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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Homeschool Planet online planner to their homeschooling resources. If you have used Homeschool Planet and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


Organize the Year with an Amazing Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planet works as an all-in-one life organizer and records tracker for your homeschool. Whether it's sports, doctors appointments or outsourced classes that keep you busy, Homeschool Planet will serve as your easy to use, gentle reminder to keep you organized.

Homeschool Planet is more than just an online homeschool planner, it's a family life planner...” - Read the full review...

Renee Brown - 07-22-2015 - Great Peace Academy

Itís awesome. Seriously. Awesome.

Iíll admit that Iím a bit of a homeschool planner skeptic. I have used a few and spent WAY too many frustrating hours inputting data, only to find that printing, sharing, or tracking the information was cumbersome and too much hassle to be worthwhile. Homeschool Planet COMPLETELY changed my opinion of homeschool planners. 100%. Honestly, Iíve recommended this product to all my local friends. Itís awesome. Seriously. Awesome. ..” - Read the full review...

Susan - 07-20-2015 - Fried Clams and Sweet Tea

Done. Hooked. I love it.

What can I say? I love it. It is my new brain. It will print any list I choose, and also create transcripts for high school. The crew has been pestering the folks at Homeschool Buyers Co-op with questions this past month. Many of our suggestions have created changes. All of my questions have been answered in detail with a personal person within a day. What? Yep. They are awesome...” - Read the full review...

Angie Wright - 07-15-2015 - Pebblekeeper

I really canít rave enough about this program.

Homeschool Planet literally manages my life at this point. It has a whole year of our school assignments, all of our sports practices and game schedules, all of our doctor and dental appointments, my shopping lists, my to-do list, my commitments to volunteer at my oldest sonís school, committee meetings, field trips, and even my due dates for my reviews, all in one place! I canít tell you how much that has improved my life!..” - Read the full review...

Kelly Burgess - 07-13-2015 - KGB That's Me! AWESOME online planner that makes this job of planning, sooooo much easier.

As a side note, I am not getting paid or compensated to share this planner with you. I really just think it is the best online planner out there, and believe me, that if you arenít using it yet, it really could help you plan more effectively, easily and quickly...” - Read the full review...

Catherine - 02-03-2015 - Faithfilled Chaos

This is simply the best planner I've ever seen...

Finding a good planner is essential for homeschooling families, and Im sure youll agree that Homeschool Planet has it all! This is simply the best planner Ive ever seen in 14 years of homeschooling, and the only one Ive continued to use for more than a few months...” - Read the full review...

Meg - 01-06-2015 - Homeschool Gameschool

I am very positively impressed...a good investment

A number of years ago I reviewed what I thought were the top three computer-based planners, but I didnít write up those reviews because I thought that all of them were just too cumbersome to be practical. Homeschool Planet is the first Iíve reviewed since then, and I am very positively impressed with its usability...” - Read the full review...

Cathy Duffy - 03-17-2016 - Cathy Duffy Reviews

The best online homeschool planner

Every online homeschool planner I tried failed to meet my expectations and could not even come close to doing what my spreadsheet could do. And I tried out there. Then I found Homeschool Planet! I fell in love with it on the first use and love it more each day. You may not believe this, but I can now plan in more detail and with better efficiency than with my spreadsheet! But donít worry, if you donít like to plan in detail, there are still a lot of features that you will love...” - Read the full review...

Crystal Wagner - 07-15-2015 - Triumphant Learning

Homeschool Planet is more than a planner, it's sheer awesome wrapped in a planner exterior.

I'm not a planner person, but I actually find myself using this frequently. I love that it is so user friendly. I call it a common sense online planner, because it is. You do not need to be a "techie" to use this easily or understand it. It reminds me with email reminders, and I love that I can print off anything I need easily. It is so easy to input classes and course work, and there's no need to go in day by day to enter it in. You can enter it in one time, choose the frequency and the lessons and it will do the rest.

It is so user friendly that even I can use it! And believe me, that is saying A LOT! ..” - Read the full review...

Missica Pullen - 07-13-2015 - The Open Window - An Autism Blog

It will revolutionize the planning and organization of your family's lives!

I've been nothing but impressed with this program. I had it set up in very short order, without pulling out any hair. (Bonus!) It is is easy to implement, use, and allows me to track my entire family's schedule, everything for everyone, at a glance, by person or across the entire family -- all in one location... Homeschool Planet does it all.

Exactly what I have been searching for...” - Read the full review...

