The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to purchase the Co-op's Homeschool ID Card. If you have used the Co-op's Homeschool ID Card service and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I love our homeschool I.D. cards! For one, when getting a teacher discount card at places like JoAnn's and Barnes and Nobel, when they ask for your teacher I.D. card, all I had to do was pull out this card and there was no further information needed! Before, when I would say I was a homeschool teacher they would say they needed my lesson plan book as proof! My kids LOVE their cards. As kids who used to be in the public school system and had I.D. cards, I didn't realize until we got them how much this would affect them in a positive way. They could not wait to show their friends. When we go on field trips, we now all wear our I.D.'s on lanyards. Thank you for this wonderful service!”
Carolyn B., Co-op Member
”These ID Cards are so useful. Sometimes activities come up where school IDs are asked for and this allows my homeschool kids that don't have driver's licenses yet to have an ID to show.”
Eva P., Co-op Member
”The homeschool ID that I purchased is excellent for my son. He can use it when needed and it does exactly what it is intended to do. Looks great and is very sturdy, not flimsy like others. I would highly recommend.”
Sumer Schmidt, Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing the service of producing high-quality I.D. cards. We recently ordered for the first time and are very happy with the received product. We ordered both student and teacher I.D.s intending to wear our cards in badge holders whenever we are on field trips as well as group functions with other homeschoolers. I feel this gives our kids a sense of identifying with and taking pride and ownership of their homeschool way of life. I have recommended these I.D. cards to all our homeschool families and will continue to reorder these in the future.”
J. Mothershed, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Educator ID card because I felt it would be the easiest way for me to have educator memberships. It is good quality and laminated to last. It looks very professional with all the needed info. It also made me happy to show my kids and now they want their own! There are benefits with an educator membership that you can't get with regular memberships that will benefit my family's homeschooling journey. I have used my ID for one membership (so far) at a book store and, though I have not needed it with my library yet, as we get back from summer break I intend to utilize my local libraries for a lot of early learning books and educator kits! My sister has been homeschooling for about 14 years and I told her about this ID and she is excited to purchase one and start receiving the benefits!”
Tangee A., Co-op Member
”I love how it turned out. Great quality! I was going to laminate it on my own but I'm glad I ordered the PVC card.”
P Camacho, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with the ID card. It is good quality and arrived quickly. Thank you!”
P. Camacho, Co-op Member
”We received the ID cards and they look exactly like they do on the website. They are very professional looking and can't wait to use them to get discounts at places that give them to homeschoolers. This is the perfect school ID!”
Abbey, Co-op Member
”Got these for tax filing and teacher discount programs at more than a few local places where I live. They work great as ID for kids' debit cards as well.”
L. Chavez, Co-op Member
”I really enjoyed the ID card service offered here! It really helped me provide identification for my high school kiddo.”
Ashley McCormick, Member
”We consider buying homeschool IDs important for several reasons. We carry them when out in the community during the business day, on our tiny field trips, and use them as IDs in case we ever get separated. They are well priced and quite durable. My kids and I are very pleased. I have even used my ID to receive teacher discounts at several retail stores. We plan to continue using them - especially through high school.”
M. Mayer, Co-op Member
”We received our cards fast. The color and quality are wonderful!!!! Thank you!”
T.S, Co-op Member
”This ID has allowed me to get discounts for educators and students, which makes it very convenient and affordable. It also helps when we go on field trips. I highly recommend creating an ID for your homeschool family.”
Marlana Sharpe, Co-op Member
”The children and I love our homeschool IDs. They came nicely packaged and well put together! It really made homeschool official for us.”
Allegra Martin, Co-op Member
”Very nice quality ID card.”
C. Seib, Co-op Member
”I got my ID and it looked great! Plus I got free stuff at some stores by being a teacher with an ID. It's also fun to show off at home school meet-ups!!”
R. Poswall, Co-op Member
”This was a great product and service my wife and I have used many times. We just referred a friend to order some for her family.”
Dufresne Don, Co-op Member
”We just received our Homeschool ID cards and are so pleased! My kids are able to use them at places that give discounts for students, and my teacher ID card allows me to get teacher discounts! My daughter used her ID card yesterday as a "valid ID" when picking up mail at the post office. The cards are well made, and we will certainly purchase again in the future!”
Happy Parent, Co-op Member
”Top quality and a reasonable price.”
Sunnie G., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool Teacher ID card I received. The picture is clear, and the quality is great. Thank you!”
Elizabeth Mesojednik, Co-op Member
”I am brand new to homeschooling this year and this product was an absolute joy to find! This makes me feel legitimized in my decision to teach my own children, and even something as small as a card gave me the confidence to proudly show that I can do this. The Homeschool ID Card is very professional looking and is very durable--definitely worth the investment!”
Lauren S., Homeschooling Mom
”We received our Homeschool IDs and they are awesome. I highly recommend buying them. Great for outings and also the teacher ID works for discounts!”
Heidi, Co-op Member
”I love this purchase! It gives you that sense of security when you take the kids on a field trip. And it's a reasonable price too!”
Jade S., Co-op Member
”I ordered two Homeschool ID Cards, one for myself (in order to hopefully receive discounts on supplies and books) and one for my daughter who is four years old and just starting her homeschool journey. Due to the pandemic we haven't had the opportunity to use our cards yet, but my daughter is ecstatic that she has her very own school ID with her picture on it. We even got her a wallet to keep it in and she's so proud to have it. The IDs came quickly and are great quality. When our son (who is two years old) is ready to start his homeschool journey, we look forward to getting another card for him as well.”
Sara Davis, Co-op Member
”After purchasing our initial ID cards a few years ago, we decided to continue another academic year. There's so much to like about them: good quality, inexpensiveness, and practicality. These cards are ideal for parents/educators and students alike, particularly learning at home during these times. We like the quality of the cards and my children like that they can use them at social activities for potential discounts on services. We definitely recommend them for any home-education family!”
Q. Yusuf (A.H.E.A.D.), Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has been a valuable resource for us and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in homeschooling. The hard copy ID card is a good product and great documentation for all of your students to have.”
JB, Co-op Member
”We love our PVC IDs. We have used them for the last four years. Great quality.”
Mrs. Lemons, Co-op Member
”Excellent quality!”
M.A., Co-op Member
”This Homeschool ID card was just what my daughter needed. The service and delivery were prompt. Thank you!”
Debbie B, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool ID card is very professional and useful. Lots of places have to see one in order for us to get a discount.”
Dawn M., Co-op Member
”I am so pleased with this Homeschool ID card. We live in NYC and it s not uncommon for homeschooled kids to be stopped by cops, especially in subway stations, if they're seen during normal school hours. I feel better knowing that my child can show this ID if she ever gets stopped.”
NYC Homeschooling Mom, Co-op Member
”We love our school ID cards. Every year my kids look forward to getting one for the new school year. My kids save every year and love looking at them to see how much they have changed over the years. The cards are thick and sturdy. We can't wait to order again next year. ”
Heather N., Co-op Member
”I love our Homeschool ID cards! I have ordered the plastic cards for myself and my kids for four years now. When a Teacher ID is needed for a store discount, I pull my card out and have never had a problem. On field trips, we each wear the IDs on lanyards. No more people questioning why my kids aren't in school. It also helps us get the school rate at several places. Worth every penny!”
Carolyn, Co-op Member
”This is our second time ordering Homeschool ID cards and we are very happy with them. They give the kids entry into certain events that require a school ID and they feel good carrying them. They give me teacher discounts in many places. Great quality. Highly recommend.”
Bethany, Co-op Member
”We received our Homeschool IDs and we love them! They are very professional looking and give us the freedom to use facilities that before were only available to public school children with IDs. We will be ordering from here every year!!”
Tonya Boykin, Co-op Member
”This card is excellent! It's thick like a credit card, so it is sturdy and will last for years unlike some thin, laminated cards, and therefore also easily slides out of a wallet for easy presentation when needed!”
Lauren L,
”SO glad we found the Co-op ID card. Super high quality, reasonable price and fast delivery. My 14 year old daughter loves hers and she uses it all the time.”
Catharine W, Co-op Member
”I have been ordering ID cards for my son and myself for years. They are high quality, professional looking cards. I have always felt more confidence, more well prepared, to face people who may want to challenge us for our choice to homeschool. My son likes putting it in his wallet as a form of ID. I always share your website with friends so they can explore all the useful information, and order their own cards! Thank you for supporting the homeschool way of life.”
Erica, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with our Homeschool ID Card. They look professional and fit perfectly in a lanyard cardholder sleeve. My daughter wears her lanyard (with her ID card) anytime we are on a homeschool field trip and I carry it with me any time we are out and about. It is also great for student discounts! This our second year using the Homeschool ID Card from HSBC and I will continue to order one each year.”
Carol H., Co-op Member
”Great quality, fast shipping! Very happy with our cards.”
Claire J., Co-op Member
”I have ordered these for the last two years and they really hold up. The color was better last year than this year, but we love them--so professional and no one has ever questioned the validity of my teacher ID! Worth every penny. My daughter loves having her own ID.”
Autumn M., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love the Homeschool IDs I had made and so do the children. They love showing them off and it's an easy way to show proof to get various discounts at retailers.”
Micaiah Yhisrael, Co-op Member
”I've purchased this card for the second year. They are professional and it's an easy process to order.”
Bianca Julien, Co-op Member
”We've ordered these two years in a row now and love them. They're sturdy and high quality.”
Amanda F, Co-op Member
”My daughter used her homeschool ID card as her photo school ID for entrance to her ACT test, since she didn't have a license. They accepted the card without a hitch, so she never had to produce the ACT ID form she took along as backup.”
L.R., Co-op Member
”Fantastic ID card! I got a student ID card and a parent/teacher ID card and they have the same great quality as public school IDs. We have used them several times for student discounts and teacher discounts.”
K. Hofstra, Co-op Member
”I purchase ID cards every year. They look amazing and very professional. We also receive them very quickly.”
Brooke S., Co-op Member
”I received my ID. It looks wonderful. I have also used my ID for multiple discounts-- locations as well as shopping.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”This has been a money saver! There is a toy and learning store whose owner homeschooled her kids and because of that, you get a discount if you can prove homeschooling! Then A.C. Moore. Oh my, the savings I have received. My son is art inclined so that store is our number one visit all the time! It has also been useful when people ask me why we are walking about when my kid should be in school. I explain he is homeschooled and I take him on errands so he can learn to be productive and survive without me doing his laundry, cooking, or shopping when he moves out. Then I show the I.D. to prove it and walk away. I will be getting this every single year!”
Fran C., Co-op Member
”We received our ID cards and they look great! The cards are durable, the photos are clear, and my kids were excited to have them!”
Team E, Co-op Member
”Nice quality and holds up well!”
T.Goss, Co-op Member
”We are very happy with our Homeschool ID cards. They look like any other school ID and we're confident they will be sufficient when we use public transportation and visit the museums. We're happy with our purchase and would recommend these IDs to any homeschool family needing student/teacher IDs to take advantage of discounts offered to students and teachers.”
Lesli Santillan, Co-op Member
”I purchased a student and a teacher ID card and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The quality of the cards are great. I also recieved them quicker than I had expected. If you're thinking about purchasing, do it! You will be so happy you did.”
Haley Wilson, Co-op Member
”Our kids were really excited to have their homeschool identity card. The quality is great and they processed them quickly. Shipping was also fast!”
Hope, Co-op Member
”The homeschool identification cards are great! We are very thankful to have them so that we can participate in any events that require either a student or teacher ID. We have used them several times especially for discounts at movie theaters and bookstores. We have also told our friends and homeschool groups about this great product. We plan to get new ones made every year. Thank you!”
M. Silver, Homeschool Teacher
”I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the Homeschool ID. My son loves how it turned out. I'm looking forward to using Homeschool Buyers Co-op for other homeschool needs.”
Laurie M, Co-op Member
”I love my ID card. Great quality and fast shipping.”
R Seeger, Co-op Member
”Love them! Professional, durable, and my family is so proud to carry them. My three year old can't wait until he's old enough for one.”
C. Jackson, Co-op Member
”We recently ordered Homeschool IDs for all of us and we are very impressed. The quality is great and they offered many options. My kids were/are very excited to have them.”
Kara G., Co-op Member
”Very pleased with our homeschool ID. Very professional and site easy to navigate. And they were delivered in the time frame promised. Cost is very reasonable. Thank you Homeschoolbuyers Co-op! Very grateful to be able to have them.”
M. Austin, Co-op Member
”I m so grateful for this site. My kiddos and I used our Homeschool ID Card to purchase books from Books a Million. I received a teacher discount. I was so happy. Thanks guys for the IDs. We will be purchasing every year.”
Kishaminga Jenkins, Co-op Member
”My homeschool card arrived quickly and looks professional. I have used it many times without question to receive a homeschool/educator discount.”
Ari B., Co-op Member
”We needed a photo ID for our high school homeschooler, and realized his passport had recently expired. Since we did not have time to renew before an upcoming airline flight, I ordered an ID Card through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op (HBC) instead. He was able to use his HBC ID as airline identification of a minor for his round trip flight to Masterworks camp with no issues. Thank you, HBC!”
Caroline, Co-op Member
”Our Homeschool ID cards are perfect! They are very professional looking and were delivered very quickly. Will definitely use Homeschool Buyers Co-op next year for new cards. Thank you!”
Michele Penney, Co-op Member
”The homeschool IDs are of great quality, simple to make and delivered fast. My kids love it and we use it everywhere they ask for a school id.”
Alicia Q, Co-op Member
”My daughter wanted a School ID to receive discounts from movie theaters and restaurants. She now feels she's not missing out. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
N Houser, Co-op Member
”I ordered the printed PVC ID card for my son and myself. I am very pleased with the quality. My son is happy to have a picture ID. This product is worth the cost.”
Gina W., Co-op Member
”We just received our Homeschool ID Card and my child was so thrilled! If you're considering ordering an ID card for your child/children, don't hesitate! These ID cards for very high quality, tastefully designed and well-manufactured. As we all know, we as home educators receive a lot of resistance over our choice to home educate, while few take us seriously. These ID cards go far toward lending credence when you walk into a store or venue with a school ID card bearing your child's name. Way to go, Homeschool Buyer's Co-op! Thanks for always being there for us!”
D. Waller, Co-op Member
”Quality is fantastic. My son needed a photo id to start his flight training. This was perfect. I plan to purchase a new one at the beginning of each school year.”
Kathryn L., Co-op Member
”We love our Homeschool ID Cards!”
Kirby, Co-op Member
”I ordered these and was delighted to get them. They look very professional and I have no issues using them when I need to verify that we are homeschoolers.”
Becky, Co-op Member
”My daughter is 16 and loves having her identification card. It's wonderfully made and was a great price. I only wish I would have bought one sooner. I tell everyone in my homeschool field trip group about it. Thanks for a wonderful tool!”
Alana Belsher, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased and ID card and used it at the Crayola Experience Center in Easton , PA. Tickets cost us $12.99 instead of $20.99. I was so happy to save so much money. Plus I learned that the Apple company gives up to a $200 discount too. Can't wait to use it there!”
Anastasia B., Co-op Member
”This has been a blessing to my family to have our homeschool ID. I am very thankful for the service and the quality was excellent.”
Dana R, Co-op Member
”One of the things I was concerned about was lack of school identifications when it came to events that require some type of school identification. My option to choose my own picture was beneficial. They came in a timely manner and look fantastic. The material used to make the PVC card is waterproof and very sturdy. Will use the service to upgrade school ID cards every year.”
Megan, Co-op Member
”This is my second year to get a student ID for my son through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I could not be happier with their product. My son doesn't have his drivers license yet and he will need an ID when he goes to take his SAT test. I am really happy with the product.”
Suzannah Clark, Co-op Member
”Ordered ID cards for my student and for me as teacher. Student used his for discounted museum admission. I haven't needed mine yet but I carry it so I'm prepared. The free paper version probably would be fine but I like the "official" appearance of this ID card.”
Peggy S., Co-op Member
”We have been purchasing the plastic version of ID cards from Homeschool Buyers Co-op for years now. We love having our own special "school ID cards" and they allow us to get student discounts and teacher discounts too.
Our now 11 year old has been choosing the photos for years. He loves that part!”
Luiza Brown, Co-op Member
”Great company and well made IDs. I have ordered 6-9 cards.”
Tim smith, Co-op Member
”The card arrived promptly and it looks great! My daughter used it to get in to a homecoming dance and as an alternate ID to take the SAT test. I highly recommend it.”
R. Murphy, Co-op Member
”My family and I have been very impressed by the excellent quality of your work. Our daughter is proud of the photo on her ID card.”
Angela D., Co-op Member
”My son's ID card arrived recently, and I am thrilled with the quality! Personalizing it online was easy too; the most challenging part was getting an appropriate and current photo of my son.”
Tara H., Co-op Member
”I am happy with my homeschool ID card. It allows me to get discounts for homeschool supplies at places that give discounts to teachers, but require an ID.”
April, mom of 3 homeschoolers, Co-op Member
”Having this Homeschool ID has been more secure for me and my kids when going to do activities outside of home. My kids feel more confident about themselves when being asked why they're not at school. And they can answer we are in homeschool and our mom is our teacher , thanks to these IDs. Definitely every year we'll get them. We appreciate your interest in homeschoolers. Thanks guys for these wonderful ID cards. Every homeschool parent and kid should have one. Thanks again.”
Linda C., Co-op Member
”We love ordering our homeschool ID cards every year! My boys are old enough now to carry theirs. They love having their ID in their wallets and feel so official and special to be homeschoolers. I have ordered both the print your own and the hard plastic cards and recommend them to everyone! Thank you for a great product.”
Christina T., Co-op Member
”I ordered our ID cards and they came out exactly as shown on the sample. Shipping time was really fast!
My kids saw them and loved them! I will use these and have shared information with other homeschool parents in how to get theirs too!”
Sheba Joseph, Co-op Member
”First I want to say thanks a lot for my homeschool ID. I have ordered 4 so far and all have been of high quality and made easy. The shipping was simple and fast. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase. Thanks and you definitely have my business.”
Steven Smith, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool ID was a very nice color. It is good quality and very nice format. Thank You. ”
B. Schaeffer, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool ID card works out perfectly for my son. He uses it at many homeschool and other events with no questions asked. He has also used it at times when a picture ID was required, and again it was accepted with no questions asked.”
Cherie T, Co-op Member
”I signed up and ordered ID cards for my two children and myself. They were very easy to set up and arrived quickly. I love the cards, as do my children. They are the same quality (but look nicer) than my child's old public school ID. I use them everywhere. I'll definitely let anyone interested in ID cards for their homeschool know about this! Thanks HSBC!”
Stacy Weiskopf, Co-op Member
”Our ID cards have allowed us to receive discounts at most local stores that offer student discounts! And my PERSONAL favorite is the MICHAELS everyday discount as an educator for entire purchase. It's about time as a HOME EDUCATOR we can take advantage of Teacher Discounts as well. Also was able to get the teacher freebie bag at Staples! Definitely worth the purchase.”
Lacrecia McKinney ~ Misfits Academy, Co-op Member
”The cards are great. Very high quality and love that we could use the name of our school that my son named "Mind Craft Academy". They have helped in getting both student and teacher discounts.”
Shoshana, Homeschool
”My niece was having trouble obtaining a social security card, thus a driver's license, due to the lack of a photo ID. One MUST have a photo ID to receive a SS card and a SS card to receive a photo ID from the DMV. This was VERY frustrating! Thankfully, she was able to obtain a photo ID through HSBC. She now has her SS and a brand new driving permit!”
Terri, Co-op Member
”Our cards are perfect. Having actual cards is better for us than printing ones because we do so many field trips that require IDs.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”This card came in the mail very quickly. I am very happy with the quality of the card. I could never have made this on my own.”
Kelli P, Co-op Member
”I order a homeschool ID card every year and I'm always pleased with the quality! I also enjoy the discounts I receive when I use my card. There are SO many shopping places that give discounts to teachers! The homeschool ID card more than pays for itself!”
Rhonda H., Co-op Member
”Great quality photo ID Card for my daughter that is homeschooled. Looking forward to using it to receive various homeschool discounts, while looking professional.”
Wynette Birchfield, Co-op Member
”We found that many of the "field trips" we were attending needed a school ID. These are a wonderful solution. Very high quality and nice picture clarity.”
Bridget, Co-op Member
”I love my ID card. It looks professional and was easy to use to receive homeschool discounts at aquariums and museums.”
Jessica Swift, Co-op Member
”This was such an easy way to make both an educators card and a student ID. They look very professional and are really durable. We've already used them to get discounts for movie tickets and school materials. :)”
Narnia, Co-op Member
”Needed a student ID for my son (14yrs) to get a summer job and cash his checks at the bank. Works great.”
Gwen K., Co-op Member
”We love these cards! Having these has made getting into homeschool events and receiving discounts so much easier!”
Takeallah Rivera, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love getting my children and myself homeschool ID's every year because they are convenient, reliable, and of great quality for a price that can't be beat! I had a little hiccup this year because my order was larger than usual, but it was resolved immediately and the communication was very pleasant. I appreciate all the hard work that Homeschool Buyers Co-op puts in so we can have a memorable school year!”
Vivianne Rice, Co-op Member
”I ordered a couple of the homeschool ID cards, and I feel they look professionally made. I wanted my kids to have a picture ID with them at all times, and I plan to use them for identification when obtaining my kids' learners permit at DPS. Additionally, I purchased an ID card for me so that I can benefit from teacher discounts wherever possible.”
Rosemary S., Co-op Member
”I love the ID cards I purchased from Homeschool Coop (teacher and student cards). This is the second time I've done it--and I'll continue to get them each year I homeschool. They look very professional and are printed on good, solid quality stock with lamination. I've used them at museums and bookstores...wherever I've needed to show that I'm a homeschooling parent in order to receive a discount. They came fast in the mail and I've had zero issues with them. For the affordable price they are, it is an easy and necessary complement to my homeschooling toolkit!”
Kathryn Camgemi, Co-op Member
”It looks like a real ID that someone asking for a school ID shouldn't think twice on. My husband was really impressed.”
D Burger, Co-op Member
”I was excited to receive my homeschool ID card! Being that my kids are very crafty it has helped to save extra when we go to stores, especially Michaels. I paid the extra to have it made and the quality is great!”
S. Jackson, Co-op Member
”The ID card looks very professional and is useful whenever we need to show proof for homeschooling when getting discounts for field trips. My son loves his and makes him feel important.”
Pearl I, Co-op Member
”I ordered homeschool ID cards for daughter and myself. They arrived quickly and are very professional looking! I look forward to using them.”
Melanie P., Co-op Member
”We love our new ID cards! They look so official and my son thinks his is super cool. We will be ordering a new one each year to mark our learning milestones.”
Elaine, Co-op Member
”Mid-Day outings can become uncomfortable for my daughter when people assume that she's home sick and approach her on it. She feels confident with her ID that if she needs to, she can identify herself and explain homeschooling or that she s not sneaking away from school.
Having the ID has also given her a belonging to a community since homeschooling is rare where I live.
We love our student ID !”
S. Solis, Co-op Member
”I was very grateful to find an organization that I had joined in beginning my journey in Home-schooling that offered ID cards. Being able to show identification as a Home Educator along with Student identification really comes in handy for all the possible places we will go as a family. Home-school Buyers Co-op has provided a unique service and opportunity for Home-schooling families to be recognized in a professional manner. I have been very pleased with the price and quality of the Home-school ID cards and have been sharing my experience with others who may not know about the services that the Home-school Buyers Co-op has to offer. I would highly recommend to others who home-school to invest in attaining proper identification as a means to protect yourself from other individuals who might not recognize Home-schooling individuals and their children as a means of educating rather than being seen as truant.”
Alice G., Co-op Member
”We received our ID's in the mail and couldn't be happier! They are nicely done. The ordering process was so easy and the price is affordable. Thank you for everything. Truly a pleasure doing business with you!”
Lori Dukes, Co-op Member
”Love my son's ID card. It came fast and looks great. Thank you homeschoolbuyers.”
Kristi Sue, Co-op Member
”These little gems are very helpful when it comes to teacher and student discounts , I am very grateful for ours.”
Crystal, Co-op Member
”Excellent quality. Very useful for school discounts, etc. As good as the ID issued from our old traditional school.”
Jan E., Co-op Member
”These ID cards are great! They are exactly what I needed and are easy to order. They are also great quality and a great price.”
Tracy H., Co-op Member
”This is an amazing gift that you all have provided to this homeschooling mom. It has allowed me to access multiple resources and discounts in my area. It may sound corny but just having it in my wallet makes me feel like I'm not doing this alone. God bless you guys.”
Erika Faye, Co-op Member
”We are so thrilled with our Homeschool-id-cards. They are such high quality and are great for using to get teacher/school discounts! We will be purchasing these each year!”
Deanna A., Co-op Member
”We love our new homeschool ID's. They are good quality and professionally made and are were much better choice than making them myself.”
Keetgi Kogan Steinberg, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Homeschool ID and was extremely pleased when it arrived so quickly. The card appears to be professional and durable. I feel the ink looks a little faded in the lettering and my picture. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. I can now flash my ID for discounts on various purchases and entry to many museums and other events without anyone questioning me. It is wonderful! Great purchase and I recommend it for anyone that homeschools! Thanks !”
Jodie Braddy, Co-op Member
”I purchased a teacher ID card and it is great! It was super-easy and came a lot quicker than I expected. The plastic is thick and durable and looks just like any other ID card. I ve already used it to get educator discounts for homeschooling supplies. I no longer have to persuade the cashier that the teacher discount should apply to homeschooling families as well. I just show them the teacher ID card and there s no discussion. So easy!”
Christina, Co-op Member
”Looks perfect. It's the only Homeschool ID I haven't had questioned.”
Christina Kasten, Co-op Member
”We needed a picture ID for my son, on short notice, to gain access to a tech college he wanted to tour. The Homeschool ID Card worked perfectly. Thank you for making this available.”
JaniceM, Co-op Member
”The quality, color, and price are great. This is the third yr we have purchased ID's though Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I am always asked "Where did you get that?" from other homeschoolers.

