do: There was NO learning curve! None! I was walked through every part and never felt frustrated. It's a beautiful system and I can't think of a fault to point out. I am only sad that my kids are too young for me to justify the expense just yet. As soon as our schedules become even a tad much... I'm signing up! Thank you for creating such a perfect product. I will definitely recommend it to others as the first online planner they should try.”
Athena Grey (not my real name, for privacy, please), Co-op Member
”I was asked to demo the homeschool planet calendar last spring and kind of blew it off because I was already testing several other calendar and planning apps and I just didn't think one that was designed for "school" would meet my needs. In late August, frustrated with everything else I had tried, I decided to give it a go. Best. Decision. This. Year.

Admittedly, I'm a calendar fanatic. If it's not on my calendar, it doesn't exist. I wanted a calendar that would keep track of my to-do's, shopping lists, regular calendar events, chores, school work, well - everything! I'm very happy to say, the Homeschool-Planet does it and quite nicely. It even lets me color code to release my inner dork. I'm still working on getting my kids to use it correctly and check off their calendar tasks and often resort to printing their daily schedule for them but we're getting there and it's still early in the season.

I'm anxiously awaiting for the iPhone version that they tell me is coming and the ability to sync with my Google calendar. Right now, I'm still running two calendars because of this tiny inconvenience but once we get that sync issue down, I'll be in calendar heaven!!!”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”I simply do not have the time to sit a write out a lesson plan for our school year, which makes it hard to know how the whole school year is going to play out. And even if I did have time to write out a lesson plan, learning opportunities come up last minute that cause the schedule to change. People get sick and maybe you need a day or two to recover. And then there is your personal schedule, like doctor's appointments and the like . . .

With Homeschool Planet I can enter my plan in day by day OR with a few clicks I can auto create and fill in our plan for a subject for the whole year. And if I've already set up in the program which days that we want to take off, I know exactly which date we will complete our curriculum for a particular subject, and how many school days we will have that year.

If I have to take a day off, no biggie. The program will ask me what I would like to do with the assignments that were not done on the assigned day. Do I want to add them on to the following day's assignments or do I want to shift out the entire schedule a day for the subjects missed that day?

And my kids love being able to sign in with their own sign in to see their schedule and check off any completed assignments. I also appreciate this when I am feeding the six month old and they ask, "What's next Mom?"

With everything that I have to do in a day, I so appreciate Homeschool Planet! It is very well thought out, and extremely useful for any homeschool family.”
Sally G., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Homeschool-Planet. It was so easy to learn and set up. I used a different online program before and it was confusing, not user friendly, made me dread setting up my school year, and it took days to do it. Homeschool-Planet took me no time to set up my entire year. My kids love getting their daily plans emailed to them. I use the texting option for my oldest so he knows what appointments he has to schedule into his day along with schoolwork. I like to do my entire lesson plans for the whole year, but in the past I was always afraid because rescheduling the day was a huge hassle. Not so with Homeschool-Planet. Rescheduling a day because of illness or something that comes up is so easy and pain-free. The Grading Helper is so convenient and such a great help to stay on top of grades. I will not use another program again! Highly recommend!!”
Tracy C, Co-op Member
”Love Homeschool Planet! It has made planning for our homeschool year so easy and took the stress of planning away. Unexpected changes to our schedule are no problem. Changes are so easy to implement. You can split assignments or merge them. If you miss a day, it will shuffle all your assignments forward. We print up the kids daily assignments so they know exactly what they need to do each day.”
Sue Humes, Co-op Member
”This homeschool planner is the first I've used in 15 years of homeschooling which provides flexibility and all the functions I need in one product. I love that it allows me to give repeating instructions as well as special assignments. We've even used it to send text and email alerts about family events or to-do items to our college-age children, and it updates my husband on our schedule. Within an hour of installing it, I had our entire family and school year set up. The first few weeks of school are usually full of small changes, and it allowed me to make those in seconds! The printed schedules can easily be re-printed as needed, if changes have been made. As a mom of 3 homeschoolers, and dealing with my own chronic illness, I can't begin to say how wonderful this planner is for me! I'm looking forward to using the grading features all semester, too.”
NickiB, Co-op Member
”I do LOVE the program! I have tried to mimic the functions in Excel on my own, but without a lot of success, as it required a lot of maintenance on my part. The auto-create recurring assignments function is a major time saver.

My kids love to check off their assignments on the weekly printed schedule. I can also list their chores for the day all in one place. I have recommended it to other users, especially those with two or more students, and I know I will continue to use it throughout the year.