Lisa Barthuly - 06-01-2015 - Molly Green Magazine

A simple, elegant online homeschool organizer

Homeschool Buyers Co-opís Homeschool Planet planner is a simple, elegant online homeschool organizerÖ. just a second: itís a totally awesome homeschool planner! Thereís exactly what you need to be well-organized, but not a whole bunch of junk you donít need...” - Read the full review...

Sara Dennis - 05-27-2015 - Classically Homeschooling

The perfect all-in-one online homeschooler planner

Are you looking for a homeschool planner that has everything you need in one place? Look no more, Homeschool Planet is the perfect all-in-one online homeschool planner that allows you to plan your homeschool curriculum, family schedules, and more...” - Read the full review...

Alana Satterly - 05-27-2015 - iHomeschool Network

Homeschool Planet is one of those things that I don't know how I lived without.

It has made planning school assignments so much easier. With Homeschool Planet integrating home tasks with school tasks is easier, because I can see all of them on one screen. This way I can schedule more demanding home tasks with lighter school days and vice versa to ease the too much to do and not enough time problem...” - Read the full review...

Martha - 01-12-2015 - The Joy of School

This planner is versatile, easy to use and portable.

Homeschool Planet is the name of an online planner produced by Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I can't count the number of great deals I've gotten over the years through Homeschool Buyers Co-op so I wasn't at all surprised to find that they produced this quality product...” - Read the full review...

Peggy Dalley - 01-08-2015 - Wrightsboro Sonrise Center

This planner is pretty much a no-brainerÖextremely easy to use and navigate.

Iím a homeschooler, and creator of the Facebook group, ďSchooliní SwagĒ. This past Monday, we hosted a huge giveaway event called the ďPlanner PaloozaĒ, featuring over 25 prizes. It was a great event!

Well, Iíve been investigating planners for at least 3 years, and in preparation for Palooza I did research all over the web, looking for the best products I could find to offer. I thought Iíd seen it all. Then I got an email from the Homeschool Buyerís Co-op and my life took a new turn!..” - Read the full review...

Diane C. Heeney - 07-10-2014 - Strength 4 Today

... a fabulous lesson planning & record-keeping software.*

Of all the available lesson planning software out there, I would absolutely say that Homeschool Planet has the easiest user interface I've encountered and it has some pretty powerful features that most homeschoolers will love to have.

* The quote is form the author's blog post announcing her review...” - Read the full review...

Joy - 08-22-2013 - FiveJ's

Quite Possibly the Only Homeschool Planner Youíll Ever Need

It seems every day Iím finding some new nugget in Homeschool Planet that can help me keep track of several areas. And Iím not the only one. Many of the Schoolhouse Review Crew members report on a daily basis some new way theyíve discovered for Homeschool Planet to help them get organized...” - Read the full review...

Kemi Quinn - 07-16-2015 - Homemaking Organized

a fabulous online homeschool planner. But there is so much more.

Iíve found the perfect one! Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a comprehensive online homeschool planner that I can use to coordinate our schedules and even keep track of grocery lists and errands!..” - Read the full review...

Tonia L. - 06-04-2015 - The Sunny Patch

I have to say, this is THE most thorough planner I have ever used.

There are so many little touches to the planner that I've really become spoiled and cannot imagine using any other online planner...” - Read the full review...

Ann - 01-18-2015 - My So called Homeschool Life

Homeschool Planet is the most intricate, flexible, all-encompassing homeschool life planner youíll ever need!

Thereís so much to this program! The planning capabilities and flexibility are endless! To-doís, shopping lists and even transcripts!..” - Read the full review...

Lisa Keva - 01-14-2015 - Tales of a Homeschool Family

Homeschool Planet is a great system for online planning.

Homeschool Planet is more than an online homeschool planner. It is a virtual EVERYTHING planner. ..” - Read the full review...

Stephanie Buckner - 01-10-2015 - Swinging on Small Hinges

The amazing new Lesson Plan Marketplace!

Today what I really want to share with you is their amazing new Lesson Plan Marketplace!

When youíre planning your curriculum lesson plans have you ever wished that someone could just write out your daily plans for you? Well, now you can buy premade lesson plans for Homeschool Planet.

But if youíre like me there are times when you want to make your own lesson plan and save them to reuse with your younger children. You can do that with Homeschool Planet too! When you buy a lesson plan or create your own they are stored in your Lesson Plan Library and you can add them to your calendar anytime you want...” - Read the full review...

Kim Mills - 09-05-2016 - Homestead Acres

An Awesome Online Homeschool Organizer

I honestly never thought Iíd find myself using an online calendar, or that I would find a planner that I could put everything intoÖ I was wrong! This works beautifully, and is an amazing asset for any homeschool family!..” - Read the full review...

