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Homeschool Planet®
-- everything you need to organize your home AND your home school!

"The Best Homeschool Planner Out There!"

Like many homeschoolers, you've probably tried many homeschool planners and found them either too confusing or too limiting.

That's why the Co-op is pleased to introduce Homeschool Planet -- an easy-to-use homeschool planner that gives you everything you need to organize your home and your home school.

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An Easy-to-Use, Full-Featured Homeschool Planner

At last -- a full-featured planner that doesn't require hours to learn how to use it. Just launch Homeschool Planet, click on the calendar, and start adding classes, assignments, and appointments!

Everything You Need:
  • A Calendar View that lets you see anybody's or everybody's calendars at once
  • A Planner View with a simple list of everything you need to do and when
  • A Resource View that shows you all the books, DVDs, websites and more that you are using for your lessons
  • Separate logins for kids to view their assignments and check them off when completed.
  • Daily Digest emails to everyone in your family with their own schedule, assignments, and chores for the day
  • Email and text message reminders to help everyone stay on schedule (Some limits apply.)
  • Lesson plans with assignments, web links, notes, and more
  • Easy attendance tracking, grading and transcript creation
  • Shopping lists (one each for Target, Safeway, etc.) that you can text to your spouse or have sent to your smartphone when on the go
  • Widgets you can use to do research, plan meals, send text messages, and more
  • Mobile Version -- Ability to view and edit (with some limitations) your calendar on SmartPhones and tablets
  • Calendar sharing -- View the contents of your spouse's Google Calendar inside Homeschool Planet, and vice versa! This also works with Apple iCal and other online calendars.
  • Lesson Copying -- Copy any lesson for use at a later time by another student.
Homeschool Planet is, quite literally, a control panel for your life! To use it, all you need is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

Enjoy it FREE for 30 Days - No Credit Card Required

The right homeschool planner for your family is one of the most important tools you'll ever buy. That's why we are pleased to give you this 30-day free subscription, so that you can try out Homeschool Planet on your own schedule and with no risk.

If you subsequently decide to subscribe for only $69.95/year or $7.95/month, we'll add 365 days (or 1 month) to your subscription so that you can continue using Homeschool Planet with no interruption.

If you have been looking for a single, easy-to-use homeschool planner for home and school, Homeschool Planet is the way to go! Enjoy!

NOTE: We are NOT collecting your credit card info, and you will NOT be charged when your trial subscription expires.

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    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: You will have access to your subscription within 5 minutes from the time that you confirm your order. This happens automatically. Just sign in to your Co-op account. Look on your "My Subscriptions" page under "Homeschool Planet" for instructions and a link.

      Note: If you subsequently decide to purchase a subscription, all of the data you enter during the trial will be preserved in your paid-for subscription so that you can continue using Homeschool Planet without interruption.

    • Shipping: Not applicable
    • Returns/Cancellations: Not applicable
    • System Requirements: To use Homeschool Planet, you need a high-speed Internet connection and the latest version of Google Chrome, FireFox, or Safari. At the present time, Homeschool Planet is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge.
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Homeschool Planet Free Trial

Enjoy Homeschool Planet FREE for 30 days.


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Just a note to say I continue to love Homeschool Planet. I'm planning my second year with it, and recently re-posted the review I did on it in my homeschooling group, Schoolin' Swag. More great exposure for you good folks (we have nearly 4,000 in the group now), and a number of homeschoolers who said they were coming to check it out for themselves. So happy to keep passing the word along! :) Thanks for a great product!
D. Heeney, Co-op Member
In the past I have always planned our school year on paper. Sometimes I've planned a whole year, sometimes I've gone a month at a time and every year "life happens" and we get off track from my plans. Homeschool Planet is allowing me to plan my entire year, easily assigning different activities for my 2nd, 5th and 8th graders within the same curriculum, plan ahead for books to order from the library, coordinate a field trip and plan lighter days of study around activities, all with a few clicks. The thing I'm most excited about is the abilit...(more)
Stephanie N., Co-op Member
We have 10 school aged kids, two toddlers, and are expecting a baby this year. This is our 3rd year using Homeschool Planet for lesson planning and we LOVE it. Our busy lives include therapies for several kids, hospital stays, and sometimes unexpected days where we just can't get it all done. With Homeschool Planet I can set up which days the kids should work on each subject, lay out their school work to be evenly divided between a set of weeks or months that I put in, and plan out our entire year before we ever get started. Then, as life c...(more)
Meredith, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is exactly what I was looking for for my family. I tell everyone about it. Working around my husband's odd work schedule is difficult and when you add in co-op classes and extracurricular activities and it gets very hard to keep up with our work using a paper planner. Every other online homeschool planner I tried was difficult to use or made rescheduling difficult. With Homeschool Planet I can easily reschedule lessons when things change and keep the kids on track. I love the printing feature and my sons like to have a paper t...(more)
Amber M., Co-op Member
I recently purchased this great organizational tool through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. While I've not been using it long enough to have tried every feature that it has to offer (the many uses are vast) I love what I know about it thus far. One of my favorite features is the shopping list widget. I can add and delete items as I need to and send myself or my husbands texts with said lists. In addition to that, I can organize our curriculum, which can be complicated because we piece ours together, so this website is invaluable to us. I've tr...(more)
Dee Robin, Co-op Member
I highly recommend the Homeschool-Planet. I was able to use this program as a new homeschooling parent. It offers so many features and the ability to print your schedule showing multiple family members or a schedule for an individual. I printed my schedule with both my children's assignments listed and then printed one for each of them. They liked seeing their schedule for the day and checking off boxes as they completed their daily assignments. It is easy to create and schedule classes on the calendar for the whole year. I like the abili...(more)
Jan K., Co-op Member
This planner is how I keep my days organized with 4 kids to plan for at 4 different levels. It makes life so much easier and I don't know how I'd do it without it. It just keeps getting better and better too. Now that I can create my own lesson plans from what I use one year with my son to apply later with another child is awesome and the lesson plans already created by the textbook companies of books you are using you just click to apply to your planner is is even easier. Please keep the updates coming!!!
I. Porter, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is awesome. I'm so glad that I found something that works so perfectly for planning my day to day homeschooling schedule. It has everything that I need. I've used it for one year and still love this program. I will NEVER go back to a paper planner or switch to another online planner. Homeschool Planet is now my permanent home for our homeschooling schedule. Thank you guys.
Wanda R., Co-op Member
LOVE this homeschool planner! I'm a new homeschooling mom and have only been using the planner for about a month. I'm still learning daily about all it can do, but it's easy to jump right in and get started with the basics. I've been able to plan the year for my middle-schooler and print daily assignment checklists for him which has been great. It's also very easy to change/add to assignments, switch days, and grade his work. This planner is always with me (home computer, tablet, phone) so it's quick t make changes whenever they pop into my...(more)
T.W., Co-op Member
Last year I tried an online product to keep track of homeschool, and it was to complicated. I am an extremely busy mom. I have an 8th grader, 2nd grader, and a 2 year old. I homeschool my nephew who is in 4th.I assist my other nephew and nieces with tutoring. I am a children's pastor at our church, and dedicate much time to that. I also help take care of my parents who are both handicapped. Needless to say I do not have hours to try to figure out an online homeschool calendar much less invest hours into using it. On top of this there didn't see...(more)
Jessica Luker, Co-op Member
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