One area that I always struggled with was grading. Our Province/school board require regular marks provided for grades 4 and up. I usually had a rough idea of how my daughter was doing, but didn't have a hard number to give the facilitator. The program provides me with regular reminders to mark her work and calculates her grades. I think this is the aspect of the program that I value the most. Thank you for creating this program, and making it multi-functional!”
Crysti S., Co-op Member
”First I have to say I am not at all a technologically sophisticated person. No smartphone or tablet here. I kept all of my records on a "regular" calendar and a spiral lesson planner. So far what I like is the daily reminder of my classes/activities that is sent to my e-mail. My kids don't have e-mail but when they get their own accounts that will be a very handy feature. I also like the attendance record which is mandatory that we keep in North Carolina. I've played around a bit with the transcript and grading features. My children are 9 and 11 so we don't need a transcript yet but I want to make sure I have it set up and working by then. Preparing a high school transcript is big part of the stress of homeschooling high school students. Being able to set up their classes and then have the information transferred to a transcript will save a lot of time and stress. There are a lot of features that I haven't quite figured out yet because I'm a very low tech person but even a low tech person can get a lot of use out of this program.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”I have found it so easy to be organized with this program. Seeing as this is an area I have struggled in for a long time,I can honestly say I love it. I believe it has the ability to grow with my family's needs and I am a lifer for sure. Thanks Homeschool- Planet.”
M. Kobe, Co-op Member
”With Homeschool-Planet I finally feel organized for my school year! It is what I have been wanting for so long! My children also enjoy the freedom they have of checking their schedule for the day and using initiative to get it done, they love marking their assignments complete!”
Vivienne vdM, Co-op Member
”Wow! What a well thought out and wonderfully designed homeschool planner. This program is simple enough to get your planning done quickly and thoroughly without the discouraging learning curve of other, more cumbersome programs. For the first time ever, I actually have lesson plans completed right through our New Year break! Additionally, our children are able to work without interruption to their schedule even when I had to stop for medical treatment. This program sends daily and weekly work notifications to me, my students, and even dad (who can now ask detailed questions about what they've accomplished during the day)! I told my best friend about it and she jumped on it immediately! We were so excited about how much we could accomplish in a single week!

I also love that the Co-op has made two methods of payment available to families. This has made it much easier to include this purchase into our family budget. Oh, and I would be remiss not to mention the outstanding and immediate customer service response to questions, suggestions, and/or concerns.

Anyone hoping to use a simple, yet comprehensive online planner will love Homeschool Planet. I really can't say enough positives about this planner. Forthcoming updates (adding resource and curriculum lists, etc.) will make this homeschool planner difficult for any homeschooler to live without. Thanks to everyone that has made planning out this school year the easiest process ever for our family!”
C. King, Co-op Member
”I was part of the beta test and have purchased this for the year. I have to rave about Homeschool Planet. If you are using a paper planner, you may want to consider this online homeschool planner instead. It has so many features and benefits, it's amazing! Some of my favorites:

It's SO user friendly. If you have used a calendar before, it is very intuitive and has information and explanations right where you need them.

Text- My daughter thinks this is so cool that she can text me if we're in two different parts of the house!"I need help!" She has even done this while we're in our school room together! LOL

Plan & Adjust- You can put in subjects and assignments by day, easily slide them up and down to a different day once they are typed in. The check boxes allow us to mark it done. Did I mention my kids have their own log-in to view and mark lessons complete? Miss, skip or shorten your day for a field trip...Homeschool Planet adjusts by asking you what you want to do with each of the assignments, tomorrow or next time you log back in! No, erasing and retyping or rewriting. Love that!

Shopping lists, to-do list and widgets - Text your shopping list to your phone. For multi-tasking parents this is a dream come true! Add a quote of the day,weather and even lookup widget to open a new window and go to Google.

I should mention that Homeschool Planet becomes each family member's calendar collating the whole family calendar into one. You can view it filtered by one member or see everything in one place.

In the assignments for each day you can add website links that you want the kids to look at for their research.

Last but, not least, I love that it's pretty with colorful template choices. I know that is a little thing but, I tried the free ones and they are utilitarian. I deserve something nice to look at, since I look at it everyday!

Thank you for designing the perfect online homeschool planner for homeschool families!”
Lauren W., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has probably been my best Homeschool investment yet! I love everything about it. I love that my children can check the checkboxes when they are done with their work in each class individually. They love that they only have to see their specific work and not the whole family's. I love that I have my entire day all planned on one homeschool planner. I love that Homeschool Planet has thought of every single situation a homeschool parents might be trying to put on a planner and they have made it as easy as possible! There has not been one thing that they have left off that I have found yet.

I have homeschooled my children now for three years and I have never used lesson plans, because the idea of planning my entire Homeschool year, every subject in detail, just to have one days plan change and mess up the entire planner just never seemed worth my effort. But now I get to have everything I need written in a planner and it is going to make this year so much easier.

There has not been one other homeschool planner that I have seen even remotely close to Homeschool Planet. I expect to be using Homeschool Planet for my next 12 years of homeschooling.

I have told several friends about this amazing find in Homeschool Planet and I know one friend in particular has already purchased the lesson planner based on my referral. I will continue to encourage people to use Homeschool planet to plan their home school year; they will be thankful they did!”
Jennifer Burton, Co-op Member
”As the mom of an honors-level ninth-grader just beginning the homeschool journey, I needed something to help keep us on track with a lot of classes and extras. Homeschool-Planet fits the bill. I enjoy the fact that I can input and store all the info I need, and my daughter loves the simplicity of logging in to find, link to, and sign off on her assignments (she definitely prefers digital technology to paper or a dry-erase board). My favorite detail is being able to easily move assignments around as needed; that one element has already saved me a lot of time. Sure, there are a few items I'd like to see--or not see--in Homeschool-Planet, but all in all this is a helpful product. After three weeks of trying it out, we went whole hog and signed up for the year. And being as I'm on it all day long, I already feel like I'm hanging out with an old friend. So a solid thumbs-up on this one.”
L. Peterson, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for years looking for a simple homeschool planner that was easy to change and manage. Homeschool Planet took a load off of my used-to-be hectic scheduling.Thanks to this program, I'm able to focus more on curriculum than planning!”
Lane Strahan, Co-op Member
”I have tried many different ways of setting up my sons lessons in the past nine years. Homeschool Planet is the best that I have found. I not only keep track of my sons lessons, but all family commitments in one place. LOVE IT!!!!”
Trudy, Co-op Member
”I love using Homeschool Planet! In the past, I have always done my lesson planning in notebooks (on for each child) which always resulted in lots of erasing and rescheduling. With Homeschool Planet, I am able to move lessons when I need to and it seamlessly moves all the upcoming lessons as well.