Krista - 01-21-2016 - Far From Normal


Bottom line: Iím so happy to have made the switch to Homeschool Planet. This homeschool planner has solved every planning problem I had and given me the tools I need to be more organized and prepared to keep our homeschool running with efficiency and confidence...” - Read the full review...

Emily - 01-19-2016 - life at the table

Get Organized Once and For All with THIS Online Homeschool Planner

I sincerely love the completeness, flexibility and ease of use that Homeschool Planet offers. The more I use it, the more I realize how much Iíd been missing out on an easily organized homeschool (and daily life) plan and schedule...” - Read the full review...

Monica - 01-08-2016 - Enjoy the Learning Journey

A better way to plan your lessons

Homeschool Planet has been a big help in keeping me more organized with my lesson plans this year. I never realized how much an online planner can do and how easy it is to keep up with assignments. It also schedules our breaks and days off! If you need a better way to plan your lessons, I really encourage you to try Homeschool Planet.....” - Read the full review...

- 01-07-2016 - Sprouting Tadpoles

10 Reasons I Love This Online Homeschool Planner

I will admit that I was quite hesitant to start using an online homeschool planner. I am not very tech savvy and felt overwhelmed. I stalled using Homeschool Planet for fear it would be too hard.

I was shocked to discover that even I, Ms. Tech-Challenged, could easily set up and use Homeschool Planet.

Come learn how this paper gal has been converted to using an online homeschool planner!
..” - Read the full review...

Amy - 12-31-2015 - Busy Boys Brigade

Our family loves Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Planet really set out to create an all in one family planner for busy homeschooling moms, and they succeeded. Iíve already explained how easy it was for me to plan out our entire homeschooling year, but you can also use this planner outside of the homeschool. I can schedule my work hours, write to-do lists, schedule my kidsí chores, make shopping lists, and way more with this planner. It could easily be the only planner needed for a busy mama...” - Read the full review...

Kaylene G. - 07-24-2015 - This Outnumbered Mama

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I needed a planner that would accommodate changing schedules, active family life, sharing/multiple logins, printable options (I will NEVER give up paper and pen), easy link collection and sharing, and because I wish big Ė it needed to either double as my main day planner OR work WITH my current planner.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner, I was introduced to Homeschool Planet. Homeschool Planet is a full-featured online planner, by The Homeschool Buyers Co-op, that was created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

One planner, multiple users, easy access Ė even on the go, flexible with our ever-changing schedule, AND it keeps track of links to all my resources! Sold...” - Read the full review...

Lisa - 07-23-2015 - Chaos Appreciation

A game changer!

This is my first year to use Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyerís Co-op and I can already tell it is going to be a game changer! What usually takes me a couple hours to accomplish was done in under 30 minutes with this online planner.

My very favorite feature of Homeschool Planet is that I can effortlessly rearrange my plans. Skip a day during my planning session? I can simply pop in an extra day wherever I want. Miss a couple of days due to sickness? I can choose to shift all assignments by two days. There is also a feature that allows me to copy assignments from one child to another. This is very handy when scheduling something like Math, where everyone is doing the same lesson number on the same day...” - Read the full review...

Amy - 07-22-2015 - Amy's Wandering

The ideal planner for busy moms

Overall, this is a pretty powerful tool for homeschool parents! It's extremely customizable, accessible, and always editable. You can easily add all the assignments in, and still shift them around if something in your year changes.

..” - Read the full review...

Christin Slade - 07-21-2015 - Christin Slade

A little gem...

Before getting a chance to review this planner I would have told you I was strictly a paper planner gal, but now I can definitely say I Love this online planner! It has simplified my life and allows me to keep on task and on schedule of where everyone needs to be. I love that the girls can log on and see at a glance what is happening for the day too...” - Read the full review...

Jacquelin Caffey - 07-16-2015 - A Stable Beginning

Very easy to navigate and offers a very flexible system

Overall, I have been loving Homeschool Planet. Itís easy to use, flexible, full of great features, and just plain helps me organize everything all in one place...” - Read the full review...

Emilee Roberts - 07-16-2015 - Pea of Sweetness

This planner can do pretty much whatever you set it up to do

I can honestly say that this is the first time I've been impressed by a homeschool planner, and it appears that Homeschool Planet has thought of everything. It's an affordable way to manage your school and your home; it even tracks chores!..” - Read the full review...

Linsey Knerl - 07-16-2015 - Lille Punkin'

Homeschool Planet is Out of This World!

