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Use the free Homeschool ID card templates below to create your homeschool ID card. Then:
  • Print your card at home, or
  • Order a professionally printed, sturdy plastic (PVC) ID card from the Co-op for only $7.95 (and $5.95 for each additional card in the same order).
Note: We ask that you join the Co-op in order to use the free or paid ID card service. Membership is FREE and confidential. Join using the form to the right. See our Privacy Policy.
Step 1: Enter your homeschool information.
Select a Student or Teacher ID Template:
Enter Your School Name:
School Year:
Home Educator Name:
Student Name:
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY):
City, State & Zip (or Province & Postal Code):*
Photo: (GIF/JPEG/JPG/PNG Max size=1MB)
choose a photo...
* For your child's protection, we do not print addresses or phone numbers on Student ID cards.
Step 2: Preview your ID.
Step 3: Certify your information.
I hereby certify that I homeschool my children and the information provided
above is true and accurate.
Co-op E-mail Address:

(Enter the email address associated with your Co-op account. This should be the email address you use when you sign in at the Co-op website.)

Step 4: Choose a print option.
Please PRINT my design on a sturdy, plastic (PVC) card and mail it to the address below via first class mail. The first card costs $7.95, and each additional card costs $5.95. Maximum of 5 ID Cards per order. Shipping to U.S. is $0.50 for 1 card and $0.25 for each addl. Shipping to Canada is $1.25 for 1 card and $0.25 for each addl. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
Note: Co-op membership is FREE, private, and entitles you to a gift of 100 SmartPoints, a welcome package with freebies.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip/Postal Code:
Please display my ID on a PRINTABLE page so that I can print it on my printer.
Note: Co-op membership is FREE, private, and entitles you to a gift of 100 SmartPoints, a welcome package with freebies.
The ID card looks professional. I used it to get into a teachers' open house for an aquarium and they readily accepted it :-] I also teach at a homeschool co-op so I put that for my school, but you could use the name of your homeschool or support group.
C. Evanoff, Co-op Member
We have used them for 3 years now. I love how professional they look. It is a hard card that I am proud to carry in my wallet with my health insurance and Drivers Lis. and other cards. Even my husband and kids love to carry them and show them to friends etc.

I post the link on facebook and share it with all new and current homeschool families.
Jenah Victor Slayer, Co-op Member
I love the id I made mine and my daughter and she loves it thank you.
A. Santana, Co-op Member
I've been purchasing these Homeschool ID cards for years now, and have been so impressed with the quality of the ones they prepare for me. It is always helpful to receive teacher discounts when you have an "official" educator card.
ME, Co-op Member
Thanks to our Homeschool ID's we were able to purchase through the coo-op, we save money on educational outings like any other school program would! Very easy to obtain and extremely fast service! Love this place!! Gives our daughter a school ID for many other uses too. Great to have. Thanks again co-op!
Shari Lewis, Co-op Member
It's nice to be able to purchase a high-quality ID card for my homeschooled students and a teacher card for myself. Many places give discounts for either or both (student/teacher) but you need to have an ID card. It's wonderful to be able to have one with our school name and photo (of our choice) printed onto it. The price is more than reasonable and the turn around time always surprises me! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering these. I wish I would have known about them much sooner.
Dolly M., Co-op Member
I chose to purchase the plastic school ID cards and they are great quality. It's great having an "official card" to use at places that give school discounts. The price is right too. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op!
Beth E., Co-op Member
These are great! Great quality for the price, and I like the clean design and how easy they were to order. Weve made our own ID cards in the past (printing on paper, and laminating) but you could tell they were homemade. The ones from homeschool buyers co-op look professional. My boys were absolutely thrilled to receive them and felt very official :) We got them to serve as identification cards, and also to use for student/teacher discounts. I have used my teacher ID multiple times already for discounts at retail stores. They are great; I a...(more)
Jenny S., Co-op Member
This year is my first time homeschooling my 6 years old son. I had many questions about homeschooling because most people said cons about this wonderfull journey! In the state, where I live, some stores required to provide an ID to obtain teacher discounts. Researching on the web, I found Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. I was a little afraid to order online because there are many fraudulent sites. My friend told me the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is a true and secure page. I decided to order ID an student ID and teacher ID. these ID arrive very quickly. I...(more)
Joanne Duarte, Co-op Member
I purchased the professionally printed, sturdy plastic (PVC) homeschool ID card because I needed a picture ID of my son to get a duplicate copy of his social security card, which was lost in the shuffle of massive amounts of paper files in our homeschool office. I couldn't get a state issued ID or driver's permit for my son without a social security card. The Social Security Administrator accepted the ID card, no questions asked. Over the years we've printed out our own ID cards from home, because my boys liked carrying them in their wallet. ...(more)
Paula Dawn, Co-op Member
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