I also like that I can input a whole year s or whole semester's worth of lessons in the beginning of the year. That way, I can always keep track of where we are and whether we'll be able to finish the material in time. It's a great pacing guide and wonderful to be able to see weeks in advance.

My kids love getting their printed Daily Plan every morning. They're excited about checking off their assignments and they don't question the amount of work that I assign as they used to when their plans were handwritten.

All in all, it's been a huge time saver for me and much easier for my kids. I will definitely continue to use it and encourage all my homeschooling friends to try it out.”
Sheila C, Co-op Member
”We love using Homeschool-Planet. My boys, ages 11 & 13, love how this homeschool planner provides them independence from mom. It also allows them to be better stewards of their own time w/o micro-managing them. As for me, I love the flexibility of the planner, as well as, the ease of using it.”
Donna P., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet is exactly what I was looking for for my family. I tell everyone about it. Working around my husband's odd work schedule is difficult and when you add in co-op classes and extracurricular activities and it gets very hard to keep up with our work using a paper planner. Every other online homeschool planner I tried was difficult to use or made rescheduling difficult. With Homeschool Planet I can easily reschedule lessons when things change and keep the kids on track. I love the printing feature and my sons like to have a paper to check off each day. Thank you so much for this amazing product.”
Amber M., Co-op Member
”This product is amazing. The daily and weekly digests truly help keep my family and homeschool projects on time and on target. This product is well worth it's small cost for the benefits it gives a family on the run.”
Flissa Olson, Co-op Member
”LOVE IT!!!!! After reviewing 11 different homeschool planners the past several weeks, this is the one that most does what I want. I will be spreading the word.”
S. Tebbetts, Co-op Member
”I have tried other paper planners with limited success. I just couldn't keep track of the papers. I had resisted trying an online homeschool planners because I really didn't think I would be able to figure it out. Not so, for Homeschool Planet. It is really easy to figure out, it has lots of options and gadgets, and I can choose how often to get digests emailed to me. It is nice to see what I have coming up on the calendar, what classes we have planned for each child, even what the weather is going to be this week. It's a very intuitive product and I would recommend it over other online planners, especially for it's easy of use. I don't have any complaints and I don't have anything that I want changed.”
Kathrine K., Co-op Member
”I homeschool 4 children in 4 different grades and I needed a tool that would help me plan out our days. At first I spent hours preparing a workbox system with daily assignments, but then I realized the shortcomings of that system: I could only plan a week in advance, one change would cause me to have to manually re-do the subsequent days' plans, and what if one of the little squares representing the assignment got lost? More work.

When I found Homeschool Planet, it had all the features I need and it was so easy to use. We were up and running in a few minutes. Intuitive, clean layout, and it easily adapts the schedule to your constantly changing life so you don't have to waste your precious time. It's the best tool out there for planning a busy schedule!”
Ms. S, Co-op Member
”I am really impressed with Homeschool-Planet! It strikes a great balance between simple convenience and flexibility. Without the tedium that plagues most homeschool planners I've tried, I can customize my schedule based on my family's specific needs, and it only takes me a moment to adjust, adding or removing dates or tasks as needed. It is intuitive and well-designed.

My kids love the printed weekly plan: it has cleared up confusion and virtually eliminated the question, "what do I do next, Mom?" :)

I will definitely continue to use this planner.

I have shared it with homeschooling friends, and will continue to do so.

One thing I would like to see with this planner is the ability to move tasks around on the planner page; that is, placing the "anytime" tasks in a different order by clicking and dragging.

Thank you for a great product! :)”
Brooke C., Co-op Member
”We switched to Homeschool-Planet this year after three years of using another homeschool planning program. We are delighted at the easy-to-use format, the edit-friendly options, and the flexibility of scheduling classes and making schedule adjustments.

During our first afternoon using the homeschool planner, we received multiple customer service emails because the technician working that afternoon noticed that there were problems we were encountering. He continued communicating with us and helping with our set-up process and learning time.

My kids are loving the program. They log in each morning and are able to view their daily lessons in a nice online format. I highly recommend this product for anyone who prefers to plan ahead and map out their homeschool year and commitments.”
Cynthia C., Co-op Member
”I have been enjoying my free trial of homeschool planet and intend to subscribe at the end. It is very easy to schedule tasks and assignments. It has helped keep ME on task and on schedule and enabled me to see the long view of our school year and organize our schedule with balance. I intend to give my son access to the site to mark of his own assignments as well. When there was a problem with an update, the site administrator was very quick to recognize that I was getting an error message and it was fixed promptly.”
Pam B., Co-op Member
”We have been using Homeschool Planet for about a month now and we *LOVE* it! When I finally decided to move from my huge paper planner to a more "stream-lined" approach, I tried various online homeschool planners over several months. Nothing really seemed to be able to blend the functionality of a family calendar with the necessity of a homeschool planner. When I joined HSBC, I decided to give their free trial a whirl and I am SO glad I did. I finally have a way to track my lesson plans, attendance, and yearly progress while syncing our day-to-day educational activities with family and individual events, practices, and appointments.