What did I find amazing about it? Well, aside from itís endless features I really like that it isnít just a business planner, nor a home scheduler, nor a homeschool planner, but it is all of those things plus more wrapped into one. Let me tell you how I have used it so far.....” - Read the full review...

Tim - 07-16-2015 - Families Again

So much more than a just a simple homeschooling planner

Homeschool Planet is a complete online planner designed for busy homeschooling families. It can be utilised not just for homeschooling subjects, but for life as well... When properly completed, the Homeschool Planet online planner can be a full record of what your student has achieved throughout their school year...” - Read the full review...

Renata - 07-16-2015 - Sunnyside Farm Fun

The most user-friendly online planner Iíve found so far

Iíve tried quite a few planners in my many years homeschooling. And while I could find things I liked about each of them, overall they were confusing, time consuming and cumbersome.

Homeschool Planet has been the most user-friendly online planner Iíve found so far. Itís super simple to set up, yet customizable and comprehensive. Iím impressed.

If I could describe this planner in only one word, that word would be EASY.
..” - Read the full review...

Cheryl Pitt - 07-16-2015 - Cheryl L Pitt

Homeschool Planet really does it all!

This planner is feature rich. It does nearly everything Iíve ever wished a digital planner would do.

The rescheduling features are AMAZING! Iíve never found a program that so easily allows you to reschedule or insert assignments. If you are in the calendar mode you can simply click and drag classes and assignments around. If you are in the planning pages you can do the same OR click a drop down box to help you choose rescheduling options. Each day when you log in a box appears letting you which assignments havenít been marked done. You can reschedule them, mark them complete, or do nothing. Itíll even prompt you to enter grades...” - Read the full review...

Crystal Heft - 07-15-2015 - Crystal Starr

A one-stop planner

If youíre a person who has relied on lists, planners, paper calendars and Post-It notes to list everything that you want or need to do in a day, a week, a month, or a yearÖ.and if youíre looking for an easy way to put all of that in one place, Homeschool Planet is truly what youíve been looking for...” - Read the full review...

Melanie - 07-15-2015 - FINCHNWREN

the most amazing and wonderful web based online homeschool lesson planner

I wasnít even sure I wanted to review Homeschool Planet but I signed up for the 30 Day Free trial and decided that I loved it... The day to day lesson planning and grading? I will use Homeschool Planet. Homeschool Planet makes adding chores and things like meal plans a much easier process... Check out Homeschool Planet and sign up for a free trial!..” - Read the full review...

Tess - 07-15-2015 - Circling Through This Life

Homeschool Planet is Awesome!

I finally feel like I found something that is going to work for me! No paper, or fun pens or washi tape and decorations.. but so much more than that in organization that I really super excited to share with you... Homeschool Planet is outstanding and I am really excited to add more to it as I plan for the upcoming fall semester. ..” - Read the full review...

Melanie - 07-15-2015 - A Year of Jubilee Reviews

I am in love!

So, yeah, I am in love with Homeschool Planet. I will definitely be using it this year, and will probably use it for our last two years as well...” - Read the full review...

- 07-15-2015 - Homeschool Review

A very user friendly, online planner

Homeschool Planet is a very user friendly, online planner. Not only can you have a plan for your homeschool, but also your home! I cannot stress enough how user friendly Homeschool Planet is! I feel like I have barely scratched the surface for what I can do with Homeschool Planet. I love how user friendly it is...” - Read the full review...

Jennifer Allen - 07-15-2015 - Faithful Homestead

I'm in love with this planner!

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what this amazing tool can do for your homeschool and for life in general. You can keep things neat and in one place. No more different planners for different aspects of your life. You can easily plan everything for all members of your family in one convenient place.
I highly recommend you check this planner out before you buy a new one for this school year. You won't regret it! I promise. I used to be a pencil and paper planner gal but this one has made quite an impression on me. ..” - Read the full review...

Jenni Ryan - 07-13-2015 - The Cutest Blog

Perfect for record-keeping

What I learned along the way was every day brought a new little gem that I learned about as one more feature that I loved. I was extremely excited when I found out ... how to create an icon for my iPhone that takes me directly to the Homeschool Planet Planner site. I WAS THRILLED..” - Read the full review...

Tere Scott - 07-13-2015 - Puddle Jumping

A Great Planner

While I was dreading learning a new program for organizing, this planner is built for people like me. That is, really busy people who are homeschooling multiple children and need a one-stop shop for keeping track of things.