Thanks again!”
Mrs. Bahlow,
”I am able to use my daughter's ID to prove her identity, it makes her feel like she's apart of something, officially.”
Ashli Young-Turner, Co-op Member
”I really appreciated the ease of getting the card. It was simple, fast, and helped our family in having access to this service.”
Deb, Co-op Member
”This is our 3rd year ordering homeschool ID cards from the co-op and the quality is always superb. Would definitely recommend.”
Krystle L., Co-op Member
”It is very convienent to have these homeschool IDs!”
M.L., Co-op Member
”I have purchased two Homeschool ID cards now, for two of my children. They needed IDs to take their PSAT and these were great. They are very nice quality, priced very well, arrived quickly, and they worked great for PSATs. They were personalized with not only my child's name and photo but also with our school name. I've shared their availability with other homeschool parents who have also been pleased. I'm so grateful to have the Homeschool Buyers Co-op as a resource!”
Maribeth W., Co-op Member
”It's nice to be able to purchase a high-quality ID card for my homeschooled students and a teacher card for myself. Many places give discounts for either or both (student/teacher) but you need to have an ID card. It's wonderful to be able to have one with our school name and photo (of our choice) printed onto it. The price is more than reasonable and the turn around time always surprises me! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering these. I wish I would have known about them much sooner.”
Dolly M., Co-op Member
”This is the second time I ordered the is cards. They are very good quality and come in handy when someone asks to see proof that the children Re students or if I am a teacher! They are worth the small amount of money that they cost!”
Angie S, Co-op Member
”I bought 3 id's and they are absolutely wonderful. My kids love them!”
Mrs. Strickland, Co-op Member
”What an easy way to get our Student ID card, from the comfort of our own home! It was quick, reasonably priced, and looks good.”
Jill S., Co-op Member
”I love our homeschool ID cards. We were just able to use them as proof to get into a free event for homeschoolers. Also, I want to keep my daughter's card as mementos for her school years! I shared them on our abeka FB page.”
Katie, Co-op Member
”We are big fans of these homeschool ID cards. They are very sturdy and well-made. I use ours all around town to receive teacher and student discounts, without any issue.”
N.E., Co-op Member
”I received my ID card within a couple days of ordering!!! It was beautiful and exactly as ordered! Thank you so much!”
Ashley Palmer, Co-op Member
”My family loves to have an annual picture to mark the passage of time and learning. I have used our ID cards for discounts in the community. These cards are very professional looking and of high quality. I will continue to purchase these ID cards every year (this is our 4th year already!).”
L. Meyer, Co-op Member
”Thanks to our Homeschool ID's we were able to purchase through the coo-op, we save money on educational outings like any other school program would! Very easy to obtain and extremely fast service! Love this place!! Gives our daughter a school ID for many other uses too. Great to have. Thanks again co-op! ”
Shari Lewis, Co-op Member
”We love our Homeschool ID-Cards! Creating the cards was simple. We received them quickly after our request too. The best part is that now the children are able to receive discounts and other advantages available in our community for school children. Prior to having the cards, we had to pay regular prices for everything.The children love their "official" ID's.”
Prof. Itomi-Warren, Co-op Member
”We ordered our first homeschool ID cards this year and we love them. Very professional looking and amazing quality. We will definitely be reordering them next year as well.”
C.Moore, Co-op Member
”We love our ID cards! Great quality and great price! We have already recommended them to our friends.”
Shea, Co-op Member
”This was an awesome find and buy. One of the cards didn't arrive but they corrected it and resent another and we love them. I especially love that my daughter has a picture ID. Great asset to any homeschooler.”
Allison F., Co-op Member
”Really happy with Homeschoolbuyersco-op purchased a school ID and it arrived in two days!!! Awesome and fast thanks guys!”
Leo jimenez, Co-op Member
”This is my family's first year homeschooling. We wanted ID cards and were blessed to find them on the site. We all love them! Vibrant colors, great quality and our pictures look amazing. The prices are also very reasonable. I have told several other people about the IDs and great service. Thanks so much.”
Tiffany G, Co-op Member
”This is our 2nd year purchasing homeschool IDs. The first year I ordered them, my husband was upset that I hadn't ordered one for him. This year I made sure to order him one. These homeschool IDs are great to have. They help our children feel like they are part of a "real" school. They proudly show them to others and they help out with discounts at our local movies, museums and teacher supply stores.Thank you for making these available for us. They are invaluable.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”The ID cards turned out so well. There are some places that ask for a student ID and it was nice to be able to order it from this site at a decent price.”
Brenna V., Co-op Member
”I love our new homeschool Id's.They look very professional,sturdy.I also like how all the information is just on my card (teacher). It gives my daughter something to show off when her public school friends have thier school ID's. This will help for field trips discounts as well. We will definitely continue to order the Homeschool ID cards.”
Kimberly G. Fowlkes, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased ID Cards for my two kids. They look so nice and professional and my kids were so excited to have something to carry with them. Thanks for such a great product.”
Nancy, Co-op Member
”I like the homeschool ID card, my child can use it for things that aren't official but unfortunately it doesn't work to open a bank account. Though I don't think that it the Co-ops fault. Its just the weird thing that the bank does. I think it is well made and looks very official.”
Lisa-Anne McLouth, Co-op Member
”Hola, nos encantaron nuestras credenciales. Es el primer paso para comenzar homeschool. We loved our homeschool ID card. Thanks from Boerne, TX”
Paty Ramirez, Co-op Member
”The ID cards were easy to order and delivered promptly. They look very professional and come in handy when we need to provide ID for discounted homeschool events. Definitely worth the money. I feel that it's more convenient to just get one done for you instead of trying to do it at home. My son was very excited when he received his.”
Pearl, Co-op Member
”Love my new id card... Great quality... Very fast ship ! ...and i made a mistake and they fixed ... I recommend!”
Mrs .Perez, Co-op Member
”5-STARS! Love the ID's. We use them for "proving" we are schooling. My son uses his as an ID. We get him movie tickets at a discounted student price. Very professional looking. Good quality product. Will continue to use until he finishes school.”
G. Paredes, Co-op Member
”Received my formal, laminated Homeschool ID card & am very pleased. It's of good quality & validates & professionalizes our decision to homeschool. It's nice to have something to 'show' for future field trips. I highly recommend the little investment.”
M. D'Ambrosia, Co-op Member
”Photo ID card is high quality and looks just like siblings school ID card. We wanted our son to have a school ID card because he would like to go back to his neighborhood school when he is well enough to do so and this helped him feel that he was on track to do so.”
MomKorbmacher, Co-op Member
”I have had the privilege of getting a Homeschool-ID-Card, which was able to fulfill all my expectations as a consumer. It took a long time and many trial and errors before I was able to find the perfect one for me. Thank you!