Here are some specific things about Homeschool Planet that have really made me happy with this purchase:

* I get a daily and weekly digests delivered to my email inbox to give me a "day-at-a-glance" or "week-at-a-glance" quick view when we get ready to start school in the mornings. Quick and easy!

* I have a great reminder for all our upcoming holidays and birthdays. Sounds simple, but I really like the color coding option and that I get a reminder in my weekly digests that these things are coming up.

* I really like that you can customize the recurring schedule and add school notes to individual days.

* I am also highly impressed with the feature that allows you to advance your school plans forward if you have an unexpected bump in your week (e.g., sickness...or an "off" day). Staying flexible is crucial around here, and this feature makes things oh-so-much easier!

* I love that I can have daily and/or weekly digests sent to my kiddos and husband so that they, too, have a "day-at-a-glance" view of what needs to happen for the day.

There are other features I really like, but I think you can tell I'm very happy with this purchase!

I will say that the one thing I'd really like to see as this product develops is the ability to edit it on my notepad. Right now it is not very easy to access it and read it on the web browser on the notepad.

Another feature that would be useful (and I will admit wholeheartedly that I don't even know if this is an option...I'm not very tech saavy!): the ability to sync this calendar with other online calendars like Google or Evernote. This is primarily a convenience issue so that my husband could easily synch our appointments and practices with his work schedule instead of re-entering them from his digest email.

All in all, I think Homeschool Planet is a fantastic choice for homeschoolers, and I am very, very pleased with it so far. I will continue telling other hs friends about this super find! ;-)

[Editor's Note: The requested features are under development and expected to be available during the fall.]
Kyla H., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Planet has been a God-send to our homeschool! Thanks to this wonderful product I am able to stay organized (I'm organizational-challenged). At a glance, I know exactly what we will be doing each day and my children know what assignments they will be working on. My kids love it - our entire school day goes more smoothly. I love the fact that if we take a day off for an appointment we can easily move everything at once to the next day. This homeschool planner is very flexible and allows for customization, changes and alterations as we progress through the school year. I highly recommend this product to all of my fellow homeschoolers!”
Yvonne, Co-op Member
”I've been raving to my friends since I first started using Homeschool Planet. I've tried many homeschool calendars and planners over the years which promised to make my life easier, but which only lead to me wanting to throw my computer out the window. I have, therefore, always ended up with the drudgery of making my own forms which, of course, meant drowning in mountains of paper.

Homeschool Planet actually delivers on its promise to make my life easier. I don't have a lot of spare time and I don't have a high tolerance for frustration, so I need something versatile enough to handle our complicated and ever changing schedules that is still easy enough for a child to grasp after only a few seconds of instruction. Homeschool Planet is that planner.

Using Homeschool Planet has had the effect of taming some of the chaos in our house. I can send emails, updates and reminders effortlessly to my husband and almost teen. Having to change an assignment, move an activity to a new date or time, or keep track of special events or obligations used to wreck my entire evening. Now it's a breeze. So, here's a sincere "thank you" from a previously reluctant planner.”
C. Williford, Co-op Member
”I was a beta-tester for Homeschool Planet and I quickly fell in love with it. First, it is different from other homeschool planners. This is the first one that does not bring religion into the planner. For my family, it gives us the flexibility to add Jewish holidays to the homeschool calendar. The planner is flexible enough to fit every homeschool family. I love that I can put in everyone's schedule, so I know when I can schedule field trips. With my oldest son and husband working full time, another in college full time and my youngest in homeschool, my schedule is challenging enough. Add in doctors appointments for my cancer follow ups and treatment and the schedule can quickly become unmanageable.

The latest version allows you to enter grades for every class and print transcripts--a real blessing if you have ever tried to produce high school transcripts yourself. The schedule can be accessed with an iPhone or Android phone, making it very useable.

If you miss a day of class, you can use the scheduler to move everything forward or just certain classes. This is by far the most homeschool friendly and versitile homeschool planner I have come across and I have tried them all.

I liked the beta so much that I purchaed the final product, and I would purchase it again.

I wrote a review for Homeschool Planet for which can be viewed here
Lynda Altman, Co-op Member, Beta-Tester and homeschool blogger
”I have just completed my 30 day trial of Homeschool Planet and was quick to purchase the yearly subscription.

Homeschool Planet has made lesson planning so much easier for me. It used to take me hours to do 1 week of lesson plans on my homemade excel template. With Homeschool Planet I am able to do weeks of lesson planning, rescheduling things, add specific notes for certain days, and so much more. I like how I am able to set up a grading scale for each class and determine which assignments are homework, quizzes, projects, tests, etc. and then after I enter the grade Homeschool Planet automatically keeps a running grade for that class!

This is only my 2nd year homeschooling, but Homeschool Planet has simplified things so much for me. In my state I don't have to keep attendance, but I choose to do that with Homeschool Planet just for my own records.