The people who designed this planner really took the time to figure out what a homeschooling family needs, and they put those things into the program. I really appreciate the effort, and the end result is a great planner. My kids loved having the paper schedule each week, and it helped lower the stress of the school day. If I didn't have a paper printout waiting for my kids on Monday, they would protest...” - Read the full review...

Jenna Thornburg - 07-13-2015 - SunshineyDay

Why I Love Homeschool Planet

I wanted to be able to keep our homeschooling planner together with our chores, our ministry, our Bible meetings, and our travel. I could not do all this on one little paper. With Homeschool Planet I can do all this and more. Thatís why I love it!..” - Read the full review...

Tina Marie Ernspiker - 06-11-2015 - Los Gringos Locos

For my planning style and our needs, Homeschool Planet won hands down.

Yes, there is no perfect planner out there, but with all the different options available, you are bound to get pretty close with Homeschool Planet. ..” - Read the full review...

Kathy Gossen - 05-24-2015 - Cornerstone Confessions

The more I use it, the more I love it and realize all I can do with it.

You donít work for this planner; it works for you. Input your lessons when you see fit. Check off your lessons and grade when you want to. You can print off your daily plan each day OR a week or so in advance. You decide how often to use it. You can even decide to receive a ďdaily digestĒ or one email per week...” - Read the full review...

Lindsey Loo - 05-20-2015 -

I found that Homeschool Planet is very user friendly!

Within minutes of logging in I had our calendar, schedule and school assignments up and running! This is not just a planner but a calendar and schedule all in one. And it is all online! It does not matter which operating system you use. You can access it with your laptop, tablet or smart phone! If you prefer using a paper calendar or planner no worries you have the option to print it out as well!..” - Read the full review...

Michele Gerrells - 01-19-2015 - My Blessings From Above

What a lifesaver. I donít even know where to begin to describe all of what this includes! I will try!

There are so many features to mention on the school section but, like I said, we just started school a couple weeks ago and I am still learning all of them. I waited longer than I normally do for a review, just for this reason. I do like what I have seen so far!..” - Read the full review...

jennifer - 01-19-2015 - My Own Green Grass

I only have to open up Homeschool Planet and everything I need to know about my schedule is there at my fingertips.

Homeschool Planet is more than just a homeschool planner. It is a life planner. It really does make my life easier. I think the key to using this program is making it work for you. Thinking outside the box seems to make a difference and for me, it is a program that fits all the many aspects of my busy life. ..” - Read the full review...

Brenda Emmett - 01-18-2015 - Quiet Pandemonium

Let me tell you that I am very impressed with this planner.

This is something that I wish I had years ago when I first started homeschooling, it would have really helped. I am looking forward to using this for a long time. It has truly helped me by using it...” - Read the full review...

Karen Potts - 01-12-2015 - Families Around the Kitchen Table

It is really easy to see why Homeschool Planet is the best online scheduler out there.

Homeschool Planet is an online organizer that keeps us all in check now. It helps my mom keep our school records and changes can be made in a few clicks. My mom was able to quickly plan out our school year using this program, including field trips, vacations, and days off. It was really easy for her to setup and she is really excited about it. It allows her to add web links on the schedule for quick access and record keeping. My mom really loves that feature. Also, she can print out the schedules and keep them all organized for review purposes. My mom's only wish is that someone would have shared this with her sooner...” - Read the full review...

Bridget - 01-09-2015 - Building Legos with Christ

...a very powerful and useful tool both for getting the big picture of our homeschool year and for managing the day-to-day lessons

Honestly, I donít have time to learn new software at this point in my life. And itís not because Iím slow on the uptake when it comes to technology! Iím pretty savvy! But time is a precious commodity for a homeschool mama. Thatís the thing Iíve loved the most about Homeschool Planet; itís completely intuitive! I have been able to do everything Iíve wanted without struggling to figure out how...” - Read the full review...

Stephanie Santos - 01-08-2015 -

A very powerful tool to help you organize and plan your lessons

I have been looking for something that would make it easier for my kids to do some of their work independently, and to help be stay organized and this is it!... The best thing is that, if you miss a day or get ahead, you can slide all the assignments one way or another without having to go into each day and change things. ..” - Read the full review...

L. A. - 08-08-2013 - Plethora Homeschool

The program is easy to use and customize. I highly recommend it.

A critical part of homeschooling is planning. While there are many calendars and other planners available, few if any address the needs of homeschool families with multiple children. Homeschool Planet is an online planner that is specifically designed for the busy homeschool family. I had an opportunity to beta-test this software and it is impressive...” - Read the full review...

Lynda Altman - 07-31-2013 -

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