With such good results that I was able to get from it, I developed the courage to recommend it to others to achieve the same satisfaction that I got.”
Cassandra K., Co-op Member
”Arrived quick. Good quality. Easy process. Will purchase again. Thank you for this service!”
ImaginetheChaos, Co-op Member
”I am new to homeschooling and I had been wanting to look into getting ID cards for us. I don't even remember how I came across this site, but I'm glad I did. The cards turned out good. I have not tried to use them yet,but I'm looking forward to it. I did have a problem uploading from my phone. Had to do it from a computer.”
Tammie S., Co-op Member
”Very professional looking and fun to have as a souvenir! Also handy to have for teacher discounts to museums, etc.”
Miriam, Co-op Member
”My children love their student ID cards. The laminant is strong enough that they hold up in their wallets. Many businesses offer student discounts and now my children can enjoy the benefits. They are professional looking and worth the cost”
Andrea Diaz, Co-op Member
”Every year, for the past four years, we have purchased the plastic Homeschool ID cards for both of our children as well as one for me, as the teacher. We love to be able to have something, like an ID, to show if we are ever asked to "prove" that we are homeschoolers to take part in any homeschooling activities or discounts. My children love having something something, with their picture on it, to show that they are homeschooled. We will continue to purchase them until our children graduate! I recommend getting them. I tell all of my family and friends that homeschool about these IDs. They are the best that I have found. And they are at a great cost!”
Cynthia Terherst, Co-op Member
”I purchased this card for my child to be used as a photo identification card for a flight down to visit a sibling. I also discovered that it will work as the second piece of ID needed to get a driving permit in our state. I am very happy with the quality of this card.”
Sharon M., Co-op Member
”This is the 3rd year I have gotten these. They are amazing quality. I'm so glad to be able to have a card showing our schooling. My kids were excited t see that they had their own school ID cards! I plan to continue buying these for each new school year!”
Jess, Co-op Member
”My homeschooled high school student loves her ID card. She was able to use it to attend a very informative conference on civic engagement that was free only to students with ID. It looks very professional. Highly recommended.”
Yasmin A., Co-op Member
”I would like to thank the Homeschool Buyers Co op for offering the IDs. They are very well done with options great options. I had a teacher comment on how professional they were and in fact their was no different then the one their students have with exception to school decals. Your staff was great in answering any questions I had.”
Missg, Co-op Member
”Love them!! Very professional.”
Mrs. Diaz, Co-op Member
”Our homeschool recently received our ID cards, and they look AMAZING! We have already used them at two museums, and were able to get a discount! I will be purchasing for future school years!”
Michele Coletta, Co-op Member
”I found this very user-friendly & was very pleased with the quality of the ID I received. Thank You for a great product!”
Monica Hudgins, Co-op Member
”My Homeschool ID card from Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has enabled my family to receive teacher discounts at several name brand stores we shop at. I will keep using this product because it appears more professional and is more sturdy than some other similar options such as printing and laminating the card myself. It's possibly more economical, too, than having to buy specialty paper, laminating sheets and color ink to print my own. My kids love mine so much that they would like to have their own student ID card'a printed. I have told other parents about the card.”
Stephanie Henneberry, Co-op Member
”The ID card came out exactly as expected! Nice, hard ,durable laminate.. I will get another one each year we home school and need it! Came with in days of ordering..”
CyndiG, Co-op Member
”These are great cards. They are of high quality and will definitely come in handy.”
Mrs. Cooper, Co-op Member
”I love having my ID CARD
Michaels always asks for school ID and I love that I can show it without explanation
Thank you for offering this!”
Tina Hooper, Co-op Member
”I have been proud to use this card every year for awhile now on our homeschool journey. It is also nice for the kids to have their own student ID even just for a feeling of independence. Thank you for a high quality product that helps when we have to provide proof of education in any capacity. We truly appreciate it and all that you do!”
Jules, Co-op Member
”These looked very good. Great layout. And when I applied to our City library for a teacher card, and I was told that they required proof that I was a teacher with a teacher's ID, the teacher HSBC's card, even as a laminated version (free to print from the HSBC website) satisfied them. :)”
Kara, Co-op Member
”I ordered my first homeschool ID card here and I love it. It is very professionally done and I have already gotten discounts at the store with it. I am so happy that I found this website!!!!”
Vicky, Co-op Member
”Our homeschool cards turned out great! It's so helpful when getting discounts at museums and stores. We will definitely be getting new ones each year and telling my homeschool friends about it. My son loves to have his own card, it makes him feel "official."”
Abby Theuring, Co-op Member
”This is my second year of having a homeschool ID and I LOVE it! I use it when we go on homeschool co-op field trips, at museums for free entrance with teacher's ID, for discounts on educational supplies... for so many things. The cards' ink has lasted through the year very well without looking worn out and survived a washing machine incident. One of the best investments at an amazing price. I am so glad you carry these, thank you!”
Heather S., Co-op Member
”I ordered ID's for my kindergartener and I this year. They arrived quickly, and look great. I will definitely order again!”
Jenny Lewis, Co-op Member
”The cards are great! They appear professional and are high quality. My 6yr old son loves it. I do wish there was an option to add a personal homeschool logo, but otherwise they are perfect and the service is very much appreciated!”
B. Richie, Co-op Member
”This was a great product - I plan on ordering some for the rest of my kids and for me as well. Thanks!”
J. Shaff, Co-op Member
”The ID cards are excellent quality. My only suggestion would be an option to use custom student ID numbers. Otherwise, no complaints. I will definitely continue to order these ID cards as long as I need them.”
Mary C., Co-op Member
”The homeschool ID cards are high quality and resemble the other school ID cards I have seen. The cards are a great form of picture ID. I will definitely purchase cards again next year. My children were delighted to receive their student ID cards in the mail.”
D. Saunders, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool Educator ID is professional in appearance and made with high quality material. I have used it at multiple locations to receive educator discounts. I would suggest this product.”
T Smith, Co-op Member
”I've been purchasing these Homeschool ID cards for years now, and have been so impressed with the quality of the ones they prepare for me. It is always helpful to receive teacher discounts when you have an "official" educator card.”
ME, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I received our personalized Homeschool ID cards just a few weeks ago, and the impact for my daughter was more than expected. She is finishing the quarter at her school before we start full-time homeschooling, and she has taken her ID to show all her friends and teachers (who have been very supportive). She is so excited that she will be homeschooled, and that she has an ID card to validate her hard work. For me, as her teacher and mother, I have already used the card to show businesses that I am instructing, and have received educator discounts on many of the supplies we have needed to get our homeschooling space in order. We plan to continue to use our cards, and update the photos as needed. I would recommend these ID cards to and homeschooling family.”
R. Gloden, Co-op Member
”Nice card, great price!”
M.L., Co-op Member
”We have used Homeschool ID cards from Homeschool Buyers Co-op for nine years now. I've always been pleased with the quality of the cards. The one or two times I've needed to contact customer service, they have been extremely helpful. The cards have always arrived quickly.”
Tommie R., Co-op Member
”My daughter was very happy to receive her ID Card. It looks so good. We have used it to prove her age at restaurants and other places. I will be ordering one for myself soon to get discounts on educational items that my daughter needs.”
J. Moore, Co-op Member
”We recently purchased your I.D. card, and are so impressed! For years, we carried around a letter showing my son's enrollment as proof of his "student" status. We got raised eyebrows, warnings that this was "the last time that we will accept anything other than a school I.D." and generally the feeling that our son was not seen as a "real" student. When we bought a recent train ticket, we were warned about having a student I.D. with him on board. We ordered the hard plastic school I.D. version through the co-op. The I.D. is great!! His photo is professionally reproduced and the design is not only appealing, but functional as no one questions our son's student status anymore. He has a group of friends that he serves with at our church that go to 2 or 3 different public schools that saw his I.D. and liked the style and design better than their own school's design. Now, instead of feeling like an outsider when it comes to receiving student discounts or verifying student status, our son proudly presents his own student I.D.. The only comments he gets now, if any, is how impressed they are with the I.D.! The quality of the printing and photo reproduction is suburb, and the heavier gauge plastic makes this a winner!! We are sorry we did not do this years ago! Thank you for providing such a needed and quality item at such a reasonable cost. We plan on yearly purchases from now on!”
Mary Lynn D., Co-op Member
”Great product! Looks professional. Use it to get teacher discount at bookstores.”
Mel, Co-op member
”Love them. I got one for my child. Works good as a pic ID as well as movie discount perk. I got one for myself as a teacher. Great quality and nice clear ID.”
G.P., Co-op Member
”This is our second year ordering these ID cards because they are the most professional looking for the cost.