My daughters like that I can print out their "plan" for the day or week or month. They can see what is expected each day and don't need to come to me for "what's next?". I know that Homeschool Planet is just getting started and there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out. They are great at responding to email questions or suggestions that I have submitted about improving things. However, even the few minor things that could be better do not stop me from being completely satisfied with the product.”
Cathy F., Co-op Member
”I love it and don't know how I could be organized without it. My daughter loves the reminders sent to her each day too. I only wish there was an app for your smart phone though so I could fix or update things on the run. [Editor's Note: Currently (as of 8/27/13) you can view your lessons and assignments on mobile devices, and mark assignments as completed. We are currently working on giving subscribers the ability to add/edit lessons and assignments as well.]
Murry hooper, Co-op Member
”I really like this homeschool planner. It makes it so easy to make adjustments to my school year plan when I need to move something to another day. Before in a paper planner it became a lot of work and a big mess. This is making my life as a homeschool mom much easier. I will definitely continue to use it.”
B. Buchanan, Co-op Member
”I have looked into so many of these online homeschool planners, and most of them take up so much space with ads or make it difficult to do routine homeschooling tasks. I had figured I should just stick to paper when Homeschool Planet came along. I downloaded the free trial, and fell in love with all the attention to detail! I am still figuring out what it has to offer -- and the frequent updates encourage me that the developers truly listen. I ordered it for our first year, and I have told more than a dozen moms about it already. My daughter loves the printouts and the fact that she can check things off online (and add her own todo list, also!). Thank you for providing this as an option for us! :)”
E. Esmaili, Co-op Member
”I came across this almost a month ago. I had tried an online homeschool planner before and thought I was going to love it but it was such a headache and I hated it.

Not only am I homeschooling but I watch my new grandson in the mornings, work on our family business, and I've just started working in the evening at a local college and that doesn't count all the things I do at church and helping with my brother who is not well. I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and I really put this in prayer about having something to keep everything on track for me without having to have several planners/calendars. I saw this and really hesitated but I thought the free trial won't hurt. So, I signed up for the trial issue of Homeschool-Planet and fell in love with it! It is so user friendly and on the 2nd day I started inputting my schedule in there. I have recommended this to friends and will be signing up for the yearly subscription today.

THIS IS IT!!!!! I cannot say enough good things regarding it. If you are looking at something to keep you and your family on track, trust me, this will do it!!!!!”
Sherbert, Co-op Member
”This was exactly what I needed! I was looking for one homeschool planner that I could use for all of our homeschool needs, as well our extra curricular activities. It works so well - my daughter prints off the daily digest email each morning and can check off the specific tasks as we go. My husband gets the email as well, so he knows what we've done that day and can be more involved by asking specific questions. And I love how easy it is to modify the schedule if you want to switch things around, and that I can access it on my iPhone to see it when we're out and about (and I'm anxiously awaiting the upcoming changes to make it even more user-friendly for the iPhone). This is well worth the yearly fee.”
K. MacIsaac, Co-op Member
”Love the daily and weekly e-mailed schedules!”
Cara, Co-op Member
”I took advantage of the free trial for Homeschool Planet a few weeks ago and I really like it. I have tried a couple of the other online homeschool planners - one paid and one free. I definitely like Homeschool Planet the best. I've scheduled the first half of the year, with the knowledge that I would need to make changes after we began. We started school two weeks ago and I have had to change the schedule. It was super easy to make the changes and when I hit a snag and had to contact customer service, I had an answer within 24 hours. That's a lot more than I can say for the others I tried. Three to four days was the standard for an answer from them, if they answered at all.

The only thing I would really ask for would be more tutorials and more info on the FAQ pages. It was pretty easy for me to figure out what I wanted to do, but I'm a more experienced computer user than a lot of other people and I can see where less experienced users might have trouble.

Overall, Homeschool Planet is great and we will definitely continue to use it. Thanks! :)”
Laurel Flechtner, Co-op Member
”I love Homeschool-Planet! I have tried several computer based homeschool planners over the years but this is by far the best. It is very user friendly and is quick to learn and navigate. It doesn't include an overabundance of features that make it complicated. Other computer planners take so long to learn to navigate that I always felt like I wasn't getting any planning done.

My teens love having their assignments emailed to them everyday. My favorite feature is the grading and rescheduling helper. When I log in it pops right up letting me know exactly what I need to grade. The rescheduling helper prompts me to ask my teens about their assignments and we can discuss any problems or concerns. If they are struggling with a concept we can quickly reschedule it for further review.

I purchased my full year subscription before my free trial was even up because it is working so well for our family.”
Anna L., Co-op Member
”I really like Homeschool Planet! My children love that they can check off their assignments each day. I love that lesson plans and assignments are easily inputted and that it keeps track of grades according to my grading system. I am also excited that it will create a high school transcript for my son! I think this program was well thought out and easy to use! It also quickly updates! Keep up the good work!”
MJ Hutchins, Co-op Member
”I'm really enjoying this planning system. The product is easy to use and it is simple to navigate about the system. I love having my schedule for the day e-mailed to my inbox so I can see what was planned. I also love being able to move assignments around with ease. Beats my old method of erasing and rewriting assignments on paper. I'd highly recommend Homeschool Planet if your current system is tedious or not working and you'd like to get your school organized!”
Maria, Co-op Member
”Being organized is very important when homeschooling. This is the best homeschool planner, calendar, and organizer that I have ever seen.

Love it and have recommended to my friends.”
T Adams, Co-op Member
”Having participated in the Beta test, I have experienced first-hand how the developers listened to my suggestions and implemented them. They have built a program that is tailor-made to homeschool families.

Last year I looked high and low for a decent online planner but everything that I found was missing at least one key component of what I needed. Planners designed for public school teachers were either too expensive or included elements I simply didn't need (like behavior tracking).