My children feel special having their own IDs and they have come in handy to get educator and student discounts.”
J Fox, Co-op Member
”I love my homeschool ID card! I have been able to receive many discounts for supplies at a lot of different locations. It is definitely made well and worth the low cost.”
Jodi P.,
”My daughter is going into 5th grade and this is our first year homeschooling. She absolutely loved her ID Card. It was a great price and very good quality. Not to mention shipping was fast.”
Natasha C, Co-op Member
”We were able to use this ID as the required photo ID to take an entrance exam at the local community college for dual credit classes. Well made and looks great!”
Chauncey E., Co-op Member
”I just love having this Hoemschool-ID-Card on hand. I have used it a lot this summer, museum's, parks, libraries and online activities. My kids were thrilled with them, they said "We feel like we're very serious students for having them". We definitely intend to continue using these ID cards from here on out. I have shared this product to friends and family who home school their children and who are also thinking about homeschooling their kids. These ID cards are a great tool!”
Kimberly Whetsell, Co-op Member
”The homeschool-id-card has been very beneficial to my family. We travel outside of the country and we used the card for our daughter's second form of official ID along with her passport. My daughter has enjoyed having an official ID for school. And the cards are very well made.”
Gena M., Co-op Member
”I ordered the plastic Homeschool ID Card for my 8th grader. We are very pleased with this purchase. I have always wanted to order this item, but never took the time to do it. If you have ever considered this purchase do it NOW! It was very fast and easy. I took a picture with my phone and sent it to my email and attached it to the order form. I will continue to do this every year for my students. My son thinks it's very cool. It has made it easier to take advantage of student discount purchases and bank transactions. I highly recommend this to all other homeschool families.”
C. Munson, Co-op Member
”I have ordered and reviewed my teacher and student cards. We love them. My pic came out great my daughters is a bit blurry. She didn't even notice and loves it. Wears it in field trips and classes. I have referred a few fellow Homeschool moms.”
Suzanne English, Co-op Member
”These are great! Great quality for the price, and I like the clean design and how easy they were to order. Weve made our own ID cards in the past (printing on paper, and laminating) but you could tell they were homemade. The ones from homeschool buyers co-op look professional. My boys were absolutely thrilled to receive them and felt very official :) We got them to serve as identification cards, and also to use for student/teacher discounts. I have used my teacher ID multiple times already for discounts at retail stores. They are great; I anticipate us ordering these for each subsequent school year.”
Jenny S., Co-op Member
”I didn't realize having a school ID would be so beneficial. I have been able to use my teacher ID for discounts all over from fast food resturaunts, stores & museums. The kids absolutely got a kick out of wearing them too on field trips. Helps w/ little ones too. I can put a key ring on it & clip it to their pants in the back in case they wander off. They were high quality & very professional.”
Yolanda Magana, Co-op Member
”Although she's a teen, my daughter doesn't drive yet. It's helpful to have a photo ID she can present when asked. The ID itself is attractive and of high quality. We've printed our own IDs and had them laminated but the purchased IDs are even better. This is an item you can buy with confidence.”
Stephanie H., Co-op Member
”The homeschool ID Card is very "professional" looking. I am happy that the student card does not include address information. I make sure my teen carries this card when she is out during public school hours commuting to classes or work.”
Elyse H., Co-op Member
”I like the ID cards. We usually print them our selves, but my printer issues made it nessisary to order them, I was glad I did, but both kids are graduating this June, so nice that the last ones are as nice as these are, so after more than a decade of homeschooling my kids, I still don't know what God has for me next, lol”
S, Co-op Member
”We love the ID; the printing,color, material used came out really good! It arrived on time also.”
Evan K., Co-op Member
”I was able to get into the NAB conference with a student discount of several hundred dollars.”
Nathan Goossen, Co-op Member
”The card design was easy and came in the mail pretty quick!. Great!”
Shawn Parrish, Co-op Member
”The IDs I ordered looked great. They feel and look just like the IDs my kids had when they were in private school.
My son took some classes at Stanford and they required a school ID for him to get enrolled and I used this homeschool ID to get him in. They accepted it with no questions asked. It worked like a charm. I would highly recommend it for any events or activities where your child my need to show a school ID.”
Maria, Co-op Member
”Very impressed with the quality of the Homeschool ID Card. Would recommend to others, and we will be reordering for the new school year. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!!”
Terrie B., Co-op Member
”I love the ID cards and my kids do as well. They were all very excited to get 'real' cards in the mail with their pictures on them. We have added ours to lanyards for 'school' outings so people know my children are in fact in school. They have also helped with us being able to attend special homeschool days and for me to get educator discounts at some local stores.”
Dana Ogle, Co-op Member
”We get these every year. It's very sturdy and official looking. We like the magenta with the homeschool co-op logo and would choose it again for the 2016-17 year, unless there's green :)
The homeschool co-op logo makes the IDs look as part of a large school district. I've recommended it to many families we've come into contact with. I know you can make your own but there's no shame in delegating/outsourcing :)”
Y. Teh, Co-op Member
”My son is glad to have an I.D. so he can get into events. My daughter likes her I.D. She said even the lady at the social security office was impressed with it. Very professional looking, and durable.”
Julia - Oklahoma, Co-op Member
”Each year I get a new teacher ID card and student ID cards. They give us privileges like student and teacher discounts at places like Barnes and Noble and independent stores for materials. We love the hard copy of the ID because it fits perfectly in our wallets and it looks very professional. My students show them off to friends both home and public schooled. By showing my family and friends who don't fully support my decision to homeschool and a professional ID card some how validates what I do as a home school parent to them.”
Jessica Trombino, Co-op Member
”We were looking for something that would be professional looking, just like the ID card my 7 yr old received with his PS pics. These were absolutely perfect, and he's proud to have his own home school student ID card! I have a matching teacher card and couldn't be more pleased with the results.”
Tina R., Co-op Member
”Ordered my high schooler and middle schooler ID cards with our personalized school name. Very sturdy and well worth it. They loved them! They immediately swiped them from me and put them in their wallets. :) We will definetly be purchasing new ones each year!”
Crystal S., Co-op Member
”Got our homeschool IDs pretty quickly. The picture quality is great. Will be useful when using for a homeschool discount somewhere. Would highly reccomend!”
Kasie Hardy, Co-op Member
”I chose to purchase the hard plastic ID cards for my daughter and myself. I could have printed them off for free but felt the price was reasonable. I was NOT disappointed. The cards are wonderful. The are bright, accurate, and rigid which is just what I wanted. I have already used my card to get a teacher discount at JoAnne's. Bonus!”
Ginny Barrett, Co-op Member
”It was easy to create online. Delivered in a timely manner.”
NV, Co-op Member
”I was in need of a photo ID for my 10th grade homeschooler, as part of the requirement for taking the PSAT. The Co-op Homeschool ID was reasonably priced and quickly shipped. I was surprised by the quality, when it arrived. Very nicely done and just what we needed! Perfect for anyone who needs a photo ID for their child, who has not yet gotten a driver's permit or license.”
Maribeth W., Co-op Member
”We LOVE the homeschooling card! It helps my daughter fully confirm our hs commitment, especially helpful when deschooling and/or coming out of public school. She is proud to own not just the card, but the new lifestyle. It's not a bad thing to have on hand if questioned in a grocery store at 10 am as well... Nice and sturdy; good quality.”
Angela C., Co-op Member
”Outstanding quality and a great value.”
David Ando, Co-op Member
”I finally got these after looking at them for years. They are great. My children loved having their own id's and my husband was jealous that I didn't order him one. They are very sturdy, very well made and we will be getting them every year.”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”I love having the ability to show that I am a homeschooler! My ID helps me at museums, craft stores, with field trips with my co-op. Thank you!”
H Schott, Co-op Member
”Nice professional looking ID cards. Thank you. I would like the option of having it be good for multiple years.”
Lori, Co-op Member
”We purchased the PVC id card recently and were pleased with the results. My children love taking it when they bike around the neighborhood during "school hours", just in case they are asked questions.

Several years ago, we had ordered from another company which no longer provides Id cards. In comparison, both cards were PVC and professionally produced. I do wish, however, that there were more designs from which to choose from Home-school Buyers Co-op. The previous company had a bookshelf, apple/books, additional designs for both boys and girls, as well as more neutral such as the American flag.

We will more than likely order another card next year, but I do hope Home-school Buyers Co-op will add more aesthetically pleasing designs.”
Susanne, Co-op Member
”For my daughter having a school ID has been useful in ways I never dreamed of. To be able to go to museums and other places and get a student discount has saved money and allowed us to gain admission to such places at a more cost effective rate. My daughter is special needs and besides her birth certificate this is the only form of ID we have for her. I would recommend this product to anyone who educates their child outside of the traditional classroom. It is a high quality product; comparable to the school ID my other daughter has from her public school.”
Kim Topolski, Co-op Member
”Love our homeschool ID card! We received it faster than expected and it comes in handy with our homeschool purchases for discounts!”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”Very happy with your product. Every home school family will benefit. From your home school ID cards, I'm happy with them and my daughter has pride in hers as well. Thank you so very much !
Loretta Solon Music”
Loretta Solon, Co-op Member
”We received our IDs and we love them they look real good and professionally done.”
Mrs. Castaneda, Co-op Member
”I bought IDs for my entire family, including myself, my husband (we both have Teacher IDs) and our two children, who are homeschooled. They are wonderful, and allow us to get various discounts and other perks of being homeschoolers. They are great quality, and will be perfect for all of our ID needs for a long time!”
Sarah H., Co-op Member
”The cards came out looking professional. The order was processed and mailed out in a few days. I purchase my ID cards here every year. Thank you for providing this service.”
Leslie S., Co-op Member
”Thank you for providing an easy and affordable way for homeschoolers to print a quality ID card.”
Nicole W., Co-op Member
”We love these ID cards! This is our second year of ordering them. They are durable and come very quickly in the mail. It adds a bit more professionalism to homeschooling, which I love! My son is thrilled to have his own special card that he can show to someone if need be.”
Brittany C, Co-op Member
”These ID cards are great! Identical to those made at public schools for official identification at low cost and no long queues! I ordered two and paid the full price for both because I wanted to check the quality first. But you can save by ordering two or more at one time! As my child grows, we can upgrade at little cost to our school and change colours, if we choose :)”
A L Plummer, Co-op Member
”We love our homeschool ID cards. We use them for all sorts of student discounts, we use these for companies that offer specifically homeschool discounts as well. It's so pleasing to my kids to have a official card made each year, it really gets them in gear for learning at home. They proudly offer it as a way to confirm their identity in homeschooling when asked what school they attend.
I personally use it to have a keep sake for each year, they grow so fast.
My oldest used it for her banking account Id since, she doesn't have a license.
It states her full name, birthday and picture for easy identification.
The ID's are great quality and worth the price.
I suggest every homeschooler gets one.”
Kimber Brown, San Marcos Homeschool Director
”I first purchased the Homeschool ID in 2014. However, last year I didn't. I forgot about it until I needed to show proof to obtain a teachers discount. I couldn't have ordered the cards any faster. I received my discount.

The ID cards also makes me look organized and professional which is always a great testimony. I like to show my cards to others. It doesn't take long for them to ask me where I bought them. They never believe me when I tell them it's free!I always pay to have the cards laminated. I couldn't be any happier.”
MJB, Co-op Member
”I purchased the professionally printed, sturdy plastic (PVC) homeschool ID card because I needed a picture ID of my son to get a duplicate copy of his social security card, which was lost in the shuffle of massive amounts of paper files in our homeschool office. I couldn't get a state issued ID or driver's permit for my son without a social security card. The Social Security Administrator accepted the ID card, no questions asked. Over the years we've printed out our own ID cards from home, because my boys liked carrying them in their wallet. However, I could not duplicate the professional quality of the plastic lamenant. When I gave my son the professionally printed ID card he said, "Wow! This looks legit!" I was very pleased with the professional quality of the completed ID card and SO happy that the Social Security Administrator accepted it! The cost was reasonable and we received the finished product within the timeframe promised.”
Paula Dawn, Co-op Member
”The price is excellent because the product is high-quality. I have told every homeschool parent it is a must-have product...we will get one every makes your student feel proud about there homeschool. It's another way to also promote homeschool movement.”
Myeshi Briley,MS,HS-BCP, Co-op Member
”This is my second year ordering the cards. I don't have a laminator and the price is very affordable so I ordered a teacher's ID card for myself and a student ID card for my daughter. I was asked just a few days ago if I have any proof of not working outside the home and my ID card worked perfectly. My daughter loves carrying her card when we are out and about during the day. I've recommended these cards to several homeschool friends and I will continue to do so.”
Kori Page, Co-op Member
”Last year 2014 I went to get a ID and was told we could not get one because we didn't have a school ID as part of the forms needed. I found this site and ordered. We never used it and I thought we may not need it after all. Well that changed in March when our 15 year old was flying to
Arizona on a missionary trip with our church youth group for the first time without his parents (us). The ID was a perfect form of ID for airport security. He also had to used it to prove he was a homeschool student and not truant while walking to work one afternoon. My kids love the ID's and use it when depositing $ into bank, school trips etc. Thank you Homeschool buyers co-op for giving us the opportunity to purchase affordable ID's for our students needs.”
Christy W., Co-op Member
”Very pleased with our Homeschool ID cards. They were printed with exact accuracy and arrived 4 days after I placed our order! So glad to have sturdy ID cards.”
Crystie, Co-op Member
”The ID'S turned out great! These are great to use for places that offer homeschool and teacher discounts.”
Shana Z., Co-op Member
”I was in need of a picture ID for my 15 yr old daughter and was wondering how I could get one without having to pay a lot of money, as with a passport, etc. HomeSchool Buyers Co-op provided the ideal picture ID. My daughter was able to use it at the community college for her placement test and she can now use it wherever it is required. It looks professional and arrived in the mail in just two days!”
FP Keller, Co-op Member
”These Id cards are better than the ones our school district provides to their students. These are thicker. The look very official. We are very pleased with our purchase.”
J. Hagala, Co-op Member
”I went ahead and paid to get the plastic card for myself. It is very well made and looks great. My daughter thought it was pretty awesome too. Last time I went to a parent teacher store I couldn't receive a discount because I didn't have a teachers card. I shall be going back now to try again. Even if they don't take it I love having it to show elsewhere that we legitimately are our own school at home. Love this option!”
Talitha Craig, Co-op Member
”This is our first year homeschooling and my daughter loves having her own ID card. This card looks (and feels) very professional. We have used it several times already to receive student discounts on tickets and activities in our area.”
Nina P., Co-op Member
”Having the Homeschool ID Card for my daughter was very helpful in satisfying the identification requirements for ACT testing. It's very professional-looking and reasonably priced.”
M. Bunn, Co-op Member
”Great ID. This is the second one I have ordered. They help with getting student discounts on admission into events and museums. Only thing is now that my little one is older high school I wish it had more colors to chose from a darker variety. I will buy again. Thanks for offering this product, at a great price.”
Theresa W., Co-op Member
”I have ordered these twice for my three homeschooli children. They are high quality and very professional - I got the laminated plastic card. It is nice for them to have when doing extracurricular activities during normal school hours and also for showing proof of age and grade level. Easy to order and I did not need to break the bank doing so.”
D. Scaletta, Co-op Member
”We were very pleased with the ID card. My daughter had no proof that she was being home-schooled and actually didn't have an ID from the regular high school before she stopped going there. It is great to have something official-looking. Thank you!”
J. Timm, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling my kiddos for 4 years, and I order an ID card for them each year from the Co-op. Each one has been well made and error free. It comes in handy, and I have recommended them many many times.”
Lainie S, Co-op Member
”Very pleased and shipping was super fast!”
W.B, Co-op Member
”Great ID cards. I bought one for my daughter and one for myself. Nice quality and quick delivery. Thanks!”
Paige P., Co-op Member
”I buy the PVC ID cards because I love that it isn't a piece of paper, it is made with quality and looks professional and for the price it is a bargain.
With my Teacher ID card I have been able to receive teacher benefits and discounts with out question or hassle.
I also get one for each of my children (student-ID) so they have a photo ID in the event they get lost or separated from me while on a field trip.
I am pleased and happy to buy these cards every year.”
Tonya Smith, Co-op Member
”Quick service, great product. They look professional and are great when we need to have school IDs in stores, museums, and zoos!”
Megan Ratts, Co-op Member
”I purchased 4 ID's for my kids, we all LOVE them. Each kid is thrilled to have their own ID and excited to use them wherever student discounts are offered. You can't beat the price for what you get, and we will certainly buy again next year.”
Niki B., Co-op Member
”Needed this school picture id for driver's license application. Very high quality item-thanks!”
Dawn S, Co-op Member
”I had several different website to choose from when the time came to order a school ID for my son. After reviewing each website carefully I choose "Homeschool Buyers Co-op" because of the ease in which I could fill out the forms and purchase the ID. The website had the answers to questions I had - I didn't have to go off of the site or call someone in order to complete the purchase. Homeschool Buyers Co-op is easy and inexpensive. I received my son's school ID within the expected time and it was a good quality card. Thank you!”
N. Haney, Co-op Member
”My teacher ID card came quickly in the mail, and looks great. I haven't had to use it for anything yet, but I kinda love having an official card as a homeschool teacher. =)”
Marcy H., Co-op Member
”These cards are extremely high quality and they add legitimacy to our home school. Thanks!”
Sarah Innerst-Peterson, Co-op Member
”Oh my goodness! I just received the Student ID you designed for my homeschooled son, Jamin. I am SO impressed. I cannot thank you enough for such a professional looking Identification Card. Not only is the design and quality top-notch, but I received it much sooner than I'd expected. Your website said to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, but I received the ID Card much more quickly than that. I cannot be more impressed or more grateful! I will be ordering the Teacher ID for both my wife and me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
J. Murray, Co-op Member
”I love this card! I use it anywhere I can get teacher discounts! It has saved me money at craft Stores, book stores, movies, Office Depot, and FedEx to name a few. My son loves having his own card. We bought one last school year and returned this school year. Definitely will be back next year!”
Rachel L., Co-op Member
”Did you know that some places we go to on field trips ask to prove your a homeschool kid. I had no clue.

These photo ID cards are the best. We paid the little bit extra and had them printed and mailed. The quality was amazing. The card is about the same quality if not a little thicker than a normal credit card.
I would reccomed this to every home school kid.
It's a great keepsake as well.”
Caralyn, Co-op Member
”Our son was invited to attend a 2-day Global Youth Forum at the United Nations. I nearly panicked when I read that he needed a "valid ID card" from his school. Then I remembered seeing the Homeschool ID card on the HBC webpage. I quickly ordered one and it arrived in a few days. I called the Security Office at the UN and they said yes - they would accept it as a valid ID. What a relief! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op! He had an amazing, life-changing time there and now he has an ID for any exciting future homeschooling adventures.”
Maura M., Co-op Member
”Love my id cards & like to have them with me while at museums or other places in case someone gets lost.”
Victoria A., Co-op Member
”My family is a huge fan of the ID cards, as a matter of fact my children take pride in showing to friends and family. My daughter has used it to gain entrance at movie theaters and for any other request made of her along with her passport. As and administrator, it helps me to expedite the process of qualifying the school for education discounts for staff and students. No school should be without them!”
James Evans, Co-op Member
”We received our id cards jn the mail and i was so excited! They are great quality! With my teachers id i get discounts on schooling materials. We have even gotten a discount at a museum for a field trip. These are just great.”
Peggy Williams, Co-op Member
”My son will be traveling to Australia. He will need to have some form of student ID for verification of his student level of education. Since he is a homeschooler he needed something that looked official. We received the ID and it looks official. The cost was affordable, ordering was easy and delivery was quick. Thank you for providing this resource.”
Vickie S., Co-op Member
”This is a very nice product and very handy to have!”
D.S., Co-op Member
”My 16 year old needed ID on several occasions and had to show a copy of her birth certificate... I finally searched and found this service. The process was easy, the card arrived quickly, and she's successfully used the card several times. I'd recommend this for any teen before they have their driver's license.”
Patti F., Co-op Member
”Great quality and very attractive looking. The cards are thicker than your usual laminate at home product. Very happy!”
Charlie, Co-op Member
”I ordered the Homeschool ID card so that my son would have a photo ID for his SAT test. This was much easier than going to the DMV to get a state issued photo ID for testing. The price is very reasonable and came in the mail in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend and will be ordering them for each of my children as they need them for testing.”
C. Smith, Co-op Member
”I have lost track how many years I have used Homeschool Buyers Co-op for school IDs. And sadly this is our last year. Graduation will so be approaching...sniff-sniff... LOL!

We have ENJOYED and appreciated the value of our school IDs and as a homeschooler, one needs 'something' for identification thru the year and this FITS the bill beautifully. Very well done, inexpensive and GREAT customer service. Plus- they make for a great keepsake once the year is over.

I would highly recommend Homeschool Buyers IDs to EVERY homeschooling parent. A valuable resource and a treasured keepsake. Truly.”
Mrs. Janet K., Co-op Member
”These ID crads are great ! I have been wanting one now that my son is in 7th and these are perfect. Discounts here we come :) WAHOO!”
Cricket, Co-op Member
”Possessing both student and teacher ID cards has allowed my children and myself to take advantage of student/teacher discounts. I also feel more secure when my children are out during 'regular' school hours knowing they can provide homeschool identification, should they be questioned by anyone.

The cards are excellent quality, sized for a wallet, and delivered quickly.

Well worth the cost at Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
JoAnne C., Co-op Member
”I usually get the free ID cards and print them out at home and have them laminated. This year, we had a little extra to spend,so I thought I would order plastic cards. They arrived quickly so that was good, and I like that they are actual cards, but the resolution on the photos was not as good as the ones I print out on my printer, so I'm a little disappointed in that and I don't think I'll be ordering them again next year, however, I WILL be printing off the free ones from your site. I have recommended your site and these cards to other HS'g moms.”
Tiffany Magee, Co-op Member
”I purchased the hard plastic one and the quality is great for the price. thank you for offering a great service.”
Sheila W, Co-op Member
”The kids and I love the ID cards. When we go places during public school hours, the cards help to cut down on the questions of why our kids are not in school. The quality of the plastic cards work well for us. My grandson takes his to swim class and it holds up great.

We have had others asking where they could get one. We have passed on your website to them in hopes that they will make use of it. ”
Sherie Landers, Co-op Member
”LOVE these ID's! So quick and easy to get and they are very well made!!”
DJ, Co-op Member
”The IDs were very easy to create online. I made one for myself and 4 children in a matter or minutes! The price is good and the ID cards are study and well-made. Great product!”
Jessica Walters, Co-op Member
”We recieved my daughters ID card just a few days after we uploaded a picture, inserted our school name.
It is very professional looking! Now she can use her debit card!
Very easy, got it quickly. I highly recommend the inexpensive ID card.”
Kim Corbitt, Co-op Member
”"The Homeschool cards are a great buy. They are durable, look great. I like that this year they have added pre-K as an option.”
B. Womack, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with the ID cards; High quality and durable. The children in our co-hort were so happy to receive their ID cards and wear them proudly. Thank you for offering such a great service.”
Keila Hernandez, Co-op Member
”The high-quality look and "feel" to the cards enable my children to have something on hand that contributes some formality to our homeschooling family. I carry my own personal ID card in my purse along with my younger children's (9 and 4)personalized cards. It's convenient to have a photo and homeschool information in a easy to carry card-format that I can stick in my wallet. Even my tenth grader consistently carries his in his wallet for identification purposes while being out and about during public school hours.

They've come in handy during previous years as well as current years for quick identification reference and while benefiting from discounts and when applying for memberships. I rely on them for these reasons so much that I've recommended them to fellow homeschool mothers.

I intend to purchase updated ID cards annually for myself as well as for each of my children.”
N. Thomas, Co-op Member
”Very pleased with our ID cards. They are well done and useful for admission to museums, discounts, etc. I got one for each child and a teacher ID for myself. We will order them again next year”
B. Hockenberry, Co-op Member
”My child was thrilled to receive his ID he is just like all the other kids. I could not believe how fast it came and it is top quality.”
Jane K., Co-op Member
”I have purchased the Homeschool ID for the past 3 years. I purchased it because it not only validates your homeschool but,You as the educator and your children as students. And, you also get some added benefits. For instance at some stores we get 15% discounts for students and you need to show a student ID.”
Carmen, Co-op Member
”We are very pleased with the ID Card. It arrived promptly and is very "professional" looking. I feel comfortable leaving my homeschooled teen at the library to do study during school hours as long as she carries the ID Card. No one can accuse her of being truant from the local HS as long as she has the ID Card that clearly identifies her as a homeschooled student.”
Elyse H., Co-op Member
”These ID cards are great. This is the second year we ordered them. They are absolutely professional and very durable.

This year I ordered one for my middle school son who got into a charter school this year because the school doesn't provide IDs.