We were thrilled to get to start using this homeschool planner with the kids this year and both have expressed to us how much easier it makes their day. They don't have to wait for me to be free to tell them what's next - they just look on their planner! Out sixth-grader is gaining a greater sense of independence, and the planner allows her to improve her time management skills. Since she always knows what there is to work on her stress level has been greatly reduced because she's completing her work more quickly, leaving more free time in her day. Our sophomore enjoys the planner because he can look at an entire week's work at once and complete those subjects which aren't his favorites on one sitting rather than dealing with them each day (like grammar). When they finish an assignment, they can check it off and throughout the day, I can tell what they've completed and what is left.

I love the way I'm able to record all the assignments for a single subject in one window. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility with the things I can add to a particular assignment...a note about additional resources, web links to particular pages that have more information, and even reminders. If we get ahead or behind, it's easy to shift assignments to a new date.

We LOVE Homeschool Planner and are thankful to have such a powerful tool at our fingertips.”
Susan Wright, Co-op Member
”I write this in the same manner that I shared my thoughts with dear homeschool friends since I stumbled upon Homeschool Planet - I am SO excited about this product that I want to tell everyone I know how much it has already made my life easier! I am not only impressed with the entire platform, but the quality of customer service (and stellar people involved in creating and implementing this program) is top notch and much appreciated.

Homeschool Planet can be used in any way that you need it to work for you and your family. It not only helps to organize classes and busy schedules, but has bonuses (i.e. widgets) where you can text or email a list to your hubby (or yourself) when you are running out to a particular store! They thought of everything and I have used it to organize my son's variety of curriculum needs as well as activities, outside classes, grading system, and portfolio preparation. For the first time in years I feel like we are starting the school year off in an organized fashion and it makes our family more excited than ever to get started.

I could go on all day, but I obviously highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone and everyone (and I can only imagine how much it will help with larger families since it is completely individualized to your needs and each family member's separate as well as combined schedules). Thank you to all involved (and always to this special Homeschool Buyers' Co-op Team!) for providing the free trial and allowing me to see for myself how incredible this tool is. Happy New School Year to All and Much Gratitude...”
Jules, Proud Homeschool Mom/Teacher and Children's Book Author, Co-op Member
”After seven years of homeschooling with one online organized curriculum, we decided to mix things up this year. I needed a way to keep track of all the schedules and courses in one place. I tried the beta test of the Planner and just love it. I love that my daughters can log in on their own and mark lessons off, and they love it too! I like that I can add non-school items, like chores into the schedule for them to check off.

Over the last month during the beta I have sent in suggestions and have seen them come to life. It is great that they are listening to the users. I would love to see a progress bar for courses, so we know where we are in a graphic display. I have suggested to others to try it and they love it also. Thanks for this great homeschool planner!!”
Julie W, Co-op Member
”I have been using Homeschool Planet for about a month. Planning is easy, consistent and flexible. Homeschool Planet also has a grade transcript planner that does the transcripts for you. This is something I was afraid to do before especially for my high school student. I wasn't sure how to do transcripts but now it is automatically calculated. It also allows space for you to place accomplishments so you won't forget them on college applications.

Making changes to the schedule is easy. You no longer have to erase or change an entire class plan, just click a button and the day or class shifts forward one day. So replanning for illness or unexpected changes in the day are easy to plan around. I definitely like that you can add internet links that the student needs to visit. This keeps young ones on safe sites and the older students from wandering looking for the data you want them to use.

I like the new program and the price is comparable to purchasing other software or going to the office store and buying agendas. You can keep different calendars for different children so planning doesn't need to be crammed onto one calendar for different grade levels.

The widgets are a useful planning tool as well. You can put chores, shopping lists, class projects on the different list to stay organized.

I am well pleased with Homeschool Planet and will continue to use it. Thanks for making my job a whole lot easier!!”
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
”Last year was our first year of homeschooling and I tried EVERY homeschool planner I could think of to try to get the academic year organized without any luck. I was pretty frustrated and a little panicked about the upcoming year because planning was such a weak point for us (me!).

When Homeschool Planet was offered in Beta version, I honestly thought I would be disappointed. I figured it would be like every other planner I tried - overly time-consuming, counterintuitive, and difficult to manage. That was not the case at all.