My high school son, who is homeschooled, looks like an adult. The ID is handy when buying tickets to events. It has paid for itself.”
Kirk L., Co-op Member
”We are on our 2nd ID: nice quality and a 'legit' look. The Xeron rays that repel Homeschool-naysayers are a real bonus.”
Pat Sommer, Co-op Member
”We have used them for 3 years now. I love how professional they look. It is a hard card that I am proud to carry in my wallet with my health insurance and Drivers Lis. and other cards. Even my husband and kids love to carry them and show them to friends etc.

I post the link on facebook and share it with all new and current homeschool families.”
Jenah Victor Slayer, Co-op Member
”This year is my first time homeschooling my 6 years old son. I had many questions about homeschooling because most people said cons about this wonderfull journey! In the state, where I live, some stores required to provide an ID to obtain teacher discounts. Researching on the web, I found Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. I was a little afraid to order online because there are many fraudulent sites. My friend told me the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is a true and secure page. I decided to order ID an student ID and teacher ID. these ID arrive very quickly. I like they are laminate and it is really an ID. I am happy with my ID. I used it one time on educational stores and received 20% discount. This is really great because save me money at stores and museums too. It is great!!!”
Joanne Duarte, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool ID card has been beneficial to my family because it is another tool that can be used to legitimize your homeschool. My daughter has used her Homeschool ID card for entrance into the SAT and ACT test.”
G. Matthews, Co-op Member
”I have purchased a Homeschool ID card every year since we started our homeschool journey. I pay for the laminated copy so that the boys can have it in their wallets. It has been a great investment for the many times we have used it to get our educator discount at museums, stores, and events. The boys have kept all of their ID's because they think it is fun to see how much they have changed from year to year. We encourage all of our friends to make this one of their first purchases when they begin homeschooling. It helps with some of the hassle of proving you are a "real" homeschooler.”
Deanna Germany, Co-op Member
”I have really used this card a lot. It has given me a sense of being appreciated. As a homeschooling parent, I feel that so many people don't take what I do as a teacher seriously, and now that I have the 'credentials' with the ID card, I am given more respect. I also now qualify for certain discounts for teachers. Thanks for such a wonderful gift!!”
M. Koffi, Co-op Member
”My 15 yr old daughter was due to take a DSST test and driver's permit test this summer. We discovered right before the test that they would not accept anything but a photo ID and didn't care that we didn't have one as homeschoolers. The Dept. of Motor Vehicles office also required a photo school ID as her ss card had one letter wrong in her middle name. After waiting for hours in ss office lines, we found we needed a photo ID there as well! In despair, I found your website where a testimonial said they used it at the DMV with success. I ordered it, and both the testing and DMV accepted it as official ID. Thank you!”
Kari R., Co-op Member
”We LOVE the ID cards. I have a middle schooler and I didn't want him to feel left out of the "school ID Phase" that his friends get to do...

I also have 2 younger kids that love to carry a wallet a pretend they have their own ID, so now, they do. I think the quality is perfect, more than serves the purpose. I did choose to have it mailed to me and not to just print and laminate it myself. That was a worthwhile expense for my needs. We are new to the homeschool environment so it is nice to incorporate some things. They have told everyone they know and they love them. Thank you for offering it.”
Bisforblessedbyboys, Co-op Member
”I'm pleased with our Homeschool-ID-cards. My son needed a photo ID to take a placement test at a local community college and, without a driver's license, this was the answer. I'll also be using them to open bank accounts for my children. Thank you.”
Jeri P, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves having her homeschool ID card with her picture, and as we are about to take an out-of-state vacation just as the school year begins, I appreciate having it in case of the off chance we get questioned on why she isn't in school. We will carry it on all our other school-year field trips, also.”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”I was SO impressed by the quality of the Homeschool ID cards! They are very professional looking...even my kids thought they were cool! We're planning to use them on an upcoming trip to Europe, as many places allow students to enter for free with a school ID. These were money well spent.”
S. Whitehead, Co-op Member
”The cards that came were very good quality. The picture was well done and I was very pleased. The price was right.”
Missy S., Co-op Member
”I received my card plus the 3 cards for my kids. The kids loved them even though they really don't know what to do with them. I liked the look of the cards and hope it will make it easier for me to get teacher discounts. I liked the price and how quickly we received the cards.”
Page C, Co-op Member
”We love our ID's and have started receiving discounts from stores and museums because we have them. They have helped us enter into dialog with companies to find out that they discounts for homeschool teachers. Several big box stores have offered me discounts because I have an ID. I love this. My son proudly shows people his ID. He feels official! We've shared your info. with friends and Homeschool- Co-Op families. The plastic one gives us extra peace of mind that we have a durable card for the year to use. When we quickly pull it out of the wallet, we don't worry about tears or ripped and what a wonderful keepsake it will make at the end of the school year.”
Alma-Marie G., Co-op Member
”This is my first time of doing homeschool. My children went to a public school in the past years and always got their ID cards. I was very pleased with that, then when my husband & I descided to homeschool I was very happy to see that this web site offered picture ID's too. Thank you!!!!!!!!”
Milissa M, Co-op Member
”My son needed a student ID in a hurry, and you guys really delivered! It was so simple to make, and shipped very quickly! I plan on using this service again!”
Becki E., Co-op Member
”I ordered a teacher id card for myself, and a student id card for my daughter. The cards look great, and I think will hold up well. The pictures turned out a little faint, but that could have been the file I sent in. I do wish there was an option to upload our school logo, as we did create one.”
Tracy, Co-op Member
”My high-school-aged daughter needed photo identification to get into the local school's prom with her friends. I ordered the the PVC ID card and it came quickly, looked great and did the job. Success and a wonderful night!”
Jodi O., Co-op Member
”I've been looking everywhere for student id's for my daughter. It's especially hard getting one if your're a homeschooler. The id is low cost and looks like a real legit student id. My daughter loves it and it makes her feel like a "real" student attending regular high school. It also makes it easier to get discounts and for my daughter to take standardized tests. I totally recommend anyone looking for an id for their homeschool or co-op to order from here. Very professional!”
Sabrina, Co-op Member
”"I love this card! High quality and just what I wanted. I'm very happy I ordered it and look forward to using it to receive teacher discounts around town.”
T. Douglas, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I really like the ID cards. It's great that we select the pictures used and they are hard plastic.”
Rhonda Southward, Co-op Member
”My daughter really like having a professional looking ID to represent when attending functions with other homeschoolers or traditional schoolers. She carries it in her wallet and we update the card each year as she moves up in her homeschool studies. She uses the ID for discounts at local events!”
Quanda T, Co-op Member
”I have already enjoyed 15% off at several craft stores using this card. However one store also required seeing a copy of my intent to homeschool. I shrunk down a copy and laminated it to keep in my wallet with the ID cards. The kids think they are really cool.”
Helen G, Co-op Member
”Being new to homeschooling my 14 yr old son, I found there to be a wealth of information online. Especially when it came to ID cards. Many companies offered their services at double the price that Homeschool Buyers Co-op did. I also read many blogs that state they printed out free copy from the co-op and did the laminating themselves. That is great if you already have a laminator at home which will run you around $30.00 if you do not have one. But the quality of the cards is still not the same. For the low price offered by the co-op we received 2 great PVC id cards well before the expected delivery date. When it is time to purchase a new set for next year we will definitely purchase them again from the co-op.”
Nikki S., Co-op Member
”The Co-op ID cards are a great combination of quality delivered quickly and efficiently. We've used them for everything from obtaining student discounts to having the peace of mind that comes from having legitimate documentation of why we're out and about during the school day! Our family has used the Co-op ID cards, both free and printed for a fee, every year since we began homeschooling 7 years ago. We share our experience with them whenever we can.”
L. Metzler, Co-op Member
”I ordered the laminated cards for my kids. They are great quality, and now my kids have student IDs like the other kids. Very handy for their trips to the library and the movie discount. I will re-order them next year. Worth the investment.”
Angelika O., Co-op Member
”I was amazed how wonderful our school ids turned out. The id was bright and clear. It completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you! I totally recommend this service.”
Sandra M., Co-op Member
”This was a quality ID card very professionally made. My son carries it with him everywhere he goes.”
K. Lunde, Co-op Member
”Hi-I ordered one of the Teacher Cards- I was very impressed with the quality of the card and picture. Although I have yet to use it to get teacher discounts I know it will work. Back in MA where i used to live we had to show our letter from the Superintendent and the woman always said "if you just had an ID card it would be so much faster/easier for both of us." I know I can get discounts at Michaels, Barnes & Nobles, JO-ann Fabrics and I can get into a lot of Museums for FREE too!”
Allie G., Co-op Member
”We purchased homeschool a ID card for our son online it has worked out great. I needed a student ID for him to get a state of Texas ID card, and also needed if for some paperwork for social security. The cards look great.”
Lori Liesman, Co-op Member
”I LOVE my I-D cards. They help me keep track of my student. I have used them for the last 8 years. Thank you for providing them.”
Jane S., Co-op Member
”This has been a blessing for my son who does not have a permit to drive yet. A nice way to have a photo id.”
Laurie, Co-op Member
”Nice cards at a good price. We have used these as ID to get discounts at many businesses. Worth the money!”
Teresa bettenhauser, Co-op Member
”I love that HSBC offers these. I'm not great at creating my own ID card and these are perfect. We live in NYC and student ID cards are key to great discounts at the ballet, opera and symphony. Thank you for offering this great service.”
KC, Co-op Member
”We received my daughter's home-school-ID-Card in a very timely manner. She presented it with no problems when taking her ACT and PSAT tests. I would have liked to have had the ability to change my title on the ID. Overall, she and I both are very satisfied, and I will be ordering more for my next two.”
Tanya, Co-op Member
”These are very nice cards. They are simple and my younger children love to get their new ones each year. We are now able to get student discounts at museums and parks. They are definitely the best and easiest ID cards I have found so far. I have had to switch for my high school age children, because they were in need of more information on their cards that this template didn't provide.”
Sarah M, Co-op Member
”Thank you for the ID cards. I ordered a card for each of my daughters and one for myself. Ordering cards prompted our family to name our school which was a lot of fun for the kids. I like how the cards are hard, not flimsy, very professional in appearance. They turned out beautifully. And you can't beat the price.”
Julie M., Co-op Member
”Great Student cards, I have been ordering them since I discovered the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. They look great and official. Kids are happy as well and they get to pre-approve their pictures :)”
Sylvie Lebel, Co-op Member
”They turned out great-exactly what I wanted.”
Anna H., Co-op Member
”Thank you for a simple, easy to use website. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The ID cards we ordered are quality, professional looking, afford-ably priced, and they arrived quickly and accurately. This was our second time ordering ID cards from you and we will definitely use your services again.”
Ms. Marchi, Co-op Member
”This has been very useful for everything from a school id for taking the PSAT to use at museums as proof for student admission rates. The quality is excellent and it came quickly.”
A. T., Co-op Member
”I really like our Homeschool ID Cards. They are so much more professional than the ones I have been making myself.”
Sakkidra, Co-op Member
”The ID card was easy to create. I ordered the plastic one. My son needed a photo ID for the PSAT. The ID arrived quickly and looked great!”
Denise B., Co-op Member
”The ID's that I ordered from Homeschool Buyers Co-op were top quality! I should have ordered one for myself as their teacher (I will be doing that very soon)! My kids love their ID's and feel a sense of responsibility to take good care of them to keep "nice looking".”
Reyna R., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love having the homeschool ID card from Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. It means that when I ask for a teachers discount card or attend a "teaching" related event at museums and other locations, they glance to make sure I have a card, and welcome me with open arms. I don't have to explain that we're not required to have ID or affiliations in the state of Texas. I get to flash the card and enjoy the benefits. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Schrenia, Co-op Member
”We received my son's id card so fast. He has never had one before and is quite proud of it. In fact we used it as proof of identity in order to get his driver's learning permit with the Secretary of State. I know we will being using this service next year. Thanks a million!”
Sara Ochs, Co Op Member
”I was pleased with the ID cards ordered. They came very quickly and were exactly as expected.”
Melissa R., Co-op Member
”We received our home school ID Cards just in time for our 3 day home school trip to Tennessee and were so impressed by the professional quality! I can't even begin to explain how helpful they were when we presented them to many area attractions and museums in order to receive their home school discounted rate! As everyone knows, home school can get quite expensive and these cards have allowed us to save not only at the above mentioned places but also at multiple bookstores, etc! We are very pleased!”
V. Blevins, Co-op Member
”I have used the free version of the ID cards in the past and printed them myself. This is the first time I have ordered the plastic ID card and I am extremely happy with them! They are definitely a quality product and well worth the money. I will be ordering them every year from now on and I have recommended them to my homeschool groups.”
Veronica Riccasola, Co-op Member
”This is my first year buying ID cards for my kiddos and I love them. I wanted my kids to have some form of school ID on them. We do a lot of traveling and it s a peace of mind knowing that my children have an ID on their person stating their name and that they are homeschooled.”
Patti Wolff, Co-op Member
”I think it is very important for everyone to have an I'd on them at all times. This made it easy and affordable to do that! Will order every year for my homeschooled children.”
Emily Ames, Co-op Member
”When you are not yet old enough to drive but are old enough to be out and about socially, a photo ID is helpful and wise item to carry. It answers questions about age and identity in case of emergency. My son uses his ID to qualify for student discounts in stores and theaters. The HSBC card is sturdy (survives in the wash) and looks official. My son is not embarrassed to use it.”
Amy L. Brink, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with my ID card. It came within a week of placing my order and it looks very professional. It slides perfectly into my name tag holder that hands around my neck.”
Karen Dingler, Co-op Member
”I have been buying the homeschool ID cards printed on PVC for several years. They are great! They have a very professional looking and are readily accepted as teacher IDs for discounts where ever I have needed them -- museums, supply stores, book stores,theme parks, etc. I also buy them for my children to use as their student ID. Having a picture ID is useful many times a year. I purchase an updated set of ID cards every summer when I do my annual planning.”
Marjorie Bozer, Co-op Member
”These ID's are of excellent quality. For the last couple of years I've purchased them in lieu of our home school co-op ID cards because I could get them sooner! Both of my children are concurrent community college students which requires ID cards to register each semester. They have always accepted these school ID's to register my children. They also come in handy for the occasional discount at the local movie theater and field trips where the ID's are required for student eligibility. Homeschool Buyers Co-op has added tremendous value as a resource for our educational needs as homeschoolers. The inclusion of the ID's (for free or purchase) is just one example.”
Mrs. B. Jackson, Co-op Member
”When I received my id I felt so happy just like my daughter is the best... we love it!”
Anel S., Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely love the cards. It makes them feel so official and important - like they belong. My husband likes these cards even more. I personally was going to print them off on our printer but he insisted that we order them in plastic.”
-Elena L., Co-op Member
”For the first time this year, we purchased the ID Card from the co-op for both my daughter and myself. It has helped tremendously as I have been able to use it to get a Teacher's Discount Card at local businesses. It is official and very sturdy.”
GRStahlman, Co-op Member
”Looks official; fun to have!

Coming up with school motto was tough... DD wanted 'we don't suck'.”
Pat Sommer, Co-op Member
”These cards look very professional - they are customizable, and arrived within a few days. I am very pleased with the outcome”
Peggy H., Co-op Member
”I chose to purchase the plastic school ID cards and they are great quality. It's great having an "official card" to use at places that give school discounts. The price is right too. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Beth E., Co-op Member
”We love these cards! My children love having a student ID card which looks so professional, and I love having my ID card which has more than paid for itself in teacher discounts. I was shopping at Michaels when an observant employee noticed the ID card in my purse and offered me a teachers discount. I hadn't even thought to use it for discounts, but then tried at a number of other stores, where it has been happily accepted. I love the discount (usually 15%, and even at our favourite book store!) but what I love even more is the recognition that I am my children's educator. These cards have been worth the investment for us :)”
S.Myles, Co-op Member
”We love our homeschool ID cards! I have peace of mind when we travel and I've received various discounts while shopping with my teacher's ID card. Thank you for this awesome product! Prior to finding the Homeschool ID Card I used another provider. Yours is by far superior. Thank you.”
Sandy H., Co-op Member
”I received my IDs's very quickly, and they are of excellent quality. My daughter was so excited that she now has a real ID. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers co-op for providing us with these super school ID's.”
Colleen, Co-op Member
”I was so excited to get our Homeschool ID's in the mail. Boy was I delighted to see the AWESOME quality. It looks like a real school ID. Thanks so much for helping add to our Homeschool Journey.”
Laura, Co-op Member
”I LOVE my ID card!!! I've only had a few opportunities to use it so far, but it was so nice to show it, and have no further questions asked. VERY happy with it and plan on ordering the hard copy every year! Will also definitely be ordering them for each of my children as they begin schooling.”
Mrs. B, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Homeschool ID Card for my 9th grader. This is our first year homeschooling and he was very excited when I handed him the ID card. For my son, I think it made things feel more "real". Having an ID will help with student discounts for museum admissions. I also ordered the Teacher ID for me, and have used it for teacher discounts when purchasing school supplies. The quality of the card is great - actually better than the ID my other son brought home from the public school he attends. I actually ordered 2 for my son (1 for me), because in the past my kids have always lost at least one school ID during the year.”
Shannon L., Co-op Member
”Our cards came and are very professional looking. My husband and I are impressed with the quality. I look forward to using them this year, especially for field trips.”
Melissa H., Co-op Member
”I ordered six homeschool ID cards and couldn't be more pleased with the product! The cards are gorgeous and sturdy and are even better quality than my driver's license! My kids are so excited to have an "official" homeschool student ID card - such a nice touch. I highly recommend these and will be buying them each year from this point on (I wish I had done this for each year in the past).”
Charity K., Co-op Member
”We received our cards very quickly (within just a few days) and they are very nice quality. I would recommend them to anyone who is shopping for id cards.”
M. Marshall, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful I finally decided to order my child a Homeschool ID card! My daughter wanted the "magenta/pink" for her color. It's nice in person, not as "pink" or "girly". It actually looks like an official school ID card! I like the sturdiness of the plastic material that is used. My daughter also loves it (she's 14 yrs.). As nice as the card is, I wish the company would give the option of some other colors. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially as your student/s get older they come in very handy!”
Teri M., Co-op Member
”This is a great highly professional looking card. I myself used to make ID cards with dye-sub printers, holograms, etc. This is an EXCELLENT card. Congratulations HSBC!”
James Woolsey, Co-op Member
”I ordered the card to be used as a testing ID for my daughter. It was not only affordable but easy to create. When it arrived, the quality exceeded my expectations; thick, durable, and professional. Thank you for making this available to homeschoolers.”
Tricia B, Co-op Member
”I ordered the hard plastic cards for my twin boys and myself. They are extremely professional looking. The image I had of myself wasn't a very good resolution to begin with but it turned out great. I love having the card-kind of "validates" our homeschool. :)”
Doc Cherie, Co-op Member
”Great quality! I definitely recommend getting the PVC card. Planning on using it for student rush in NY. :)”
Molly F., Co-op Member
”I love the id I made mine and my daughter and she loves it thank you.”
A. Santana, Co-op Member
”The day they arrived I wished I had made one every year since we started home-schooling 5 years ago. The kids love them and I love mine too - they're fuzzy looking a little and adorably institutional looking. Perfect. I will tell others, to be sure!”
CB Coleman, Co-op Member
”The homeschool ID cards have been fun for the kids and useful for me to get homeschool discounts!”
Monica T., Co-op Member
”Awesome student id card! My 13 year old was able to use it for a flight traveling alone. I definitely recommend paying to get the hard laminate - excellent quality!”
Joan C., Co-op Member
”I recently purchased 3 cards for my 2 kids and myself. They are great. Wonderful quality and the kids are so excited. I look forward to using it for my teacher discounts.”
C Owen, Co-op Member
”My kids love this idea of having an ID to make our school official to them...a plus in having it in their wallet. I like it, it's simple and concise.”
TruMom, Co-op Member
”I use to just print them off myself which was ok. But this year I decided to go ahead and purchase them from the Co-op I am so pleased with the cards they are durable and I love the detail. Worth the money and reasonably priced I must say. Thank you for making these available for us Homeschoolers to purchase the savings at many of our local stores make up the purchase of the cards. Love it!”
L. Muniz, Co-op Member
”I bought my son the school ID card to have an official photo ID for him to apply for a state issued ID card that he needed for his passport for his mission trip to the Philippines. They would not accept our community ID card on PVC but they did accept the Homeschool-ID-Card, so I am very thank to HBC for offering this service.”
Jennifer Hoover, Co-op Member
”I LOVE my homeschool id!!! The quality is amazing and it works perfectly for getting me a "teacher's" discount and all the stores that I have shown it!!! I tried printing out the paper one, but it got all tattered very quickly....This one won't do that!!!”
newmomagn, Co-op Member
”This is a very professionally done ID card. My daughter was so glad to receive her ID card and so glad it has been accepted at all functions that required a school ID. Thanks so much to the Co-op for offering this quality ID card for both parent and child.”
Colleen Autin, Co-op Member
”Got them in the mail quickly and loved them! Wish I had bought them sooner (:”
Sheila B, Co-op Member
”It has been very nice to have plastic ID cards for my kids. The cards look 'real' to people who question homeschooling so things go more smoothly. They do not work for things like vital records ID (ordering a birth cert for example) in Oregon. It's nice to know my kids have photo ID with them at all times.”
Deidra, Co-op Member
”I bought a homeschool ID for myself as well as my high school aged son. I love them! They looked exactly like the proof, arrived quickly and are very professional.”
Jennifer Cook DeRosa, Co-op Member
”I really like the quality of these cards. They are not just the typical printed sheet that is laminated, it's comparable to a thick credit card. It give one the feeling of being more professional and legal.”
Tami Tavares Nichols, Co-op Member
”The professional looking ID card was just what I needed to be able to qualify for 'teaching' discounts at a variety of stores and websites! Thanks so much!”
K DuBois, Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering such a well made student ID card. Our ninth grade son recently took the SAT and was required to show a picture ID when checking in for the test. We used the Homeschool ID Card from, which made meeting the picture ID requirement easy and inexpensive. As a busy homeschool mother of two teens, I appreciate the ease of the ordering process. Uploading the photo was easy and the quality of the ID is excellent. Thank you for your many services! ”
B. Mayfield, Co-op Member
”The Homeschool ID Card is a professional looking identification that can be used when purchasing school supplies... It never hurts to ask about discounts for the purpose of homeschooling your child(ren) with the Homeschool ID you can easily show this professional looking card to a store manager or clerk and in some cases they may be willing to provide a discount. Plus, if you have ever been hassled by an official or a local school district, this is one way to show that you take your homeschooling seriously. Think of it as your Professional Business Card as a Homeschooling Parent. Make sure to invest in the Student ID as well. Because this will come in handy for technology/software purchases as a student.”
Terry L. Homeschooling in Michigan, Co-op Member
”Very nice ID. It's helpful for discounts in movies and such and I just like to have it with me when out and about during the day.”
Jan S, Co-op Member
”I love our new Home-school ID Cards! They look professional and my child feels special with her new card. It is very helpful when verifying your are a teacher for teacher discounts. I will be getting one each year.”
Darlene Snipes, Co-op Member
”This is a simple and very presentable way to have an ID card for your homeschool. When I found this opportunity I had been looking for ways to have some kind of basic ID card for my boys. These cards are wonderful for that need, plus they have been helpful in obtaining school group discounts at museums and the like.

It's a *very* easy process, inexpensive, and you get to use pictures of your choice. Recommend it for any homeschooling family!”
D. McCabe, Co-op Member
”These are great quality cards. I have yet to use them officially, but I like having them even as ID cards in general in case the girls ever got lost in a crowd and needed to communicate our info. They are affordable too!”
Devra, Co-op Member
”These cards are wonderful! Very professional, though I do recommend using a very professional photo for best results. We all know it can be hard to convince certain workers in certain stores that home schoolers count as educators, but almost no one is willing to question a teacher ID! Thanks HS buyer coop!”
Heidi M, Co-op Member
”This is the second year I have ordered the Homeschool Student and Teacher ID cards for my son and myself. I love them! I especially appreciate all the discounts I receive just by flashing my teacher ID card at several stores I shop at. I also like that my son has a form of ID that shows he is homeschooled in his wallet for when he is out and about during school hours. I have purchased the plastic cards they are professional, durable and a great value. I highly recommend them! Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for another valuable product!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”This is such a great solution! The hardest part is getting your teen to pose for the ID picture. Now, he has a student id, and I have a teacher id. We have both used our cards for student/teacher discounts at book stores and other places.”
Erika, Co-op Member
”The homeschool ID card has been most helpful. My son has used it several times, for his PSAT test, as proof of age, and for student discounts. I used mine to obtain educator discounts. All-in-all, it just makes us feel "real". So I guess we're velveteen rabbits now, huh. ;) I have recommended it to other homeschool families. The only thing I would ask for differently would be to have a place to put a logo or mascot. I tried to use a symbol from Word, but it didn't work. And maybe 2 or 3 fonts to choose from. But other than that, the cards are great. I made the kids one color, and mine the other color.”
Tina F., Co-op Member
”My daughter's online homeschool program does not issue ID cards but she needs one to take advantage of the great student discounts our city offers. These ID cards look just like the ones schools issue so she never has a problem. They are easy to create. Love them.”
Kandi, Co-op Member
”This card really helps identify that we homeschool our child as I have no other way of quickly proving my child is taught at home. I love the professional quality. And we save them every year as keepsakes. I always keep one of myself as educator and one for my child. And I am so thankful that they are a reasonable price.”
Mindy, Co-op Member
”This was a great buy. When my son needed student id to take his PSAT exam, I was able to get a very nice professional looking one. It was nicely made and we will continue to use it until my son gets his state id.”
L. Nunley, Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy having these, it makes them feel like they are in an official school. I use mine for discounts around town - teacher discounts.”
LEMom, Co-op Member
”I was very impressed with the quality of the id cards. Both the student & staff cards came immedietely and looked very professional. I have used my card to recieve discounts from various places and it has worked very well. I have told several other homeschooling parents about it. Thank you”
Gloribell Torres, Co-op Member
”I' m very pleased with the card. Its well done and its helpful. My daughter likes hers very much.”
Alex Kim, Co-op Member
”I am so impressed with the quality of my Homeschool ID Cards from the Co-op. I purchased both a teacher and student ID. The quality and design of the card is far superior to anything I've seen online. I was surprised how fast it arrived too (within a couple of days). This was my first purpose ever via the Co-op and if this is an example of their service, I'll be buying much more. I'll definitely be recommending their ID cards as well as continuing to buy ours from them in the future. Thank you.”
Jill Hoel, Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to order our homeschool cards from the HBC. It has had a positive effect on our children so that they feel like they have their own academic identity, if you will, as well as the same opportunities/discounts as other students. It has been a blessing to our family because of the convenience and affordability, while providing a prepared template that doesn't require you to have to figure out what information to include. I have told others about it and our co-op has also ordered cards from here. We will continue to use the HBC student ID cards through graduation from high school. Thanks so much!”
K. Henry, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with our teacher and student ID cards. Having them with us gives me peace of mind and also provides proof for teacher discounts. I love that I can enter the information exactly as I want to and view the card before I place the order. Thank you for a great product.”
Sandy H., Home School Teacher
”I LOVE our homeschool ID cards. I haven't had a use for them yet, but I can't wait to flash it next time I want a Teacher's Discount at the local craft store. So much more convenient than carrying around my "letter of intent to homeschool" as proof that we homeschool. My boys wanted one for their wallet, so I did the print at home option & laminated them, while I carry the hard copies, which are very professional-looking. Reminds me of my college IDs.”
Elisabeth, Co-op Member
”I purchased the upgraded PVC ID cards for my children and myself. I'm so glad I did. Not only were my children excited to have 'official' home school ID cards, but within a month of receiving them, one of my daughters needed her ID to prove identity for use of a Groupon and I needed mine to enroll in Barnes & Nobles' teacher discount program.