From the moment I started using Homeschool Planet I was very impressed, and as I've used it, I have found it to be even better than I could have imagined! I love that I can add notes into the assignments, that I can duplicate them for multi-age children, that I can email grocery lists to myself! It's like a dashboard for my life! THANKYOU HSBC! I will definitely purchase when my free trial is over!”
Sarah L., Co-op Member
”I admit it; I'm organizationally challenged. And with 13 years of homeschooling under my belt (and 10 years to go, Lord willing) I've experienced plenty of frustration trying to find a system that works for our family to coordinate curriculum assignments, outside activities, and chores. And then the Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered a free trial to Homeschool Planet. WOW! It's so user-friendly and not as steep a learning curve as other e-planners I've tried. I've discovered it is adaptable to those times when "real life" happens, (unlike paper planners.) And since homeschooling goes hand in hand with the rest of our days, it is easy to integrate activities, chores, and more. The optional margin widgets are brilliant in keeping other online elements accessible and close at hand as well. I've only been playing with the product for a few days, but I'm convinced it will make a huge difference for our family. The kids are almost as excited as I am to have expectations in black in white (but not set in stone. :)”
Carol G, Co-op Member
”Truly a great resource. I have put in the curriculum for the upcoming school year, chores the children do daily, as well as other information. The girls love to check and see whats on the schedule, play dates, trips etc. Can't wait for school to start. I feel soo much more organized.”
Nya B., Co-op Member
”I Love Homeschool Planet!! I have been using a different program to plan and organize my homeschooling for years and have found Homeschool Planet to be far more effective and efficient. My kids love how the daily schedule is emailed to them every day and I love how easy it is to accommodate each student's scheduling needs. I will continue to use Homeschool Planet for as long as I am homeschooling. I would recommend this product to every homeschool family!! Thank you for creating just what this busy homeschool mom needed!!!”
B. Nelson, Co-op Member
”My teens really appreciated the extra structure this product provided. They want to be independent and flexible, but they want to know what their assignments are every day, so they can check them off and move on. We loved to be able to see doctors and other appointments on the weekly calendar, and plan how those things changed our lesson goals for the day and the week. Everyone knew that the assignments were reasonable for the hours we had to spend since this software let us lay them all out in the calendar. So many features let us customize our use of this product in ways that really helped us with our organization and planning. It is very user-friendly and saved time every week.”
Mary H, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say that I LOVE Homeschool Planet! I am a working and homeschooling mother of six and this has been the ultimate tool in keeping my family organized. It is very easy to use and I can create my lesson plans weeks to months in advance with very little time and effort. I have tried other computer homeschool planners in the past, but ended up not following through with them. Being able to print a check list for each child is great and the widgets are an added bonus. I will absolutely be purchasing this program after my free trial! Thanks again for this amazing resource.”
Ashley T., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Planet is a great product! It's easy to set up, use and update; streamlines the planning process; eliminates redundant writing out of tasks that you'd have to do with book style lesson-planners; allows you to easily see if you've overlapped schedules inadvertently; and kids get to check off what they've done already and easily see what still needs to be done. I love the reminders feature, the calendar - I'm just really glad to have found this product for all of it's great features!! I only used it for part of the past school year, but really look forward to using it for planning our entire upcoming school year with it! My time recording/planning will be half of what it was last year. With five kids - that's a lot of time I'll save!”
Tracey B, Co-op Member
”As homeschoolers we don't just do school, we live school. I have tried dozens of homeschool planners and schedulers over the last 12 years, never finding one that was completely perfect for us. Then I tried Homeschool Planet and I was sold right away! It's the perfect family organizer, school organizer, planning program, etc. It does any and everything you'd ever need while being easy to use! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet for every homeschooling family!”
Niki McNeil, Co-op Member,
Co-Founder - In the Hands of a Child (www.handsofachild)
”For the past 5 years I have tried a variety of methods to keep five homeschooled children (10-16) organized. We starting using the beta version of Homeschool Planet in the last half of last school year. We were hooked. The kids loved it because they knew exactly what to do that day, what was planned for the week, and could see the weeks to come. I loved Homeschool Planet because it gave me a visual of where everyone was in their studies, individually or as a family. I never asked if their work was done, I just checked Homeschool Planet for their own reporting. Every night, Homeschool Planet would email me a summary of what was not done. Assigned tasks were easily adjusted or bumped. I look forward to using Homeschool Planet for an entire school year.”
T. Charlton, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling for many years and am forever looking for a homeschool lanner that suits my needs with 5 children in 5 different grades. I could not find one that would work, until NOW! Homeschool-Planet Planner is Amazing! It is very easy to enter all assignments as a group and individually! The children love it because they can open their page and check it off as they go! I love it because I know exactly what they have done and if they didn't finish something you can roll it over to the next or another day! Also, I can print daily, weekly, or monthly schedules! I will continue to use Homeschool-Planet Planner because it works perfectly and is multidisciplinary!! I have told all my homeschool friends about it! I love it!”
Stephanie J, Co-op Member
”I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This homeschool planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theater volunteer. Then I assign responsibilities and reminders to this role only. I can then view "everyone" for the day, week, month...or simply "volunteer at the theater".

The calendar allows you to sort out what you wish to see in a variety of calendar and planner formats.

There are color options which can be used to prioritize an event, or to simply label a class such as science is orange.

There is ample space to insert notes...and so much more. This product fits all of our personal and professional needs.”
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
”I am so happy to be able to share how Homeschool Planet has enhanced our homeschool curriculum.

First, it's easy to personalize, very user friendly, and easy to edit whenever necessary. My children log-in to see their own page and schedule that I easily set up with different colors and highlights to really make each subject stand out. I even add in their reading time, breaks and any necessary extras. There is no more guessing about what is expected of them daily. This program has added a harmony to our day. Whew!

For instance, I had some major tooth work and personal down time over a couple of days. I hired a sitter to assist in my children's day and was a bit worried on how it would all play out. Well, I am overjoyed to say that she was bored. She only really interacted with them during their breaks. They were so busy doing their work and knew exactly what to do and when to take their breaks. Woo Hoo! That was music to my ears.