I'm so glad I purchased them!”
JoAnne C, Co-op Member
”I like that such option is available for homeschool students. One suggestion: to make this ID's "attachable" as an option for students, ie. lanyard, or similar to it. Otherwise, great quality and great price! Helpful item to have for field trips. THANK YOU!!!”
Bright Stars Homeschool, Co-op Member
”Good quality! Easy to order! Thank you!”
Bright Stars Homeschool, Co-op Member
”The ID card looks professional. I used it to get into a teachers' open house for an aquarium and they readily accepted it :-] I also teach at a homeschool co-op so I put that for my school, but you could use the name of your homeschool or support group.”
C. Evanoff, Co-op Member
”I got these for my daughter and I. The lamination is good quality and it was fun for my daughter to get the card. I use it as id for educator discounts with various vendors.”
CCW, Co-op Member
”I'm really happy with my new Homeschool ID Card. I chose to get the plastic one and not the one that can be printed at home. I love having our homeschool name on it, as well a membership number. It looks very official and now I don't worry about going into a store and using it to prove our homeschooling status.”
Beth E., Co-op Member
”I have got the school Id's for the last 3 years. I love that it is hard plastic. Having boys they are ruff on the items in their wallets. I know that they always have a school Id on them. They have had to use it many times to show and say they are in school. Thanks for a great product.”
Angela Logsdon, Co-op Member
”We love our Homeschool ID cards! The quality is very good, the price is right and it makes us feel very official! It is nice to know if anyone questions us while we are out and about with our son, we have something to identify us as home educators as well as our son as a student. We proudly show others our cards and we highly recommend them.”
Erin Nelsen, Co-op Member
”Thanks for our ID cards. We are already finding them useful at events and discounts at stores! Now we dont have to carry our homeschool paper work with us. My kids were very excited to get the ID's..God Bless :)”
Fry Fmaily, Co-op Member
”We love having these ID cards - it makes us feel so official (which is funny since we are unschoolers!), and they help getting things like student or teacher discounts. They came really fast, and look great, although the pictures were quite faint, but workable. I appreciate that you have this service, as I had been planning to try to make my own, but they wouldn't have been nearly as good looking.

Editor's Note: If the source photos are faint, the printing process will not improve on them.
Kim Eabry, Co-op Member
”It was absolutely what I needed. There are times when teens need a photo ID (particularly for getting a job before they have a license or permit), and this was absolutely professional and perfect for satisfying the "photo ID" requirement. (Works great for the airlines, too - hooray!)”
Schrenia, Co-op Member
”I love the Co-op ID Cards! I have bought them consistently over the years and they are well made plastic (better than my license!)and are great to have on hand. I get myself a teacher's card and have received discounts at bookstores and craft stores like Barnes & Noble and Jo-Ann's. My kids were once stopped at the grocery store by a truancy officer, and they showed her their cards and she left them alone. They also have been able to get student discounts at fun places like theme parks and ice cream joints. It's a great idea, a wonderful product and the price is inexpensive! You gotta have one of these! Thanks Co-op!”
Renee Ruby, Co-op Member
”I purchased ID cards for myself and my children because there are times they need to show a student Id. The quality of this product is FANTASTIC. They are made from the same material of a driver's license, hard quality card. They are worth the few dollars and they arrived very quickly. I will definitely be ordering these every year for my children.”
Angie Sellers of PA, Co-op Member
”I really like the id cards. I ordered 3 and they are very professional. Great quality. I'm so glad I finally got them. they come in handy as student id's for underage kids and then my teacher id for discounts and things at local places. Much nicer than just printing it on my own at home.”
Jill R., Co-op Member
”So great. Because my child is not 7 (in NC you can not "offically" be a homeschooler until your child is 7) we do not have state issued homeschool card. So without that we have not been able to get a lot of the great discounts available to homeschoolers. But not anymore, this card is very professional looking and now we look like "offical" homeschoolers, and we have already enjoyed the discounts that provides!!!”
Heather T, Co-op Member
”The home school ID card was very easy to make and order. I love that we have a home school ID now! My son was thrilled to get his own.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”This is the first time I have ever purchased homeschool ID cards. I am very pleased! The cards look very professional. I have already used mine at the local craft store, receiving their 15% off, teachers discount! The cards have been helpful too, as many places require picture IDs, even for students! To be honest, my only "complaint" would be a request - although I appreciate receiving a discounted price on cards after the first one purchased, it would be nice if there was an additional discount for non-school aged, little ones. I would have purchased cards for my 1 and 2 year old children as well, had this been the case. :) I definitely recommend purchasing the ID cards as part of any professional homeschool's yearly curriculum purchase. :)”
Melissa H., Co-op Member
”Our oldest daughter began kindergarten this year, and we purchased a homeschool ID card for her. She was excited to get it. We attached it to a lanyard so that she can wear it during school if she wants to. She was excited to show the card to her grandparents. We plan to continue getting a new ID card each year. It makes our daughter feel special, part of an official school, and it will be good to see her picture as she grows older each year. Also, we have an identification card for her in case we ever need one or need to show it to get a student discount at an event.”
P. Miller, Co-op Member
”My son needed an Id Card for various reasons. He had never had one before, but was always asked to present one. He now has his Id Card from Homeschool Buyers Co-op and has not been questioned about it or any trouble at all. Thank you so much for making this card available to homeschoolers.”
Ursula O, Co-op Member
”My son still struggles with the idea that home school is so much better than public school. With his own student ID like the public school kids around here have has helped him feel that this is one positive thing he is not missing out on. Thank you”
Tammy, Co-op Member
”I now have two homeschoolers in high school and they have been in situations where we needed a student ID card. The Homeschool Buyers Co-op ID cards were a perfect option. They were easy to make and affordable. Now my children have good quality student ID cards just like other students.”
Phyllis M., Co-op Member
”My kids really like having a home school ID card to make them feel official. We have used them already at the zoo and know that there will be many more opportunities.”
G.Scott, Co-op Member
”I ordered my son a homeschool ID card and myself a homeschool teacher ID card. The quality seems good. I do wish the photos and colors were brighter. I am glad I ordered them.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”It has come in handy as an ID card at various events/activities for getting age appropriate student discounts, student reduced rate passes for public transportation, and for proof of identity on field trips, visiting government offices and where ID is needed.

My children like this ID as it's better quality than what the local schools issue. It's had a better response from various individuals who check ids ex. security guards, sheriff/police officers, medical staff, bank tellers, etc. than other school issued IDs my children have used in the past.

I will continue to purchase this item for as long as it's needed by myself and my students. I will also continue to recommend it to my friends, family, and others who are looking for a Homeschool ID Card.”
Michele T, Co-op Member
”I got two cards one for me as a teacher and one for my son. We both loved them, the quality was great and they look very professional. I am glad we ordered them and the price could not be beat!!”
Jennifer H., Co-op Member
”I found the ordering process to be user friendly, and I was very happy with the prompt service. Although the pictures look a little faded, the IDs have been very useful. I have recommended these to several friends. Thank you.”
Mary E., Co-op Member
”I just want to say that the Homeschool Buyers Co-op did an excellent job for making my two sons' ID Cards! My sons were both happy as well! The service is great! I will tell others where to go if they need Homeschool ID Cards or curriculum for their kids!! Thank you for the great services that you provide for your customers!!”
Caroline Foster, Co-op Member
”I like having my Home School Id Card. I am able to get local discounts at different retailers. It shows proof to non home educators that I take the education of my child to be biblical and an important part of my devotion to my family.

I have suggested an ID to several new to home schooling, and when my daughter gets a little older she will get one for her to carry with her.

The Id is very professional looking.”
Lisa R., Co-op Member
”It is wonderful to have an "official ID card" with my picture and name of school. It gives me confidence when asking for those teacher's discounts at local stores!”
Mia, Co-op Member
”We really like our Homeschool ID Cards. We have gotten them for our two younger boys for several years now. We go ahead and get the PVC version and have them mailed to us. When they arrive in the mail the kids get really excited. They love being able to have an official ID just like their brother now does in college and did in high school. It is great to be able to use it when we are on field trips, when traveling, when asked for ID, and even for discounts at the movies, etc. I feel safer as a parent knowing I have an official ID card for each of the boys. I tell everyone about the Homeschool Buyers Coop and Homeschool-ID card. Thanks for doing this for your members. Please continue this service and know it helps to make some homeschoolers feel safer and more comfortable. It helps our kids feel like their school is just like that of their peers - it is official. Keep up the good work.”
Kim SB, Co-op Member
”I ordered the laminated cards for our family, and they look really professional. I haven't had much of an occasion to use them yet, but I was able to get a teacher's discount at a big box office store with mine!”
Kim J., Co-op Member
”The ID cards are very professional, and have already allowed me to receive teacher discounts at various stores. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!”
Katie, Co-op Member
”I have been using the Homeschool ID cards for several years now, I love that I can order them on line, and they come to my door. It is easy to do and I can view them and change them before I purchase them. Not only dose my son have one, but I use them as well for me. Thank you for for offering such a wonderful product.”
Jane S, Co-op Member
”I bought a student id for my daughter and a teacher id for myself from HSBC. I very pleased with their professional quality. I'm sure they will come in handy the next time I hope to receive teacher discounts or entry to events. My daughter also loves having a "real" school id.”
Luminosity, Co-op Member
”As a New Jersey homeschool teacher, we are not issued state ID cards identifying us as such. By using the Homeschool Buyers Co-op ID, I've been able to receive many discounts nationwide. Barnes & Noble, museums and special exhibits are just some of the few that accept this ID for discounts that we take advantage of on a weekly basis! Thanks so much!”
Kristi Russo, Co-op Member
”My daughter wanted to take her drivers permit test but I knew we needed some form of school ID to present to the DMV. A friend told me about the Homeschool Buyers ID Card. On their website, I was able to easly download a picture of my daughter, fill in her information and order an authentic school ID. When we arrived at the DMV, my daughter proudly presented them the ID and was able to take her test. She will also be able to use it when she takes the SAT. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
R. Glymph, Co-op Member
”We really like the Homeschool ID cards we purchased this school year - they are sturdy and official-looking. We have already used them to apply for teaching discounts at bookstores - yay! Our 3rd grade daughter was thrilled to have her own student ID for this year too.

Two suggestions - first, my husband suggested offering more theme colors than just pink or blue (maybe a green at least). Also, next year we would like to see our photos reproduced more true to color and also at full strength...the color tones were off and the photos looked faded on our cards this time. The photos we submitted were professional quality so it wasn't a problem with those. Other than those two details, we were satisfied with our Homeschool ID cards and have recommended them to other families.”
Sandra M., Co-op Member
”The card looks really nice and professional. It came really fast. I am happy with it. My daughter has used it many times for ID.”
J. R. Heath, Co-op Member
”As a new homeschool parent, I wasn't sure how to "prove" my child is "in" school for student discount purposes. I was thrilled when I heard about your Homeschool ID cards. As an added bonus, my son likes having his picture on a card. Thank you for a great product at very good price!”
Nani612, Co-op Member
”My 16yo son was flying commercially to see his grandparents several states away...first flight without a parent or guardian to guide him. Since he doesn't have his driver's license yet, and the airlines like to see an ID card, the Homeschool ID Card was a sensible solution. We used a picture he actually liked (rather than the mug shot from the DMV) and were pleased with the result. ID Card was easy to produce, was received timely, and we'll keep using least until he gets a Driver's License. :)”
Lisa N, Co-op Member
”The prepared cards are very sturdy and have an official appearance. Our sons regard them as a symbol that our school is just as "real" as the public school. It is also a convenient way to carry around a picture and identity information, should I need that quickly in an emergency.”
Linda, Co-op Member
”We *love* the Homeschool ID Cards. My husband and I both have teacher cards and our 4th Grade daughter feels "official" she says. Now I need to order another teacher card for grandma.”
ButtercupsMom, Co-op Member