In addition, a feature that saved me at the last minute was transcripts. I needed transcripts for our local school and it was so easy to input the necessary information and print out a professional quality transcript.
Overall, Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful asset to our homeschool. After 11years of homeschooling I finally have a tool that makes our day much easier.”
Regina B., Co-op Member
”Love this planner. Once all my sons classes where set up it was so easy to go in and edit or change whatever needed to be changed. This planner saved me time. My son liked it too because it kept him on track with his school work. I could add other appointments to the calendar so he could see what was going on for the week besides school work. If you are a home school mom who wants an efficient, time saving planner, this homeschool planner is definitely for you. The developers of this planner have put in a lot of time developing this home school planner to be easy to use and help us home school moms have more time with our kids instead of planning, and it shows in their product.”
C. Goguen, Co-op Member
”When I heard about Homeschool Planet I jumped on the chance to try it out. We were a first year homeschooling family and the hardest part of the adjustment for all of us was lesson planning and tracking. My girls will tell anyone they can how disorganized I am! I had started with another on-line planning software solution that unfortunately just was not up to par and caused me to spend far too many hours scheduling and never seemed to work quite right. So I gave up quickly and reverted to using paper. I am not a paper person - if there is a paperless solution, I will choose it every time! So when I was approached to try this out - I jumped at the chance. I LOVED it from the beginning! It did everything we needed, without a lot of fluff. I can honestly say that it worked everytime I logged in. My girls found it etremely easy to use and it made tracking their progress very easy. I am excited to use it again for the upcoming school year.”
Debbie M, Co-op Member
”In the past I have always planned our school year on paper. Sometimes I've planned a whole year, sometimes I've gone a month at a time and every year "life happens" and we get off track from my plans. Homeschool Planet is allowing me to plan my entire year, easily assigning different activities for my 2nd, 5th and 8th graders within the same curriculum, plan ahead for books to order from the library, coordinate a field trip and plan lighter days of study around activities, all with a few clicks. The thing I'm most excited about is the ability to make adjustments to our schedule when "life happens" using a few clicks of my mouse, rather than spending hours shuffling papers. Homeschool Planet has me excited about our coming year. Come what may, I feel I have a tool that will help us navigate through and stay on course.”
Stephanie N., Co-op Member
”This product has made me able to keep up with my plans for my 5 homeschooled children much better. My children were amazed that I was keeping track of when and what so much better. (I'm not sure they were glad, though).

I have used 4 different homeschool planner software products. I like Homeschool Planet the best. I have been playing around with another one that hasn't been out too long (Well-Planned Day). The WPDay is very visually pleasing but Homeschool Planet is more user friendly, and nice to look at, to boot. The other two weren't web based, but I prefer the convenience of being able to access it using multiple platforms without carrying around a zipdrive with the database on it.

I will definitely continue to use it. I am hooked. I cannot imagine planning this year's school for my 5 kiddos still at home without Homeschool Planet.

I have shared it with the co-op that I organize. They are excited that it is going into general production.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”Last fall, after trying every online homeschool planner I could find,I reluctantly went back to using Word and Excel for planning and record-keeping.

During the year, however, we were fortunate enough to enroll in the beta of Homeschool Planet. Within an hour, I had the basics down and the week's assignments ready to go. Even in beta, the product was remarkably stable.

This homeschool planner is very flexible and makes it much easier to monitor student progress. The kids enjoy checking off their work, and I appreciate how easily I can enter and adjust assignments. Grading is quick to set up and manage as well.

I highly recommend it to everyone looking for an online planning solution. A great time-saving tool!”
Kim Zartman, Co-op Member
”This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would allow me to do my planning in advance, that the boys could access and work on their own. Before, I had been creating a weekly schedule on paper, creating my lesson plans in a spreadsheet, and tracking work and grades in a notebook. Now, I have it all online in one place. It rolls so many things into one, it's keeping me better organized as well as the boys.”
Lori K., Co-op Member
”When I was contacted about giving Homeschool Planet a trial run, I was a little nervous at first to give up my word document and "paper" planning that I've used for over 10 years, but I am so glad I did! I LOVE Homeschool Planet! It has saved me so much time. This homeschool planner is so flexible. When someone is sick or has to miss days of school work for any reason, Homeschool Planet reschedules all the school work with just a click or two. It is so versatile, so easy to add to, change or move assignments. It makes planning so much more efficient. I also love how the kids have their own page to view their lessons and daily schedule, and how easy it adjust things as needed.

One amazing benefit of Homeschool Planet is the way it motivates my kids! I never imagined how they would love getting their own email reminder messages every morning and race to be first to check them off. They like looking up their assignments themselves on the computer. The boxes for checking off assignments work like a magic outside accountability. They don't want to see those red boxes, so less reminding for me. They like sending me messages too! I would highly recommend using Homeschool Planet.

I checked out a lot of other lesson plan programs before deciding to use Homeschool Planet. I wanted to know what else was out there before I committed to using Homeschool Planet for a while. I found nothing else that does all the things Homeschool Planet can do. And the people at Homeschool Planet are great! So friendly and helpful.”
Jean E., Co-op Member, Wichita, Kansas
”I am really enjoying Homeschool Planet! It is well thought out and designed for both ease of use and flexibility. It is helping to keep me organized and on task - two tasks which any homeschooler knows can be daunting. I use this program daily to print out task lists for all of my children, and weekly to plan ahead and help keep me on schedule. I'm so glad I found it - it is an awesome tool and of great aid to me. I've been looking for something like this for a while and I've tried most of the homeschool scheduling tools and programs out there - both ones designed specifically for homeschoolers and one off ways to utilize other programs. All of those experiences make me confident in saying that I believe Homeschool Planet is, by far, the best homeschool planner out there!”
Kara Altman, Co-op Member
”I've been really impressed with Homeschool Planet, even in the Beta version. It's far better than the homeschool planner I've been using. It's easy to use, and I love the option of being able to do searches online right from the website! It's so nice to have the option to get a reminder every day as to what work my son has to complete. Makes our day so much easier, and the "Transcript" option makes keeping records a breeze.

The customer service is amazing. Anytime I had a question, I received a response that day, often in just hours. The staff is always courteous, helpful and patient. I look forward to using this planner in the years to come.”
Nan Z., Co-op Member
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